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7:47 AM
Q: I scared my cat and i think he hates me

Spencer H. Recently, I tried to place my cat into a carrier but he was unwilling so I placed him into a cage ( those that you put over the cat ) and he was so scared/ upset that he was making mewing sounds. I gave him some treats and he seemed to calm down but when i left, he became really agitated and mana...

8:56 AM
@YvetteColomb I saw the full amount of horses in that farm today. There are 8 in total
3 of which are ponys
And I asked, the electric fence is a regulatory thing where they have to have one if it borders on a public road, but it's not on and the horses haven't been trained on it, which they said isn't a problem because none of the horses want to go on the road anyways
@Magisch oh wow. A regulation. The horses must be well fed to not want to wander. Thanks for letting me know. :)
@YvetteColomb Shiiiinnyyyyyy!
@YvetteColomb Considering the back of where I posted that picture opens into a pretty large field with forest nearby, I don't think the asphalt road is too interesting
9:21 AM
@Sonevol trine is well she is very territorial she not only chases the other cats off the property she chases them all the way to their home :)
@trondhansen Haha, trine is great :)
she is the best cat in the world but so are the other cats i have had before her.
cat paradoxon: all cats are the best cats
yesterday, by Henders
20 hours ago, by Henders
Nov 4 '13 at 4:53, by Tim Post
@Magisch ah of course
@Henders he looks good
9:40 AM
i marked this as a dupe pets.stackexchange.com/questions/21821/… i had to look twice to be sure it was not the same question.
@trondhansen yep, agreed!
10:09 AM
@RebeccaRVT - How are the birds?! Haven't seen any pics for ages!
10:27 AM
Hello :)
Cooler today?
We had the most amazing thunderstorm here last night. I don't think the rest of the world has storms like we do in Africa.
And today, dying of the heat.
It's just gone noon. It's going to get worse still. And then, tonight, there will probably be a storm again. The humidity is at 30% and rising.
How is your pond doing with the colder weather?
@RichieACC I love thunderstorms, I wish we had more.
The bass from the thunder is incredible
10:46 AM
@RichieACC The pond is doing well! It's bedding in so the waterfall is looking better and better. The plants haven't grown that much because it was almost immediately autumn but I think next year it will really start growing in
The fish seem happy. I've never fed them yet o.o
@trondhansen you just offended me, bhutu is also a great 🙀 😑
Bhutu is having a tough time. A male 🙀 who happens to be the pet of our neighbor has fallen in 😍 with her He is often often coming calling for Bhutu
The family who stays as tenants in our house has named them Romeo and Juliette 💞💕💗💓💘❣️
@JourneymanGeek Cute! Stan Lee gets my vote!
Heh, Stan Lee for me too!
I'm surprised 'Doggy McDogFace' didn't win though.
@RichieACC my favorite X - men series
I'm not big into the superhero scene. It's just the best, and most iconic, of all the names suggested.
It's a pity they didn't leave the suggestions open. Then he might have been called Puppy McDogFace.
6 mins ago, by Henders
I'm surprised 'Doggy McDogFace' didn't win though.
Ninjaed already ;)
11:20 AM
lol, didn't see that
Basically, what we've learnt is that you cannot trust the public to give you a sensible name suggestion :P
After Boaty Mcboatface
I saw no problem with Boaty
I may have even voted for it. Can't recall
@Henders was cat woman created by Stan Lee?
There have been cat ladies for hundreds of years. Women used to get burned at the stake for keeping cats.
No I mean the comics cat woman
11:27 AM
This sounds like a conversation for the off-the-leash room:

 Pets Chat - Off the Leash [obsolete]

This room is obsolete. It was for all of those pet lovers who ...
@trondhansen @Henders today bhutu got so furious some 🙊 came on our roof bhutu started growling loudly she is always kept on leash we had a difficult time holding her back she was applying all her might to get free and tear apart the monkeys lol, poor kitty, one slap from those huge 🙊 is enough for her
12:25 PM
@Henders alive and well! I'm currently dog sitting a nice old lab
@RebeccaRVT Awww, lovely!
Ever tempted by a dog for yourself?
@Henders boyfriend doesn't want one lol
So I get my kicks out of baby sitting and making money lmao
He might change his mind in the future
crosses fingers
I think next year I'll get a dog. Probably around summer
12:31 PM
what breed?
I think... think miniature schnauzer but haven't decided yet
They are cute, though I much prefer the giant schnauzer :P
Elegant beasts
Too big for meeee!
I need to read more about training dogs though! Many useful questions here!
12:46 PM
Hi @RebeccaRVT
1:29 PM
@Sonevol hi!! Long time no chat, whats new?
1:39 PM
Everything new Bhutu is now full adult with a personality of her own
Come to the other room please
Q: How often should i give bath to my cat? She feels so much afraid of water

user10477618My cat feels so scared of bath. And whenever i give her bath she tries to attack me and acts so aggressive. So i want to know how often should i give her bath and what should i do to make her feel less scare of water.

@RichieACC how's the heat wave? cooled own I hope
@JourneymanGeek monster - a good ending though
32°C, 25% humid. I've been moving the dogs' water around and adding ice to make sure they're in the shade and cool.
Basically, each time I go fetch water for me, I change their water.
I taught Loki to drink from taps for when we go walking.
@RichieACC that's so good of you
@RichieACC that's a good idea
is it going to get hotter for summer?
With my min-pin, I used to carry water with me for him. That didn't work so well with Loki.
It is, yeah. I don't know what the prediction is.
2:05 PM
not good hey
@RichieACC I guess he drinks a lottttt
I'm concerned about the livestock. I hope we get enough rain that the farmers are able to take care of them.
@Henders I think he drank at least a quart while he was standing at the tap
yep agree. We've come through the worst drought in decades.
it's been horrific and lasted all year. Feed prices went through the roof. There's been some rain in places, not everywhere and not enough. There was no rain for months on end
livestock, horses, native animals dying of starvation
Yesterday morning Rhonda King found her 83-year-old father crouched in the middle of a dry dam, praying for rain. Their property is in Bingara NSW about 1.5 hrs north-west of Tamworth.
Incredibly sad
2:18 PM
@YvetteColomb what about dams to store water for times with no rain? Over here even the desert people where there is no rainfall has plenty of water. Artificial canals take there water from dams
And our neighbouring country has all it's rivers dried up and they are suffering from water shortage as we are withholding all the water by building dams
@Sonevol all the dams are long empty. There's no water. It didn't rain for months and months and months.
2:48 PM
@YvetteColomb I joke that some dogs just find their own owners...
@RichieACC I don't think the 2l bottle I bring to the dog park would work for loki ._.
lol, nope!
@JourneymanGeek I think cats do
@YvetteColomb Well, we kinda got ash due to a series of unusual circumstances ;p
@JourneymanGeek :)
3:03 PM
@YvetteColomb Some cats definitely do, my most recent adoption went to some good efforts to find me
@AllisonC aw that's sweet
@YvetteColomb She's a fun little kitten, I'll have to share a photo of her sometime if she ever holds still long enough for me to get one
I'd like that :)
@AllisonC I got my cat from OLX. It's a smartphne app where people can sell what they want. I fell in love with the kitty the instance I saw her photo. I had to fight hard with two other potential customers to buy her
I'll take a shot at getting some soon. Even her foster (my housemate) couldn't get good photos when she was getting ready to list her for adoption. Luckily, she didn't have to worry about the photos, since I took her the day she put the "pre-listing" up. :)
@Sonevol I'm glad you got her!
3:20 PM
@AllisonC Haha, I love a kitten picture but tricky to get, I'm sure! :P
3:31 PM
This one especially! My roommates are surprised she actually holds still when she's sleeping, she never does any other time
Heh, sleeping kitty is okay too :P
I might have a clear photo of her sleeping, if I do I'll share it :)
I actually found a clear photo of her awake!
@AllisonC SQUEEEEE!!!!!!
@AllisonC What's her name?
3:43 PM
@Henders Beatrice, mostly "Beebee" though :) She's about 5 months, and my first non-DSH
@Henders Domestic Short-Hair, the "generic" mix all my prior cats have been. She has a medium-to-long coat with a lot of floof; I'll have to brush her to keep it nice if I can ever get her to sit still long enough for it
Ahh right, makes sense!
(I know hardly anything about cats... sshhhhhh don't tell anyone, I'll be fired!)
She's been getting along well with my two older ones (a month shy of 3 years), it only took about 12 days to get them from constant growling and hissing to tolerating her, and a few days more to reach playing with her
4:02 PM
Oh that's good. Always tense introducing pets.
There's still some remodeling happening at my house, too, so there's limited space for it. She's been in a borrowed dog crate in the bedroom where the older cats are confined, they could see/hear/smell but not easily touch each other (she did get "out time" and still occasionally goes to my housemates' side of the house to play with the fosters who are still up for adoption)
3 hours later…
6:45 PM
Q: Neighbourhood cat shits and pukes in my garden and driveway

KlaymenDKSorry, cat lovers, you're gonna hate me for this one. I don't mind cats (or dogs, birds, etc.) but I very specifically don't want a pet in my household. Yet I have a problem that I'm unsure of how to deal with in a reasonable way. This is all in Denmark, so US laws and customs may not apply. Th...

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