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12:00 AM
@DragonLord Thanks
12:35 AM
I need to change that message.
I have just been restarted! This happens daily automatically, or when my owner restarts me. Ready for commands.
less confusing. ;p
@Hennes: 960 would be a decent option. no 760?
I'd recommend at least getting a Maxwell chip if you're gonna buy in right now
which one? well, that comes down to price
despite being someone who's traditionally on the Red Team (AMD), I have to recommend the Maxwell architecture as the most cost and power-efficient (and also fastest, in most gaming benchmarks and at least a few compute benchmarks too) GPU architecture right now.
I wrote a pretty nice answer for a question that's very likely to be closed by the community
12:50 AM
not the best bitcoin mining GPU though... that award goes to the R9 295X2
@allquixotic: AMD's always been significantly better there
funny how the different applications of GPU technology have different leaders for each sector
Intel's IGPs, strangely enough, are the fastest at fixed-function video encoding. Go figure. And the quality is awesome, too.
Nvidia is best at gaming, and quite good at compute, but their consumer cards just can't keep up with AMD on compute, so AMD is technically the compute winner. Especially since I don't think there's a Maxwell Tesla out yet.
and Nvidia is dead last in terms of fixed function encoding speed.
I don't there will ever be
Q: how do you stop a user from harassment?

CodeMedWhat steps can be taken when a user gives endless, long-winded, and bellicose comments expressing opinionated answers almost every time you post a question? Most users of this site are here for information exchange and understand that the whole idea of stack exchange is for multiple answers to...

1:03 AM
I was just going to point that out :$
1:24 AM
@Ramhound reckon he's talking about you? ;)
quick question: gimp or krita?
@tereško gimp
Gimp as that's the only one of those that I know about.
Krita looks more... Inkspace-y
1:46 AM
gimp is more featureful
@MichaelFrank - doubtful
I never submitted a comment towards him until tonight
@Ramhound I know. I would have found it extremely amusing if the person he was talking about started trying to solve his meta issue for him. :P
@MichaelFrank - god forgot to give me a sarcastic meter when he made me.
"Irreverent Information" is the comment for an edit in the queue, lol
the question I have. was it added or removed :$
Flannel tacky? or in?
and does a $20 discount make it in?
2:04 AM
@Ramhound Shirt? Yes. Pants or Jacket? Probably not.
It is a shirt.
I guess it depends on what colour or pattern it hsa.
which one is it? tacky or stylish? I have a need for a good long sleeve shirt, a company has a $20 clearance on their clearance colors, but if its tacky I won't bother :$
isn't flannel flannel?
@Ramhound Yea, but I wouldn't buy it just because it was cheap if I didn't like the design.
I am trying to decide if the shirt is good enough to order, I ordered some olive colored shirts for that purpose ( and because I needed shirts and $12 durable polo shirts ) is a good steal
2:10 AM
@Ramhound For $20, probably a good deal if the shirt looks nice.
clipy must die
Hey I was just wondering if anyone might know about a file comparison program that can compare large amounts of DWG or DGN or PDF files?
All I have managed to find so far are programs like WinMerge or Beyond Compare, which only compare text or file names
2:52 AM
compare how? Just identicalness?
<plug> with a bit more details, this might be a good question for software recommendation stackexchange </plug> ;p
3:04 AM
Could be looking for diff (hmmm), or for exactl duplicates (easy peasy), or textual-content-but-not-other-stuff duplicates (back to 'hmm' again)
@JourneymanGeek Well there's a fair amount of information that could indicate a file difference. Trouble is, some of it, I am yet to find a way to compare. For example - one of the main issues we have is an immediate difference in file name (to an extent). Eg. "Drawing1**#A**.dgn" and "Drawing1**#B**.dgn". There may be a difference in file type too, just to make things more complex. Eg. "Drawing1#A.**dgn**" and "Drawing1#A.**dwg**"
Then there's a difference in Date Modified (once you have identified the files you want to compare), possibly the file size.
What kind of 'difference' ?
Then, from there you will need to identify if there is any difference in the actual file itself.
Eg, a line has moved or a new object has been added
@Ben If you just want to know "has anything (the file itself) been changed?", then an md5sum or similar should suffice
3:09 AM
If you want to start getting fancy, and ask "has it substantively" changed, that's where things get 'interesting'
A hash of the file
!!wiki File verification
(cavil, where u go)
File verification is the process of using an algorithm for verifying the integrity or authenticity of a computer file. This can be done by comparing two files bit-by-bit, but requires two copies of the same file, and may miss systematic corruptions which might occur to both files. A more popular approach is to also store checksums (hashes) (message digests) of files for later comparison. == Integrity verification == File integrity can be compromised, usually referred to as the file becoming corrupted. A file can become corrupted by a variety of ways: faulty storage media, errors in transmission...
@bertieb So how would you identify that they are two of the same file?
Also depends on the file type. Personally the simplest thing to do would be to manage these in git.
If they are identical? completely? Get something that will run hashes and compare them
@Ben They would have the same hash (eg c80b4f2cd6a3a00c9d73f7b93140289c)
Ok... just to be clear, some of the terms you are using are a bit unclear to me... "md5sub", "git"... what are these?
But as JG says there are programs that will do this sort of things for you
3:12 AM
hashdeep comes to mind. The sane thing though is to have some flavour of version control ;p
@bertieb That's what I'm looking for, but can't for the life of me find :(
"duplicate file finder" or similar
@Ben what OS?
git is version control, as JG says
Windows 7
3:13 AM
(it works with hashes behind the scenes, but don't worry about that for now)
@bertieb chat (and the rest of SE) went down a while ago, and broke Cavil at the same time D:
@allquixotic (ah, thanks!)
I have just been restarted! This happens daily automatically, or when my owner restarts me. Ready for commands.
@Ben I can't make any recommendations for Windows 7 as haven't used any duplicate-finding software thereon
But it must surely exist, and someone will probably point you in the right direction
I would imagine that there would be something free (and likely also something Free) too as it's a relatively straightforward problem programming-wise
@JourneymanGeek Wait... there's an SE for that?
3:18 AM
Anyway, quarter past 4 here, 'night all; don't let the $LOCAL_BUGTYPE bite!
thomaslaurenson.com/tag/hashdeep has a link to hashdeep on windows
@Ben: I'm a mod there ;p
@JourneymanGeek Ooohhh... cool. I'm just having a look now, and funnily enough, there is already a question asking something similar
Q: Archive file compare / diff software

AdrianI am searching for a software that will compare all files from two archives. It should: Mark the files that are different (have modification) between them. Mark *New for files that are not in second archive (or in one and not the other) When you open one of the files modified to show difference...

Also, once SE updates. I'm no longer #7 in the all time SU rep tables. I'm #6 I think :)
@Ben as I sorta expected. ;p
Ok, @Journeyman I have done up a question (haven't posted it yet), what sort of information do I need?
I think there's a post on meta on that. meta.softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/336/…
softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/q/16376/125 this is how I'd do a polished up question
4:02 AM
@JourneymanGeek What do you think?
Q: File comparsion software for large amounts of Drawing files

BenI'm trying to find a program that will compare two directories full of these drawing and image files. What this will be used for, is to update a full directory of drawings on a periodic basis. The directory will contain many folders, sub-folders, and sub-sub-folders and so on. I want to be abl...

4:24 AM
Mention your OS!
hm. One plus two is out mid this month. Am tempted but I've so totally maxed out my hardware budget till nov :(
@JourneymanGeek Yes... Very important haha. Cheers
4:39 AM
god I love mosh. I've had a connection to my server from work for over 3 days, when connections to servers over ssh in the same building arn't as stable
5:44 AM
@JourneymanGeek I like the concept, but the security is untested, and it requires a *nix client.
Huh. 2nd gen moto x is $400
but it's relatively underpowered
but it has decent firmware updates :P
That I can attest to ;p
6:11 AM
@Bob: the *nix client is why I don't use it more.
6:36 AM
well lack of native windows client. Oh, and there's a android client I have a licence for (juicessh)
7:27 AM
so bored :/
7:54 AM
@JourneymanGeek make one of these :P etoan.com/random-number-generation/index.html
I kinda like my job? We do have a box full of surplus disk caddies...
@JourneymanGeek I'm sure they won't mind you making a radioactive RNG :P
Oddly... maaaybe not. Someone might mind me taking apart a fire alarm tho
and I don't have a radiation monitor lying around.
We're not that kind of vfx studio ;p
(wait, what kind of VFX studio would have radiation monitors lying around?)
@JourneymanGeek Mythbusters kind? Oh wait that's special fx
@JourneymanGeek could probably use any old microcontroller and measure RAM being flipped
Mythbusters is old school practical effects
(which the sort of stuff we do can either compliment, by doing stuff like erasing lines or adding on stuff you can't really film) or entirely replace.
8:39 AM
@allquixotic No 760 in that list since I looked at Maxwell chips and the 760 seems to have a Kepler.
I do love its higher bandwdth though, but the price (abotu Eur 250) is higer than even a GTX 960
GTX 960 2GB: 200 Eur, (Benchmarks higher probably to to the new architecture).
GTX 970 2GB: 250 Eur. (256 bit, but smaller cache with no colour comp. option)
I seem to recall the 970 benchmarks better. Also, arn't those uniformly 4gb?
@JourneymanGeek 3.5 + 0.5
the last 0.5 is particularly slow :P
;p. Yes. One reason I ended up not getting one
all this fuss around the high end cards at the moment
pretty happy with my 970
I would be pretty happy with a 970.... but I started by looking at a 100-150 era budget.
Going to 175 euro yields a modern GTX 950
8:52 AM
it was a good price and i can upgrade in 2 years rather than 3 shrugs
And to 210 euro a GTX 960
fair enough
Still in doubt about the GTX 750 Ti. It lacks features, but at the price it is a nice replacement card for a year or 2
Still on a 560, still not feeling the need to upgrade :\
8:54 AM
Low TPD, no 6 or 8 pins power
I should probably install the SSD first
I've had it for almost a month now... haven't even opened the packaging yet.
Aye. Do not do the same thing I did (buy a SSDand test it, then leave it lying around for 8 months)
why would you DO that?
To busy with other things to play with hardware
are you using a regular hdd?
8:55 AM
Get home. Rest, eat, play a game. sleep
No, the old setup was SSD for OS plus HW RAID (4x1TB)
ssd upgrade would be done before i allowed myself to take a dump :P
The idea at the time was to add a second SSD as 'temp/workspace'
ah k if you already have an os ssd then fair enough (mind you the os ssd is the pain to put in at first... the second is easy!)
i plopped a second in the other week in a couple minutes :P
(more like 10 in reality)
I was not sure how to image the old SSD (boot ghost in DOS mode? Add HW RAID drivers for DOS?)
Where's the best place to ask a question relating to MS Access and getting images to show in forms when certain phrases come up in list boxes? SU? DBAdmins?
9:00 AM
not sure. I suspect DB admins might not consider access a real DB
@Hennes DB admins can deal with the Jet DB engine. But Access Forms has little to nothing to do with an actual DB.
It's a bit of a cross between SU and SO.
And if anyone wants to move it to dba... I'll reject the flag and...
9:05 AM
@marcusdoesstuff ...eh. I'm running my OS from HDD RAID1
yeah i've done most of my DB side now. the rest is more user interfacey.
I'm planning to move it to the SSD, but it's not top priority
I almost never restart as it is, and I already have a small SSD cache and now also 24 GB of RAM - almost nothing often used even hits the HDD :P
@Bob I love my SSDs on my lap and desktops.
@Hennes I'd just back it up and restore.
yeah the ssd caches are a very good bridge
i did have a ram disk at one point
9:06 AM
@marcusdoesstuff I consider a cache about as good as installing directly on the SSD. Better sometimes. Assuming good cache software.
As for almost never restarting...
System Boot Time:          24/07/2015, 6:54:45 PM
That was the date of RAM installation.
@marcusdoesstuff rofl. I will wait months or even a year to buy something, and then be so completely impatient for me to get my paws on it and install ;p
Before that might've been two months.
The RAM went in the night it arrived :P
I've got one of these coming in soon kickstarter.com/projects/1123481999/…
Huh, that's a lot of kernel memory...
And a whole lot of handles o.O
@Bob: my SSD took a while cause I wanted to do a pre-move backup. so an hour after I got home maybe?
9:08 AM
@JourneymanGeek yeah i do that :P
i don't even know what handles do hah
urk, serviio has 8k handles open
next tech purchase will either be a phone or a new desk ;p
and a backup started 10 mins ago
no wonder CPU usage is high
my old laptop was taking about 5 minutes before it was stable and usable.
I should probably uninstall Serviio
haven't used DLNA in over a year
@marcusdoesstuff OS resources programs can open
9:10 AM
@marcusdoesstuff my dad has an XP box with a dying hard drive.
takes up kernel memory. a handle leak (long-running program opens handles without closing) can exhaust RAM
Switching it to my old drive...
"How's the laptop dad?" "Oh, its barely usable, its a great improvement"
on older Windows OSes (XP, 2003), a handle leak can result in the kernel running out of nonpaged RAM quite easily
or was that a GDI object leak?
my new one was 45 sec when i bought it... 16 after ssd... but the nice thing is that it's never really slowed down either. it's past the 3 year mark now and i don't feel like i need to replace it, even for all the design work i do.
@JourneymanGeek i'm amazed at how people have the patience to stand it. actually i know they don't but they just put up with it and curse instead.
Why is the Serviio console using 100MB of RAM?!
9:12 AM
@marcusdoesstuff my parents are wierd about stuff like that.
I get wanting to run stuff as long as they are useful. But in some cases maintainance is lacking.
Acronis sync agent has a ton of handles open too
I don't even use that
If I upgrade my phone my old phone is getting wiped and passed to dad ;p
likewise if I do a laptop upgrade, but that seems unlikely
Spotify is up to 500 MB... pretty bad memory leak there
But it's based on Chromium/nw.js, so that's kinda expected
@JourneymanGeek My old phone is sitting in a box because it no longer charges :\
@Bob: my moto G is going strong. Actually, its doing a lot better than my brother's S4
my brother broke his s4...
which is good for me. extra s4 battery for free :P
9:19 AM
charging connector on his is loose.
though now he's borrowing and scratching up my older s3 instead.
9:32 AM
@JourneymanGeek Oh?
Guess it depends how he treats his S4
Mine is going alright.
Battery life is a bit iffy now, though.
It's been... how long? Year and a half?
he's got a toddler. 'nuff said
@JourneymanGeek Hm. I'm actually pretty rough on my charging connector.
I tend to leave my phone charging on my bed (sleep tracker)... it sometimes gets tangled up if I move a lot.
I'm rough on my chargers it seems, or the cables.
@JourneymanGeek Hm? On the chargers? o.O
I'm really rough on the cables, but they hold up :P
Broke a few cheapos early, but the Anker and Tronsmart ones are great.
(same thing, basically... same factory except Anker is more well known and doesn't ship to aus)
my moto charger has a damaged cable, and its looped over itself and ziptied.
amazon charger outer cover looks like it was chewed up (no, not me!)
9:37 AM
or a Xiaomi one might be easier (more local) for you
I got a xiaomi. Cables arn't too bad too. If we get any more gear from em, I may tack in a few more cables
@bob i bought two Anker brand batteries for my old S3. they functioned better than the original.
@JourneymanGeek Oh if the issue is the cable, then this geekbuying.com/item/… or this amazon.com/gp/product/B00MLSY6MM/…
@bob in fact... the original started to become faulty and would make white flashes flicker across the screen!
9:39 AM
Anyone uses Dell Latitude laptop?
not really
In Soviet Russia, Dell Latitude uses you!
@marcusdoesstuff No sense here. Sorry.
I'm on an inspiron so dunno if i can help or not
9:42 AM
almost all thinkpads here.
@marcusdoesstuff Inspirons look similar to Latitudes.
computers are not like humans (alike on the inside)
@JourneymanGeek I wouldn't touch lenovos with 10" pole. Last call with international rep left sour taste in my mouth. Was some angry French guy.
@Boris_yo I have an older E6500 lattitude (and a trio of docks)
@Boris_yo that's a very short pole! Perhaps a 10' one would be better? :P
And, hey, you got a French guy. No prizes for guessing where most calls are generally outsourced to! :P
9:52 AM
It starts with I, ends with A and has a NDI in between?
10:23 AM
One of my users ran across this issue bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=844713 . My boss thinks its crazy ;p
@Bob 10" is for lenovo but 10 feet is for Acer.
@Hennes What configuration it is?
lattitude E series. (15" 1920x1200 screen, some unused finger printer. And IIRC the port replicator, normal dock and pro-dock).
@Psycogeek I have ants coming from small tunnels in wall. I am tired of heating glue gun for 10 minutes to plug darn tunnels. General adhesive does the job but I wondered if there is specific glue solution sold in US.
@Hennes CPU, GPU, RAM?
uhm, no idea.... looking that up atm
P8400 (core2duo)
10:32 AM
@Ben the original 127Kb windiff program does all that, supposedly came with win7 (the about shows win7 sp1). is very simple almost dos like, but still does everything you stated .
@Boris_yo expanding foam insultions? Ants just like mice , once they have an established route, they will continue using that route. ants leave a Marked trail , originally paced by the scout ant, that your usual worker ants will follow even if it leads them to thier own death.
If you have an ant trail, killing the ants is a waste for time. using an "ant stake" which is poisen food the ants will bring the poisened food back to the nest, once you bring poisen back to the queen bitch , your ant days are over, and not only that food source but also the route may be abandoned.
The advantage of an "Ant Stake" is they will clean up after themselves, drag out all the dead bodies to mass graves and leave everything clean as a whistle, like they were never there. I hate it when some fool start spraying the ants, because then you still gotta clean up the mess.
An ant trail can become no-deciferable if you just clean it with soap and water. Not removing the ant trail means as soon as another scout find a new path to the trail, the whole nest will begin to follow that route again.
@Psycogeek I need ant scout mind control helm to control all scouts in building to lead their crowd to death.
@Boris_yo you never see a single ant in a clean room :-) because without sources of food or water, they dont exist. so as always a very cleaned house has much less problems. dogs and kids, and sloppy humans are the real ant problem.
Some folks on Amazon complain that Ant Stake is never same again. Brand was bought and formula changed etc...
Thereis TERRO that is 5-starred. But it's for outdoors? amazon.com/s/…
@Boris_yo completely true, they were much more effective earilier. but they will still work. getting them to work is an art in itself. The usual food source has to be pliable , not soaked, and not dried. that means ant stakes are a maintance issue.
@Psycogeek I actually must soak food in Ant Stake?
10:47 AM
I Apply the grants, and when they were in old school metal stakes they were much better.
Are they for indoors or outdoors?
And what is product's ant target audience? American ants or can be Israeli too?
@Boris_yo poisened gelationus food exists in the stake, but you have to follow the directions exactally. the food IN the stake has to be softened with water. when doing that trick it goes from being too solid for them to get, to soaking it and having it all wash right out of the stake for soaking it to long. It is art it is science, done wrong it is useless shit :-)
10:50 AM
@Psycogeek Foam spray could help but the one we have is without manual control. Once you open it up it gets going endlessly...
@Boris_yo I am not sure if they are for outdoor only, because i use them indoors to, next to the sugar, but not in any way that it can get in the food. Outdoors you can put them next to nests, or in the ant trail. it is better to head off a trail prior to them getting in the house, if you know where they come from.
@Psycogeek You must be in the know how these guys did aerial photography: https://vimeo.com/121030360

Can't be cheap Chinese quadcopter, can it?
When outdoors you still have the huge problem of the balance of dry-wet of the food internal to the stake. If it rains on them, the gelatinous food will wash right out, if it is hot days the food will dry to a hard chunk.
Here we have borders, anything the ants want to do outside is fine, then there is a border crossing, around the whole of the house, if they cross that line, they have to have a visa. Ant work visas are only given out for 30 day periods, and only if they are there to clean up a specific mess .
All Ants residing inside on work visas are required to be spayed or nuetered.
@Boris_yo the pans are Bot like, yes probably some sort of flying thing. quadcopters come in mosquito sized to like 4foot ones with stability and programability, auto hover, gps and still this one could have had better servos for panning.
11:36 AM
@Boris_yo DJI make good quadcopters. Their Phantom 3 all-in-one models make very stable footage and are no more expensive than a prosumer SLR.
I'm looking at buying one :P
@Boris_yo amazon.com/GREAT-STUFF-Filler-Insulating-Sealant/dp/B0002YW0W0/… like this kind of foam spray. but that too is art and science . it will expand so much it can blow your walls apart :-) Water can be used (light mist) to get it to slide better, like what better than to seal water into what your trying to seal. Ahh you just have to know how much it will expand
@Boris_yo mind you this looks a little too fisheyed for a P3. Those shots were probably done with a Phantom 2 or something else with a GoPro attachced.
Mice and ants (of course) will have little trouble creating a route in foam. so by itself it would not nessisairly solution things.
@marcusdoesstuff Even, just the tip?
@Asmyldof just the tip!
11:39 AM
Some places the ants can be poisonous. Having ants there could get you.... in a ... sone of danger
12:24 PM
12:44 PM
@marcusdoesstuff superuser.com/questions/457990/… superuser.com/questions/256692/… and I distinctly remember one about removing insects from inside a LCD screen....
@JourneymanGeek thunderflies
Q: Removing dead thunderflies stuck inside an LCD monitor

Mike WellerThis summer my flat was "attacked" by hundreds of tiny thunderflies, some of which managed to get behind the screen of my LCD. A few of the cursed creatures went and died right in the middle of the display:  And yes, this is real. Imagine my surprise when I saw one of these things crawling acr...

Ahh. I remembered them as thunderbug
@JourneymanGeek I had to look it up recently
I think I went through thunderbug and thunderbird
I get to vote next week!
12:48 PM
(and the punishment here for not voting is... not getting to vote)
Well we had a walkover last election, and the one before that and....
A... what?
1:06 PM
means only one party stood
so they win by default
@Psycogeek What kind of security for breach prevention does your border have?
walkover or W.O. (originally two words: "walk over") is the awarding of a victory to a contestant because there are no other contestants, or because the other contestants have been disqualified or have forfeited (the winner has merely to "walk over" the finishing line).
@Boris_yo spraying every 6months a "line" only around the base of the house , in this case on the foundation concrete. an insect killing type of spray. luckily it is mostly sheilded area from the weather, and it also hits about 2" of landmines in the ground around it.
Plus i have what i call a "Dead Zone" created around the house where the usual grasses and weed are not allowed to grow. the dead zone is 1 Foot area that has bark in it, or it could have rocks, and nothing is ever to be planted there, even though there is tons of stuff just beyond that zone, grass and landscape.
the original fear is getting termites in the house, as they are very difficult to completly remove once they get a taste. Termites like to make wet soil tunnels, and would die in the sun, so with nothing planted on the house itself, I can see if termites are tunnelling, and it isnt likely due to exposures.
Hi all!
@Psycogeek are you termitoparanoid?)
1:25 PM
could be, i got elected (roped in) to climbing under a few different houses (only 4 total) to video tape thier termite problem for legal things. all horribly small crawlspaces with dead things and poop and fiberglass insulation, and tons of wicked poisens . a real treat to realise, after everything that had been done and $$$$ paid for , they were still not only having them but basically infested.
Q: C++ const qualifier

avdI have a Point2D class as follows: class Point2D{ int x; int y; public: Point2D(int inX, int inY){ x = inX; y = inY; }; int getX(){return x;}; int getY(){return y;}; }; Now I have defined a class Line as: class L...

Look here
one dude had paid for 6 years of removal, plus a call back (costing them again) you could see injection points and the whole thing had probably been done, but the house had to be completely tore down and remade anyways.
6 answers, all written in 8:18-8:21 (within 3 minutes).
All point to one answer. What to do with this question??
all 6 answers tell to add a "const" word.
But is it Ok to have 6 equal answers?
Eww c++
confusion say: is better to have 6 answers than none :-) and all them correct people get awarded for thier "at least they tried" and will then further the cause of answering in the future.
1:36 PM
This Artwork Is Probably The Most Precise (And Scary) Portrayal Of Modern Life We’ve Ever Seen: simplecapacity.com/2015/09/…
It seems they all answered in the same time, but as they were typing the answer, they couldn't see... 5 answers above theirs)
@Boris_yo I liked this one:
Not to forget MeToo comments are disallowed :-( When getting an answer i would rather have 5 people saying the same thing, than 1, (being the web and all) it is nice to get a consenses. and still beats the heck out of reading 148 post thread on a forum, where somewhere in the middle is finnaly an answer, and somewhere closer to the end , only a fool (me usually) would still be reading
@Boris_yo and they said i was cynical :-)
@Psycogeek do you open 5th page of Google?)
... I usually have 20+ tabs open when searching for something hard

(p.s. @Boris_yo and this one http://i2.wp.com/www.simplecapacity.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/recycling_thumb.jpg?zoom=1.5&resize=407%2C567)
i might get to the 3rd or 4th page of google before attempting to refine the search. That is slightly better than back when SEO was the first 19 pages.
Chimp that Bot nbcnews.com/science/weird-science/… " Chimp pre-emtivly sets up defence perimiter for a filming quadcopter and swats it as it tries to invade privacy. (then returns to jerking off and flinging poo)

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