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1:25 AM
@Undo I have a query for posts that need editing...
Select *
From soposts
Where PostTypeId = 1 AND ClosedDate IS NULL AND Body LIKE '%teh%' AND Body LIKE '%dont%'
    AND Body LIKE BINARY '%i%'
Limit 100
oh, ok
Looks good.
Lemme see how many I get row wise...
3:00 AM
@Undo 537 posts returned...
Sounds about right.
3:15 AM
@3ventic I've seen some of the flags, the comment threads it's been attached to and I can say that this is a rather generous approximation of what actually happened. — badp 14 hours ago
...but the software does expose all that; with easy tools to flag the context. Looks like it's not being used fully either
@ManishEarth You talking about the flag queue?
Lemme read...
He hasn't even seen Charcoal...
@hichris123 No, but he's saying that the flag-spam was very low-effort; just flag a bunch of keywords
If you recall, correct usage of the tool leads to much more than that
@Manish Maybe we should auto make every comment load the show context thingy?
3:34 AM
Hi again @Undo.
Me loves snow days. :P
Me does too.
Ooh, 6 inches of snow so far! :P
3:36 AM
@hichris So do you know this Compukid guy? I find it somewhat odd that he nominates me right off the bat.
@Undo No...
If you're asking if he's me, no. :P
I was suspicious :P
He has an AD profile:
@Undo I don't do Apple products. :P
Ah. So not you :P
I now must figure out what caused him to pick me of all people.
Yeah. You really thought that? :P
I didn't even think of nominating anyone...
3:38 AM
Yeah, I wondered...
@Undo Do we really have to have Cinder on A51?
We have some domain work to do :P
I keep refreshing A51 Arduino... and it makes me mad.
The Cinder part.
5 hours later…
@ManishEarth fail
Note to self: tune the number thingy so that it doesn't catch infinite numbers
...and probably make it catch phone numbers only
@3ventic feel free to improve the regexes, it's on GitHub under findspam.py
@ManishEarth what should be the max. length?
8:47 AM
10 or 11?
Baba spam has indian phone numbers
Github... I guess I gotta go there sooner or later..
Most phone numbers I see start with a 0 and are 10 digits long
but sometimes the 0 is replaced with country code
+ is a replacement for 00
I didn't know that
so +3584565.... would be 003584565....?
8:50 AM
where +35 (or some similar part) is the country code
@3ventic Basically, we need to exclude loooong numbers and only have short ones
Czech Republic is +420
+358 is Finland and that example of mine was the start of my number
don't feel like posting full phone numbers on public pages
8:52 AM
somebody will need to paste this to manish since he has me on ignore
but the ITU specs state phone numbers can only be a maximum of 15 chars
1 min ago, by kalina
but the ITU specs state phone numbers can only be a maximum of 15 chars
so with the international dialing code and prefix, phone numbers can't be longer than 19 chars
and in the instance of a 19 digit phone number, the first two characters will be 00
38 secs ago, by kalina
so with the international dialing code and prefix, phone numbers can't be longer than 19 chars
8:55 AM
19 chars is a lot
31 secs ago, by kalina
and in the instance of a 19 digit phone number, the first two characters will be 00
and after the 00, the next few numbers will be the international dialing code, for which there are plenty of references
@kalina yeah, but 19 chars is a lot
Matching 8-19 chars, even with caveats, will match like every number people post
@ManishEarth yeah but it's only really 15 - you know what the first 4 numbers will be since they'll be 00 + a dialing code + a number
It's going to be one hell of a regex to match properly..
8:57 AM
I know it's a bit of work, but that's how you'd do it if you wanted to reduce false positives
00 + number from countrycode.org + phone number, anything that doesn't match the first few characters is not a phone number and/or a local number that isn't taking into consideration international dialing
@kalina 15 is also a lot. The Apple post would still have been flagged :p
Remember that it's not just 15, it can be less too
but then if you don't match 00 + countrycode.org then you know it isn't an international number
An international call prefix or dial out code is a trunk prefix used to select an international telephone circuit for placing an international call. The prefix must be dialed before the country calling code and the destination telephone number. It is synonymous with international access code or exit code. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) recommends the sequence 00 as a standard for an international call prefix, and this has been implemented by many countries, but not all of them. When phone numbers are published for use abroad they typically include the country calling co...
oh yeah of course, but if you fail the first check you could just look for numbers that are ~10 digits or something
it means you'd perhaps miss some, but it would reduce on false positives
What we can do is just put 3-5 regexes, each of a fixed length
@JanDvorak btw, I'm just about to update the code to use your dict magic
9:00 AM
well you know how much code confuses me, otherwise I'd take a look
@ManishEarth If you want to add regexes for product recommendations, be sure to exclude the Software Recommendations site.
AKA "the spam hole of 2014"
Yay for legitimized spam
((00|+|99)\d{1,3}(\-|\s)?|0)((\d{3,5}(\-|\s)?){1,5}|\d{9,15}) this should catch most, no?
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started
@3ventic wut
9:06 AM
@3ventic debuggex link?
I don't see that software rec site lasting too long
googles debuggex
@3ventic I see you're using regex to solve a problem. Now you have two problems.
@kalina Animuson just gave them a stern warning..
9:07 AM
I need some valid phone numbers
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started
SE should repurpose me for the specific use of dramatising software-recs until everybody gives up on it.
@3ventic note that the babaji guy puts spaces in the phone numbers at times
That'll still match a whole bunch of 0
@3ventic uhh.. the + needs escaping
9:08 AM
@ManishEarth That's in the regex I made
@JanDvorak noticed
it'll match partial phone numbers too, tho
shouldn't group 3 be -?\s?
9:10 AM
- or space, no?
can't there be both?
I've never seen people use +358- 4565...
but I guess so
people are random
also, can't there be slashes?
feel free to tweak it, it's just a 3-minute pattern I rushed
Oh my...
9:12 AM
+420/123 456 789
I can't say I've ever seen slashes in a phone number
your example does look like something that might happen though
Phone numbers are soon worse than timezones
@3ventic there are libraries for timezones
Which is great
@3ventic the requirements for timezones don't change over time, they're barely annoying at all
9:14 AM
@kalina You didn't watch the video
I can't via chrome rdp :(
sec, let me just mash my face on the keyboard to wake up
there we go
1 hour later…
11:04 AM
Maybe you should add some common blog urls to the spam detection?
those that advertise through spam, I mean
@3ventic like?
Remember, it currently tests the titles. The body is only partially recieved
If you want, you can add a "spammy blog" ruleset entry via pull req
I don't know python tho
That's a horrible title.
2 hours later…
2:31 PM
@hichris123 Um, please don't gain rep on a site just so that you can vote in an election. Not disallowed, but not really good either.
@ManishEarth Whatcha think of SR so far?
Same here.
good meta activity though
They need to crack down on one-liner answers.
2:34 PM
people are trying to fixify
@ManishEarth I think we have like half of the mSO regulars there :P
3:23 PM
@Undo I'll help out with SR in terms of editing & organizing & (the dreaded word) moderating. But probably not too many answers/questions...
Hiya @tschoppi!
1 hour later…
4:33 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started
5 messages moved to Trashcan
@ManishEarth What just happened?
@hichris123 Restarted the bot twice.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 27 secs ago, by Manishearth
added timestamps to SmokeDetector so that I can just grep the logfile next time
Oh, okay.
Also added an abort notification
It's a separate program called with a semicolon, so it will always be called regardless of the exit status
4:38 PM
@Undo huh?
Manish's bot is once again a drug abuse detector.
I suppose :P
I can't stand my pitiful lack of edit privs on m.SR
Once again, I make a suggested edit two seconds after the OP edits and I overwrite their change -_-
I got repz on SO! Yayz!
4:46 PM
I think your caps lock key was on while writing this post. — Avinash Raj 3 mins ago
@hichris123 Now go get rep on SR so I can nominate you.
@Undo No thanks. You're the nominated one, the chosen one.
1 hour ago, by hichris123
@Undo I'll help out with SR in terms of editing & organizing & (the dreaded word) moderating. But probably not too many answers/questions...
Well, I'm 13 rep away from 1/3 of the way to 3k from 2k. :P
4:49 PM
Hmm... I wonder if this is an audit. :P stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/3985023
@hichris123 Make your guess :-D
@JanDvorak Someone else just got my audit. :P
> Review audit passed 19 secs ago:
Yayz! 2335 repz.
5:32 PM
Snowing here
Heh, we already got our snow. :P
I think around 8-10 inches on the ground right now.
We got our snow very late this winter..
Yep. I love snow days!
And there's unusually little snow
5:33 PM
@Undo A spam button comes up in the post revisions...
@hichris123 Ha!
I think my autoflag button does too.
Let's see what it does...
It makes a null entry @Undo...
not surprised.
5:54 PM
Q: Is there a faster Android emulator?

UndoI'm playing with Android development, but the emulator is sooo... slow... It takes upwards of five minutes just to start up! I'm not interested enough in Android development to continue pursuing it with such a slow virtual device (and I don't really want to go buy a real device). Is there a fas...

@hichris123 ^
Ah good. A downvote.
Now we try to figure out why...
@Undo People don't like android apparently. You got a downvote. :P
I'm actually kinda happy when someone actually downvotes something. We need that.
Maybe quantify faster @Undo?
Ah yes.
I'd be interested to know why this has been downvoted. — dotVezz 1 min ago
No, that's not my sock. :P
5:57 PM
1 hour later…
8:19 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] test
@Manish Whatcha doing?
testing :p
Testing what?
Sure. :P
9:11 PM
@ManishEarth What is going on..?
No link there..
[ SmokeDetector ] abc@Seth testing what I can feed into the chat api
Cool, got some control characters through there
Oh cool. If I had any time I'd try to help you guys. Little enough that would be though :-/
[ SmokeDetector ] #echo haha
@Seth copy the above into a terminal, see what happens
The commented line
9:18 PM
@Seth because malice
@ManishEarth I see.
Note that the comment didn't get copied
I know enough bash to not copy the comment :P
@Seth copy the comment. See what happens
Or, try this one
[ SmokeDetector ] charming people
@ManishEarth well nothing ofc.
9:21 PM
@Seth try this one. Do not press enter.
Too late.
No dir called people in my home though :P
@Seth haha
So how does that work? I get the char part, but what happens to the ing?
@Seth huehuehuehue
wait no.. I don't get any of it.
9:23 PM
I am very evil^H^H^H^Hnice
got it now?
Let me see if I can make something truly malicious
@ManishEarth nope...
@Seth look at the next one. Do not press enter
huh. That wouldn't work on Ubuntu anyway though.
wait messed up
Need one more space too
9:30 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] I like Undo's charm -- he's really one of the nicest people I've met /
@Seth Control characters
^H is a backspace, and bash interprets it that way
@Seth so when you type it into the terminal, it thinks you pressed backspace
try ctrl-H in cmd
Basically I passed literal ^Hs to the script from the command line arguments. It worked
I see.
9:35 PM
Q: How can I protect myself from this kind of clipboard abuse?

Sam HocevarClipboard abuse from websites Many websites use JavaScript or CSS to stealthily insert or replace text in the user's clipboard whenever they copy information from the page. As far as I know this is mostly used for advertising purposes, but PoC for exploits have been demonstrated. However I disc...

I like Undo's charm -- he's really one of the nicest people I've met /
now I really get it.
9:51 PM
Q: Stack Exchange (main+chat) should block or render unprintable characters

ManishearthGiven that people share code on the main site and chat, it might be a good idea to either block or explicitly render control-characters and the like. For example, if you copy the following code block into the nano editor (please DO NOT copy paste directly to the prompt, or if you do, please do n...

Can I ask how you add those characters?
10:03 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] #Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike / Author Manishearth
10:41 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started
Q: Charcoal - free bad post finder and flagger

The Wobbuffet It's now in the Google Play Store (Android), available here. Coming soon to iOS! (about 1-4 weeks) Please note that mass flagging is not helpful to moderators, so please watch how much posts you flag. So far it only finds comments to flag, questions and answers coming soon! In the current v...

^ is that you guys?
@ManishEarth Well that was good.
@kalina Tavern regular. Liked the idea of Charcoal, made it into an app.
so not you guys
I think I pinged him and just notified him of recent events. Not sure
10:55 PM
I won't go sticking my password into it then
11:42 PM
@hichris123 As soon as the mod nomination thread happens on AI, I want you to tell me. Understand? ;)
@Undo Um... okay?
Uh.. uh.. someone accepted my meta answer?
Q: Questions about book references

Mhd.TahawiBook requests for different fields of A.I on this site are unavoidable. I am thinking about asking a question similar to the this one as a community post to collect recommendations about books as a reference for future questions once and for all. the nature of this question is much wider than ...

Okay then.
Why do I have less rep on meta than main? :P
I have 106 rep on main...
Good day. :P
11:54 PM
it takes time to propagate between the two

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