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12:01 AM
They contradict. And yes, CG is definitely the best choice when you're new to the site.
12:17 AM
@hyper-neutrino the H flag is being saved for emergencies (read: someone else figures out 11 bytes and I need to quickly reach 10)
What's the H flag?
Start the stack with 100.
Who wants to join my new Vyxal Is Bad club?
Not ZippyMagician
That's for sure
12:20 AM
I'll help be a founding member :P
i would like to sign up (after lyxal and razetime award my bounty of course - until then, vyxal is a very good language)
vyxal's cool though. like in all seriousness. takes me some time to think of the right approach because jelly is very different :P
I think I'm going to write up a meta post suggesting a new method of flag scoring.
tbh Vyxal's builtin set is my least favourite bit
I've taken a browse through the commands list, and I don't know if the descriptions aren't good, or if the list of builtins isn't great :/
keep in mind that most are stolen from 05ab1e and jelly
besides, y'all are just jelly that the Vyxal interpreter is part of the George webring
g e o r g e
12:26 AM
@lyxal What does counts_of_items(a) mean?
the thing is even if flags are stored as 1:1 bytes
you can overload a size-512 codepage like that, basically
My proposal would be 1:1, but an extra byte for using both flags and code
@RedwolfPrograms That's worse than 1:1
That'd be almost the same as having two programs, with a delimeter
@cairdcoinheringaahing `abcdefabcdef`Ċ⟨⟨`e`|2⟩|⟨`c`|2⟩|⟨`f`|2⟩|⟨`b`|2⟩|⟨`a`|2⟩|⟨`d`|2⟩⟩
12:27 AM
It still gives a tiny advantage to flags, but it's absolutely tiny
Basically one extra command in the code page
@lyxal have you tried that on this challenge
is this the specific built-in you mentioned yesterday :P
You could make it perfectly fair with some math, but you'd end up with super awkward non-integer or even irrational byte counts
@hyper-neutrino no, that's been around since before v1
That was in Ash too
@hyper-neutrino That's specifically why I asked, Ċ should be hella powerful there
12:29 AM
I have my numerical BF mostly ready, but I still need feedback, please send me help
0/10 no documentation
The + and - are completely different from normal brainfuck
:579793 crap, Iget exposed
Ipad sucks
@RedwolfPrograms Yes
Your README says it has 8 normal brainfuck commands
12:34 AM
@hyper-neutrino I will add that as soon as possible, but i am unsure if this language is practical
@RedwolfPrograms I will fix that
How do you initialize a cell to a nonzero number?
well it doesn't look like many commands to document
also practicality shouldn't matter, even brainflak is documented :P
Someone started talking about CNN the news network on this Quora question about (presumably) convolutional neural networks :D
@RedwolfPrograms same old [-]
So it wraps around?
12:47 AM
what if the cell to its right isn't 0
@user well 30% about CNN, 70% about FOX/conservatives (by which i think she means trump supporters specifically) lmao
idek what the point of that answer is. even if the question is about CNN the news network the answer doesn't even help lmao. but it's quora, so
i'm not surprised
@lyxal How do you input a list in Vyxal? The Python style [1,2,3] doesn't work?
@cairdcoinheringaahing [1, 2, 3]
but if you use the offline interpreter, [1,2,3] works
@hyper-neutrino it do cell[p]-=cell[p+1]
in that case Try it Online!
@okie right so what if the current cell is 1 and the next cell is 2
[-] would never terminate
12:50 AM
@hyper-neutrino oh hey my safe eval regex isn't broken after all
> regex
> safe eval
@RedwolfPrograms I'm not about to let you run arbitrary python on my server
This is a silly. This is a silly and a danger.
@hyper-neutrino Yes, I am thinking about negative number and how to solve it
12:51 AM
@hyper-neutrino Vyxal doesn't seem to have a sublists builtin. ǎ is only for strings :/
yeah i noticed too :/
I want to have negative number as a possibility
laughs in ÞS
Just parse it as JSON or split it on commas or something, this is like using a grenade launcher to unlock your front door
(\[(((-?\d+(\.\d+)?)|\g<1>|"[^"]*"|'[^']*')(, *)?)*\])|(-?\d+(\.\d+)?$)|"[^"]*"|'[^']*'
@RedwolfPrograms how is JSON gonna filter out python keywords?
12:52 AM
I think i am getting a copy operator, which copy next cell
@cairdcoinheringaahing Aaron Miller added a built-in for that
@lyxal When?
I tried searching for "sublists" in the docs file when the challenge was posted, didn't show anything
@cairdcoinheringaahing I merged the PR an hour ago or so
Wow, fricking thanks custom review stalker, for not opening the tab despite knowing full well there was a review task >:[
you should calm down with some lo fi boris johnson
12:57 AM
Oh, found the problem
@RedwolfPrograms Also, the review queues don't show the same tasks to the same users
@lyxal Even better, that's posted by a legit political party's YT account
@RedwolfPrograms correct.
@RedwolfPrograms That's worse
The Tories deliberately let children starve and flat buildings burn down, but hey look, meme
@lyxal Does ¨U auto-prepend the https:// to it's argument?
1:02 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing yes
stolen right from jelly
And 05AB1E, and IIRC MATL :P
I have a (probably) new painful programming language feature to unleash upon the world. Designing a quick proof-of-concept golfing language around it.
also, on two strings is a direct port of jelly (read: I copy-pasted right from jellylanguage repo)
imagine copying ideas from jelly. couldn't be me. never done that before.
1:06 AM
Q: How can this code be more "golfed"?

Have a nice dayI'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I found this similar question so I'll go ahead. I'm very new to code golfing, so keep your smothered laughs and throw-up emoji's to yourselves please ;). Anyway, someone recently posted a challenge (that was shortly deleted) to draw a 16x16 pixe...

@NewMainPosts 15 minutes slow
What should vectorizing a nilad over an array do?
Or something fancy?
just return the nilad
that's what i do
That's what Ash did, but it feels like a waste.
1:10 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Replace each element with the nilad
Basically a fill function
(Ignoring impure functions)
mapping over a nilad for yuno fails because i suck at coding
wanna hear the most illegal thing about vyxal: multiplying a lambda by a number changes the lambda's arity
lol wut
i don’t know why, but I have an idea with an esolang with game of life
i dont know what am i saying
2d esolang or something
1:24 AM
Game of Life is an esolang :P
see: tetris
okay who changed my keyboard layout again?
1:37 AM
that's how, not why.
its why as well :P
I expected something more elaborate
mod powers -> modexp
as I said, underwhelming
1:53 AM
my pfp is just too sick. lmao
@hyper-neutrino 11
2:18 AM
CMM: Differences between ? Should any of them by synonyms of any others?
do the former two categories include anything to do with close/reopen/deletion votes
I think merging/synonymising as a synonym of is probably a good idea
they should all be merged to .
2:28 AM
@hyper-neutrino is all up/down votes. has a couple of questions, and one about votes in the election
i'd say synonymize them all under voting, and retag the ones under votes
I think you might be the only one who can do that :P
I have a score of 8 in and 12 in , but nothing in :P
we don't have a good tag for the post about deletion votes
i could tag i under deleted answers, i guess
2:31 AM
would be a good tag to have around if/when it's needed
I'm surprised that isn't one of the "pre-created" meta tags tbh
Aside from this, I believe all the questions under fall under //
my last message before I can't talk in a year:
bye, guys. ):
@MatthewDaniels Why can't you talk in (for?) a year?
Check their profile
Oh, so how comes he could send those messages?
Caching, I suppose?
Although an hour for suspension caching is a bit odd
2:41 AM
hm why suspended
I'm not a mod, but I'm curious why he got suspended for an entire year. To me, he seemed to be just getting the hang of how CGCC works.
A reason that we neither know nor should discuss
I'd be very surprised if the mods have handed out a year's suspension for something unjustified, and they have an obligation to the user to not tell us the reasons behind it
I did not expect the rotation safe quine bounty to get claimed so quickly
Martin works fast :P
That's how he has close to 190k :P
2:53 AM
tfw sticky polyhexes also gets solved in vim
1 hour later…
3:54 AM
Great, I can't post my question because Title must have at least 15 char
And I determined to make either a short base guard or a super long title
any suggestion for title-that's-too-long-that-it-hits-title-limit
or else I am putting lyxal into title, 100% bad idea but practical
4:19 AM
Q: Base-ically Guard

okieBase: part 1 This is part 2, Strongly suggest you go try out the first one if you haven't tried it. Story As one of the solvers, You've managed to get to the door of the base heaven. In front of the door stands the base guard @lyxal, he was angry that you all just left the encoded text on the gro...

@NewMainPosts very nice, 21 min delay
4:46 AM
I could watch Ted Cruz read green eggs and ham all day honestly
Y'all listen to music, I listen to that
@RedwolfPrograms that's no match for lofi trump
interestingly, there's a mixed base conversion challenge already, but it requires conversion from one mixed base to another, so it's sort of the joined version of both of okie's
@lyxal I dunno, he reads it with such passion and reverence it almost makes them equals
@RedwolfPrograms and it doesn't come anywhere close to autotuned elon musk
5:06 AM
TIL Python 3.6.9 exists
Wow, I'm actually able to outgolf myself by a lot now
i've always been able to outgolf myself by a significant amount
the secret is to be bad the first time
I've always been good at that part
Just now learning to follow up on it with being good :p
3 in [1, 2, 3] is fun because it has totally different meanings in JS or Python
of course ಠ_ಠ
@RedwolfPrograms And probably a 3rd meaning in APL.
5:14 AM
@RedwolfPrograms w...what's the JS meaning?
Checks if 3 is a valid index of the array
Arrays are just fancy objects, so they get the same in operator as those
@Adám since when did APL have keywords
@RedwolfPrograms Wow imagine not being able to have negative indexes
That is one of the most painful parts of JS
array[-1] being undefined is the biggest mistake in the history of the universe
@Razetime It doesn't. It means the first 3 elements of 3 in (which errors, as there are only two, by the syntax is sound).
5:16 AM
oh right
for (var x in [3, 4, 5]) console.log(x) gives 0 1 2 doesn't it?
and you need to use of or smth to make it work for some reason
javascript gives me the big sad
You usually would just have [3, 4, 5] in a variable like a and then console.log(a[x])
yeah of is the right word
It's actually somewhat sensible for objects
And JS just loves treating things like objects that have no business being treated like objects
5:18 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Well, since -1 indicates that something wasn't found, when doing indexOf then having array[-1] give anything but undefined wouldn't work.
I disagree
Because you can set array[-1]
Wait, what‽
It's just an object with some built-in methods
You can do array["foo"], array[-10], array[array], and so on
thanks, i hate it
5:21 AM
"oh no, we need array but the due date is tomorrow!"
"no worries, i got this"
That's why I don't JS
Arrays are probably one of the jankier parts of JS
@lyxal What do you web frontend in?
@Adám JS only if absolutely necessary
And I rarely do web dev anyway
@lyxal So pure HTML+CSS whenever possible?
5:23 AM
var x = document.createElement("p");

x.id = "y";
x.foo = "bar";


y.foo // bar
That is another janky JS feature
Enjoy it
i'm convinced js was a practical joke played on all programmers
If you run it twice the result is undefined
lyxal, I think you will approve this
the only custom JS i use on my personal site is a line of initialization code to work with materialize, and one function to show my email on button press without having my email be crawlable
@okie mfw i get more upvotes from porting my jelly sol into a language that takes more bytes to do the same thing
@Adám if possible, yes
5:26 AM
it's 11 vs 8 bytes and i'm saving a byte by abusing flags too ;-; i'm probably doing it wrong anyway
@hyper-neutrino Jelly is everywhere
@lyxal Writing things like tabs/accordion widgets, theme switchers, and rotating picture galleries in pure HTML+CSS is a fun exercise.
@hyper-neutrino idk why but jelly gets downvoted a lot
prob the same golflang-hate that's always been around
it didn't get downvoted it's just that my vyxal one is +4 and my jelly one is +2
even though the jelly one was first and i just ported it, and my jelly sol is better
for this challenge jelly's tacit is significantly better, at least by my approach
@hyper-neutrino I don't hate any golflang :) except regexp stuffs because I failed to understand it
5:35 AM
@okie you mean Retina?
Retina has a very good tutorial
I mean, the normal regexp, I didn't knew that Retina was regexp based
5:48 AM
oh interesting
learning regexps is fun
The best thing about regex is that it provides a good response when people claim APL is unreadable.
6:03 AM
RegExp is more readable than APL
I TRIED REGEXP, I REALLY TRIED(crying in the corner)
well what did you find hard
6:37 AM
sup everyone
i don't think baseically guard challenge is much different than the god one
@Wasif Yes
/.n/ Do what in regexp
. is the "match any character" symbol
so it matches any character followed by the letter n
@Wasif They are inverses.
oh I see
6:45 AM
if I try to match nnn using /.n/, it only match one, bruh
It don't step back
@okie it should match two
/n*/ would match an arbitrary amount of ns
i think they mean only matches one instance
I used the link provided by Adam
7:20 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

qwr[Draft] Write out the 2x2 Hamiltonian Circuit Unlike the 3x3 Rubik's Cube, which famously has over 43 quintillion possible positions, the 2x2 Pocket Cube "only" has about 3.7 million positions, making a Hamiltonian circuit (a set of moves that visits every position exactly once) perfectly feasibl...

@Wasif it's better than putting encoding and decoding in the same question
codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/91891/80214 I wonder how this'd be in latest brachylog
we talking about the mighty regex
if wezl went extinct, nothing would really happen @pxeger
7:39 AM
@hyper-neutrino Try it Online!
@StackMeter hi
yo @Wasif
how is Anti-Alpha goin' on
I actually figured out how to write the interpreter
so I'm getting on that now
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Command MasterOptimal addition subtraction chain math code-golf An addition-subtraction chain, is a sequence \$a_1, a_2, a_3, ... ,a_n\$, such that \$a_1=1\$ and for all \$i > 1\$, there exist \$j,k<i\$ such that \$a_i = a_j \pm a_k\$. Your task, is given a number \$x\$, find the shortest addition-subtraction ...

7:44 AM
should be released late June, early July at worst
by the way
since you're here
how does one compress in python
@StackMeter Do you mean list compression?
list comprehension
I mean string compression
Will this help?
@okie yes
meow ;D
7:54 AM
ok someone stop HN clearing the review queues
@okie gives the cat a bath
Q: Random Move 2x2 Scrambling

qwrA simple way to scramble a 2x2x2 Rubik's cube is to make a sequence random moves. This is not how official scrambles are done, but can get pretty close to a uniform distribution of all possible scramble states. Due to the way a 2x2 only has two layers, doing one turn on one face is equivalent (wi...

@StackMeter pssst
Actually, my cat in actual life like to play water, sadly not swimming
rickrolls cat again
7:58 AM
Does rick have a cat?
apparently yes
We're no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment's what I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get this from any other guy

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

We've known each other for so long
Your heart's been aching, but
You're too shy to say it
Inside, we both know what's been going on
8:53 AM
@hyper-neutrino yuno looks pretty nice. I'm assuming you use dakuten and han-dakuten for two byte builtins?
9:16 AM
the rickroll is now starred
@lyxal Lol
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Wheat WizardImplement a function \$f\$ (as a function or complete program), such that \$ \displaystyle\lim_{n\rightarrow \infty} f(n) \$ converges to a number which is not a computable number. Answers will be scored in bytes with fewer bytes being better. IO formats Your answer may be in any of the following...

I just made some changes to IO format. I'd appreciate it if I could get some eyes on it since I would like to post this today.
@WheatWizard Can you explain how this is possible?
This is just one of a million ways in which limits can be counter intuitive. For an example, imagine an 𝑓 where 𝑓(𝑛) just takes the first 𝑛 Turing machines and runs them for 𝑛 steps, if machine 𝑚 halts in the test run then you add 2^−𝑚 to a total (think about what this means in binary). This is obviously computable, we can simulate Turing machines for 𝑛 steps and add rational numbers. But the limit encodes the exact solution to the halting problem. This is actually the first example number given in the challenge.
From the comments there.
@WheatWizard That is clever.
when are bounties allowed to be rewarded
10:07 AM
@WheatWizard I think this is good, but just in case I'd get one of the others to look at it.
@StackMeter whenever you want
you just start the bounty
and you can immediately award it
11:09 AM
Q: Compute the uncomputable ... sort of

Wheat WizardImplement a function \$f\$ (as a function or complete program), such that \$ \displaystyle\lim_{n\rightarrow \infty} f(n) \$ converges to a number which is not a computable number. Answers will be scored in bytes with fewer bytes being better. IO formats Your answer may be in any of the following...

11:33 AM
Q: Let's play Judgement!

Don ThousandIn this king-of-the-hill challenge, you will be making a python 3 bot to play the card game judgement! Sandbox Rules Judgement is a hand based game similar to games like rummy. In each round, 7 cards are dealt to each player, a trump suit is chosen (trump suits are chosen sequentially from the li...

12:10 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I mean, it's pretty obvious...
surprised it took so long tbh
12:31 PM
CMQ: what do you think my favourite song is? (as in, what do you think I'd put on repeat a lot?)
@lyxal idk maybe something like this?
@AaronMiller that's where you're wrong
1:07 PM
lyxal probably listens to darude sandstorm
Also incorrect
I have another song for u
Hmmm which one
Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley

[Verse 1]
We're strangers to love
You know the rules but I don't
No commitment's what I'm thinking of
You would get this from any other guy

[Pre-Chorus 1]
I don't wanna tell you how I'm feeling
Gotta make you misunderstand

Gonna give you up
Gonna let you down
Gonna run around and desert you
Gonna make you cry
Gonna say goodbye
Gonna tell a lie and hurt you

[Verse 2]
I don't know you so well
Your heart's been aching but I don't give a shit
I don't know what the hell's been going on
I've heard that before
1:11 PM
@lyxal can't access it
1:24 PM
b"-sin" it's blocked on this network
Morning everyone!
it's 2:24pm
Just got reverse rickrolled by chat, so I now have immunity to one rickroll.
I better not waste it on a self-roll again
1:26 PM
@RedwolfPrograms there's three that are here for the person that is you
@rak1507 If you're thinking it's because they've been disruptive in chat, I can almost guarantee it's not. The appropriate course of action there is kicks (notifies the ROs), then a short chat suspension (typically a week).
@hyper-neutrino check out my tag-wiki-edit
@StackMeter Which tag wiki?
I just saw a commit message saying:
> Corrected reference to showCCGC fn
Needless to say, I read that wrong at first.
Took me at least five reads to notice that was CCGC lol
(Both acronyms are green ;p)
1:43 PM
"show" isn't bothering "CCGC"?
@RedwolfPrograms So you also saw "CGCC"?
Would CCGC be Coding Challenges and Golf Code?
@Razetime Not exactly; I haven't exactly decided on what to start my digraphs with but normal kana, dakuten, the sokuon, and (most/all) combinations are all counted as one byte
@cairdcoinheringaahing the "vote-to-delete" tag
so like ッシュ is one byte
@StackMeter Yep, just finished reviewing it :P
1:45 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing was it accepted
@RedwolfPrograms In this case it stands for Compaction Count & Garbage Collector.
why did community review those edits
Oh, you didn't hear? Random people are now allowed to approve suggested edits :p
May I ask why y'all did star rickroll lyrics (with 3 stars)?
good question
1:55 PM
I'm waiting for a solution to satisfy my inquiry
I think I'll just chalk it up to immaturity
@user god damn my stars have left
also when is bounty two gonna come
@RedwolfPrograms How?
1:58 PM
*:not(script, style) { display: inline } is my new favorite rule
I'm getting way too excited to do the 700 rep factiod
@user put my stars back
@StackMeter I did "Improve Edit"

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