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12:04 AM
@Psycogeek "person of a year" is awarded to someone with significant power or influence, not based on ones morals or generosity
Huh. Amazon same-day delivery is free for Primers
... also, why would you trust a carpenter with strange voices in his head to build you a PC game?
it's an honest question
also .. I dont think computers do well with "holy" water
if we give jesus a single core processor he could expand it out to 16 , doing the loaves and fishes routine.
12:09 AM
@Psycogeek or he would make a fish out of your single core CPU
the computer would obviously walk on water, so not a problem
Somebody deleted that comment that showed extreme love towards me, I am sad, I kind of thought it was funny!
I can't help it I am in a good mood
am I only one who has thought that turning water to wine is a really horrifying way to kill someone ?
I would even unblock what's their name!
@Psycogeek and that's not how "walking on water" was described
first you would need to make the computer sentient, then convince it that there some god and then convince it that, if the computer trusts in said god, it will not sink
and then it has to actually work too
... it's a multi-step process
12:14 AM
it doesnt take much to convince an AI of things, look at what has happend with all the demo AIs we got now.
chat bot != AI
!!john can you walk on water?
@Psycogeek Definitely
(too easy)
^ not how double-blind studies work
looks like No Man's Sky is suffering from Batmenitis
12:21 AM
also, that's sexist, it should be batpersonitis.
maybe it was ported by the same company that did Arkham Knight
The first two games were actually fne
Anyone know the agency responsible for appearing on MTV's show "Jackass" :-). I recently found out I am perfect for that show. NMS is a bad port because it's a console application that only later got a PC version, and they made no PC modifications, to the interface. Additionally they used OpenGL instead of Vulkan/DX12 on PC
What can I say, nothing could upset me, tonight.
Except hearing NMS is a horrible port considering I almost got that horrible port on Tuesday :$
I rarely bother to get a game day 1
(and hell my two current games are SR 3 and 4....)
and I'll need to replay SR4 in co-op with @Bob since there's co-op only stuff
Anyone want to cat wit me?
12:28 AM
no? Dog gotta dog. Not dogging tho.
@Bob is horrible at SR4 SR4 that replay with @Ramhound. Dog = Master Pet Choice and anyone that's says otherwise is a no good cat lover!
@Ramhound bob can ride a bike. I can drive pretty well most of the time.
Gah c'mon Nvidia, announce your mobile 10xx series already
Owning Cats should be outlawed
12:31 AM
@Dog Didn't they say the "mobile" 1080 would just be the desktop 1080 in MXM with perhaps some software/firmware thermal throttling as-needed (depending on how good the laptop form factor heat dissipation can be)?
Throw them over the wall once it's built :-) (the cats)
@allquicatic Not interested in the 1080
But that's potentially possible, rumours are they'll be dropping the 'M's entirely
@Dog o.o
you want a slower card?
or a 1080 TiM?
@allquicatic You'd be mad to try fit a 150w GPU into a 12" tablet... wouldn't last long with a 40wH battery either
@Ramhound no one owns cats ;p
Cats own people. As do snauzers
12:32 AM
@Ramhound hissssssssssssssssssssss
I like my owner
@allquicatic don't tell me your owned by a cat?
@Dog I can see the argument for size (more a concern about the size of the cooling solution, not the size of the chip - chip is tiny), but battery life concerns should easily be mitigated by turning off some cores or something
@allquicatic A MXM module wouldn't fit in a ultraportable tablet/convertible anyway...
I've been wishing for a system with a very high-end desktop GPU that will turn off like 50-75% of the cores on battery power and basically give you a GPU like we have in full-fat laptops today; but when you plug in the A/C, it operates as fast as the thermal solution allows, approaching actual desktop performance
HBM would be hugely beneficial though, without it the RAM chips take more space than the GPU chip after all
12:35 AM
schnauzers Are the best!
@allquicatic Well... Optimus?
HBM is overrated, currently, when it allows for huge amounts of memory it might be something
@Dog Optimus is actively wasteful, though... taking up needless CPU die space with another GPU
My previous (temporary) laptop could just turn off the dGPU entirely.
CPU should just do CPU stuff, then have a full-fat Nvidia GPU that just uses as much power as the current power solution (battery or A/C) can reasonably pull without killing your battery in 3 minutes
12:37 AM
@allquicatic It's impossible to buy an Intel CPU without an iGPU, so that doesn't really make a diffference...
@Dog a business decision, and not one I agree with
although I thought certain Xeon Mobile CPUs were shipping without an iGPU?
@allquicatic Yeah, but for the past few years, NVidia/AMD dGPUs have still been fabbed on 28nm and were considerably less efficient than Intel's 14nm iGPUs
Case in point: a 28w i7 with Iris graphics performed the same as an NVidia 35-45w dGPU
@Dog I don't think the fab size really had much to do with it; it was more that Intel's GPU architecture is designed from the ground up to be low power and power efficient, whereas Nvidia and AMD's chips are designed to run hotter and hungrier for performance
although now that they are nearly exactly the same fab size, and Intel won't be shrinking for several more years, that argument is moot
@allquicatic If an Intel iGPU can perform the same using 15w as a dGPU that uses 35w+ then it doesn't really matter why, its still a league of difference.
Thankfully Pascal seems to have caught up in efficiency, now I'm just waiting to be able to buy it in a <14" machine
I would buy it in a 14" machine if that's all that was offered... I don't need it in a 13" or less size necessarily
12:40 AM
Unfortunately AMD's Polaris doesn't seem to be quite as efficient... though some leaked benches suggest it might be on par, actual products seem to be still only as efficient as NVidia's Maxwell 2
@allquicatic I'm still dreaming of the day I can lug a lightweight 12-14" machine around that can do everything - tablet, laptop, gaming desktop (when docked)
@Dog I don't think Polaris is really, in actuality, competitive with Pascal in any real material way, so all AMD can do is try to finagle the value proposition of price:performance using marketing tactics to try and carve out a small share of the market somewhere where they're "better" for the price and maybe not go bankrupt
My mom's suddenly started nagging me that my volume is too high.
Apparently 'its disturbing the roomie'
@allquicatic Polaris isn't, but I don't think it was ever meant to be. Polaris competes with NVidia's x60's and below.
12:42 AM
if you held a gun to AMD's head and made them release the full-scale Polaris chip at the fastest practical performance level this year, I don't think it would match the 1080
Vega was meant to be the flagship that goes after the 1080
and Vega is still a long ways off
Vega is/was due this year. I thought Polaris 10 is already "full scale"
Can't seem to find where I read that though
@Dog Polaris and Vega are still fundamentally based on the GCN architecture, just with iterative enhancements and different design goals, but it's fundamentally the same thing; they haven't completely reinvented the wheel with either architecture, and they probably have more similarities than differences, even comparing Polaris/Vega to, say, Vega and GCN 1.0
if they can't compete with the 1080 with Polaris, that's only because they chose not to scale it up to the transistor count / shader count / VRAM size / TDP comparable to the 1080
@allquicatic are you talking about DX11 or DX12?
12:44 AM
@allquicatic Pascal is a wholly iterative enhancement over Maxwell 2 though. In fact it's pretty much a straight die shrink
@allquicatic Well yeah, Polaris was meant to target mainstream, not high end.
their current solution is "lets just bruteforce it", which is why you are seeing such high clock speeds on Pascal cards
@Dog just seems to me like AMD is admitting defeat -- I mean, why can't they release a >= 150W chip with >= 8 GB GDDR 5X that goes toe to toe with the 1080? Why wait a minimum of 3-4 months (and possibly longer if it gets delayed) to release your counter offer, long after they've sold 1080s like hotcakes for months?
@allquicatic Cause HBM2?
I mean NVidia's not in a position to release a HBM2 flagship yet either. And if AMD designed Vega from the ground up to use HBM2, it's going to be more work to re-adapt it to GDDR5(X).
Which makes me wonder if the rumoured/leaked RX 490 is actually going to be a Vega part, I'd be thinking more along the lines of Fury X2 or summit.
Then they're fools for not having a "bridge" chip between GDDR5 and HBM2. I'm sure Nvidia will get around to HBM2 eventually too, but they put in the extra work to sell a "good enough for now" chip while HBM2 is in development.
@allquicatic That's... Polaris
12:48 AM
And the 1080 is turning out to be everyone's gaming card of choice while AMD has jack shit except for a low-end part.
yeah , AMD should just hire @allquicatic
@allquicatic Still, they're regaining market share. A few tiny percent but still a gain
@Dog Polaris is targeting only a small subset of the market, though! Not the entire market. Pascal, as it stands, right now, is targeting the entire dGPU market
And don't forget >90% of sales are not the flagship model
@Dog Gross revenue or unit volume? Very important distinction. Me paying $700 to Nvidia (eventually, after it filters down through the profit of the vendors, tax etc.) pays for more than a couple entire units of GTX 1060 sales.
12:50 AM
@allquicatic And IMO NVidia wasted a lot of resources to do that... building a "bridge chip" between GDDR5 and HBM2? A dead-end architecture that'll be replaced in 3-6 months? Meh. That said, it does look like Pascal as a whole is adapted to use both, which I guess was a good play.
@allquicatic Both. If 90% of sales are non-flagships, you'd have to price all their non-flagship cards at an average price of $60 before they get beat in revenue.
@Dog Is Nvidia really going to release a new flagship based on HBM2 in 3 - 6 months? I doubt it. I think the only reason they'd do that is if, somehow, just having HBM2 enables AMD to absolutely smoke Nvidia on price/performance and take the top-end performance crown from them.
@allquicatic 1080 Ti.
But it really will depend on the game, because some games are not going to be memory bandwidth constrained.
Pascal's "full implementation" chip already runs on HBM2 - so it's just scaling it to the point they can sell it to consumers instead of the Tesla P100 at $5000 a pop or something
@Dog Are you sure? If they do to the 1080 Ti what they did with the 980 Ti, it will just be the (new) Titan X with less of an emphasis on double-precision FP64, higher clocks, and about 1% better performance while being priced more than the 1080 and less than the Titan.
12:54 AM
And heck, nobody was really expecting them to release the Pascal Titan like two months after the 1080 either.
I think the 1080 Ti will have GDDR5X.
Titan's FP64 has sucked for several generations already.
Nobody buys a Titan for FP64
@allquicatic So you think NVidia won't have any HBM2 consumer cards this generation?
TBH we've seen what AMD can do when releasing a flagship chip with HBM/2 - I suspect Vega will be to Polaris what the Fury X was to the 390X
Not a full generational leap, but a significant jump nonetheless
@Dog Ah, I thought they tweaked the Titans to focus more on FP64 than the standard consumer GeForces, but apparently they don't
if you want double precision you still either buy an AMD card (any card, really, even the consumer ones are great) or Tesla...
@Dog I think Nvidia will release HBM2 consumer cards after AMD does. But I don't think that the mere fact they're late on HBM2 will have an effect on market share, or necessarily even price/performance or top-end performance, at least in gaming, because memory bandwidth is not universally recognized as the gaming bottleneck anyway.
@allquicatic Yup. Even the Quadro cards have crappy FP64 now IIRC
There are certainly some games and synthetic benchmarks that are ridiculous VRAM bandwidth bottlenecked, but that's not every game.
And GDDR5X has at least helped mitigate the problem in the short term by doubling GDDR5's bandwidth.
1:00 AM
@allquicatic HBM2 isn't the be all and end all, but Vega isn't just Polaris + HBM2. Again, looking back at the Fury X it'll be a scaled up architecture and craptons of memory bandwidth
(And if you're lucky, a swanky watercooler slapped on too)
But from what I can tell, HBM2 is an integral part of how Vega was designed, hence not being released with GDDR5X
I would be happy if Vega could compete with or even beat the 1080, but something tells me that the release schedule will go something like this: 1080 -> Vega -> 1080 Ti, and the Ti will reclaim the Nvidia performance crown after a ridiculously short Vega kingship or tie, and the 1080 Ti won't even need HBM2 to do it.
Or it'll go 1080 -> 1080 Ti -> Vega, in which case Vega may never take a performance crown, not even for one second.
@allquicatic Maybe. But again, few people actually buy the halo/flagship products. Even I rarely touch the top card. Last time I bought a flagship card was 2009
@allquicatic Quite possible. After all NVidia did only bring out the 980 Ti to prevent AMD's Fury X taking the performance crown.
@Dog By the way, from Feb through July 2016, AMD's Steam Hardware Survey market share ownership has dropped by four percentage points.
In fact, it continued to go down in July, despite the release of the RX480.
It lost a lot in Q1, stagnated right around 25% in April-June-ish, but then resumed its decline in July.
1:05 AM
> Tech site PCPer got its hands on the latest GPU market report from Mercury Research, and relays that AMD increased its market share, quarter-to-quarter by 3.2 per cent, to gain a total 29.4 per cent of the discrete GPU market in Q1 2016. It is noted that while AMD has achieved a decent gain, the Radeon range has, in recent history, enjoyed a much larger slice of the GPU market share pie.
@allquicatic its worth taking into account we're outliers.
According to that it gained nearly 10% in Q1 on desktops.
Most of the RA weekend gaming club's got flagship cards ;p
And nearly 20% on mobile.
@JourneymanGeek Are we really? I mean, I'm in guilds, I talk to random strangers in Payday 2 and SWTOR...
1:06 AM
Which is effin weird, since their mobile products suck and no new ones were released around then
Seems like every other dude has a 1070 or 1080. Or two.
Unless you want to talk about people who aren't even gamers at all, who might buy whatever random crap is at Best Buy for $100, but then those people almost never even need a dGPU to begin with.
@allquicatic According to some statistics, 60% of "gamers" are women playing candy crush saga.
@allquicatic most muggles are happy with decade old PCs, spinning rust and discrete cards.
@allquicatic I'd point you back at the Steam hardware survey which lists the top cards as the 970, 960, 750 Ti, and Intel HD 4000.
@Dog Still, the profit margins on flagship GPUs are extremely high, and they still sell millions of them (maybe not many million 1080s, but certainly when you rope in the 1070s, it's going to be many many millions). That's billions of dollars.
1:08 AM
Heck, even the 720M has twice the numbers as the 980
@allquicatic None of the top 20 NVidia cards are flagships though.
@Dog Pascal "just" came out, though. You can't expect everyone to upgrade within the first 6 months of it coming out. But the 1070 will replace a large chunk of those 970s by this time next year.
@Dog I consider an x70 card to be a flagship. It basically is. It's damn close.
@allquicatic Didn't say anything about Pascal. Look at the Maxwell figures.
A 970/1070 is still an extremely expensive card by most peoples' standards. It's still a ridiculously fast card even by Star Citizen / Crysis standards. It's a damn flagship.
@allquicatic Considering the pricing difference between a 970 and a 980/Ti... no.
If you're going to talk about profit margins and gross revenue, you can't class a $200 card and a $450 card as the same
FFS my pound key is gone again
£200 vs. £450.
@allquicatic I consider the x60s to be a gaming mainstream card. 70s and 80s to be high end, and the TIs onwards flagships
and for most people and purposes, a x60 is fine. I got a 980ti for UHD gaming primarily
(another way we're outliers ;p)
1:14 AM
@Dog My point is more that, whether you're AMD or Nvidia, if you are going to release a card like the 1080, then releasing a card like the 1070 is an extremely simple and low-cost engineering effort that involves part binning, disabling a few cores, docking some VRAM and calling it a day. It's effectively the same chip, just mildly cut-down. It's not a whole different animal. It's the same family chip and it's in the same market bracket (high-end).
You wouldn't release just a 1070 and be like "Welp, that's all for this year, folks!" -- and neither would you just drop a 1080 and call it done. It's a one-two punch. "Can't afford the 1080? NP, spend a few hundred less on this thing that delivers 80% the perf."
@allquicatic Everything down from the actual flagship is in exactly the same boat...
Also, isn't AMD's big weakness (for gamers) drivers?
Turn off a few bits of a 970 and you've got a 960... etc. etc...
@Dog not really.
But AMD skipped out entirely on releasing anything flagship-caliber in any time frame that could be considered (in this fast-moving economy) to be contemporaneous with the 1080.
It was just a bad decision, IMHO.
1:15 AM
@allquicatic I think AMD's a little distracted
@JourneymanGeek I think AMD is just poor
@Dog that too
@Dog They're definitely that... have you seen how infrequently they've started releasing drivers?!
but I figure they're trying to do the (dumb) stratergy they do with processors and trying to be a (cheap) second best.
Heck the fact they manage to still be in the game, while fighting companies with four times the revenue or more in both CPU and GPU markets is impressive
1:16 AM
The problem is when there's only two companies in the market...
I was convinced five years ago they'd lost all hope and would die a painful death. Yet they still keep going...
@allquicatic Part of AMD's "excuse" for Polaris is they'd rather concentrate on improving their drivers than releasing "top end" hardware with crappy software support
And now AMD have been releasing better drivers more often.
@JourneymanGeek And Nvidia could literally send AMD to Chapter 11 bankruptcy court by docking their prices on the GTX 1060 or 1070 by a few percentage points. Bam; goodbye AMD. Like squishing a bug.
You can't have it both ways... say it's a bad decision to not release a high-end chip, then also say working on their shitty drivers is a bad idea too.
@allquicatic Ermm... no
hope for AMD is the console market
If that had been the case both NVidia and Intel would have destroyed AMD a decade ago
1:19 AM
@Dog Yes, you can have it both ways. It's easy. You just have a company that has enough money to hire enough engineers to do both. Nvidia does it. I have yet to hit a single bug with the 1080 despite starting out using it with the initial release driver. The initial release! AMD's initial release drivers are always absolute garbage.
On one hand, it lets them sell outdated, obsolete designs in 'known' quantities en mass.
@allquicatic this is what you get when you fire your QA engineers first...
@allquicatic Er, yeah, it's so trivial to just "have" a company with that much money...
They can't magic up a ton of money when they can't sell products
Catch 22...
@Dog Back when AMD was riding high on extremely competitive and impressive chips like Evergreen (HD5870), they could afford to do shit like that. Life was good for AMD's graphics division. Quite good.
@Dog they can't sell products cause everyone is out to get them they've made a lot of mistakes
They were in a position of strength to potentially even cower Nvidia in the market (like Nvidia is now doing to them) and they slipped. Multiple times.
1:20 AM
and they haven't had a pentium M moment, which they badly need.
@JourneymanGeek The Pentium M moment only really happened because said company had a Pentium 4 moment
@Dog but that changed intel forever
Then again you could say Bulldozer was AMD's Pentium 4 moment >_>
@Dog It's called VC and/or debt. Unfortunately, I doubt many VCs want to bet on AMD, and they have too much debt already. If they had a clean bill of financial health to start from, they could probably rustle up some VC or debt, put in the engineering hours to get it done, and compete properly.
Slow, sloppy, inefficient, and didn't scale nearly as well as they were hoping
@allquicatic You've just defeated your own argument...
1:22 AM
@Dog yup
And well, for now its pretty hard for them to break into the mass market like intel did
@Dog but P IVs shambled on for years cause intel essentially owned the mass market
@Dog It wasn't an argument. Not every single thing I say is pointed at trying to say you're wrong. If you're right, I'm not trying to disagree. And in that case you are right. They're in a tough spot financially.
They need some way to play even tougher, though, and just see it through. A monopoly market is bad for us all.
@JourneymanGeek I'm pretty sure there's was some anticompetitive practices on Intels side too
and intel's at the point where they have 3-4 design teams, and can throw out entire product lines now
@Dog probably were.
but the enthusiast market was AMD's to lose.
@JourneymanGeek I'm still surprised there are any loyal AMD enthusiasts left. Yet there are.
1:25 AM
@JourneymanGeek Intel has been at that point for a while; did you see how long they sustained Itanium on life support, continuing to iterate new processors that sold in extremely low volumes (and ended in severe amounts of write-offs for Intel, spending far more on R&D than they could recoup in sales), just because a few vendors were interested in using it and a few governments bought in?
Then again, considering the number of Trump enthusiasts... I shouldn't really be surprised at all.
@allquicatic I was thinking the phone chips and SoFIA
but yeah
AMD cannot afford that
if zen bombs, they're effectively going to end up like via
or SGI, which just got acquired by HP fucking Enterprise
SGI is not SGI
The SGI that got assimilated by HPE is actually rackable, who assimilated SGI
SGI has been dead a looooong time
@JourneymanGeek I thought that just before Phenom bombed. And then Bulldozer bombed. Yet they're still alive... being kept on life support by console sales it seems
1:29 AM
Still not quite sure how they managed to do so badly on desktop/laptop while managing to win almost the entire console market
@Dog cause they could provide a single chip that did everything badly well enough
@Dog keep in mind that their desktop/laptop graphics division also helped to prop up the company through the 2000s and early 2010s, because up until the past few years they've been extremely competitive with Nvidia if you're willing to overlook the occasional driver bug
and essentially everything AMD is shit at gets pushed to the console makers
"Hey, this is a chip to your specifications, here's the FULL hardware specs (NDA thank you very much, have a nice day"
also they have to be kicking themselves for selling the mobile Radeon IP -- Adreno, an anagram for Radeon -- to Imagination Technologies. How much could they be making from that if they kept it?
1:31 AM
and essentially you're supporting a single hardware specification. maybe 2-3 at best.
@allquicatic I do wonder what would have happened if AMD could licence x86 the way ARM did
(they can't of course)
@allquicatic Oh gee, Adreno was Radeon? I didn't know that
via actually released a new chip.
@Dog Adreno was built off of ATI's technology. Obviously Imagination Tech has taken it a long way since then as they continue to make it better (without AMD's help), but ATI gave them a big jump start as they had been doing internal R&D on smartphone form factor Radeon for a while.
They bought it in 2009, so they probably got some IP of a level of sophistication comparable to Evergreen (HD5870 series). Not the literal desktop core IP, but a lot of concepts and specifications from that era.
There's the early pre-acquisition Adreno tech being shown off while still under ATI's label.
apparently my old phone has been running for 2 weeks since the last time I charged it...
I might have accidentally disabled the cellular modem tho
1:41 AM
> "By supporting OpenGL ES 1.2 along with high-resolution (640 x 480) display support, the Imageon 2380 opens up a whole new world of advanced, detailed rendering that makes it possible to bring high-end immersive experiences on handsets. As game developers, we can now deliver an end user experience that can hold its own or even augment our console, portable and PC projects."
LOL. 640 x 480 is a high-resolution smartphone display :D
@Dog LOL. 640 x 480 is a high-resolution smartwatch display :D (source)
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4:22 AM
̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(◕_◕)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ time to play games.
techreport.com/news/30514/… that actually looks pretty shiny
4:37 AM
this upgrades taking FOREVER
I want to go home
4:53 AM
!! s/h/m/
@allquicatic I want to go mome (source)
5:18 AM
@allquicatic it also gave them 64-bit independent of amd patents
5:30 AM
Failed Touchscreen advertisement
5:48 AM
6:18 AM
so I'm at work for a stock take
for 20 years they managed this without any IT support on site
suddenly now they need someone here (as a contractor i can't be 'on call' from home appently)
but it means I can abuse the customer wifi and watch youtube at least while i work \o
6:38 AM
But doesnt that also mean your relativly expendable? Now if instead you made your self indispensable somehow, they might even like miss you when your gone :-)
@Psycogeek if you're on call from home?
if your just on-call there.
Course business will certannly pay a "receptionist" to spend the whole day putting on her make-up and doing her nails, as long as she is on-call to handle the spam calls and spam e-mail, and that one true customer who calls.
they will fork out huge sums for a security guard to be the first one shot , if anything goes wrong at the location, without any big expectation that they do real work :-)
6:57 AM
no no
i'm just on call today
7:07 AM
what if something collapses and you dont notice because your watching tv?
@Bob True. I'm actually wondering now why they decided to drop Itanium, unless the patent / IP worries over AMD64 have completely gone away now and they no longer have a reason to build a contingency.
@allquicatic I think they've gotten themselves in enough of a cross licencing mess, and AMD can't really get acquired by anyone without losing the x86 licence
@JourneymanGeek lol
7:13 AM
Also, I don't think itanic was a plan B
It was a plan A that failed
@Psycogeek in this case people come and find me when soemthing doesn't work
@djsmiley2k like this ? youtube.com/watch?v=rksCTVFtjM4
yup ;)
2 issues so far today
1. they opened the wrong application for the stocktake
2. they hadn't even logged into the machine
anyway i better get on with some 'real' work
i.e. moving crap outta the store room D:
7:35 AM
I'm pretty sure this is justifiable grounds for leaving a nice steaming warm gift
in your shoes
7:52 AM
is there any easy way to install openvpn server on ubuntu?
define easy
@JourneymanGeek you got a new moto g, yea?
which gen was it?
@Bob "new" ?
First generation
@JourneymanGeek oh wait you got the one plus
7:54 AM
how much did it cost?
ah their global model doesn't do B28 anyway
@Bob 480USD. Its a reflashed chinese model tho
The US model's probably better value if you wanted those bands, global model makes a ton more sense.
@JourneymanGeek US model also doesn't do B28
@Bob US model does same bands as the chinese one, and is marginally cheaper with transhipment
@HackToHell if it's not in their repo's it's never gonna be 'easy'
if it is, it still might not be easy :D
> Samsung SM-G935F Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition
@Dog $400, dual-SIM, cat6, amazing band support (TWN variant) => ebay.com.au/itm/… me likely
Zenfone 3
argh, it's type-c
8:12 AM
@Bob I'm under the impression Olympic athletes got one
@JourneymanGeek one command rum
Oh then no
@HackToHell depends how much $$$ you're willing to pay
@Bob hoping for a easy install for an already present vps
AH nvm, I'll do it when Im free
9:19 AM
@HackToHell iirc it doesn't take long
9:41 AM
i'm building a wall around my desk
of old laptops and desktops ready to be scrapped
10:22 AM
@Bob whaa type C is goood
10:43 AM
@Dog not when I have a million old cables and no type-c chargers
also geekbuying is delaying shipment by another month
@Bob I don't think anything uses a C-C charger yet
most things seem to go into a USB A socket on the charger end
@allquicatic Itanium was a commercial failure. It was dropped for that reason
@Bob nearly finished SR4. One side mission and collecting/upgrading all the things and I've done everything but the c0-op only diversions ;p
the last mission was a PITA for all the wrong reasons tho
@allquicatic Now one can ague that failure could have been predictable due to the fact Itanium wasn't backwards compatible with x86
(I kept dying due to "how the hell do I do this" rather than actually getting my arse kicked...)
@Ramhound actually IIRC it was
it had hardware x86 support at first, which was switched over to software support
10:51 AM
Alright, Microsoft had to make a version of Windows that supported Itanium
MS can semi-arbitrarily easily do that.
See how fast windows RT was spawned and died, and numerous other stillborn windows ports
So the real question is the reason Microsoft choose not to support it?
Pretty sure MS did a server version?
Right, a separate version
Which support Itanium based Win32 programs
At worst you'd need to recompile
10:53 AM
I mean there is a lawsuite over Oracle and HP i think over Itanium support
My point being is that Itanium was dropped because it sold worse then x86-64 :$
Itanium was also dropped cause it was a dead end arch
I was just responding to the IP concerns
Hello, How to write with different scripts like this.
ooh, wikipedia!
Emulation to run existing x86 applications and operating systems was particularly poor, with one benchmark in 2001 reporting that it was equivalent at best to a 100 MHz Pentium in this mode (1.1 GHz Pentiums were on the market at that time).[96]
so yeah. It could run x86 software. Badly
My computer keeps "dinging" at me
10:56 AM
My phone goes choo choo.
It kinda confused bob ;p
vs the virtually 0 performance loss with x86-64, anyways, i was just responding to the IP concerns with AMD.
Facebook blocking click bait articles? That's... New
@Bob true
But you gotta start one day
There were none. AMD licensed x86 from Intel, I am pretty sure Intel forced them to license the x64 extension they created, or I hope Intel had lawyers smart enough to think to put that clause in their contract :$
ffs if this laptop goes to sleep
youtube starts playing slowly
with no audio o_O
I wish I could work from home one weekend. At my own desk, i totally would rewrite, this application of ours. I just need internet handy in order to do it, but yeah ..., that isn't an option.
11:03 AM
@Ramhound haha the amount of times I've thought something simular :D
Well to be fair I would have to manually type the code again.
But I could so much with internet plus my own development settings :$
Hmhhh hah that's my initials :P
11:52 AM
@Ramhound from what I understand amd and intel are basically locked into a situation where they can't really do a modern x86 system without patents from the other
What is funny is Intel made CPUs for IBM back in the day
AMD is what Intel is to IBM
or however you say that
AMD made stuff for intel.... ;p
and AMD got started cause of second source rules IIRC
Intel basically created their own competitor.
I have no doubt if Intel and AMD wanted to make a new architecture they could. Honestly I don't think the consumers care for another platform that isn't compatible with their current system
This new architecture would have need 100% support x86 without any performance decrease
but if you do that, just tack it onto x86, why bother doing the other 2 billion in R&D
11:57 AM
yayayay my kindle is here
I hate Amazon sometimes, so there was a bug on their website that if you allowed an Amazon Day deal expired ( lighting deal ) that you could run into a bug where you wouldn't be allowed to add it again to your cart
So I missed out on the $40 off a 16GB Kindle Fire 10"
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