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3:01 PM
A: How to make a game enjoyable for a monk?

Lord_GarethYou Probably Can't At least, not in a Monk-specific fashion. I'll explain why in a minute or two, but consider that you may have to solve this on an OOC level, with the player himself, and not on the character's level. Here's the Problem Monks have a lot of reasons that the game's not enjoyabl...

There, supplemental answer to @KRyan's
Now leave the question be.
3:21 PM
So...We have ElNino, another anon account and now Comicwhatever all joining today to support el nino? How do you flag a user for attention?
@waxeagle [poke]
@JohnP flag a post
@BESW I've got no power on the site, just the chat server :(
(I'm amusing myself as the straight man.)
I will. The Comic2939232 changed suddenly to ElNino.
Yeah, just wanted to get the mod view.
Yeah, that... not kosher.
[iroh]I think SSD needs a nice cup of calming jasmine tea.[/iroh]
3:24 PM
Not sure why he's all pissy, but he came in determined to take offense.
Q: PnP RPG's with Randomized Encounters / Doesn't require devoted GM?

ElNinoI am looking for something that doesn't require a devoted GM, and instead either doesn't use a GM, uses randomly generated content, predefined content, or all-players-are-the-GM. With OUTBREAK: UNDEAD, while it does require a GM, it requires one in a very light context. Most of the encounters ar...

I am amused, though. I check in a couple times a week, and suddenly I'm a "resident drama queen" :p
some flag love is coming from me at least. That got out of control quickly
@JohnP You did make the "low rep" comment, and participated in a comment thread that was clearly out of the general use of comments.
3:26 PM
@c.ross you around anywhere?
he @ElNino welcome to chat
@ElNino Hi! There's something very strange going on in some threads on your post, and you need to stop rising to SSD's bait.
@ElNino 1 please top engaging. 2. I've already flagged that whole stream for moderator attention
@ElNino up to you. Also, you don't need to get defensive when someone suggests that your question is a duplicate.
@ElNino It takes two to get into that kind of argument, and there's no need for you to be rude even if someone else is.
3:29 PM
ElNino, I saw the same thing. Your comment was originally posted as a new user Comic2something or other, then immediately deleted and reposted as you. You also deleted the "Phil, post Fiasco so I can upvote" comment.
[Sees first comment on Changeling question, saddened now]
@ElNino let's try to get off on a better foot here. Welcome to our community, I'm sorry your first experience was negative, but we are here trying to help.
O_o not sure why the snarky comment from SSD for my Fiasco suggestion either
hey ho
ElNino, you still want me to post Fiasco as an answer?
Man, I thought I had growing pains getting used to this community.
@ElNino look. I voted to close first. Because it's a duplicate. If you want to get mad at someone about that, feel free to direct your anger this way.
@ElNino aren't you looking for a randomized Gmless game?
@ElNino it can make you crochety, yes.
3:35 PM
Hey, I started crotchety.
@ElNino Okay, that comment you just made? not cool.
Inviting him to chat, yes. Taunting him? how is that possibly a good idea?
maybe start a new room to deal with this conversation?
@Phil Agreed.
No need to fill the main chat with this. @Lord_Gareth wants to talk about something else.
:D Hi Chat!
I stand by my accusation of sockpuppeting. I have plenty of experience with them, and they have telltale behaviour patters. The mod tools will sort it out, so my say-so isn't necessary really.
3:39 PM
@ElNino Goodbye, then. Sorry you had such a bad experience.
@Eilleen Hi! Um. The main chat's a little heated at the moment, sorry.
@Eilleen Heya. Batten down the hatches, we're resolving some high-grade Drama at the moment.
We don't need users like that. And now I have to go take my kid to school, so you won't have to suffer me. :)
xD Its ok....
isn't that just part of....... every chat?
@Eilleen yeah, we're usually light on drama. How's the 4e game going? I take it you're just starting out?
Hey Eileen
3:40 PM
@Eilleen it's actually rather atypical for us
@Eilleen If you'd like a safe haven, the FAE game room is much calmer.
Yeas..... from all of my stupid questions??? yeap starting out xD
believe it or not, we value civility very highly
@Eilleen only stupid question is the one you don't ask
questions are hardly ever stupid when you're starting out particularly
jajaaja ok @waxeagle!
3:41 PM
however, now that you can chat feel free to ask the softballs in here :)
yeah.... was getting really lost with the starting out books that I bought....
The only stupid questions are the ones that give me horrific PTSD.
@Eilleen and you just totally gave yourself away as a native spanish speaker before I even peeked at your profile :)
[Curls into a fetal ball and mutters, "VoP" over and over]
turns out most of them are outdated xD now I don't even know if we are playing D&D right
lol because of my laugh?
3:42 PM
@Eilleen yeah, though only a fellow spanish speaker would probably notice :)
my german friends are always confused by my laugh!!!!
define 'right'. are you enjoying it.....if yes then you are playing it right
nice! where are you from @waxeagle
@Eilleen The only "wrong" way to play an RPG is if people are unsafe or unhappy.
@Eilleen Maryland, Texas, Georgia take your pick. I lived in Costa Rica and Ecuador for a bit though
3:43 PM
yes phil! we are enjoying ourselves.... oh but I do have a plroblem,,....
I pkay in my group (were things are going fine! and we are all new to the game)
and I play in..... a friends group.... when they are all veterans....
they are practically 20 high to 30 middle aged
and have been playing long since their time in highschool
@Eilleen quick chat primer: Click the arrow on the right-hand side of a comment to respond specifically to that comment. Press the "up" arrow to edit your previous post, but there's a time limit after which you can't edit anymore.
Oh this story is going to end in blood, I just know it.
so they know a lot of details..... that mostly they dont bother explaining.... I think they are hoping I catch up fast
@BESW uuuu nice :D
did these guys play a lot together as a group before you joined, or are they veterans with other unassociated groups?
@waxeagle That was what I really didn't like. It started out uncivil with the duplicate tag (which I initially didn't agree with) and spiraled out of control. Frustrating, but sometimes it's best to just disengage.
3:46 PM
@Eilleen Aw. I'm sorry to hear that. I always try to make sure my players feel comfortable in a new system.
@Eilleen That can sometimes just be an issue of group culture, you know? I had that problem teaching a newbie to 3.5; I kept forgetting that he didn't know stuff the way the others (sort of) did.
yeah they are long time friends and long time players
@Lord_Gareth Good point.
@Lord_Gareth oh forgot to tell you....
@wraith808 generally I'm not gonna stick around and engage after a close vote. I'm gonna cast it and be done with it, specially when it's a dupe
3:47 PM
I am playing 4ed with my starter group!
@C.Ross looks like mxy took care of it
but 3.5 with them..... and I am playing a wizzard in the 3.5 ..... still taking the hang of things xD
BUT! the point (finally)
@waxeagle Yeah... I didn't mean you. The bad thing is, I didn't think it was a bad question originally. But the continued edits because someone cast a close vote and the comment stream made it so.
is that... when I ask "Can I do this?" The DM just asume my character is doing whatever I asked.... So things either turn out very very bad or they just end up making me a joke
@wraith808 yeah, odd situation all around tbh. From a variety of perspectives.
3:48 PM
@Eilleen Oh, dear.
That... needs to be addressed outside the game, and probably outside the game time.
@Eilleen that........doesn't sound like much fun :os
We were in a corridor.... an " L " type corridor
and only space for 1 person
To talk about sensitive topics like "The way you handle X event at the table makes me sad," it's best to have the talk somewhere else, somewhen else, so it's less urgent and immediate. Lets people be more objective.
3:50 PM
and one on one with the GM generally works better as well
so... the enemy is where i can't see it/.... so I asked if I could move through the coridor in order to see the enemy.... but turns out I said "Can I move through the wall"....
@Phil Depends on the group and the topic; it sounded like something the whole group was engaging in.
@BESW ah, fair enough
@Eilleen Okay...meaning no disrespect to your group, but that's just low on their parts. If someone treated me that way violence would ensue in an immediate and furious fashion.
so.... he said.... Ok! The whole group sees the wizard walking towards the wall again and again.... Trying to move through walls
they all had a good laugh!!!! it was really funny.... but I also thougght he was kind of a bully....
3:53 PM
@Eilleen You thought correctly.
@BESW rpg.stackexchange.com/q/26429/6172 <-Bask in the glow of civil disagreement!
I just wanted to know if..... someone had similar experiences!
@Eilleen I have! His name was Garret, and he's still held up in my player group as an example of a horrible, passive-aggressive DM. We hate him beyond words. I would honestly suggest that you find a game where that guy is not DMing.
because... they all seem to act naturally... so maybe that is something that happens at all of their games? The DM takes everything literally and if you make a mistake you get made fun of
@Lord_Gareth [sprawls luxuriantly]
@Lord_Gareth xD well glad to know not all DMs should be like this!
3:54 PM
@Eilleen Yes, I've seen it.
Even if that's the way they normally play, you are new, and they should make allowances for that. Otherwise you'll never learn to play the game properly
It's most often good-natured, not malicious, and they don't know how seriously you're taking it.
and generally won't have much fun either
@Eilleen It fits the culture of some groups, but I'll respectfully state my opinion that some groups are wretched and should just Stop Playing until they learn how to do so in an emotionally mature and respectful manner.
@Lord_Gareth the point is .... my other noob friend still thinks he is the best DM in the whole world.... because he DOES posses a lot of knowledge about the game....
3:56 PM
On the other hand, I knew one GM who thought that the way to enforce role-playing was to make everything people said at the table be in-character whether it was intended or not.
Again, not malicious, but very misguided.
@Phil yeah.... I'm just thinking about quitting trying to learn 3.5 and just sticking to my original group!
@Eilleen A GM is not good because he knows the rules.
A GM is good because he can provide a fun, safe experience for the group.
Heck, a GM can be nearly clueless about the rules, and have the other players help him with that, and still be an excellent GM if he's good at creating fun experiences at the table.
@BESW well.... I get that the DM is teaching me between the lines to 'plan ahead' what my character should do and how my character should act
@Eilleen But you need to be accompanied to do so.
Throwing you in the deep end of the pool and expecting you to learn to swim is brutal and detracts from everyone's fun. You're unhappy because you don't know what's possible, and everyone else is impatient while you figure it out or frustrated because you aren't contributing.
Well waxeagle! hope to see you soon! I'm from Puerto Rico....
and I hope my English Grammar and Synthax don't suck lol
3:58 PM
@BESW couldn't agree more
@Eilleen Don't worry.
We've got people from all around the world, with various first languages and levels of language proficiency.
You're doing better than many native speakers.
and Phil! Lord Gareth and BESW see you later! I'm going to my original group right now.... probably late xD
@Eilleen Take care.
was too entratained discovering the chat!!!!
4:00 PM
@Phil I'm very big on accompaniment.
oh and by the way.... I have a blog.... hoping ppl would hekp my group through all of these... DISCOVERIES
@Eilleen Wait, before you go
so.... whaveter... I dont even know how to self promote
@Lord_Gareth yeah?
xD my group is going to kill me ..... I'm always almost late....
3.5 is a very difficult-to-learn system. It's highly divisive, causes all manner of fights, and may or may not savage your innocence beyond all repair and leave you as a cynical husk capable only of hate and sarcasm. I would seriously make careful consideration as to if you want to learn it at all - and I'm saying this as a fan. There's a lot of wonderful RPG systems out there and this one might not be worth the fight.
cynic :op
4:02 PM
If you have someone who'll take you under their wing and teach you 3.5, go for it. But in a group that's actively avoiding teaching you...
@BESW Pretty much this.
I have to agree with @Lord_Gareth in that situation.
@Lord_Gareth oh and I forgot the best part.... That DM hates 4ed... something of 'it's too much of a video game' 'dummed down' and ... 'cero custumization'
@Eilleen Play Legend, regret nothing.
@Eilleen We can talk about that some other time.
4:03 PM
now go play before you get in trouble for being late :o)
till later :D.... hey thank god you guys are really nice here,...!
(I doubt he's played it since it was first released; at that time he was kinda-sorta right.)
4:04 PM
Incidentally, has anyone pimped Legend since its release last night?
12 hours ago, by KRyan
Hey everyone, exciting times for Rule of Cool Games: Legend 1.0 has been released!
What kind of system is it?
@Phil - It's a D20 system designed for ease of learning and clarity of mechanics. It started as a 3.5 fix and rapidly became something else entirely, and it's glorious.
4:07 PM
I have HATED all D20 systems I've played to date
@Phil I understand your feeling and your pain.
However, this one is free of charge!
I am CURIOUS if it can be fixed to my satisfaction.
@BESW Well, Legend's very definitely Gamist in nature, with Narrativist elements present all up and down its skill system. On the flip side, the culture around the game is very much about coming up with your own fluff and story and how one mechanic can represent a variety of things. It was designed by the kind of people who play both 3.5 and FATE, if you get my meaning.
Geez, I may have to bounty this Mantle question >.<
@Lord_Gareth Why is it so glorious? I just don't.............get it O_o
@Lord_Gareth Give it some time. Not everybody logs in every day.
@Lord_Gareth So, the people who are drooling over the KS release of the FST.
4:12 PM
@Phil A few reasons. Firstly because of the development paradigm (to quote: "We want this game to be so comprehensible that aliens can play it."). Secondly because Legend embraces versatility of character concepts and player agency - the rules are designed to help you, not restrict you, in bringing your characters to life. [Continued]
Lastly because by achieving mechanical balance without sacrificing versatility they've made no-stress mechanics - that is, if you pick things that sound cool for your character concept, they are cool and no further consideration on the number crunching need happen. You can devote your time and energy to fleshing out your character, worrying about characterization and backstory, etc.
I've used Legend to create drugged-up snipers, tunneling goblins with extradimensional stomachs, spiders that hunt with swarms of web-spitting necromantic hands, a knight with powers over earth and stone, a trick shooter from Earth and an honest-to-god Paladin, complete with Magic Glowy Power
Well I feel a little vindicated. At least I know my sockpuppet profiling skills haven't gotten rusty. It was a sad shock to actually see one on SE…
what exactly is a sockpuppet? O_o
a fake account where someone pretends to be a separate person from their main account for various reasons (on SE usually to upvote themselves)
Someone who uses multiple accounts to create the appearance of multiple people. Then they use those to all support the main account's actions/ arguments.
@Lord_Gareth Well I've downloaded it and had a quick glance, but I guess the types of things you are referring to would only become apparent after extended play.
4:17 PM
That's how my comments were disappearing. They were flagging them as offensive with enough accounts to trigger automatic deletion.
Hah. The main user got himself auto-suspended by "voting irregularities". Probably revenge downvoting me.
Closed and banned.
It's unfortunate, because I actually quite liked the question I thought they were asking. There aren't many games that have exactly the kind of random generation they describe.
@SevenSidedDie Is there some reason I'm not aware of that inflammatory comments are appropriate if they're directed at a troll?
@SevenSidedDie You can always re-ask the question yourself. I had to do that a couple weeks back.
@BESW I'm not sure if it was justified. But they're weren't a troll—trolls are harmless. Sockpuppeting is actively damaging to the system though, and they were obviously somewhat practiced at it and knew how to exploit the site's tools to gain power they're not supposed to have.
4:21 PM
Okay, so my question still stands.
@ObliviousSage Yeah, but it's such a narrow question, and seeded questions just dont' get the attention it would need.
@Phil They can be, at times, but there's an IRC you can join if you have questions too. The devs are VERY helpful, as is the community!
@BESW I'm just not sure. I did try to reign in the inflammation, but it's hard to separate out the "you are clearly sockpuppetting and plagiarising" from "you are being an awful, nasty person".
I probably would've made the accusation, flagged, and walked away.
Trolls (and he was a troll, just not only a troll) can be dealt with constructively in one of two ways: ignore them, or treat them like people.
@BESW - Kind of the same here. I'll admit I pursued it probably a bit more than I should have, I was trying to point out the inconsistencies and escalations in his comments.
4:24 PM
Part of the latter is not giving them leeway when they misbehave, but it's also about not misbehaving myself. Suddenly they have no traction and just look like idiots or jerks. (And if I've misdiagnosed a troll when it's some other problem, I don't look like a jerk.)
@BESW That might have been best. But then I wouldn't have seen the confirming evidence, where they were switching accounts too fast and replied with the wrong one. I couldn't tell if they were a habitual sockpuppet or just a misguided new user until they did that. That was ample confirmation.
@Phil I suppose I should ask what frustrated you about other D20 systems.
Okay. Just wanted to get that out in the open. Thanks.
@Lord_Gareth The answer is always goblin dice.
I did like the deletion of a comment followed by "I never said that". That was a nice touch.
The problem is that sockpuppeting is a form of social engineering. They were using their trollish behaviour to make their sockpuppetry more effective and less obvious.
4:25 PM
@SevenSidedDie That was my point... I really liked the question that I thought they were asking.
did the question itself get dumped?
because I mean, hey, someone else could always ask it instead...
The question and couple answers are still there, all comments are gone.
It's going to, seems like. Without deleting the user, they still have control over the acceptance of it, and their intended meaning is NC.
@Lord_Gareth I found the core character creation clunky and there's just something about the whole mechanic that doesn't 'click' with me. Not sure I can really describe it in any greater detail...
@BESW I like to think that Legend largely abolished Goblin Dice. I might not like the Skill Game system, but it does a great job of shooting Goblin Dice right in the face.
4:26 PM
@Lord_Gareth Then I'll at least read it.
Goblin Dice?
If someone re-asks the question, I'll answer... I really quite liked my answer :D
You know, for a city which hosts the (arguably) largest RPG con out there, Indianapolis is surprisingly light on RPGing
There's also the fact that the system in question gets little love... and I think it's great.
4:27 PM
@Phil I agree with you on the character creation end of things for the majority of D20 systems. Legend's done quite a bit to streamline things but I'll admit that it can look intimidating at first. If you have any questions feel free to throw 'em up on the Stack - @KRyan, myself, and a few of the Legend devs are here.
or specific varieties of RPGs, such as story games or story-driven RPGing...
@BESW Please note that the in-combat uses of various skills still have the Goblin Dice issue. However, since combat is when that's supposed to happen...
Plus using a skill isn't your entire turn. In point of fact it's only a small fraction of it, so if your Acrobatics or Vigor check doesn't go off you can still cast spells, heal your allies, beat faces in, etc
@wraith808 I feel like the re-asker needs to have the same burning desire, as I thought the user did, for a solid random-encounter subsystem like OUTBREAK has, in order to make the re-asked question generate good answers. I liked it, but I don't have that strong desire, and without it I expect it would get a lot of so-so answers about close-but-no-cigar RPGs.
Possibly in combinations of the above.
@Lord_Gareth So long as a single roll of the d20 doesn't substitute for what should be a large handful of rolls, I'll be happier.
4:31 PM
@BESW Definitely not. The Skill Game system uses a combination of D20 rolls and a bidding system; successful rolls get you Tokens that are spent on resolving the encounter somehow.
@Lord_Gareth that in itself sounds like an interesting mechanic
It has come to my attention that some people don't know about Everyone is John.
Now you do. Carry on.
@Phil It is! I personally don't like it, but I'm in the minority in the Legend community on that score and I wont' say that they didn't test it to death because they did indeed test the unholy hell out of it until their computer monitors wept blood .
@BESW I love Everyone is John, so much.
Testing? in my d20 System? Surely not!
@BESW I know, right? I remember back in the bad old days when Legend was first starting. We, ah, we grew up. A lot.
4:38 PM
@BESW Everyone is John is awesome. Problematic treatment of the subject matter, but brilliant design.
@Phil Since I've got about seven minutes to kill, would you like an example of what I'm talking about with regards to character creation in Legend? Toss out a concept for me and I'll see what I can do about bringing it to life.
@SevenSidedDie @Problematic and I are talking about morality games in Fate Core, and speculating about a two-player shoulder angel/shoulder devil game.
Ultimate PvP: battle for control of the human's decision and make him EAT THAT CAKE!
@BESW I could see that working really well with normal Fate mechanics, now that you mention it.
@Lord_Gareth Thanks for the offer, but no can do at the moment. Got stuff I need to get on with
And now I have job interview!
4:44 PM
@Lord_Gareth Best of luck!
Sleep for me.
huh, I missed a Legend discussion
5:05 PM
@wraith808 If you want me to rescue the source text of your answer, let me know and I can paste it into a side chatroom!
@SevenSidedDie Does your answer here - rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/17016/…, equally apply to Dungeon World?
@Phil I was going to say "oh absolutely!" but it's not quite true where I talk about one-shots. For the part of the answer that deal with the actual question (long-term games), absolultely. But because it doesn't have the same first-game structure (AW: "follow the PCs around for a day and make their life interesting") it takes totally different prep for a one-shot, though it works just as well.
@SevenSidedDie I'm interested in the long term bit. So how long term is long term? It doesn't seem that there is massive head room for character advancement once you hit the level cap and all...
Wow, we should get trollpuppets more often. This place is more active than I've seen it in weeks.
@Phil There's more room for development than there appears at first glance. The thing about DW is that there is more happening in most sessions than in most editions of D&D, so though you level faster, it's at the same 'amount of stuff per level' speed.
And there's also the fact that you can start switching playbooks or retiring characters. By the time you start seeing the ceiling, you also start to understand why the ceiling has a trap door and wondering what's past it.
@Problematic The best thing to come out of that is this great review of Fiasco they plagiarised. It makes me want to play it again/more.
Aw, lone links don't get a chatbox format.
5:16 PM
Not familiar with it; I'll check it out, thanks!
@SevenSidedDie Cool - know a good place to get new character classes and such like?
@Phil Hm… I know there are a bunch out there, but I'm not sure where to get them. I'm a bit of a purist and prefer the core classes or homebrew. ;)
Why do the work when someone else has done it for you already :o)
There's Compendium 1: Finer Things, and the RPGGeek has a list… Oh, there you go. :)
@Problematic Fiasco is one of the best games I've ever played. It's like mainlining pure gold, if that weren't a terrible, burn-y idea that is exactly the sort of poor choice you might find in a game of Fiasco. ;)
... hmm.
5:28 PM
@SevenSidedDie Thanks! That would be appreciated!
@wraith808 There, I think you should have got an invite or something to the room. (Man, I am such a newb back here in the chatrooms.)
Fiasco is pretty awesome. It's a bit of a gateway game into story games, but it's awesome enough in its own right that if you never go further, it's still great fun.
I would recommend something like Polaris or Microscope if you want to scratch that particular story-gaming itch some more...
@JohnCraven planning to pick it up sometime soon
@JohnCraven Microscope felt too high-level to me.
@Problematic It is pretty high level, to be sure. Different strokes for different folks (and different strokes to scratch different itches too)
That being said, if you're in a particularly RP-y group, you often find yourself diving deep into some situations and "taking control" of people a lot more than just fleshing out events in your timeline.
5:40 PM
Heh. Problem may have been my group, who are mainly hardcore D&D hack-and-slash players.
Shock is another good one if you want something higher-brow than Fiasco (although you can get really dark and serious in Fiasco depending on your group)
yeah, that could be....@Problematic. HAH! I crack myself up...
cough speaking of microscope. Kingdom! kickstarter: kck.st/Zf9zLV
If nothing else, Microscope is a neat way to kick off a fantasy type campaign.
5:47 PM
@waxeagle Back'd
Kingdom looks like it might serve the same purpose
@JohnCraven That's how I wanted to explore it. I'll have to give it another shot sometime.
@Problematic cool. I hadn't paid for microscope yet, so I picked up both as PDFs :)
@JohnCraven I see kingdom as an interesting interlude in a fantasy campaign. You get to a new town. Time to see who the players are
@Problematic I think, and this is just me, sitting down and playing microscope for no good reason a couple of times might be the way to introduce it, then use it for real.
my first experience was using it for a real campaign setting, but with Brian taking the lead so no trouble there. But my second experience was playing it with my normal gaming group and it got...weird? which was fun because it was just for fun, but you've got to have a different atmosphere for it when you want to create a setting history
That could work.
I want to run a game online with Trello, so maybe I'll trawl for interested players for that at some point.
@Problematic I'd be interested
6:13 PM
@waxeagle KINGDOM! I so regret missing that at GoPlayNW last year. I hadn't realised Ben was working on a new game until I was looking at the signup sheets.
@waxeagle Yeah, Microscope often goes weird/silly the first time or three a group uses it, unless you're all fond of Serious Roleplaying and approach it that way.
weird/silly is the only way my group has ever had fun with it
@ObliviousSage I've had weird/silly (Renaissance superheroes against the Lightning Pope! Juggalos in Space!) and I've had very dramatic (the Godhead Drug tragedy, angsty viking betrayals a là Game of Thrones).
I think it depends on how much the group members rely on humour to maintain/relieve their suspension of disbelief. Unlike some games, it's apparently impossible to have silliness just exist at the table-talk level.
we had an epic one where Indiana Jones joined the French Illuminati and protected their steampunk moon base from Nazi mummies
With a group that's all into unrelieved drama, it's a lot of fun to play it straight.
@ObliviousSage That sounds like an awesome game. :D
@ObliviousSage dear lord what start and end points led to this madness :)
6:39 PM
I want to play Kingdom so much I can taste it. So backed.
6:54 PM
Here's a podcast about Kingdom and the kickstarter for it: selfcriticalhits.com/?p=321
I just read that Fiasco review... it sounds amazing
@Problematic Fiasco is so much fun. There's a "D&D" playset around somewhere that I want to try sometime: you've just killed the dragon and you've got the hoard… and then the fiasco starts.
7:40 PM
Are the rules deeper than what was in that review? I feel like I could reconstruct... most of the game.
@Problematic Yep, there are details missing. You could sorta reconstruct it from what's in the review, like an archaeologist trying to figure out how to play Senet, but you'd end up playing an original game that didn't quite work the same.
what game?
@Phil Fiasco
@Phil Fiasco. Our morning visitor left behind a gem in all the dreck, which was this Fiasco review.
Ah, a beautifully simple and elegant game
7:49 PM
I return!
I've not played it much, but when I have I've absolutely loved it
@Lord_Gareth were you looking for me the other day?
All hail Lord Gareth!
Somebody otter run one by chat, if it lends itself to such a thing.
@C.Ross I was, but unfortunately the comments in question got deleted so it's a bit of a moot point. Essentially, Myx was being a passive-aggressive snot. Again.
7:51 PM
rpg.stackexchange.com/a/26416/6172 <-The flame-baiting and insults are still in his answer, however.
Hrm, weren't all the mods elected by the community?
I didn't elect anyone
Purely for hypothetical interest, what exactly is the correct thing to do in circumstances when you think a mod is......not doing what you think they should do? Having to post your issue in a chatroom like this for public viewing sometimes feels like it could be a barrier.
And frankly I've been saying for some time that Myx abuses his power.
7:56 PM
As a firmly anti-charop player I see where mxyzplk is coming from—online the charop crowd is large and vocal, and that skews every online discussion into either being charop-based or needing to carve out a niche of no-charop context. I also understand why the way he carved that niche is offensive.
@SevenSidedDie The thing from my perspective is that I'm not answering as an optimizer, and certainly not as a player in "high-op" games. I'm not high-op, frankly. I couldn't handle it. When I give answers like, "You know, Monk just isn't a workable class," it's because it's not, because even if you cooperate and try to involve roleplaying and creative skill use it still freaking sucks.
But the other thing from my perspective - and this is the big one - is that Myx gets away with flaming, belittling, and condescension that would have my head on a spike.
He's a mod. His behavior is supposed to be exemplary.
@Lord_Gareth You have to define a context for "sucks" though. What I and people like mxyzplk assume when a blanket statement like that is made, is that it's coming from a charop frame of reference. Monks don't suck in every game, ergo there's more going on.
Not gutter-level trash.

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