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12:04 AM
I somehow think that Please STFU and listen , would only make things worse.
12:34 AM
@Ramhound I don't mean to censor you or anything but superuser.com/q/951838/10165 leave this one alone.
because they are now in the meta, i flagged the comments in the main question :-O as not constructive.
it is now volentarily removed
12:49 AM
posted on August 08, 2015

Tomorrow morning at 10AM EDT (14:00 UTC), we will begin moving all services from our New York data center to Denver, CO. Last Saturday was the read-only test in preparation for this move. It’s a fire sale and everything must go! The major user-facing services that will be involved in the move are: All Q&A Sites (including Stack Overflow) Stack Overflow CareersChatBlogsStack Exchange APIstac

I am a big teddy bear most of time.....You throw me on the carpet and start creating static electricity my feelings gets hurt, then my filter turns off, damn static electricity.
Q: Is the Front Side Bus part of the CPU or the Motherboard?

GreySageSomething I'm working on wants a very fast/wide Front Side Bus (FSB). What component is the FSB part of? Is it part of the CPU or the motherboard? Is it something that can be placed on a board, or is it fundamentally a part of the motherboard and therefore not able to be replaced?

I can't figure out if that is a queue test or not.
Back to the original problem. is it possible that the question was not showing for the user on "the front page" because front page has many definitions. The first visit page, is "activity" ? (when you just drop in) You have to hit "questions" from there to get "recent posted" ?
@marcusdoesstuff lil buggy, but I do like it.
I don't like the new Settings panel
I end up going to the old one too often
I had no problem finding it honestly
12:59 AM
@Ramhound: Yeah, did it for evenhandedness' sake.
It was asked yesterday though. So it was several pages back.
Unrelatedly (since I posted that in the wrong place)
@Ramhound: no foul. Looked like it was blowing up so...
You don't have to worry about censoring me by the way. I am a complicated, I learn a great deal about myself, taking a course on International Management of all things.
@Ramhound: I don't like to tell people what to do ;p
(Why am I a mod again????) ;p ;p ;p
I was thinking about posting an answer in the meta that would provide better clues as to why they may have not been able to find a question , when just dropping in, and the tab "Active" is selected. But Getting in the way of the fun discussion, would have just added to the mess.
1:04 AM
Don't view it as telling me to do something. Think it as reminding somebody who at times, claims something doesn't bother him, but it actually does and starts to let his stuffing leak out.
since I am a teddy bear....
K ;p
Right, once this backup is copied over, I'm going to simulate a hard drive failure, and upgrade to a new SSD <3
1:18 AM
I am a genius. So I ordered some cables from Monoprice, knowing i was going out of town tomorrow, I paid to get it delivered by today. It arrived Weds late. I forgot to pick it up from the office yesterday, and then proceeded to go see Fantastic 4 instead of going to the office today. I know will have to pay an arm and a leg to get a HDMI cable :$
I might have one. Office opens up at 10AM I am leaving for the airport at 9:30AM lol
how was the movie ?
Worst then Spiderman 3
and Spiderman 3 was on my top 10 list for the worst movies I have seen since it came out.
It is right next to Justin Bieber: Never Say Never and Batman and Robin
Sony needs to give up that property up.
There is no chance there will be a sequel it is projected to do worst then the actual sequel of the original movie.
So, my video card came with a pair of PCIe power to molex connector. They come with 2 molex to 1x pcie. I might want to use it to experiment... should I be putting both connectors on the same molex 'harness' or split it up?
or should this be a question on SU? ;p
It wasn't even the fact Johnny and Sue are not even brother and sister ( step-siblings ) it is the fact they total missed the mark on multiple fronts
Oh they probably did that to make the human torch a black dude ;p
1:28 AM
Just be careful with those molex connectors you can connect them in reverse to generated magic Smoke :-)
honestly, he was the closest to his character's personality, and he isn't even a major actor ( or is he? ).
Reed was this dorking looking dude. Victor Von Doom looked like a European "Cool" Urcle ( you know the one after the actor had such a deep voice they had to explain the reason he iddn't sound like the character aymore ) Sue was this god.. do i have to continue?
The trailer looked almost decent
Its probably a bad movie night movie
@JourneymanGeek 2molex to 1 GPU ? If at all possible you want as much "metal" going from the PSU to any high powered GPU. Going through more wires (metal) is similar to having larger guage wiring (more metal)
@Psycogeek: not using this with the primary GPU. Planning on putting a 1x6 on my 660 if dx12 lets you aggregate memory/use hetrogenous video cards
and/or play with a dedicate phyx card
assuming I have enough power.
1:35 AM
oh, well i would only worry about the high powered one (also being used with high load etc) for the betsest connection to the psu.
dx12 will; nvidia amd drivers likely won't
The old cards when run as physx only (from what i read) is not a huge effort for them.
@Psycogeek: this is a pretty beefy card
Still deciding what to do, this is the first time I've upgraded hardware that wasn't dead
whom ever works with Intel I buy my next card. I want my Intel iGPU to be useful, alone it is a good card, together it could be really good.
1:39 AM
@JourneymanGeek that is simple keep the old one out, and on standby for a spare and for testing a working. get everything else working first, then add old one back after you have tested the new stuff for ages, including how it reacts on the power provided etc?
Otherwise you have one more "possiblity" that exists for when something does not work right. When finnally adding in the old, to a fully functioning system, you know also how that changed anything.
1:52 AM
@Psycogeek: another option might be to stick it on my old desktop
@Ramhound: Current generation is getting there
If you get any ideas about pairing a old card up with a 2X speed new card to use the old one to assist in 3d game render. then first read about all the problems with that, and check out the compatability with games, then have your head examined for right thinking. then Join the others who have tried that :-)
@Psycogeek: the current card should handle nearly anything I throw at it at 4k in theory.
It really cant be that bad, when they jam 4 of these things in one machine, and end up getting at least one game fully functional. but i still wonder why all the comments say "you did not point out all the problems"
isnt it true for each to farm out either single frames blocks or interleaved frames, that all 4 of these video cards then have to load the textures and render data into thier own V-ram spaces? Wonder what that does to the already long loading times? (even from ram caches and ssd)
Yup a quick view on the web shows many complaints of 2X loading time, with 2X uses of gpus.
Or we can just re-class those as longer pee & snack breaks :-)
2:11 AM
New SSD installed, restored from backups...
Boots up even faster (yay!)
Which explains why some of the games are obnoxiously requiring a "press to start" after already sitting there for 20seconds for the load to complete. so the user doesnt get killed on arrival.
2:58 AM
Question of the week: if win10 from 8.1 Retail is then tied to your hardware for key, which is similar to OEM, how then does a person clean install (or even upgrade install) another machine using a Retail licencing. (the product key data still shows it as a retail licence) The e-mail request headed off to the "senior global escalation services engineer" Oooo tenforums.com/general-discussion/…
I have the funny feeling that the answer will still be a bit obscurly stated, so as to not arrouse anyone that it was already possible to hop a OEM licence to a replacment motherboard, as long as your not trying to rip them off.
3 hours later…
5:48 AM
@Psycogeek What's your take on Windows 7 "Optional Updates"?

I have been installing critical only because I install only what's important and not something that would add to complexity. Keep it simple!
6:20 AM
hmm. Pretty neat thing about the zotac card I got. It powers down the fans completely in normal use.
6:32 AM
@Boris_yo Look at what they are first. generally they consist of Drivers for your hardware (backup the machine and try kind of things) Optional stupid, stuff microsoft wants to rope you into installing, activation tracking unneded stuff, but they want you to select it. System changes that effect only some people, with certian needs, as listed in the KB# article, and could help you too. Look then leap
Some of the better fixes have existed in "optional" but are sort of Beta, they dont want to stuff them in everything because nobody knows what would happen, but they want to start making them available. if you had a specific problem as addressed by it, it could be better than beta :-)
And rarely in optional (for me) there are software updates for other programs.
6:48 AM
patches in optional have moved later into the automated install, sometimes with no changes, sometimes more refined (and could be under a diffferent number) and sometimes more piled together (like mini SRs) under different numbers. when they move from optional out to auto, some people will have problem with them still.
7:26 AM
@JourneymanGeek I would disagree. With the likes of gstreamer, ffdshow, the free availability of codec packs and compilers, any man and his dog (only a slight exaggeration) can plop out a turd that can just about play most video formats and the quality will be nearly indistinguishable. The whole point then becomes to make a player that is intuitive, clean and above all else not shit.
7:37 AM
@Mokubai: I never really see the UI on mine. I just play video. Mine does do upscaling (and I need to play with the settings - since I currently use the least demanding settings, and I can prolly turn it up to 11).
I run cccp with madvr
Do you need an actual player to use madvr?
@JourneymanGeek I never see the UI on WMP, because it plays the video and then gets out of the way entirely. That's why I prefer it, but apparently its codec support is a bit crap.
Oh, you do. I use it with MPC HC
@Mokubai: cccp will let you use its codecs with WMP I think, but MPC HC is bundled with it.
Yeah, before Win7 MPC-HC was my preferred player, and I still use it for the weirder formatted videos in my collection.
8:06 AM
@JourneymanGeek CCCP was last updated a year ago... is this the right one? cccp-project.net
8:18 AM
I do not like codec packs, instead I install only specific needed codecs one by one. the hard part is finding the things in clean singles, made worse when for 64bit you need one for each bitness.
The only worst thing that killed my codec pack usage was when they started with the ffshow filter stuff to get them. While the bundle of ffshow was great for many extra decodings of odd things. There was another layer of configurations in it all EEEk. The complexity and possible ways to adjust stuff went up logrythmatically, when already the players had such adjustments and the codec has adjustments, and the system had adjustments and HTF is that all going to work right.
and the ffshow was stuck there as a filter, a in-betweener , a man in the middle , a . . . nevermind :-)
@Mokubai yup
@Psycogeek That's what I'm trying to avoid
Is the Windows 10 store broken voor anyone else?
I can't seem to install any updates for my programs, although the updates have started, they won't download
I've tried running wsreset, I haven't reached my activation limit (I think)
The other option was VLC certannly played way more things, but i found that its cpu usage was extra-ordinary for what it was having to do. the program was sluggish also. Nothing else so stand alone played so many things without additions.
@NateKerkhofs I think mine is working, either everything is up to date or I can't see how to update it
8:30 AM
Although I have received an email about having reached my device limit, but that happened after 1 device, and I thought you'd get 10
@Mokubai heh. Cccp just works for me. Only reason I run madvr is fancy GPU accelerated upscaling.
@Mokubai you can click the account icon in the store and select the bottom option (downloads).
So apparently, it worked again after unlinking my MS account from my computer
Okay, so my onboard ethernet is still boned with Windows 10
I do hope we get a choice about the "automatically update all your drivers thing" that they mentioned in Win10 otherwise this machine is toast.
8:47 AM
Heh. Guess I've been lucky. Nothing major broke for me.
@Mokubai there is already shown on SU a way to set an Ask First at least for the drivers. And a thread on breaking updates altogether.
On the up-to-date drivers for my network card I get about 1-3GB of data down before the card throws a major wobbly and hangs hard, it's been a problem since Win7, but an older driver is fine.
@Psycogeek any chance of a link for the ask first?
See if i can find it.
Q: Prevent Windows 10 from installing/updating a specific driver?

Igal TabachnikIt seems that the recent Synaptics driver update for Synaptics SMBus TouchPad on Windows 10 (build 100049) somehow doesn't see my middle-button. Uninstalling, and installing an older driver for Windows 8.1 from the HP site (my machine is HP EliteBook 8570w) restores the middle button functionalit...

Is that the one?
superuser.com/questions/946957/… is what could be a all-in-one update . which refers also to this hiding support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3073930 .
Then this (the one i was looking for) superuser.com/questions/947706/… is the let me look before you leap, But no pictures :-)
I swear i saw that done with pictures, but it could have been off of SU.
Upvote anything that is correct for what you wanted, because Good Stuff here never gets enough attention.
9:05 AM
Is the updated driver supposed to show in the new Windows update utility or does it just get installed in the background with no indication? I might give it a day or two and check if it updates before mangling Windows
But there's at least a couple of methods there.
Cheers @Psycogeek
@Psycogeek The Show/Hide updates tool is neat. Looks like my ethernet driver is not on the list so I'll see how it goes.
@Mokubai: just out of curiosity, what make of adaptor?
@JourneymanGeek It's a broadcom one
ahh k
(all intel here. Mostly painless)
A few years ago it lost it's MAC address and it's been a bit weird since
I have a few realteks and they are... interesting...
9:20 AM
I'm assuming that it's built in NVRAM or EEPROM has died, I have to manually specify a MAC address otherwise it comes up as 001800000000 or something like that
superuser.com/questions/952747/… If anyone knows the simple key commands for Monitor swapping for win10 ? it is like win-P here in 7 ?
Ahh another reminder why i dont have the broadcom adapter even on , on my motherboard , Thanks :-)
(luckily they tossed the intel one in too)
9:22 AM
It works with an oldish driver, but I don't have a large case and buying a new ethernet card would block airflow around the graphics card. I'm not sure if a USB2 ethernet would have latency issued
given a choice, I wouldn't do anything but intel
@Mokubai: ethernet cards are tiny
@JourneymanGeek I'm an Intel/Nvidia fanboy
@Mokubai: same here.
@JourneymanGeek true, could get a low profile one that wouldn't block too much flow and uninstall/disable this rubbish driver.
(and heh, also asus, but not as much as 2 months ago, since I've swapped my monitor for a dell, and the video card for a zotac)
9:23 AM
I should've waited and gotten a GTX960 instead of my 770
@Mokubai: hm. My favourite chinese crapgadget vendor has off brand intel cards for fairly reasonable prices ;p
@Mokubai: swapped my 660 for a 980TI
@JourneymanGeek o.O
@Bob: dx.com/p/… I was looking at one of these if I decided to play with port bonding, then realised I'd need a fair bit more hardware
(what? I get bored. Not all my crazy ideas get carried out)
9:30 AM
@Mokubai does WIN-P work still in win10 to switch monitors ? You are on win10 right?
@Psycogeek It brings up the "extend/duplicate/snaffle monitor" side charm bar
close enough, that is a start. stealing that with copy paste
@JourneymanGeek Any love for TP-link stuff?
@Mokubai: TPlink dosen't make the chipsets
Its prolly a realtek
Looking in my case there is either room for a decent-ish sized PCI card or a really low profile PCI-e card.
9:35 AM
Go for pcie
So if push comes to shove the onboard can get ditched.
I KNOW realtek PCI cards are complete shit.
(well with a small sample size)
I never had a problem, though last time I used one was like 5+ years ago...
Oh, I bought this to upgrade my old file server
My experience of Broadcom mobo-integrated cards is not very good though
9:41 AM
@Mokubai we could try and adjust the net adapter, if you already have not done so? Test with jumbo packets off, adaptive whatever off, keep any hardware offloading on, dont auto negotiate and set for half duplex. Sprinkle a liberal circle of salt around the computer, light 2 candles , say Ummmbividada 2 times.
I am not quite sure if that last part is nessisary , but it cant hurt right :-)
@Psycogeek I've spent ages disabling, re-enabling all the settings that the card has, jumbo frames, TCP offload and the lot. The only thing that seems to work is rolling back the driver.
I haven't tried sacrificing a chicken to Cthulhu on the third tuesday after the vernal equinox, that might be the next thing
I've pretty much written it off, I just need to keep it on the old driver until I replace this machine.
So it works for long and long times as long as microsoft doesnt change it?
@Mokubai: realtek's mobo integrated stuff's fine. Intel is fantastic
Last broadcom I had...
@Psycogeek Exactly
PIII 450 I think
heh. Downloading the ultra texture pack for shadows of mordor. Its 4gb
9:47 AM
@JourneymanGeek Stuff got big on the internet. I want my fibre interweb back :(
@Mokubai: Oh, this is an optional thing. My computer can handle it now tho :)
You and your fancy-schmancy 980TI
4GB version?
10:03 AM
10:37 AM
Note to self: buy win7 (so I can upgrade it to win 10 and test with a valid license without risking my desktops W7 ult key).
@Mokubai: 6gb.
Its basically the current titan with half the vram
Pricy but it handles 4K with everything turned up quite handily ;p
My 2GB 770 is jealous.
My 1GB 5870 isn't. It still handles everything I throw at it.
Granted, that might have to do with the games I play. Mostly turn based stuff.
Something less power hungry might be nice though.
10:47 AM
@Mokubai: My previous card is a 2gb 660
ain't half bad up to QHD
@JourneymanGeek roughly equivalent to the 770 iirc
@Mokubai: about 2 steps down
or is the 770 equvalent to the 680? I can't remember now...
I think its the latter.
Yeah, benchmarks say it's slightly better than a 680.
10:50 AM
All I know is Borderlands 2 with full Physx looks awesome
I need to try that at some point
I literally spent ages just blowing up all the cloth bits that are lying around. Without physx they're just dead blocks, with physx they move with explosions and you can tear them up with bullets.
It's the little things like that which are nice
And the fluid stuff
(actually, that's one of the things that made me decide to go with nviida at the time. Of course I've never owned AMD hardware, ever but that's entirely a co-incidence)
Is kinda neat
10:54 AM
@Mokubai Certainly, but it's a bit glitchy as loot will sometimes fall through the floor.
(I've tried it first-hand)
It's been a while since I've played Borderlands 2.
@DragonLord very rarely seen that. maybe a handful of times in something like 50+ hours of play since I got the 770...
Maybe more hours, I have 140+ hours total, and can't remember when I got the 770
It's certainly not often enough to ruin gameplay any more than items that have pointey glowy things coming out of them when people drop them...
@Psycogeek Those codec packs I remember how they caused system errors and made movies unplayable.
11:12 AM
@JourneymanGeek I can find a lot of "no name" ethernet cards that are cheap (<£10), but intel ones are like £25+
@Mokubai: Yeah, that's why I linked that ;p
Hi everyone
I think the arkham games use it to animate batman's cape
Soon I can do the other thing I need to do, and swap in my old SSD into my laptop
How do I remove the Need for the CD to be available in the optical drive?The problem is that in the future the CD may get scratches and therby I would not be able to use the CD as intended
Aye, The first two Batmans were good, didn't like origins
11:17 AM
Still waiting for backups to sync up.
@Mokubai: Was looking forward to knight. ALMOST bought it.
@user285oo6: erm. Games still use CDs?
@JourneymanGeek Glad you didn't? Though your beast of a card is probably on their minimum requirements list....
@Mokubai: ;p
@user285oo6 What game?
Glad I didn't.
@Mokubai: Nvidia swapped it out for the new metal gear game.
Sounds like the PC port was an utter train wreck...
11:19 AM
@Mokubai: Yeah
@JourneymanGeek I played the tech demo for MG, I loved it
@Mokubai: I'll give it a shot on release ;p
I am debating getting the new one
I can probably let you know what I thought of it
@user285oo6 NO-CD patches, intended solely for the purpose of running a paid for game, without dealing with having to stick a cd in.
11:21 AM
or in some cases you can make an ISO and mount that.
@user285oo6 Some games are stupid enough to let you use a virtual CD drive, so copy the disk to an ISO and try mounting it in Windows...
BUT Most new releases should have an option to register it on some online game thing and woof. You don't need CDs
But yeah, digital downloads are the way of the future
nowdays you have to be extremely careful with no-cd patches, as you never know what kind of slime will get posted. and you cant be sure any crap put in the thing is even in a virus/malware database.
There are locations that specialise in it more, and can be slightly safer.
11:39 AM
@JourneymanGeek It's not a game but a series of Audio files
@Psycogeek its ok for 2 CD's or DVD's but when it comes to more then 2 i.e 9 to be specific its really an issue
superuser.com/questions/952825/… Ahh this is the question for it.
Mounting an ISO , dameon virtual cd all that kind of thing (already mentioned) would be good then to preserve the originals. Are they copyable using a D-to-D method?
@user285oo6: Music cd or some other file type?
@Psycogeek ya that one.Sadly no.Tried copying
but in vain
@JourneymanGeek its just audio file
not music
Just copy it into your hard drive then
Cambridge University press CD's
had simmilar Cd like this but later on CD doesn't work
11:50 AM
It is fully legal (at least in the US) to crack the copy protection and aquire a single compy of a cd for backup purposes.
@user285oo6: Take a breather and try to tell us the whole sitation please. Its a bit difficult when we need to tease the details out bit by bit.
It is not legal to distribute how to crack :-) or distibute illegal copies .
its purchased and it came along with 9 CD's and with the first Cd I installed the software later when I load the CD 2 of 9 it gave me an error
What format are the audio files?
Assuming that the error was because the CD is damaged just how scratched up or dirty are the CDs?
11:54 AM
What's "the software" in question?
@Psycogeek they are just removed from the sealed cover,clean
@JourneymanGeek they are audio files and then an exercise as an follow-up
"Audio files" means nothing to me.
They could be mp3, flac, ogg ....
You're not really being very helpful :/
To be helpfull the story would start at the start :-) Got these Language learning CDs from the University , for $800 , they run some screwey program on my computer, that doesnt really work on win10, the files they play are Mp3 decrypted by the program :-) or some such thing .
Assume we know nothing about your problem. Cause we don't
12:28 PM
@JourneymanGeek Nihongo desu ka?
@JourneymanGeek: Do I need a review suspension?
I think I'm going through the close vote queue a bit too fast.
@DragonLord: Those are automatic
And we're more worried about user burnout in your case.
I failed 3 of the last 4 audits in the CV queue, a few of which were due to my not paying full attention to the post.
So. Take a breeather.
12:40 PM
Perhaps I'll take that as a warning to slow down.
Self control is gooood
I don't think this warrants a suspension just yet, but I'm definitely going too fast.
if your really good you can skip over the review audits leaving them for others to enjoy
nothing is funner than having 1/2 the things you review be a &%#^ audit
@JourneymanGeek ...and this is precisely why I wouldn't make a good mod, period.
I'm very impulsive.
It's likely that regardless of what happens in the coming months, I won't run in the next election.
Nov 16 '14 at 6:57, by DragonLord
I'm usually well-behaved online, but sometimes my lack of self-control gets to me.
well i am nominating you anyway, you and hillary will have to fight it out.
12:46 PM
Apr 30 at 5:45, by DragonLord
> Bill has been the archetype for what a moderator on Stack Exchange should be. His patient, fair and calm demeanor even in the face of criticism is legendary; his diligence and skill in handling the numerous difficult problems that face Stack Overflow users are inspiring.
I'm going to withdraw from my usual community moderation work until I sort out my (admittedly very serious) self-control issues. This could take years, and may never happen at all.
See ya. It'll be a long time. Take this as an indication that I am retiring indefinitely.
Nothing wrong with hanging out as a user
(hell, outside of the occational spammer nukage, I rarely wear my hypothetical, and very imaginary mod hat here ;p)
To the community: I'm very sorry to say that I am leaving Stack Exchange for an indefinite period of time. I am unable to perform my usual moderation work in a controlled fashion. Unless and until I become a truly calm, cool, and collected person IRL, I cannot contribute any longer without risking harm to the community. Farewell...
I am logging out.
There he goes back to the cave, you know this is how the legend of fire breathing dragons came about. herbivore dinasaurs hiding out in caves from preditors, farting huge levels of methane gasses , while torch bearing Neanderthals enter the cave. . . the rest of the story is science.
I know cause it was on Skeptics :-)
1:08 PM
Please see my updated profile.
There's a bit of a chance I'll come back, but I really don't think I can continue reviewing content the way I am.
Hopefully, I can get my personality sorted out ASAP. If you don't see me back within the next several hours or days, you should assume I'm gone for good.
Once again, farewell...
I am putting warning signs up around the review , Surgeon general has determined exposure to too much bad content in the review, is bad for your mental health. reduce your exposure to 20 minutes per day.
At some point dont you run out of flags?
@Psycogeek nope :)
1:23 PM
This is the real solution right here, to have a more agressive approach at notification of the users, with other unique ideas like, Big Banners with the help scolling or something.
Pop-Ups with a search bubble and clippy asking them if they searched
What does not help is the big "Anybody can ask a question" so dont think just do it.
And a superusers ToolBar that automatically installs on the browser :-)
Replace the Capcha with having to answer 4 quizz questions from the help
Clippy popping up (again) and pointing a bent wire at the "related" section
and finnaly the Search at superuser actually capable of finding something.
@Psycogeek Replay Gain - a re you familiar with it? forums.sandisk.com/t5/Sansa-Clip-Sansa-Clip/…
1:42 PM
@Boris_yo nope but that is better to analise the audio and just store probable volume settings in metadata, as opposed to Maxamise, or normalise functions that require processing the actual audio files. Could fall apart some depending on how a audio is already compressed.
Take like a really light wispy song that uses full digital data levels, vrses a Rocknoxious blare that uses the same full digital levels. a Great alogrythm would also be able to balance those out.
the computer alogrythms do not usually destinguish between the two, a (sort of) full spectrum use of the levels, vrses a single spectrum , like one guitar, or a light piano
" to measure the perceived loudness of audio " so that would indicate a better analising computer progam
2:01 PM
the users there seem to indicate that you should wait untill this is actually working fully :-)
"MP3Gain first computes the desired gain (volume adjustment), either per track or per album, using the ReplayGain algorithm. It then modifies the overall volume scale factor in each MP3 frame, and writes undo information as a tag (in APEv2, or ID3v2 format) making this a reversible process. " I did not know it also uses a replay gain. And reguardless of what they say it would alter the whole audio . then no mater where it was played it would work, instead of having player dependance
If I am going to alter my audio files , I would keep the originals, even if there was a magic undo. And i have batch maxamised and shrink a specific set to go on specific devices. (maxamise has no perception going on, just blind max level)
supergeeky audiofreaky people will have a full visual wave compare on any processing like mp3gain (not a meta stored volume) , even if the levels moved, the waveform could be seen if it matches. Some site probably already has that analisis, completed. To lazy to search fo it now.
2:35 PM
Alright, then. I think I've figured out what's going on.
double chocklate moca chinos wear off ?
It's an issue of impulse control, and I have a preliminary solution to test.
Self-control is primarily a matter of controlling impulses. This lends itself to a more targeted approach to improving my behavior, both here and IRL.
With a better understanding of why these issues are happening, I can fix them fairly quickly.
Participation will continue, but likely at a reduced rate as I figure out how to make the improvements proposed.
Hang on, Chat is going to go down briefly.
2:53 PM
wow that is some amasing powers you have, you just said it and it happend.
sorry if I'm in the wrong room, but why is SU in read-only mode?
@LeviPihema-Lindsay Try refreshing the page, it's running normally now.
They were transferring datacenters.
ah, so it is.
ooh, nasty
dragon lord was leaving, and taking the whole server with him aparentally :-) twitter.com/StackStatus
I've done that a couple of times :S
@Psycogeek thanks!
3:02 PM
it is already back up, what smooth, how pro, is wonder.
I got really scared yesterday as I dipped 2 rep below 3000
Um, do we have a compromised account here?
@Mokubai, can you look into it?
ok now prove your in control, that your ID does not overpower your superego, and purposfully leave it there for 24 hours :-)
@Psycogeek ?
with it gnawing in the back of your medulla oblogata
you did say you wanted impulse control? well there are opertunities everywhere. Let me find you a big nasty off-topic, and see if you can avoid flaggin it ?
3:23 PM
@Psycogeek What's wrong with doing that?
I'd just vote to close.
@DragonLord Nothing obvious, could be a legit software rec that just happens to be crap.
Grashoppah to learn impulse control, you must apply the withholder technique. then on to downplaying resurfacing., then finnaly you reach a full state of mindfullness. (and i am just joking)
@DragonLord Not convinced it is spam, but it is too crap to live.
it is 4 years to late, (way old post) I'd buy that.
3:46 PM
@DragonLord ok here you go, a help me go shopping question. superuser.com/questions/952805/… Your task is to know it is there, but not to VTC it .
instead you will
rearrange - A rearrangement of life's priorities: what is trivial emerges as such, and can be ignored.
Liberate - A sense of liberation: being able to choose not to do those things you do not wish to do.
3:59 PM
$ then
Enjoy - The spirit now freed to roam , to other web locations that are filled with ads
4:38 PM
@Psycogeek It's surprising how editorial reviews tout Android Lollipoop after watching "hate" comments under article dreaming of going back to KitKat: engadget.com/android-lollipop-review
Need to find durable string to tie flash drive's eyelet to my keychain. Know where I can find one? Heard that Kites use special strings but I need very small amount.
@Boris_yo i have been testing polymer string elastic stuff, at first i was not sure if it would cope with time. It not only has done time but lasted a whole year in the sun. it stretches. one thing it is hard to Knot. but they use it in jewelerly , it seems like it would last longer than the plastic and hook on the USB key :-) which might be better off in a case
I have worn off epoxy, and the diamond shaped ridges on a flahlight grip and logos off of knives, and those micro lights held up ok. but pocket and keys are very rough exposure over years of time.
4:59 PM
@Boris_yo wow, i did not know lollipop is for suckers? And those are very rescent comment also, as if they did not fix it in the sub versions?
@DragonLord ya couldnt do it, and you still owe me $50 for your first session :-)
5:24 PM
@Psycogeek I don't care.
My focus is to moderate in a controlled fashion.
Not to do pointless exercises to the detriment of the community.
5:49 PM
It is all good, i think you did him a favor, he probably didnt need 3 portable BT keyboards :-)
6:48 PM
ahh shiny. Got my laptop OS restored to the old SSD overnight. Had to manually handle the partitions (MATH!) to get everything to fit, but veem did that pretty well
Hello. Is it bad form to ask if anyone can answer my question I just posted by providing a link to the question here? I'm pretty on my toes.
It's generally okay, but don't overdo it. If it's urgent, feel free to post it here. The chat system will "onebox" it.
I know what it does from RPG.SE - It's urgent as in... well, I'd like to know soon and leave this PC to dad but my laptop is currently stuck...
Q: Installing update with aborted download

ZachielI never bothered installing windows uploads until recently. While downloading the n-th batch of 139 important updates, something happened to my connection and the download kinda froze. Two hours at update 130/139 later, I decided to abort the download. Later, I restarted my laptop and I went di...

In general, you are free to post direct links to questions in this room. Just don't spam the room.
@Zachiel: How long ago was this?
6:59 PM
Of course not.
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