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12:01 AM
a second ago it was 12 am now its suddenly 1 am when its fucking dark outside.
and if I dont use windows 7 some noob starts bitching
come back when you can talk without cursing
I can talk without cursing
alright, wonderful
This problem exists on Windows XP or Windows 7?
win 7
On that machine can you navigate to time.windows.com
in a browser obviously
12:06 AM
this gives me a page on internet information service
I am aware
In the Internet Time Settings window, when you hit Update Now, is the result a sucesful synch?
yes but then it messes up later
Temporal anomolies, you know how much people would pay for those :-)
12:07 AM
be more descriptive.
how long is "later"
I have not timed it
estimate it
more then 5 minutes? more then a couple hours?
it just messes up up to around 5 hours later
sometimes more
So after 5 hours it happens?
minimum yes
12:09 AM
Have you confirm the time zone your system is set to?
That happened long ago on computers that were overclocked that the Quartz.dll thing was not yet updated.
its set to UK time
this is meant to be using NTP
rather than the osccilator
I could try though
there is also some confusing stuff at least 2 different clocking styles that the computers are capable of using
default setting in Windows is NTP
when I uncheck 'adjust for daylight saving' it goes from 1am to 12 am
however it still did by itself instead of unchecking that option
12:13 AM
when it changes does your daylight savings and/or time zone change?
no just the time itself
Do you have the SP1 update and all the wonderfull 400 updates installed yet?
I have around 534654i634i7o625834 updates installed
.....<sigh>.....When you can answer our questions without being sarcastic I will return.
I can cope with sar-chasm I still hate windows 7 :-)
12:16 AM
oh and 400 was not sarcastic at all
not it wasnt , count em.
I have 32 installed
oh wait its loading!
after you get close, like 1 min loss or gain ever in a day , this here superuser.com/a/835022/98855 is one of the tweaks I do to sync time more often, even in XP.
you didnt say 400
you also didnt answer the question
12:24 AM
I counted them there was not 400.
I have the SP1 update
After you reboot, and finish that install more seem to pop up
Ill stick to XP then
Xp had at least 300 updates
* finds shotgut to put himself out of his mesery for having to deal with sarcastic users who curse like sailors
Q: I am trying to install Linux Ubuntu on my PC and I get unknown chipset errors

GlassjawedI'm trying to install Linux Ubuntu from a DVD. However, I'm getting the following errors... How can I just install Ubuntu on my PC? I don't understand why this is so difficult.

anyone have ideas?
2 hours later…
2:44 AM
TIL Ken M has a SU account: superuser.com/questions/918791/…
3 hours later…
5:50 AM
who is Ken M?
6:17 AM
@Ramhound A well-known troll, apparently
He has a subreddit devoted to him O_O
@Bob apparently! I just found it as well.
4 hours later…
9:48 AM
@Psycogeek Are they attention whores who want to capitalize on laziness? Here's another one: hackingphotography.com/5dd-lightroom-preset-deal
2 hours later…
12:02 PM
Just looking into cryptocurrencies again.
Bitcoin seems to have stabilized.
Litecoin however has crashed
12:36 PM
Blog's back up
SSH's secured with a key
1:00 PM
@JourneymanGeek How similar is Ash to a cat in this respect? *shines a laser pointer at the ground near you and slowly moves it away*
1:14 PM
@allquixotic: Tried that. Couldn't be arsed.
There's a local dog that LOVES to chase the red dot tho
@JourneymanGeek lol
does it at least get a "baroo?" out of him?
Nope ;p
(tho there was the time my brother got one of those robot dogs. He got a ass sniff, and a snort of derision)
did you post a video of that? I think I remember that!
If it dosen't squeak (or make noises) ash is entirely uninterested. ;p
Nope, I mentioned it. It only happened once ;p
1:17 PM
(and he was disinterested in my quad copter... which I need to fly at some point ;p)
"wut? you smell like plastic? meh"
hm looks like a dog. Not a dog. meh. ;p
(Ash has a specific snort of disgust ;p)
1:29 PM
2:26 PM
@allquixotic Now I'm debating waiting until I can transfer everything, or just getting that new server now and just set it up + start using it :P
I think I'll end up moving the DNS server onto that box too...
ideally, lxd could modify the zones for each subdomain/vm automatically
I wonder if there's a post-create hook I can use.
shrug probably just end up rolling the whole thing into a single script
2:58 PM
TIL this laptop actually runs with the fan completely off in normal use
the sound I'm hearing is actually the HDD...
<== is reconsidering replacing the HDD with a larger 2.5" SSD the next time they're on sale
Not so much for the speed as it would be for the noise reduction :P
3:51 PM
@Bob, there are SSDs on sale all the time
well .. unless you live in USA
@tereško Nah, the good prices only come once every couple months. Last one was a few days ago, so got a bit of a wait.
oh .. Australia
you might have a bit different ecosystem there
in EU there are metric fuckton of online shops competing
@tereško Huh? SSDs are very cheap on Amazon, and sometimes even Newegg. The 1 TB 850 Evo is $369. Another $150 for the 850 Pro 1 TB. On the low end, the 250 GB 850 Evo is $97. That's maybe $30-40 more expensive than a 250 GB 2.5" HDD.
And Samsung is the best brand right now; there are worse brands with poor endurance, etc. for much cheaper.
@tereško It tends to be cheaper to order in direct from overseas, but local shops to run promotions now and then.
I'm not in a particular hurry to do this, though.
I could order a 500 GB 850 Evo and barely bat an eyelash, and it'd be here on Tuesday (would be Monday, but it's Memorial Day holiday) if I ordered it now.
So, not sure what you're saying about U.S. SSD prices :)
4:02 PM
@allquixotic [citation needed]
@allquixotic Samsung is one of the better value-for-money brands right now, but there are severe issues with their EVO drives and I'm pretty sure Intel is still king if you can afford them.
@allquixotic Though, I'm almost tempted to get one of those MyDigitalSSD ones just to use as a scratch drive and see how bad it is :P
Dec 23 '14 at 9:28, by DragonLord
Although the warranty on my SSD is officially limited to 150 terabytes TBW, consider that AnandTech found the internally indicated endurance for the SSD 850 PRO is 6,000 P/E cycles
@allquixotic Also, price-wise the Plextor and Crucial drives are reasonably close.
@Bob Yeah, but Intel SSDs aren't cheap anywhere, and I don't know of anyone -- anyone -- who uses a desktop computer for gaming, workstation, development, or even enthusiast-grade HPC, who could possibly wear out an 850 Pro in 5 years. I just can't imagine it happening. You'd be hard-pressed to get more than a handful of reallocations even.
the 850 Evo, yeah, does not have the greatest endurance, but it's still a cut above the rest.
@allquixotic ...I have a cheap-ish Intel SSD in the desktop
Small one, though.
And it's not really Intel, internally. SandForce controller.
4:07 PM
@Bob Right. I mean at actually respectable capacities, 512 GB and up. Not much you can do with 128 GB except use it as a cache for small stuff. Half a terabyte is not a lot of space to me.
/me has two Corsair's XT's
@allquixotic Well, my data is scattered across 6 2TB drives, so a cache is pretty useful :P
they work just fine
I just downloaded a 22 GB game last night in about 5 hours.
@allquixotic The EVO's issue isn't endurance.
Written data on the TLC they use ages quite horribly.
I have 240GB units, in RAID-0
but, yeah, same series
Playing with fire, eh?
I have a 4TB HDD for the important data
the RAID is for windows and Steam/GOG/Battle.net
@tereško The 256 GB Samsung 850 Pro is $142.99, and the 240 GB Neutron XT is $149.99. The Neutron XT's endurance is officially rated at 124 TBW, whereas the 850 Pro's endurance is rated at 150 TBW and has been actually measured to exceed 3 PBW. And, in almost all benchmarks, the 850 Pro is faster. Faster, cheaper, longer endurance. I don't see any disadvantage at all.
Only reason not to get the 850 Pro would be if you can't afford the price points -- and then there are some pretty good alternatives both from Samsung and other manufacturers. But at the "prosumer" level -- in between cheapo and enterprise-grade -- the 850 Pro has it pretty much tackled.
@allquixotic Apparently one of the 850 Pro firmware updates is known to brick drives.
With that and the EVO fiasco, I'm not sure how much I trust Samsung now.
4:16 PM
@Bob There are firmware updates for...? Ah, right, like they do for HDDs. I get it. Well, I've never had occasion to apply one or even look for one for mine.
@allquixotic actually the XT is faster, which is why I picked it .. and it had a discount
@tereško [citation needed]
@Bob Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to leave them at their factory firmware. I've had no issues with either drive, in any case, so it would be silly to try and fix what's not broken.
@allquixotic You should sitll keep an eye on the updates.
The EVO had a few updates to try to fix the aging issue.
(Pretty much all they can do now is preiodically rewrite all data... pretty nasty 'fix')
oh, speaking of MyDigitalSSD :P
I decided to fire up the Haswell NUC again because for some damn reason my main desktop keeps wanting to disconnect constantly from my phone's tethered data whether USB or wifi, but it handles an ethernet cable just fine
so I wiped the MyDigitalSSD and put Linux Mint 17.1 on it, and set up networkmanager to NAT (basically like Windows ICS) from the USB tether to the ethernet
@allquixotic ...and?
4:21 PM
@Psycogeek I understand that it is no longer possible to purchase Photoshop CC for one-time fee?
it's really stable now and the NUC barely puts out any heat and is completely silent because its CPU isn't really taxed hardly at all by the Mint lock screen and iptables
@Bob and it works faster than it did when I first installed Fedora on it -- I think it may have been the filesystem o_o
the install and updates went very smoothly and quickly
@Bob what do you want me to run?
@allquixotic I don't know :P
I usually just use CDM.
not familiar with that acronym
4:23 PM
@allquixotic best I can some up with is www.anandtech.com/show/8689/corsair-neutron-xt-ssd-review, but it does not compare it against EVO 850
is there a Linux build?
the XT had the best read performance at that price range (which is what I was looking for on a gaming PC)
I... don't think so?
Q: Benchmark ssd on linux: How to measure the same things as crystaldiskmark does in windows

studentI want to benchmark a ssd (possibly with encrypted filesystems) and compare it to benchmarks done by crystaldiskmark on windows. So how can I measure approximately the same things as crystaldiskmark does? For the first row (Seq) I think I could do something like LC_ALL=C dd if=/dev/zero of=...

4:24 PM
lol, nice
also, I have drunk too much wine already
btw, I actually remember that when I was putting my box together I was intentionally excuding Kingston and Samsung from the SSD options
both of them had issues around that time - one with bait'n'switch and other with some ting about "slow when filled" or something
well, I agree with excluding Kingston, but I'm not sure if paying more and getting worse write perf and significantly worse endurance is worth a bit more read perf, especially when most games are going to be CPU-bound or GPU-bound on loading, etc. when the data's being read from any halfway-competent SSD.
@allquixotic Unless someone actually tested it to EoL, you can't really call significantly worse endurance.
for example, for a while I had my entire SW:TOR installation on (NTFS) an 850 Pro 1 TB, but loading times were exactly identical to having the files on my 4 x 4 TB HDD RAID10 array.
Also, worn flash has poor data retention periods... not good.
It might survive past a petabyte, but you can't really trust it with your data.
4:28 PM
@Bob You're right, which is why it's a good idea to get flash with as many write cycles as possible. The less durable ones will experience those symptoms earlier in its service life.
> Generic 40GB 40 GB 2.5 Inch IDE(40 gb 2.5" PATA) Laptop Hard Drive 4200 RPM
$15 on Amazon
when I was putting it all together , I was actually also looking at the new OCZ stuff, that was just coming out
generic HDD?
What dinosaur did they pull that out of?!
OCZ seems to be one pushing the PCI-E SSD's as a thing
@Bob lolwut
I love the idea of a "generic" HDD. Just any old random factory chunked it out, right? They didn't have a name?
4:31 PM
well, if you are building a router-box, then that's all you need
an HDD that you can load OS from once per 6 month
@Bob Fair enough, but there's a slight problem there; despite letting it sit powered down for a week, the 850 Pro has still not died in their testing, and it's exceeded 3 PBW. Basically, they've been testing it as hard as they can, and they don't even know when it's going to die, as of the present day.
.. ok .. I know it's not that simple, but it's close enough
@tereško I'd rather use a flash drive.
@allquixotic you have to consider that it might have been a fluke
I don't recall them saying that they were testing 10-of-each SSDs
/me hates "tests" with really fucking small sample sizes
@tereško There's bound to be some variability in the manufacturing quality from disk to disk, but if there were some way to magically get specific disks to perform an order of magnitude better than others, don't you think they'd care a little about that, and try to figure out why, and incorporate that into every disk? That'd be like saying my neighbor and I both bought the Core i7-3770K, but his is 10x faster. No. Doesn't happen in microelectronics.
I would forgive them putting out disks that actually die at, say, 1.5 PBW, or even 1 PBW, but nothing in the sub-PB range, certainly. Unless Samsung used a separate manufacturing process to create a "super-disk" just for innovaengineering to make them look good.
4:37 PM
are you really trying to defend single-sample "tests" ?
@tereško Sure, because when you have an automated manufacturing process, the more extreme the outlier you're expecting it to be, the less likely that it's that much of an outlier. For example, if you claimed that most disks can only get 2.9 PBW instead of 3 PBW, the probability of that being accurate could be quite high. But if you said the average is only 150 TBW or 200 TBW, the chance of such a "super-disk" being so variable as to exceed 3 PBW is almost zero.
also, you cannot compare it with testing CPUs/GPUs, because it is not expected for a CPU to inevitably to fail from usage
We don't have human beings sitting there wiring up every transistor in these things :) They're made by machines with extremely precise tolerances.
The biggest thing that I think would change your results is temperature.
every current SSD will fail after you use it long enough
one would expect CPUs to fail only because of diffusion (which actually might become an issue for sub-10 nm chips)
anyway, even you should see that the 3PBW thing seems somewhat unexpected and "it's a fluke" is a better explanation than "samsung is ahead of everyone else by several years"
Oddly enough, I'm having a very difficult time finding anyone who's actually tested one or more Corsair XTs in "real-world" endurance scenarios. I saw one article that made a reference to 3k P/E cycles, but that was estimated, I think.
4:48 PM
< bought it for read speed and guarantee, not for the endurance test .. that's why I have a spinning disk :)
I am not saying that XT is magically superior
it just looked like the best choice for what I need
also, you might have noticed that at no point I told @Bob that he should buy what I have
The problem with saying that "it was a fluke" is that you're assuming that somehow they accidentally gave the most fantastic drive they have to $RANDOM_TEST_HOUSE$ which would be laughably improbable. It's much more likely they got a big batch, did a random sample of that batch, none of them died particularly early and so they gave them a drive from that batch.
You might get better drives and you might get worse, but if any company picked up a random drive and got the most fantastic SSD on the planet then I'd probably trust that result at least a little bit.
I know, I know
what I am saying is that I would fell a lot better about this whole test if they said: "2 of 3 drives reached 3PBW and are still going"
any sample size that is not 1 would have been better
and yes, I know that SSD do not grow on trees .. someone has to pay for it
5:04 PM
But if you have limited time and resources a sample of 1 is better than a sample of 0. It's taken them ages to just get to this stage, let alone babysitting 3 or more systems doing the exact same thing. They presumably have a other jobs that they are doing and this is either just an interesting sideline or one of many things.
Also, @allquixotic, please follow your own claim still on the starwall :P
May 13 at 20:20, by allquixotic
I don't use walled garden platforms. Period. End of story.
I am out of wine :(
5:29 PM
@Bob I did! :D
I did not buy an iPhone :D
I am not going to :D
? o.O
@allquixotic What changed?
@Bob using the NUC as an intermediary between my phone and desktop solved my mysterious connectivity problems. I'll deal with the bluetooth problem for now.
also, Verizon decided that you can no longer transfer upgrades from one line to another, so I'd have to pay full retail for an iPhone. No thanks.
I was willing to lay down $200, but not $750
6:36 PM
I have been looking around for a proper gaming mouse
is there anyone out there who has anything against Mionix Naos 8200 ?
@tereško I seem to recall optical being preferred over laser.
Can't remember why now though.
> “The laser light has a different wavelength. It is more looking into the structure of the material than the normal LED light, which is more surface illumination. It makes [the laser] more sensitive to the roughness of the surface....The LED is more staying on the top of the surface, so it’s very reproducible. On the top of the surface you have peaks, and it’s only counting the peaks.

“If you look at the cloth pads that are made out of a structure of fibers, the laser is so accurate it ... is showing you the nature of the structure. You don’t care about that. You just want to measure a di
So... ya.
Depends what kind of games you play.
And how seriously you take the game.
Personally, I care more about comfort, reliability and button placement than little differences in accuracy, though a 5% variation is significant with the FPSes I tend to play (not at my level - I'm not that good yet :P).
2 hours later…
9:06 PM
@tereško I have a similar styled mouse made by FUNC. I really like it.
In fact, I ended up using it over my Razer Mamba which cost me about 5x as much.
well, currently I have logitech's m705 and I want to upgrade
You'll more than likely get better sensitivity and response times, whether you will notice or not is a different question. :P
O.o My softphone has been off the hook all weekend. The current call is up to 88 hours 55 minutes.
9:23 PM
My 2012 Nexus 7 is really showing its age.
What tablet should I get to replace it?
Nexus 9 (32 GB with WiFi) or Surface 3 (64GB)?
@DragonLord What do you do on it?
Companion device to my laptop.
That doesn't really say much.
Between my laptop and phone, I personally don't really use a tablet at all, despite owning a few of them.
But what do you actually use a tablet for?
Mostly web browsing stuff, perhaps a few games.
Games might force your choice of OS.
9:25 PM
Productivity (Word documents, etc) is not likely to be a major use case.
I still feel the N9 is more appropriate for my intended use, even though the Surface 3 has superior all-round hardware
Your thoughts?
Why should I choose the Nexus 9?
The Surface 3 is marketed as a laptop replacement, which isn't quite my intended use.
Whoops, getting confused
It's also a bit more difficult to carry because of the larger screen.
@DragonLord Unfortunately, my opinion won't count for much here, considering I have no place for a tablet.
I'd probably lean towards the Surface 3 for its versatility - e.g. you get a full USB (3.0) port. Probably not something you'd usually use, but it does leave more options open.
The 3:2 aspect ratio is also rather nice, though 4:3 isn't that bad.
@Bob Also if you're adventurous, you can upgrade to 1TB! :D
I haven't looked at benchmarks, but I suspect the Nexus 9's CPU + GPU will be more performant...
Keep in mind I'm just been hired as a sysadmin.
@Bob Benchmarks have been very inconsistent in this regard—I suspect the GPU on the Nexus 9 will vastly outperform the one on the Surface 3
CPU, I can't say
@DragonLord In a Windows environment?
9:32 PM
@DragonLord Get the Surface 3.
@MichaelFrank It's a Microsoft house, that's for sure.
It's very handy to have a lightweight machine with a good keyboard, esp. as a sysadmin.
@Bob Nexus 9 also has a keyboard option.
Doesn't matter if you're dealing with Windows, Linux or something else. The options for remote management from Android are also lacking, though they've been getting better.
@DragonLord I would suspect that the Surface keyboard is better, but I can't offer any evidence.
I'm not exactly convinced I want full Windows.
9:33 PM
Maybe it's because all the Android tablet keyboards I've seen are utter shit.
The Surface keyboards are pretty nice. I had a little play with one the other day.
@DragonLord ehh... you can go try one out, I guess.
You might prefer the web browsers on Android.
Windows (or Linux, etc., but probably not Android) would certainly be advantageous as a sysadmin, but that depends on (a) whether the company allows personal devices, (b) whether you're sitting at a desk all day or moving around a bit (junior sysadmins are more likely the latter, but also won't need quick access a portable device like this provides), (c) what kind of environment you work in (small business, school, etc., all very different)
I don't really know about the company's BYOD policies just yet.
I'm not sure if the company will issue any device for use on the job, either.
9:49 PM
@DragonLord It'd be a pretty shitty tech company if you had to supply your own work computer.
Of course, they'll be a desktop available.
I'm just not sure if any mobile device will be issued.
I don't have the employee handbook just yet.
I will likely wait until the company's policies are clear.
I did see one employee with their iPhone out, so PMDs are probably allowed but with unknown restrictions.
I cannot say much more, and the specifics may be under NDA so I do not wish to discuss them until I learn more.
We'll put this matter on hold.
Quick question: I want to perform a transform like [1, 2] x [4, 5, 6] = [(1, 4), (1, 5), (1, 6), (2, 4), (2, 5), (2, 6)]
(shaddup clippy)
This is very similar to a zip (Haskell)
However, it's not the same - zip only takes the same index from both arrays at a time
I swear there was a name for this operation, but I can't remember it :(
Aha! Python (itertools) calls it product
Cartesian product.
Damn. How did I forget that.
10:11 PM
oh .. peoplle are actually talking here
/me likes Sony stuff

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