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12:05 AM
How can I stop Clippy from appearing?
It's by design that you cannot disable it. A Meta feature request for an option to disable it will probably get downvoted to oblivion.
As annoying as it is, I don't recommend it.
@DragonLord Oh, I know. I just said that so Clippy would try and help me get rid of him.
Hence the Fanny Chmelar laugh picture. :)
1 hour later…
1:39 AM
Woooo Rubick's Cube done! Left handed only. :)
1 hour later…
2:51 AM
Q: Allow disabling the Clippy Easter egg on chat

DragonLordThe Clippy Easter egg on chat is amusing the first few times it comes up, but can quickly become annoying because it generates a pop-up that requires clicking on to dismiss. Can we get an option in the chat preferences to disable this Easter egg?

If it gets downvoted to oblivion, so be it.
It can and does gets annoying the more you see it.
I know I'm pulling a stunt here. I'm wondering what the community thinks of it.
Q: Allow disabling the Clippy Easter egg on chat

DragonLordThe Clippy Easter egg on chat is amusing the first few times it comes up, but can quickly become annoying because it generates a pop-up that requires clicking on to dismiss. Can we get an option in the chat preferences to disable this Easter egg?

It's been on my mind and I do find it annoying.
3 hours ago, by DragonLord
It's by design that you cannot disable it. A Meta feature request for an option to disable it will probably get downvoted to oblivion.
I know this is a stunt as I've posted a feature request anyway.
I know this could make me unpopular.
But there is merit in this feature request.
You seem to have repeated yourself. Thrice ;p
Unlike IRC, we do have a transcript and all
I know
I must be out of my mind.
I think I shouldn't posted the feature request in the first place.
3:07 AM
This has nothing to do with community moderation work.
It was an incident IRL.
It's been resolved but the effects are bleeding over.
@JourneymanGeek, what course of action is best: mark it or simply delete it?
Leave it be, and not stress out over it? ;p
3:19 AM
@JourneymanGeek After a bit of thought, I've come to the conclusion that the option could end up hurting our community.
> Providing this option can in fact increase the burnout rate of users who choose to enable it. For the same reason, while Stack Exchange provides an option to opt out of Winter Bash, the event exists to counter the general lack of "fun" on Stack Exchange in the first place. Not having any fun at all can turn off users and make the site appear unwelcoming.
No, seriously.
3:32 AM
I donno. Chat is fun ;p
1 hour later…
4:41 AM
@JourneymanGeek Took a look in Daiso. Lots of pencil cases. But I think your case came from the purse section o.O
PRETTY sure it was stationary. And clearly its not a purse, its a doggy manbag
@JourneymanGeek Oh, of course :P
5:16 AM
(I'm pretty sure it was from the stationary section. The 'purse' section has tablet cases but those are for 7" tabs)
6:15 AM
@BenRichards Yes it must be router. Let me know your findings.
@XKCD Oh god. That sounds terrifying familiar (cc @allquixotic)
6:44 AM
Sounds very wild engineer.
2 hours later…
9:01 AM
@DragonLord It was cute 20 years ago in word 1995 (or thereabouts) , to make fun of the original, it was cute when it popped up very few times when using very specific statements, it is still cute, and still makes a complete fool of itself. It adds in its own flavor of stupidity rarely to the chat.
What it Could also be, is way past its time, booring, and Why has nothing changed? development on clippy comes to a screeching halt :-) while every other program on the planet is advanced into a useless pile of really obnoxious stuff.
Huh, a new S4 is now $370
That's... not great, but not too bad.
Clippy is there doing the same stuff it did , working correct everytime, and completly useless too.
So I wouldnt downvote turning it on or off, either way, I rarely assemble words that cause it to pop up. But i would Upvote big time, something creative. Another Code contest to "improve" it .
To somehow change it, say like nakid dancing girls that actually do assist :-)
@Bob so how much then is a used S3? there are those people who must update as soon as it hits the markets, and they will unload last weeks for like 1/2 price barely scratched.
With E-bays extreeme buyer protection, to the loss of the sellers (often) buying used there can have a return policy much like a store does. Even sellers who state "we do not do a refund" are still subject to the whole e-bay policy.
(reducing the risk some)
9:18 AM
@Psycogeek Dunno about used, but new is $270.
I have got more than one fully usable $300 video grafics card before , for only $100 by getting last years models. It still was that brainflunk that it wasnt the bestest one at the time, but was wholly affordable.
I somehow have to aquire a 'mindset", that IF i had paid full price for a S3 and still owned it, that it would still be cool, and usable. with the latent idea that it still sucks that it is outdated leeching back into my mind every time i have a full wallet :-)
cant even get the keyboard for $100 now :-P
9:52 AM
Blah, too much caffeine today.
I'm as jumpy as a jack russel in a cattery.
10:17 AM
what is worse than a Hard drive with a few bad sectors occuring somehow?
Q: Encrypted 3TB GPT partition, after some time password incorrect

ridA few months ago I purchased 3TB drive by Seagate and then decided to encrypt with TC. I did not want to have 2 partitions so I made on GPT partition. Encryption went smoothly since the drive was empty. There are two volumes: hidden and outer one. Over time I gradually added more and more data an...

A hard drive that was also encrypted :-)
People get all secure with thier data, then Lose it, and at that point they would even pay the NSA to recover it. "well they can do that can't they?"
Dear NSA,
Please find enclosed 2 hard drives
one has my encrypted data on it
the second one is empty
use the backdoor you have
and copy the data to the other disk
You do not have to encrypt the copy.
- - Loyal taxpayer
10:57 AM
Ok all set, now i just push this button, and the computer will work all night long , and finish it. While i am dreaming, uhh yea, I Am Dreaming :-)
2 hours later…
12:37 PM
Jeeze, I rarely see failures so bad as the code blocks on howtogeek.com/50786/…
Backslashes trimmed, fancy quotes, it has it all
1:35 PM
the reviews
> This is a great AC charger which I use with my higher-end Android Note smartphone (3200mA Li-ion battery)
> good charge rating of 500ma
would take at least five whole hours to charge O_O
1 hour later…
3:06 PM
Hello Super Users
I'm using screen, and sending commands to a detached window. screen -S myscreen -p 0 -X stuff "command" works like a charm.
now I am in need of sending control keys and combinations of them. (ALT + X, CTRL + C, ESC, etc..)
googled around a bit, can find common ones like \\r and stuff, can't find anything about alt, ctrl, esc, etc.
3:36 PM
@Boris_yo Sure!
4:02 PM
maybe I need to take a new approach to this and stop 'hacking at things'
I have a device running QNX connected via serial to a beagle bone black (BBB) running Angstrom. Both of these are located off site. Between the two I can create a terminal session using `screen` from the BBB and everything is cool. If I ssh into the beagle bone from here I can control the QNX system. nice.
Problem is the boss doesn't want so many steps.. Now I need to pass this 'screen' (terminal session) to a cloud server (I can't think of a better term. a ubuntu box hosted by OVH) then back to my desktop.
I'm sure there are tools to achieve this already, I jut can't seem to find them. I started trying to do this by hand (passing inputs and outputs back and fourth) but that is rapidly becoming a pain in my ass.
4:18 PM
@rlemon He wants fewer steps, so you're going to introduce more points of failure and more complexity? I....
Can any one tell me what is unclear here
@allquixotic fewer steps for the end user often involves more 'automation' and therefore more points of failure no?
@rlemon what steps in particular are being complained about by the boss?
I'm your boss and I have no idea about these computery things. I want to access the QNX thingy. Tell me how I'd do it, currently, with the complex way.
he wants to sit at his desk and run his terminal emulator and point it an XYZ and have it work. he doesn't want to log into any other machines.
Can we re open that question ?
4:26 PM
@Computerone There are too many possible things it could be without going back and forth with you in a trial and error fashion to try and determine the cause. WiFi is plagued with many problems. The solution is very hard to pinpoint.
and before you say that we should allow troubleshooting questions:
A: Are diagnostics/troubleshooting issues on-topic and not too localized?

Oliver SalzburgTroubleshooting questions are bad! We are a Question & Answer site, not a forum. You mentioned becoming a clone of Wikipedia, which is basically exactly what we should be. (Obviously, we don't want to be an exact clone, but we want to be an encyclopedia of problems and solutions to these problem...

It could be that the router is on 5 GHz but the laptop only runs on 2.4 GHz. It could be that the router is using a WPA crypto suite that the laptop doesn't support. It could be that the router has a vendor-specific extension enabled and required that the laptop doesn't support. And on and on and on.
I have included the details ...
@Computerone doesn't matter -- those "details" aren't nearly enough information to pinpoint the problem
There are links that are pointing out to the specification of the router...
There are links that are pointing out to the specification of the router...
@Computerone right, but you gave no indication of how the router is configured
Oops I missed it there
@allquixotic Thanks !
@allquixotic my main problem is I have no effing clue how to 'proxy' the terminal.
I have a webserver, ssh tunnels to a beagle bone, serial connected to a QNX box.
@rlemon is the beagle on the public internet? with a static IP?
from the beagle bone I have no issue getting a terminal to the QNX box. from the web server I have no issue getting a terminal on the beagle bone
or is it on some kind of LAN?
it is ssh tunneled to the webserver
no static ip, but I know the ip
4:43 PM
"ssh tunneled to the webserver"....
for some reason your terminology is making my head go wacko and I'm having trouble understanding the architecture of this thing
I get the linkage between the QNX and the Beagle; that's perfectly ordinary
but where does a web server come in....
when the beagle bone powers up is creates a ssh tunnel to the webserver. ssh -R port: -l username webserverIP -N
this is how I connect the beagle bones to the webserver
I use this currently so I can proxy modbus crap -- that all works. you helped me with that last year :P
crap, meeting, brb 15-20 mins.
5:16 PM
I have replaced the logon shell on a system I'm working on. When I exit the program I use as the shell, I get a black desktop. I can then open Task Manager and start Windows Explorer to get my usual shell back. So far so good
But on some systems, when I go through the process and start Windows Explorer, I only get a file browser window. Why is that?
5:27 PM
I need one of those "this meeting should have been an email" ribbons
1 hour later…
6:43 PM
I just extended one of our tools to be able to instantly shut down the machine on AC power loss. A terrible subject to be working on :P
Unsuspected workstation shutdowns are pretty much guaranteed
@OliverSalzburg UPS?
@allquixotic It's a system control thing that we run on devices we deploy at fairs for more aggressive power management
battery? ah
hiring US expats? :D
Obama® Thensa™ v2.0 protects your Critical Human Capital from expatriating to rival countries! 99.9% effective against valued strategic assets like Programmers, Spiders, Germs, Fixers and Squids! NEW - Now with 1000% more Patriotism!
Thensa ™: Keeping your insects at home, happy and productive since 1947!
7:04 PM
Q: Why does "explorer" sometimes not create a shell?

Oliver SalzburgI'm currently experimenting with a custom shell on a couple of similar Windows 8.1 devices. When I exit the custom shell and then manually start explorer through Task Manager, sometimes it will start the default Windows 8.1 shell, sometimes it will only start a file explorer. From past experien...

There. Proper question :)
In Apache2, how do I get a subfolder to redirect elsewhere? IE, example.com/subfolder should go to /var/www/subfolder, while www.example.com goes to /var/www/www.example.com?
@CanadianLuke Maybe with an additional Location directive in the config
another vandal... and yet their "easy" edit remains, wtf
Hmm... Can't add DocumentRoot inside of a <Location> stanza
@CanadianLuke Then Alias maybe
7:20 PM
Can anyone access client123.talk-about-it.ca?
Good, so it's just the government's proxy... Thanks. Can you also access the same thing at talk-about-it.ca/client123
@CanadianLuke Yes, works fine
Yay, server config right
And the government's proxy caught up with the change now... Lol
Part of my next blog post ;)
@OliverSalzburg Also, I used Redirect client123/ http://client123.talk-about-it.ca to get it working
posted on March 06, 2015 by LukeB

As many of you know, I’m a moderator on Freelancing.SE, and I’ve seen a lot of the troubles other users go through. I also constantly read ClientsFromHell‘s blog, containing many more stories of people just not “getting it” with their designers/developers/other contractors. I have my full time job, and I have my side job. My … Continue reading Developing for

8:36 PM
I still remember when µTorrent was the hottest new shit around :(
IIRC the author hung out on efnet on #win32 as well
where is your gravatar from @OliverSalzburg ?
@allquixotic Cyanide & Happiness EP 5 IIRC
The one with the big blue cat
HAHAHAHA I remember that
Hilarious moment in the car
> Air makes my face cold! >:(
that's totally a "I'm not getting what I want!!!! MYEHHH!!!" face
8:39 PM
Alright, gonna head home. Later guys
8:53 PM

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