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@Mokubai Can't really agree with this. Roccat drivers are generally excellent. The firmware can be a bit buggy at times, though.
Needing to push a config at all sounds weird...
Who on earth would provide text that says "call the helpdesk to report a system outage"?
@Ramhound ...that's fairly standard.
@Ramhound It was in response to "Phone system is down... Makes calling people difficult! D:"
What happened to the bot? He hasn't restarted himself :/
12:13 AM
@DavidPostill Do you just sit there waiting for the bot restart? :P
@allquixotic was fiddling with PJS the other day
@Bob He's my alarm clock - when he restarts I know I should be thinking about sleep ;)
And on that note - bye for now and see you all later ...
Just when were talking about mechanical keyboards... anandtech.com/show/9987/…
The keyboard seems to be so fast that it's throwing off AnandTech's measurement equipment.
Alright, have to get back to work soon.
Jan 24 at 8:00, by bwDraco
Cherry's RealKey technology aims to avoid this by literally measuring the signal from the key switch with an analog readout, avoiding the debounce delay.
@DavidPostill 'night
saw a job posting that seems perfect
other than a bolded "fluent in mandarin"
Which I'd add, is illegal to do here I suspect
12:25 AM
@JourneymanGeek ?
@Bob IIRC since companies kept doing that, they made it illegal to insist people know a specific language
@JourneymanGeek That makes no sense.
What if you're hiring for a translator position?
@Bob tech support position
I'd suspect they'd give it a pass there
I'm not applying there, but its one of those thing...
@JourneymanGeek What if you're expected to support Mandarin-speaking customers?
I highly doubt it's as simple as "no, you can't ask for someone speaking a specific language"
that's the exact rules
so, I guess not, since they want to support chinese customers
12:28 AM
Those aren't rules, they're more like guidelines...
@MichaelFrank the tripartite thing is complicated.
Its basically "The stuff the unions, employers, and government agree on"
Let's try this fancy new-chat stuff.
Only that the main union is essentially part of the government
@JourneymanGeek It does say to avoid preferring specific languages without specifying why.
which they have.
So, Its totally legal
and to the letter of the rules
and I shouldn't be grumpy at em
12:34 AM
Eh, job hunting is a pain, I'd be grumpy if I found a great job only to miss out cause of the language I speak.
I keep getting the unicorn on github, hm
Oooh, new chat is fancy.
@nc4pk yeah. its having issues
@MichaelFrank if they'd have image upload, I may switch to it totally
12:50 AM
@JourneymanGeek I'm gonna have to (fix|wait for oliver to fix) the keyboard reply first :P
(since I often have chat as a 'sidebar')
1:04 AM
(No idea if that's worth pinning so... I'll not)
lol I love that App Server Availability chart. :P
it'd be back up as soon as you pinned it anyway @JourneymanGeek
1:17 AM
<still down>
Should I pin it then? :P
You could single handedly save GitHub if you do...
I hear the world's continous integration systems failing
@PatoSáinz such as mine >_<
@Bob got my Jetpack (finally) and the nano to micro SIM adapter; works
gonna have to either put the sim back in my iphone for tomorrow or get by with my Volt
@allquixotic maybe we should invent a distributed version control system--- oh wait
@PatoSáinz "distributed"
1:32 AM
@allquixotic hehe
@allquixotic obligatory rant on single points of failure
@allquixotic ...Jetpack?
Oh, I can't remember - how did the Volt do with BT?
something like that
Having Github problems? Why not try Sourceforge? https://t.co/r0o4ePT2i2
2:09 AM
@Bob small sample size but it never dropped
@JourneymanGeek nah, got the next gen one
@allquixotic close enough. I can't smell your hardware from here ;p
I'm not sure if this is some sort of british media in-joke but every picture I see of Trump on UK news pages has him looking like a complete doofus
@qasdfdsaq He's just trying to appeal to his target market!
@qasdfdsaq most pictures of him look like that
2:21 AM
@MichaelFrank ... The U.S. public?
I mean, he's managed to piss off both the concervative and liberal media
@JourneymanGeek Thing is, I can't imagine how anyone in their right mind could comprehend voting for a politician who looks like that all the time
@qasdfdsaq neither can I.
I mean I voted for the Monster Raving Loony Party once, but as a joke
But this guy seems to be one of the most popular serious candidates...
I'm pondering going back to beardyness.
I used to have it for lazyness practical reasons but I had to shave for the army thing and I've been maintaining it that way
feels wierd tho
2:32 AM
oh boy Circuit City is coming back
@allquixotic Is it worth further testing? :P
2:56 AM
@Bob meh ;p
Github seems to be back up
@JourneymanGeek Yea, status site says 'recovering'.
A spam question living for 2 hours?
Q: Has anybody here ever successfully downloaded from http://apveening.a61.nl

continuallyfrustrated...without ending up with viruses, trojans, or other horrors? I've found a few links to repair Mozilla Thunderbird at this link but I get hug warnings when I click on the link suggesting it isn't safe. I even found a link posted on superuser.com.

dosen't feel like regular spam
nuked the question, will keep an eye on the user
Also, what's up with the "I agree with RAMHOUND..." option? o.O
Someone agrees with Ramhound? Clearly spam.
3:09 AM
It was an option I could choose when VTCing as off-topic.
custom close reason
He's now so full of himself he's added agreeing with himself as a close reason?
I think davidgo did
> 26Aug2010: Added functionality to send screenshot directly to a default printer.
Now that seems like the beginning of a devious prank.
3:33 AM
Wonderful. SO is down too.
Works for me
Yea, was a brief interruption.
Their error page just points to itself if you refresh, though.
2 hours later…
5:20 AM
Q: How can I tell if I have bad cats?

ZaidNo, not that cat! Catalytic converters - or "cats" - have a nasty habit of failing with age. What are the symptoms associated with a cat that's gone bad? Are there any tests that could definitively confirm that a cat has gone bad?

5:56 AM
is there any other sort? ;p
engadget.com/2016/01/27/oracle-java-plug-in-death and every single out of band management system breaks.
sounds like there will be a lot of employment in updating ancient software
@JourneymanGeek I don't know of any that actually use the plugin.
Dell/DRAC has used a Java webstart app for a while, but that'll still work.
@Bob hm. We used to use really old crap at my last job so...
6:06 AM
All my out-of-band management cards use web-start apps that run outside the browser
Even the cheap stuff on my Asrock board
I've never dealt with HP/iLO but I imagine it's similar.
unless I'm misremembering
Worst comes to worst, run an XP VM with an old browser and old version of Java
BMCs aren't really a security risk anyway
lolno :P
Just grab a portable copy of Firefox. Maybe the last ESR.
Looks like there's portable packages of Chromium too.
Someone will probably release a portable build with the plugin built-in.
Java doesn't actually require installation.
6:18 AM
That looks like an excellent gravatar candidate.
A: How large is the average delay from key-presses

Benany latency from key presses can be attributed to the debounce routine (i usually use 30ms to be safe) and not to the processing algorithms themselves (unless you are only evaluating the first press).

6:35 AM
@OliverSalzburg has to be said: your coding style feels weird -_-
7:30 AM
@OliverSalzburg There, pull requests added :P
7:59 AM
@Bob Just smell it, Bad cats have a stinkey exhaust
If your not into smelling cats exhaust , get the dog to do it, NFB (nose follows butt)
The Big problem with cats going bad in cars , comes from people trying to take the cat out of the car, and for real cats the problem is trying to put them in the car.
One of the worst cats for a car is the vette (costs too much), one of the worst cars for the cat is going to the vet.
The reasons that the cats go bad is the computer sencors do not really work that well, and the bad gas, with the real cats they have no sence, even with bad gas.
Cats for cars are not really easy to replace, and they come in cardboard boxes at the store, cats though are really easy to replace, they come in cardboad boxes at the store (with a free kittens sign).
. . . and go home in your car
8:25 AM
@Bob You opened them against your own repo :(
I made you a collaborator, feel free to push into my repo and let me know when to build a release
@OliverSalzburg ...whoops
I just did everything via the web interface -_-
Never used that workflow before
@OliverSalzburg As for pushing... How much do you care about style? :P
I should probably test on Chrome too... bleh
8:48 AM
@Bob As long as you use double-quotes and tabs, we're fine ;D I just press my magic "Reformat everything" key combo afterwards
@OliverSalzburg I use single quotes and spaces :P
Though just the quotes is easy enough.
Your spacing around parens confuses and scares me :P
Well, tabs for indent, space for alignment
Yes, I'm a rebel
I usually just hit the tab key and let the editor use whichever
And I forced the style onto the whole team. Yay for me :D
Though I prefer spaces
8:51 AM
Alright, got a nasty bug to fix. Apparently FairManager only treats de_DE as German and falls back to en_US if the user sends Accept-Language: de :(
VSCode matches existing, but I did that one entirely within FF scratchpad :D
s/a rebel/evil/
WebStorm is the IDE of choice here, which provides the automatic formatting according to my meticulously engineered style definition ;P
i.imgur.com/FoHtxc8.png got this in my mailbox today. Cute, they had my actual domain name, and address harvested from whois
9:08 AM
@JourneymanGeek I get those as well :)
@OliverSalzburg You know what makes me really confused? You were already using spaces in that file...
This bug is really confusing. If I send Accept-Language: de, en_US, should the server send me any de_* it has available before it would send me en_US? Or should it got straight to en_US if it has that?
shrug I'll keep it consistent and keep using spaces :D
@Bob Hmm, then it wasn't adjusted yet
Yeah, consistent is always good
@OliverSalzburg All merged.
Try setting the quality values :P
   Note that some recipients treat the order in which language tags are
   listed as an indication of descending priority, particularly for tags
   that are assigned equal quality values (no value is the same as q=1).
   However, this behavior cannot be relied upon.  For consistency and to
   maximize interoperability, many user agents assign each language tag
   a unique quality value while also listing them in order of decreasing
9:23 AM
@Bob Well, if I was in control, there wouldn't be a problem. We offer two languages: de_DE and en_US. If a user sends Accept-Language: de, en-US, they get en_US and are very confused. Then I tell them to open their browser settings and go to the content controls, then edit their accepted languages and make sure to add de_DE above en_US. And then I realize that I lost them when I told them to open their browser settings
We already have a fallback mechanism that would add fallbacks into the mix. So if the user sends Accept-Language: de-CH, they get de_DE instead. But if they send de-CH, en-US, they get en_US, because that is a more specific match to what they accept and what we offer
So I think it's more accurate how we do it now, but it's just confusing users most of the time
I guess, if nothing matches, we should allow someone who accepts de-CH to fall back to de-DE if nothing else matches. But if someone prefers de, then we should serve any de-* before resorting to other languages
Fucking i18n...
@OliverSalzburg Assuming you didn't custom-write the language-detection, why not see if the quality values work, first?
Then it might be as simple as assigning quality values in listed order before it reaches your app server.
@Bob Well, I'm a contributor to the module that does the language detection and I maintain the fallback mechanism in my own fork
And the quality levels aren't always there and they wouldn't really have an impact on the mechanism as it currently stands
@OliverSalzburg Yea, I'm saying if it works then you can add the quality levels.
e.g. via a reverse proxy
9:40 AM
The quality levels are apparently already taken into account
@OliverSalzburg Hm? So does de;q=1, en_US;q=0.5 work as expected, and give you German?
If it does... then in whatever request preprocessing step you have (before language detection) just add the quality values in listed order, if they aren't already there :P
@Bob No. The quality levels only affect the order in which languages are checked. The outcome is identical, because en_US is still a more specific match
10:24 AM
Yay, it works
One issue off the list :P
3 hours later…
1:00 PM
@Dave Lol I did that myself once.
1:30 PM
Argh. Work recently has felt like a marathon of whackamole with a LART
Did you get a high score?
For those who don't know what whackamole is ;)
@DavidPostill A whackamole is some Spanish food with avocados.
Prepared with a hammer
And mole meat
@ThatBrazilianGuy lol.
actually no
most moles don't contain moles
or a mole of moles
Nor are any ingredients measured in moles
@JourneymanGeek Actually moles do contain moles.
LOL. The highest grossing PC game. WTF.
The mole is a unit of measurement for amount of substance. It is defined as the amount of any chemical substance that contains as many elementary entities, e.g., atoms, molecules, ions, electrons, or photons, as there are atoms in 12 grams of pure carbon-12 (12C), the isotope of carbon with relative atomic mass 12 by definition. This number is expressed by the Avogadro constant, which has a value of 7023602214129000000♠6.02214129(27)×1023. In other words, the mole is the name given to an amount of a substance equal in mass (in grams) to the combined mass (in amu) of the atoms of the constituent...
The 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th I've not even heard of.
@DavidPostill sure they do
2:12 PM
"What would happen if you were to gather a mole (unit of measurement) of moles (the small furry critter) in one place?"
@HackToHell Holy shit indeed
> … if anyone asks, I did not tell you it was ok to do math like this.
For some reason, here in India they tell us that a mole is 6.023×(10^23) not 6.022×(10^23) :/
One does not vary Avogadoro's constant
@RahulBasu That's not even a rounding error, that's just plain wrong
Maybe the book misprinted it and the teachers blindly followed... :|
2:23 PM
Then the teachers should have known better
Sounds like india
@qasdfdsaq One does not question The Book
@RahulBasu Well it's true.
Actually moles do contain moles (especially when they are female and pregnant) ;)
2:30 PM
Ohh... I just confirmed, its just the teacher who teaches us, the other sections were taught the right thing. :/
@DavidPostill That's like saying people contain people. Yes, technically maybe, but not in normal use of language. We call them fetuses.
We tend to say "X's baby" or "X's foetus" does Y not "The person inside X does Y"
@qasdfdsaq moles also contain moles of various elements and compounds....
@JourneymanGeek You'd be hard pressed to actually know how many moles of anything a mole contains though. Plus not relevant to being pregnant.
@qasdfdsaq Where is your sense of humour today? Did you miss the ;)?
1 hour ago, by qasdfdsaq
Argh. Work recently has felt like a marathon of whackamole with a LART
^^ That's where my sense of humor went
2:42 PM
I hope you get it back soon ...
Crossing fingers
Best of luck!
@DavidPostill 79 lines of code that I copypasted adapted from a similar plugin
2:47 PM
@RahulBasu tbh, I consider getting an interview the hard part
After that, I at least have a limited ability to steer my course.
(though with the last proper set of interviews, I aced the interviews, and they ended up not flling the role)
New dell tablet:
> Weight: 73.0Kg (1.61lbs)
that's a little heavy
73 kg, does that come with a pallet jack?
2:49 PM
Either they meant Dg or they put the dot in the wrong place
is that even a thing?
mabey decigrams?
@JourneymanGeek Yep
@RahulBasu Nope
2:50 PM
1.61lbs = 0.73Kg
I was a bit shocked at the 73Kg.
@qasdfdsaq I think they just messed up the dot
I prefer Decagrams, because nobody ever uses it
Also, when I get a new job, I need to look at getting a new laptop
2:51 PM
And because it doesn't require moving the dot.
And handing down my x220 to dad
@JourneymanGeek Don't
I always buy a new laptop when I get a new job. And always regret it.
@qasdfdsaq >_>
@qasdfdsaq I've never actually regretted that many of my hardware purchases
and I said look at
@JourneymanGeek Surface Book??
@RahulBasu My current main squeeze is the razer blade stealth
2:52 PM
I usually don't regret it till several months/years later but it always ends up along the lines of "Boy, that was a stupid laptop to buy :-/"
@JourneymanGeek yeah... I remember that you once told me that you'd be looking into a razer...
"Why didn't you make a sensible choice based on need rather than "WOOHOO I HAVE MONEY" "OOH SHINY""
@qasdfdsaq I have a rough idea on my needs
and I rarely make large impulse purcases
and I might be able to use challenger membership points to offset a big chunk of the cost
I think I have some challenger points somewhere. And got a year's unwanted membership.
But I'd have to get a job in Singapore first before I can justify buying a laptop there.
2:56 PM
Or at least get paid for sex or something, just to offset at least half the price of the flights.
Would you believe people still make state-of-the-art high-end laptops in 2016 that look like that?
Its a dell
Tho, some of their newer stuff seems less fugly
Some of their stuff looks completely non-fugly, and even bordering on nice
But the nice looking ones don't come with GPUs -_-
Which is an advantage I have ;p
I don't need a discrete GPU on my laptop
What, seeming less fugly?
I don't need one either. An integrated Iris Pro would be fine.
(or rediculous battery life, since I have a netbook for that, and that's on its own 5 year cycle)
3:00 PM
Anything but a 5w ULV iGPU
Well, its vaguely my mom's loaner now
Netbooks still exist?
My stream 11 is pretty much a netbook
largish screen compared to an oldschool netbook, less space (since it has no HDD).
But its a netbook
I'd been looking for something like that, but with a Core i processor.
Amusingly, if it has a less shit screen....
Can't really get that sort of lightness on a core i
3:03 PM
The Skylake Core M's do look a bit improved too
but... A bright blue laptop covered in geeky stickers.
May work in some companies, may not in others.
Thing is a Core i7 6600U, with a configurable TDP-down of 7.5w isn't a whole lot more challenging than a 5-6w Core M, which you can cool at max turbo even in a 10" tablet
@JourneymanGeek Lol, the colours put me off those laptops before I even looked at the specs
Oh, the dell and lenovo versions are black
the steam was available
(And frankly the Core M and i7 both turbo to the same speed - 3.1-3.2Ghz)
and its kind of my throw in a bag netbook
3:05 PM
What I do like, though not sure if it's intentional, is I can overclock the TDP on i7 6600U's
(Or underclock it, to save power)
and 32gb. Enough for a netbook
Rather than using the primitive clockspeed only controls, I can set it to 20w for 30 seconds and 5w for anytime longer, for example
but not much if you get clutters
Clutters? Meh.
A bit of web and listening to music. I have an SSD or three anyway.
And err... 250GB MicroSD cards and what not
Problem with Windows' clockspeed controls is they can't handle runaway applications very well. There's no burst control. Manual TDP control is far better.
3:07 PM
Ooh ooh OOOOH
The new Sony Vaio Flip's have 28w Iris graphics
but I'd expect my main laptop to do anything I do on my desktop but gaming
I've been desperately looking for a machine with 28w Iris graphics since Broadwell announced them and they never came out - outside of Macbook Pro's
I want my main laptop to do everything I do on my desktop including gaming.
But only light gaming. Mostly to feed my MMO obsession.
I also want to get a nicer audio setup
Q: Computer starts smoking when plugged into power

sparkI was trying to power on a Dell Dimension 8200 . I plugged it in to an outlet and pressed the power(outlet , that is) . Immediately there was a large BANG! and the computer started smoking . What could be the problem ? This computer is from 2002 and hasn't been used since 2010 .

> Even more exciting is Intel's top of the line GT3e integrated HD 550 graphics. Our benchmarks show it performs as well as the NVIDIA 940M and it matches the scores of the Surface Book with dedicated GPU.
Yup. I'll take it!
@JourneymanGeek On the laptop or at home?
@JourneymanGeek The Surface Pro 4 did it!
> If your workload runs heavy and you find most low voltage laptops can't keep up, but you don't want to move up to heavier and larger 15" laptops like the Dell XPS 15 and 15" Retina MacBook Pro, this and the likely upcoming refreshed 13" MacBook Pro are your best bets. That is, if you can afford it.
3:19 PM
@qasdfdsaq at home, in general
(Nicer sound card - maybe an odac2+ , maybe nicer speakers as I've been planning for years)
though the logitechs are amusingly competant for how cheap they are
3:37 PM
Vaio put a 47w quad-core CPU with Iris Pro graphics in a 12" tablet
And full size Ethernet, HDMI, and USB 3 ports.
How have I not known about this...
(Because Cavil is snoozing, cc @allquixotic)
@qasdfdsaq Is that pure tablet or convertible?
Pure tablets are annoying. Have to lug a separate keyboard and stand around, and they're hard to use sitting in bed :/
4:03 PM
@Bob Pure tablet
This year's convertible is nice, but has a 28w Iris iGPU rather than 45w/ Iris Pro
I'm tempted to buy it, if only to support them.
4:18 PM
@qasdfdsaq Ah. 12" too... very niche
@Bob You are very much probably correct.
The plugin I plagiarized used as a starting point got some coding errors so bizarre even I could point them.
4:40 PM
Why is it so humid tonight :(
Welp, just ordered my Nexus 5X.
In-store pickup. I'll be going out to fetch it in about an hour.
Got two USB Type-C to Type-A cables to go with it.
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