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12:21 AM
Q: I live in and upstairs condo and new dog refuses to go down stairs

Jonathan PalumboI recently adopted a 9 month old female doberman mix dog. She is the sweetest thing however seems to have very high stress and anxiety. She seems to be terrified of the stairs which is the only way in and out of my home. Going up seems to be less of a problem and she negotiated going down relati...

3 hours later…
3:17 AM
Bhutu hiding
@Henders ^^^
that dark brown poodle was a pet-mooch
3:34 AM
Bhutu still now hiding
2 hours later…
5:11 AM
@trondhansen Is there possibility of any negative effect on Bhutu if I force her to always be with me and never allow to go to my mother?
5:55 AM
@Sonevol is it possible for you to stop involving your family in all of your posts here.and yes there is a negative effect if you try to restrain your cat physicaly or mentaly,all living things do have a right to chose where they want to be.
3 hours later…
8:45 AM
@Magisch this is the foal she is now 5 months
how's her leg?
much better.
she is still to be restricted for another 6 weeks. But if nothing goes wrong she will be fine. Thanks for asking
can you give me a link to tavern?
From left to right. 27 yo mare (that's old for a horse) a 10 month old and a 2 yo. The little tacker will not be big
9:19 AM
@JourneymanGeek Frieeennnndddsssss!
@Henders the brown onw would just sit next to people and give them the "I AM SO CUTE PET MEEEEE" look
@JourneymanGeek It is pretty cute
The curly hair :P
Bit like labradoodle
The nose is a bit ratty for me though :P
I think this ^^^ is important for us educationally on the site
9:31 AM
Hmm, where is my 'groan' message... Perhaps @RichieACC has seen it :P
Nov 16 at 9:35, by Henders
yesterday, by Henders
20 hours ago, by Henders
Nov 4 '13 at 4:53, by Tim Post
@YvetteColomb funny enough ....
My latest edit was about someone whose dogs were... Pure bread
10:06 AM
@JourneymanGeek Bread Dog!
speaking of bread. I'm making bread and butter pudding this week :)
@JAD @RichieACC @trondhansen A shout out. My baby foal is doing well. She should be fine and she's so tall it's ridiculous (this is the broken leg in case you've forgotten)
@JAD she's so cute
@Tinkeringbell would you like to know how my bread and butter pudding turns out?
10:25 AM
Hahah sure :P Once I've looked at all the pretty pictures :P
Hello y'all!
note there's some pretty special horses
@AJ hey!! so nice to see you
this is the one room where we can spam pics of pets or animals
I can see that. :D
@YvetteColomb I don't have pets. Any recommendations? :P
10:28 AM
@Tinkeringbell a horse LOL
it depends on your time and space
and what you like ofc
@YvetteColomb There's this Dutch song about 'there being a horse in the hallway' :P
will the pet be left alone during the day
But once I have my apartment, I really want pets. Just dunno what yet :)
@Tinkeringbell I rest my case
@Tinkeringbell a cat or birds or fish
you can have dogs in an apartment
@YvetteColomb Yeah, a lot. I'm alone, and I work. So yeah, I was thinking bird or fish-tank
Perhaps both, but let's start with one ;)
10:29 AM
believe it or not greyhounds make great apartment pets
@YvetteColomb I don't think there'll be a dog or cat. Too hairy ;)
@Tinkeringbell two cats, so they have company while you're away. Then they will snuggle and sleep with you and you'll never feel alone
oh yikes
too hairy
fish are good then
or a lizard or a snake ;)
Yep. And I have my brother, so he can help me set up a nice tank :) Snake sound tempting, that will definitely prevent visits from mom :P
(For those that don't know my brother yet: Works as a zookeeper for the aquarium part of the zoo)
10:31 AM
@JAD can give you good advice on snakes
@Tinkeringbell I literally didn't know this o.o
@YvetteColomb I know. He posted some pictures of Snor in other rooms ;)
@Tinkeringbell please please please get him to answer posts on here
@YvetteColomb Tried... he's not really interested :P
10:33 AM
I sent him this one a while back. His answer was 'just don't do it' :P
@Tinkeringbell Yep, that was my feeling too... o.o
@YvetteColomb mhmm :)
@Tinkeringbell oh yeh. I think that's a good way to kill them
^ My bichir poking his head out of the bush :P
@JAD she's (@Tinkeringbell) looking for a not hairy pet for her apartment
10:34 AM
yeah I read that
@Henders awww so cute
daily pet please @Henders
He looks really stupid there :P I had to take a picture
well, snakes are pretty easy if you're ok with the feeding thing
I did post the sleeping manatee in here before, didn't I?
And the weird shedding thing
10:35 AM
Yeah, I did
@JAD well I was thinking of getting a pet python to eat vermin. But I'm worried it would be killed by brown snakes
@Tinkeringbell :)
hmm, I'm not sure if browns are ophiaphagous
oh no - have to go to google brb
but keeping snakes to eat vermin might work, but they could very well just wander off if there is no food left
don't expect them to come calling home like cats would
10:37 AM
@YvetteColomb I'm pretty sure ophiophagous means something like 'eat other snakes' :P
here snakey snakey snake
Ophiophagy (Greek ὄφις + φαγία "snake eating") is a specialized form of feeding or alimentary behavior of animals which hunt and eat snakes. There are ophiophagous mammals (such as the skunks and the mongooses), birds (such as snake eagles, the secretarybird, and some hawks), lizards (such as the common collared lizard), and even other snakes, such as the Central and South American mussuranas and the North American common kingsnake. The genus of the venomous king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is named for this habit. == Ophiophagy in myth and legend == The mythic associations of snakes are discussed...
it's kinda species dependant, since eating snakes is kinda tricky as a snake
(protip, ensure you're longer than your food)
Q: What is the maximum age of cats?

user10477618My cat is 4 years old now. Someone told me that cats donot have a long life span. This made me so sad and worried. I want to know what is the approximate age of cats if they are fit and healthy.

apparently red belly black snakes will kill brown snakes
brown snakes are more venomous to mammals than red belly blacks and more aggressice
10:40 AM
@Jolenealaska welcone!!!
Horse selfie
@AJ awww I love it
my avatar is a horse selfie. Me and my bubby
who will end up taller than me
I answered the lifespan of cats question. I didn't look first for dupes. :/
@Jolenealaska Don't worry, you're a new user after all :P
@Jolenealaska nah we welcome dupes. Our site is small
10:41 AM
@YvetteColomb a youtuber I follow that keeps venomous snakes always says "the most venomous snake is the one that just bit you". In other words, it doesn't really matter that some other snake is more venomous if you're bitten
This comes to mind ^
@JAD it's the aggression that's the concern. They will chase people. Red belly blacks won't
But I agree. The most venomous one is the one that has bitten you
I'm procrastinating. I have perhaps 5% of my earthquake clean-up done. But I have made cookies!
@Henders pretty much :P I know at least that king cobras have specialised jaws to eat snakes. Makes them really hard to get them to take rats and stuff in captivity
@YvetteColomb oh yeah, I've seen videos of brown snakes. Them's insane
Bleugh, scary
@Jolenealaska Earthquake clean-up?! Hope you're okay! :)
And cookiesssss.. mmmmmm
10:46 AM
@Henders I'm fine, as is everyone else in Anchorage. Like everyone else in Anchorage, I've got a big mess to clean up.
Oh no! That's upsetting!
I see why the cookies are required now. What type did you make?
Behind the fridge, that's an annoying place to have to clean..
My fridge moved 2 feet and everything on top fell behind
lots of broken glass in the kitchen
@Henders Brown sugar cookies. Idea to plate in 15 minutes!
That was my only art that didn't fall.
The notebook by the pillow was in the hutch that vomitted its innards. It's the one thing that beaned me.
@Jolenealaska what happened?
10:55 AM
Um, you haven't heard?
Anchorage is a federal disaster zone. We had a major earthquake on Friday.
no. What happened
are you and yours ok @Jolenealaska?
Yep. Anchorage is tough. No fatalities and only minor injuries.
Roads and bridges got torn up. For the most part, our buildings are still standing. We have been very earthquake conscious since the big one in 1964.
I used to drive this road at least twice per week:
@Jolenealaska I just looked it up! I don't know how I've not heard about it. Looks like it hasn't been report in the UK yet...
The videos look really scary :o
11:17 AM
It wasn't as scary for most(?) of us as you might think. This was my 4th earthquake of 7.0 magnitude or bigger. Granted, this was the first one I was right on top of, but the shaking wasn't a new experience. That helps it not be so scary. Of all the footage out of Anchorage, there is very little panic.
Earthquakes in Anchorage that knock stuff off shelves don't even get mentioned at the water cooler.
@Jolenealaska Yep, everyone looks like they're pretty calm. I guess having never experienced an earthquake it seems much more scary. It just looks so alien to me. That road is such a mess!
If the same quake hit say, Des Moines, Iowa (about the same population), thousands would be dead, city blocks demolished.
The bottom one is called Biff and he's a zookeeper favorite ;)
@Tinkeringbell a mooraAaaayyyy
@JourneymanGeek No, a Gymnothorax favagineus
But I do love that picture, it lacks that blue 'thick acrylic window' haze ;)
11:29 AM
@Tinkeringbell This one is so smiley! :P
He has a knack for photographing the fish in a way that looks like they're all happy :P
@Tinkeringbell This is me when I realise I've got dessert in the fridge xD
I think I still identify mostly with the sleeping manatee ;)
I think I've seen a manatee before in a zoo - it was eating lettuce if I remember correctly
I'll look up some more fish pictures when I'm home, whenever we go to the zoo we spend a lot of time taking fish pictures :)
@Henders very possible. The ones at this zoo mostly eat endive, IIRC
11:32 AM
Heh, tasty
I like eating that stuff too, so.... no comments :P
@Jolenealaska Hmm, I read an article about it. Everybody seems pretty airy about it
@JAD Yep. After a few months in Anchorage, people who are terrified of earthquakes have already moved. :)
@Jolenealaska To Groningen? :P
11:47 AM
@Tinkeringbell would explain their complaining
And we're still shaking:
12:09 PM
12:24 PM
That's a lot of dots!
We just had a jolt a minute or so ago that knocked my empty coffee cup off the desk.
:( I hope the cup survived?
Yep. Alaskans don't buy fragile tableware! :)
It is kind of funny how very little most of us lost. But, good to know that Trump is so very concerned. It's touching, even.
There are hundreds (thousands?) of people still without heat, electricity or water, but we're getting 'er together. The Red Cross is doing its thing, road crews are doing their thing, inspectors and safety engineers are doing what they do.
We've had zero looting and most folks are staying off the roads we have left. City schools and non-essential government offices are closed all week for repair and safety evaluation.
12:50 PM
so basically the entirety of Alaska is making a giant shrug and moving on
pretty much
Some stellar stuff has happened. This is very cool if this kind of stuff floats your boat. The ATC tower at the main airport during the quake:
The ATC tower at the airport may be a mile and a half away from me as the crow flies.
Their grace under pressure makes me proud.
1:55 PM
The red Xs on this satellite Google image are my home and the following image:
@Jolenealaska Do you really want that out there? It's amazingly easy to reverse-engineer your address from that.
Ain't no thing
You can get my life story by Googling my username.
Okay :) Your choice :P
Just wanted to say that. I've been doing quizzes on geolocating pictures on Twitter and it's made me realize I might need a bit more careful with pictures online ;)
Youch, that looks bad.
2:00 PM
What I find weird though is that only small parts get damages, almost like there was a sinkhole there or something. I'd have imagined much more damage, like cracks in the surrounding road as well (perhaps those pictures don't really show it though)
I bet that was loud
@Jolenealaska I agree. That looks cool though :D
Yes it does
There is no real detour for this one.
@Jolenealaska That's very interesting! Thanks
2:19 PM
I like the subtly comic editing of the very beginning of that video :) I'm just proud of my community right now. Thanks for being interested!
2:59 PM
I see there's another room for non-pet stuff. Should I move my earthquake stuff there?
Woah ^ that's a scary one
When the dust settles, I bet we're going to see a few dozen homes gone. We lost 5 or 6 that day due to fires from gas leaks.
2 hours later…
4:42 PM
The cat age question hit the hot network questions :P You're first answer here @Jolenealaska :P
LOL. I think I spent two whole minutes composing that masterpiece :)
Maybe 1.5 minutes
@Jolenealaska that's how it goes. The least effort gets the most votes
Yeppers, that happens. Occasionally we're rewarded for work though!
Q: Browning Avocados - What Helps?

JolenealaskaYears ago Koobz asked "Oxidized Avocado: What's Going on & How to Prevent It?" That question has been merged with this one because it's dealing with the same issue. Recently, we had this question: Are limes and lime juice more acidic than lemons and lemon juice?. Now I'm just curious, I want an ...

Question PLUS top two answers :)
And not a single downvote on any of them
Still makes me smile after 4 years!
4:58 PM
Seasoned advice makes me hungry :P Every time I go there!
1 hour later…
6:16 PM
Q: How can i measure weight of my cat?

user10477618I want to measure weight of my cat in order to see if he is healthy according to his BMI. So i want to know how can i measure weight. What is the correct way?

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