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12:00 AM
I'm curious what that means!
@powerdork you talking about the "spiritual manifestations" or the "battle quail"?
Cos I too want to better understand the Battle Quails XD
Both, even.
Mumphrey is Harriet the Invincible's battle quail.
@BESW That's amazing
@Powerdork Well, the world we're playing in is split into three parts, or regions: The Light, The Night, and the Dark. The Light and the Night are ruled over by two Queens, each in charge of their own region, then the "middle men" are the Baron, the Duke, and the Count, which each take turns to govern over 3 of the 4 seasons. The fourth is left to the people.
No one has been able to get through the "Forest of Nightmares", which separates the Light and the Night regions, but rumours have been told that it is possible. And no one wants to go into the dark.
As for the population, the concept is that when a person dreams, within the inner Realms, a representation of them is manifested in the world. And since these people are created by dreams, they themselves cannot dream (apparently that is a very important detail... I smell a plot hook)
The Warforged, on the other hand, are not created in the same way... Instead, they are empty shells that are merely inhabited by less detailed "dream" representations. The fleeting idea of a person, rather than anything detailed. Imagine a nightmare when a crowd is running from a monster. You never see, nor focus on the other people, maybe only one or two. You never see their faces, or hear their voices, you only get an idea of that person.
12:18 AM
(Like actually neat, if I were in the game I'd want to explore their nature more.)
My Character is part of the "Maintenance Cult" that maintains all the mechanical and electrical systems in the city, but he has a strange and intense fascination with the "mechanics" of the human body, and a strong attachment to a skull he carries around. No one (not even he) knows where the skull came from, it was just on him when he woke up.
The idea is that since Warforged have such short lifespans, in this realm it's not due to their physical lifespan, it's due to their "attachment" to the realm. Over time, it fades, until the shell is left empty again, ready for the next "person" to inhabit it.
12:54 AM
hey there @linksassin
@Shalvenay G'day how's it going?
@linksassin alright here, as for you?
@Shalvenay Not too bad. Things are pretty quiet at the moment.
@linksassin ah, likewise more or less. did get to take 4e for a spin recently so that was nice. also, how's your bladesinger doing?
1:09 AM
@Shalvenay Good. Got one or two very enjoyable combats in before our group went on holiday break. Our DM is taking some time off until mid-feb.
@linksassin aah
1:23 AM
[waves back]
What's good?
doing alright here even though Saturday didn't work out.
@Shalvenay What didn't work out?
@linksassin ah, was invited to a session 0 but the inviter kind of jumped the gun on the invite
1:38 AM
@Shalvenay Oh, that's a shame. Sorry to hear it.
2:34 AM
Could someone with a screenreader look over this answer that I've just edited and let me know if it can read it okay?
I did some formatting jank to try to preserve the original style I used with the Mathjax in Markdown, and I'd like to know that the jank didn't interfere with the readability in a significant way.
How often does community to this?
First time I've seen an edit quite like that. I'm rather surprised at it in all honesty, and kinda laughing that it changed behaviour to behavior
Oh, community owns anonymously suggested edits
@Medix2 That's a suggested edit by an anonymous user
@Medix2 Well, I sometimes have to stop myself from changeing that the other way, so *shrug*
@Medix2 Regional spelling differences should be discouraged generally, but that edit does more than just that so it was alright.
It's funny working on sites that use British English but then there's random words where I just have no idea if British English has a u or an e or something else in there
2:51 AM
@Medix2 Then there's us Australian's just messing with you. We generally use British but have a few random exceptions.
Of course, all this as if English spelling made any sense to begin with XD
@linksassin True blue eh
The one thing I like most about the variation of "Australian English" is the use of "Umm" instead of "Err"
What is "err"?
The sound some people (ime generally british people) make when they're thinking.
> "I’ve got a report here from the Text Sea Environmental Protection Agency saying that reserves of the letter U have reached dangerously low levels—we need to decrease consumption until stocks are brought back up. Any suggestions?"
"How about using a lower-case n upside down?" said Benedict.
"We tried that with M and W during the great M Migration of ’62; it never worked."
"How about respelling what, what?" suggested King Pellinore, stroking his large white mustache. "Any word with the our ending could be spelt or, don’tchaknow."
2:56 AM
Like "Err, where are we going?" or "I want to go back err no, not back, I want to go through"
@Medix2 yeah
@BESW Now that was downright hilarious
@BESW Reads like an excerpt from Hitchhikers.
@BESW Reserves are obviously low because one is spent being every q
2:59 AM
:56886820 The Well of Lost Plots, from Jasper Fforde's "Thursday Next" series.
Fun fact about me: it took me three re-watchings of "A Knights Tale" to realize the Character's name was "Wot", instead of used as slang. E.g. I thought "Give us your dagger, wot" actually meant "Give us your dagger, yeah?"
I recommend at least the first book (The Eyre Affair) for anybody who enjoys noodling with "classic" English literature. It's set in an alternate universe where literature is the dominant pop culture influence. Instead of interactive screenings of Rocky Horror, people go to interactive performances of Richard III.
@Ben Probably a diminutive of Walter.
True. Tbf I watched this when it first came out, so, still on VHS, and I was 12 haha
I looked it up just now and they spell it Wat, which surprised me because I'd assumed they were saying Wart (the nickname given to young Arthur in White's The Once and Future King).
So we were both wrong!
@AncientSwordRage comb is from Snow White too
3:11 AM
@BESW TIL haha
MUDSLURP (Multi-User Discord Server Lore-Universe Role Play) by Will Uhl. roleplaying game about asynchronous communication, intersecting storylines, and carrying a piece of your characters with you in everyday life. Compatible with other TRPGS. Also available on itchio and DTRPG.
The Hollows by Gordie Murphy. An eco-horror Trophy hack about draining the energy from the earth to fuel your magic
strasa wrote a twitter thread about reading the quickstart guide from the Lighthearted Kickstarter.
Just informed my workmate of the origin of "Lunacy". They didn't realise it was the effect of the full moon on people's ability to sleep.
Q: What are the rules for the adventuring gear Hammer and Sledgehammer?

One EyeA hammer and sledgehammer appear in the Adventuring Gear table on page 150 of the Player's Handbook; however, there aren't any rules for either of them. My players have asked about them before. I told them the sledgehammer gives you advantage on Strength checks where you could smash something sor...

4:31 AM
On a related note: the dice roller room is frozen lol
@Ben Fixed that for you.
5:02 AM
Pips are good. How many of you use dice with pips instead of numerals on the regular?
Advanced pips.
Yes/No/Maybe pips
@Powerdork I have an assortment. Some with Pips, some with numbers, one that's the Companion cube (has a ❤ for the 6) and one that says "F***" for the 1.
I also have a lot of d12s. around 16-20 I think
5:09 AM
My dice.
@BESW leave fate to the dice.
(Not pictured: about 35 dice I don't consider easily useable. Pictured: a bag of Fate tokens and a bag of poker chips.)
5:23 AM
@Powerdork Pipped d6s are cheaper for me to buy in bulk. Most every non-d6 dice I've seen uses numerals.
Q: Does Psionic Sorcery value spell levels differently than Flexible Casting?

RykaraIn attempting to answer this question I ran into a different question about how the Abberant Mind Sorcerer's Psionic Sorcery works. Psionic Sorcery states: When you cast any spell of 1st level or higher from your Psionic Spells feature, you can cast it by expending a spell slot as normal or by s...

1 hour later…
6:50 AM
I can only pop in for a couple minutes, but hi!
[wave] Nice to see ya.
One of my groups has defeated the schedule monster and for once our gaming session wasn’t “umm where’s X?” “No idea. Wanna talk books and yarn?” “Alright”
This is very good
Also I’m working on some projects but they’re failing miserably
How’s everyone here?
Haven't done much with games, but I'm forcing myself to draw humans every day and that's nice.
@BESW Fun! I still can’t draw so my art’s been crochet and spinning lately
Any good drawings?
They're all quick sketches so far. I like the energy in this one:
6:56 AM
That’s really pretty!
I spent more time on the shading for this one, and I'm kinda proud of the perspective:
Since I don't see a lot of Actual Humans these days, I'm sketching from the 1972 TV movie Kolchak: the Night Stalker
That’s cool too! Anyways phone is shutting off, see ya!
7:25 AM
@BESW one of our local channels is playing this. My wife has been watching it.
@Adeptus I like the series too! But I'm sketching from the original movie.
@BESW there was a movie?
There was a TV movie (The Night Stalker) in 1972, a sequel movie (The Night Strangler) in 1973, and then they did a season of TV show (Kolchak: The Night Strangler) in 1974-75.
It's a VERY influential property. It's an acknowledged direct inspiration for The X-Files, and significant elements of the D&D Rakshasa monster come from one of the TV series episodes.
Typo: the series was Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Bah.
Here, have a screenshot I took of one of the most obvious-in-a-still-frame matte paintings I've seen in a VERY long time, from the second film:
(This is why we match our lighting colors to our matte paintings, people. It'd be a perfectly serviceable matte if they'd matched the colors.)
3 hours later…
10:38 AM
@BESW It doesn't look right, but I cannot put my finger on it
The blue-tinted buildings, fog, and carriages are physical objects on the set (probably a back lot made up like a city street). But the scene is supposed to be taking place in a Victorian-era street that sunk and was built over by modern-day Seattle, so the brown-tinted left and top areas are a painting on a pane of glass, placed close to the camera and lined up so that they cover the tops of the buildings and whatever modern-day set dressing they're clearly obscuring on the left side.
It's especially obvious with the brown shutters on a blue building in the middle of the shot: they painted shutters onto the glass pane in front of the camera, to make the building look more abandoned.
If they'd matched the lighting on the set to the color of the painting, you'd have to look much closer to see texture changes, or (as is often the case with cheaper matte implementations) a tell-tale thin dark line along some of the matte edges.
Here's some examples of matte paintings from several different films for comparison; most of them are much harder to see the edges of, but the blog shows you the painting itself also so you can find the edges and see how well or poorly the matching was done.
@BESW that I noticed
2 hours later…
12:29 PM
Do we want this here
Q: How much energy does a breaching sandworm generate

user136370So this started out a question related to a Dungeons and Dragons session I had once, where I was playing a druid and used the spell Bones of the Earth and the fate of a Purple Worm, now known affectionately as Chad. Our DM of the session has a penchant for the Rule of Cool, and tends to ignore ce...

(RPG Mod here) This probably isn't a good fit for RPG.SE, working out the feasibility/physics for something in a fictional world is probably better suited to Worldbuilding, but check their on-topic section first. — Someone_Evil 20 hours ago
Ah, @Someone_Evil got to it first
Shouldn't wrong answers be merely downvoted instead of deletion?
12:51 PM
Yeah, that... requires no RPG expert knowledge, I think.
1:48 PM
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica Yeah I voted to undelete.
That's a good one to leave up.
2:38 PM
It will never not confuse me when I get an accept check and no upvotes.
IIRC unreg accounts can't cast votes (which includes upvotes and flags), but has an exception for the accept mark
Unreg accounts cant upvote answers on their own questions?
@Someone_Evil unregistered or unverified?
I didn't think you could ask a question without being logged in to an account
@AncientSwordRage An unregistered account will be created for you if you aren't logged in. You'll see it marked on the profile
@Someone_Evil ::brain explosion noises::
2:50 PM
Ah, here my source for the above btw:
A: Unregistered users should be able to delete their own answers

Jeff AtwoodThis is by-design. If you want to delete posts (remember, a delete is considered a vote) then you have to use a registered account. Cookie-based accounts don't support voting, therefore they don't support deletion. So if you want to nag the user to register so he or she can delete their own st...

@AncientSwordRage SOX can also add that info onto the actual post. It's quite convenient sometimes
@Someone_Evil SOX?
Jul 20 '20 at 19:11, by Someone_Evil
May 31 '19 at 16:56, by Rubiksmoose
Q: Stack Overflow Extras (SOX)

ᔕᖺᘎᕊ SOX v2.4.0 Stack Overflow Extras (SOX) is a project that stemmed from the Stack Overflow Optional Features (SOOF) project. The SOX userscript adds a bunch of optional features to all sites in the Stack Exchange network. These can be toggled on or off from an easy to use control panel (see s...

oh extras
that thing I can't use as I'm on a work laptop 99% of the time
3:06 PM
A useful nugget from the above is that unreg users can't flag their own posts, which is occasionally relevant (so if you're suggesting they do, point them to completing registration first)
3:33 PM
Q: Defender Sword: do I use its property before or after the 1st attack?

SomeGuyIn dnd 5e, the description for the Defender sword is (emphasis mine): You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. The first time you attack with the sword on each of your turns, you can transfer some or all of the sword's bonus to your Armor Class, instead of usin...

3:59 PM
4:41 PM
user image
4:53 PM
@ThomasMarkov mazel tov!
Did it in 11 months.
@JohnP hey, I might have a question for your stack!
@ThomasMarkov Cool! Which one? :p
@JohnP Could use some help looking around to see if something similar has been asked before.
Actually, my search only turned 38 results, should be easy enough to check.
No problem. You can always ask here or on the fitness chat too.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Repeating words in answer, toxic answer detected (166): What's a spell focus and how does it work? by Jesus on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
@SmokeDetector Go team!
Dang I need to get to 10k. I've been sitting around 9 for evah.
"bleep blooooooooooooooooop blopppppppppppp" made me laugh at least
6:27 PM
6:40 PM
Hiya! o/
Let it be known that @Medix2 forgot to state the system.
I almost responded with "So that's how people do this"
oh hai
@Medix2 I think weve got a dupe or near dupe somewhere
6:52 PM
@ThomasMarkov I probably should've checked harder for that...
update on the sandworm question, from Rand:
Sorry, but after some enquiries with mods and users of various sites, this post as-is doesn't seem to be on-topic for any site on the Stack Exchange network. Science Fiction & Fantasy deals with in-universe questions but not real-world physics; Physics deals with real-world physics but they might consider this "too basic" or homework-type if it's distilled down to the underlying physics problem; for Role-playing Games see Someone_Evil's comment above; Worldbuilding usually doesn't take questions about 3rd-party worlds, but they'd consider this if it was rephrased to be about something in your own world. — Rand al'Thor ♦ 4 mins ago
Q: Can a Wild Magic Barbarian restore a 7th(+) Level Warlock's spell slots?

WillibrordIn the recently released preview of the Wild Magic Barbarian that will be in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything (preview here), I noticed the 6th level feature 'Bolstering Magic'. This feature has two applications. One acts as a Bless-type option, the second one reads: Roll a d3. The creature [you'r...

@Medix2 is that a dupe?
I'd be fine with it being duped
Q: Does a Pearl of Power cease to help a Warlock once they level above level 6?

Bryant HansonWe have a warlock in our party that has a Pearl of Power. Since a Pearl of Power restores one spell slot of level 1 to level 3 only, it would seem to become useless to a pure Warlock caster that exceeds level 6, in that they can only have level 4 or higher spell slots depending on their level. Un...

Never seen this before:
> Your dnd-5e badge usually lets you single-handedly close dnd-5e questions as duplicates and reopen them. However, since you participated in editing this question's tags, this privilege doesn't apply this time.
6:56 PM
@Medix2 whoaaaaaaaaaa
@ThomasMarkov they're on to you
Oh so that's what this looks like... now I REALLY see why people ask new questions instead of explaining why it wasn't actually a dupe
It also prompts you to delete, wow, now I truly understand the oddities...
Wait, so because you edited in the 5e tag, your gold badge stopped you unilateraly closing your own question as a dupe? You should have been able to do that without the badge
@Someone_Evil I know right?!
Though now I'm wondering what happens to a Warlock with 5th level spell slots and one 3rd level spell slot... when does it go back to normal
so this maybe a bit weird but I kinda have a character of mine that I have completely fallen in love with.
7:03 PM
Not weird
/me waves its pedipalps in greeting.

Do you mean that *literally*, or just 'very hyped to keep playing this PC'?
I'm just gonna send a image
Ah yeah, the latter (just hyped) does seem to be the normal thing to happen to interesting PCs.
she's a satyr echoknight fighter/ cleric multi-class
For someone the image made me think of a mouse.
7:06 PM
she follows the goddess of love and has a bit of a flirty side and yeah.
I find it to be an interesting reversal of the usual cleric archetype
@Gwideon This sentence gave @NautArch a migraine
you know all holy and stuff. she's a devote follower of her goddess it just happens that the tenants of her goddess encourage such behavior,
@ThomasMarkov What's wrong with satyrs?
@Someone_Evil I think they meant the multi-class
Probably really just meant the Echo Knight XD
7:12 PM
but yeah she's a ton of fun and I've really been enjoying echo knight
also went with the peace cleric as I thought the whole bonds feature went well with a follower of a love goddess (also it was the love cleric in unearthed arcana)
worked out It out with the dm to allow me to play echo knight without adding in dunamancy. basically explained it as magical experiments that were conducted on her when she was young.
@Gwideon Experiments seem like such a classic source of uniqueness of PCs. In the last handful of campaigns, I've seen at least two PCs with unusual features and such an explanation of origins.
yeah it's easy to work with and yeah
I like the echo knight. It could use some rewording of features though.
@ThomasMarkov that is true but I find it pretty enjoyable but I'm not going past lvl 5 with fighter. I'll be going full cleric from now on.
anyways I'll be quiet
7:27 PM
@Gwideon What are the selling points of the class? Is it all about having a secondary piece on the chessboard, or are things more complex than that?
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica you hit it on the head. plus you can make even more attacks with the echo and yeah.
The 7th level feature is pretty dope.
> You can temporarily transfer your consciousness to your echo. As an action, you can see through your echo’s eyes and hear through its ears. During this time, you are deafened and blinded. You can sustain this effect for up to 10 minutes, and you can end it at any time (requires no action). While your echo is being used in this way, it can be up to 1,000 feet away from you without being destroyed.
yeah it's pretty cool
Which synergizes with this feature: "As a bonus action, you can teleport, magically swapping places with your echo at a cost of 15 feet of your movement, regardless of the distance between the two of you."
although there is a funny thought. two echoknights can essentially play a fighting game.
7:33 PM
Meanwhile: GURPS Furries are complete and released. People said this would never happen.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I will now scrutinize how it reflects the furry community...
I don't know if I want to spend $8 just to see how the community is portrayed in a random GURPS homebrew...
@Medix2 Not homebrew.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I might spend those $8 now...
It's written by whswhs, who seems to produce interesting books, though the two of us have our share of disagreements on system design questions.
Oh there's a preview, this should paint a good enough picture
7:39 PM
I've never really played gurps but I know fallout's special system is somewhat based on it.
@Gwideon The connection is extremely tenuous. The two corporations were planning to work together, but things didn't work out and Fallout went on its own with its own system.
that is true but yeah
I can go into listing the big differences if curious.
Actually now that I think about it, I have a hard time finding similarities between the two.
probably because it started out based on gurps but has so radically diverged as to be unrecognizable.
I guess the fact that both systems have attributes (possibly by two different names) and skills that are mathematically based on attributes. And technically both being roll-under systems.
7:43 PM
sadly that's not how the system works anymore in fallout. makes me really sad.
Oh, the 4 and later?
There are some good side boxes in here, wow
But Fallout is level-based, GURPS is free point-buy.
Fallout HP grows like in D&D and is a major contributor to survivability, GURPS HP is largely fixed in a short range (survivability comes from dodge and parry scores).
Fallout hands out Perks on a per-level basis, GURPS assumes you start out with a bunch of Advantages right away.
Fallout bundles Traits into benefit/drawback pairs, GURPS *mostly* has those freely-assignable (with point budget adjustments).
GURPS is bell-curved 3d6-based (and strictly d6-based). Fallout is d100-based in skills, d10 in attributes, and don't remember what dic
And a random microscopic history lesson I suppose ??
My review: It does a much better job than I was expecting
7:56 PM
@Medix2 This can cover a wide range, depending on how low or high your expectations were.
@ThomasMarkov The general media (and counter-media/counter-claims from furries themselves) have made most of my expectations rather low. This exceeded them rather well though
It had lines that felt forced and it certainly felt a bit weird to be reading "furry" where "anthropomorphic" would've done them just fine; but that's hardly an issue when it's in the title. I also looked into the playtesting and got some excellent responses about their reception to the community
It has my stamp of approval, though I just now realize I have no idea whether that stamp would be a paw print or a hoof...
In other news... my phone never should've worked in the first place (Verizon does not provide coverage to the phone I own that they have literally been providing coverage to for 1.5 years; it was a whole ordeal and a half having to figure this out and then explain it). And today I'm supposed to get a new phone and trade my old one in for credit...
But my old phone broke *today* so now I have to get it fixed and Verizon said they can't do anything and what they suggested I do is buy *another* new phone and trade *that one* in for store credit towards my actual new phone...
TIL you can buy a $100 phone and immediately trade it in for $600 store credit because... I have no idea why actually
8:40 PM
@ThomasMarkov nah. I'm cool with multi-classing. Just not hexblade single level dips.
Anyways, my Botox is working and I haven't had a real migraine in a while.
1 message moved to ­Trash
8:54 PM
@ThomasMarkov Yeah I have no idea why I have a vote on that question and it didn't hammer. We both edited the tags after all...
@Medix2 Neither of us added the dnd-5e tag though
Anyhow; I have to head to work very soon and have absolutely no means of contacting anybody for the next several hours...
MAybe you vtc'd for a different reason?
Removed my response to your comment so it didn't muddy the new question
But if you'd like to leave the typical "Your question was closed yada yada yada" comment, that'd be awesome!
Q: Eldritch Devil Sight and Darkness spell

Neil BaylySituation: Drow Warlock casts darkness. Moves out of the effect area then uses devil sight to see through the darkness to use ranged combat against enemies. Devil Sight description states "You can see normally in darkness, both magical and nonmagical, to a distance of 120ft." Key word is 'in'. N...

9:04 PM
@Medix2 Your vote was for need details
Reddit are having it out on 4e and I'm finding some of the arguments against it interesting
Not necessarily compelling, but still worth reading
> Longer answer is the community at the time looked at the massively revamped combat system and the mini combat figure series that went along with it as an attempt to skew the game to just be about chunky salsa. Martial classes were perceived as 'losing' their simplicity of run up and hit thing in favor of more grid focused maneuvers. Spell casters now always had access to a small selection of potent spells, instead of having to be a lot more mindful of them.
> The stronger emphesis on using a grid too also was a slight against the game for people - speaking as someone that started in 3.5 and went to 4 there was the perception that it lost all of the impact of 'theater of the mind' and made it too much like a war game. (WHich is amusing, all things considered).
Also some comments about too many books
Criticisms lower down don't seem as well thought out
9:22 PM
@AncientSwordRage So far it seems to fall along the usual tribal lines: people who like 4e already know that it failed at being D&D and that's why they like it.
@MarkWells that depends on what you consider D&D, I feel like it was what D&D should have become
maybe there's a timeline where 5e was an improvement on 4e, and not a return to 3e+?
I honestly don't find 4e overall systems to be too appealing. I like individual mechanics like minions and skill challenges so yeah.
My stance, generally, is that DnD 4e excels at stuff that DnD in general does well, and is mainly bad at things that any edition is bad in... so yeah.
A lot of people see DnD as "the only RPG system" (or if they're generous, append "you'll ever need") and from that point of view it's somewhat understandable that the more focused experience of DnD 4e is a downgrade
9:47 PM
@Gwideon In the hope that it may be more constructive than dragging a Reddit flamewar in here, what do you find useful about skill challenges?
@MarkWells makes it easier to conduct certain cinematic moments. I've used them before like for when the players were trying to escape the collapsing castle of a vampire lord.
Please go on.
that's basically it really
Q: Is there any RAW guidance on using Primal Beasts from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything outside of combat?

Bob TwayRunning a game in which the Ranger character has taken the Beastmaster option from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. You can find a very similar set of rules in the UA Class Variant Features. They allow the Ranger to summon a semi-mystical idealised creature in land, sky or sea incarnations as a co...

it's just easier for stuff like escapes and that sort of thing
10:17 PM
Q: Can a 1st level spell from the Aberrant Dragonmark feat be cast solely using pact magic spell slots from a warlock?

Whispers of CreationFor an adventure in D&D 5e starting at level 1, I have created a variant human warlock with the feat Aberrant Dragonmark. I have chosen witch bolt as my first level spell from the feat. In addition, choose a 1st-level spell from the sorcerer spell list. You learn that spell and can cast it throu...

10:38 PM
@AncientSwordRage I disagree. All it needs to be is a proper target when cast. but I can see the other view on that as well?
@Gwideon wait, she's a goddess and a landlord? (sorry, tenets is I think the word you were intending to use... walk into theology class and as "tenets, anyone?" ... )
11:33 PM
@KorvinStarmast yeah I meant to say tenets
@KorvinStarmast I like the way powers work

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