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Q: Science fiction/fantasy book I read 50 years ago. Took place on the planet Venus

MK JohnsonI remember loving this book when I was in middle school It took place on the planet Venus. It was all ocean. There were sea horses (their leader was named Belleraphon) and porpoises and mermaids. A group of siblings go to Venus with their uncle(?) and while exploring become involved in a quest to...

^ Hehe. This is one of those rare ID questions that don't need the "50 years ago". Oceans on Venus pretty much dates it.
12:21 AM
@Stormblessed The page says 42.
@Alex it said 39 then
the scanning of pottermore for quotes on horcruxes :D
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2:45 AM
Q: Looking for a cartoon from 2002 to somewhere around 2013 i guess?

Tobias FaberI don't remember much from it. It was about a crew that flew around in their ship. The ship got power/ bonus powers from putting different crystals in the engiene. I think it's from one of the "mainstream" cartoon channels CN, disneys various channels, nickelodeon maybe enix

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5:23 AM
Q: 80s or 90s tv sci fi episode: man trapped between interval of seconds sees world deconstructed and rebuilt

funvoyagerHi I'm trying to find the tv episode from what I think is a sci fi series produced sometime in the 80s or 90s. In the episode, a man and another character(s) finds himself stuck in the interval between two seconds. In that interval, he witnesses a crew of workers whose job it is to destroy the ...

Q: Looking for name of story

Dana TheisOld short story where a man crash lands on an alien planet with hostile environment. He thinks he is gradually changing the environment to suit him, but actually he is being changed to adapt to the planet

5:39 AM
Q: Campy Alien Horror movie with Alien Stowaway on Lunar Lander?

MattAbout 10 years ago my brother and I were flipping channels and we came across a movie that we have been looking for ever since. All we really remember is that some kind of slimy alien was stowed away on some spacecraft that humans brough back to earth (possibly the lunar lander) and no one notice...

Q: When Aragorn warned Gandalf about entering Moria, what did he mean?

Nikita NeganovIn FotR after failed attempt to go through Caradhras the Company discusses the Moria way. Then Aragorn warns Gandalf of passing through the Moria. 'I will,' said Aragorn heavily. `You followed my lead almost to disaster in the snow, and have said no word of blame. I will follow your lead now ...

6:26 AM
Q: How can Miles O'Brien serve as a bridge officer if he is enlisted?

indigochildIn TNG episode "The Wounded" Benjamin Maxwell says that Miles O'Brien served as his tactical officer on the Rutledge. However, I had thought that O'Brien was enlisted, not an officer. How could he serve as tactical officer (a bridge officer) if he was not commissioned?

Q: Could Shelob have kept the ring for herself?

AoiIn the Lord of the Rings, Gollum/Smeagol’s plan is to lead Frodo and Sam into the pass of Cirith Ungol, where he was gonna leave them to be consumed by Shelob and take the ring from the remains. However is it possible that Shelob might’ve kept the ring for herself? She is last child of Ungoliant,...

7:41 AM
VTDed some too broad ones... scifi.stackexchange.com/tools
8:18 AM
Voting to close this question as a duplicate, since the other one has a better answer.
@SQB I flagged earlier for the dupe-target to be changed
Since the current dupe-atrget is not really good and Fuzzy's answer is better
There seem to be more dupes, though.
but current dupe-target is already the dupe-target of a couple others
and we don't want dupe chains hence the flag
Good call.
1 hour later…
9:36 AM
That went to RO twice
9:53 AM
Raptors riding dolphins
Q: Anime in which someone says "if you are going to space so will I"; see screenshot

Quincy NwaforI saw this anime at the display TV at Shop Rite. The image shows a dark haired female in a pink outfit with a white triangular emblem on her right shoulder speaking to a male with white spikey hair and wearing a light purple headpiece and brown clothing with a popped darker collar and a white ba...

Looks like it should be on topic.
Nothing implies it is
guy could be an astronaut
Except for the characters being able to go to space at will?
9:59 AM
also "see screenshot" isn't great in a title
@SQB we don't know that
And paneled was correct
It was? My spell checker didn't think so.
Oh, might be British vs American.
oh UK/US spelling
It's the American version
10:02 AM
Anyway, while I concede that it can be construed to mean that the spikey-haired man is (going into training to be) an astronaut and the woman will follow suit, another reasonable interpretation is that they live in a world where going to space is a bit easier than in our own.
Also, it looks like there's some sort of device on the table, behind the man (that white thing with the black triangle) that seems sf-nal.
@SQB that's too much interpretation from that one blurred image and OP not adding anything so far
@Jenayah the man simply being an astronaut is interpretation as well.
@SQB just... no. That could be a pottery for all we know
@SQB aye
tis for keeping that closed
by default if it doesn't look SFF we shouldn't assume it is
Going to space is not an everyday occurrence in our world. I find it not unreasonable to assume that these characters are not in our world and hence in some future where it is a more common occurrence.
wasn't there a meta recently aout that?
10:08 AM
@Jenayah no, but I maintain it does look like SFF.
@SQB Yet. Coudln't it be something in a future where it's more common?
@b_jonas which would make it sf.
it looks like a bunch of crammed pixels is what it looks
Ah, that's what SQB said too. Oh, you're still trying to reverse engineer that anime picture thing? It's written wrong, but it's not a too broad question because you only have to identify what's shown in the photo.
Not too broad != on-topic
10:15 AM
@Jenayah Yes, that should be on topic. Hmm, when was that closed?
Q: Is a story identification question on-topic if it doesn't include genre defining elements?

AshI have several times seen people have an issue when asking story identification questions, simply put the details they remember from the story don't make the genre plain to those reading the question, i.e. they don't remember any clearly fantastical elements of the tale. Now I don't always know w...

In the evening apparently.
Oh come on! It's an anime fss. They're fantasy by default.
Mind you, the image doesn't seem unambiguously anime, but the poster does say it's anime.
Not all anime is SFF-nal
@TheLethalCarrot Not all, sure, but most are so for an ID question I think we can assume it's likely SFF unless proven otherwise.
10:17 AM
Is the writing on the vase readable?
Has to be said explicitly
Otherwise we can't really close anything
And that would defeat the whole point
So what should we do? Refer OP to Anime SE?
Nope, they don't do ID requests anymore (last time I checked)
nope story-id is off-topic there
and they can't chat yet
A pity. They don't even have an exception for pictures with a screencap like Arquade does.
10:19 AM
Leave it as is for now, Jenayah has already encouraged them to add in SFF-nal details
Arquade took the more sensible route.
yeay me
@TheLethalCarrot The problem is, they probably don't have more details. They haven't seen this series or film, they've only seen a short sequence probably.
Meh I don't like Arqade's rules on it... it's a way of banning id requests without banning them
@b_jonas Then tough luck really :/
I mean, the photo is obviously taken in a shop.
10:21 AM
yeah they said so
Nice product placement by the way.
So, how about the writing on the vase? Is it readable?
spam! :P
@b_jonas no idea
Oh! "Shop Rite" is a shop? I assumed it was a TV channel, but that makes more sene.
@TheLethalCarrot Yes, that's the point. Ban the spam, but allow good ones.
Nah you can have amazingly written id requests without an image
and... that "do the work for me even if it doesnt look on-topic" question isn't spam?
10:25 AM
@Jenayah I don't think so. It provides a screenshot, and a good description of the screenshot too. And it's more likely to be SFF than my ski cap question scifi.stackexchange.com/q/117078/4918
@b_jonas check the revision history, description was added by Fuzzy
Just because it is likely on topic doesn't mean it is on topic
OP dumped the image without further ado
I do agree it is likely to be on topic but we are inferring information for the OP rather than letting them tell us and that can be quite dangerous
@TheLethalCarrot It's a screenshot. That's all they have. They should do a bit more work and research on their own, sure, but they won't have more accurate inferences than we can.
10:29 AM
Then tough luck for asking here unfortunately for them, though I got the impression it was actually playing rather than just an image so they should know some more
Yeah, if they saw a clip and say "right after a dragon enters the room" it's on-topic
Ok, I guess it is not an interesting enough question, I should stop caring about it. We have much better story-id questions here that I should read.
point is we have to wait for OP to provide more info and not assume by default that it's SFFnal
Yeah, I guess most of our anime questions mention a magical gauntlet, or summoning monsters, or at least "special power" in general scifi.stackexchange.com/q/203090/4918 and that one got closed.
Or mechas.
10:35 AM
Well that's too broad not off topic
meh my flag for changing dupe-target got declined
I mean sure we could reopen all of them and close 'em again but that'd clutter the homepage for nothing
Change what dupe target?
Q: A Story About Creatures Which Build the Entire Universe Every Moment

Fixed PointI am trying to remember a story I heard a long time ago. The setting was that there is a huge ship floating around with some sort of creatures. And this ship sails time and stays a few moments ahead of our present moment. These creatures literally with their tools and materials build the entire u...

At least my ID questions are safe. Time travel and mental implants for watching television; humans shapeshifting into animals.
^dupe chain
check transcript here
2 hours ago, by SQB
Voting to close this question as a duplicate, since the other one has a better answer.
10:42 AM
I've never understood why people have problems with dupe trains
choo choo
Oh that reminds me...
@TheLethalCarrot well several old dupes point to a kinda unhelpful dupe-target
gotta love you Brits
10:45 AM
I don't think it's UK
The number plate looks like TA
ah? thought itt wassomething you saw
Nah got it off reddit
Although it might be TR for Turkey I dunno
Q: How interconnection of paintings in Hogwards work

DanielIs there any explanation about how the paintings are connected, so that people can walk from one painting to another? How can these imprints of dead people be transferred between paintings? If imprints can be moved away from their painting (frame as physical object), can they be bound to other ob...

10:51 AM
@Marvin Gotta be a dupe right?
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, double-decker buses are no longer exclusive to London.
poke @Alex ^^
They're sort of common here today, not for public transport, but for long distance trips like when we go skiing.
We have double decker buses across the country in the UK pretty much. Lomng distance trips usually take place on those "fancy single decker ones"
The "luxury" ones for a better term
@TheLethalCarrot You don't have long distance ski trips like I'm talking about within the UK. They can't cross the sea.
And sure, the double-deckers are very uncomfortable for a trip, but they're cheap.
10:55 AM
Course we can, just tunnel it
Althoguh going throuhg all of Britain from south to north is almost as long as Budapest to the French alps, admittedly.
I've only traveled on a double-decker train in Sweden though. They definitely don't exist here.
There's not really a need for them either, mind you.
I was on one in France
My daily commute is on a double-decker train.
Lol that HP Q "must they be moved by a magician?"
They're super common in The Netherlands.
As @Jenayah surely can confirm.
11:00 AM
@SQB Good to know. I want to visit there for a vacation, and want to travel between cities a bit to see more than one.
@b_jonas skip Amsterdam, go to Utrecht, The Hague, and Rotterdam instead.
Amsterdam is lousy with tourists.
@SQB Thanks for the hint. How about Antwerpen?
Antwerpen is good too.
Although that's Belgium, of course.
What do you want to see?
If you're into comics, going to Brussels is a must.
@SQB Cities and museums.
11:03 AM
The palace gardens in Brussels are open to the public for a few weeks each year. I can recommend that.
Yeah, places that are "lousy with tourist" are more fun when I don't feel like I'm one of them. Like here in Budapest, or Siófok, and even sort of in Wien, even though I am a tourist there.
Wien basically feels like a better Budapest, it's so much like home.
hey o/
@SQB But always in the summer?
In Arnhem, in The Netherlands, there's the Openluchtmuseum ("Open Air Museum") which shows a good slice of The Netherlands.
@AnkitSharma oi o/
11:05 AM
@b_jonas late April, early May.
Wow strange that SciFi have no Bandersnatch question, I was bored so searching soemthing to answer :D
The Openluchtmuseum is a bit of a history museum; old buildings have been transplanted there.
@Jenayah Nice edits. Don't know how I missed those tag messup
Though I should also visit Szeged in the spring or autumn, specifically not in the summer when it's full of festivalgoers.
If you want to see Van Gogh, you can go to the The Kröller-Müller Museum instead of the Van Gogh Museum.
11:08 AM
@AnkitSharma thanks! :)
I also can recommend the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, for the Mondriaans. Also Escher in the Palace if you're into Escher.
@SQB I'd prefer to see Vermeer and his kin than Van Gogh.
@SQB Escher may be fun, yes.
@b_jonas Mauritshuis, again The Hague.
Also Panorama Mesdag. The Hague again.
Vermeer is associated with Delft isn't he?
I recommend staying in The Hague and taking a day-trip to Amsterdam for the Rijksmuseum.
11:13 AM
An Escher museum may be fun. It's even more surreal than Vasarely, who has a museum centered on him right here near Szentendre.
@SQB Ok, I'll consider that. Thanks for the hints so far. I'll go AFK for an hour.
Q: Is there a large map of Tatooine?

Эш УильямсI wanted to make the Tatooine globe with my hands, but I realized that a map of it is probably nowhere, and I would like to know if there is a version (whether it is canon or Legends) of this Atlas map, preferably in high resolution?

12:19 PM
More than an hour, because of transport trouble, it turns out.
Late GotG 2 answer by me if anyone is interested:
A: How did Kraglin end up with Yondu Udonta's prototype fin?

TheLethalCarrotHe was given a "version" of it CREDIT BREAK 1 - INT. ECLECTOR HALLWAY - OUTER SPACE SURRENDER is PLAYING HERE. Kraglin has had a version of Yondu’s fin implanted in his head. He looks nervously down at the arrow on the floor. He tries to WHISTLE. It just flips around like a dead fis...

12:30 PM
@TheLethalCarrot It is. That's a Northern Ireland number plate, if I'm not mistaken.
Ah maybe, I was trying to read the country code to work it out
The font already screams UK.
Aye I did think that
And the style of the plate with the font
Though it isn't in the regular format
@Randal'Thor Does it really? I don't recognize all the number plate fonts. I recognized that it's not the round one used here of course.
Let me check some images to compare to.
poke @b_jonas seen in Hungarian scifi.stackexchange.com/q/203236/98028
12:36 PM
@Jenayah Thanks. Sadly it's a movie, I'm not likely to be able to help.
Does that question say if it's live action or western animation?
Q: When the Voldemort became Active?

HardRockerThe sorcerer's stone moved to Hogwarts same time when harry took admission in the school. All things started happening the same year. is it coincidence that Voldemort became active at the same time when Harry Joined the Hogwarts School?

Q: Movie about a girl looking for her kidnapped brother

Daniel DarabosI've seen this live action movie as a child in late 1980s or early 1990s on a black & white TV in Hungary with Hungarian voices (probably dubbed). It has stayed with me a long time now, but I still haven't figured out what it was. I remember a number of details, but I'm not sure I remember everyt...

Q: 1970's book where humans awake from hibernation to find ants and bees have evolved into intelligent beings

Mark StreetRead this book around 1975/79. Can remember the story but not the title. Basically: group of humans in deep sleep/hibernation in underground bunkers. Awake to find 1000s years gone by and ants and bees etc have evolved into intelligent beings. Story of how they cope and alliances made. Twist at ...

Q: Differentiation: Horcrux vs. Hogwards painting imprint

DanielA horcrux contains a shard of someones soul. On a physical level it is a passive object. The paintings in hogwards contain imprints of people who lived with it and are dead now. The imprints are bonded to the physical painting, but can interact with the world around them. They can even move thems...

@Marvin for real?
Maybe it's possible to identify the building in the left site of that bus photo.
@Jenayah Update: movie is live action
@Jenayah That's not a bad question actually.
12:49 PM
@Marvin Anyone understand this one?
@Randal'Thor twitter.com/YourSouthend/status/1081658296153583616 actually may give the location
It says, about the bus, "Spotted in Southend during the Christmas rail improvement works on the Greater Anglia line!"
Although "Southend" is ambiguous I think
Aye the building is Southend uni
@b_jonas it'skind of obvious if you've read the book/seen the movie
actually you can't even ask the question without knowing the story so what gives?
@Jenayah I've read the book. I don't see it.
@TheLethalCarrot kinda... it just wants a group thingy
12:57 PM
Q: Does the Britannic wreck have a grand staircase

PaulmI know the Britannic was fitted out as a hospital ship but did it have any original features left on it like the grand staircase and the state rooms

@Marvin Um... what piece of fiction is that about? "Britannic" is sort of a common ship name.
Is it some Star Trek thing?
@Jenayah What can I do for you?
@b_jonas well Quirrellbeing a teacher at Hogwarts isn't really a coincidence, no
@b_jonas no idea
@Jenayah Quirrel is a teacher at Hogwarts because he found the Dark Lord, and the Dark Lord sent him there to steal the stone. But I don't see why all that's happening right in the year when Harry goes to Hogwarts. Let me see what scifi.stackexchange.com/q/18976/4918 says.
@Marvin Self-deleted.
@b_jonas so we'll never get toknow :(
1:06 PM
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/18986/4918 "This was the year Harry would have ventured [...]. Dumbledore may have suspected that this would draw Voldemort out, and once drawn out he'd want to use the stone." Doesn't seem convincing to me. The Dark Lord was drawn to the stone because it would let him create a new body and improve it or something. He would have gone earlier if his followers weren't so scared of seeking him.
meh, combination of plot and "common sense" of sorts
given his state he couldn't come back any earlier
@Alex did you send your last message from mobile? I just got the notification but I couldn't see it on computer
@Jenayah No, but I can guess why.
first is live, second is transcript
I saw it in "live view"
Oct 23 '18 at 18:32, by Alex
Also, super weird: there's a comment here from @Janayah that only shows up in the Mobile chat but not in the Site chat.
1:19 PM
Oct 23 '18 at 18:38, by Mithrandir
That happens because chat sometimes swallows messages until you reload the page. The person who sent it should notice that the message stayed slightly green; that means that chat half-ate it.
I'm on desktop too
oh yeah that's what I was thinking about ^^
ah never mind
blame caching
I restarted my computer and replied to b_jonas but it didn't load your message
@Jenayah There was a problem on mmy end too.
The message didn't post write away.
In any case, you haven't answered the question, though.
Shared fault, then.
Fair nuff
well you did it already
1:21 PM
Q: Story with a pre-determined sentient book

user24984I'm not sure if this was some sort of short story, or just a part in a larger book, but there was a book that would converse with you, but with text that was already in the book. For example, the character would open it up to a random page and there would just happen to be text that picked back u...

^ Anyone else have a guess on this, after OP commented on my answer?
we were wondering what could the dupe be and since youknow all HP questions I poked you
Thanks for this synopsis! But I don't think this is it due to the mystical nature of the book in the Neverending Story, whereas in this story I'm trying to remember, the book is just a normal book, and just serves to show some kind of mess-up with causality or predetermination. — user24984 21 hours ago
@Jenayah Ah.
Hi Daniel. I closed your question as it seems to be covered by the linked question. If you think that it is not you can edit your question to explain why. — Alex 22 mins ago
yep that ^
(But for the record, I do not know all Harry Potter questions.)
1:22 PM
@b_jonas doesn't ring a bell
@Alex you spent three months browsing at them
@Jenayah But I didn't read all of them.
Plus, there's this thing called "forgetting".
@Alex you didn't?
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/188589/4918 "Did Hagrid know that Tom Riddle was Voldemort?" is a nice answer. I should link it from my relevant question.
1:41 PM
@Jenayah Nope.
how did you choose the ones you skipped?
scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/a/9878/4918 Does the Restaurant have a mascot?
@Jenayah I’m not quite sure.
@b_jonas we have a blog mascot?
@Jenayah I don't know. That's what I'm asking about.
1:46 PM
Mmmhm I can think of a new candidate for the Official Unofficial Dog of Mos Eisley TREU
@b_jonas t'was a joke
@TheLethalCarrot gee I wonder who
The left little goofball me thinks
Sirius Black in animagus form?
the one on the right doesn't seem much happy
"okay you've had your fun with the new pup, now you can take her back"
How 'bout the one hiding in the background?
1:54 PM
That's what he thinks about the other dog that lives with him... for 7 years
some too broad still waiting for VTDs scifi.stackexchange.com/tools
@Mithrandir Can you delete that image actually...
Cheers, didn't see the reflections
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, that's a good use for client-side styling.
The hard part will be making the chat room list look sane.
I thought mods had a tool to erase a message's history completely
@TheLethalCarrot I'm in favour of the little goofball
I mean it wasn't me but I doubt my gf's father would be too happy haha
1:59 PM
Or the other goofball, for that matter
The other goofball is a grumpy git... and also the Halloween floof of the day I think
@Gallifreyan Yes, but you have to edit the message before you delete, unless you feel like dealing with direct POST stuff that I'm not entirely sure how that works.
@Mithrandir What's the POST stuff?
Don't remember, probably on Teams somewhere. Art could tell you
(sorry, kinda busy ATM, don't have time to look)
No probs, I'll look it up
2:14 PM
Q: From how much damage can a Time Lord regenerate?

S SAs I have recalled from the new Doctor Who (2005), during all of regenerations, The Doctor had his full body intact. Considering a Time Lord has his/her regeneration energy left, from how much damage can he/she regenerate?

Q: Man with the ability of seeing personalities

akinuriI remember watching a movie on TV about a man who could "see" the "voices" in the peoples mind. These voices were depicted as people. I'm not sure if everyone had these voices. Maybe, he could only see these voices with people with issues. I'm not sure. This was at least 10 years ago. In the sto...

@TheLethalCarrot And there was me thinking that black square in the new picture was just an angled television screen.
It could well be, who's to know if I edited the original image or staged everything exactly as it was originally but with something in the way of the cabinet
2:33 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Your privacy has now been completely restored
Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
@Gallifreyan Thanks :D
My gf and her dad shall no longer live in fear
Dec 25 '18 at 23:07, by Alex
"So don't be afraid"
Any time
2:40 PM
@Gallifreyan Except to those who already downloaded/saved the original image :-P
Don't give them ideas >_>
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