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12:31 AM
vyxal README
> Vyxal is pronounced Vixal
how is vixal pronounced?
Probably rhymes with Lyxal
And I think according to Lyxal, "Lyxal" is pronounced like "likes all"
Really? I always pronounced it "LIH-ksul" in my head
You could probably pronounce it like "Abracadabra" and it wouldn't matter, though. No one's going to hear you
licks all
12:51 AM
Not at all
Get a text to speech service to pronounce likesal
And you'll hear how I intend it to be said
@user correct
@user all you've achieved is to annoy me at @KevinCruijssen's comment deletion :-(
1:08 AM
@Neil Mission accomplished, then :P
@RedwolfPrograms that's where you're wrong kiddo
I've gotta say, as far as names go, "licks all" is much more...interesting
What the heck is wrong with TNB, it's notified and me and made the ping noise three times now for that reply
@Lyxal By the way, did you change your profile? I remember it used to contain your username's pronounciation
1:15 AM
@user a new meme every week
Seems quite obviously to be a parasprite
It's actually low-key disturbing
@Lyxal Many things are, if you think about them long enough.
1:25 AM
Rip my ears. I decided to make the mistake of listening to un-autotuned Mine Diamonds
and with headphones
wait have you never listened to it before
no i have
just not with headphones
2:14 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing mostly in the case of Japt
2:26 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Unrelated StringIs each bracket matched? code-golfdecision-problembalanced-string Given a string consisting only of the characters ()[]{}, determine if each type of bracket is matched--that is, every ( corresponds to one later ), every [ corresponds to one later ], and every { corresponds to one later } (and vic...

@cairdcoinheringaahing 1, because I haven't asked any questions yet.
I'm never going to ask any single question, because I think reputation earned from questions is based on not doing anything else.
you could make a separate account for it maybe
unless that's against terms of service for some reason
@cairdcoinheringaahing Sorry, it's actually undefined.
@Lyxal It was boring.
2:48 AM
@Lyxal does the no-lazy one count
Not really
The issue is things like a flag that sums output
Or something that can knock off bytes
ah ok
pip is there then
1 hour later…
4:06 AM
We almost have 28k starred messages
Just 5 messages left
4:34 AM
That doesn't mean star spam :|
4:58 AM
@RedwolfPrograms That's Star Wars
Many fans are excited for the upcoming movie in the Star Spam franchise, The Phantom Moderator.
Holy heck I think I got the 28k star
I'd like to thank everyone who made this possible
CMC: Output the number 28000 in the fewest bytes possible.
(Trivial for most practical languages but maybe interesting for golfing ones)
@RedwolfPrograms Are functions allowed?
Sure, programs or functions
5:07 AM
@RedwolfPrograms x86 machine code, 4 bytes: B8 60 6D C3 Outputs towards AX.
I think t×ỵḳ is the best possible in Ash
So we "tied".
How does yours work? It looks really cool.
Or is it just a mov
@RedwolfPrograms Just mov-literal + ret.
Mine's an entirely different approach, multiply 14 and 1000 then double it
5:10 AM
Compression ftw suckers
So we now have three completely different approaches :p
I wonder if there are any super obscure math tricks you can do with 28000
I doubt any will beat three bytes though, unless there's a language specifically designed for golfing constants
@RedwolfPrograms Canvas, 3 bytes: {n„
Wait, I have an idea for another CMC
CMC: Generate 28000 programs in the same language, which output all integers in the range 1 to 28000. Your score is the size of the initial program times 28000 plus the size of its output divided by four.
@RedwolfPrograms this is just a question you can post on main
@Razetime If it were on main, I'd downvote it
5:24 AM
An example in JS (where it's trivial-ish) would be _=>[...Array(28000)].map((_,i)=>"_=>"+(i+1))
@2x-1 idk, it sounds interesting enough
@Razetime It does sound interesting, but the 28000 limit is a bit too much. 100 is probably better
The point is that you can't write 28000 programs, you have to try to find the optimizations that are worth your time and worth the added byte count for the initial program
Okay, so mov-imm is the best possible optimization in x86 machine code.
It's going to be boring in many languages, it's the more esoteric ones that would be interesting
5:28 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Are separators between programs counted?
Just the sum of the output programs' byte counts
Uhh, I don't feel like solving it.
It's probably too difficult for a CMC, yeah :/
6:09 AM
brainfuck would be very very cool
@Razetime There is a challenge like that already IIRC, that goes up to 255
6:27 AM
hmm interesting
2 hours later…
8:21 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Can I see it in Apple TV+?
2 hours later…
10:13 AM
Q: Get the length of a Sumac Sequence

RazetimeHeavily based on this closed challenge. Codidact post, Sandbox Description A Sumac sequence starts with two non-zero integers \$t_1\$ and \$t_2.\$ The next term, \$t_3 = t_1 - t_2\$ More generally, \$t_n = t_{n-2} - t_{n-1}\$ The sequence ends when \$t_n ≤ 0\$. All values in the sequence must be...

10:26 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

user202729Efficient table-lookup computation Note: as you can probably tell, this is a simpler variation; however the poster of the other sandbox post has not been visiting the site for a while. atomic-code-golf multiple-winning-criteria (<-- ?) The problem: compute the day of the week from a MM-DD represe...

1 hour later…
11:29 AM
@user turns out you also achieved a Necromancer badge, because I got a fifth upvote and the question is very old
11:41 AM
You're welcome
@Neil is my explanation of the answer even remotely accurate/representative of a possible charcoal program?
@Lyxal No, Charcoal isn't a stack-based language, whereas your explanation looks like it would suit 05AB1E or a similar language
Good to know
2 hours later…
1:45 PM
Did you guys just star random messages to get to 28k?
2:07 PM
@Neil Trying to make this work: Try it online!
2:36 PM
@Razetime you mean something like this? ≔⁰δW›θ⁰«≦⊕δ≔θζ≔ηθ≦⁻ζη»Iδ yeah, I way over-engineered my answer, didn't I?
2:52 PM
Q: Print random integers until 0

caird coinheringaahingYou are to write a program which generates random integers between \$0\$ and \$99\$ inclusive, outputting each integer in turn, until \$0\$ is generated. You may choose which single-order random distribution (uniform, binomial, Poisson etc.) you use so long as each integer has a non-zero chance o...

@Neil yep lol
Feel free to add that in
I was just wondering if swap and assign would be shorter
there's no swap, but you can probably do h = q - h; q -= h;
hmm yeah
I was just wondering wy that verbose code wasn't working
@Razetime I'm not sure exactly how APL's ? command works, but by my understanding, doesn't it (in your answer), choose 100 integers with replacement from the set 0...99?
Because if it chooses with replacement, then x has a 1/(100^100) chance of never containing 0
@cairdcoinheringaahing so the ? command called dyadically with 100, deals 100 elements from the range 0 to 99
@cairdcoinheringaahing Here's a comfirmation: aplcart.info/?q=deal#
3:07 PM
So ?⍨n just shuffles the range [0, n-1]?
yes correct
Is codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions?tab=Active not showing newly active updates for anyone else, or is it just me?
@cairdcoinheringaahing aplcart.info/?q=random%20permu#
hmm, it says answered 1 min ago for your question
Yeah, but if you leave the tab open, it should show (1) the next time someone makes an edit/answer, and it hasn't been doing that for me recently :/
Hm, never really does that for me
1 hour later…
4:20 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

pxegerCount strictly overlapping substrings code-golf string Given two strings a and b, count how many times b occurs as a substring in a, but only when it overlaps with another instance of b. Test cases input a input b output trololololol trol 0 trololololol ol 0 trololololol...

4:45 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

pxegerIs it a positive integer? code-golf integer decision-problem Amazingly, we don't have a challenge this simple yet (as far as I can tell, at least; the closest I've found is Output the sign). Given a non-zero integer, determine whether it is positive or negative. The reason for not handling zero i...

5:05 PM
does anyone know where I can find a welsh word list? There is aspell-cy in linux but I can't work out where the words are!
@Anush Maybe this can be of use?
IANAWS, but yeah, looks like it.
I was trying to dig it out of aspell-cy with no luck
how did you find it?
5:16 PM
cool :)
Could anyone help me salvage this question of mine?
xigoi pointed out that the specification is unclear, and I edited it, but I'm not sure it's clear enough now. Another user pointed out that numbers could still be held as valid output, although I'm not quite sure what they meant.
5:36 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

RvdVCounting set bits in a byte Here is a bite-sized problem I ran in to when trying to implement Conway's game of life on a microcontroller, and was trying to count the amount of neighbours: How can you check how many bits are set in a byte? Challenge Given one byte of input data and an integer N be...

1 hour later…
6:39 PM
Q: Quine with same binary as compiled code

It's-a-fake-one-DanielI don't mean a quine that outputs its own binary. My question is the following: Could you write a quine such that if you compile it and read the compiled file in binary format you'll get the same result as if you read the original file? For example, a java quine with the same binary as its jar.

7:04 PM
Q: Quines, error quines, hello world, polyglots, oh my!

MakonedeIntroduction A quine is a program that outputs its own source code. For example, a well-known Python quine is _="_=%r;print(_%%_,end='')";print(_%_,end=''). Running it outputs _="_=%r;print(_%%_,end='')";print(_%_,end=''), therefore it is a valid quine. An error quine is similar to a regular quin...

7:30 PM
Q: Convert an Image to Text

someoneyour task is to write a program that receives an path to an image file, and outputs some text based on the image. here is an example: image: Output: ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▓▓ ▓▓▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▓▓ ▓▓▒▒▒▒▒...

how can I write this python more compactly ... [word for word in mylist if len(word) == LENGTH and not "." in word and not "-" in word]
I don't want a list of not "." in word and not "-" in etc
[word for word in mylist if len(word) == LENGTH and not "C" in word and not "P" in word and not "." in word and not "-" in word] is even worse
7:46 PM
@Anush So you want the subset of words that have a specific length, but don't have any of those characters?
@Anush Something like [word for word in mylist if len(word) == LENGTH and all(x not in word for x in "CP.-")]?
filter(lambda word: len(word) == LENGTH and all(x not in word for x in "CP.-"), mylist) is about the same length but needs to be converted to a list later.
wordlist/⍨(LENGTH=≢¨wordlist)>'CP.-'∘(∨/∊)¨wordlist in APL
@Anush May I ask what you need this for?
ಠ_ಠ I very much dislike the fact that the First Posts and Late Answers review queues close for the day once you reach the vote limit
8:08 PM
I just wrote some JS to create images from tiny 1x1 pixel divs of specified colors
I love how useless it is
It takes four seconds to draw a 250x250 image
8:36 PM
Damn mods. I've had my 80th flag pending for a whole hour, can you believe them? :P
Wait, what would happen if there was one mod on the site and you mod flagged one of their posts...would they handle the mod flag?
@RedwolfPrograms Yes
And I'd expect any mod to treat it the same way they'd treat any other flagged post
I can just imagine a mod on some site noticing an old post of theirs, mod flagging it, then going to the mod flag page and writing a comment to themself :p
9:07 PM
Fun fact: There are only 2 Participation badges I don't have (and can get) (Epic and Legendary). For the other categories it's 4 (Question badges), 12 (Answer badges), 8 (Moderation badges) and 3 (Other badges)
CMQ: What are your numbers for ^, in the order Question, Answer, Participation, Moderation, Other? Here's the badge page
I need 5 question, 12 answer, 4 participation, 12 moderation (excluding Sheriff/Constable), and 3 other.
Also I just got my fifth silver badge on meta :p
@RedwolfPrograms I'm including Sheriff as realistically most users have a chance of getting it
@cairdcoinheringaahing Make that 7 Moderation - Constable isn't attainable
@RedwolfPrograms Very nice! Necromancer from the Sandbox?
Nope, from the bounties with no deadlines
Ah. Sandbox, Loopholes, Bounties and I/O formats are the best places for Necromancer badges
I don't use the sandbox for most of my good ideas :p
9:21 PM
@user Thank you!
9:35 PM
Wait. I've used JS for 5 years and just realized there's no else if keyword, it's just a normal else followed by an if :o
now you see if you were using python your old assumption would be right
@RedwolfPrograms Most C-style languages work like that (although the parser may treat else if specially).
@cairdcoinheringaahing What about on Main?
Hello, world! is good for that on main I think
I'm out of votes for the day, could someone (like 1 or 2 people), upvote this so that the user can transfer to the Sandbox?
Upvoted it
Should just need one vote, right?
9:48 PM
Also, @mods, how goes this? Can we follow up again with SE staff?
@RedwolfPrograms Yeah, just one should do it, but I like having 2 in case people (justifiably) downvote
@cairdcoinheringaahing Even if someone downvotes, the user will have positive rep, right?
@user +1/-1 is 9 rep, which isn't enough
I thought the limit was 5 rep for meta, not 10
@RedwolfPrograms Unfortunately, my answers to Hello World (and similar popular questions) get buried :(
With +2, it takes -6 to prevent a user from posting to meta
Yep, sorry, it's 5 rep. With +1, it takes -4 to stop it, and at +2 it takes -8
9:50 PM
Could more people vote to close it?
@NewMainPosts you've been answered in Scratch. Get Scratch'd on punk
@user doneski
@Lyxal Ugh, people keep answering and I'm out of votes for the next hour :/
I can't upvote either
I used all mine on the challenge too
Q: Accentual, I Think So?

quicVOHere Lies Thy Info... The Input An A-Z character that is lowercase or uppercase Example of The Desired Output a=>a à á â ä æ ã å ā l=>l ł I Am Still Confused? The input will be an a-z or A-Z letter. The output should be all or at least most of the accented versions of the input. If there is not ...

10:03 PM
I wonder what people on scratch think when they see my cg solutions
Like every other project has sprites and verbose code
But then there's just mine which has the default cat, no instructions on how to use, and kind of unreadable blocks
10:27 PM
You just described all my early Scratch projects
Q: Visual design changes to the review queues

Lisa ParkThe Public Platform team would like to announce another release in a series of planned work for the Review queues. This release focuses on refreshing the queue user interface in preparation for further improvements to the user experience. Starting today, we will roll out these changes in three ph...

Wonder if this will break review stalker
> Review count - We’ve removed the badge progress bar in lieu of keeping track of how many tasks you can complete in a queue (don’t worry, the badge bar isn’t gone).
What? No, I liked that
On the other hand:
> There is more incentive to continue reviewing. The Steward badge can now be earned multiple times for every 1,000 reviews in each queue. If you have already completed 2,000 or more reviews, we will backfill any additional Steward badges that you have already earned. You can expect to see them accrue over the next few days.
I very much like the sound of that
Time to add this to my non-stupid-things-SE-has-done tracker!
@RedwolfPrograms Doubt it, review stalker just refreshes the queues regularly and splits new reviews into new tabs
Dang it :/
I'd have a few weeks of nobody else being able to use it since I'm already familiar with how it works
10:35 PM
Besides Tuggy (the developer) is an active SE user, so if anything does break, he'd fix it pretty quickly
@RedwolfPrograms I introduced you to it :P
And I modded it to do all sorts of other stuff :p
@RedwolfPrograms Like what?
I have +190 today, just my like to go the next 30 minutes without a single upvote :/
It's much less subtle. It makes a pinging noise when there's something in the queues. There's also some other stuff, but I forgot what
@RedwolfPrograms Mind sharing the userscript?
I will never give away my secret weapon!
It's also super annoying you probably don't want it :p
10:39 PM
@RedwolfPrograms I think you owe me when it comes to review userscripts :P
@RedwolfPrograms Its more I want to have a look through what's different :P
Hey I've made three useful userscripts for this site and fixed the leaderboards for the graduation userscript, I think I've paid off my debt :p
@RedwolfPrograms Alright, what will it take to get hold of that userscript? A golfing suggestion? An upvote on a challenge? :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Do I smell bribery?
@user So long as it doesn't cost me anything :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Tell you what, I won't report you if you upvote my next challenge. :P
10:44 PM
@user Idk, what's in it for me? :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing You get the honor of upvoting me, of course. In fact, I will also grant you the honor of awarding me a 500 rep bounty on my next answer.
I'll give you the link if you can answer my three riddles
Actually I'm really bad at riddles here
@user Given that I've offered 1000 rep for the Best Of and you've got a couple of contending answers, that could be a reality in a few days :P
@RedwolfPrograms Ah, perfect. Time to get even more reviews under my belt :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing About that, is it okay to withdraw a nomination in favor of another?
Will we get to pick which category our 500 rep goes to?
10:46 PM
@RedwolfPrograms That's an, er, interesting name
@user If its a self-nomination, I don't see an issue. If it's nominating someone else, I'd suggest just nominating both
@cairdcoinheringaahing No, it's just a self nomination
@RedwolfPrograms Here is a room for discussion on the bounties, so when the voting is finished, I'll invite the winners and the offerers into the room and we can discuss who gives what to what
Y'all are going about this all wrong. The real way to get business done is to trade with monopoly dollars
Oct 13 '20 at 0:47, by Redwolf Programs
Monopoly money is fine, it's harder to trace
BTW how many of you use feed filter?
10:53 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Is that the one that adds titles to the NSP posts?
Yeah, among other things
It runs happily on my surface
@RedwolfPrograms Yeah, I use it
@Lyxal That is an interesting comment to read if you pretend "surface" does not refer to a laptop brand
Well what surface is it running on?
@RedwolfPrograms it is also running happily on my pavilion
11:05 PM
@Lyxal Are Surfaces worth it? When it was time to replace my laptop, I thought of buying one, but it seemed too expensive, and I figured Dell or another well-established brand would be better. I'm starting to think I might have been wrong, though. Would you recommend buying a Surface (one of the ones that are three-fourths laptop and one-fourth tablet)?
@user see I didn't get one of those detachable ones
Oh ok
I got a surface laptop go
And I would reccomend it
I considered buying one of the surface laptops but I got an HP envy instead. The irony of trying to run Linux on a Microsoft laptop would have been too much.
11:15 PM
to me, it's microsoft's version of Macbook air
@Lyxal What do you think it does best?
@RedwolfPrograms It's not like Microsoft's going to stop you. There's even WSL2.
@user Well I haven't had it long
but I feel it runs smooth in general
and it's good for writing documentation
and esolang development
I imagine it's pretty good at adding numbers, probably bitwise stuff too :p
@Lyxal Wait, how is a laptop good for writing documentation?
@user it just is
11:22 PM
Oh, I get it, Microsoft reads your mind and automatically generates text from that.
Good news, I think I'm done with the Ash parser
Hey, anyone down for some shady shiz? I'm at 190 rep today, and it'd be hella chill if someone upvoted any of my posts. Of course, I'm not asking for upvotes, instead I'm suggesting that if someone upvotes a post of mine, I may be inclined to upvote a post of theirs :P
Bribery! Sure I'll do that :p
Got to keep it on the downlow tho, of course :P
Don't upvote me back though, I'm just doing this as a favor
11:36 PM
Also, I just finished watching The Devil Wears Prada and my god, Anne Hathaway's character is stupid. Take the super good job and be a savage bitch, duh!
inb4 one downvote right before midnight, so you end up at +198
@Bubbler Man, I'm a whole Epic badge behind you :P
I had meant to upvote the random integer challenge anyway so joke's on you :p
Oh look, I just hit +200 today, what a weird coincidence ;P
No joke tho, the worst feeling is when you're at +170 for the day and there's like an hour to go before the UTC reset. It's just so irritating
They need to add a Joker badge for getting +199 rep in a day
11:40 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Just DV an answer when you reach +200. Joker should be for +190
Hm, true.
Is JS's limit of 256 nested function calls unusual, or do most languages put restrictions on recursion depth?
Most languages have a restriction, but 265 is pretty small
Python can handle 2 << 16 easily
I mean even Minecraft datapacks have a limit in the tens of thousands
Python's default recursion limit is 10000 or something, no?
@cairdcoinheringaahing did you not listen? I said the best way to get business done is with monopoly money! It's untraceable and actually can have value
11:47 PM
Exactly 1000
@cairdcoinheringaahing So it doesn't vary by implementation?
My guess is that, since an interpreted language should operate on its own simulated stack AND it should fail gracefully whenever possible, setting a limit like that is a valid and sensible option
If it doesn't, what an end user gets is a segfault
@user Its also 1000 on my Windows 10 machine
Yeah, but anything less than ~10k is unreasonably low imo...that's less than a megabyte of pointers, right?
You never know how much memory is consumed when an interpreted language handles a function call
and most of the memory space is supposed to be used for data, not stack frame
(and usually a stack frame in an interpreted language contains a dict of local variables, which can be actually pretty large)
11:56 PM
Recursion is such a natural choice to interpret my language with, but failing with more than 256 nested operators obviously isn't an option :/
@RedwolfPrograms You can make your own stack.
Also you can implement something like tail recursion on your own if it makes sense in your language

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