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12:24 AM
as a side note: fucking Noblesse and cliffhangers
Can't see github at work :(
12:54 AM
@MichaelFrank: onethingwell.org
The post on top.
1 hour later…
2:20 AM
boo. No python 3 at work :/
and out usual shell is csh so...
2:35 AM
A: Is a 7200rpm USB 3.0 drive going to have very similar performance to an internal 7200rpm drive or is it still going to be noticeably slower?

snoopenUSB 3.0 has an upper limit around 5.0Gbps. SATA III has an upper limit of 6.0Gbps. Regardless of overhead these rates are far higher than what a mechanical HDD can sustain for large transfers. Most mechanical HDDs won't be able to sustain more than about 1.5Gbps (HDD Speed results). So I doubt y...

this answer, post altered after getting quite a bit of rep, failed to acknowlege some of the "issues" of having 2 "controllers" 2 "buffer" sets, and a large dependancy on type of "speed" were talking about.
It did not stop anyone from upvoting it.
While moab says , ya sure about 1/2 that. I do not think that is valid either.
When it is less direct connections, you can get full possible speeds going, with something like a large sequential item. but more latencies can exist, in the whole paths and connections.
._. A user just emailed us the password she has, and the password she wants. Ugh.
(We can reset it, or unlock an account, but we have a thing to handle passwords.
@Psycogeek: Nothing really wrong with realising you might not be entirely correct and fixing that up
@JourneymanGeek Ouch!
@allquixotic Don't particularly like the thought of linking my OS-level account to an online service.
@Psycogeek Depends, though. UASP is quite efficient, and USB 3.1 has alternate modes that could quite literally use plain PCIe or SATA with zero overhead.
UMS is shit, that's for sure. But it's easier and cheaper to implement. And MTP is even slower but has its use case too.
2:54 AM
@Bob Depends is right, compare a esata using a marvell controller, to a good 3.0 controller, and the sequential may go UP. provideocoalition.com/a-bunch-of-random-hard-drive-speed-tests has a rack of test (mostly mac style) with results all over the place, but the test itslef looks lameo
A good test should represent some semblance of a reality :-) even have some IwhileO and some random, and some big stuff, and the actual copying of both big and small files. Doing that i would Never put a drive on a usb 3.0 vrses and internal intel controller.
If it is a backup drive, then it really should be at least able to be powered off manually or disconnect manuely . even if that is after you find a virus on your system :-)
It is kinda weird to see people worrying themselves silly (at times) over 1-2% numbers on video cards, and CPU overclocking and all, which can include one card doing 15%+ better in one game and the other the same in a different game. Then the disk, to know there is variations of 10%+ in various operations of controllers and connections, but that All out bottleneck :) not being tested daily.
Sums that link up perfectly.
Is there anything i need to know if I want to boot to a pci-e sata III controller?
@Ramhound Probably just what key to press to access the boot menu. ;)
3:09 AM
So it should be as simple as changing the boot order, and any drives connected to this controller card, would show up?
@Ramhound: Usually it has a bios of its own, and you may need drivers for the OS "pre install". Windows 8 will let you use a USB, can't remember 7, older ones needed a floppy or slipstreaming.
@Ramhound: In theory, yes
@JourneymanGeek I've installed drivers from a Windows 7 bootable USB before.
Its tricky, its a Dell, should I even worry about the sata performance on a ssd if my goal is to replace a drive thats been "doing the magic twirl" on certain exploer windows?
and of course get slightly better perofrmance?
the card or the computer?
The computer currently has a SATA I drive ( I believe )
Speccy just indicated it was a SATA drive
I am worried the drive is going bad ( came with Vista ) so it is at least 5 years old but only used for Word basically
It also is doing this thing where it takes forever to load My PC
3:13 AM
sata 1 would be ooooooold. 5 years should be sata 2?
Oh there's a thing there...
Alright, won't worry about the performance drop
Its since been ugprade to Winows 8.1
will be uprade to 10 if this upgrade works :$
bought a USB 3.0 disk cloner.
I hope to create a backup image of the hdd ( for obvious reasons ) then proceed to ust clone the dirve :$
243GB HDD to 250GB SSD :-)
@Ramhound: what sorta SSD?
Kingston HyperX Savage 240GB SSD SATA 3
oh snap
it should be fine :$
I have Acronis as a backup
upgraded to 250GB SSD Samsung, for -$14, lol
hm. Pro evo or standard?
The standard and evo 840s apparently have issues with data that isn't refreshed often. The pros are rock solid.
850 evo
3:24 AM
ahh. Not sure about those. There's an application for samsung called magician that does a bunch of SSD specific optimsations for you that's worth installing.
The Pro worth extra $40?
Yeah, IMO. MLC rather than TLC Nand (so more reliable), significantly longer warranty (10 years)
hmmmm now i want to go back to my original pick
didnt realize the 850 series is a year old
Pretty much ;p
Do you think the clone function will have a problem with a larger drive -> smaller?
3:27 AM
going to disable page, ect before I do it anyways.
this computer really does not need a 400GB++ drive lol
Here is one forum.notebookreview.com/attachments/… USB3 vs forum.notebookreview.com/attachments/quadra_esata-png.75238 ESATA , with USB3 doing random very much the same and the USB3 winning the sequential by 5+%
(why esata vrses usb3? because more people would have actually tested that, vrses pulling a external out of the case)
i cant decided :$
Intel Cosair, or Samsung?
I think I will spoil my mom, I suppose she deserves it,
3:33 AM
defo Samsung.
More importantly? Its reliable, and you'll have less headaches ;p
<3 my 850 PRO.
Ok, business class has told me, after first hand experience, comes trusted people's first hand knowlege, if you heart it, you sol dme :-)
these drives will have a longer warranty then the pc itself, lol
good thing its no longer an oem license :$
@Ramhound: 10 years is the longest warranty I have seen on nearly anything ;p
yeah, I like long warranties on drives, pay the extra
My 3-year WD warranty came in handy
3:38 AM
And if i did this correct, the complete reverse tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/… ESATA whipping the pants off a 3.0 PCIlane type add-on card usb thing
3:54 AM
Apparently the population of each state in my country is comparable to a country on it's won
@HackToHell crazy, huh?
Hmm... if I'm using an Dynamic DNS service to provide SRV records to certain ports on my server at home, am I better off looking into doing the same things via something like Apache?
@MichaelFrank srv records? 0_0
What protocol?
4:11 AM
@JourneymanGeek TCP
er... so not http?
It's not for web traffic if that's what you're asking.
ahh, then apache would be a poor option ;p
It's for a Minecraft server.
So basically from mc-domain.com to domain.com:25565
ahh k
heh. Joy. I can't access work email from the terminal server ;p
4:16 AM
@MichaelFrank @Ramhound Intel if you can afford one of their good drives.
If Samsung, go for Pro, or at lesat 850 EVO.
840 EVO has severe known issues.
I wouldn't really trust Samsung with SSDs, tbh - there's an 850 Pro firmware update that's known to brick drives too.
4:49 AM
@MichaelFrank yeah
Yea and your a atupid ass machine, if you dont know i can make a cake with ice cream, and that i cant have a shake with a sandwitch , and WTF is that thing in the jello glass.
Freaking robot asking ME if i am the human, What about you you aint damn human and they let you live
"No, I'm a super intelligent dog. And that question is speciesist"
Well they dont make it smell-o-vision , so my dog wouldnt get that either.
Ahh crap, i failed the Sushi one too . Cut me a break, that new image recognition software could do better.
Oh great, no that was Yougurt parfait ,ohhh my misteak.
and fact, the pic in the bottom right , is sherbet , it rarely contains "cream" and often not even a drop of milk.
5:11 AM
They should just have a test where you argue with the bot ;p
<--- Stomps feet on floor like 3Year old , If they had said pick the 3 that are most Icecream (or sushi) like , i would get it, but they removed that for some reason?
5:29 AM
Ok help me out here, i think this is an IQ test (i am dooomed)
5:40 AM
If they want to know if i am human, they should show pictures of Capcha developers, and ask which ones do you want to see dead :-)
2 hours later…
7:38 AM
zgrep is cool
Hmm... this seems cool
@MichaelFrank: Possibly. Or a janky cheap 2 port router ;p
@JourneymanGeek Well yea. I guess it depends on what it actually runs.
7:57 AM
That meta post by harry...
@OliverSalzburg: IKR?
Well, I posted an answer. Very irritating
10 hours ago, by Journeyman Geek
Hm. How do I tell someone who's of high rep that he might be getting downvotes cause his answers might suck? ;p
Sitting at almost 160k and thinking about how to prevent a -2 from downvotes. Even if he had a point, I feel like the suggestion is weird coming from him
...and I also don't see cause for action regardless
Well, I do tend to be of the opinion that he's a powergamer... ;p
8:15 AM
@OliverSalzburg can he turn the old answers into "community" and that would both preserve them, and make them open more to be intentially edited?
Small question regarding pull request, Let's say I fork a branch from X. My branch is Y, I push a lot of commits to Y. When I give a pull request to X, will all the commits from Y be registered on X
@Psycogeek I guess so. I just never thought about changing an old question just because it received a downvote, or 3. That's just how it goes. Some people think an answer is helpful, others think it's stupid. And maybe it is stupid and worthless and deserves to be downvoted to hell
@OliverSalzburg: I tend to look at my old questions, sometimes get embarassed and try to fix em up ;p
(and I've lost some imaginary internet points to outright deletions ;p)
@OliverSalzburg i know some of those , i only downvote old stuff when it was wrong both then and if it applies, now.
But only because i accidentally came across it and it was the usual , not only wrong, but highly accepted for how incorrect it was. Almost expecting if it was more wrong, it would get even more votes :-)
8:36 AM
When I'm on Stack Overflow and I see a shitty .NET answer from 2008, I still downvote it. Age is not a deciding factor when I judge the quality of a post.
And maybe the user can't improve the post now, but maybe they should have written a better post back in the day
If they would then delete the post, just because I downvoted it, even though others have upvoted in the past and might find it helpful in the future, that doesn't make sense to me
Especially when -1(DV) and +1(UV) = 8 or something?
Right. And 160000-2=wat
If a person creates a 50-50 contraversial answer , and 10 people praise it and 10 people condemn it, the rep is still a big win.
The one situation where I'd consider deleting an answer would be if it was a software rec where the software is dead/abandoned and/or can't be found. In which case, editing a replacement and how to use it as an alternative sounds better.
8:46 AM
@JourneymanGeek i have that software on disk here somewhere . . . let me get that for you :-)
Jesus fuck! How can MS not configure their SSL certs right? O__o
Blah. I 'stole' a windows box for testing. Want to put it back... no space where I took it from T T
First 2 certs that were ever faked, were MSes :-) like 5 minutes after the system came out for them.
@JourneymanGeek dont you just put it on the rollaround maintance rack, whistle as you walk away?
@OliverSalzburg how would anyone know? people gave up on contacting microsoft 15 years ago ;-) Dont know what your trying to do?
8:59 AM
I bought 3 keyboard from them recently and 2 of them have a weird noise when using the space bar on the left side. So I need to complain
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
@JourneymanGeek I even tried getting replacements
@OliverSalzburg tell me what button you pushed on that web page? it seems to all work here?
@Psycogeek I went to microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/support and clicked Contact Us
...or Go now below Contact us
works here
need phone number ?
Telefonischer technischer Support:
Privatkundenbetreuung: 0180 5 67 22 55 (0,12 €/min aus dem dt. Festnetz)
Geschäftskundenbetreuung: 0180 5 67 23 30 (0,12 €/min aus dem dt. Festnetz)
9:03 AM
No, I would prefer email actually
ok hitting the e-mail thing, jumps me to here support.microsoft.com/en-us/assistedsupportproducts
The German site works :P
I love it when ya try to get a contact, and instead find yourself in an infinate loop on the web pages. . . especially if your reporting an infinate loop bug :-)
So you call them on the phone, and get into an infinate loop , of being passed from office to office "sorry we do not hangle that, you will have to . . ."
Finnaly they say , check on microsoft answers LOLOL, wherin you post the info, and they say "this belongs on tech net , not MSA", so you post it on MS TechNet, not really belonging there at that level, and they bitch at you for having said it there.
On your way out, you get the oppertunity to swear with the capslock on to the Survey , which doesnt submit because it gets in an infinate loop.
9:22 AM
Sad but true
10:01 AM
@Psycogeek xkcd.com/979
!!xkcd 979
Yes, YEs YES
so many qemu-system-arm threads I found from 2012
all with the same issue, none detailing what they did.
10:20 AM
hm. I have 2 4:3 screens (shockingly) at work
. Yet I decided to put the taskbar on my remote desktop *sideways* so I don't waste vertical space from titlebars ._.
10:38 AM
@JourneymanGeek next you'll be saying they are CRT...
naw, LCD
Not that old too. 2007 at the oldest
internetting through a TS isn't that bad. Especially once I realised I can keep my mail window open from outside
One nice side effect of my site being down 3 weeks
Spam volume dropped right off
11:01 AM
12:00 PM
.attr("class", function(d, i) { return ((i >= 7 && i <= 16) ? "timeLabel mono axis > axis-worktime" : "timeLabel mono axis"); });
How does return ((i >= 7 && i <= 16) ? "timeLabel mono axis > axis-worktime" : "timeLabel mono axis"); work ?
12:22 PM
I find your lack of context disturbing ;p
The motor controller MOSFET on the AFB1212GHE fan gets very hot. much more so than the motor windings, especially when the motor is stalled or when the rotor is caught between poles oscillating without actually spinning
You can feel the heat from the top side of the label on the fan
On closer examination, the stator seems to be hand-wound
That's probably one of the reasons this fan is so expensive
12:37 PM
@JourneymanGeek it's JS :D
Anyway I figured it out I removed that code
1:30 PM
@DragonLord if you get one of those you could always move your computer out to the garage :-) and you can then get a clickey keyboard and it wont be the most obnoxious thing in the house. I used to use "delta" fans , that is why there was so much push to get to bigger fans (120-240) because rpm isnt just noise it is the kind of noise that drills through you :-)
Going back to delta fans in the larger size would be going "full circle" being right back were we started with 80mm whiners.
if they get the rpm just a wee bit faster, it sounds just like a Dentist drill :-)
The center hub (dead space) is also much larger, very high "pressure" in the minimal fin area, because of the large motor.
2:04 PM
@HackToHell see: ternary operator
@Bob figured it out ^_^
2:19 PM
2:36 PM
> Note: as it is mass production, the quantity may be less or more than 100pcs, hope you can understand
apparently "mass production" == "can't count"
@allquixotic \o
3:09 PM
wtf. I'm currently calling MS hardware support and they have this stupid "we're sorry for the delay. your call is important to us" bullshit on repetition every 30 seconds
This is really helping with my frustration with their stupid product
3:34 PM
@OliverSalzburg You mean there are call centers in Germany / USA that are NOT like this? O_o
3:59 PM
@Bob it can also mean they cannot QC. with the large bulk orders you expect 2-3 items out of 100 to be . . . like the potato chips at the bottom of a bag.
Good thing the company motto is "we inspire confidence" (or was it expire)
So I want to check out Google Chrome OS and there's no official download.
If I really want to try the real ChromeOS, I have to build from source.
@allquixotic I assume you used Google Cache to read the actual page
sorry it got closed , it was getting too many downvotes
includes lotus notes time traveler...
4:09 PM
@allquixotic Oh, those are the best.
Even better when they disallow the archive bot
join archiveteam and help us archive things they don't want archived.
we don't care wtf robots.txt says, muahahah
@ThatBrazilianGuy yup; predictably, it's someone reporting the bug I have, with no replies
> When ZFS has direct access to disks, it will bundle multiple read and write requests into transactions; most filesystems can not do this as they only have access to disk blocks.
Reasons to use the entire disk :P
4:14 PM
> Warning

@allquixotic I'm still trying to figure out how to get GRUB working on ZFS.
I don't even know where to start!
Problem #1: whole-disk ZFS uses GPT. I don't have a UEFI system partition...
Problem #2: Apparently GRUB2 support for ZFS is extremely patchy as of late 2014
Problem #3: my laptop just fell onto my face :(
@allquixotic I'm considering just paying the extra ~$40 for an 8 GB flash drive attached to the server.
Can just stick the boot code on there and put a copy on the ZFS pool for easy restoration.
But $40 for a flash drive O_O
that had better be a damn good drive!
the man hours D:
@Bob That's pretty reasonable, except, keep in mind that the Ubuntu 14.04 generic kernel comes with efistub
I wonder if Ryao is still working on zfs...
4:20 PM
and apparently it loads its entire initramfs before booting
@allquixotic I'll be using Debian 8
well I'm not sure if Debian 8's kernel supports efistub or not, worth investigating
A: How to boot load the kernel using EFI stub (efistub) loader?

Pro BackupThe commands below are more generic then for kernel version 3.13.0-35 only. 1. Mount the efi partition and copy the kernel files there $ mount /dev/sda3 /boot/efi $ mkdir -pv /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/ $ cp -uv /boot/vmlinuz-* /boot/initrd.img-* /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/ '/boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-...

@allquixotic Since Deb 7: wiki.debian.org/EFIStub
efistub is awesome for non-multiboot systems
you literally put the kernel in your EFI System partition
(and its initramfs with all the modules)
Problem is, I still need an EFI partition outside the ZFS pool
4:22 PM
at that point, it doesn't matter if I'm using GRUB or EFIStub
this is why I like hardware RAID5 -_- sure, ZFS gets way less control over the disks, but I still benefit from ARC, checksums, etc.
checksums are nice because if the RAID controller decides to flip bits silently (silent corruption), ZFS will know
@allquixotic Well, in two months the flash drive would cost less than the RAID card :P
And ZFS on whole disks should be significantly faster with high IO contention
@allquixotic Or I could go the nuclear option ovh.com/us/dedicated_servers/usb_disk.xml
hmm that didn't work
4:29 PM
@Bob huh, you get free 500 GB backup included with your server, and it can be mounted as NFS
you can apparently boot over NFS
crazy as it sounds
I actually kinda considered that
but that's even crazier than the flash drive
oh, apparently it's a 16 GB drive
that's a bit better
it's not terribly different from their default SmartOS config, which is to netboot your kernel over PXE and the entire disk is a ZFS zpool
I hope it doesn't actually look like the one in this photo!
4:32 PM
That looks like the kind of flash drive you get for $2 from Chinese eBay sellers -_-
Capacity ranging from 128 MB to 4 GB, marked 128 TB
@Bob that's the onsite instructions!
with the modern server with serial and parellel ports, and 14.4K telephone connection.
4:47 PM
@Bob I stumble upon "very trustworthy" guys selling those on shady corners
128GB for $5! So cheap!
and I'm one of only 2 people now left in the office...
why do we have this late shift again? :D
5:11 PM
@djsmiley2k So you can earn extra?
Not sure I do ~_~
@allquixotic looks like zfsonlinux might not support wholedisk -_-
but there's conflicting information too
@Bob ^^ :P
5:20 PM
...9 GB disks? o.O
100MHz RAM?
waiiiit a second
... -_-
like the little Windows NT logo I put in there? :D
@allquixotic Only 256 IPs?!
That sould be at least a Class B!
@Bob yeah, I guess back in the day you could expect more :P
@allquixotic What's the penguin? :S
@Bob Hey, it's from 1998.
There was a penguin.
5:23 PM
@djsmiley2k They don't pay overtime? Is that even legal?
I started late too
so it's not 'overtime'
And my contract states our hours are between 7am and 7pm
I'm here til 8 because thats the time we all finish and it's not worth kicking off about.
anyway, that was a joke in response to the mention of a server with parallel ports
I meant "extra for working at night". I think if it's after 8PM, or 10PM dunno, they have to pay you about 1.5 your pay rate, the law states it
@allquixotic I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with ZFS -_-
so many options
first I need to figure out if zfsonlinux actually does anything when wholedisk is set
@ThatBrazilianGuy Not here...
And I'm salaried. Of course if I do hours outside of my normal 37.5 yes I get overtime.
At old job I got 'shift pay' because was on a shift pattern. But if they just bumped up the wage I'd be happy too (they'd never do that ,as the base wage is what the progression bonus's were worked out off).
5:30 PM
@Bob Well, since you chose software, if you want to utilize all your 3 x disks, you have to use RAID5. Unfortunately, btrfs RAID5 is vulnerable to the write hole: btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/RAID56
as is linux-md (the traditional software RAID block layer)
@DragonLord Nice.... however I got a job offer DURING my interview for this job
writehole pffft
/me does a nightly scan and hopes for forgivemess
@allquixotic I was thinking 2x in mirror, actually
@Bob o.o and what to do with the third? :P
@allquixotic Not buy it?
6:02 PM
K, i'm now really the only one here
in this half of hte office at least, through 2 sets of double doors is the call centre with a few people in it
3 disks -> RAID 1E :)
maybe I'll suggest we get something like that, haha
wait, what if i had a fit?
I am sure with an accelerometer, a gps , in a smart phone, theres an app for that. Epie-Alert
my phone is on the desk as per policy :d
also i'm laughing so much I'm coughing now!
1 hour later…
7:25 PM
Q: Who's crashing my kernel?

That Brazilian GuySuddenly, a message saying "A problem in the kernel package has been detected" started appearing after I login upon boot. A new message is shown every second, incessantly. I haven't updated the kernel in the last 12 days (3.19.7-200.fc21.x86_64). I have installed 5 new packages today: subversi...

@ThatBrazilianGuy just use dmesg and read the cause for the OOPS/BUG/WARN
it should tell you the process id and name if it was related to a syscall
bet you $1 that it's graphics related
if you copy an entire stack trace starting from the top into here, i might be able to give you some help
> [ 0.000000] ACPI BIOS Warning (bug): Optional FADT field Pm2ControlBlock has zero address or length: 0x0000000000000000/0x1 (20141107/tbfadt-649)
[ 13.490693] ACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x0000000000000b00-0x0000000000000b07 conflicts with OpRegion 0x0000000000000b00-0x0000000000000b0f (\SOR1) (20141107/utaddress-258)
That's the only mention of "bug" or "warn". Nothing for "oops".
abrt-cli list is supposed to list reports, but it isn't sorted by time, and grep doesn't show any matches for today.
...well, I gotta leave now .__.
7:59 PM
@allquixotic I just realised I was trying to create an EFI install with the VM booted in BIOS mode
problem: debian live image doesn't support efi boot
now I'm stuffed :P
I need to somehow hack the live image into booting in EFI mode so I can complete the EFI installation of the OS o.O
1 hour later…
9:15 PM
So I gotta fix one of these later on today...
That's a Kodak 2400DSV
9:28 PM
@allquixotic ^
progress! :P
@Bob brill ^_^
now the question is if I can get efistub working o.O
I mean, it booted
it has the zfs module loaded
but it won't finish booting
must've stuffed up some config line somewhere
are you able to manually bring up the zfs pool for root?
@allquixotic trying to. failed :(
wait a sec
I can't really copy the console output
urk, can't check the efi boot options
@allquixotic this has been a nightmare of an installation... deb live image doesn't support efi boot, so I had to grab a copy of lubuntu (I had a 32-bit kubuntu iso, but incompatible with 64-bit efi), then had to juggle loading the deb live image with zfs support and the lubuntu image with efi support, and every reboot required recompiling said support -_-
dropping into lubuntu and installing efibootmgr again now
9:55 PM
nup. boom. no worky. (mass of errors I can make no sense of... I probably stuffed up the kernel params)
I'll probably start from scratch tomorrow and see what happens
10:49 PM
Is someone trying to get a ZFS pool on a Debian system?
@Bob I try not to use initramfs unless I have to; iirc, ZFS needs initramfs?
11:31 PM
cutest puppy in the world!!
He wore himself out at the park :-)
11:51 PM
@Ramhound @JourneymanGeek now refuses to talk to you :P
I have more. I have a picture of my dad who got wore out by the puppy who got wore out my dad both are on their back sleeping away

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