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12:00 AM
@MikeQ I am satisfied by this explanation
> Wisdom of the birds. You can use Perception to defend against physical attacks even if you would normally be completely unaware of them, so long as there are wild animals in the scene which can warn you.
The character would need to be proficient with birds in order to get the AC bonus
So, what Machines might be present in an Industrial Candy Factory?
@BlackSpike I think there have been a few candy factories on How Its Made and friends
Of course! I probably have a copy of that somewhere!
@Shalvenay true. I stopped watching "How It's made" when I realised that 90% of the answers were: In a big factory! :)
@BlackSpike :P I personally like seeing machinery one wouldn't ordinarily get to see, though
Don't forget the Fondant Surprise.
The surprise is: That's NOT fondant! :o
I should make sure to include a Crunchy Frog
12:20 AM
It was a form of execution devised by the Kandy Man; you got smothered to death in liquid fondant.
@BlackSpike I think the first big question is "what sort of confections are we talking about?"
Long time since I watched that Story.
a chocolate plant is going to be different from a hard-candy/caramel setup, which is going to be different from things like taffies, and there are other sorts of miscellaneous confections that don't fit well into any of those categories
@Shalvenay well, it's major customer used to be the local carnival (candy-floss, toffee-apples, Big Candy Lollypops, etc). but they got ran out of town , so the place is a bit run-down, and making anything it can sell
I'd assume it makes whatever candies you want to have machinery for.
12:23 AM
@BlackSpike so likely hard candies and caramels
It's a big place :) it can have a chocolate production Line, as well as the Taffee Section
An enormous taffy puller would be great.
I've already defined that a 20' tall taffee-stretcher exists :)
Big vats of molten sugar
of various colours/flavours/viscosities
@BlackSpike actually, simple syrup :)
(which is basically a hot, concentrated sugar solution)
Cotton candy centrifuges!
12:25 AM
@BESW my understanding is that cotton candy is typically made more in situ
so yeah, you'd have your kettle area, which has all the "vats" (really, jacketed steam kettles with hatches for adding ingredients and pipework)
Do we have a meta about how to "prove a negative" (e.g. show that something is not addressed by the rules)?
As the Factory is right next to the Carnival, it can have an industrial Cotton Candy machine!
kind of the opposite of this:
Q: How do we back up affirmative answers to "Am I understanding this correctly"-style questions?

sevenbrokenbricksA new user left this answer to the Can Heighten Spell benefit a [Reserve] feat?: Legal and working as intended. I found this question (and answer) when looking through the review queue, and there was already the standard "Don't give a one line answer" boilerplate on the given answer. I was...

@Shalvenay it's also sold in bags, but I don't think we're really worried about justifying this stuff.
@BlackSpike heheheh. maybe it's something they wheel out for the Carnival?
12:27 AM
@BlackSpike Oozes made of caramel, molasses, taffy, etc. Gingerbread golems. Candy floss elementals. Licorice ropers.
Yeah, but the Carnival closed down a few weeks ago ...
@BlackSpike so yeah, it's in a back shed XD
you'd probably have mixing functions on your steam kettles, as well as some dedicated mixers
If you're going for a retro feel, have lots of dangerous and toxic chemicals historically used for coloring and setting candies.
rollers, extruders, and depositors, as well as die-cutters and guillotines for shaping and forming various candies
Chromium, copper, mercury, arsenic...
12:28 AM
And 7 specific traps, each of which corresponds to a cardinal sin
OK, getting some fun ideas here. The PCs (well, one PC) has already initiated combat, up in the gantries above the factory floor ... Start of next session, he rolls off the gantry, and dives towards the Machines ...
@BlackSpike XD
The oompa loompas have a siren song that fascinates their victims
@MageintheBarrel I have an answer the gets to the guts of why EGG and friends chose Vancian and Slots. Sometimes understanding that helps get over the "this is kinda weird compared to video games" responses
Oh, toxic chemicals definately ... the PCs are there under the guise of an impromptu Health-and-Safetty inspection
12:29 AM
@BlackSpike eheheh. don't even bother with the toxic chemicals
think of more mundane industrial hazards
Great clouds of powdered sugar.
@Shalvenay Lack of guardrails?
pinch points, crush hazards, unguarded blades
@MikeQ yes, lack of guards
@BESW oh yes!
as well as electrical hazards
12:30 AM
(Don't forget, sufficiently fine dust in the air can catch fire even if the material wouldn't normally be considered flammable.)
steam, too
I was getting there
Yeah, factories in general can be dangerous places
also, how does the factory ship stuff?
if it's a big factory, it's going to be rail-served most likely
Entire candy factories have actually exploded from sugar dust catching fire.
which brings its own fun and games to the table
12:31 AM
There is a Loading Bay where the 18-wheelers pull up to
@BlackSpike so, just trucks then
@BESW Fun fact*: That's how caramel popcorn was invented
@MikeQ true?
@MikeQ I wouldn't make too much light of sugar dust explosions
Yeah, middle of (future) Manhatan. No railway until off the island
12:32 AM
Enormous chocolate enrober is a must.
a what now?
The device that puts chocolate coating on things
@BESW yeah, I wasn't getting into chocolatier stuff so much
Like toffee, nougat, or unwitting victims
Oh, the big "curtain" of chocolate that everthing (including PCs?) pass under?
12:33 AM
but if you want to have a chocolate line....that means you'll have enrobers, tempering ovens
some more steam kettles
also, I forgot: you'll have various chillers scattered around as well
most utility will be steam or chilled water/refrigerant, as well as BIG electricity
OK, there's a massive Enrober. :)
If you want a steampunk vibe, you'll need lots of levers, knobs, pipes, and gears with no discernable purpose
Lots of heat, and cold ...
12:34 AM
not only do you have your typical stuff like beat-up cords and boxes
@MikeQ good call. It's retro-cyber-gutter-punk. Big racks of levers and buttons are all the rage! :)
Great big blasts of air.
nobody answered my question :(
but industrial-scale electricity poses a nasty hazard called arc flash
if someone is dumb and pokes a metal object into a piece of industrial switchgear.....
Q: What is an acceptable form for a "no" answer to a question of the form "Does X exist in the lore?"

screamlineThis question asks whether there is an "in-universe" explanation for a particular piece of lore in a particular setting. Note that there is already a meta question about the question's topicality. The appropriateness of the question aside, how does one provide an acceptable answer to such a quest...

12:35 AM
@V2Blast How to prove a negative? Sorry, not sure. Busy with candy :P
Q: What To Do When There Are No Right Answers, Only Wrong Ones

NovakThis question, about the fairness of a 7-sided die, troubles me. It is in my opinion well-thought out and well-formulated. It is asking if a particular die has had any sort of rigorous analysis (physics-based or statistics-based) performed to test its fairness. That is simple, direct, and if s...

@BESW thanks :)
Q: Whether to answer or not if one believes there is no answer possible

SardathrionSo, there is this (good) question about asking for a particular authoritative source. However, I believe there can be no answer either because of some fundamental problem with the framework or because any answer would be so subjective it would mean nothing. Should I leave a comment? Well, no si...

naked bus-bars, while PCs fling large metal bits around?
12:36 AM
@BlackSpike in a dedicated electrical room, perhaps
the PCs broke in in hot pursuit of their target and didn't pay mind to the DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE sign on the door
It is very unlikely that the combat will cause steel gantries to fall down, crackign insulation and electrifying the production lines! very unlikely indeed ....
big naked busbars overhead, with big cabinets full of breakers etc
@BlackSpike ah, well, a lot of that will be in much more down-to-earth sized cable trays :P
they inadvertently poke a tray cable, causing a machine to become energized suddenly when folks thought it was turned off, because the party (of course) isn't clued in on LOTO
and by "unlikely" ... well, you know what players are like ...
Oh, the machine SHOULD have been unplugged and isolated, but they actually just pressed the OFF button ... still conncted ....
Make sure there's lots of conveyor belts which will take you very quickly to seemingly random points in the factory.
12:40 AM
@BESW yes, plenty of conveyors
good call
@BlackSpike Lock-out/Tag-out
especially in an older building where real estate was hard to come by, you'd have conveyors, chutes, etc wound all over the shop
Use them to escape from one problem into another, or have exciting chases jumping from belt to belt going in different directions.
aha. "Unplug the damn machine"
@BlackSpike well, for cord-and-plug stuff, that's one answer, but a lot of industrial machines are big honking things that are hardwired or plugged into busway
that's another factor, if they are doing a reconfigurable setup -- much of the power distribution on the floor won't be anything like what you know
12:41 AM
If it's from the mid 19th century to early/mid 20th century, you can justify pneumatic tube systems connecting different parts of the building.
instead, it will be done using super-duper industrial lighting tracks called busway
Or just put them in and don't worry about justifying them at all, pneumatic tubes are awesome.
in a rarity for cyber(?) punk, none of the players are Techies. But they are Blood-mages, so they can stab a random employee and drin their blood to borrow thier skills
@Shalvenay yes, the place is undergoing re-fit, so nothing is where it should be :)
@BlackSpike and yeah, pissed off industrial plant employees getting even at actual assailants with things like forklifts and other pieces of mobile machinery
12:44 AM
Some businesses still do use pneumatic tubes for some tasks, but as late as the 1960s people were still seriously considering it for human transit.
never mind just outright tossing a dude into a live switchgear cabinet
or some machine somewhere :)
Also: speaking tubes that let you eavesdrop but can make it hard to figure out where people really are.
you'd probably have lots of drums (typically plastic these days, but metal works too)
as well as what are called Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and large jerrican-like "totes"
@BESW can justify that! radio/cellphones don't work on the Factory Floor ... what with all the Factory goin gon
12:46 AM
@BlackSpike yeah, especially if the factory has some older equipment, the RFI will likely be a bit on the horrendous side
drums, crates, barrels, jerry-cans
the IBCs are what you'd see instead of crates, and old-school barrels aren't going to show up
@BESW that always terrifies me as a thing because Alli can think about is getting stuck
(they've been replaced by drums for 99% of things)
difference between a drum and a barrel?
12:47 AM
Oh, and packaging. Stuffing plastic bags and heat-sealing them, filling boxes and taping them shut, etc.
(sounds like you have 1st hand XP of factories)
@BESW ah yes, packaging machines such as heat-sealers, box-fillers, that sort of thing
@BlackSpike (not quite plant-floor level first-hand :)
I did some warehouse work, summer job.
@BlackSpike barrels are made using hoops and staves, drums are basically seamless around their circumference or have a single longitudinal seam
Spent my time repacking barbie dolls
aha. modern, pre-fab barrels :)
12:48 AM
basically, yeah
you'd have probably a few welding setups roaming around if things were being rearranged
we had to rip down pallets of boxes of packets of boxes of dolls, put a sticker on, and repackage!
(btw, IBCs not only come in rigid varieties, but flexible as well (called "supersack" or the likes)
(imagine a giant version of the woven polypropylene bags that replaced burlap bags)
oh, all the refit work, yeah, that's ongoing ... welding, bare wires, stuff in the wrong place, lifting-gear,
yes, forklifts, chain-lifts and the like, stuff that's locked out or should be locked out :P
"should be" ...
12:51 AM
open ends to what are normally steam (or syrup/chocolate/...) pipes, unhooked wires
tag-line for the whole campaign , being gutterpunk is "Dirty, Used and Broken"
oh, and lots of the product plumbing coming off the kettles would be steam jacketed, along with all the steam and product lines being lagged (insulated)
probably lots of sugar-syrup slop everywhere
as that and dust buildups from powdered ingredients would be your main source of dirt, really
oh yes. lots of multi-coloured, unidentifiable puddles, hardened lumps, everywhere
steam leaks
12:55 AM
probably fairly spic and span other than the foodstuff messes though, I wouldn't expect rust at all
ok cool. will try to get back into this mindset on Game Night! Nasty, Dangerous Factory,
as most industrial foodservice stuff is made of stainless steel
maintenance will not be #1 priority ...
I'd go for a Happiness Patrol cluttered and messy aesthetic, probably.
yeah, no rust, just detritus build-up
12:56 AM
yeah, lots of clutter and sugary, sticky messes
Official D&D survey about box sets and what should be in them: https://twitter.com/Wizards_DnD/status/1139610154092023809
Direct survey link: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/5066156/D-D-Survey
As I said, the PCs just did a faux H&S inspection. Will start next session with "OMG! How many ways do you want to shut this place down?" :)
osha.gov/Top_Ten if you want more inspiration XD
and oh yeah, in addition to the lack of guards and rails, flimsy scaffolding would be a must XD
12:59 AM
@BlackSpike as this would be a very vertical building being on Manhattan
Oh yes. Worse than no rails ... rails that don't work!
Already defined: 2-3 storey building
still, scaffold-frames. no chace of them falling over ... not even if the PCs chase a Vampire across them
so not total old-school verticality I reckon, more like a modern "high bay"
low, horizontal production lines.
1:01 AM
maybe 2 or 3 tiers of conveyoring if it's dense, but yes, low, horizontal production lines
mezzanines in various spots
yeah, that kind of thing
probably an office wing/annex tucked in somewhere
and yeah, central utilities
you'd have a BIG steam plant, and a BIG chiller
the steam boiler would be gas fired given the location
(either that, or you might be able to justify a high pressure district steam feed from ConEd, given the location, even)
big offices area, kinda seperate, plus local "Logistics manager" hut
big chiller, either a water chiller or just a compressor plant hooked up to a cooling tower outside
that, and the switchgear room, and that's really about it
Oh, cooling tower/water tower!
1:04 AM
definitely a cooling tower, don't need an oldschool water tower though
also, it would likely be a sprinklered building
do you have anyone with pyro inclinations in the party?
only as a side-line ....
as with all infrastructure, the fire-retardant systems are Dirty, Used and Broken ...
yeah, well, just note that real fire sprinklers (save for deluge systems, which wouldn't be fitted here) are basically just a giant plumbing system with funny fixtures :) they'd probably be one of the few things that's rusty, inside and out, as it'd be plumbed all in black iron
(i.e. Work on a GM whim! XD )
but my bigger point is that fire sprinkler heads are basically self-contained detection-and-actuation systems
it's not like Hollywood at all
heh. What is? :)
1:07 AM
your pyro hits a head with a firebolt, he'll just set that head off and drench whatever's in the vicinity with 25GPM
or so
(if you want an idea of what it looks like, there are fire sprinkler demo videos up on YT)
(just keep in mind that in a system like yours, the water will have been stagnant for some time, so it will certainly be rusty!)
ugh! :)
so yeah -- your pyro may wish to think before dumping 25GPM of rusty water on his head XD
that's gonna knock people over, yes? (except for our gene-engineered Monster PC)
certailny make the sugar-caoted floor a little slippy :)
So, here's hoping the PCs don't just BLAM! combat over, 1-2 rounds. They did that last time! :(
@BlackSpike sounds like you folks will all have a blast XD
I hope so!
1:14 AM
(although, what's the deal with the vampire, is he like the owner of the place or smth like that?)
Thanks for all the ideas!
and absolutely no problem, that was really cool
He's rival ganger, set on revenge. being a suger-addict, this is his bolt-hole
I actually have a vampire concept that floats around my head, but it's a pretty weird character all the same
("Vampire" in this setting is actually "super-charged metabolism" ... but needs feeding ...)
But I've stolen the Vampire: masquerade imagery for this gang.
1:16 AM
@BlackSpike oh XD
hence him being a sugar addict
They also fake their own death ("Rise from the grave")
The PC sugar-addict actually thinks he IS a vampire! (as well as a sugar-addict!). Crosses, garlic, needs an invite, etc
Varney the Vampire.
Gets a bunch of boosted stats from metabolism, but has missed out on a couple of encounters ... "I can't go i there. They haven't invited me" ... even (Player idea) tried to enter, bounced off the Threshold
yeah, mine is a blood-drinker, but lives basically off pig blood (close to human, but readily available from the local meatpacker). spends most of his working hours airborne, as a FO flying overnight parcels around in a jet. "Can't you turn into...uh....a vampire bat or something?" "I can, dabbled in batty fun a couple of times, but the payload fraction sucks"
1:22 AM
Toreador, sometimes does aerobatics (in a Pitts or the likes) for funsies
Toreadors gonna Toreador! #ArtIsArt
real all-around niceguy too and rather by-the-book, so if you gave him a D&D alignment, he'd be Lawful Good
I got the chance to explain, in character, to a bunch of n00bs, all the V:tM clans. My Nosferatu (the only 'real' vamp, because I -know- I'm a monster), what all of the other Pretenders were about
LG Toreador? hmmm ...
part of the art of flying is in smooth, yet crisp precision, after all :)
Toreadors: pretentious artistes. Put ego above pragmatism. Need to be loved, despite being unlovable
Artistic precision? master of your Art?
OK, nice guy, disciplined ... that's got LG tendencies ...
1:28 AM
hates fire
(especially after having a close call with it once)
I like "sure I can fly myself, but this Contraption increases efficiency"
Had a malkavian "sculptor" once. No prblem with fire. Smoked. Used a welding torch
he's kind of the opposite -- his close call was annunciated by a message saying "CARGO SMOKE MAIN DECK"
that's not good ...
and got to be a very sweaty time in the cockpit for both crewmembers as they diverted into a normally-rather-secretive AFB, basically having to fly by touch on the controls and rely largely on the autopilot due to vision issues in the cockpit
yeah, I can't see "smoke in the cockpit" being helpful
1:33 AM
(in the story, Tonopah Test Range is where they divert to :) KTNX is on the north edge of the Nellis Range, and is basically second fiddle to only Groom Lake for Air Force "black" stuff)
"We can't go to the 'secret' place"
"We're falling out of the sky .. .give me other options!"
" ..."
wish I knew some of these Codes
Did look up some from Aliens (I'm a big fan)
(7700 is the transponder, or "squawk" code, used to denote an aircraft emergency)
(along with the verbal "MAYDAY MAYDAY" on the radio)
"Coming around for a 7-zero-niner" ... actually means something! who knew? :)
ok, its OMG o'clock. time to log off
thanks for all the ideas!
1:48 AM
@BlackSpike good night!
hey there @nitsua60
2:34 AM
hey there @Ben, how're things going?
3:31 AM
DREAMJAM announced for the month of July.
Hey, @trogdor, I got an answer to the endless endgame of MLWM. Official word from the designer is:
> Really, a group collectively realizing that Endgame is become protracted and threatens the integrity of the story is functional intrusion of social contract. Instead of fearing it, shouldn't we be thrilling to it? Isn't that what narrativism is all about...creating a mechanical basis for a story-focused play gestalt that handles risen concerns with uncommon power?
Why should I doubt that a group won't be able to resolve the situation in a way that satisfies them?
Jul 10 '18 at 22:18, by BESW
It's not broken if you tell the end user to fix it.
good lord
> I have this notion [disliking reliance on naked social contract resolutions to prop up system problems is] a gamer thing, and that normal people, well-prepared by the play experience, will output a communally satisfying result when they arrive at the natural ending of the minion stories, like gestalt, pretty much without hardly realizing they were forced to fill in the gaps. Subsequent mental reflection for them will be "that was awesome," not "that really fell apart at the end."
That feels stupidly pretentious, although I lack context.
Dear Forge: I thought system mattered?
@BESW I,... hate this so much
3:43 AM
I'd be curious to know what he thinks now, 16 years later.
"it's your fault for noticing anything"
thanks ##%$#%$$#$%
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Ciao a tutti
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@Ben A player actually chose his character to one of our games with that
12:49 PM
hey there @Ben
1:26 PM
@kviiri We have a changeling km our party, and he uses this to come up with his identities each time. Haha
@Ben heheh
@Shalvenay Hey :) sorry I missed you last night. Was at a friends place
@Ben ah, no worries, how was it?
Yeah good, just having a Friday night get together, relax and unwind at the end of the week :)
cool, want to hop on Discord btw?
1:31 PM
Q: Can a character with the Polearm Master feat make an opportunity attack against an invisible creature that enters their reach?

V2BlastThe second benefit of the Polearm Master feat (PHB, p. 168) says: While you are wielding a glaive, halberd, pike, quarterstaff, or spear, other creatures provoke an opportunity attack from you when they enter your reach. The regular rules on opportunity attacks state: You can make an op...

I'm actually just about to get into bed, it's 11.30 for me here
@Ben aah, catch you later then man
1:41 PM
Yeah :) toodles!
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3:19 PM
I'm making a homebrew race and wanted to make it have two different "factions" for lack of better words, their entire race is either one of those but they share some abilities would that be a subrace or variant?
@MageintheBarrel subrace makes sense
when I tried making a subrace it didn't show up in my race's page
using dnd beyond
The ninetails as I'm calling them are either yako or zenko they can't be neither.
Is that still a subrace?
or both*
3:40 PM
I'm not very familiar with DDB so I can't really help you there
4:02 PM
dnd beyond says that this line of text isn't in the english


Yako Traits
Spirit conversion
The Yako shun Inari and her teachings thus they cannot use her power to access Little Garden. Instead they restore their beads by gathering life force from the your surroundings. This requires large amounts of concentration so it can only be used during meditation.

Ability Score Increase
Yako though wise enjoy enchanting mortals and thus favor charisma. Your Charisma increases by 2 and your wisdom Increases by 1
call me dumb but I don't see anything that's not in english
yako and inari are fine since i've used them before
The placeholder was supposed to be replaced by non-English?
removing placeholder and replacing it with a description
fixed it
@trogdor It's distressingly close to "it's your fault for being a bunch of icky nerds."
5:11 PM
would a passive ot toggle that converted non-magic weapon damage into fire damage be op?
as a racial feat?
hey there @ThomasJunk, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
i'm dumb so I don't know much about the game
5:14 PM
Perhaps I am better off here without risking downvotes for naive questions :D
what about something that's identicle for the fire bolt cantrip as an action
Does anybody here know of an adventure (system is neglectable) which starts the players killing a god/goddess? I am curious, if there is any. I do not want to buy or play it, I am only interested in having 1 example of it. My thought was: Maybe this would be too much of a disruption for any campaign (world) that no one did this before.
I thought, perhaps in the context of forgotten realms there is the possibility of having such an adventure (campaign), but I have no deep knowledge about the published modules.
5:53 PM
@ThomasJunk This looks like something that would fit right in in Exalted, but I'm not sure there's any adventure that starts with it. I do think there's at least one vignette or comic in the game line which has the protagonists beat up a god.
6:11 PM
@vicky_molokh See the 2e Sidereals book :)
Though "god" is a relative term. Exalted has a bazillion gods and killing some of them would not be all that disruptive.
@MarkWells Most religions IRL have many gods.
@vicky_molokh I'm just talking about the suitability of Exalted for Thomas's request. If you expect "killing a god" to be an event with massive repercussions, that could be true in Exalted but it depends very much on which god.
@MarkWells If you want to go towards massive repercussions, you view it another way: many lifetimes ago, PCs killed half the demiurges of the setting and imprisoned others. The consequences are still reaching them in their current lives! ^_^
6:37 PM
@BlackSpike "We're falling out of the sky .. .give me other options!" a way begin a game in media res
@Ben Ben, that got a few cackles out of me. Bookmarked! :)
@KorvinStarmast eheheheh
1 hour later…
8:03 PM
Should this question be tagged with the GM-techniques tag, if not what tag would be suitable - problem-gm?
8:19 PM
The player was having a problem with the GM, so yes, "problem-gm" would also be appropriate.
I'm not sure that that truly fits the bill in this case.
But it is currently the most likely tag change that I would make, as the GM-techniques tag seems completely inappropriate for this question.
8:57 PM
Now I want a tag.
9:08 PM
@BESW imagines lots of swishy capes
@Ash I happen to know that you already wear a swishy cape to our games.
Correct! :D
I just wrote this up in a place I'm never going to look again so I want to drop it here where I can find it later.
> Faith Corps is a mashup of Cortex Plus and Fate Accelerated, made for Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors by the people who did Marvel Heroic Roleplay. Faith Corps replaces fate points with a system that has faith dice and demon dice.
Faith dice act like fate points except you can only invoke aspects before you roll and they are never transferred to someone else by invoking that character's aspect.
Demon dice act like fate points except you never need to earn them, you can just always add up to three to any action after the roll, and they go to the GM after they've been spent--and if a dem
@BESW That first sentence sure has a lot of references
@MikeQ The more I dig into the world of RPG design the tinier the community of People Who Make Things People Have Heard Of seems.
9:29 PM
Q: Can you place a web spell on a surface you cannot see?

qsdSituation: target creature is standing on the roof, caster on the ground. The caster stands at such an angle that he can see the head of the target, but not the roof the target creature is standing on. The caster tries to cast Web (2nd level spell) at a target. There are no 'anchor points', so ...

hey there @user55355, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
9:49 PM
Q: Can you create a noise using Minor Illusion/Thaumaturgy on an area you cannot see?

iaminsensibleCan you create a noise using Minor Illusion/Thaumaturgy on an area you cannot see? Just to make it more clear, let's say you are in a house and you know that there is a room on the other side of a wall. Can you create a sound on that other room? (You know that it exists and its dimensions)

2 hours later…
11:42 PM
hey there @c0ldspark, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)

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