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1:07 PM
A: How can I remove the sorting in the Event Log?

Oliver SalzburgYou can right-click the column and select Remove Sorting to remove the sorting:

This took me way too long to find ;P
1:35 PM
@OliverSalzburg installs
@Sathya Please show off some graphs :D
Howdy folks
@allquixotic 'ello
@allquixotic Greetings
1:40 PM
@Sathya I was expecting more! :D
SU: the best site since the su command.
@OliverSalzburg it's from my home laptop which I use from 7pm-12am on weekdays :P
@Sathya Isn't history synched?
plus cleared history several times as well
Oh I see
1:41 PM
@OliverSalzburg not the entire data afaik
You're excused then ;P
just top x omnibox entries I believe
what a horrid morning. I forgot my wall wart for my phone, so now if I plug my phone into my backup wall wart the digitizer will go wacko while it's plugged in. And someone was in live-lock slowing down and speeding up with me (hanging right next to me) as I was trying to get out of a very small merge lane.
mumbles and goes to answer SU questions to feel better
@allquixotic btw, good stuff with this. I"ll nominate it for @JourneymanGeek's bounty giveaway
o_O what's so good about it? the answer isn't even that enlightening... common knowledge etc
oh. the changing it from shopping to non-shopping
hahaha the OP unaccepted my answer
I was like, if I am going to be nominated for something, I'd rather it be for superuser.com/questions/464000/…
1:46 PM
@allquixotic What's common knowledge to you is mystery to others ;)
all that work and only +2 and an accept :P
yet my short answer to the mp3 to wav question got me like 150 rep and a ton of uncredited accepts due to rep cap
A: Why is a 7zipped file larger than the raw file?

allquixoticIt comes down to a concept called entropy. See Wikipedia. The basic idea is that, if there existed a compression operation that could always make a file smaller, then logic dictates that said compression operation would be able to reduce any file to 0 bytes and still retain all the data. But thi...

@allquixotic It's not like voting is closed after 24 hours. The answers can still collect votes over time.
A: Convert mp3 to wav

allquixoticNo. This is an information-theoretic impossibility. MP3 is what is known as a "lossy" format, meaning that when you encode information into an MP3, some of it is lost (but, usually, not to the point that the listener can detect the loss in quality -- the goal of good lossy encoding is to lose in...

I know @OliverSalzburg but the questions that attract viewers/voters always confounds me
And a good answer benefits people for a long time, not just while it's on the front page.
1:48 PM
it's just ... the ... timing/ordering/frequency of views that I don't really understand, the trends or the ebb and flow of SU
like, I can pour my soul into an answer and get next to nothing, yet answer something off the cuff that isn't even that enlightened and get +48
effort != reward
hi @allquixotic. Last time I checked, you got more rep than me.
@allquixotic If you have an answer that gets a lot of votes in a short time, you can be sure that someone shared/posted it on some other site.
Questions go viral on the net
That doesn't mean they're useful
@allquixotic That was a great answer to a tricky question.
@jokerdino, I'm not complaining that I got a lot of rep, just that the whole thing is about as unpredictable as baseball, to me. I don't dislike it for that reason; I just find it curious.
on any given day I can answer a bunch of great questions with well-researched answers and spend a lot of time doing so and get a reward on the order of +35 total, and on another day I can answer a single question that maxes my rep limit for just a few paragraphs of drivel
but that's baseball :P
@allquixotic Call it unpredictability. I would have gotten more rep if I had more rep before hand.
1:52 PM
@allquixotic The amount of effort you pour into an answer should be proportional to how beneficial the question will be to other people.
I definitely agree with you there
If your solution only helps to solve the problem for that single guy, don't expect to be rewarded.
But if it's a question you could see people type into Google exactly like that, go nuts
I do tend to give querants the benefit of the doubt and I'm somewhat liberal on the close / not-close judgment calls (I tend to vote in favor of not-close in most cases), and I also don't normally shirk people on my answers, preferring to put forth true quality regardless of how many it'll help
but sometimes I do put in even more effort if I feel like it's a question that will be widely applicable versus something that's just borderline not "Too Localized"
I do hope, however, that the upvotes rewarded for a question will scale proportionally with how widely beneficial the question's answer is to googlers, or people who post the question on blogs or news sites
@allquixotic Consistent, quality contributions will always be rewarded in the long run.
well, yeah -- I almost consider SU and the other technically-oriented SE sites to be a sort of running resume of my knowledge and resourcefulness. if I ever wind up job-seeking again, I'll be putting my SE profile in my resume
I don't want rep just for rep's sake though. "Wow, that guy has 80k rep" is not going to be an interviewer's reaction. Hopefully they'll look at the actual answers and judge me from that.
1:57 PM
@allquixotic I feel obliged to mention Careers 2.0 ;D
yeah, yeah. ;) I haven't been there yet but I did get the invite, kinda brushed it off for now because I'm gainfully employed
but my SE efforts don't go away, so it's kind of like amortizing the future cost of obtaining re-employment should the need arise
@allquixotic It just allows you to directly include your profiles and questions/answers. It's nice
Diamond studded question (10k only)
@Sathya lol, Nice :D
1:59 PM
/me is not sure why a question about changing the date and time of a mobile phone using J2ME is a diamond-studded question
@allquixotic Because it was deleted by 3 diamond moderators
And it usually only takes 1
oh, okay. deleted. fair enough
But when it was deleted, 2 of the people weren't mods yet.
I may run for the mod elections next time around if I can convince myself to drop gaming on the weekends and use SU instead
chatting makes it 10x more fun and bearable, especially on the days when I read nothing but crap questions and end up voting to close most of them or trying to pry out the real question with implements normally used for root canals
Q: how do you install rarcrack on mac 10.5.8? new to the mac terminal

Travis Dtfsu CrumI have a rar I desperately need whose password was saved as a file on a site that no longer exists :(. I'm running it on a mac osx 10.5.8 and have never used the terminal before but I figured out enough to get up to the point where it says use 'make' and it always gives an error. I did figure ou...

I'm going to go with saying that's a valid question even though it's about installing a fairly shady tool. the question is just how to compile the thing. is compiling stuff from source on-topic or is that SO?
@allquixotic That's one of those things that I'd say is on-topic (using a compiler is software), but something that would probably get better answers from the community at SO
2:06 PM
I happen to have learned most of what I know about computers by compiling stuff from source so I'm going to go with the careful approach of encouraging him while simultaneously reprimanding him for using Tiny C Compiler instead of installing XCode/gcc
anyone ever use ODIN for backup? I have a 35GB .img from it that I can't open in 7-zip or mount >_> the backup was verified but I'm getting worried that it didn't actually work
@r.tanner.f Not me
What's the format of the .img ?
Run file on the image to see what it is. if it's a raw filesystem then you probably need to mount it on a loopback device (assuming Linux/BSD) and mount the loopback device
I've only ever seen that extension for proprietary, application-specific formats
2:17 PM
because you can't directly mount a file; you can only mount a block device
@DarthAndroid: that extension is common for raw dd images of partitions, or partclone images
(both of which are publicly specified file formats; in the former case, it's whatever the filesystem itself laid out at the block layer; in the latter case, it's an open source tool with a custom yet simple format)
Nero has their own .img format
And there's a few other windows utilities that have their own .img format
not sure what ODIN does but if it uses partclone or dd in the background, then there are plenty of ways to mount that image
the only thing that annoys me is that the use of the .img extension is so polluted by different incompatible implementations that it has about as little meaning as ".exe" or ".bin" or no extension at all
I just use .iso for raw filesystem images
2:19 PM
that's pretty incorrect as far as adhering to convention
.iso is for the ISO9660 filesystem format, which actually has its own explicit specification separate from other filesystems
doh I'm on a Windows box right now, no file command. hang on...
I see your point.
back to using .bin then.
you can use whatever you want if you aren't sharing the files with others, but .iso almost always implies the UDF or ISO9660 filesystems as a raw image, not other formats
now if you have an actual UDF or ISO9660 filesystem and you dd that out to an .iso, you're good
as for UDF, I personally disagree with Microsoft conflating ISO9660 with UDF by using .iso for UDF files. they're incompatible filesystem layouts although they're tangentially related due to the frequent use of the filesystems on CD/DVD images
they should use .udf for UDF files; I've never seen .udf used for other purposes
hm, file command returns "data"
@r.tanner.f Awesome :D
Don't you feel a lot better now? :D
2:24 PM
lmao ya
"data" usually means it's an unrecognized file format
@r.tanner.f This is ODIN as in Android, right?
@OliverSalzburg ODIN for Windows
@r.tanner.f Yeah, but the application to interface with your phone?
Windows?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
2:25 PM
@OliverSalzburg No for drive backup
and the table flipping begins =P
@r.tanner.f I was thinking of a different ODIN then...
@OliverSalzburg what does that ODIN do?
But I guess you're using odin-win.sourceforge.net
@r.tanner.f it's for flashing Android firmware
@r.tanner.f It's primarily used to flash custom ROMs on Android phones.
2:28 PM
@OliverSalzburg yup that's the one
though when I first googled for Odin, I found Odin Win and I was like what should I use this or the other :s
> ODIN supports snapshots can be run from command line or with a GUI and runs on 32-Bit and 46-Bit operating systems.
I think they used to have 46-bit IBM mainframes
that's pretty wide portability
@allquixotic I'm not buying the whole 64-bit hype either! I'm rolling on 46, thank you very much
new su question: how much ram can a 46-bit machine allocate? =P
2:31 PM
Luckily there aren't 1000s of results
A: Snow Leopard 64 bits mode (EFI64 Firmware)

ta.speot.isHold down the keys "6" and "4" when booting and this will put you into 64 bit mode. Make sure you hold down "6" and "4" and not "4" and "6", otherwise you will go into a halfway 46-bit mode.

Good eve guys
@avirk Greetings
@OliverSalzburg lmao gold.
@OliverSalzburg cheers
Hey guys have you any Idea what is Accel key?
Can I upvote deleted questions?
2:34 PM
@avirk Accelerator keys
@avirk Another term for a keyboard shortcut
@DarthAndroid No
@OliverSalzburg what are those I got this when searching something for FF
I personally think we should introduce an IPv5 as a transition between IPv4 and IPv6. Make it 46-bit. That's 7 * 10^13 IP addresses, which is more than enough for now. If only Tim Berners-Lee had the foresight to know that we needed that many IPs, he'd have chosen 46-bit for IPv4.
In Windows programming, an accelerator table allows an application to specify a list of accelerators (keyboard shortcuts) for menu items or other commands. For example, Ctrl+S is often used as a shortcut to the File→Save menu item, Ctrl+O is a common shortcut to the File→Open menu item, etc. An accelerator takes precedence over normal processing and can be a convenient way to program some event handling. Accelerator tables are usually located in the resources section of the binary. Accelerators and menus Each accelerator is associated with a control ID, the same kind of IDs which are as...
Plus, since modern computers consider a word to be 16 or 32 bits, you either have to store a 46-bit IP address in two ints or in a long... which means that programmers get 18 bits to play with to insert application-specific data :D
@avirk Oh. I guess he means Alt then
@allquixotic There are more IPv6 addesses than all the cells in all the oeganisms in the world
That sounds immensely fun. Programmers would never misuse that.
we all know that sneaking data into unused segments of words is a great strategy. Right, all you guys who used the last bit in memory addresses whose programs are now incompatible with Large Address aware?
2:37 PM
But I was told we'd never have to deal with more than 640K of memory!
If IP addresses had volume and the IPv4 address space was a jelly bean, the IPv6 address space would be a sphere containing the entire solar system
@OliverSalzburg I want to make an answer but it seems to trouble for me until I wouldn't check it myself :\
@allquixotic I hope we'll switch to a base30 some day and then we'll simply use the DNS names for addressing :D
340 trillion, trillion, trillion
Q: Google Chrome Google Translate

Ansel SimpsonGoogle translate will translate Jp to Eng pages once then not again. Have uninstalled, uninstalled Google folder updated Java, reinstalled. It used to translate pages and then the pages that were linked to pages, not now.

Ah that's a weired question :\
2:39 PM
@avirk Start a new question: "What's the Accel key?"
addresses :P
if IP addresses had volume and the IPv4 address space was a jelly bean, the IPv5 (46-bit) address space would be ... let's see... two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two, sixty-four, one hundred twenty-eight, two hundred fifty-six, five hundred twelve, a thousand twenty-four, twenty fourty-eight, fourty ninety-six, eighty-one ninety-two ... 8192 jelly beans.
@OliverSalzburg you will upvote :P
@allquixotic have you any idea of Accel key?
@allquixotic 8192 jelly beans are quite a lot smaller than the solar system
@HaydnWVN part of me dreams that we'll eventually use IPv6 for home addresses >_>
2:40 PM
not if they're really, really big jelly beans
@avirk what do you mean Accel key? speak English, man!
@avirk: Yes, I would, because I just found the answer :D
Seems like the term "Accel" comes from the use in the browser UI.
Accel is platform-dependent.
@r.tanner.f There's enough to assign each human on earth many trillions each
@r.tanner.f your avatar is more cool now
@avirk xD ty. yours made me jelly so I had to change.
@allquixotic its English man :P
@avirk Looks like it's Ctrl on Windows.
my dedicated server host gave me an entire IPv4-sized subnet in IPv6 space
for FREE
they're like, here, take it, it's sitting here doing nothing... here's the entire IPv4 space just for you
@OliverSalzburg hmm let me check
@r.tanner.f lol
2:42 PM
noms on his jelly bean gently, like a hamster
@allquixotic I still don't understand why they do that.
I get the whole "We have a lot more addresses now!". But if you start handing them out by the trillions because, hey, why not?, then aren't people repeating the same mistake they made with v4?
When they implemented that, they also thought they had more addresses than they would ever need.
@OliverSalzburg Just goes to show you that nothing ever really changes. A million years from now they're gonna go "Crap! We ran out again! Time to roll out IPv8"
true, but people renting dedicated servers are a lot more likely to give up their trillion IPs on a whim and let the pool reclaim them
giving them out by the trillions to mega corporations is braindead stupid. giving them out by the trillions to people who'll probably be using them for only a few years? meh
and if we truly get to the point where we're worried about IPv6 space, reclaiming a few trillion trillion unused IPs should be a no-brainer
A: Difference between CC and To e-mail

avirkThe people you include in the To field should be the people you expect to read and respond to the message. The CC field should be used sparingly. You should only CC people who have a need to stay in the know. The BCC field should be used even more sparingly. People you include in the BCC field wi...

@allquixotic The thing is, there might be new approaches in the future that eat up IP addresses. Stuff we can't even anticipate right now. Exactly as it happened with v4. Now every toilet brush has an IP address.
2:46 PM
Mine was quite useful but wata luck only 4 upvote :P
@OliverSalzburg Billions*
Maybe we'll consume addresses at a much larger scale than we do right now. I just think it's needlessly careless
But even then that's 8 x10^28 groups of 2^32, so...
But @OliverSalzburg, why would anyone need more than a handful of IP addresses for a device? I mean, I'm still using 640K RAM, just like they predicted back in the 80's!
Well, let's just say it's orders of magnitude larger :P
2:49 PM
People always forget to plan for the unpredictable :D
It's orders of magnitude larger than the estimated number of bytes of data worldwide...
I could actually see us assigning, say, 24 IPv6 addresses to every computer, smartphone and appliance in everyone's house. that wouldn't be terribly unrealistic, although a bit awkward and not very practical for certain of those devices, unless you plan on hosting your website on your washing machine
@allquixotic Well, the idea is to get rid of NAT
one thing I can say for certain is that I can see a direct application for assigning every device at least one public IP address rather than being behind a NAT
that allows asynchronous communication by opening up listening ports again
it also allows many more buffer overflow attacks and such to become relevant again
2:50 PM
in other words, yay, hacking time again
Hopefully our OSes have evolved to the point where they can discard such attacks as well as any router...
NAT sucks, though. why do consumer devices always get such a terrible gimped platform for routers, smartphones and other devices that are commonly expected to perform IP masquerading (NAT)?
like most routers run on 200 MHz processors still, but if they'd throw some kind of ARM Cortex A9 dual core 1.2 GHz in there -- smartphone-grade stuff -- they wouldn't end up with situations like "Son? Are you using the router webpage again? I can't download anything!"
it's why my preferred solution for a home IPv4 NAT for a broadband connection involves a desktop computer, or at worst, a laptop
@allquixotic Actually, RAM is often the greater issue... especially with P2P stuff
The processors should be fine, normally...
RAM on the router/modem?
makes sense if you have a lot of active sockets to keep track of
@allquixotic Well, whatever they use for memory.
Bittorrent, for example, overflows NAT tables on low end routers very easily
2:54 PM
although the REAL problem is usually buffer bloat, not hardware, but it's easy to push / break the limits of the hardware too
I have a dream... that someday, somehow, all routers will be free... free of the shackles of TCP ACK priority inversion; poorly conceived AQM algorithms; and resource-constrained hardware
keep dreaming :P
I have a dream that one day this hardware will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed; We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all routers are created equal.
Meanwhile, grab a Raspberry Pi and a switch and set up your own router..
Cheaper cloud storage
Someone was backing up stuff here ....
I have a dream that my four little ethernet ports will one day live in a system where packets will be judged not by the priority of their QoS but by the length of their data flow.
CODEL AQM for the win.
actually my primary internet connection is 4G LTE from my smartphone; but if I were setting up a home internet connection, I'd buy a cheap ITX computer with modern specs and slam a multi-port ethernet card and a DOCSIS card or DSL card into it, run NetBSD or Linux on it (probably Linux because they implement CODEL)
3:03 PM
primary? o.O
unlimited data, 10 Mbps symmetrical; what are you laughing at?
have you used 4G? totally do-able
hopefully no Verizon employees lurk in here
3:03 PM
but I tether
@allquixotic: a good router is more power efficient
uh like $40/month
4G is barely available here, and costs more than getting fibre
wow this chat interface actually is very intriguing :)
actually, interesting thing that came out of my new phone is I just realised how little bandwidth I use ;p
@allquixotic: what country?
3:04 PM
@JourneymanGeek wait, that reminds me... wasn't this discussed in here recently? twice?
I get really good signal both at work and at home, so for $40/month 10 Mbps symmetrical with a highly variable ping that averages between 45 ms and 150 ms and 0.01% packet loss measured over long periods, I don't feel too bad about it
@klyonrad It's awesome. =D It's like some strange combination between chat and message board
@JourneymanGeek, Maryland
@Bob: maybe
@allquixotic: so its good for everything but gaming? ;p
actually 150 ms is not bad
the only downside of 4G is that, like all long range cellular communications, the ping and jitter are highly variable
3:05 PM
it's great for all gaming except FPS. FPS games do not tolerate jitter well at all
the jitter is only between 50 ms and 150 ms, but even that is huge for FPS
is it susceptible to interference from, say, thunderstorms?
not really, in my experience
weather doesn't have a large impact on the 700 MHz LTE band like it does to, say, AM radio
lightning "broadcasts" on higher frequencies than that
ok, there is something screwy here
DD-WRT seems to think I used 20 gb on a particular day
besides, the FCC directly controls the licensed bands
they'd never allow Mother Nature to broadcast unlicensed on 700 MHz
they'd have her in handcuffs in minutes
3:07 PM
I'd LOVE to see them try
Humans have already have done that
But a storm can wipe us all out ;p
@allquixotic: 3g for me for now, the only carrier that does 4g is a fair bit more expensive, and their plans are not as nice as my current provider
the main thing LTE is susceptible to is losing signal deep in the interior of large buildings
also, basements
if you can SEE a window, you're probably fine
3:09 PM
I used to have about 1 Mbps down in a totally cloistered-off part of the lower level of this building, where I couldn't see a window without standing up and looking over the cube wall about 60 ft away
now my desk is right next to a window on the middle floor and I get 4 bars and 10 Mbps steady
@allquixotic: my test for signal strength is the elevator
also, I get 0 Mbps in a Faraday cage. I've been in one. it was a SCIF that was declassified but they kept the equipment
the door lock required multiple people who had different pieces of the code memorized (not written down anywhere)
did it have a red button?
3:11 PM
the A/C and air handler was inside the lab itself rather than on the roof. hearing protection was required. it was this ancient late-70s air handler that weighed several tons and emitted about 85 dB of rushing air sound
it was green and dirty and mucky like it was removed from a roof somewhere, and we nicknamed her Lucy
also we had the office weatherman who would describe to us in very weatherman-like fashion the jet stream patterns for the air moving around the room, and cautioned us to stay away from the derecho, which was a section of the room where you could almost get knocked off your feet from rushing air
albeit he had to do this while screaming due to the 85 dB of noise
@HackToHell That Amazon Glacier actually looks pretty cool
we stopped trying to communicate vocally after about 2 weeks and resorted to setting up a Jabber server within our LAN
yep, seems to be cheaper than anything else
installing a Jabber client on the defense operating system BAE STOP is not fun
@r.tanner.f, Glacier is awesome :D great for storing your music collection
a penny per gigabyte. chrissalmighty.
I toured a retired datacenter at NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center, once. they had a room full of these washing machine-sized hard drives. total capacity of the entire room: about 189 megabytes.
cost at time of construction: millions
today: a fifth of a cent
The XTS-400 is a multi-level secure computer operating system. It is multi-user and multitasking. It works in networked environments and supports Gigabit Ethernet and both IPv4 and IPv6. The XTS-400 is a combination of Intel x86 hardware and the Secure Trusted Operating Program (STOP) operating system. XTS-400 was developed by BAE Systems, and originally released as version 6.0 in December 2003. STOP provides high-assurance security and was the first general-purpose operating system with a Common Criteria assurance level rating of EAL5 or above. The XTS-400 can host, and be trusted to s...
wow, silenced the room a bit there
My progress bar finished... I have to continue work
3:32 PM
I'm waiting for a document to land on my desk. Once it does, I probably won't be back here today
A: Looking for an application that scrolls or pans netbook screens running Windows

SBleck This works a treat on the Acer Aspire One netbooks when running XP. – robsoft May 23 Thanks for your comments, because I was looking for a way to solve my own problem using BPM-Studio 4 Profi in one netbook Acer Aspire One and with NBWinScroll was possible to use it... “NBWinScroll” is ...

now that's the kind of answer, i'm not sure mods have the tools to deal with
Because it's "convert to comment", but in 3 different comments :P
Q: we can able connect more than a single modem (same modems) in a windows xp system?

SIVAKUMAR.JI had one doubt. I want to connect the 2 (2 or more) modems (same modems) in a windows xp laptop. Through the modems i want to use network at a same time. Please send the details it is possible or not.

soooooo bad... I want to say, SIVAKUMAR. Why you are using such bad grammar?
@allquixotic lulz
what the heck?! "Clippy" from MS Word popped up on my screen! Is this an easter egg?! Is this real life???
@allquixotic oh thank god I thought it was the booze when I saw it o_o
3:40 PM
what IS that?!
@allquixotic it is an easter egg
that's not funny, Jeff Atwood! Joel Spolsky! Wherever you are, that is NOT funny!!!
@Bob I think you will like this one
A: Is there a keyboard shortcut for "Paste & Go" in Firefox?

avirkA modified version of Paste and Go2 is available. To install it you have to go through some steps if you have the latest version of Firefox. Doenload the .xpi extension file on your system wherever you want to and now follow these steps. 1: Extract (unzip) the .xpi file. It is simply a zipped ...

Bad, bad MicroSofties!
@allquixotic Blame @balpha.
3:41 PM
I want to say, testing
yep, that's it
@allquixotic It is an Indian name :D
I know.
@allquixotic Man i love your IPv6 rant and the NASA story, really made my day (thanks!)
I work on a program with about 30 Indian-Americans and 7 people who were born here. I know Southeast Asian English so well that I sometimes let it slip into my own writing and speech.
Worse, I have to do technical writing for their documents before we submit them to the customer.
In a few months I'll have mapped out all of the common mistakes so well that I can just write a VBA macro with a series of find/replace statements and auto-TW any document they send me
can't auto-TW clarity or semantics though, so I still have to look at them for that
3:46 PM
very interesting
does that do word order, like "you are" instead of "are you" in a question? most of the issues I find are with word order, certain misuse of words, and the absence of words
also, I find a lot of verbs entirely omitted, so no algorithm can fix that.
@Bob you make an edit of that :D
@Gnoupi, good call on migrating the Google Drive question to webapps
added my vote and it's done
A: How do I sync multiple g-calendars to the new Windows 8 Calendar?

avirkAt the moment most probably this can't be achieved as same Question has been asked on MS Support and they have replied with no. Question Syncing Multiple Google calendars with New UI Calendar app Answer Currently per Google's request for bandwith, Calendar App only Sync root calenda...

@avirk I'll just leave it as a comment.
@allquixotic Insert random verbs!
Finally I put that for @KronoS
@Bob feel free to edit it :P
3:49 PM
@Bob, I end up inserting the correct verb. I can usually tell what verb it is that's omitted.
I'll switch to chatting here in the style that they write documents in and we'll see how it goes
@avirk If by MS Support you mean Microsoft answers, I personally don't trust those 'professionals' :P
@Bob why you don't trusted those professionals? Many of them are Microsoft employee.
@Bob But atm they are only the hope for Win 8 until we don't dig it up
@allquixotic They've told me to try to increase page file size to fix Windows Live Messenger constantly using a whole CPU core in the background.
Why that is not a good fix? We always increase page file size to CPU core problem. We do the needful, if it works, and it works.
3:52 PM
@Bob sometime they are completely dumb and their KB's are not good too expecting few ones :D
Seriously though, that does sound pretty dumb.
I am tempted to buy TechNet just so I can get an early jump on Windows 8 and start asking and answering questions to build up SU's knowledge base on the new Microsoft fail.
imho Microsoft should give me a free copy because I'm helping them so much by doing that
@allquixotic Because there is no lack of physical or virtual memory. I would consider it a bug if WLM, at under 100MB memory usage, was using a whole CPU core due to a small page file. For the record, physical RAM was 6GB, page file was 6GB and cache/free physical RAM was over 50%. Yea.
I'm not arguing with you on technical grounds, Bob. I agree that it was a completely unfounded recommendation. I was trying (and apparently failed) to emulate the language and reasoning of my coworkers.
Still, some decent stuff does occasionally come out of that site.
3:57 PM
@Bob edited it with your link :D
they needed a Task Manager screenshot before they 'concluded' that RAM was not causing the abnormally high CPU usage..
has anyone who's tried Windows 8 found that there are actually compelling changes under the hood to the kernel or the operating system that makes existing software/drivers/hardware run any better? Any new optimizations or removing some of the lock contention that you run into during early bootup? Or is it just more cruft on top of cruft?
I'm pretty fed up with the way Explorer hangs for inordinate periods of time on login/bootup due to various things holding on to locks. That, and regenerating thumbnails on the desktop takes a very long time

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