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12:16 AM
I just realized ... mm, the metric system is tasty. But the portions are so small!
You do realize there are metric tons, right?
That's crazy talk.
That's how I roll.
You have to go all the way to a meter to get a measurement that's bigger than an inch!
12:18 AM
While our country mile absolutely dwarfs your puny kilometer.
You have to go all the way to a foot to get a measurement that's bigger than a decimeter.
@RegDwight — Yeah, right. And when was the last time you used decimeter in a sentence. Before this one, that is.
@Robusto The nautic mile dwarfs your puny mile. Heck, even the tiniest knot dwarfs it.
@Robusto Ask my wife. You'd be surprised.
And I bet it absolutely infuriates you that you can't turn a year into some kind of metric equivalent.
@Robusto The French tried just that. And look where they are now!
12:20 AM
@RegDwight — You know, most people don't admit it when they have a wife who hangs out with sailors. Just sayin'.
Feb 9 at 15:24, by RegDwight
We'll be seeing a bunch of Scots in kilts going commando with my wife.
Just sayin".
Well, lifestyle is a choice.
Choice is a lifestyle.
Q: "What is Love" by Haddaway. Does he say "lady" or "baby?"

DeeDeeOK, this may seem facetious--and it was at first--but it has morphed into a serious debate. In the classic Haddaway song "What is Love," does the singer say "Baby don't hurt me" or "Lady don't hurt me?" My coworkers, excepting a small minority, insist that it's "baby." But they back up their as...

I choose to vote to kill it with fire.
12:23 AM
I know, right?
TIL: the radius of the observable Universe is 431 yottameters.
That's a lotta yotta.
That works too. It's the only way to be sure.
Song Meanings

Proposed Q&A site for people who appreciate witty song lyrics and enjoy speculating about possible interpretations and uncovering metaphors, allusions and quotes hidden in songs, as well as works of art, people and events that influenced them.

Currently in definition.

12:25 AM
I wish you could edit the close message to say "Nuked from orbit by Robusto, RegDwight."
That will never fly ... me to the moon, and let me play among the stars ...
That would be demeaning, which is the opposite of meaning.
"Fly Me to the Moon" is a popular standard song written by Bart Howard in 1954. It was titled originally "In Other Words", and was introduced by Felicia Sanders in cabarets. The song became known popularly as "Fly Me to the Moon" from its first line, and after a few years the publishers changed the title to that officially. History *It was recorded first in 1954 by Kaye Ballard, and vended by Decca Records as catalog number 29114. *Portia Nelson recorded it for her album Let Me Love You (1956) *Johnny Mathis also recorded it in 1956, which was the first time the title "Fly Me to the...
@Robusto Never heard that one. I only listen to Janet Jackson.
You seemed like such a Lady Gaga man. I'm shocked.
Oh, sorry, a common typo.
12:28 AM
You and your magic close powers, @RegDwight.
No magic involved. Only nukes.
Is it ever productive to leave an answer on such a question?
Well, scroll up, there's a whole Area51 proposal.
And it's hard to find a single person who thinks that it would work.
I felt a little bad wanting to close because unlike most lyrics question-askers, she actually typed her question up neatly.
user image
I want that on a flag.
12:33 AM
Why didn't Wes like my suggestion to genuinely™ enhance™ his answer? I had to type that stuff all by myself.
Who Wes?
I think a grace period of 26 hours is more than enough.
Q: Where did the phrase "in a pickle" come from?

KronoSTo be 'in a pickle' means to be in trouble or a difficult situation. What I'm wondering is, where did the root of this phrase come from and what's its history? Is there a special story that caused this phrase to catch on? Was it someone almost being pickled? Funny thing is, that I was actual...

Yes, that one was a dilly.
Q: What is the difference between “Prince William and Kate Middleton Marry” and “Prince William and Kate Middleton were married”?

Yoichi OishiIn today’s New York Times (April. 30th) I saw the following line under the caption of “Royal Wedding”: “Prince William and Kate Middleton Marry: Prince William and Kate Middleton were married on Friday at a moment that will reshape Britain’s monarchy.” In the caption, “marry” is being used as ...

Politeness prevents me from commenting: "Who gives a flying f*ck?"
@RegDwight Don't you think you should protect this:
Q: Login or Log in?

nickfIs there accepted terminology for the process of logging in? As a verb, would you say "Go to the website and log in", or "Go to the website and login"? As an adjective, would you say "Click on the Log in form", or "Click on the Login form"? Does the same apply to logging out? eg: logout?

12:37 AM
8 hours ago, by Robusto
user image
There are a gazillion answers on this question already.
And it's the sort of thing people love to rant over.
@Billare That is SO StackOverflow.
@Billare Oh, I was going to merge that one.
I have deleted four answers already.
Why do we get their years-old trash?
@RegDwight Oh, I thought you had already merged -- wow it's that long without a merge?
Then it definitely has to be protected.
12:38 AM
Well, I actually requested for some trash to get migrated a while back... this is the first one we actually get.
@Robusto Ranters on SO? No way!
Q: Should we migrate "How to pronounce X" questions to EL&U?

RegDwightAre pronunciation questions on-topic on SO? They certainly are on English Language and Usage, which is starting to get questions that have been previously asked on SO. 6 hours ago on EL&U: How to pronounce LINQ? 9½ months ago on SO: How to pronounce LINQ 6 hours ago on EL&U: How to pron...

@RegDwight — ...
@RegDwight — I guess they should migrate all the C# questions here too, because C is, like, a letter in the English alphabet.
@Robusto That's Yoichi-san.
My next question: "Is Python a snake or a programming language? If it's a programming language, why is it choking my dog?"
12:41 AM
are there any free on-line English dictionaries that show how words change in meaning over time?
@Vitaly — You usually have to pay to see things exposed.
@Robusto Another excellent question for Skeptics.
@Robusto Case in point:
I'm kind of disappointed that's not a video.
The only problem I see with a merge is that some lucky guy would be getting a gold badge just because he happens to have answered the question on SO rather than ELU.
Yeah. We run the risk of gentrification.
Gentrification and urban gentrification are terms referring to the displacement that results when wealthier people acquire property in low income and working class communities. Consequent to gentrification, the average income increases and average family size decreases in the community, which sometimes results in the eviction of lower-income residents because of increased rents, house prices, and property taxes. This type of population change reduces industrial land use when it is redeveloped for commerce and housing. In addition, new businesses, catering to a more affluent base of consu...
12:45 AM
Deja vu all over again.
Jon Skeet should not be allowed to take over our little site.
Well, of course you would say that, as the current Jon Skeet of our little site.
And you just want to spoil my freakin' party.
I'm here to spoil.
Ever since I kicked your butt in the rep department you've been acting all sulky.
12:47 AM
Nah, I'm just too busy kicking other people's butts in neighboring departments.
Just as long as you stay out of my back yard.
I just looked at this: http://english.stackexchange.com/users/300/regdwight?tab=accounts
Geezis, is there a site you won't pimp yourself out to for a crummy 101 rep?
@Robusto That longness is only measured in inches now, not even decimeters.
@Robusto That rep doesn't count.
Which is correct: googlible, googlable or googleable?
Only stuff about 200 is ever considered.
@Vitaly Certainly not googlible.
Q: Adjective form of "collide"—"collideable" or "collidable"?

Chris CharabarukI need to name an interface in a program I'm writing as being able to collide, but I've seen use of both collideable and collidable in projects with a similar type. Both of them look right in some ways, and wrong in others. Which spelling is more correct?

@Vitaly — Searchable.
12:51 AM
OK, stand back!
Q: Concerns about extreme pig riding

Sadly NotI like to saddle up my piggy for a ride into thunderstorms. But what happens to my piggy if we get hit by lightning?

I'm sure this has been on everyone's mind at one time or other.
I have no idea what this obsession with minecraft is all about.
Minecraft is the Justin Bieber of games.
Let's not say things we can't take back.
My godlike powers allow me to take anything back.
I find it kind of funny that @Billare is still trying to hit on DeeDee even after we nuked her question from orbit.
12:55 AM
Anyhow, that question is obviously trying too hard to reach the heights of "when is a corpse safe to eat".
I wasn't trying to hit on her; I was just worrying we were being a bit brusque to a new user who put some effort in...
@Billare — Uh-huh. Who do you think you're talking to?
Casanova, amirite?
> trying to hit on so.: worrying we were being a bit brusque to a new user who put some effort in (NOAD)
I'm Batman, and @RegDwight is Robin. No, wait — I'm Captain America, and @RegDwight is Billy.
12:57 AM
I'm Matter Eater Lad, silly.
With your leaden wit, I kind of thought you were one of these guys:
The Metal Men are fictional characters, a team of robot superheroes created by writer Robert Kanigher, pencilled by Ross Andru and inked by Mike Esposito for DC Comics in 1962. They made their first appearance in Showcase #37-40 as part of a four-issue series created as a last-minute filler feature. They proved unexpectedly popular and the characters were revived for more stories under their own title and had subsequent appearances in various series in the DC Universe. It was commonplace in the stories for the characters to be destroyed and then rebuilt with the remains (rebuilding them ...
I might be metal, but I'm no... no, wait, disregard that.
Mar 29 at 14:50, by RegDwight
Death metal or no metal at all!
Want to hear Linda Blair all grown up?
How... apocalyptical!
Linda Denise Blair (born January 22, 1959) is an American actress. Blair is best known for her role as the possessed child, Regan, in the 1973 acclaimed blockbuster The Exorcist, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award and two Golden Globes, winning one. She reprised her role in 1977's Exorcist II: The Heretic, a controversial sequel which had a poor response with both audiences and critics. Biography Blair was born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Westport, Connecticut. She began her career as a six year old child model and started acting with a regular role on the short-liv...
In case anyone didn't get the reference.
1:01 AM
@RegDwight Are there any posts that are gaining slow and steady traffic that are not sort about Charlie Sheen or sex?
"Gefällt 21.635, gefällt 1.386 nicht"
@Billare Slow and steady? Pretty much any post on the first page of the Questions tab sorted by votes.
@RegDwight — I love how the Germans measure people in decimal fractions.
You can also always check out that passive-rep query in the Data Explorer.
1:03 AM
@RegDwight — Link?
@RegDwight Very interesting link, thanks.
Still waiting for the new dump.
This is no longer funny.
It went like Sep 10, Oct 10, Nov 10, Dec 10, Jan 10, Feb 10, Mar 21, Apr none.
Awww, sad panda ...
Thank you, my dearest friend.
This is very apt.
1:11 AM
Is ehow as useless as Jeff and Joel think it is?
This is a little apter.
It's been occasionally very useful when I've no clue as what do.
@Robusto A lot, as a matter of fact.
@Billare Never even heard of that one.
Wow, it's 3 o'clock already. I think I should go pay a visit to my other dearest friend, from Denmark.
Not as useless as any of the Stack sites, of course, but still, not that bad.
Far better than Yahoo Answers, anyway.
And answerbag.
And all a bunch of crappy Q&A sites.
1:14 AM
@Robusto You know I'm tempted to star that, and you know I generally don't resist temptations...
@Billare (Too lazy to just check myself) is it about a specific subject?
It's a place that pays cheaply paid writers to write step by step howtos
and how to do someting.
Jeff and Joel claim its useless cause it can go really basic, like "how to drink water"
Ah. That one.
But sometimes you need to be talked to like a child.
Shades panda
@Billare Yes, I've listened to the podcast, but the name escaped me.
Apr 19 at 14:41, by Kosmonaut
Those dead eyes....
1:17 AM
Dead these 22 years now ...
Don't pandas live in China?
If you call that living.
Well, I don't think China is anywhere as dead as the USSR.
5 mins ago, by RegDwight
Wow, it's 3 o'clock already. I think I should go pay a visit to my other dearest friend, from Denmark.
I think I'll call it a day.
Aww, I had a present for you.
Gimme 3 minutes or so.
Her damit!
1:24 AM
Here it comes.
Holding breath...
Not quite the right typeface, but you couldn't wait.
You've so screwed up the kerning on that one.
Well, you didn't give me any time!
Get thee to bed. I'll look through my fonts and see what I can do.
It's on my desktop right now.
That'll freak my wife out.
Hmmm.... where's my Elton John in Moscow DVD?
(A fascinating documentary, actually.)
I've used up all of my stars for today, will check back if there's anything star-worthy tomorrow.
1:28 AM
Night all! (And hi @PercyP).
I'm out.
8 hours later…
9:55 AM
Q: Etymology of the name "voldemort"

Rababany one who has any idea about the etymology of the name voldemort... the character from the Harry Potter books.

What the…?
It surely belongs to Skeptics.SE!
10:18 AM
Surely anything to do with Harry Potter does.
10:35 AM
not to point any fingers or anything, but what's up with high-rep people asking questions that can be easily answered with a 10-second Google search?
So what do they mean @Vitaly?
Shouldn't take you more than a minute.
more than a minute to answer such answers? yeah I suppose, except that it's not interesting to answer something that doesn't require any research or access to not-generally-available books/dictionaries
Doesn't require any research?
Wow, so I only need ~4,000 more rep to fall in to the 'high-rep' category.
I could as well have been talking about any other SE I have just visited, not EL&U in particular ;)
11:01 AM
but since you took it personally, @Billare, that quotation by John Ball seems to have been taken from an earlier source, namely, from Richard Rolle's poem, which in turn is predated by English religious art, e.g. in the Canterbury Psalter circa 1200 and mosaics, which refer not to the Garden of Eden, but to Gen 3:19, with Adam literally diggging into the Earth and Eve spinning, as in making a thread by twisting fibres
though I have to admit I would have no idea that till was used to refer to work in general; that's a nice example of how the religious (once again) read into the Bible something that wasn't originally there; so, nice answer, upvoted!
12:09 PM
@Robusto I'm actually surprised that, in the Unicode standard, ☭ comes next to ☮ and ☯!
12:48 PM
@Vitaly No, more like SciFi.
Science Fiction & Fantasyscifi.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for people addicted to science fiction and fantasy, be it in the form of books, tv series, or movies.

Currently in public beta.

In other news:
Q: slang classification

sapfouI'm writing a diploma and need to make up my own classification of slang in English based on the book by Palanik 'Fight Club'. Surfed the net, but in vain(

2 hours ago, by Mr. Disappointment
Surely anything to do with Harry Potter does.
I like the part about "my own classification" most.
Followed by surfing the net and then asking here.
This chatroom is sooo buggy, it doesn't even let me see anything typed in Akkadian cuneiform.
Clearly a fault on your part. Try harder.
You are probably just one of them. I should go to Skeptics.SE and ask whether that's a conspiracy, not letting any SE users converse in Akkadian.
1:01 PM
No need for leg work. Just ask me, and I'll be happy to confirm that I'm one of anything.
Also, this:
yesterday, by RegDwight
Don't tell me you've been ignoring the signs all along!
I'll be sporadically AFK.
1:13 PM
@Vitaly — I am proud not to know anything about this topic.
Apr 21 at 22:36, by RegDwight
And I probably dislike Joanne K. Rowling more than I do George Lucas.
@RegDwight — I didn't think such things were possible.
We're talking the kind of hatred that beggars description. Hatred of Biblical proportions.
Apr 12 at 13:03, by RegDwight
How about "my hatred is so strong, it's actually love"?
@RegDwight — We'll call that one RegDwight's Paradox.
Woo! I will be famous at last!
No wait... that other guy will be famous, and he is famous enough already... Hmpf.
1:29 PM
@RegDwight you do George Lucas? good for you!
I would've expected Robusto to make that joke.
maybe @Robusta hasn't had his coffee yet, so he's a bit slow
Hey, watch those gender suffixes!
I don't have my nurse drag on today.
Hey people, can I have some opinions on the Harry Potter question? Close-votes, upvotes of my comment, objections, whatever.
Nuke it from orbit.
1:39 PM
Thanks. Anybody else? I'll allow it some more time...
I agree, not that a low-rep opinion matters.
Yeah right, obviously nobody asked you, sheesh!
Those crazy Russkies...
But I'm glad to no longer see you lingering at 200 reps.
Keep those ngrams coming.
Reactance is an emotional reaction in direct contradiction to rules or regulations that threaten or eliminate specific behavioral freedoms. Reactance can occur when someone is heavily pressured to accept a certain view or attitude. Reactance can cause the person to adopt or strengthen a view or attitude that is contrary to what was intended, and also increases resistance to persuasion. People using reverse psychology are playing on at least an informal awareness of reactance, attempting to influence someone to choose the opposite of what they request. Definition Psychological reactance...
@RegDwight Nuke it, and send its radioactive remains to SciFi
1:56 PM
Done. Thanks all.
Not enough SNOT.
anyway, you might want to consider locking this:
Q: Good movies for learning English

Anwar ChandraSometimes, I find it easier to learn so many English vocabulary and expressions and usage by watching movies. If you're a non-native English speaker, you probably noticed some of them that help you learn. What are good movies you watched that are great for learning English? (Expressions, usage, ...

before it gains traction again
I think I'll wait with that one... "Questions should be protected when they are garnering lots of views and newbies are adding 'me too!', 'thanks!' and possibly even spam non-answers." Don't see that happening (just yet). Plus, it's a CW.
@RegDwight ok, I thought protection was also used for old questions that would no longer be deemed on-topic, where deletion is not desirable but you don't want it to pick momentum again
2:03 PM
Ah. That would be a different question, actually.
on another topic, my commitment to BCG is still not considered fulfilled, even though I asked 5 upvoted questions and submitted 5 answers (not all upvoted)
do you happen to know what's the (hidden) criterion?
Welcome back, @Martha.
I'd have to check with @Kosmonaut if we want the "kept for historical reasons only" message on those movie questions.
Hi @Martha and welcome to the chat. Please read the FAQ first.
Hi all, glad to see you didn't break this place while I was away.
Oh, make no mistake, we broke it in every way imaginable.
It's just that we broke it so many times that we're back at square one now.
2:05 PM
@Martha well, we're glad to see you didn't break the Whole World Out There while you were out of the chat
welcome back
Stop welcoming her already, let her show off some new pictures and tell us how hungry everyone was in Hungry-Land.
I don't have any of the new pictures with me. :(
Q: What words can I use to indicate how hungry I am?

Ivo RossiBesides "I'm hungry" and "I'm starving", where starving is more than hungry, are there other phrases to indicate how hungry you are (including slangs, if any)?

(@RegDwight: I'm ignoring that. Be glad.)
@Fx And the answer is... Magyarország!
2:07 PM
(Still ignoring @RegDwight)
@Martha You have a lot of catching up to do. @Kosmonaut pinged you like a zillion times.
But hey, I got to see William & Kate's wedding in London!
No way.
(... in the airport on the big screen while waiting for my gate assignment to come up, but nevermind that part...)
@Martha well, I didn't manage not to see it from Paris :(
2:09 PM
It was on every channel here, except for that one that showed How I Met Your Mother re-runs.
@RegDwight I read all the various pings, but my brain is too fuzzy to deal with them. I think I will just ignore them.
user image
I... I quit.
AHHH! Make it go away!
Apr 19 at 14:41, by Kosmonaut
Those dead eyes....
2:11 PM
Aw, can't we keep it?
@Martha But all of those pings were of the most extremeliestest importance! Especially Kosmo's "Hey @Martha, do you see this @Martha mention? @Martha, @Martha, @Martha. Also, @Martha!"
Sorry. @Kosmonaut will have to take it up with the management.
@RegDwight so you're a Lawful owl?
2:19 PM
Is the L a typo?
I don't do tyop
@RegDwight Same to you
Apr 22 at 22:02, by F'x
2:36 PM
@Martha — Oh, well, in that case ...
22 hours ago, by Robusto
user image
@Robusto Is that a macro yet?
It oughta be.
Please not.
The royal wedding is worse than George Lucas and J. K. Rowling put together.
@Robusto Except that the wedding is over. The other two aren't.
Hi @PaulCalcraft.
2:40 PM
It's like those two married and then their kids bred with the Osmonds or something.
So that's what osmosis means.
Yes. You didn't realize how pernicious it really was, did you?
Conspiracy, it's, a, yadayada/
Q: What's the (unobvious) meaning of "I saw you coming"?

STATUS_ACCESS_DENIEDWatching an episode of Ruddy Hell, the phrase "I saw you coming" was printed on a shop and the shop owner used it when talking to the rich lady. The context was that he sold stuff second hand and even openly admitted that it was only worth "a fiver" when he bought it. He then exclaims: "But I saw...

And the answer is: Mirror tiles on the ceiling?
Yes, I had to restrain myself from commenting...
Sorry, meself.
When will i learn?
2:44 PM
Q: Did pirates really talk the way they are currently portrayed?

GregWhere did the common pop-culture way of portraying pirates (arrrr, ayeee) come from? Did pirate captains really commonly have birds on their shoulders?

why is Skeptics.SE stealing nice questions away from us?
Hey! They stole our bestest question!
We're only left with some RP stuff.
Q: Tangier island accent — Is accent truly unchanged since Elizabethan period? How would we know?

Doug T.I'm not sure how well known Tangier Island is outside the Chesapeake region. To make a long story short, Tangier Island is an isolated fishing community in the Chesapeake bay. It has been mostly isolated for hundreds of years. You constantly hear that the accent has remained unchanged since the 1...

3:10 PM
K pipl, gotta do some shopping. TTYL.
@RegDwight Hey @RegDwight
Ok, first time using Stack Exchange chat, didn't realise that reply would also @mention you!
Oh, you've just left, that is good timing.
1 hour later…
4:35 PM
@PaulCalcraft yeah, sorry, stupid beer just won't buy and carry itself.
4 hours later…
9:05 PM
Is this owl thing the ELU version of the SO unicorn malarkey?
The owl is Europe's answer to Justin Bieber. That's why @RegDwight uses it as his gravatar. He is soooo into Justin Bieber.
They let the commie owls into Europe too?
Oh, I think those were panda
Thank goodness for that.
9:23 PM
This is so sweeeeeet:
A: What is the object in "Anna ate her cold chicken sandwich for lunch"?

annaThere are a number of objects but the root object is Anna.

Note the user name.
20 hours ago, by RegDwight
@Robusto Never heard that one. I only listen to Janet Jackson.
9:36 PM
> May Day was celebrated illegally in Russia until the February Revolution enabled the first legal celebration in 1917. It became an important official holiday of the Soviet Union, celebrated with elaborate popular parade in the centre of the major cities. The biggest celebration was traditionally organized on the Red Square, where the General Secretary of the CPSU and other party and government leaders stood atop Lenin's Mausoleum and waved to the crowds.
9:47 PM
@RegDwight — Maybe I'm just tired, but ... huh?
Poor Anna?
Hm, she's minus sentence, syntax and object; she might fit well over at Skeptics.SE.
10:38 PM
I think Anna is the object of something else now, at least the object of discussion.
10:50 PM
Wow, so many new faces today. Hi @SpareOom.
11:40 PM
@RegDwight Hi.
Good time of the day.
That wasn't a question, was it? Good day to you too. It's evening here.
Almost 2 a.m. here.
And no, not a question. More like "you've been noticed". I can approximate your local time from your profile.
I see you don't have accounts on other sites of the network?
That's rather unusual.)))
Chat rooms are relatively new to me, actually.
In general? Or the StackExchange ones?
11:49 PM
In general, but StackExchange in particular.
Well, make yourself comfortable.
Thank you for the welcome.
Now that no one's around it's especially cozy.
When there are like twenty people discussing five different things, new users can get dizzy in no time.
I've looked in before when there was nothing going on and stepped right back out. It feels pretty formal or intimidating in StackExchange rooms.
I'd better not say much until I understand the rules.
Actually, many rooms are as informal as it gets.
This one is a prime example.
We're just fooling around most of the time.
Just look at the starred messages.
That's the kind of stuff you can expect here.

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