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1:43 AM
@iKlsR Oh man :P
I have a friend who started letting his cats out this summer, I wonder how they will react to the snow
2:36 AM
@AshleyNunn But srsly, that look is murderous. o.o
@iKlsR It so is
2:51 AM
Aww, so much cuteness in here!
@JohnCavan Help, I can't stop myself from starring all the adorable bunny pictures!
I love all the cute stuff people post
3:19 AM
Snails from the internet:
@snailboat Is that snail that small in adulthood?
@TimPost You can tell it's a baby because you can still see through most of the shell, and there are only two whorls :-)
When baby snails hatch, their shells are translucent. They look almost white
3:22 AM
And as they get older and find calcium to eat, they fill in the inner layers and get more color
That's a little baby I found on the lawn :-)
3:47 AM
My brother has a hamster girl right now named Hamster Girl.
She's also sometimes named Good Girl
My brother denies that these are actually names, but they're the only things he ever calls her, and he dislikes it when I give his hamsters names against his will... :-)
He's also had Orange Girl and Boy Hamster
(You might get the impression that he doesn't care about his hamsters very much because he doesn't give them real names, but it's not true. He loves his hamsters a lot!)
hahaha that is funny
4:04 AM
My neighbor had a dog named chicken. My neighbor was also legally blind.
My sister's one cat was named shark
4:53 AM
Did she ever jump over the cat, and jump the shark?
@TimPost hahaha terrible joke is terrible
Thank you, I'm here all week.
@TimPost as you should be, we'd miss you otherwise :)
It feels good to be missed by our network moderators, almost every time they throw something.
@TimPost almost? :P
5:06 AM
@AshleyNunn Well, I do see some of them when I travel to NYC :P
@TimPost This is true
\o/ Just got a text from my wife to meet her for dinner, right across from the place that sells nothing but aquariums and fish teehee :D
5:52 AM
And, in preparation for my most favorite time of the year ...
@TimPost ahahaha love it
@TimPost That sounds awesome, both the dinner and the nearness to fish store
11:31 AM
Q: Cat digs litter out of the box

AthariMy cat is a bit too tenacious in digging in his litter box. Not matter how clean it is, no matter how much litter is inside, he spends quite some time digging it, both before and after doing his business. This results in a complete mess, with considerable amount of the litter outside of the the b...

Q: Cats making a mess with litter

JimOur cats always used to make a mess, so we got this litter box. They still made some mess, but it was much smaller and we had a carpeted floor, so whatever spilled stuck next to the box and was easy to clean. We've recently moved, and have all hardwood floors, which causes this mess to spread...

11:49 AM
@Baarn - I thought they might be, but you'll notice that the poster is using the recommended solution to the other, which implies that the answers to the first question do not solve the problem...
12:25 PM
Yup, thought the same, that's why I asked here.
Didn't want to use the moderator close on that one.
3 hours later…
3:29 PM
Using StackExchange on the smartphone is just ugly
The mobile version kind of works, but lacks a lot of features, using the desktop version on a phone is just blerch
I think all moderators should receive a tablet to do their work when not at home, hehe ;)
We have official iOS / Android apps in the works
Sweet! I have to switch to full site on the iPhone to do any moderation and that can be a bit painful on a small screen.
@TimPost that is great to hear. But as moderators only make up the smallest part of possible users, I suspect there will be no moderation tools?
@JohnCavan Oh it is. I helped deal with a persistent troll once using my iPhone 4S - that was just painful for someone with big hands and fingers.
Worst thing on the phone is editing questions, though. Especially when there is a lot of markup involved
3:39 PM
@Baarn Not initially I don't think, but I think they do plan on adding more into the UI once it's stable. I think resolution is a bit of a thing too - so you might not get many tools on smaller screen devices, where you get the whole shebang on most decent sized tabs
We have roughly ~120 sites, each with at least 3 mods, many more - so 700+ people isn't exactly small when considering such things
The basic mod tools would cut it I think. Right now you can't even see flags in the mobile version, you have to switch over. Still, a dedicated app would be a big win in my opinion.
I'd really appreciate having those as well. Meandering off-topic a bit, sometimes new betas get rather .. unruly when it comes to content disputes, being able to play flag whack-a-mole on mobile would free me up a bit when I get them from time to time
LOL... yep. That would be a big help.
4:42 PM
Does anyone else find on mobile, tapping the notification icon is super hard unless you zoom in really far?
5:13 PM
My phone zooms in on itself, so that's not a big deal for me.
5:33 PM
You can't view up/down vote counts on phone (how many were up and how many were down).
@TimPost - every time I start reading your high-starred post, I think you're going to "Bel-Air" us.
6:00 PM
@JoshDM Yeah, you are really limited on mobile.
6:36 PM
Q: High upvote percentage on questions

Jace CottonIf you look on the main page of pets.stackexchange, almost all questions have a really high upvote rate. I have two questions; is this normal for a beta stackexchange site? If not, should something be done about it? It seems like the questions might deserve some upvotes, but that is because t...

7:08 PM
Finally, back on my laptop
So we had to put our dog down yesterday. What a relief
from better times (and yes, I know that is not how to feed a dog properly)
8:10 PM
@Baarn - Sorry for your loss there and I understand the sentiment.
@Baarn I'm sorry for your loss :(
Thanks guys. :)
The pain isn't as big though, I guess because I saw him suffer for several weeks now and this really was the best thing we could do. (For him and us)
8:50 PM
@Baarn Sorry to disturb but pls where are you from?
@PreciousTijesunimi you aren't disturbing me ;)
Bremen, Germany
Why are you asking?
@Baarn Your comment on this post
Q: Vulnerability of crossbreed dogs to genetic diseases

BaarnMost pure bred dogs are prone to some breed-specific diseases. One example is hip dysplasia in Labrador Retrievers. Mixed breed dogs are said to be less prone to genetic diseases than pure breed dogs due to higher genetic diversity. Does this hold true for crossbred dogs, too? How likely are cro...

It was more like you didn't know much english
Thanks for answering. Was just quite curious
My English is OK in most cases, but I am not confident enough to understand articles about biology topics.
@Baarn OK. Thanks!!!
9:22 PM
It is now a non-issue.
great edit, thanks @JoshDM
@JoshDM lol. I saw your edit. Great edit
@JoshDM I was mainly referring to my English skills reading the pdf that is cited on Wikipedia
It confused me a bit that there is a distinction in the English language between crossbred dogs and mixed-breed dogs, in German there is only one word for that.
I've been meaning to ask this. I always see people writing p.s
Does anyone know the meaning?
@PreciousTijesunimi Think of it is "Oh, and one more thing:"
A postscript (PS or P.S.) is writing added after the main body of a letter or other body of writing. The term comes from the Latin post scriptum, an expression meaning "written after" (which may be interpreted in the sense of "that which comes after the writing"). A postscript may be a sentence, a paragraph, or occasionally many paragraphs added to, often hastily and incidentally, after the signature of a letter or (sometimes) the main body of an essay or book. In a book or essay, a more carefully composed addition (e.g., for a second edition) is called an afterword. An afterword, not us...
9:31 PM
PS is short for post scriptum, that's latin for "after the … "
damn you @JohnB
@JohnB OK. Thanks!!!
@Baarn lol
So you have that one moment in time where you finally think that the latin class paid off… and then some ****** comes around and kills your moment of joy with Wikipedia!
(I am not mad, honestly laughing here)
Q: How can I get my ferrets to play nice together?

d2jxpI have four ferrets but they don't all get along. Each pair of ferrets doesn't like the other. At the moment they have separate play times outside of the cage. They're also caged separately in case that wasn't clear. I've tried letting them fight it out to work out their dominance issues repeat...

@Baarn I believe crossbreed is deliberate act with the intent to create a designer dog / specific breed (a Cockapoo), mixed-breed is accidental, a "mongrel" or "mutt".
9:39 PM
@JoshDM Thanks for the explanation, I understood that from reading Wikipedia. It just confused me when searching for the correct term to start the question with.
Ironic but has more followers than
@Baarn I only learned this from editing your question and realizing I was editing in something I shouldn't. I fixed myself before submitting it.
@PreciousTijesunimi It will. Aquarium.SE proposal was merged into Pets.SE proposal.
@JoshDM WOW!!. I didn't know that
@JoshDM not sure if your answer on that question really answers it. The passage on Wikipedia was clear to me, but this article wasn't.
Especially because I expect scientific articles to have an abstract and a conclusion, but this one really lacks everything I am used to when reading scientific papers.
@Baarn SUMMARY: results favor diversity.
9:49 PM
@JoshDM I am unable to locate anything with a similar statement in the paper I linked… (primarily because I only understand every second word here. Last biology class I took was in school, and not lectured in English)
And as far as I understand the article talks about tomatoes… not dogs
although I know that genetics is the same for living things, I am not so sure how the inbred-potential of plants compares to dogs :/
10:10 PM
@Baarn If you are looking for an answer to whether crossbreeding creates a genetically powerful result (heterosis), the article you are reading is based on the conclusion that it already does. The article you are reading is determining WHY heterosis takes place not WHETHER it does.
10:21 PM
@Baarn Looks perfectly acceptable to me:) My condolences
Looks like most everyone has fullfilled their commitment, banked their a51 rep and returned to their regular SE
10:36 PM
@Chad - Ah, not me... My regular SE is quite quiet and I still have high hopes for us yet. :D
10:59 PM
@Chad Thanks
I think this is just the usual cooldown after private beta. Everyone had some months of time to think about questions to ask them here. Now we need to wait for new questions to arise or for new people to join the bunch
11:16 PM
Searching for logical keywords extracted from some of the first questions titles, already yields good Google rankings.
eg searching for "house break rabbit" has the question on the second page of google results.
this isn't that bad for a question that is only a few weeks old
11:33 PM
@Baarn Sorry to disturb but what is everybody giving you condolences for?
@PreciousTijesunimi we had to put our dog down yesterday
@Baarn Oh. My condolences :(
@PreciousTijesunimi thanks :)
At least he didn't suffer for long. In the summer he was still happily swimming, diving and eating (…eating mostly), then two months ago he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, but due to his age the treatment was too much for him… so we had to end his suffering.
I think I'll add an answer to the question about euthanizing one of two dogs as soon as I see the long term effects on our other dog.
@Baarn Oh
Was he the one you were talking about here
Q: Do dogs commit suicide?

BaarnOne of our dogs is currently under very heavy medication (something similar to cortisone). Our vet who took this stuff herself during an illness described the side effects to be so exhausting it makes death seem the better option sometimes. A person however is capable of understanding the need of...

yeah, that one
or this one here
Q: How can we make putting one of our two dogs to sleep easier on the remaining dog?

BaarnMy parents have two dogs, both are quite old and ill. Chances are high that sooner or later the decision to put one of them to sleep has to be made. We want to make it as easy as possible for the other dog, so that it understands what we are doing. However we worry that the dog will develop a fe...

At the time I asked that suicide question it really sounded like he was getting better… the medication just got reduced and instead of lying around the whole time he got up and walked to the pond himself.
11:46 PM
Hopefully the other dog handles it okay
@AshleyNunn We didn't do it as Skippy recommended in her answer. We all gathered in the living room, my parents, my sister, our other dog, the vet and me
Our other dog (Bluna) does not really like the vet, but she doesn't like people in general, she has a bit of history - we adopted her, long story - so I sat beside here below the dinner table and told her what was happening
@Baarn It is a very personal choice, I think
@Baarn Sometimes, even if people tell me otherwise, I feel like pets understand more than we give them credit for
@AshleyNunn I think that, too. Or at least I am very good at persuading myself of that :)
@Baarn It is a comforting thought, if nothing else :)
11:52 PM
But she (Bluna) does not really show any signs of grief. On the one hand that is quite nice, nothing worse than a dog in grief, but on the other hand it isn't as romantic as parts of me wanted it to be.
@Baarn I feel so sad :(
@PreciousTijesunimi I didn't want you to feel worse than I do now
actually I am quite OK right now… maybe I am still in denial
@Baarn Remember, everyone grieves differently, so don't feel bad for anything you feel or how you feel it :)
@AshleyNunn true, thanks. Talking (or writing) about it sure helps a lot…
… simply because he was a great dog. I know every dog owner says that, but even compared to the dog we had before or the dog we still have…
@Baarn I am glad it helps :) I, and others here, are totally here to listen :)

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