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@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica This is something about being an adult that's from a webcomic series that's deep deep into the Scott McCloud longscroller vibe. It's a bit of a commitment and the good part starts when the panels go dark but it's best if you can read the whole thing. viruscomix.com/page588.html
12:19 AM
Admittedly, xkcd did it quicker. xkcd.com/1741
12:29 AM
@trogdor I see what you did there.
I just read the answer to the dice question... and gee whiz. What monster thought that would be a good idea? Lol
12:46 AM
@BardicWizard Ooof I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah, I noticed all the numbers could be expressed as the product of single-digit numbers, but I didn't really know how useful that would be.
Q: Does a Character with a Custom Lineage belong to a race, for the purposes of racial requirements?

Alex MilletteTasha's Cauldron of Everything introduces new character options. In the Customizing Your Origin subsection, there is a side panel that details the Custom Lineage options. This option allows you to, "instead of choosing one of the game's races for your character at 1st level", select among a few o...

1:13 AM
Q: Natural 20 vs higher AC

Cory JenkinsIf a character or creature has an AC that with all bonuses requires a 20 to hit does that mean that every hit is a crit? Or alternately the creatures AC is so high that with all bonuses no hit would be possible except that a 20 always hits. So if a nat 20 is rolled you hit and crit and then the ...

2:03 AM
Q: Does triggering an effect of a spell count as casting a spell?

field158Spells like Moonbeam, Flaming Sphere, and Call Lightning allows you to use either an Action or a Bonus Action (depending on the spell) to trigger a specific effect on subsequent turns. Does triggering these effects count as casting a spell? I'm fairly sure that one can't Counterspell them once it...

@ThomasMarkov I've never come across this where I work 🤷🏻‍♂️
@AncientSwordRage Somebody decided I was sleeping with one of her friends but I wouldn't sleep with her. So she tried to get me fired from an unrelated job.
I really hate when someone decides something about me
@BESW yeah... it was a bad idea but we were put in breakout rooms, I got the class jerk and his best friend as my only partners, they teased me about dating my platonic best friend, I denied it, and they were like “what are you, gay?”. I made the idiotic decision to respond with “Well....” so now I’m anxiously hoping they don’t out me to anyone else at school
@BESW I would be really mad if that happened to me
2:12 AM
@BardicWizard X(
@trogdor Oh, I was pretty hopping mad, she definitely burned that bridge. Luckily my reputation is such that there's no reasonable way she could've actually gotten me taken off the job.
@BardicWizard I'm sorry people like that still exist
(I’m attracted to people of the same gender as the way I present; it’s easier not to explain my gender non-conformity)
@nitsua60 [tackleglomp]
2:13 AM
I don't know that word, but I'll assume good things =)
its a very aggressive hug
I would hate it XD
I have it on some kind of authority or other maybe other people sometimes like it though
hey there @nitsua60
@trogdor so am I. And if I get outed there is the very real possibility I could be in hot water with the administration since it’s a religious school and not exactly tolerant of non-cishet people. It’s not likely to get me expelled but I already have enough issues
oh god
I went to a religious high school myself and it wasn't great
@trogdor OMG it's the hug I step out of work to go get every afternoon. I might have a picture... might drop something into the SBPR if I find it. And can figure out how to get IG and Discord to talk....
@Shalvenay hiya
2:18 AM
@nitsua60 how're things going?
@nitsua60 lol
I've learned to enjoy very brief hugs that I know are coming and that the other person stops as soon as I start squirming to get away
one of those would not be great though
Basically, watching a yellow school bus pull up to my workplace and have two miniature humans come give me a high-speed jumping hug is the best thing ever.
@Shalvenay That's a tough one to answer. Intense, in many directions. (Some good, some not.) You?
@nitsua60 You have hobbits?
@trogdor same. My best friend tends to sneak up behind people and hug them but he quickly learned that if you don’t warn me I swing my head around and my braid hits you in the face
@nitsua60 alright here
2:23 AM
@Adeptus Three! (Only two still run to hug me, though. The elder hobbit's too cool for that. In public, at least.)
@BardicWizard as a kid I just immediately started trying to escape, as an adult I haven't been much better XD
IE I start trying to escape like, a couple seconds after the hug starts assuming I wasn't immediately surprised
@BardicWizard I broke someone's nose once when they snuck up behind me. Didn't mean to, but I learned something about what "direction" my startle reflex points. ("Attack!" being the direction.)
Felt bad and strangely good/accomplished, I did.
@Adeptus You have a couple, too, right?
@BardicWizard My wife was on anti-anxiety meds for a while, that did the exact opposite of what they're supposed to. I walked up behind her (not trying to sneak) and hugged her, and just about got headbutted in the face when she jumped...
@nitsua60 I have a singular. Who is no longer hobbit-sized at all.
My hair measures 15 inches from the nape of my neck to the ribbon when it’s braided, plus about two inches curling beyond the ribbon. I have it on good authority that it hurts like getting hit by a whirling whip when I turn my head quickly
2:30 AM
@BESW wow.
@BardicWizard I've been hit by braided hair before (by accident as far as I know)
@trogdor I got over excited and lifted someone up once and got an elbow to the face. I probably deserved that
@trogdor I've not, but I don't think I'm missing out
I mean it wasn't like I got badly injured but it was harder and tougher than I would have giving it credit for beforehand XD
2:38 AM
@trogdor my not-blood-but-effectively-the-same-thing sister and I used to make a competition out of whose hair could hit whom more times during pirouette or fouetté work when we were like 10. I lost more often than I won because she had longer hair and more control over her spinning, but I tended to hurt more when I hit her
3:31 AM
@BardicWizard [jealous] I just started growing my hair out for the first time in thirteen years, this March.
It'd be a little longer if I didn't have a small undercut to keep the back of my neck cool, but it's just barely reaching my shirtcollar now.
Not that I'll ever be able to braid it, my hair is too thin and smooth for braids to hold.
@BESW I think the last time I cut my hair more than an inch to keep it from breaking was in fourth grade. It reaches past the small of my back in a braid and, since it’s curly, it probably has at least three more inches tied up in the braid, since braiding shortens the effective length
I like long hair, it makes a good weapon and a good back-up cats cradle loop
I just feel more me-ish with longer hair. Never got it much past my shoulders in the past, Because Reasons.
I prefer just not doing anything with my hair although if I could get it to stop growing so fast that would be neat XD
@BESW same. My friends who actually know how I self-identify tend to tease me for basically presenting extremely female 75% of the time, and it’s only because I feel better in a skirt than I do in pants. Besides, I can sew skirts and put pockets in them and you can’t get good pockets these days
and I wear my hair in pretty much a braid all the time
It’s wierd
honestly I might braid it if I wasn't sure that was still more work than I am willing to do XD
it might let me get away with not getting it cut short all the time
3:47 AM
I live in a place where long hair isn't automatically non-masculine, so it's not quite so discongruent with my masc presentation as it might be in some places.
although my parents would probably grill me about why I was braiding my hair now
they aren't great at leaving stuff like that alone
I knew a kid in elementary school who had hair down to his waist
When I first started growing my hair out, my mother just said "So long as you keep it clean."
I think that's one of the problems I would have if I ever intentionally grew out my hair
Ehh my hair is middle back length
3:57 AM
@BESW lucky you
@Shalvenay that’s what I want to have just so I can be able to hit someone with it while adhering to social distancing
People call me a girl surprisingly often, given I’m 6 feet tall and have broad shoulders and a square chin but whatever
@BardicWizard hm...I'm almost getting a Scottish vibe from that, between the braid and the taste in clothing
(not that that's a bad thing, mind you!)
@trogdor :-( offers virtual hug and consolation
@Shalvenay Wrong country and wrong ancestry, sorry. My family came from New Mexico on one side and the other side is mostly white and eastern European Jews. My fashion sense is an anomaly in my family
@BESW your mother must be a wonderful person. My mom tells me I should cut my hair about four times a semester (though she’s amazing anyways)
4:16 AM
@BardicWizard ah, interesting then
@BardicWizard thanks
@BardicWizard I wish I could wear skirts but I live in redneck country where the people are straight, binary, “wear what where born too”, and don’t wear masks, so
Also did they update chat or something? It’s way different
4:35 AM
Different how? (not seeing any changes on my end)
It’s way more streamlined, the edit buttons are different and the send button is too
Are you using the mobile version?
I was about to say
the mobile version is very different
so if you switched between them that could have changed a lot
@TheDragonOfFlame I'd probably wear lavalava if I didn't feel like it'd be kinda weird because of power dynamics between where I live (and where I'm from) and the nearby places where lavalava is more traditional.
I have been on mobile the whole time
It just changed
4:46 AM
But that's not gender conforming, lavalavas are gender-neutral (although the length and how you hang the knot can be gender-adjacent depending on which culture you're in).
@TheDragonOfFlame Have your browser updated such that it supports the "new" version? (it's from '16)
@TheDragonOfFlame is it perhaps a new phone? because that happened to me when I got the phone I have now
@ThomasMarkov So Much This
@ThomasMarkov I get to have Cap'n Crunch for supper if I want to. (but only if my wife is out of town)
@Glazius xkcd is a whinging wimp. Try helicopter design. 😯
@nitsua60 that's the good part of being dad. College tuition? Not so much.
5:09 AM
5 hours in, 4 meetings, 24 phonecalls, 16 emails, 3 re-p;rioritzations, and 3 minor task distractions. Roll to maintain cool for the next 4 hours:
[Tension raises]
5:23 AM
@Ben sounds like high school but worse
@trogdor i just reloaded the page 0n my old eyepad and it changed
its fine just a bit odd
There should be a setting to use the old version if you'd prefer to go back
nah its alright
@TheDragonOfFlame Take me back XD
I mean, the bonus is I get paid, and I am in control (I technically am running my own business, so I do the work I want to do), but at the same time, there is a lot to do.
5:37 AM
@Ben a lot to do in high school too, especially with a part time but still probably less
Time to workload ratio is probably similar.
@Ben probably; I have 2 essays, 23 trig problems, 2 workbook pages for Spanish, and a recording for choir to do this weekend, alongside educational testing. I’m pretty certain I will get it done in about 36-40 hours of work. Is it similar for adults?
@BardicWizard what grade, 11?
Average is 40 hour work week, yeah
@TheDragonOfFlame 10. It’s just approximately 6 hours of educational testing and the fact that the WHAP teacher and honors english teacher both assigned essays that makes it horrid
5:43 AM
around 34 hours in school, + homework
@BardicWizard ah. grade 11 only gets worse i can tell you
@Ben this is my (admittedly abnormal) weekend load. I stay up until after 10pm most nights to get stuff done
i stay up till 11 to chat with strangers in online chat rooms (its 11 here lol)
To be fair I also have my own "Home work". Cooking, cleaning, etc. XD
true lol
i cook too but not too often (and noone is alowed in my room oh my its a mess)
@BardicWizard that made it sound like a surprise attack or something
WHAP I expect 600 words by tuesday
@TheDragonOfFlame There is a comfort in having the safety net of other's disgust. People complain, but they don't come in...
5:51 AM
lol yes what does WHAP stand for
@Ben XD
Then when you finally clean it (because they won't stop complaining), then they come in all the time!
It’s AP world history, which everyone calls whap. The teacher pretty much said “oh yeah, you get an essay prompt friday, due Monday morning, three pages, and it’s continuity and change over time”
wants to be author; cant write essays
@TheDragonOfFlame FEEL
omg... so much
why is ther no creative writing in high school
5:54 AM
I spend more time writing instructional documentation
@TheDragonOfFlame Well, I wouldn't say that. I had a couple of assignments where I had to use my creative talents.
@Ben only creativity i have is in math class..... XD
(lies im actually good at math but i couldnt pass up the joke)
One was an adaptation/rewrite of a Hamlet play; another was to adapt a poem into a song (I chose The Raven by E.A Poe and System of A Down); and another was to write a post-apocalyptic short story about the potential effects of a modern-day issue like global warming, cloning, etc.
@TheDragonOfFlame I once attempted calculate the algorithm for sin cos and tan. It did not go well. Got kudos for trying though lol
jealosy I have had to write essays in every single class except math
and nothing but essays\
Slightly off topic, I saw a video discussing "writer's block". And it gave the reply that "writer's block" doesn't exist, so long as you keep at it. Sometimes the ideas come, sometimes they don't.
It was frustrating because it worked off the assumption that people that deal with "writer's block" have the time to dedicate themselves to the task of writing, so that you can move past it quickly. It's no so similar when you do it as a hobby
I’m writing an essay on Estella (from Great expectations) and her inner strength. I’d rather be writing one on how Estella is like Carmen (from the opera) or something else interesting. This essay is pain, suffering, and due Tuesday
6:05 AM
@Ben I have Opinions About This, would you like them?
Sure :)
in The Ink Spot, Nov 10 '19 at 2:38, by BESW
@curious This is related to what I mentioned above: that people tend to give obviously artistic professions some mystique that doesn't actually exist, which creates resistance against actually understanding our own processes. "Writer's block" turns specific targetable obstacles into a mystical un-explainable force with obscures out ability to overcome them.
Oct 23 '19 at 13:32, by BESW
I know what's up with my block. I'm exhausted, anxious, have trouble with prioritizing and scheduling, and more to do than I can possibly do. When I sit down for a creative task all the other things seem more pressing and important, and I'm too sleep-deprived and anxious to focus on my art anyway.
I do see the value in that. It's part of the job, since writing (creative or otherwise) is a "job". I guess what I'm meaning is not that this is unhelpful or irrelevant; more so that what I was looking for (e.g ways to inspire thought processes perhaps) was addressed by simply "stick at it"
@BESW This one is especially relevant to me. I know what I need to do to get to where I want to be, but there's a lot of work involved in getting there. Nothing comes easily, and certainly not for free.
So anything that I might not be aware of that might help, would certainly be welcome
6:20 AM
That can be very specific to each person. Some people find it useful to have a half-dozen different projects so they usually feel like working on one of them. Some people write DUMBEST VERSION at the top of the page. Some people have rituals that get something done in order to jump-start the process.
Some writers swear by just starting writing anything, even if it's a description of their lunch or how frustrated they are about not knowing what to write.
I feel like Brenda Ueland's 1938 book If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit can be super helpful if the block is at all related to confidence or anxiety.
Also, it's amazing how much transition rituals help. Just something like moving from one room to another, or washing the hands and face, or making tea, can flip switches in the brain.
@BESW Yeah. This is what I want to do. Set up a room/space for my writing to happen.
@BESW That's on Scribd, so I'll give it a look!
@Ben If you can't make a space-related transition, make an action-related one!
Wash your face, change the music, say a prayer, step outside for five minutes, ring a bell, it doesn't have to be dramatic so long as it draws a line in your brain for you to step over.
@Ben Ueland's great, she's so enthusiastic and supportive and opinionated, and I wish I could write like she does.
ACtively changing your mindset in some way - yeah
> I learned...that inspiration does not come like a bolt, nor is it kinetic, energetic striving, but it comes into us slowly and quietly and all the time, though we must regularly and every day give it a little chance to start flowing, prime it with a little solitude and idleness.
> No writing is a waste of time – no creative work where the feelings, the imagination, the intelligence must work. With every sentence you write, you have learned something. It has done you good.
6:49 AM
The most creative thing I've done recently is design & build a NPC house in Terraria. It's the first time I've gone for a "proper house" design, rather than a minimalist apartment/dormitory/hotel. (I was prodded to it by the recent-ish update that gave NPCs a happiness rating. They don't like overcrowding, so I've got to group them into no more than 3 in close proximity.)
7:05 AM
@Adeptus Minecraft is my guilty pleasure lol. I'm halfway there with a multi-room, multi story house
But again, last time i did anything with that was over 2 weeks ago lol
2 hours later…
9:13 AM
@Adeptus Remember. The Pinkie should get the nicest one.
And don't you dare thinking about getting the Happy Grenades.
1 hour later…
10:38 AM
@BardicWizard I think some people just have their 'thing' they don't budge about
My mum is amazing, but plainly says men shouldn't wear pink
more over 'doesn't' look right more than anythign worse
2 hours later…
1:01 PM
@Ben Why feel guilty about it? It's a perfectly reasonable game to enjoy. I've loved playing Minecraft for the past 8 or so years
@Ben On top of the fantastic advice from BESW, your concern around time is a real one. But writing is like a 'job'. You should dedicate time each day to sit and try to write. You don't need to succeed, but setting aside time for it and getting into a rhythm helps 'train' your brain.
If one of your friends can get off a hold monster, A chronurgy wizard using blade of disaster can do 48d12 damage in one round.
also @NautArch Stackizen 3 has Tasha's now.
@ThomasMarkov nice!
thanks wizards!
@ThomasMarkov I noticed that
I might make a simic hybrid with path of the beast barb
1:20 PM
@AncientSwordRage That sounds like a spicy build
I heard you like mutations, so I mutated your mutation so you could mutate while you mutate.
My other recent idea is a Feywander/Kensai ranger/monk
@AncientSwordRage there's a kensei ranger now?
I was unclear
1:55 PM
Do we have a list of all ability checks? Like I know Dispel and Counterspell are ones
doesn't need to be a QA
@AncientSwordRage spells requiring ability checks?
@AncientSwordRage im not sure what you mean
I'm not sure either
hang on I may think better when not so hungy
2:11 PM
Like, grapple is a strength check in D&D 5e, right?
so if you had a bonus to Strength Checks, you'd get that bonus to grappling
@AncientSwordRage ability contest, yessir
yeah grappler makes an atheltics check
grapplee makes an atheltics or acrobatics checlk
skill check counts as an ability check
initiative is an ability check
@ThomasMarkov thats the sort of thing I'm thnking of
2:13 PM
@ThomasMarkov for all you jack of all tradesters out there
is there a list of non-skills that require ability checks?
I see what youre looking for
Feywanderer's get to add wisdom to charisma checks
Features that call for general ability checks without skills?
I was wondering what I could apply that to besides skills
@ThomasMarkov yup
2:14 PM
If you have counterspell from a charisma spellcasting class
and dispel magic
I know we all love list questions here
I will cut you
I refuse to bleed
your move
2:16 PM
Q: What will succeed the Arecibo Observatory?

fasterthanlightJust a few minutes ago, I got a notification from Space.com stating that the Arecibo Observatory will be, sadly, decommissioned due to extensive damage to its structure. So, with the loss of one of the world's largest telescopes, we will be put at a setback in space exploration and astronomy. So,...

For those interested in yesterday's conversation
@ThomasMarkov thanks
This question seems like a textbook "one question at a time pls" closure. Thoughts?
I am loving this flumph Q&A
@NautArch yeah me too
"we are the pets of cats"
2:30 PM
@NautArch I prefer the term 'Thumb-Servant'
@NautArch Dwarf Fortress?
agh, it took me way too long to notice one of my vendors changed the currency they want to be paid in :/
@NautArch did they switch to garlicoin?
@ThomasMarkov garlicbread
@Someone_Evil So what sort of timeline are yall thinking on the 5e meta?
2:41 PM
@ThomasMarkov eons?
Just noticed something wild
@doppelgreener's badge distribution on main and meta are pretty close.
Threw my hat in on the flumph question
@ThomasMarkov It'll be automatically unfeatured in a month, so we'll want to at least give it that time before looking at transferring any conclusion to other write-ups.
@ThomasMarkov Now I want to see flumphs with hats. *googling*
Hmm... fewer results that I thought :(
The blog Alphastream does get a shout for this glorious image
2:59 PM
I'm right in thinking Otherworldly Glamour and Elegant Courtier don't stack.
@ThomasMarkov the one time asking for a side slaad with your meal is not a typo.
I put it in my header.
Too good not to.
@AncientSwordRage I think bonuses equal to an ability modifier do stack. You're not actually adding the ability modifier. (we might have a Q&A on that somewhere)
@ThomasMarkov you're welcome 😅
where is otherworldly glamour
@AncientSwordRage Found it. Why wouldnt they stack?
@ThomasMarkov I just thought things from the same source didn't stack?
3:08 PM
...arent those two different sources
And I assumed wisdom was the source
You can't add the same ability modifier to a roll more than once, IIRC
> Different game features can affect a target at the same time.
> Game features include spells, class features, feats, racial traits, monster abilities, and magic items.
@Someone_Evil not sure about this
"Wisdom" is not a game feature according to the rules.
@ThomasMarkov ahhhhh
So in theory it works 🤷🏻‍♂️
3:23 PM
@ThomasMarkov I see what you did there :p
@RevenantBacon what did i do
Trade deals
Oh haha
3:37 PM
@GcL Hey friend
You don't need help constructing "large stone d4" do you? I'm not into those kinds of schemes.
Pain and suffering — I mean, “good morning!”
@BardicWizard greetings!
Funny thing about pain and suffering in the morning. They say if you don't get regular exercise you'll have pain every morning as you get older. I started exercising regularly, and guess what I have every morning?
@ThomasMarkov pain and sufering?
3:47 PM
I wake up sore from the previous day's workout just to go make more pain with today's workout.
and it's totally worth it.
@ThomasMarkov replace “workout” with “school” and it’s close enough
Q: Peace Domain Cleric's Protecting Bond feature: Can you reduce/negate the damage?

OlivierI was reading up this new subclass's feature which reads: The bond you forge between people helps them protect each other. When a creature affected by your Emboldening Bond feature is about to take damage, a second bonded creature within 30 feet of the first can use its reaction to teleport to a...

4:09 PM
Q: How will the closure of the Arecibo dish impact deep space communications?

DrSheldonEarlier today, the U.S. National Science Foundation announced that it is decommissioning the Arecibo radio telescope. The 305 meter dish is famous for the 1974 message for extra-terrestrial intelligence, and its appearance in several science fiction movies. Less glamorously, its radar capabilit...

4:24 PM
New build POSTed!
good job
that probably means everything is in the right place
though I did once accidentally forget to attach the extra power connector on a graphics card, and that was before they detected that kind of thing and would warn you - power from PCI was enough to run it as long as didn't try to do anything that actually wanted to render 3d...
yeah, the new mobo has a really clear led indicator for error source
pretty neato
@ThomasMarkov oh huh
@Carcer Better than the 3rd party value added suppliers that used to depend on that power to turn the fans on the video card.
4:44 PM
@Carcer first time I built a pc I plugged my monitors into the mobo cuz I thought that’s how the gpu worked.
I was so confused when Skyrim was running at 13 fps.
@ThomasMarkov oops
I do enjoy building computers
I felt like a big dummy.
5:11 PM
@Carcer I did until we had to assemble some servers because they didn't get shipped assembled like we paid for. Never have I been so pissed off about hundreds of boxes of such expensive electronics.
@GcL not getting what you bought would put a frustrating spin on it
but I've found it's very nice to feel physically productive, sometimes
Yeah. We got all the parts. The other time it happened, there wasn't an impending deadline, so IBM sent out a tech to assemble everything AND refund us the money. That was cool to watch someone who builds the things on the regular work.
@Carcer Have you considered building one of those gaming tables with an integrated computer for driving the monitor or projector table top? I see them on reddit and imgur, but don't know anyone that's built one themselves.
@GcL I absolutely would if I had the disposable cash for the components and enough space for that kind of furniture
I was gonna say, if I had $10k to throw around I would, but there are a lot of things I'd buy first if I had $10k.
So, you're saying we need some sort of scheme to build a giant stone d4 in Texas? That would net a lot of money and Texas has a lot of space.
5:19 PM
I think Im missing a part of this scheme.
if I had 10k, I'd just keep 10k - I need money for deposits
Which part is the part where we make money?
By being at the top of the d4.
Oh, of course, dont know why I didnt think of that.
@GcL why stop there let’s make a full set
forcefully stops self from photo shopping a newspaper article to make it look like Texas is doing this
5:25 PM
@TheDragonOfFlame Cube scheme? Octahedron scheme? Dodecahedron scheme? I don' think there's historical precedence for these working. Of course... that might be because nobody has tried yet!
this confuses me
how do you get from d4s to money making?
You get everyone on the lower level(s) to give you money.
It's actually one giant d4.
Oh we’re talking about pyramid schemes
@BardicWizard No, its very obviously a tetrahedral marketing maneuver.
Hol up. Did Tasha's really publish a ranger subclass that is literally just Pig-Pen from Peanuts?
If it wasnt clear enough before, the Ranger is obviously just one big joke to WotC.
5:40 PM
@ThomasMarkov Peanuts?
@AncientSwordRage Charlie Brown.
@ThomasMarkov It's penance for being ridiculously Aragorn OP in early editions.
@Yuuki ahh
@ThomasMarkov you say “a large concentration of energy”, I say “atomic bomb”...
@ThomasMarkov wait what????? Where????????
@BardicWizard It's a ranger subclass called "Swarmkeeper"
> Feeling a deep connection to the environment around them, some rangers reach out through their magical connection to the world and bond with a swarm of nature spirits. The swarm becomes a potent force in battle, as well as helpful company for the ranger.
5:48 PM
What's this? A handsome adventuring party woefully underpopulated by bees? A large influx of bees ought to put a stop to that!
Oh, I remember that UA, they made it official for Tasha's?
@Yuuki Yup.
Tashas adds so much it’s great
Q: Is this recommendation for a fighter to take the Weapon Master feat entirely useless?

Thomas MarkovTasha's Cauldron of Everything includes some recommendations for building a Battle Master fighter. The introduction to the section says: Below are recommendations for how you might build a Battle Master to reflect various types of warriors. Each of these builds contains suggested fighting styles...

It's certainly something :P
@ThomasMarkov I just... how can things like that make it in?
Oh wait, taps sign
Nov 17 at 15:18, by KorvinStarmast
@DavidCoffron Tasha's: because we don't care about balance ... and we don't actually listen to the feedback on UA ... 😜
6:12 PM
@AncientSwordRage I think we had a Q&A here, or at GiTP, about why anyone would use Weapon Master, and I think it had to do with exotic weapons not on the list in the PHB ... see what I can find ... but thanks for the cite, this is yet another example of my head scratching.
It's certainly a weird one
Was the feat errata'd at some point?
@KorvinStarmast That answer mentions exotic weapons, as does Guildsbounty's answer on mine, but the feat explicitly says the choices have to be simple or martial
Yep, it was.
6:35 PM
Anyone else find it weird going to other stacks and seeing answers in comments?
@ThomasMarkov replace weird with annoying
Valid point.
linguistics got angry when I corrected my question, saying it invalidated comments
@AncientSwordRage ...isnt that the entire dang point of comments?
I said to them Comments are temporary, and can be deleted
they said "So can answers!"
You should not change the example in a question after comments have been made. — BillJ Oct 9 at 17:13
No, just undo the changes you made. Comments may be temporary, and answers can be deleted too. Please respect the time we freely give to help questioners. — BillJ Oct 9 at 17:35
6:42 PM
@AncientSwordRage Strictly speaking, they are wrong, you are right, but it's their club with their norms. I find Sci Fi to be awful about too much commenting, and at Aviation I just threw up my hands ...
That's a wildly ill conceived practice.
@ThomasMarkov I stay away from that stack. Too much noise, not enough signal.
@AncientSwordRage Point out it's the nature of language. /S
@KorvinStarmast I think we have too many comments too, I'm always happy to delete if prompted
6:44 PM
In my estimation we've got the best signal to noise ratio of any stack I've browsed. We're incredibly lean compared to some of the more abstract stacks.
@AncientSwordRage I'm gonna get the Marshall gold badge with over 60% comment flags.
@ThomasMarkov go ahead
Im pretty liberal about flagging comments as no longer needed.
@ThomasMarkov Serverfault is really good, but also might be the nature of the subject.
Im sure @Someone_Evil loves to see it.
Q: Feeding a flumph

Dan WMy players have have decided to befriend a flumph. Flumphs feed by siphoning mental energy from psionic creatures, and they can be found lurking near communities of mind flayers, aboleths, githyanki, and githzerai. None of my players have natural psionic abilities like mind flayers do. How migh...

6:56 PM
@ThomasMarkov likewise
7:40 PM
Does flagging comments in chat follow the same principles as flagging comments on questions and answers?
@RevenantBacon nope
I wanted to flag @ThomasMarkov 's comment about flagging comments as "no longer needed" as a joke
But was concerned that the flags worked differently
Anymod in anychat would see it
Well besides StackOverflow chat, that's separate
ya dont bring that heat on me lol
My english teacher just said that we can title our essays with stupid puns and it will get extra credit if it’s really horrible (at least in the first draft)
7:50 PM
@BardicWizard mmmmmmm what's your essay about
I've been a licensed dad joker for three years now
@ThomasMarkov great expectations
@ThomasMarkov now? Now it's about puns
@BardicWizard but what about it
I’m writing about Estella and her unrecognized inner strength as expressed through her denial of Miss Havisham’s upbringing
Grade Expectations: A+
7:53 PM
the words “teenaged rebellion” have shown up in drafts twice already
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