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8:33 PM
I'm here... :(
@hichris123 @ManishEarth Group meeting?
assumes role at table
paging @ManishEarth...
Anyway, @hichris123 are you all caught up?
8:39 PM
@Undo Yeah... I read Grace's answer and everything...
@hichris123 Yeah. So basically they want us to quit flagging stuff.
I see... :(
And instead only give lists.
We have the list function set up already...
But is it really the best way?
@hichris123 Yes.
@hichris123 I dunno
From what I can see, I think we're heading towards a mod-only tool.
8:41 PM
@Undo ?
@ManishEarth Meeting about Charcoal!
calls meeting to order
@Undo no, a non mod tool that feeds to a mod tool
@ManishEarth Whatever, @hichris123 and I won't be able to use the whole thing.
Which makes me sad.
8:42 PM
The problem I have with this is it means mods from each site have to go purge them.
Which is time consuming.
Flags are a lot easier...
Unless we want to poke CMs.
@Undo They're busy too...
And some mods from some sites don't seem interested in the whole thing at all.
8:44 PM
Yeah. If someone would give us a universal diamond... ;)
Not gonna happen ;(
So Manish locked down Charcoal in the meantime. It no worky right now for non-CMs.
@hichris123 So you can let app users accumulate flags and the mods can just come by and visit every now and then
@ManishEarth Erm... you think mods from every site are going to do that? You're... crazy.
Ideally it would fead into a tab in the mod tools. But that's very far away.
@hichris123 not every site.
8:50 PM
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 29 secs ago, by hichris123
@Shog9 With this whole comment flagging thing, I have two ideas/questions/whatever. 1: Can we bother you or other CM team members to delete comments? 2: How can we make this more effective?
^ Okay?
But some at least
@ManishEarth Just think of the sites we have right now, though... it's ~10.
Basically, depends on the mods. I don't mind comment clearing every now and then (though I'd use Charcoal directly)
Neither does ThiefMaster
The SF mods are rather... not going to.
Two mods... you two are really receptive to things like this. Others... not so much.
8:52 PM
Going to import SO posts data dump in a bit... :)
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 20 secs ago, by Shog9
I'm going to be much more open to this if you hand me a list of comment IDs AND document the process by which you accumulated them.
We have our mission :D
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by Shog9
@hichris123 You can, but I'm not going to promise that I'll actually do it ;-)
^ I'm very happy that he put a smiley face after that :D
9:03 PM
Yeah... I almost feel like inviting him in here rather than cluttering up the Tavern. :D
oh, that wasn't in reply to the diamond thing ;(
Anyway, the smiley face is good news.
@Undo Heh.
I think I have a plan.
First, we kill Manish's JS thing
Then, we do a huge button change.
Will explain later.
After I fully think through it.
9:32 PM
in The Bridge, 2 mins ago, by badp
@Undo I have been a mod longer than you have been a user. Moderators have room owner here. Trust me.
How uplifting :P
Darn it.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 29 secs ago, by Shog9
@hichris123 no, but you'll be slightly better equipped to convince the folks on those sites to elect you ;-P
1. You have experience on the network.
2. Others (me) think you can handle it
But he's not going to give us diamonds even if I convince him. :P
3. You know the flagging system inside and out.
@hichris123 Well yes, but at least we can practice :P
wonders when Arduino will launch
Did it reach 100% commitment already?
9:37 PM
@Seth I don't think so
185 committers. :P

Proposed Q&A site for developers of open-source hardware and software that is compatible with Arduino

Currently in commitment.

Oh cool. That was fast.
Oh hey, I just got an email to the software rec beta :D
Yep. It's the first thing that comes up when I search area51 in chrome.
10:26 PM
@hichris123 Around? I've applied thought to Charcoal.
Yep. Spit it out. :P
@hichris123 Good.
I'm thinking something like we currently have. We keep the valid and invalid buttons. The invalid button just kicks the comment out of the queue. The valid button brings up a little dialog with reasons for deletion on it.
And we use Manish's little checkboxes to indicate which ones should be whacked.
Then you can go through and select multiple checkboxes, then bulk validate them (same reason box)
All users or just mods?
@hichris123 All users. This is the comment-list collecting part.
If needed, we could have two or three users look at each comment, to increase reliability.
Hmm... I don't know.
10:30 PM
Ug, MYSQL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I put some of the posts in the Comment table.... :(
good luck getting them out ;)
Yep. Like 400... and my SQL program is crashing...
10:31 PM
@Undo I like the idea, it's just how to implement it...
@hichris123 I think we can do it.
I don't think it'll be hard.
Do I have to kill you MySQL?
Anyway... SNOW!
Like 8-13 inches of.
10:33 PM
Which probably means snow day tomorow...
Let's see if this works...
Select *
From socomments
Where DATEDIFF(CreationDate, NOW()) < 2
ORDER BY CreationDate
It shouldn't pull up anything
I have CreationDate set to ON UPDATE CURRENT TIMESTAMP by accident...
10:36 PM
Yep. Let's try that query again...
17:39:32	Select * From socomments Where DATEDIFF(CreationDate, NOW()) < 2 ORDER BY CreationDate	Running...	? / ?
163.754 sec / ?
Well, it did something...
Fetching right now.
17:46:42	Select * From socomments Where DATEDIFF(CreationDate, NOW()) < 2 ORDER BY CreationDate	Error Code: 2008 MySQL client ran out of memory
Is that bad?
Sounds very bad.
@hichris123 Is this on your micro instance?
@Undo No, home laptop. On 3TB external hard drive.
10:48 PM
Yeah, sounds bad
Maybe this'll work?
17:50:44	Select * From socomments ORDER BY CreationDate DESC LIMIT 100	Running...	? / ?
17:50:44	Select * From socomments ORDER BY CreationDate DESC LIMIT 100	100 row(s) returned	152.662 sec / 0.000 sec
Didn't give me what I want... :(
10:54 PM
Let's try this:
Select *
From socomments
ORDER BY CreationDate ASC
It may have gotten set to 00-00-0000 00:00:00
Hrm, I don't know... I may just end up importing posts and then doing an INNER JOIN. :P
17:58:20	LOAD XML LOCAL INFILE 'F:/Downloads/stackexchange/stackoverflow/stackoverflowPosts.xml'  INTO TABLE soposts	Running...	?
wow. you'll be waiting a while.
24 GB if I remember right...
10:59 PM
22.7 GB. Close enough.
For your pleasure:
11:38 PM
Oh, @hichris123 and @Manish, I had an idea a while back for an editing app. I'm thinking something that we could feed posts with common spelling errors or putting thanks at the end of the post or something like that, and it presents it in a queue for us to edit. We can edit it with the API (yes, OAuth required ;(). Feedback?
@Undo Yes, yes, yes!
@Undo Still running...
11:55 PM
@Undo 10 million rows in there now. :P
10184131 rows
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