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Q: Why does Duke Leto have a pug?

Donatello SwansinoIn the Dune film adaptation, Duke Leto Atreides possesses a pug (a dog) that appears in several scenes. At one point, Gurney Halleck, as portrayed by Patrick Stewart carries it into battle. I don't remember reading in the book that Leto had a dog at all, although I could be mistaken. In-universe,...

12:22 AM
Q: What is the distinction between the powers of Farouk and Horus?

AdamantIn La Passe-Miroir (The Mirror Visitor) series, by Christelle Dabos, there are various arks, or floating isles. Each has a family spirit with various powers, inherited in part by their descendents. Now, Farouk of the Pole has mental powers1 of all sorts. We know that among these powers must be ...

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Q: How did Amazo manage to copy Kryptonian powers?

DaveDuring the Elseworlds crossover for the CW shows Arrow, Flash and Supergirl the android Amazo is activated. Cisco and Caitlin determine that the robot was built to track (and copy) metahuman powers. But Superman and Supergirl get copied as well. Their powers are not meta in nature at all, are ...

2:43 AM
Q: Did Lloyd Alexander ever discuss the relationship between his novels, The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian and Westmark

BuzzHaving read Lloyd Alexander's best known works, The Chronicles of Prydain, when I was six or seven, I sought out the rest of his then-existent oeuvre a few years later. For whatever reason, I read the rest of his books roughly in the order in which he wrote them. So I finished The Marvelous Mis...

3:15 AM
Q: Conan-ish Fantasy comic from late 80s to early 90s. Definitely not after 1994

SteveItching question that has been in my brain for years. Read a comic from the library back in 1993-1994. Short story, colorized, likely anthology format. Story line along the veins of Conan with heroic male protagonist and a female companion on a quest. Both scantily dressed. Fighting enemies that ...

4:04 AM
Q: To what extent could Emperor Palpatine see into the future?

Robert ColumbiaIn Ep. VI, Luke is captured by the Empire and brought before the Emperor. The Emperor taunts Luke, telling him "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen" and that he has specifically foreseen the doom of the Rebel Alliance. Of course, we find that this is not the actual outcome. What is the a...

4:47 AM
I have the full text of the article!
It's in a txt
However, i don't know how to upload it without compromising my identity
Any good ways?
Google Drive, duh
@Stormblessed You could take a screenshot and upload it as an image.
5:06 AM
Q: Why Ego didn’t collect Infinity Stones after he gained some form of consciousness he needed to make the entire Universe himself?

Neal VanI’m not a comic book junkie as most who follow the MCU, but I’d like the storyline to make at least minimal logic. Here’s my quandary... Ego was alone in ALL of the Universe for millions of years as he began to learn without being taught by any older being. That’s odd in itself, but not the ques...

@Jenayah Combined the images and the text into one answer that seems to be relatively complete
can't direct link that one
I thought my answer might be disliked, but I got two upvotes
That's pretty nice
Why would it be disliked?
5:23 AM
@Alex Didn't have a ton that wasn't mentioned in other things on the post
I started it this morning but couldn't finish it till now so it feels a little late
However, it did have images not put in other posts and a more easily readable transcript
So I think it was okay
@Stormblessed But it has the entire article, which was precisely what the question was asking for.
5:38 AM
Q: Help! Trying to find the title of a YA vampire romance novel from the 90s (short novel)

user110469Hello everyone and thanks in advance for any answers you can provide! I'm struggling to get the title of a young-adult vampire horror/romance short novel that was written in the 90s about a teenage girl named Christina (I believe) who moves to a new creepy town where she meets a vampire and invit...

@Stormblessed I'll look at that, bit of a busy morning today though ;)
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@Jenayah You know French, right?
Want to take a look at my question about La Passe-Miroir by Christelle Dabos? I think the latter two books have only been published in French.
Q: How long was Sam wearing the Ring?

Nikita NeganovAt the end of The Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers, Sam puts the Ring on to hide from orcs and then follow them, and afterwards passes out. Now the flicker of approaching torches and the clink of steel ahead was very near. In a minute they would reach the top and be on him. He had taken too lon...

Q: Why did Gandalf seal the One Ring inside an envelope?

RichSIn this scene after Bilbo leaves, Gandalf seals the One Ring inside an envelope. He seems to fear touching it. He very briefly touched it when it lay on the floor inside Bilbo's home. That provoked the ring, or allowed Gandalf to sense some malevolent presence w...

@Adamant I’d hope so
7:13 AM
@Adamant better than that, I am French :P
Link to your question?
Q: What is the distinction between the powers of Farouk and Horus?

AdamantIn La Passe-Miroir (The Mirror Visitor) series, by Christelle Dabos, there are various arks, or floating isles. Each has a family spirit with various powers, inherited in part by their descendents. Now, Farouk of the Pole has mental powers1 of all sorts. We know that among these powers must be ...

That I guess
@Jenayah So you know... yourself?
We happen to be acquainted
Alternatively, you are a language.
@Adamant I'll take a look to see if I find something but I haven't read those
7:43 AM
Q: What does Gandalf whisper to the Moth on the Orthanc in Isengard?

Viswalahiri Swamy HejeebuAfter the duel between Saruman and Gandalf in which Gandalf is bested, he is sent to stay on the pinnacle of the Orthanc. Gandalf then whispers a message to a moth that happens to appear. I know that the message involves the calling of an eagle, for that becomes obvious ten minutes later. H...

7:59 AM
Q: Help can’t remeber the name of a book

Stormy DawsonI can’t remember the name of a book and it’s driving me crazy! It’s about a girl who discovered she had powers when she was a kid while she was dancing she started to float. When she goes to college she meets an Irish exchange student and falls in love. She goes with him to study abroad in Irelan...

8:14 AM
Q: X-Men story - My childhood

vincity _sportia_taymodaimoThe story is from a comic book I read in the 90s. The X-Men discover a mutant boy, maybe 6 to 10 years of age, whose mutant power is pyrokinesis. I faintly remember that the boy was a sweet little kid who seemed to take a liking to the X-Men but after a mob assaulted him he caused serious havoc...

8:40 AM
Is a question about listing the weapon made by dwarves in thor suitable for scifi? Reducing them to the named use or with know power/usage.
Q: Older space battle book where aliens are told to form bonds with humans to make them a better fighter

BenThere is an invading force on the shape of a crescent. Supersmart aliens gather as many aliens from the galaxy as they can. The main character is told he needs to form bonds with the humans to make him a better fighter. Then he is put on a space ship with other aliens. The human fights all and wi...

9:01 AM
Q: How do I learn the Quenya Dialect?

Viswalahiri Swamy HejeebuQuenya, the popular Elvish language is used in all the Lord of the Rings books and movies and appears very beautiful due to its flowing letters and has a charismatic visual appeal. How would I go about learning the Quenya alphabet and word definitons?

Q: Looking for a story about stranded colonists

Mark ProbertI remember reading a novella or novel about a group of colonists deliberately stranded on an alien planet. There are almost no resources on the planet but they survive by eating a native plant from which they gain a superpower. When the ship returns they use the superpower to capture the ship and...

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@TheLethalCarrot Hey, I know people who are British but don't speak Britanic, and people who are from America but only speak English.
@xdtTransform Mythology Thor or Marvel Thor?
And don't even get me started on the people who live in Egypt but don't speak Egyptian!
9:34 AM
@Jenayah, the Marvel Thor.
@Adamant , South Africa is a better exemple. Egyptian is no more a official languages since 2000 BC
@xdtTransform It's a joke. It wouldn't work very well with South Africa - there's no language called "South African," right?
There is Afrikaans, of course.
@xdtTransform if it's a short enough list it should be on-topic
@Adamant , I got the joke. This is internet I have to take it "au premier degré".
@Jenayah , thats the issue while all source says it's countless. They always name the 3 obvious Thor's hammer and axe and Odin's lance.
@xdtTransform Do you want to count all the uru-coated weapons from Fear Itself?
Q: What do wizards in muggle wheelchairs do if they go to hogwarts?

mudblood scumHogwarts is definitely not wheelchair friendly

Q: What is the most populous planet in the Cosmere?

AdamantThere are lots of planets in the cosmere. However, it's not clear which one has the largest population, or how it might compare to the population of Earth at an equivalent technological level. Roshar seems like a good candidate for the most populous planet, since it seemingly has dozens of coun...

9:49 AM
@Adamant, Restricted to named one of with know power/application. So I have to read it. If there is any capitalisation of name.
10:04 AM
Q: How could a sister of battle win against a necron army?

Joe le clodoSo, i've read the book Hammer and Anvil by James Swallow and i'm a bit confused. I really like the Adepta Sororita, but even so i'm still puzzled as how a simple sister could actually win against an army of necron or win against a necron warlord. In the book, at the end: As i know even a who...

Wait is "fear itself" the "Mighty" serie where very super get asgardian weapon.. Even wolverine get Uru claw. And even those who doesnt use weapons get thier Uru coated pins power up. Well I guess I will have to do some reasearch a read the whole serie to be sure. Give me a Week!
10:20 AM
@Marvin "Joe le clodo"? :-)
Et un français de plus…
sort une baguette et du fromage
10:50 AM
now i'm hungry
11:37 AM
And cheese
12:31 PM
Q: Is Princess Leia a Jedi?

Jannik PittIs Leia considered a Jedi? She does have the Force but she doesn't have a lightsaber, nor did she undergo training like Luke. What are the requirements in order to be called a Jedi?

How y'all feel about even bothering to update that is how it felt to have to deal with R2D2 flying around.
@Mazura not sure I got what you meant by that?
Q: Book or story where people’s brains need computer assistance to function; crimes are punished by disconnecting said computer

GlennThere is a book I saw once in the bookstore and have always regretted not reading. The concept was that society is so advanced that everyone has a computer linked to their brains to help them process the overwhelming amount of information they encounter. Crimes are punished by disconnecting that...

@Jenayah It's simultaneously a quip about how SE is dying and how retconning sucks.
Retconning I get but why would SE be dying?
Leia flew around in space like a year ago or w/e
12:43 PM
Is that me lacking SW knowledge or stuff?
Is is about Carrie Fisher?
<----- lost
IMO, either a new answer or nothing. But it doesn't change the existing answer. Jedi is still a title. She still doesnt get a proper trainning. Yoda claim luke is the last one. You are not a wizard Leia.
that no one is jumping at their heels to update that post
@xdtTransform lol
The books were better
... from 1995
m'alright that's me lacking SW knowledge then, if it's about the recent movies, series etc
(by "recent" read "released after 1983")
@Jenayah, she used telephatic magic to move an object in space. She is so sensible she can even use it kinda, but just a little, not lifting a space ship out of a swamp.
12:50 PM
idk.. surviving the vacuum of space is no small feat
oh hey technically I watched bits of the 2000s trilogy too
Video reference here. It's kind of spoiler.
I don't get how that would make her a Jedi though, no training
1:08 PM
Space is not as dangerous as pictured. Espacially the cold and pressure thing. As space is nothing there is no temperature. Colling thing in space is complexe. The heat will leave really slowly. It's not cold watter. The only issue is air. Here is the only human test in vacum.
@Jenayah Dormez-vous?
@xdtTransform wtf my entire life I was told that you would explode if you enter space because of your blood pressure and no atmospheric pressure to balance it
@NeoDarwin Sonnez les mâtines
(yeah, I know that's probably not the reference you had in mnid :P )
Freezing to deeth or impoding is a movie thing. You will just have Bubble in your eye and a body size lovebite "suçon".
1:11 PM
Q: Imperius Curse lifted after Voldemort's defeat, even though he may not have been the one to cast the spell?

BaulersAfter Voldemort is defeated at the end of The Deathly Hallows, it's mentioned that all the people under the Imperius Curse were freed. Does that mean that Voldemort was controlling all the Imperius'd? Considering people like Stan Shunpike wouldn't have come into contact with Voldemort til later ...

Oh so it was!
I thought you were referring to Abba
I went to French preschool lol
@xdtTransform right well bubbles in my eyes doesn't sound so great either :P
You will still eventually hit 2.7K if in space long enough though right?
There's rep in space?!
1:13 PM
Yes you get thrown into the sun by the mods if you spam and troll
Q: 90s X-Men story: mutant boy with pyrokinesis is assaulted by the mob and causes havoc

vincity _sportia_taymodaimoThe story is from a comic book I read in the 90s. The X-Men discover a mutant boy, maybe 6 to 10 years of age, whose mutant power is pyrokinesis. I faintly remember that the boy was a sweet little kid who seemed to take a liking to the X-Men but after a mob assaulted him he caused serious havoc...

^ how come the auto-dupe comment wasn't deleted?
Possible duplicate of X-Men story identification: Firestarter boy (literally an exact duplicate question) — Jenayah 4 hours ago
Was there another one? Or manually written one?
nah it's the auto-comment
which I edited but still it should be gone
No I mean had someone else put one with a link to the same Q
I don't think so
1:18 PM
Dunno then
I can't be sure though
I thought the logic was just first comment with link to marked duplicate
I think it's more agressive than that
saw something on meta, sec
Aye maybe it's all links to that Q actually
A: Don't delete comments with link to duplicate if they are modified

Nick CraverSooooo turns out the logic for this was explicitly excluding things from deletion which had any edits. Anything that started with our prefix and had the link, by community, which weren't edited were removed. All good, right? Nope, then a regex ran looking for effectively "duplicate..." and dele...

it's recent
1:21 PM
American scifi se members should join space force when it begins
the "it's more aggressive" I was referring to was tghe other answer:
A: Don't delete comments with link to duplicate if they are modified

ben is uǝq backwardsTo merge something else in here; it's worse than you describe. Any comment that contains the word "duplicate" and a link to another question is deleted when a question is closed. This might be solely comments that are owned by someone who voted but I'm unable to test. It doesn't matter if the co...

1:38 PM
Q: Does anyone know where I can get the Scifi's FTL News Feed

Tyson of the NorthwestFor a few years after the launch of the Sci-fi channel they aired FTL Newsfeed, a series of short news segments from the future. I was wondering if they ever were collected in order somewhere? I have been able to find bits and pieces of it on youtube, but not a contiguous whole I could watch be...

^basically asks "where do I watch this" and reply is "you can't, here's the wikia"
should we really keep this question?
I do believe that upvote should be based on the quality. Here we have image and video, script and pilot script. If this well redacted answer is not worthy what is? Even if the answer came 2 days later, and there were some other answer. This answer would have raised to the top simply based on it's quality. — xdtTransform 3 hours ago
@xdtTransform FWIW The answer doesn't include the pilot script bar a quick mention of it but I did read the relevant section to double check
@Jenayah Seems useful enough, at some point I'd imagine it will become available online if my reading of the answer is correct
1:59 PM
5th time, at some point you'd think it'd get whitelisted...
ignores are per-instance, so... hard
Ah right
Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
2:45 PM
Q: What was Bubble's fate?

witchyIn her previous scenes we see that Bubble is practically impervious to any physical damage as she can alter her body so she won't get hit or damaged. So what happened to Bubble in her last scene?

okay now that is weird
it should be titled "Question about Bubble"
(per latest edit)
and when I try to edit the title is "Question about Bubble"
what gives?
That's an odd one, it has recognised the edit though cos it's re-added the movie tag
Maybe there was a grace period edit on the title but that still shouldn't show that
Might be worth a meta/main meta Q on it
I suck at meta dupe search
Meh just let people find them for you
Most meta is about specific cases so is awkward
On another note Valorum was no longer a mod at that point so it can't be something weird happening there
2:55 PM
How does that relate to grace period?
I don't think it does, I just mean something weird happening cos of...
unrelated but someone forgot to pick up their change in the coffee machine so free chocolate for me, sweet
Q: How long after Jurassic World was the opening scene of Fallen Kingdom set?

SQBIn the opening scene of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, we see a submarine crew discovering their submarine is not the largest thing in the bay. If I recall correctly, they weren't worried about that initially, figuring that there wasn't anything large left alive in the bay. How long after the e...

My work buys chocolate, and all our lunch stuff for that matter, in so free chocolate for me everyday ;P
neat, we had that in summer internship too
@Kozaky From Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Chapter 36: The Flaw in the plan (around 46:49 of the audio book) — Baulers 37 mins ago
^ wait what? Doe sthe audio book only last ~1hour?
or is the chapter that long?
3:12 PM
@TheLethalCarrot That's dangerous!
@TheLethalCarrot wait, they pay for midday lunch too?
@TheLethalCarrot , Well sorry for the mistake. I was on HNQ an saw an upvote comment I didn't like. I had to say something. I don't know why people get "offended" by self answer. But that's an other subject.
3:31 PM
@Jenayah Yup, someone goes out twice a week to buy bread, sandwich stuff, soups, beans etc. and we just make what we want from it - t'is pretty awesome
Q: How many Invsibility Cloaks were made?

Darth TheoryWe Know that Harry Potter Got one cloak from his father, James Potter. We also know from the fourth book of Harry Potter that Mad-Eye Moody also has an invisibility cloak. I was under the impression that there was only one invisibility cloak that was made by Death and given to one of the Peverall...

@xdtTransform Aye I've spoken about the whole self answer thing at length before. And no need to be sorry was just letting you know :)
Xmas, that wonderfull time in the years where IT contractor are bathing in chocolate.
Every time I got a retail store manager or any sales point boss on the phone,
I told them "You know the rules, you have to pay me in candy".
I have been doing it for 3 years now. Some of our customers try to bargain better Sla for candybox now..
- "I'm sure you can do that today, We have some Ferrero"
Q: Spiderman: Far From Home - Disney or Sony Rights?

MissouriSpartanI have just watched the Spiderman: Far From Home trailer, and I'm confused. If this is an MCU-connected film, does Disney/Marvel own the rights? Or does Sony Pictures? I thought Disney/Marvel owned the MCU films/stories, but the trailer is put out by Sony Pictures, which I didn't think Disney o...

@Marvin Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die. Duh.
3:43 PM
Celebrimbor ring is the best
@TheLethalCarrot nice
If he had managed to defeat Sauron with Talion then the new ring would have absorbed the power of the one ring
Q: Name of novel featuring a girl who turns into a cow

cherryI read it as a teen between 1989-1991, and have ever since wanted to re-read it. I think it was normal, adult fantasy fiction rather than a "young adult" book. These are the few images I retain from the book: - Published either by a feminist publisher or otherwise as part of a showcase of wo...

@Jenayah why do you think that fanfiction story id has so many downvotes
Which one?
3:49 PM
@TheLethalCarrot If my office bought ingredients, I would totally make a big pot of soup and share it around.
Aye it's not quite the raw ingredients bought in but tinned soups and stuff
That's boring. I make much better, healthier soups than that canned cr.....stuff.
Well I don't really like soup but it's free so can't complain haha
I make something like 14 different soups
I much prefer a plain cheese sandwich - it's my go to lunch meal
Boring I know but that's what happens when you don't like sauces
3:55 PM
I have eaten the same thing for dinner over the past week lol
@Jenayah I got a chance to watch that Bénabar video and didn't care for it, not sure why. Any more suggestions?
She is dormez vousing
@TheLethalCarrot Not liking sauces or soups (I'm assuming that eliminates gravy too), you would starve to death in our house.
As with everything there are exceptions
Gravy is fine
White sauce (with or without cheese melted in)?
3:59 PM
I detest mayo and mayo related products so I can never buy pre packed sandwiches if I want one
White sauce is good, I'm more okay with hot sauces... I mainly meant the cold ones like mayo, mustard, tartare etc
I know several people who dislike mayo.
In my book those are condiments, and not sauces at all.
Can you make hollandaise sauce?
Ah s'pose condiments is probably a better word for them... sauce is used universally where I live for them though
I have made hollandaise, but don't get a lot of call for it.
@TheLethalCarrot "Two cultures separated by a common language."
Q: Where was Nautilus built?

dean1957Does Jules Verne ever say where the Nautilus was built or constructed? Maybe in another book that i have not read it is stated the location.

Q: Why can characters walk/run on space ships in Gundam?

DevsmanI was watching Zeta and realized that characters seem to walk or even run around fine for the most part, but then when they need to move quickly or ascend, they simply jump and float to where they need to go or grab onto one of those handrails. if the gravity is low enough to float around like t...

Q: How did Dobby curse the bludger?

Darth TheoryIn Harry Potter and The chamber of Secrets, Dobby tries to keep Harry out of school, and when that fails, dobby tried to injury Harry so he would leave. we know that he tampered with a bludger so it would aim only for Harry, but how could dobby have gotten to the bludger and cursed it? The bludge...

4:03 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I have a totally delicious potato soup recipe that is based on a white sauce.
Oooh interesting
Why do I feel like the fact that Dumbles was gay for Grindelwald was not something just introduced in the canon for the movie
I'm sure that it was well known for years before the movie
Well, as far as I know it was introduced in one of these random JKR Tweets that are supposed to extend the universe. So...yes, quite some time before the Fantastic Beasts films, but...how much actual canon that makes it might still be debatable.
Though, apparently JKR's weird Tweets are supposed to be canon, for whatever odd reason.
4:18 PM
Probably for the same odd reason she keeps tweeting
For those interested:
4:31 PM
self-answer incoming or can I?
I haven't bothered looking for a source but I know the answer so go ahead
I generally tend to leave it 30-60mins before I self answer if I am going to anyway
have to find the source back
Fuzzy answered it but if you have a different source go ahead
ah well Fuzzy got it but I was sure I saw it on Twitter or Instagram or stuff
Q: In Rogue One, why don't the Rebels go directly to Saw Gerrera or Galen Erso and seek Jyn Erso instead?

AddramyrThey learn through Cassian that an Imperial Pilot defector was sent by Galen Erso with a message to Saw Gerrera and that he claims the Empire is building a planet killer. Why didn't they just contact Saw directly or just directly go for Galen to either question or just kill him (like they tell C...

Q: Is "Spider-Man: Far From Home" set before or after "Avengers: Endgame"?

TheLethalCarrotThe trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home has just been released: With Tom Holland being in this film it gives some interesting insight into what might happen in Avengers: Endgame. However, that depends on when it is set in the in universe timeline. Where does...

4:34 PM
@Marvin Best question I've ever seen
meh, I've commented on Fuzzy's answer instead
There's honestly no need for a new answer
@NeoDarwin 'cause people don't like it
@Donald.McLean still in French music?
4:57 PM
Q: What is the name of element Tony Stark rediscovered?

Surya TejIs there a name for the element Tony Stark rediscovered during Iron Man 2.? And is it being actively and currently used to power all his suits including the latest nano tech bleeding edge armor mark 50?

Q: Story where big game hunters end up being hunted by an alien panda with tentacles

P.R.P.What was the name and author of the sci fi story about a group of big game hunters in Canada who end up being hunted by an alien panda with tentacles? I read this story when I was a boy in the late 1960’s.

Always annoys me when you get DVs after you capped you lose rep even if you have UVs that have given you nothing... i.e. they don't act as a buffer
5:19 PM
@Jenayah Or anything else you think that might not have made it to the US.
@Jenayah Maybe it's 46 hours and 49 minutes?
@Jenayah When you exit the edit does the actual post title change to "Question about a scene with Bubble"?
Perhaps it is similar to these cases:
Q: Editing a post doesn't use the latest revision on Android app

DaisetsuI was attempting to edit an answer I submitted earlier and I ran into what may be a bug. I had already accepted someone else's edit, using the "Improved edit" button to add some further clarification on top of their edit. Two days later, someone commented on a grammar mistake, so I went to edi...

Q: Revisions not showing

googletorpOn Area 51, when you go to the revisions screen, you can see the number of revisions that has been made and who made what. However, the actual revisions are missing, not just in style but the actual content. It looks like it should be gotten with Ajax, but I don't get any JavaScript errors.

Hard to tell because neither one has screenshots.
5:35 PM
@NapoleonWilson They're still things written by the author, aren't they?
Books are so 2000.
Q: What happened to Count Dooku's lightsaber?

DalilaIn Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Dooku fights Kenobi and Anakin in front of the 'captured' Palpatine. At the end of the duel, Anakin disarms (and dis-hands) Dooku and takes his lightsaber (and uses it, along with his own saber, to decapitate Dooku). Anakin then 'pilots' the ship...

They're written by the author, but not qua author.
Why not? People need to get with post-post-post structuralism.
Anyway, it was actually an interview.
It was right after the release of Deathly Hallows. My theory is that she was too afraid to make it explicit in the book.
Just like she bowed to pressure to make it less explicit in the latest film.
Same reason why if I write a contract or a law I can’t add things or redefine things afterwards. Whatever’s present at the time of signing/ratification is what takes on legal status even if the author swears he meant something else.
@Alex JK Rowling is female.
5:44 PM
@Adamant Nah, I just saw a tweet from God saying that she was really male all along.
@Alex Is that true? Laws are living; they're continually interpreted by the courts.
(I was actually referring to an example author rather than her specifically.)
What's more, they very much can be altered by the people who wrote them originally.
@Adamant Sure they’re interpreted based on the text of the law.
Well actually some might disagree. I’m saying my view.
Assuming they still hold legislative office, they can rewrite laws however they want, and this actually happens frequently....
5:47 PM
Rewriting a law is an official process. You can’t override a law simply by tweeting that you meant something else.
Well, unless you’re a supreme dictator, or something.
@Alex And that's what JK Rowling is. The supreme dictator of Harry Potter.
Our Dear Leader.
@Adamant She can’t be a supreme dictator if she has no army with which to enforce her decrees. Though I suppose rgere might be enough angry hordes coming after me if I contradict her, so maybe that counts.
6:34 PM
@Alex Richard Gere? :-)
Nov 15 '18 at 18:06, by Alex
Oct 9 at 19:42, by Alex
@Mithrandir I just switched from computer to phone, hence all the typos.
See, if you want typos to be ignored, they shouldn't strike anyone as amusing....
Is there any typo that wouldn't strike you as amusing?
Looking forward to the point where you replace yourself with a bot that just quotes your old posts.
What makes you think that hasn't happened already?
6:38 PM
@Alex I see your point. Yes, there are any number of them. cusotmer, for instance.
@Alex Not one-boxed. :-)
I can't make it too obvious.
@Alex Understood, Mr. Roboto.
Domo arigato
Although if you want I can onebox the several discussions about my roboticness or lack thereof.
Gallifreyan = TheLethalCarrot.
6:44 PM
Looks like I'm late, though
There could be a TARDIS joke here somewhere, but I couldn't think of a very good one
7:01 PM
First answer on English learner stack exchange and 41 upvotes
Big think
Q: Who is the water villain shown in spider Man far from home trailer?

Surya TejWho is the Water villain being shown in the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer? Is that Hydro-Man or an Elemental?

@Alex that's a lot!
@Alex yeah
Wait isn't it obvious that it's mysterio?
Maybe another reader is twice as slow.
@NeoDarwin post it as an answer then
7:14 PM
@Adamant Yeah...I guess.
^ Yeah, a lot of those costumes are things like undead or timberwolves, which are monsters under Nightmare Moon's domain, so they probably wouldn't scare Nightmare Moon herself, even if they do scare other ponies.
7:43 PM
I'm watching And-Man and the Wasp now
I've cringed more during the 47 minutes that I did during the entire Twilight
still have to see it
I know, I know
casted some delete votes scifi.stackexchange.com/…
Wow, great find by @Longshanks. Answers both my original and my new question.
And... Brexit deal rejected. That's gonna be a mess.
@Jenayah You voted to delete a question that you wrote a Meta post defending?
@Alex that delete vote isn't mine.
7:54 PM
> Replaced pseudo-headings with real headings for the benefit of those using assistive technologies like screen readers.
Today I learned. I didn't know screen readers detected headings too
8:19 PM
I don't want to get into an edit war but scifi.stackexchange.com/posts/9123/revisions kind of goes against how story-id works here. Can I pass the baby to someone?
Q: When do events of Spider-man: Far From Home happen?

Ver NickI don't quite understand where in MCU events of Spider-man: Far From Home take place. Are they before Avengers: Infinity War or after Avengers: Endgame?

@Jenayah It's still a war even if someone else takes over.
well if I take over it looks personal, if somebody else does it's more of a community thing
Maybe flag it to be locked?
Well no it doesn't need to be locked
and flagging for something I could rollback in two clicks seems inappropriate
you know @Alex I opened this meta.stackexchange.com/q/322422/398063, saw it happened on Mi Yodeya and I just knew it had to be you :P
8:30 PM
@Jenayah Am I the only Mi Yodeya user who posts bugs on Meta?
Very possibly.
Mi Yodeya user with 10k rep + funny title + it's a bug report + you're active on Meta these days
on an unrelated note about main Meta some user who upvoted me got removed and I can't see vote counts anymore :(
@Jenayah Fair enough.
@Jenayah Well I guess my offer is unrevoked until you get another upvote.
You're welcome.
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