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12:08 AM
Guys help I can't find the amount of rep I've gained since I lasted visited the reputation tab.
It keeps giving me a 404
See what I mean
Petition to have someone mute lyxal :p
Yeah well with y'all being room owners it's gonna be a whole lot harder for me to push boundaries like usual.
Kick/mute user is an RO power :P
I suppose I'll have to innovate
(i gave up on not spoiling the votes I looked)
I wish we'd stayed tied
12:10 AM
It would be nice to have one RO who could read upside down
Because currently y'all's timezones pretty much all match up
It's interesting that the votes on me, Bubbler and Adam have basically plateaued at a tie
@cairdcoinheringaahing Dare to beat me in Socratic? I'm 97/100 now, I'll give you three weeks to beat me :D
@cairdcoinheringaahing I'm sorry what.
12:12 AM
@Bubbler Well, I'm at 90/100 :P
Doesn't look like a 3 way tie to me
And you can only earn at most 1 progress a day, and three weeks is not very long :P
Oh look, I mysteriously got a downvote
Had to break the tie somehow
12:13 AM
@Bubbler Plus only one of my Sandboxed challenges is "ready to go", and it still needs some fairly complicated test cases :/
And besides it doesn't really matter
It's not personal just funny
@Lyxal An upvote would've also broken the tie :P
do I smell vote abuse
*prepares the 11*
@cairdcoinheringaahing it actually wouldn't have
@Bubbler That's a question every 2 days, none of which can be dupes. I would enjoy the challenge but I also don't want to risk it :P
12:15 AM
@hyper-neutrino wait so every other time I do it no one cares but when it's for a election people care?
I'd be happy to get it within a week of you though :P
@Lyxal said every US politician in history
@Lyxal yeah, it's cuz they're my answers so your downvote affects my score ratio and i don-- wait hold on a second
It'd be quite interesting if my nomination post scores higher than my votes post
yay I didn't look at the TNB for a few hours and I got something done!
(I know it should probably be just "TNB" but "the TNB" sounds better)
@RedwolfPrograms which one looks better
12:18 AM
Apr 1 at 12:40, by Redwolf Programs
I'm going to call this room "The TNB" from now on and nobody can stop me
Feb 11 at 0:48, by Lyxal
@cairdcoinheringaahing I'd make a comment about voting fraud but I've done it myself, so eh
@RedwolfPrograms Maybe I can in a few days :P
Not if I abuse my RO powers first :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing I cannot uphold this censorship *immediately downvotes* :P
I disapprove of people downvoting caird so I will downvote them for allowing this to happen
12:22 AM
I have been on 30 bytes for this challenge for so long :(((
do you think 'under 30' includes 30?
it should
Mutually assured destruction downvotes
@rak1507 No
I will rule this chat room with an iron fist, preventing anyone from chatting, but only for a 1 second interval at 5am UTC on alternate Sundays
@user well that's inconvenient
only in this specific case though :)
12:22 AM
damn it apl, why is your decrement 1-⍨
Is there policies ROs have to follow or will I be not able to even say a word here come results day?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Wait you're going to replace your fist with an iron one? That's gotta hurt
@user you don't have to wear a fist to rule with it
@Wezl Oh right you can just chop off Iron Man's fist
@Lyxal Yeah, "don't abuse your power or you'll lose it"
12:23 AM
@Lyxal Chances are none of us will ever even use our RO powers, except maybe for occasionally pinning stuff
Okay thank goodness
@cairdcoinheringaahing Or abuse it so well everybody fears you too much to take it away from you :P
I joke, but I hope y'all know I wouldn't actually do anything inappropriate with RO powers
@user ROs can remove other ROs... :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing then here's to continuing to push boundaries and spiting caird! :p
Same here
12:24 AM
"No, SE, you can't take these or I'll block you from *the TTNB"
*the nineteenth ttnb
@RedwolfPrograms wdym
@Lyxal Worst case scenario (barring any properly bad stuff): I ignore you for however long I need to :)
12:25 AM
Oh I meant the TTTNB
okay star added :P
wow I just realised 'the nineteenth byte' is 19 bytes long
is that a coincidence? surely not
@cairdcoinheringaahing I strongly suspect you're gonna kick mute me for fun though at least once
It was mentioned in the suggestion
But it's a coincidence
ah nice
12:26 AM
@Lyxal So long as you aren't disruptive, no, I wouldn't
So...you're gonna kick-mute Lyxal? :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing disappointing. I cannot uphold this censorship of your powers *immediately downvotes*
@cairdcoinheringaahing r-really? Dang. All these threats and nothing.
Wow. That's actually a bit anticlimactic
Threats are a problem when you have a position of power, at least while you're establishing it :P
Give it a few months, and I'll go back to threatening to steal your elbows as HN takes your kneecaps :P
Good luck actually getting down under
Given that we ain't gonna let you in anyway :p
12:31 AM
I have family in Australia, if anyone from the UK could get in, it'd be me :P
I'll send my sister, she looks like a kangaroo
Also, I'm actually Prince Charles, so diplomatic immunity, freedom of movement, all that :P
@Lyxal disappointed you didn't say "never gonna let you down"
@cairdcoinheringaahing okay boomer
@cairdcoinheringaahing not when our borders are shut stoopid.
@RedwolfPrograms as your sister, I am offended
12:33 AM
@Wezl lol wat
Once again chat never fails to send my message twice
@Lyxal Depends on how persuasive I am :P
My cute dog would be a great asset to Australia's national stuff
We kill our national stuff and eat it
Well not humans but the animals
Or it kills and eats you
TNB never fails to please
12:37 AM
I probably lose 50% of my productivity to The TNB
The rest of it is CGCC and related projects
Aug 7 '15 at 18:38, by aditsu
abandon all work, ye who enter here
TNB and CG are my productivity
So 0% lost on my end
Ash is what's "productive" for me, but I haven't gotten too much done on it over the last week or two
Probably an hour or two tops
Maybe I should make a script that requires me to spend 5 minutes working on Ash before I can load CGCC or refresh the messages is The TNB
12:44 AM
> This is a silly. This is a silly and danger
my new favourite quote
taken from this
RIP my recommendations lol
@RedwolfPrograms Which recommendations?
Imagine not browsing youtube exclusively using incognito
Nah, I find a certain level of entertainment in having billions of dollars of infrastructure and carefully tuned machine learning aimed specifically at trying to find the videos I like, then just going to the search page and watching four hours of a lego man talking about CDs
12:56 AM
@Lyxal my activity can be seen as sort of a wildcard
sometimes i close TNB in the evening and forget about it until the next day
other times i am up until 9:30 AM
That is the most code golfer thing I've ever heard
Golfing your sleep time, such dedication
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Poor Man's DRM, Text in aLtErNaTiNg cApS
me when undertale dog song remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNSJlY8kJk4
Boutta learn me a haskell for great good
main = putStrLn "nice"
@cairdcoinheringaahing yes, you didn't know?
I never used to downvote questions
Because I don't want to give away precious rep
They changed it in 2011
I thought it was recent
1:09 AM
Lyxal was just using SE when they were 7 :p
For 2 years after SO started, you couldn't dv questions without losing 1 rep. shudders
@hyper-neutrino BTW I definitely prefer the new pfp, the square makes it look better than the circle :)
I like the sharpness too
thanks :D yeah it looks a lot more clean. mostly cuz this one is just 16x16 pixel art and not using the watercolor brush and randomly drawing stuff in paint3d :P
yesterday, by pxeger
@hyper-neutrino that is horrendous and I love it
^, but i didn't really love my first version particularly :P
My cat's favorite greek letter is the one that looks like an m. mu.
1:17 AM
If only we could turn pfps into Unicode characters
Then we could have a golfing language based on cg users
You can if you use a custom font, there's like two whole planes for proprietary characters
@RedwolfPrograms Did you know that the Egyptian word for cat is "mau"? :P
Not sure how my cat's doing, I left him in a box overnight with a source of radioactivity
the word for "cat" in mandarin is "ma̅o"
That's interesting, they're from entirely different families right?
1:21 AM
The word for "cat" in Vyxal is «#⟨
@RedwolfPrograms Yes, but they both sound like meow
Oh yeah :p
For thousands of years, humans have looked at animals and gone "hehe cute fluffy thing" and named them after the sounds they make :P
Wolf = woof :P
As y'all can tell I'm definitely good at making smart observations and I don't just randomly try to connect things in my brain and hope they make sense then use y'all to test if they do
human = "you, man!" :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing RedwoofPrograms
1:27 AM
> 30 tag wiki edits (60% done)
Making progress :D
Should a tag excerpt's first word be capitalized? There's a ton of inconsistency and it bothers me.
I say it should be
Tag excepts strip the tag name from the start, ignoring capitalisation
So "Design questions are about the site design" would become "questions are about the site design" (on the tag)
CMQ: Do you have siblings?
I think words such as "is" and "are" are also stripped, so goes from "Code golf is a competition to solve a particular problem in the fewest bytes of source code." to "a competition to solve a particular problem in the fewest bytes of source code."
@Lyxal Yes
1:32 AM
@Lyxal yes
@Lyxal Yes
So pretty much everyone except me
Good to know
@RedwolfPrograms Yes
I keep forgetting it submits an edit to the excerpt and wiki separately
Please keep doing it, I like having 2 reviews per edit :P
1:38 AM
I'm nearly 75% of the way to strunk and white :p
Tag wiki edits don't contribute to Strunk and White do they?
gtg for now though
I think they do
@Lyxal No.
> Edit a total of 80 questions, answers, and tag wikis combined
> 2,021 votes cast
1:40 AM
How did I not know that??
Actually, that would explain why I recently got Strunk and White on meta
Bleh a piece of pepperoni fell off my pizza in the oven and now my whoke kitchen is filled with smoke
Burning pepperoni, mmm
Sounds like a rock band or something
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerDuplicates in "n times hamming weight" sequence code-golf math sequence binary number-theory Background The sequence in the title is A245788 "n times the number of 1's in the binary expansion of n", which starts like this: 1, 2, 6, 4, 10, 12, 21, 8, 18, 20, 33, 24, 39, 42, 60, 16, 34, 36, 57, 40,...

2:05 AM
@Bubbler create it
I wish SE provided a way to sort comments by the number of marks they have
2:29 AM
Make a userscript
Or get Redwolf to make one for you:P
Q: Minimal number of banknotes to pay a bill

tshSuppose denominations of banknotes follow the infinity Hyperinflation sequence: \$ $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000, $2000, $5000, \cdots \$. How many banknotes are required, at least, to pay a \$$n\$ bill? Consider Alice needs to pay \$ $992 \$ to Bob. It is possible for Alice ...

3:05 AM
We should have a [turing-completeness] or [computational-class] tag
@Lyxal one and a half
3:40 AM
i was about to say "also how many uncles i have" but i actually don't know
Stop voting for me people, I want Lyxal to catch up!
there's at least two other people we call uncles but i think they're great uncles? or is the phrase grand-uncle
I think great uncle
That'd be your grandparent's brother, I think?
and then there might be a dead non-great-uncle, maybe
So now in the keyboard challenge, Pyth is first, Hexagony is second, Labyrinth is third, and I don't care the rest
All SBCS golflangs like Jelly, Husk, Vyxal are lagging behind :P
3:57 AM
i should have a go in fish or husk
since wasif hasn't approved control or alt
oo legionmammal already husked it
> You've earned the "restricted-source" tag badge.
4:31 AM
4:54 AM
Just noticed a new question. Was about to comment that OP should leave it in the sandbox for longer to collect more feedback, turns out it was sandboxed for more than four years.
@RedwolfPrograms time for a very old sandboxed posts bot?
Fricking autocomplete
A very old sandboxed posts boy would be a sandboxed posts man :p
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerRestricted-source, take this! code-golf math number-theory a.k.a. You Can Output Anything With Labyrinth Or Hexagony™ Challenge In a recent restricted-source challenge, I could print any character with only half of the allowed digits with very small character count, by abusing the "digit commands"...

5:14 AM
Q: Remove first encountered elements from a second list

pajonkInspired by this question on Stackoverflow. The task Let's have two lists/arrays of integers: L1 and L2 of equal length. You need to identify in L2 the position of first occurrence of each number and remove from L1 the values on the corresponding positions. Then print/output the modified L1. Any...

@Lyxal What is apioformification?
Why would something need to be deconfrickulated after undergoing such a process?
I have many questions and I somewhat care to know the answers.
It was me trying to prove a point for a discord channel where you can only post one word at a time
They said that a word is anything in The dictionary
So I went and made a repository called The Dictionary so I can use any arbitrary word I want
How do you star a repository twice? :p
the definitions are just my attempt at legitimising the concept
5:57 AM
@RedwolfPrograms do you have discord?
6:12 AM
there's a user called "redwolf10105" in the CGCC discord with 0 messages :P
6:22 AM
i always forget we have a discord
6:44 AM
Is there any discord server for PPCG like nineteenth byte
6:57 AM
Q: Matching homologous groups

WasifHomologous series, any of numerous groups of chemical compounds in each of which the difference between successive members is a simple structural unit. As an example, Alkane is a homologous group where the chemical compounds are in \$C_nH_{2n+2}\$ format. \$CH_4\$ (Methane) is part of the Alkane ...

1 hour later…
8:20 AM
@Wasif yes
@Razetime IS it more active than here
@Wasif no obviously not
DJ helped me with some Vim and V golfing
and betseg posts memes most of the time
That means there are a lot of different users than here
honnza and elendisa starman speak occasionally
me, lyxal, milkyway, and so on like to go there occasionally
2 hours later…
10:07 AM
@Bubbler And my Javascript answer is last...
10:37 AM
@Lyxal You could make something block-based... I whipped up one here
Click the icons to add.
And click a block in the program to delete it.
@Bubbler Unary.
11:16 AM
@Ausername that is beautiful
Should the language be stack based or something completely different?
@pxeger Btw, I often omit punctuation that would come immediately after code, to avoid confusion as to whether or not that is part of the code.
11:51 AM
@Adám Very wise
12:33 PM
Morning everyone!
Gah time zones
Also afternoon, evening, and night, just to cover all my bases
@user very night.
@RedwolfPrograms you must immediately deconfrickulate yourself right now :p
@Lyxal slightly afternoon
I wasn't aware I'd been confrickulated in the first place :p
12:43 PM
You never know these days
@RedwolfPrograms I þink you mean :þ
@RedwolfPrograms Do it just to be safe
Me: *closes code golf tab because I'm done viewing the page*. Also me: *immediately reopens new code golf tab despite nothing having changed in the short milliseconds between closing and opening tabs*
I do the same fricking thing with discord and reddit
@RedwolfPrograms you should do getting ready for school golf where you try and get ready in the fewest steps possible
12:58 PM
@Bubbler Given your recent posts in the Sandbox, I'm getting less and less sure I can beat you to Socratic :P

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