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12:02 AM
uh-oh, here comes the update on my end gulp
I have survived!
All fonts are fine.
ah well, they marked the bug against launchpad as invalid citing a dependency on an old library. funny thing is, i checked the control file and it uses the pseudo-package something-dev instead of the versioned something2-dev and auto-generates the binary package as a run-time/install dependency. oh well. guess i have to mirror a source repo and grep all the control files so i can find it evidencing in lots o packages...
@mechanicalsnail ^^
@Seth Huh?
@FEichinger your submissions have made it to the front page of the blog
12:16 AM
Ah! Awesome!
@Seth nice post. Still reading the answer ^^
@LuisAlvarado Thanks! I hope my language is clear :/
12:42 AM
aside from that, how is everyone doing?
good :)
@LuisAlvarado ah great! I totally forgot about that way of doing it lol.
That's somewhat akin to remembering bash-fu and forgetting that there's a gui checkbox isn't it? ;P
yeah, I guess so ;)
The command line is fun!
and powerful.
but that's a side note.
12:49 AM
Have you seen master fu?
no I haven't.
askubuntu.com/questions/254412/… <-- What ... Why ... That doesn't even make sense.
The reason for the question, not the question itself.
nice edit. Maybe the question will be worth keeping now.
@Seth you spell facetious F-A-C-E-T-I-O-U-S
"eBay UK compatibility issues" and "but nobody wants to know now that I've paid for it" ... I'm ... confused.
@Seth I don't like walloftexts that make no sense. I turn them into paragraphs that make no sense.
12:52 AM
nevermind. I approved the edit
And I just realized I forgot the title.
@FEichinger you should ask the OP where it says that he can install that on the chromebook. If he read it somewhere at is
@FEichinger I don't even read walls of text, I must say.
check the further edit
ah even better.
12:56 AM
askubuntu.com/questions/254440/… <-- This is why you don't use images from a random site but setup the server yourself.
@FEichinger - i just stole your edit to make the edit history more readable. approved the first one, but the second one i just took over since the edit history will be clearer
@FEichinger this is what I think of that eatliver.com/i.php?n=10205
@AbrahamVanHelpsing askubuntu.com/posts/254412/revisions <- That made it clearer? :P
@FEichinger sorry, i thought i would just subsume your edit and remove a revision since it was inside 2 minutes
Ah, no worries.
12:59 AM
I feel an MSO bug report coming on... does his best mister burns wringing of hands
Q: Ubuntu suddenly hosed. What's a poor n00b to do?

Gregory FlemingIn the last couple of weeks, my Ubuntu machine went wonky. I can't access an SMB share of an ext3 formatted media player HDD that this machine serves files to. I can't seem to access the NTFS partition on the Ubuntu machines HDD. Programs frequently lock up on me. I cannot power down or restart u...

@FEichinger That edit history is completely not looking like the edit history should... at all...
@AbrahamVanHelpsing Pretty much, yeh.
@Seth Someone who so masterfully manages to place a picture of his crotch on a Q&A site kinda deserves upvotes.
@FEichinger you forgot to link to your launchpad prfile
@Seth Check my bio.
1:02 AM
@FEichinger you're supposed to put it in your nomination.
Nomination post character limit: Bollocks.
ah yeah.
Is it me, or questions are getting weirder by the minute. Don't me alarmed when we see "I just installed Windows 8 on a Macbook Pro using the Ubuntu installer, how can I move all of this to a raspberry pi device without loosing the encryption I did with Fortran and Pascal"
They are getting weirder for sure.
I agree.
That is so funny @LuisAlvarado...
1:05 AM
You know, that's probably why SO is so snarky. I mean on the stack network who is the closest to them in size and scope? Vague questions of questionable origin could have "made them that way" as opposed to just being born evil people. Just saying... (to be clear I don't think SO denziens were born evil)
God I have my Classroom session today:D
It's actually getting to a point where I click on a new question and.. wha...what...wait.. where.. what..how...Close window...Turn off computer. Like Jackie Chan once "said": 3.bp.blogspot.com/-8k1Bms_LTWY/UFi4VV79JRI/AAAAAAAAAH0/…
... That is a picture of the bootloader. Looks exactly the same on my PC. What exactly is the problem? — FEichinger 1 min ago
Oh, that's weird and embarrassing. It's always booted up automatically before. I thought this was some kind of troubleshooting screen. — Gregory Fleming 16 secs ago
New email from Microsoft.
1:07 AM
@LuisAlvarado I almost want to star that
> 60M Windows 8 licenses sold. 100M app downloads. Is your app in the Store?
@Seth That's less than 2 apps per license.
That's disappointing.
My response is who needs a Windows app store when you have steam?
All crazy questions explained with 1 image
user image
1:09 AM
I mean really...who in this room uses Windows for anything but steam games or work obligations?
C# development.
@Seth blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/?p=31891 <- Compare that to iOS and Android.
That is seriously disappointing.
What do you expect of a 3 or so inch screen?
I wonder how many of the Windows App Store downloads were Angry Birds...just saying...
Since it costs $3 I doubt that many are.
1:11 AM
You sucked all the fun out of that one @Seth
sorry, just saying...
Oh Microsoft, you and your crazy marketing team.
@Seth Oh, also, I forgot: "Grow up, son." ... Totally wanted to say that at some point. :P
1:17 AM
Why did the chicken cross the road?
It didn't, it got run over.
I feel like a chicken sandwich...
sudo make a_chicken_sammich
@AbrahamVanHelpsing you mean sandwich?
1:20 AM
slang for sandwich?
ah OK. ★
`sudo deltree c:\
> The Oxford English Dictionary officially recognized “sammich” as a word in May 2011.
It's no longer slang!
oh help. What is the world coming too!
1:23 AM
@FEichinger oxford english started putting in slang terms and noting "slang" when ain't came out
Take care crazy people
gotta go
@FEichinger can I directly compare a variable to a reg expression in JS?
uhhhh ... I dunno?
@LuisAlvarado By :) <-- used proper grammar
@FEichinger go figure. I just hate debugging JS.
1:28 AM
SO is a treasure trove. When you actually find a well written question.
SO is fun ... If you only search it.
My only rule for using SO is "Don't post."
Hey...let's answer some questions on SO:
that's actually pretty neat...but why firefox asdf;lkj
Because Firefox is awesome.
It's a Fox. It's on Fire. Deal with it.
1:38 AM
well, I didn't look for Chrome
Firefox is awesome you know.
@FEichinger Iceweasel ... just saying
Not saying it's not better than IE. Just saying that my religious predilection is chromium.
How can you not like this:
wait, they usurped sonic's sidekick? that looks like tails
That always crashes
chromium never crashes for me...plug-ins crash occasionally, but never the browser
1:41 AM
that guy is a plugin
also: crashes are GOOD. they mean you KNOW that your software is misbehaving.

think "it's crashing, i must need to run it as administrator"
@RolandiXor I really hope that was a really bad joke about the USA
@RolandiXor I think I gotta change my vote, sec.
1:46 AM
I hate it when people get it right away :P
It's more fun when people get the wrong impression first.
@FEichinger You get more than 3 at this time.
@Seth I know. I currently upvoted him, though. I think I gotta change that. :P
Har har...
@jrg did a joke like this the last time IIRC :)
go figure.
Should have known.
Anyway, vote for the man you know you can trust!
I will crack down on the gold watch cartel!
And end the war on trolls!
1:48 AM
except when it comes to his propaganda.
How come /mod/ returns as not a reg expression?
@Seth are you a spy for @LuisAlvarado?
I should have known!
@RolandiXor You do know that saying vote for the man you know you can trust while making the type of joke you did only works if you have a significant number of voters in Barbados
actually, yes.
or some other country
1:50 AM
@RolandiXor lol
Okay okay... time to explain the joke (for real).
It's based on two things:
The last election, we made jokes just like it.
And, it's election season in my country :)
you mean, your planet.
"We" (not inclusive of me) go to the polls on the 21st
I don't vote in local elections.
(Local meaning, Barbados).
time to put together a shocking video revealing @FEichinger's refusal to help an old lady cross the street
@RolandiXor Good one
RolandiXor always helps old ladies cross the street!
1:54 AM
/mod/ should so totally work.. grr :/
@RolandiXor Hold on ... That's wrong?
how awesome would it be if typing the word rawr made chat shake erratically?
@FEichinger wrong? :O It's downright heartless!
She had to cross the street... alone!
Which, in any modern civilization, is not really a problem.
I find this discrimination based on age very disheartening.
lol you're not getting the joke... :P
(I think)
1:56 AM
@RolandiXor Oh, I am. I'm just playing along. ;)
This is politics - everything, and I mean EVERYTHING - is to be used to maximum mud-slinging effect :D
At first, I considered responding with something like this:

"I did not have sex with that wo--" ... Wait a minute, wrong speech. ... *Very* wrong speech. Wait a sec.
politics is the lady's part.
But I thought that wouild be a little too over the top.
1:57 AM
I saw @FEichinger conspiring with gold watch spammers!
like yourself :P
I was under cover
I busted the largest spamming ring in history!
The fasle-gold watch gang!
Oh, I did conspire with the spammers, yes.
In fact, I was testing the community.
Yes, yes, testing. Seeing if they responded on time.
Nuked it away.
Killed it.
Obviously, the community was fast enough. I'm very proud of y'all.
Ahh, but you hurt the community in your quest to "thwart" the spammers!
And you were sending votes to offshore banks!
dinner time.
2:01 AM
Well, yes. We need to be prepared for an onslaught. So, obviously, I created a vote fund!
Not an official one, to prevent them from infiltrating it.
I heard there were some shady characters on your vote fund staff...
One of them ate a cookie, and didn't share.
that was you.
in 2buntu, Aug 9 '12 at 17:43, by Roland Taylor
Hand me your cookies! NOW (This instant!)
in 2buntu, Aug 9 '12 at 17:43, by Roland Taylor
Give me now ...and nobody gets hurt (badly)
Kinda dug your own hole there, Roland.
@Seth :O
2:04 AM
One more
in 2buntu, Aug 9 '12 at 17:42, by Roland Taylor
Hand over your cookies (all of them).
You used quotes from me arresting a cookie thief to paint me as evil!
@RolandiXor haha
@RolandiXor lol?
oh man, the usual allegations of attacking peoples cookie-eating beliefs have begun again?
comon guys, it's 2013. I thought we were past that.
Yep. Roland succumbed to these feral instincts.
2:08 AM
@jrg @TheLordOfTime Messed time up, it's really 2032
@Seth ok, so we aren't past that then.
in the year 2020, we are due for a edit war of society-changing proportions.
did you mean? I won't ask.
no, i mean exactly that
man, selinux is a real pain in the rear.
Geez, you two. Just call it by its name: ass.
2:11 AM
@RolandiXor nice one lol
honest typo lol
@RolandiXor Freudian typo.
@FEichinger let us put our differences aside - you can be my running mate.
Yeh, you know ... You should first pull the knife out of my back, then ask that.
Just sayin'.
2:14 AM
But I did!
That describes my feelings on this election.
@jrg can you speak at my political meeting?
@RolandiXor I don't endorse anyone.
I instead am the most negative person you will ever meet.
We'll duke this out at the debates!
However, I am setting up a escrow system, where I can place my guesses as to who will win, and then call them back after the election and see how accurate I am.
i'm thinking GPG signing it, since that has a date/timestamp part.
2:18 AM
Under my administration, there are no minorities!
instead, we simply are.
Equal rights for everyone! (Except Venusians... they get special privileges)
okay /jokes off :P
2:31 AM
@RolandiXor enough jokes:P
@smartboyhw Not enough jokes.
I will create jobs...
@RolandiXor That's an awesome joke, indeed.
@FEichinger .
2:35 AM
@Flabricorn haha
3:06 AM
AHH! All I see are SO questions on Google now!
and you know what the average SO question is like... they should all be closed as Too Localized.
don't bubble, use duckduckgo and !bing
bing? Who uses bing :O
I hate bing.
I <3 bing
Bing is pretty on the front page.
but don't you agree 80% of SO is too localized?
3:08 AM
uh, don't know what it's like on other ends of the web, but the ruby tags are pretty helpful.
well it is ruby.. just sayin
ok, night guys
FYI. our own @smartboyhw is giving a class on ISO QA testing tomorrow. I'll be checking it out: lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-quality/2013-February/…
forgot about the ISO stuff, that'll be useful.
A: How can I see indicator-sync in LXPanel?

NixblickerEven if this might be a forum zombie - it might help someone. Coming from a bug filed on launchpad by a user with the same name, I suppose the Ubuntu One Indicator Plugin applet from Roman Yepishev (https://launchpad.net/indicator-ubuntuone) is meant here. bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net...

Please promise to get rid of the zombies too
3:12 AM
@jrg I missed the dev days stuff and I'm trying to catch up on my mailing lists. Too much stuff going on...
@maggotbrain man, you're telling me.
The QA stuff is interesting to me. Still trying to see if I can get my feet wet either there or in bug triage.
It's a bit of a ramp up, for me, learning their lingo ;-).
@Seth lol
i missed so much since i'm still dealing with the aftershocks of all the security problems in ruby on rails. :(
it'll take me a long time to get all caught up.
3:17 AM
@jrg not envious of you. What is that? three serious patches in a month, now?
@maggotbrain something like that.
costs me 4.5 hours/patch generally.
Across how many sites?
it's 9 applications, and takes about 30 minutes to update, test on multiple systems and submit pull requests.
it builds character. ;-)
the upside is that i'm learning more about how to script the whole thing.
like, completely script it.
3:19 AM
oh, and that's assuming i'm at home. if i'm somewhere else, it takes about 45/app, since i have to do the cross-testing in a local VM, which is slower than on the internal one. :(
anyway, time to go sleep of haxors breaking into sites. :)
Nice. Night @jrg dream of a bug free ruby.
3:41 AM
@FEichinger Now this is funny. Since Community is a mod it automatically passes my edit.
I am about to embark on a journey... cross-compiling Qt with Mingw-w64.
3:52 AM
Q: Boot disk unavailable

Nathan WehrBackground I've got one 32GB SSD that I have Ubuntu 12.10 installed on (this drive is encrypted), and two 1.5TB drives that will serve as storage and backup respectively. I have formated both drives (sdb, sdc) as ext4 and added them to fstab: UUID=f8522a6f-2c4a-4e6a-bc45-390c13973a4f /pool/sin...

4:02 AM
32 bit Spam:
4:17 AM
More 32 bit spam:
4:28 AM
35 views and only -2 :/
we should have this killed my 35 views
4:44 AM
32 bit spam:
I see we have some other people in here
Come on people lets kill this spam!
Downvote and flag as spam please.
More Spam:
This is why we need @jokerdino for mod people!
5:09 AM
Right on!! Dance Moms!
just 4 spam questions remaining.
@jokerdino, but I see more than 4. And I refreshed the page ???
Just 4. o.O
Yes, I have trouble counting :( But don't all of one spammer's posts get bulk deleted?
5:21 AM
@mods: we have a problem with this guy:
@vasa1 unfortunately, no.
He's editing the questions now.
@GeorgeEdison what.
Oh! I see. Because apart from kaka this Umay Ai has one left.
And maybe that's why I saw more than 4.
I've flagged everything I can at this point.
5:24 AM
OK, we have a 5th one just in.
I got flags left :)
once they are approved, you get the flag back for the day I think.
Great. There's a lot of "depth" to these SE sites. But unlike forums, we can see what's going on and that's nice.
askubuntu.com/q/254507/25656 Cause and effect ... A tweak too far?
unity-tweak-tool would have no effect over gnome-shell experience.
ah, another spam
23 spam flags left. I'm not sure I've got any back so far.
5:32 AM
i dont think any of them got approved yet.
as in, marked as helpful
That poster also has GNOME tweak tool and doesn't seem to know just what all he/she installed/deleted/tweaked.
I wouldn't think it is because of the tweaks. One possible solution would be to check in a guest account if everything's fine.
if it is indeed fine, then we can just get rid of all configurations and start all over
Understood! Is that a separate process? Then that's really where the janitorial work comes in. No wonder mod candidates are "cautioned" :)
@vasa1 marking as helpful is done by mods when they check the flag queue. it can also be automarked if a post has 6 spam flags each.
Got it!
5:49 AM
@RolandiXor you there buddy?
@jokerdino thats a fairly common one
can someone with enough rep fix the title of ubuntu here please? askubuntu.com/questions/254511/…
well, you can suggest an edit that is appropriate?
i am not a server-y guy
@jokerdino: its just the spelling of ubuntu ;p
question is otherwise fine, that's the problem
ah, he means *buntu, i think
and blah, let me comment ;p
nope, server doesn't have any other flavours
5:57 AM
fixed title
@LuisAlvarado yo
Here's what I have so far:
(Wut? No oneboxing for Gist URLs?)
feature request?
gist used to onebox. weird.
6:13 AM
something is borked?
6:28 AM
7:02 AM
LOL this works
gist: This script provides an easy way to build Qt5 for both 32 and 64-bit Windows. This script assumes that the Mingw-w64 compilers are installed on the host as well as Perl., 2013-02-13 05:59:18Z

# Configuration script for building Qt5 on Linux.
# The values below can be modified to customize the build.

# Path used for building the libraries.

# Installation path for files that are built. (Two directories will be created
# in it for the 32 and 64-bit builds).

# URLs for archives to download.

# End of configurable settings

mkdir -p $BUILD_PATH

# Populate the downloads directory, grabbing files that aren't already downloaded.
mkdir -p downloads
cd downloads
  test -e `basename $OPENSSL_URL` || wget $OPENSSL_URL
  test -e `basename $QT5_URL` || wget $QT5_URL
cd ..

# Now perform these actions twice - once for each architecture.
for TOOLCHAIN in i686 x86_64; do
  # Extract the OpenSSL archive to the appropriate directory, configure, and make it.
  mkdir -p openssl-$TOOLCHAIN
  cd openssl-$TOOLCHAIN
    tar --strip-components 1 -xf ../downloads/`basename $OPENSSL_URL`
    OPENSSL_TARGET=`if [ $TOOLCHAIN == i686 ] ; then echo mingw ; else echo mingw64 ; fi`
    ./Configure --cross-compile-prefix=$TOOLCHAIN-w64-mingw32- $OPENSSL_TARGET
  cd ..
  # Now extract the Qt5 archive (which is considerably larger) to the appropriate directory.
  mkdir -p qt5-$TOOLCHAIN
  cd qt5-$TOOLCHAIN
    tar --strip-components 1 -xf ../downloads/`basename $QT5_URL`
  cd ..
ah, name should not be there @GeorgeEdison
7:14 AM
Thanks for taking the time to figure it out.
lol np
A: Is there a way I can rename Trash to Crap?

Amith KKYeah, you can abuse the translations system to do this. Make a temporary text file using gedit gedit /tmp/foo.po and enter this text it: msgid "Trash" msgstr "Crap" Change to /usr/share/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES cd /usr/share/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES And then apply changes sudo msgfmt...

If he does not give me the bounty, i'll get +25 right?
@AmithKK: after the grace period is over
7:36 AM
Night all.
For some reason, my wikipedia GlaDOS tab keeps on crashing
GLaDOS, short for Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, is a fictional artificially intelligent computer system and the main antagonist in the video game Portal as well as its sequel, Portal 2. She was created by Erik Wolpaw and Kim Swift and is voiced by Ellen McLain. She is responsible for testing and maintenance in Aperture Science research facility in both video games. While she initially appears to simply be a voice to guide and aid the player, her words and actions become increasingly malicious until she makes her intentions clear. The game reveals that she is corrupted and use...

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