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12:21 AM
8 more edits...
for future reference: bot moved here:
@hichris123 Hi, could you move this message to the above room so I can see the ID for messages moved into a room? :P thanks
@DoorknobofSnow It looks like I can't because it's mSO chat.
@kalina Hmm?
@hichris123 whoops, forgot about that :P
@hichris123 "their", not "they're" :P
12:30 AM
I just realized that... :(
Thanks for the terminology... I don't know any of that. :P
it's fine, that was a wild guess on my part as well
stupid league of legends
Yeah... I don't play most of these games.
me either, LoL is full of the worst scum on the internet
Strong opinions. :P
completely fact, easy to back up if I could bring myself to go to the RIOT forums
12:33 AM
That was the fastest edit approval I've seen. :P
let me know when you're done, then I can sleep :p
Okay. Few minutes (2 edits). :P
@kalina Last edit for the day. :P
Go sleep now. ;)
@Undo I should be at 151 rep on Arqade soon. :P
Like now. :P
Since you're not in the US, I assume you're not watching the Super Bowl @kalina?
even if I were in the US
I'm not interested in sports
so I still wouldn't be watching it
12:47 AM
It's.. boring right now. :P 22-0
@Undo Buggy bug. :P
@hichris123 where?
Clicking spam on nominations = null.
@hichris123 Uhh... yeah :P
Don't do that :P
We can fix that, though.
@hichris123 Because nominations aren't spam.
12:52 AM
@Undo Why not? It's... fun!
@Undo You never know. ;)
I congratulate any spammer who gets to 150 rep. :P
Hm... 3rd choice left now. :P
@hichris123 You've already voted for Ashley, I assume? ;)
@Undo looks for Ashley nope.
@hichris123 She's a good mod on Pets.
12:55 AM
pets is hardly the third most active site on the network though, is it
No, but... (s)he who can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with very much ;)
you should probably each make your own choices
Probably, but we can share suggestions ;)
I'm sure the voting rings rules would still apply for moderator elections
Meh, I kinda don't know anyone at all. :P
Except for 3ventic.
12:57 AM
since none of you are actually active users of Arqade, it's probably better you just leave it to the Arqadians to vote
But... mod elections! :P
This is my first mod election BTW.
as somebody who doesn't actively use said site, you don't have to live with the consequences of your choices
IMO "150 rep to vote" should be changed to "requires established user privilege" anyway
We can vote for those that we know to be awesome from elsewhere on the network, though.
@Undo just because they're awesome elsewhere on the network doesn't even mean they're active on a day to day basis on the site they're nominating themselves on
If we were coming in and voting randomly.. there would be problems, yes. But (I, at least) know something about user activity and whatnot.
"wooo 2.5k rep on a site you can effortlessly rep cap daily on"
And don't think that I don't lurk on Gaming :P
lurking != using
No, but I can get the picture.
1:01 AM
@kalina Meh, you can effortlessly get downvoted too.
IMO the important factors you should consider when choosing a moderator for a site is how active they are on that site, their flagging history, their review history, their meta history, the types of meta posts they made (are they all mundane 'merge these tags' things or do they actually start meaningful discussions that end in results)
@kalina All things that I do anyway on every election that pops up.
because boredom.
how active a user is elsewhere on the network is irrelevant, they could be the best existing moderator on the network but if they only log in once a week on the site they're nominated on then they're not going to make a good mod on that site
Remember we do have to live with our choices when it comes time to clear Arqade of certain types of comments.
@Undo Where's Yi Jiang's election page for Arqade? :P
1:04 AM
@Undo True.
@Undo this page is hilarious, the amount of people who're missing badges like "sportsmanship"
just... *facedesk*
is still proud of his choices
Heh, same here. :P
1:12 AM
if you had responded a fraction of a second later, I'd have a screenshot of me saying night in every room I'm in and being the last message
Then... do it again. :P
no, the moment has passed now
and the spam limiter is absolutely owning me
1:14 AM
Hiya @EnergyNumbers!
Oy @EnergyNumbers
Ooh, a Sustainable Living mod. :P
@hichris123 We haven't given them any flags yet, have we?
Not I.
Maybe he's here to ask for some.
1:15 AM
Or we did something... unintentionally.
let's bombard them with flags
@kalina You have Charcoal login?
@kalina Want one?
1:16 AM
Morning all. Just passing through.
but like... in 8 hours
because... actual sleep time now
@kalina Ok. Pingy one of us then ;)
@Undo I'll make some SEDE queries for them.
1:16 AM
if I don't get my beauty sleep people will be scared of me
@hichris123 Looks good.
@Undo Watching the Super Bowl?
@hichris123 Kinda sorta.
Halftime is... interesting. :P
1:20 AM
tries to spell sustainability
Yeah, hard word to spell. :P
@hichris123 SL is in Charcoal
@Undo That's kind of you to offer, but personally I won't be welcoming bots for now, thanks. Other SL mods may have different views.
@EnergyNumbers We're not bots, actually.
@Undo that goes whether the bots are silicon- or carbon-based.
1:25 AM
@EnergyNumbers Heh.
So @EnergyNumbers are you forbidding us from flagging SL comments? :P
1:52 AM
@EnergyNumbers So that means you're a bot too. We're all bots here. Join us in peace. :P
@Undo I welcome civil active human contributions to the site. Please do start with posting some questions and/or some answers. We're trying to grow a very young, small site; key in my mind are that we also have to maintain a motivated and supportive moderator team. Making busy-work for the moderators isn't going to help. Posting great new content is.
@hichris123 Heh, no, I think you've missed what I was trying to drive it. I guess I was too concise. I welcome conscious, human, considered participation. I'm not a big fan of actions merely triggered by a search, on a site as young and small as ours. It's really lovely that attention here has turned to our baby of a site, and I'd very much welcome any new awesome content that folks here would like to contribute.
I get a real buzz of enthusiasm here for the StackExchange ethos, and we could really use your energy.
@EnergyNumbers Okay, I'll post a plzsendmetehsustainability question now. :P
Hmm, I don't know much about sustainability, so... what's your scope?
@hichris123 We deal with the micro (how can I live more sustainably, in my own immediate sphere of influence), and the macro (what are solutions to regional, national or global sustainability problems).
It's generally about finding ways to use finite resources in a way that doesn't deplete them to the detriment of future generations.
Huh, you must have some interesting questions then. I'll have to look...
Ooh, @Undo can we parse pages with Cinder?
2:05 AM
To get the post id.
<a href="#" class="flag-post-link" title="flag this post for serious problems or moderator attention" data-postid="572365">flag</a>
right there
6 hours later…
8:24 AM
4 hours later…
ooOOOooo, Monday morning finishes in 4 minutes
1 hour later…
1 hour later…
2:42 PM
50,000 new obsolete comments in Charcoal :D
3:12 PM
@undo does actioning through this affect my flag stats?
@kalina oh, probably should have told you: you have to go the the site to flag.
Or you can use Manish's JS flagger
But yes, they're your flags.
note to self: make decent help screen
and then click 'valid'/'invalid' ?
valid meaning "yes I flagged this" and invalid meaning "no I didn't" ?
@kalina Exactly.
Also, Arqade is in there ;)
arqade mods aren't going to like what happens next
I've successfully made mod-enemies everywhere I go by using the tool.
3:19 PM
time to utilise all 100 flags in one hour
Mods absolutely love huge flags counts out of nowhere.
That they do
well, I would, if I were a mod
well, I did nominate myself in the election
I did get turned down
3:20 PM
Yeah.. :|
and I was responsible for 30% of the flags raised on the site so far this year
now it will be more like 60%
Your past reputation is holding you back a lot
(not rep points in this case)
sorry that people hold grudges
@Undo I can make mod enemies without a tool
with a tool, I'm going to be practically hated
I've had large falling outs with SU because I took part in one of their cleanup efforts and basically flagged all the things because I only had ~200 rep
while simultaneously flooding the suggested edit queue with edits
also the "reload flags" link doesn't work
3:24 PM
It will work sometime in the next month.
Unless you want to go make it work.
eww code
to add to your todo list, make a:visited an obviously different colour please
yeah, probably.
3:43 PM
Leaving until about noon mountain time, cya then.
that's all 100 on arqade used up
@Undo have fun
4:06 PM
I have now used up all of my flags on all sites I am a member of
I'm not going to sign up for the others for now, but will do at some point
oh. I've got some 70-90 accounts.
I have 18
and I try to be active on them all
although I haven't started working on ~5 of them so far
I'm actively working towards electorate/marshall/copy editor combo on every site I sign up for
and once I have got that far on the sites I'm on at the moment, I'll sign up for another bunch more
@kalina valid actually stores it in the autoflagger memory, and from the button up top you can generate JS to mass flag without hitting the throttle. It just means "the comment is a valid flaggable comment and I intend to flag it soon"
4:15 PM
I'm no good with scripts and stuff like that though
you'd have to teach me... in private, so everybody else doesn't laugh at me
4:42 PM
can you add English Language & Usage to Charcoal?
1 hour later…
6:05 PM
damn, Arqade reject a lot of obsolete flags
1 hour later…
7:29 PM
@kalina I hate it when that happens.
7:51 PM
@kalina Really? Hmmm...
What's one they rejected?
1 hour later…
9:08 PM
Undo has added an event to this room's schedule.
Undo has added an event to this room's schedule.
Undo has added an event to this room's schedule.
You put two of those as "#2"
@GraceNote Yes
Ohai @GraceNote!
What's going on?
I'm poking at the chat requests, trying to get into TL.
To very little success.
9:19 PM
Undo has removed an event from this room's schedule.
Undo has removed an event from this room's schedule.
Undo has removed an event from this room's schedule.
@Undo Oh. May I ask why?
@Seth Because I want to.
oh. ok.
I don't really have a reason beyond seeing a locked door and wondering what's on the other side of it :P
Right :P
9:25 PM
Oh. I see. That's what you're trying to do.
@GraceNote Did special secret bells/alarms call you in here?
I noticed the scheduled events.
I should name them something more innocent in the future :P
Undo has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
9:38 PM
Hi people...
Hiya @hichris123
I've had a productive day of poking at TL and getting my fingers caught in the door.
What happened to those stars?
Oh, there they are...
^ Ask there.
I'm on a laptop tethered to a 3G phone, so it's slow. My internet is out...
9:40 PM
@Undo Heh.
reminds self not to post ginormous GIFs
I lost 5/6 of my rep :P
Hmm, so what was your TL stuff?
This can't be good.
@Undo Why?
@hichris123 Poking at the requests in Chrome's network inspector, pretty much.
@hichris123 Looky over there
9:42 PM
I see... weird.
Probably Grace messed with it. :P
Now I can't see worthless chatflags from the bridge! waaaaa!
@Undo Heh, I'll join you in your war to get into TL if I can figure out how...
NO!!!!!!!!! THE BRIDGE FLAGS!!!111
I don't think it's possible.
I think it's locked down tight enough that you would have better luck getting a diamond.
9:43 PM
Meh, there probably is a way...
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 7 secs ago, by Undo
Uhmm... so I'm poking around the door to TL and all the sudden 5/6 of my chat.se rep disappears. Coincidence? :P
Ug, I got two pings on mSO chat and nothing on my Mathematics question I want an answer to. :P
@hichris123 Linky to it? I'll take a look.
So it seems like it would be ($x^m +y^n - z^r)/ p_1 = remainder$ $0$, however, how can this work since the sum shouldn't be close to $p_1$? (Also, $x^m +y^n$ should equal $z^r$, so some results from this should have $x^m +y^n =z^r$.) — hichris123 yesterday
^ That comment
9:45 PM
I hate that it doesn't MathJax... :(
@hichris123 Maybe it's new-question time?
Maybe... I don't know.
> Registered user anon, member for 3 years, 8 months, last seen 10 hours ago, reputation 52.6k
Maybe not... I'll give it a bit more.
@Undo Me sees useless comment upvote. Coincidence? :P
@Undo Your chat.SE rep should be back now.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 53 secs ago, by Marc Gravell
I did a forced refresh; back to 30k
No, I didn't do anything to you.
Huh, odd.
I came to investigate, heard what you were doing, and mostly buzzed off.
9:54 PM
@GraceNote Did your special tools tell you a lot of events had been scheduled?
heh, I never suspected you :P
My eyes told me three events had been scheduled.
Do you have a thingy to track events, though?
@hichris123 Huh, that was weird
Nothing special in particular, no.
9:56 PM
@Undo now goes to break other stuff and fix bugs
oooh, idea.
@ManishEarth around?
I wanna see if I can star stuff in private rooms.
Mmm... lemme look at the POST it sends...
@Undo http://chat.stackexchange.com/messages/13410024/star and data is the fkey.
Now we need a message ID in a private room.
9:59 PM
Well, just choose message id's.. do they go to a room if you choose a right one?
yes, methinks they're unique throughout the rooms.
@Undo ?
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