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12:00 AM
@allquixotic: Much better response from the chatbot. No more of this "chatbot has sent a message using the client bot infrastructure" silliness.
12:10 AM
anyone recall the update that fixed this behavior?
( no preview, thats odd )
12:24 AM
damn stock market. driving my retirement funds down :$
12:35 AM
I am not sure how I should correct it :$
eeek .22% lol
that sucks
1 hour later…
2:11 AM
@allquixotic 0_0
That is a VERY strange laptop
also for that era the gpu was in the chipset not the processor
so you'd need to swap out the chipset for better graphics
2:29 AM
@JourneymanGeek s/swap out the chipset/install a dGPU/
@Ramhound: looking at the original question though. Most spammers wouldn't write that much and some parts of the original provide useful context
Better integrated graphics might as well not exist.
(as to why he's using a museium piece)
@JourneymanGeek Eh, from skimming - I could see spammers copying the first block from some encyclopaedia and shoving some links in.
s/swap out the chipset/ do witchcraft and transplant the screen into something more mordern
anyway, its handled ;p
@Bob: annnd this is why flags sometimes take a while to be handled ;p
got to sleep in today ^^
2:40 AM
> Lookie here, your compiler does some absolutely insane things with the
spilling, including spilling a *constant*. For chrissake, that
compiler shouldn't have been allowed to graduate from kindergarten.
We're talking "sloth that was dropped on the head as a baby" level
retardation levels here:
-- Linux Torvalds (lkml.org/lkml/2014/7/24/584)
@JourneymanGeek that's covered in my answer
warning. Complete and utter nitpick.
" But you can't upgrade to a newer IGP because you can't slot in a newer processor."
(yeah, I donno why I noticed and parsed that one line)
You can't upgrade to a newer IGP cause you can't simply swap out your chipset
@JourneymanGeek to get a newer IGP (Nehalem+ with on-chip graphics) he'd have to get a new processor of a newer generation. To get a newer processor of a newer generation he'd need a new mobo.
it's a cascading type thing
IGP upgrade -> CPU upgrade -> mobo upgrade -> no can do because of size, ports lining up, PSU, etc.
replace all the things (except for the screen)
2:55 AM
hey, if you're gonna nit... I'd drop in a note that "EPT" is more generically known as "SLAT".
not terribly important though
SLAT is a Windowsism as far as I've seen, and while yeah it's a way of saying "EPT or AMD's equivalent (AMD-V, is it?)", we're talking about Intel procs here anyway
that kind of deflects the discussion away from his particular system though since he doesn't have an AMD proc
@allquixotic We just call it "nested paging".
AMD calls it RVI.
3:12 AM
meh. I should be gaming. Weather is horribad and I don't feel like doing anything
@allquixotic: Out of curiosity, any plans for the holiday weekend?
As a matter of policy, I do not observe holidays except where required; academic coursework and other activities are scheduled on holidays just as they would be scheduled on a normal day.
...meaning I will be very busy this Labor Day weekend as the semester ramps up.
When I begin working a full-time job, things may change a bit, but it's unlikely a holiday would be treated much differently than a normal weekend day.
This means that if I have some work that needs to be done outside the office or otherwise at home, work will proceed on the holiday as normal.
Finally officially overtook ignacio ^^
I'm now #6 in the all time superuser reputation charts
crap, my laptop isn't charging
It's stuck at 7%
have you tried turning it off and letting it charge?
(or the battery is all catted out)
yes, i tried that too
But the laptop is neeew :'(
@JourneymanGeek What does that mean ?
3:28 AM
hm. New? Might be a dud somewhere
try letting it charge with it switched off
else, er, see if you can get it looked at
10 mins ago, by DragonLord
As a matter of policy, I do not observe holidays except where required; academic coursework and other activities are scheduled on holidays just as they would be scheduled on a normal day.
Is this unhealthy?
@JourneymanGeek :'(
I've done academic work on Thanksgiving, Labor Day, and all sorts of other holidays where the college is closed or does not run classes. I do not give special treatment to them.
Is this harmful in any way?
Heck, if the semester didn't end before Christmas or New Years, work would just continue through these days.
Your thoughts?
Apparently performing a gauage reset might fix it
Doing so
I've even pulled all-nighters on holidays.
Is it a great idea to boost productivity and maximize time utilization by doing this, or am I risking burnout or even health issues?
3:43 AM
@DragonLord: I'm a very firm believer in quality over quantity.
Work hard and smart, play harder :)
@DragonLord a lot of gaming :D
So I was fine with waking up at 5am to get assignments done (cause its quiet), but I'd definately take lots of breaks when I needed them.
That said, I've NEVER been a believer in allnighters for allnighters sake, and not taking breaks.
(I don't check my work email at all on weekends ;p)
allnighters are really bad except once in a blue moon to watch the sun rise, which is awesome to behold
and never do an allnighter the night before a work/school day
I've been going to bed very late these last few days, so I'll try to get out of bed by 6:30am tomorrow.
I've experimented with wake-up times as early as 4:45am in the past (because top CEOs often wake up 6am or earlier), but could not get consistent results.
@HackToHell I just read this as "performing a gauge reset might fix @DragonLord's working through holidays"
@JourneymanGeek I tend to get a lot of work done on random nights.
See: ZFS installation, KVM, etc..
3:50 AM
These bedtime/wake-up time changes do not affect how work is scheduled. As far as work goes, holidays have no special meaning to me. Period.
just from recent examples
@DragonLord: Most public holidays don't for me either
But occationally you need to recharge the batteries
@allquixotic: I tend to sleep early and wake up early so people don't disturb me if I am doing something that needs concentration
@Bob: heh, my recent ttrss and wallabag moves were due to REALLY quiet times at work ;p
...or do I risk something like this happening again?
Aug 8 at 12:52, by DragonLord
To the community: I'm very sorry to say that I am leaving Stack Exchange for an indefinite period of time. I am unable to perform my usual moderation work in a controlled fashion. Unless and until I become a truly calm, cool, and collected person IRL, I cannot contribute any longer without risking harm to the community. Farewell...
@DragonLord: Imagine that happening in real life
I don't know why, but I've always considered holidays a waste of usable time.
3:59 AM
Holidays are a chance to recharge the batteries
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy and all that
It might be a weird part of my mindset, that more is always better
...even if it means suffering the consequences for working 365 days a year.
I've never really considered weekends, holidays, or vacations to be necessary.
They're all a waste of usable time.
@Bob lol
I spend holidays mostly on fixing stuff
And the battery issue is gone whee, had to power down, reset BIOS, start on AC power. Insert battery after Windows bootup
In fact, barring self-control limits or physical constraints, I would work through the New Year's Eve countdown if needed, oblivious to the transition to the new year.
4:19 AM
What the... Oh, street fair
4:56 AM
Hmm. Electronics store has a Taylor Swift playlist going
!!/tell 23899595 taytaytay
@Bob That's what people say-ay! Mm-mm
Q: How does Zalgo text work?

MikeI've seen weirdly formatted text called Zalgo like below written on various forums. It's kind of annoying to look at, but it really bothers me because it undermines my notion of what a character is supposed to be. My understanding is that a character is supposed to move horizontally across a line...

I paste "H̡̫̤̤̣͉̤ͭ̓̓̇͗̎̀ơ̯̗̱̘̮͒̄̀̈ͤ̀͡w͓̲͙͖̥͉̹͋ͬ̊ͦ̂̀̚ ͎͉͖̌ͯͅͅd̳̘̿̃̔̏ͣ͂̉̕ŏ̖̙͋ͤ̊͗̓͟͜e͈͕̯̮̙̣͓͌ͭ̍̐̃͒s͙͔̺͇̗̱̿̊̇͞ ̸̤͓̞̱̫ͩͩ͑̋̀ͮͥͦ̊Z̆̊͊҉҉̠̱̦̩͕ą̟̹͈̺̹̋̅ͯĺ̡̘̹̻̩̩͋͘g̪͚͗ͬ͒o̢̖͇̬͍͇͓̔͋͊̓ ̢͈͙͂ͣ̏̿͐͂ͯ͠t̛͓̖̻̲ͤ̈ͣ͝e͋̄ͬ̽͜҉͚̭͇ͅx͎̬̠͇̌ͤ̓̂̓͐͐́͋͡ț̗̹̝̄̌̀ͧͩ̕͢ ̮̗̩̳̱̾w͎̭̤͍͇̰̄͗ͭ̃͗ͮ̐o̢̯̻̰̼͕̾ͣͬ̽̔̍͟ͅr̢̪͙͍̠̀ͅǩ̵̶̗̮̮ͪ́?̙͉̥̬͙̟̮͕ͤ̌͗ͩ̕͡ " into Google Search and I wind up with an HTTP 400 Bad Request error.
> 400. That’s an error.

Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That’s all we know
5:12 AM
@DragonLord nice!
you broke Google. :D
@DragonLord maybe it's an encoding error in the way your specific browser encodes the text into the HTTP request? since it's working when you enter the URL directly
the process of taking it from the HTML input field and producing the GET request with the endpoint and query params could have a bug
see if every browser chokes on it or just the one you're using now
@HackToHell: I'd say moto
@JourneymanGeek Zenphone 2 has better specs though
Nearly double
@HackToHell: atom processor, and moto has very reliable updates
5:23 AM
Atom is decent
Your most likely problem is potential app incompatibility
But most apps are fine and x86 Android is getting bigger
It has 802.11ac, 1080p and scores nearly 2x more on Antutu
g3 is 720p :/
@Bob I don't really use a lot of apps tbh
@JourneymanGeek I'm worried about the updates though
@HackToHell: pretty much that.
And the moment I buy one, there's going to be a btter phone
Pretty sweet specs
Blah there are too many phones
Also I need to provision a user in such a way that he can only ssh in and ssh out(to other machines).
An he can't access anything else
Hmm, it's turning out to be a bit trciky
I repeat the above Zalgo text six or more times in mobile Chrome and the browser fails with ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR. In other words, bad text in OSI layer 7 is causing an error at layer 4.
How the heck is it even possible to cause a transport layer error with a bad URL?
I get a ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR way too often with chrome
5:49 AM
never gotten that before o.o
6:11 AM
Oh look there's just a thing for my need olivier.sessink.nl/jailkit/howtos_ssh_only.html
Hm i don't see why i should be giving him access anyway
Continuous Integration will probably be a better idea
I have no idea how to do that anyway
Has anyone use jenkins here ?
Jenkins might be overkill
It simply want to do a clone
7:05 AM
@HackToHell Yea, get the ZenFone :P
@DragonLord Because TCP/IP and HTTP don't follow the OSI layer model.
The OSI layer model is a nice theory but terrible in practice.
@allquixotic Looks like it works in FF and dies in Chrome.
Bad Chrome. Bad. swats with newspaper
Huh, IE11 fails too.
@allquixotic Any chance you can test with Edge?
I don't have it here.
Huh, it fails in FF if searched from the Google textbox. But only if done from a results page.
Ok, bad Google. Bad.
Ok, it's something to do with the instant search crap.
I hate that.
7:35 AM
@HackToHell: set him up a chroot jail
7:54 AM
@JourneymanGeek Depends how much you trust them. chroot is not secure
Gives them access to only the ssh binary
@Bob :D
8:48 AM
@HackToHell: We use jenkins, but kind of as a way to centrally run 'cron' type things and backups
Yay! I got DD
DD? Double Damage ? ;p
@JourneymanGeek That feels like overkill
considering what jekins actually does
Right, how many servers do you manage ?
but yeah, less than half a dozen nodes, and its a glorified cron replacement the way we use it ;p
2 hours later…
10:53 AM
Anyone too has this issue with unused MSI and MSP Files from Windows Installer folder? raymond.cc/blog/…
Folks in comments reporting that Patch Cleaner does a treat for them. I wonder if it's spam advertising...
@Jet Yea, me too!
@Jet We all will get someday what we deserve. Earth will shake us off like flies...
@JourneymanGeek Did you pet it?
3 hours later…
1:34 PM
Q: What is server?

Jeganwhat is server? what is server name? what's the relationship between server and server name? Often I hear some server is down. I searched about server and server names. But still I couldn't understand about them. Please anyone tell me (I am working on linux Os)

1 hour later…
2:56 PM
@JourneymanGeek the answer, too...
intentional troll q & a, methinks
3:50 PM
What's the policy on one-word answers?
"Can I install Ubuntu Server on a laptop?"
PSL is already here for us My Starbucks Rewards members.
A 'good' answer could probably be made out of it, discussing differences in editions of Ubuntu, how the install process works; compare lack of hardware checks etc; but seems like a question that won't get a lot of traffic.
It's a bit different this year—there's actual pumpkin this time.
Oh, pumpkin spice latte (thanks, le Googles)
@bertieb Pumpkin Spice Latte. It's very heavily hyped whenever it comes out.
3:53 PM
Fair enough :)
The world of coffee drinks passes me by, as an inveterate tea drinker :P
Though I am considering a stovetop coffee maker for my OH
Alright, gotta go. I have a soccer game to shoot.
A moka thing
Ah, enjoy!
Assuming by shoot you mean photograph and not... the other thing
Nice :P
I play with a defender who tackles like a stationary gun... might bring a printout to my next game
Playing soccer? They don't make computer geeks like in the old times.
Now I feel out-of-place even here on RA .___.
4:04 PM
Oh, I was a geeky, asthmatic kid with two left feet and two left hands
I first noticed this problem around March 2014.
@bertieb I only played soccer at school during phys. ed., and even then there were times I had to write an essay to make up for all the days I had skipped.
Even when I played, the team captains would pick anyone else and I'd be left as the last option for the least lucky team to pick.
@ThatBrazilianGuy :-(
I know that feel
It didn't bothered me *that* much, because I never really wanted to play.
I was more of a solo sports player. To this day, my favorite sports are cycling and swimming.
Not sure what changed, or whether it was sheer bloody-mindedness on my part, but eventually got to the stage where I didn't cause embarrassment
4:17 PM
I still don't feel comfortable around group sports, specially those involving a ball.
A couple years ago group of friends used to have volley sessions, a totally hobbyst, informal tihng. I tried it once but got so shy I could barely move. =/
To be fair I am more concerned by my shyness and being too self-concious than with my lack of sport skills
...and now I have a Smiths song stuck in my head :P
4:35 PM
Ah, that's a shame :-/
4:47 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy I have a similar issue. When I was a kid (probably around 10 years old, maybe as old as 12) I was the "runt" on a local football team. When a much older kid tackled me rather roughly, my dad said, "that's it!", and dragged me off the field - not because I was playing badly, but because he didn't want me getting hurt like that or risking head/spine injury.
That was the last time I played a sport.
everyone was just staring at me as my dad carried me off
5 hours later…
9:53 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy I know that feeling. Back in high school, we had this fat kid in class who was horrible at PE. He ran the 100 meter sprint in 45 seconds, often even struggled to get on top of the mats on the high jump and couldn't get past stage one of the Leger test. They were still picked before me, and we were the last 2 left at any time.
10:09 PM
Lowest cost per page ever!
High up-front cost is easily made up for by extremely low ink costs. Even the supplied ink does some 5k pages, or even more, depending on model.
For users who need to print more than a few thousand pages a year, this sounds like a great solution.
Anyone here use Xen?
10:58 PM
These new printers aren't exactly for me (I do closer to 1000-1500 pages a year) but high-volume users now have a more economical solution.
Businesses that routinely go through thousands of pages at a time are going to be very happy about this.
No more risking it with third-party inks, just quality OEM inks that last.
Beating color laser at its own game: cost per page.
Not quite HP Officejet Pro X fast, but has significantly lower cost per page than even those speed demons.
11:16 PM
@DragonLord for infrequent bursty printers (like me) ink won't work tho, it dries up and becomes useless... need laser
Pretty sure Epson spent R&D money making sure the inks have a long shelf life.
Early users, mainly in the EMEA regions, have had no issues with the ink sitting there for 8+ months so far.
The EcoTank printers proved to be hot sellers from what I've read, having moved more than 10m units there.
The flagship EcoTank printer costs a whopping $1200, but ships with a set of high-yield R12X ink packs (essentially humongous bags of ink) that last 20k pages.
A full set of R12X ink packs runs $480.
$480 for 20k pages. That's unheard of in the inkjet world.
That's less than half the cost per page of even the Officejet Pro X series with the 940XL/941XL cartridges.
Assuming that these printers last about five years, and considering a busy office doing 10k pages a year, that would save more than $1000 over the life of the printer (even after accounting for the very high initial cost of the Epson printer).
(Whoops, misspoke, the inks are 970XL and 971XL)
970XL black is good for 9.2k pages
971XL C/M/Y are good for 6.6k each
The 970XL/971XL cost $480 for a full set, too.
Epson has simply decided to take a fundamentally different approach for high-volume printer users.
11:41 PM
Me -> Samsung tech support:
> Thank you for taking time to read this message. I would like to make you aware of a technical problem that is affecting a great many current Android smartphones on the market, including all current and previous-generation Samsung smartphones, including the Note 4 that I am writing about here.

The problem is that, fairly often during music playback to Bluetooth headphones, the music will "drop out" for a fraction of a second. Sometimes, instead of dropping out, an extremely loud, jarring noise that sounds like a gun shot is played through the headphones. This problem has persisted across
Samsung tech support -> me:
> Dear Sean,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Samsung Technical Support. We always appreciate hearing from our customers.

Thank you for taking time to write to us about your findings on Blue tooth functionality on the phones that run on Android platform. We also appreciate your extensive research and efforts working with multiple Blue tooth headsets and Android phones and identifying the random dropouts while music is in play.

Android platform is known for its most conducive to a favorable outcome functionality. We always appreciate customers who take the time to give us th
> Therefore, we request that you send the Samsung device and the headset to our service center so that our trained technician would examine the device and repair it accordingly.
This is a software issue. The problem can be addressed with a software update, not a hardware repair.
This is stupid.
I've done my research. It's completely obvious that the problem is Android. Even if you claim that it's my particularly noisy wireless environment, then why does the Avantree Saturn Pro work 100% fine in the exact same location with the exact same headphones?
I emailed Motorola, LG and Samsung leadership in hopes that they'll do more than the tech support folks will.
11:58 PM
I have just been restarted! This happens daily automatically, or when my owner restarts me. Ready for commands.

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