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12:41 AM
@DragonLord: Chances are at least a personal workstation or laptop, depending on the company. Even if there's no BYOD, you're likely to have/need your own phone.
And probably seperate networks for 'work' and personal gear.
1:10 AM
I've really only started to touch upon the power of Group Policy
Software Restriction Policies allow selective blocking of execution of software
@DragonLord It's far from airtight.
I'll need to know this as a sysadmin.
Group Policy was easily worth the $55 premium for the Pro edition of Windows 8.1
You don't need to memorise every policy -_-
Not to mention Hyper-V, BitLocker, and all the other perks
More important that you know the general workings, especially on the DC side. But even then you don't need to know everything.
1:14 AM
I think there was a neat webapp for that
[Window Title]

Your system administrator has blocked this program. For more information, contact your system administrator.

Can't remember where. I can google it if I need it, and I work in a Linux shop anyway.
A: Run Windows batch files at startup or when any user logs on

DragonLordIf you are running Windows Server or a Professional edition of Windows, you can do this using Group Policy. The scripts will be run as the user who is logging on, whoever that may be, with their respective permissions. They will not be tied to a specific user. Save your batch scripts in C:\Windo...

1:36 AM
Q: Create "homework only" account on Windows

DougNLike most kids, my kids love computers, and if I let them, they'd camp out on it every waking hour Facebooking and playing video games. So we have an app that limits their time each day (trying to introduce balance into their lives). However, homework needs to be done on the computer, and it sho...

Active Directory in a home environment
@DragonLord I'm running AD at home. :P
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2:42 AM
Love those fixes where it doesn't work for one user, then you get another user to try and it does work. Then you go back to the first user and it's just working all of a sudden.
3:11 AM
@MichaelFrank You just have to watch them carefully while they try ^ :P
3:37 AM
Hmm.... is there a default permission/visibility mask guide for UserData folders in WinXP?
Nevermind, found it!
1 hour later…
4:39 AM
Blah internet is fucked up today
Some sites aren't loading
And my ssh tunneling is showing up some ssl error
tunnel bear isn't working
Oh look gmail isn't working
Were I at home, I'd throw you a tunnel ;p
Phew tunneling through one of the servers I manage
I probably shouldn't be doing this
4:56 AM
Tried switching DNS servers?
The DNS go through
For some reason the site doesn't load
I get a timeout
dns could be working but wrong
5:09 AM
Reply from TTL expired in transit.
Reply from TTL expired in transit.
Reply from TTL expired in transit.
Reply from TTL expired in transit.
Reply from TTL expired in transit.
ping replies that
only half the sites load
looks like a routing issue within my ISP
wow the company VPS runs this ark.intel.com/products/81705/…
10 cores <3
10 gb of ram :D
lol, and prolly a bunch of clients on it
Well it has 10 gb of ram per client
So wheee
5:46 AM
@Boris_yo I did not know , so adobee CC stuff is all going subscrition? They say subscription style is money in the bank for most programs, because outright purchaces of say $200-300 people will hold that software for 5-10 years, but a subscription at $100 a year , brings the company 500-1000. just depends on use. I have a huge problem with paying a yearly fee and using a program say once or twice total the whole year, feels like i am paying $50 to use a program for 10 minutes. Whhhhaaaa
But i do not have a problem, paying full price for a program i can use "forever" even if it is obsoleted , in less than 5 years :-(
Eventually they will have programs that you pay $1 minute to have the opertunity to operate , 100$ to figure out what your doing, and 10$ to do it ;0
1 hour later…
6:57 AM
heh. Sharing a iDrac session at work. Needed to note something down in bios... used my camera instead of screenshotting facepaw
And.... blew up an old magsafe adaptor ;p
what is magsafe?
apple power adaptor. User complained it wasn't working, we swapped it out, then my senior decided to test it.... It lit up PRETTY dramatically
7:15 AM
was it a clone? there was a breakdown/dissasembly of one of the clones and how badly it was made
Nope, Original ;p
(I probably shouldn't do mac tickets, but I happened to pick up the phone, and figured I'd just need to turn it off and on again...)
2 hours later…
8:59 AM
This is bravo. He's my uncle in india's new dog.
He's apparently 30 days old, and an aspiring escape artist.
1 hour later…
10:15 AM
The people at Android Enthusiasts hate me:
Q: Not allowed to suggest edits? WHY?

That Brazilian GuyI tried to suggest an edit and this showed up: Is that an app bug or have I been blocked from suggesting edits? If so, then why?

1 hour later…
11:23 AM
superuser.com/questions/919213/… <-- 2 spams living way to long
1 gone from same user
1 hour later…
12:51 PM
So... I'm purchasing an led tv 32 inches and it's screen resolution is 1024*768 even though it is 16:9
How come?!
@AwalGarg What's telling you that resolution?
@Bob the specs of the tv
In the manual
What's the model number?
Lg 32lb515a
@AwalGarg Listed as 1366x768 on the website.
12:58 PM
That's weird
(sorry never used chat on mobile)
I'll be back in a bit.
@Bob ok so since it is an led tv, can I run it on a higher resolution than that?
(when using with my laptop via hdmi)
Laptop's graphics card supports higher resolution
@AwalGarg LCD* - LED only refers to the backlight and really has nothing to do with the display tech, unless it's OLED.
And, no, you can't.
Unless your laptop's GPU (driver) also supports scaling.
Which would also look pretty nasty.
If it does support scaling, you'd set the Windows desktop resolution higher and set the GPU to scale down. Again, it wouldn't look nice at all.
In general, TVs are designed for video and suboptimal for anything else.
Ok that makes sense
Thanks a lot bob
1:30 PM
That went badly.
bvckup had a 165gb error log...
@JourneymanGeek What? Taking a cellphone photo of an iSomething breaks it?
@AwalGarg why would you eve do such a thing ?!
@ThatBrazilianGuy: unrelated ;p
iDrac is dell ;p
and the broken thing was an old power supply
VERY fun day at work today!
Yeah, and no idea about that error.
I should probably buy the paid version at some point, its actually pretty useful for me
Not funnier than my probable outcome in the somewhat near future:
I know (very) nearly nothing about $SomeCMS, but as in my team I seem to be the less oblivious to web stuff, I was appointed as half the team implementing the new main web site of the institution.
I have my favorite CMS that is $otherCMS and the other guy loves and knows $yetotherCMS
However, as we've been the last ones to touch $thisCMS, we'll probable be in charge of supporting it for the foreseeable future
1:37 PM
hmm. So, I finally got around to putting keys on my ssh servers... I'm wondering how I deal with keys tho?
One set of keys a machine, or do I just have one key and keep them centrally...
boo ;p
@JourneymanGeek VTC as primairly opinion-based ;p
I know HOW to use keys, but I don't know how to use keys.
meh. This is chat. Opinions are like butts here. Everyone has em, and ...
@JourneymanGeek I must confess I know-but-don't know this too.
1:40 PM
Having one key per device sounds mighty tempting
and one 'portable' key for emergencies. I'd need to keep that secure tho, and whatever it was would need to be cross platform
1:54 PM
@tereško because India :P
1. who the hell needs a TV
PSA: mobile chat sucks!
2. the resolution on that thing is terrible
@tereško oh, I live with my parents, so they need it :D
@tereško Well @Bob cleared that it is 1366x768 (which is also terrible) but that's how it is...
you could have just paid for the subscription to newspapers
at least you can burn them later
1:57 PM
We have one.
I... am not capable enough to justify this.
ftr @tereško my laptop's resolution is also 1366x768, and it is my primary machine ;)
my phone has better resolution
Well, have to get ready for the daily grind
@AwalGarg you should start looking into getting your own place to live .. and then in building your own PC ( I can help you out with the latter)
I have to be out the door 7:45 to be sure I can get to work by 9:00 to 9:15
@AwalGarg Join us and use ChatSEy. There's dozens of users!
2:00 PM
...which means I'll need to be out of bed by about 6:30
@tereško I will after I am no longer a minor ;)
@ThatBrazilianGuy neat!
oh .. now you made me feel fucking old
@AwalGarg I have a 42" 1080p with passive 3D glasses :D
Cost me 1 month of my salary ;____;
(Business hours begin 9:30)
2:01 PM
And a few months after I bought it smart TVs hit the not-just-for-rich-bastards price
And mine hasn't even an ethernet port
well, I bought a 3440x1440 monitor (34'') instead
So now I can't be tracked by the NSA while I watch movies and stuff
I'm driving two 1920x1080 displays and a 1280x1024 display at the same time right now
@DragonLord That's where you went wrong, should be driving a car instead!
/me hates multi-monitor setups
2:04 PM
I'll get used to the bus.
It's not a problem for now.
@ThatBrazilianGuy fuck that. In about 5 years most of the new cars will drive themselves
!! s/5/50/
@ThatBrazilianGuy @ThatBrazilianGuy fuck that. In about 50 years most of the new cars will drive themselves (source)
.. and you won't buy a car, but pay a subscription fee to a fleet of self driving cars
@ThatBrazilianGuy no, 5
@tereško I'd say the technology is about 10-20 years away.
2:05 PM
technology is already here
Early versions are 3-5 years away from commercialization, but not yet viable for consumers.
Closer to 10 than 20 for widespread use, though.
California certified the first self-driving car last week
and most of the big car manufacturers were demonstrating their autonomous driving project in CES 2015
Manual overrides will still be needed for a while and driver's licenses are not going away anytime soon.
They'll become a niche at some point, though.
@DragonLord bottom line is this, there already are first consumer-oriented self-driving cars on the market
it is not 3-5 years away
it's already here
It'll come down to how quickly the technology matures.
I'd still want to drive myself, though.
2:09 PM
@DragonLord it's already matured
At least until the technology is stable.
What about cost?
@tereško It never ocurred me, but makes sense.
@AwalGarg: On android, there's a nice 'app' for it called chatsey
@DragonLord for the current "driving assist" package you have to pay 3k-7k extra. That's capable driving on an autobahn and trafic jams but not in the inner city
and I use mobile chat at work cause it resizes better ;p
2:16 PM
@tereško great place to start, california the lawsuit capitol of the world. first person who runs into a robocar, is going to create a law against them. If they would wait untill the robocars can fully fufill the role, they wont destroy the whoe thing. Instead it will be like evey bomb ever made, they will drop it the first chance they get :-0
9 mins ago, by DragonLord
Manual overrides will still be needed for a while and driver's licenses are not going away anytime soon.
Give it 20 years, though, and driver's licenses will probably become a niche.
It will happen at some point. The only question is how long will it take.
sure when the computer can get a drivers licence :-)
@Psycogeek there have been ~40 accidents in a beta test. Most of them related to people crashing into them, and few caused bet users who used manual mode
or was it 70
In california, you have 2 jobs on the road, keep from running into people, and keep idiots from running into you. If you cant do both, git off the road :-)
At that point, driver education will probably be more extensive and see widespread use of simulators (a technology which obviously already exists).
2:20 PM
@Psycogeek emm .. so, lemme get this straight: you argument against self-driving cars is that people cannot drive
It'll be closer to pilot training than the driver training we see today.
@tereško do bumper cars count?
that's the same argument , but with 10-year olds
I said it is not good enough to just be a good driver, while that might win your court battle, you will be in many of them.
americans are still going to court about whether you should teach evolutions to gradeschoolers
fuck USA
2:23 PM
Plus in california you must break the law at times, or end up road kill anyways. the machine wont be allowed to survive here.
the cars were already tested in CA
or did you missed that part ?
Let's talk about my waking up early.
I have to be out of bed by 6:30.
As you may have seen in past, I have tended to be a night owl.
Things are getting better, though.
< GMT+3
it's 17:25 here
2:26 PM
Yesterday I got out of bed at 7:05, but I couldn't get out of bed today until 8:00 due to a stiff neck :(
@tereško That has the distinct advantage of you not having to do maintenance any more. The cars can also get upgraded without any extra cost on your end.
Everything as a service FTW :)
Economies of scale will reduce the final cost to the consumer.
There will still be a market for standalone cars, though, for people who can afford it or have special requirements.
@tereško the cars got run into? or did you miss that part? nobody ran into me, nor did i run into anyone else, yet a computer did ? If they are not ready to be as capable as "good human drivers" they will just be more idiot drivers , and the whole idea will be rejected in short. if they would wait on trying to push it into place, and instead retain the exerimental aspect they would have a chancs.
The interface will be more "turn left here" and "turn right here" buttons than a steering wheel for manual mode.
Most users will probably just have the system generate a route automatically, perhaps tweak it a bit as required.
There would be a touch screen to input turns at specific intersections when required.
If we consider self driving cars as computers, and statistically the way end users deal with computers... Well...
@Psycogeek you sound like one of those people who were saying that horses will always be better that gasoline-powered cars
@ThatBrazilianGuy any car released after 2005th is a computer that users drive in
@tereško not even, most of the cars have had manuel override capability for every incident a computer could cause, and when they didnt , there goes the recall and the lawsuits again, destroying the chances for them.
2:37 PM
You can sue 10,000 humans a month for being idiots, but if the coumpters are ever deemed to be the issue, they (unlike humans) will lose thier freedom fast.
are you aware that things like staring, ignition, acceleration, breaks and transmission are all controlled by a computer in modern cars ?
seriously, are you from past !?
Can you please quit arguing?
!!wiki Drive_by_wire
Drive by wire, DbW, by-wire, Steer-by-wire, or x-by-wire technology in the automotive industry is the use of electrical or electro-mechanical systems for performing vehicle functions traditionally achieved by mechanical linkages. This technology replaces the traditional mechanical control systems with electronic control systems using electromechanical actuators and human-machine interfaces such as pedal and steering feel emulators. Components such as the steering column, intermediate shafts, pumps, hoses, belts, coolers and vacuum servos and master cylinders are eliminated from the vehicle. This...
3:34 PM
How do I ask stuff here without Clippy showing up?
I should get a pack or two :P
3:55 PM
10k only
Mar 6 at 2:52, by DragonLord
If it gets downvoted to oblivion, so be it.
4:09 PM
@DragonLord screenshot for me? :P
4:20 PM
Q: What Easter Eggs do the chat sites have?

MosheAccording to balpha, the SE chat sites may have individual Easter eggs, depending on the site. If you find them, please post. Edit: Because it's so easy to make this stuff up, a screenshot as proof would be nice. (Although Photoshop ain't that hard either...)

> Super User/Root Access: helpful assistant Eggs.Assistant

Send a message matching the regex /(?:^|[.!?:]\s+)(?:(?:how\s+(?:can|do)\s+i)\s+([^?!.:]+)\?|(?:i(?:\s+want|(?:\s‌​+am|'m)\s+(?:wanting|trying)|'d\s+like|\s+would\s+like)\s+to\s+([^?!.:]+)(?:$|\.|‌​!)))/i to start an animation of a "helpful" anthropomorphic paperclip. Some other "how" questions will also work. (Yes, it's kinda crazy, but that's what balpha says the official regex is.)
by deduction, anything you say that does not match the regex /(?:^|[.!?:]\s+)(?:(?:how\s+(?:can|do)\s+i)\s+([^?!.:]+)\?|(?:i(?:\s+want|(?:\s‌​‌​+am|'m)\s+(?:wanting|trying)|'d\s+like|\s+would\s+like)\s+to\s+([^?!.:]+)(?:$|\‌​.|‌​!)))/i will not trigger Clippy
@allquixotic ok, I'm going to set up a testing system now.
Debating between ZFS and ext4... maybe btrfs but it was pretty slow the last time I tried it with OpenSUSE
@Bob yeah, btrfs still has performance problems. I'd say, if you don't go with ZFS, use XFS.
@allquixotic never tried ZFS or XFS
ZFS > XFS > ext4 > btrfs
not entirely sure what the difference is, either
4:25 PM
@Bob XFS is a very old filesystem developed by SGI then donated to Linux, but it's been significantly overhauled and improved in the last 5-6 years by Red Hat... its goals are consistent performance across all workloads (minimizing "worst case" performance), and reliability
my beef with ext4 is not its performance, but that it randomly eats your data; it has a terrible reputation for losing data, long after it was declared "stable"
also, ext4 has some weird worst-case performance problems where certain types of I/O bottleneck hard on the FS driver, whereas XFS doesn't have that
ZFS: awesome performance, but wants to use a large amount of memory; top-notch reliability; better software RAID than any other implementation; unfortunately has a "layering violation" in its design, in that it goes far beyond what a normal "filesystem" does, by effectively taking over the block layer responsibility (though it can awkwardly work on top of other block layers like LVM2)
XFS: excellent reliability, well-rounded performance, great scalability, but relies on the block layer to do software RAID, etc. -- much more reliable than ext4 though
ext4: amazing performance on the "most common" workloads, but not as scalable or reliable as XFS, and relies on block layer to do software RAID
btrfs: has layering violations just like ZFS where it can do software RAID (though not as well as ZFS), and has many performance problems that no other filesystem has; it's also the least proven filesystem of the bunch, so even if it turns out to be reliable, that's basically luck at this point.
I think the folks working on btrfs want it to be a GPLv2-licensed equivalent of ZFS, with near feature parity. The problem with ZFS is that the only good implementation is licensed under CDDL (because it's a straight port from the Solaris kernel onto the Linux kernel), so it can't be incorporated into the Linux kernel source.
But ZFS has been worked on for way more man-hours than btrfs, so it has a lot more features. Maybe in 2020 btrfs might be a viable replacement for ZFS.
@allquixotic I haven't even decided how much RAM I want to allocate this test VM :P
4 GB should be enough, but ZFS...
ZFS will take a percentage of the RAM (which is, thankfully, a kernel tunable).
eh, I can always push it up to 8
The default is 25% I think.
performance isn't going to be tested
4:34 PM
obviously you won't see such amazing performance with a 1 GB ARC as you'll see with a 24 GB ARC.
I'll have two virtual disks on a HDD... that's not gonna be fast!
then don't worry about ZFS; it won't run you OOM
it just scales to however much or little RAM you give it
Adaptive Replacement Cache (ARC) is a page replacement algorithm with better performance than LRU (Least Recently Used) developed at the IBM Almaden Research Center. This is accomplished by keeping track of both Frequently Used and Recently Used pages plus a recent eviction history for both. In 2006, IBM was granted a patent for the adaptive replacement cache policy. == Summary == Basic LRU maintains an ordered list (the cache directory) of resource entries in the cache, with the sort order based on the time of most recent access. New entries are added at the top of the list, after the bottom entry...
@allquixotic I also need to figure out booting.
The two options at this point are to get GRUB working on ZFS (!) or just stick it in an ext4 boot partition
Not too happy with the latter, since that means I'll have to manually restore GRUB in the event of a drive failure
4:52 PM
@Bob When Canadians don't even like Blackberry, you know there's an issue
5:08 PM
TIL BlackBerry is a Canadian company
@ThatBrazilianGuy TYL BlackBerry isn't a company.
In the same way Windows, Android and iPhone aren't companies.
...TIL they renamed
So ... they already killed Nokia and now they are going after the Berry
5:36 PM
Voted to undelete.
Any support for disabling Clippy?
5:49 PM
It doesn't really hurt anyone.
@DragonLord That's not a problem, that's a joke.
You'll notice about half of those are from me.
I can tell you now that I was definitely joking.
Again, it's called a joke.
This absolutely is an issue.
5:51 PM
@DragonLord I can say for myself that this is most definitely not an issue, as far as I'm concerned.
I'm also reasonably certain that @JourneymanGeek, @allquixotic, @Sathya, @slhck, @studiohack (who collectively make up a large proportion of those search results) would agree.
Seriously. You're taking your search results entirely out of context.
You're completely misrepresenting what data you have, almost certainly against the actual intentions of the users it came from.
6:05 PM
Q: Proper use cases for Android UserManager.isUserAGoat()?

Ovidiu LatcuI was looking at the new APIs introduced in Android 4.2. While looking at the UserManager class I came across the following method: public boolean isUserAGoat () Used to determine whether the user making this call is subject to teleportations. Returns whether the user making this ...

Easter eggs exist for a reason.
Although I don't believe in putting irrelevant jokes in software, programming is an insanely tiring job and there is a very real need to play a joke once in a while.
I've been there as a student.
When software development is your day job, everything changes.
It may be a non-issue for a hobbyist or even for a student, but I can't imagine how hard it to stay motivated and energized without giving yourself a distraction, such as by writing a piece of humorous code, once in a while.
Q: What arguments are there against easter eggs? Are there any arguments to even support easter eggs?

Glenn NelsonI'm a bit of a jester so the idea of an easter egg still appeals to me. I have added them in my code before but my group of friends has a running joke of using CTRL-FU to trigger the egg. Now I'm also a bit paranoid about performance so I like removing excess whenever possible. This heavily cont...

I understand the arguments against it, but my lack of a sense of humor is not healthy.
in Ask a Super User Moderator, Jan 14 at 23:05, by DragonLord
@JourneymanGeek I'm very sorry to say that your fears have come true. I cannot contribute at my full pace any longer and may retire from Stack Exchange completely within the next few months.
in Ask a Super User Moderator, Jan 14 at 23:06, by DragonLord
Maintaining the lead in Winter Bash stressed me out to the point where I cannot contribute much longer.
This is entirely counter to the point of events like Winter Bash.
There's a reason they say "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
Yes, I do take the quality of my work very, very seriously.
However, doing so to the exclusion of any and all fun is a recipe for disaster.
You can will get burned out at some point.
In any case, I can't retract that undelete vote and it's a mistake I voted to undelete in the first place.
I'm very sorry to the community for this.
Well, let's have fun and enjoy what we do.
@DragonLord Oh, if you want to put it up to a vote there's nothing stopping you.
Just don't claim that my chat messages jokingly "complaining" indicate an issue.
6:41 PM
Aug 22 '12 at 15:38, by allquixotic
what the heck?! "Clippy" from MS Word popped up on my screen! Is this an easter egg?! Is this real life???
my first encounter with Clippy :D
Dec 17 '13 at 23:38, by allquixotic
I wonder if I can get Clippy to show up on Cavil's Firefox and have it mess up his code
7:25 PM
@allquixotic Now I'm debating using the Linux kernel's EFI stub... means no GRUB, but I have no idea how that would interact with ZFS :P
7:37 PM
@Bob the kernel would have to go into an EFI system partition, and I believe ZFS would have to be compiled into the kernel binary, which is possible but not the default
@allquixotic ...yea, pretty much decided screw it, keep things simple and just manually mirror GRUB and use MBR/BIOS boot
only problem now is I need sleep :P
I'll finish this off later
@allquixotic halp - I'm seriously consdering using an MS Account (on Windows) :(
emm, why shouldn't you ?
Huh. I just got rickrolled by the cover album I'm listening to :P
8:30 PM
I'm using one @Bob ;p
8:44 PM
@Bob I already use mine o.o
8:56 PM
So do I!
@allquixotic Did you ever try this?
9:35 PM
@MichaelFrank yeah :P
@allquixotic Did it break?
@MichaelFrank nah
Hm. How do I tell someone who's of high rep that he might be getting downvotes cause his answers might suck? ;p
@JourneymanGeek By commenting on why you downvoted it? :V
Oh in general ;p
9:51 PM
checks meta.SU
Ahh... yes.
Decided not to mention the whole bounty hunting thing.
I'm pretty sure in his case its probably a source of some downvotes but meh, its a legitimate strategy ;p
I tend to agree there. I've looked back at some of my old answers on occasion and been a bit embarrassed by the lack of content in them. They weren't downvoted, but I did take the time to update them.
As for the protection he's asking for, I think a system that requires a comment to accompany a downvote for any question older that X might be useful.
Yanno, funny thing is, he's actually not gotten as much rep out of bounties as I thought
There's a chunk of it, but he's pretty high rep even without it
10:09 PM
@JourneymanGeek 1/3 of his rep is bounties.
He's also 160 away from receiving the Legendary gold badge today.
Yeah, but he's at 100k even without those.
It's not an insignificant amount is all I was saying.
10:26 PM
10:53 PM
@MichaelFrank sigh
if only I had the time or knowledge...
19.1k and mostly stalled.
I bet a lot of his answers are researched.
Or link only answers (@JourneymanGeek ;p)
Pretty much
@MichaelFrank It's a valid strategy
I did that most often in my early days.
My longer answers are often very, very extensively researched.
11:08 PM
@DragonLord Like 99% of my answers are researched. There's hardly anything I look at and say "OMG I KNOW THAT!"
@DragonLord: Mine often are. However, I don't research for rep, I research cause the damned question interests me
@JourneymanGeek Yuuuuup
Then there's the one at work I need to post a self answer for ;p
I also research things cause they annoy me
11:37 PM
I should start posting answers on the main site again
haven't made one in at least a month

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