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Q: From when did the cosmic event occurred in Coherence

Son CarIn the movie coherence (Spoilers ahead) When the Haileys comet passes near to Earth, the person who tries to crosses the dark zone will end up in a random dimension (or parallel universe). Chances of returning to one`s own dimension is slim to none as the probabilities are one in millions. ...

12:58 AM
Oh boy I did not expect that question to go to HNQ :O
@Jenayah - Which question?
There is something wrong with Nina's adopted son Tyler. The seductive Dr. Max Schreck knows a cure - fresh, young blood. Schreck, the original Prince of Darkness, has discovered that vampires can lead more normal lives by existing on his hospital's blood supply. Max attempts to seduce Nina into being his next victim, and together with his son Tyler they will rule over a new age of vampires. But Tom, Max's jealous brother, has a plot of his own to destroy Max.
Q: Is there any particular significance behind "I Am Legend" being set in the late 70s?

JenayahRichard Matheson's brilliant 1954 novel I Am Legend takes place between January 1976 and January 1979, with several flashbacks to 1975, when the vampire plague began to spread. Throughout the novel, there are several references to a "war" which, the way I read it, likely happened less than ten y...

wrong copy-paste :P
If anyone's wondering what the other was it's a comment on an old story-id answer:
Seems like a match based on Wikipedia: "There is something wrong with Nina's adopted son Tyler. The seductive Dr. Max Schreck knows a cure - fresh, young blood. Schreck, the original Prince of Darkness, has discovered that vampires can lead more normal lives by existing on his hospital's blood supply. Max attempts to seduce Nina into being his next victim, and together with his son Tyler they will rule over a new age of vampires. But Tom, Max's jealous brother, has a plot of his own to destroy Max."Jenayah 48 mins ago
(meh, my question is slowly getting out of HNQ, though :P )
Ah. Wasn't one that showed up on my page.
I saw it right before refreshing and had to check stackexchange.com/questions?page=4 to confirm :P
also two upvotes in a row seemed HNQ-suspicious
Yeah, the only time I went over 200 points in one day was when a question I answered hit HNQ.
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HNQ effect doesn't have to be proved anymore
it's too much twisted though
2 hours ago, by Jenayah
nah ut even imagining it is trippy
Interesting. On the Hot Network Questions page my new reputation doesn't disappear even though it does on other pages.
@Alex mh?
@Jenayah When clicking on the icon, that is.
Normally when you click on the icon the +5 disappears.
1:25 AM
there's not such icon on HNQ page?
The screenshot is from that page.
But clicking doesn't do anything.
oh nevermind you have to be connected to general Stack Exchange
What does that mean?
what appears for me
Ah, you're not logged in.
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2:48 AM
@Jenayah Interesting. Part of that tune sounds the same as a Hebrew song.
@Alex prior to this one?
@Jenayah Probably not.
I can’t check because I can’t remember the song.
3:14 AM
I was asking because Gainsbourg was Jewish, so he might have taken inspiration from it
It could also be the other way around
Or none :)
@Jenayah Interesting.
But it would hardly be the first time that someone took a regular song and just redid it with Hebrew words.
In any case, it was only a few notes that were similar here.
Q: Why didn't Sabrina know about the Feast of Feasts?

AdamantSabrina's aunts called the Feast of Feasts an annual celebration, meaning it's occurred over a dozen since Sabrina was born. It involves fourteeen families from the local group of witches, which seems to be a relatively small, insular group, in a fairly small town to begin with. It's unclear whet...

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Q: In Doctor Who “Arachnids in the UK” what happened to the spider in the Apartment?

PikachunWhat happened to the spider that was left in the apartment in the building where Yasmin's family lives in? The Doctor told the spider to stay and then close the apartment door and that was the last we see of this situation.

Q: What destroyed this alien civilization?

Ryan_LIf this is the wrong StackExchange, I'm sorry but I didn't know where else to ask. In one of his videos, popular futurist Youtuber, Isaac Arthur posed a question to the viewers. He proposes that during one of humanity's first slower-than-light interstellar missions, the explorers receive radio ...

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Q: Mighty Joe Young (1949) strong men exploits

Danny3414There is a scene in this film where the giant ape is part of a nightclub cabaret act, this involves it competing against ten 'strong men' who are in the old circus act tradition of dressing like Fred Flintstone. The nightclub compere initially has these men standing in a line, as he works down t...

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Q: In Doctor Who "Arachnids in the UK", why was there a spider in the attic?

RawlingIn this episode, there is eventually an explanation for why a spider ends up in the apartment next door but one to Yas's, but was there one for why webbing and a large shedding was found in Graham's attic? Or is the implication that there were, and remain, lots of these spiders around the city?

@SmokeDetector so do we keep false positives too? (Cc @SQB)
Q: Mighty Joe Young (1949) strong men exploits

Danny3414There is a scene in this film where the giant ape is part of a nightclub cabaret act, this involves it competing against ten 'strong men' who are in the old circus act tradition of dressing like Fred Flintstone. The nightclub compere initially has these men standing in a line, as he works down t...

How it's scifi
mountain gorilla are neither mystical not science fiction
8:48 AM
Q: Man invents forcefield and govt. tries to take it away from him.

BrucePossible short story from 60’s or 70’s about man who invents a force field bubble by accident in home using simple items then government tries to take it away, he discovers fields properties as he defends himself from attempts to force him giving it up by using force fields size and opacity to in...

@Jenayah I don't know if it has been identified as such.
Maybe it's just waiting for the verdict.
Mighty Joe Young (also known as Mr. Joseph Young of Africa and The Great Joe Young) is a 1949 American black and white fantasy film distributed by RKO Radio Pictures and produced by the same creative team responsible for King Kong (1933). Produced by Merian C. Cooper, who wrote the story, and Ruth Rose, who wrote the screenplay, the film was directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack and stars Robert Armstrong (who appears in both films), Terry Moore and Ben Johnson in his first credited screen role. Mighty Joe Young tells the story of a young woman, Jill Young, living on her father's ranch in Africa, who...
> Mighty Joe Young is a 1949 American black and white fantasy film [...] (emphasis mine)
@SQB what more fantasy element it add then remake film?
@AnkitSharma But if you want it over on Movies & TV, you're welcome to have it. I do think it's a better fit.
9:04 AM
@SQB I just raised a question and don't mind discussing about it. I have seen remake only and assumed both are similar but I can be wrong
This might be a better fit for Movies & TV — Binary Worrier 13 mins ago
And not only me
I've flagged it for migration as well.
@TheLethalCarrot why did you remove ?
9:29 AM
That shouldn't be migrated, it is on topic here...
@SQB If you want me to get pedantic it's not technically about special effects its about how something was filmed that may or may not have been special effects.
@TheLethalCarrot well, when asking if something is special effects, we could use a expert weighing in.
@TheLethalCarrot it is on topic here, but I think it might get better answers over there.
@SQB We could but that isn't how the usage guidance tells us to use it
@SQB So don't migrate then? I'm glad we agree
I agree. I don't agree with that part of the policy, but going by that policy, I agree.
9:58 AM
:( library had neither of the books I was looking for
Gotta wait a dozen of days before they order it
Will have to look for something else to read in the meantime :(
Q: Does Voyager ever help good people?

DakkaronI am almost through the whole of Voyager and there is this one trope that is very prevalent in this series: (Almost) every time there is a distress call and the crew moves in to help, it is either too late (everyone's dead already) or the people they help later turn out to be evil. I actually ca...

@Marvin Took me so long to gather evidence on some of these I didn't realise Fuzzy had already commented along the same lines.
10:18 AM
Q: Sci-fi short story about aliens using primitive weapons

J. DoeSci-fi short story where bear-like aliens try to invade Earth but it comes out that excepting hyperdrive technology, (which the author suggests to be primitive near to the wheel concept and not being discovered by us just occasionally) their technology corresponds to what Earthlings had around 19...

10:33 AM
Q: Science fiction book I have read with pyramid electrical power cascade, genetic engineering and end of civilization / rebirth

Cee A RobisonAncient civilization uses lasers mounted on pyramids to generate electicity. When sun flare causes an uncontrolable cascade witch ends thier civilization. Some escape too space. One group witch iincludes a woman with a geneticaly enginered cat depart in a near speed of light fleet of crafts. The...

10:56 AM
@Marvin I answered so don't want to be the first to VTC but this as a duplicate of it cos my answer is better... in my opinion
That’s good means I’m not just tooting my own horn
11:24 AM
The Great Outdoors is giving Arqade a run for its click-bait title money:
Q: Skull soaking in hydrogen peroxide for days still brown

Skullenthusiast Hi there! First time poster here. 8 months ago I found a deer head in the woods. At the time it was less than 24 hours dead. So I put it in a tub and buried it in the woods. Dug it back up a few days ago. The tub had filled with water at some point and the skull was clean (ish) but stained brow...

@SQB Good job you VTC'd this anyway cos I can't get it haha
@SQB Not quite Arqade standards yet but getting there haha
11:36 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Doesn't matter anyway Fuzzy closed the other way around
He should get notified of this comment though right?
@FuzzyBoots It might be better to close the other way considering the detail in the Q/A pair on each. Your choice though and I don't want to be too biased. — TheLethalCarrot 11 mins ago
According to the rules here: meta.stackexchange.com/a/43020/345161
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While we're on dupes closing...
13 hours ago, by Jenayah
https://scifi.stackexchange.com/review/reopen/135007 wasn't reopened though there's no acceptance in dupe-target, which is against policy. Would a mod flag be appropriate or should I drop the ball altogether?
Should be reopened#
and the review queue failed
You can either try and ping someone to reopen it or flag it
@Jenayah Why not just vote to reopen?
I voted to reopen because as far as I can tell there's no acceptance (even in comments) in the dupe-target. — Jenayah yesterday
She was the first too
You could VTRO it though
Yeah but there's nothing stopping her from voting again.
Yeah there is... it hasn't been reopened so her first vote is still on the post
As is mine
And the other 2 who VTRO
12:23 PM
In a few days it resets.
And you all get to vote again.
But that's in a few days though haha
Ah, patience...
It could be sorted out right now without having to try and get another 5 people
There's got to be a couple of questions that I've voted to reopen a dozen times.
Waiting in between each time.
I think it's like 20 days or something.
Do you think it should be reopened?
12:27 PM
The question mentioned here?
Haven't read it.
From the comment I'm guessing it's a story-identification.
I tend not to get involved with those.
But if need be I can have a look.
Story id aye
No acceptance, formal or otherwise, on the target
Hence the votes to reopen
Aye I was the one to bring it to queue
It failed :(
@Jenayah Welcome to my life.
12:30 PM
To be honest of those who left it closed they are either inexperienced or irregular reviewers not
Good ol' TLC keeping trace of everyone's record ;P
I spend enough time in the queues you come to work out people's habits haha
Interesting, there's a comment claiming there is an accepted answer... but there's no accepted answer.
I think OP was misunderstanding what the guy before them meant
Come to think of it it's even OP who closed
Forgive my ignorance about but what is the significance of there being an accepted answer on the previous question?
12:37 PM
Eh thanks @SQB
If I'm reading that right
@Jenayah if you mean that I cast the 5th reopen vote, yes.
If there isn't an accepted answer then you're effectively saying "this is what you're looking for" when it might not be correct
@Alex I think OP saw the previous answer had upvoters and was therefore "accepted" in a way
@SQB yup
@Alex on , policy is to only close as duplicate if both questions have an (informally) accepted answer.
Acceptance through checkmark or "thank you that's it" comment or self-answer
12:39 PM
A: Closing Story-Ident questions as duplicates (where there's no acceptance)

Valorumstory-identification questions should only be closed as duplicates where both answers are accepted, regardless of the similarity between them. (If the OP posts a "yes this is it" comment, that's as good as an acceptance.) Simple, easy to administer.

Relevant meta
Q: In which timeline was Gideon created in TV series Flash?

ajaygopal07In Season 1 we see Eobard Thawne having conversations with Gideon and when Team Flash discovered Gideon she tells Barry Allen "I will obey all your commands because you created me". Barry Allen is a forensic lab scientist and has no knowledge of Software and Artificial intelligence, then is it ...

Q: What happened to Gideon after Season 4 in TV Series The Flash?

ajaygopal07In Season 4 The Thinker infects Gideon with a virus and she goes out of control. What happens to her after that?

Q: Why is Eobard Thawne not affected by the side effects of creating a flashpoint

ajaygopal07When Barry Allen creates a flashpoint at the end of Season 2, he suffers major memory and power loss as a consequence, but the same doesn't happen with Eobard Thawne. Seeing the fact that even he created a flashpoint by coming back in time and killing Nora and Harrison Wells, but his memory rema...

Bleh Babel Fish is boring name
Sounds silly to me. Why should story identification questions be treated specially? — user56 Jul 30 '15 at 21:34
@Alex because... They're obviously something else than plot explanation, worldbuilding trivia or stuff?
Exactly in the case of story id, or any id for that matter, there will only be one objective answer
12:44 PM
Except when OP was remembering two movies as one but y'know :P
you've been hanging around here too much you're turning pedantic
Meh ID discussion ruined my complain about bot's stupid name
I'll preface my next comments with a disclaimer:
@TheLethalCarrot "oh my God it's spreading!"
I have no horse in this race (I've never asked or answered a story identification, and usually don't even read them).
12:46 PM
@AnkitSharma the Babel Fish is a tiny animal that served as a universal translator (in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).
But just for the sake of argument.
If I engage in some reductio ad absurdum here.
And since it's our cross-stack feed...
If I go through old story identification posts and just copy and paste into a new question, would it not be a duplicate as long as I don't accept an answer?
@Alex for those of us who didn't take Latin classes? :P
If you're just copy and pasting it would be a dupe yes
12:48 PM
@SQB I know after google but I guess we can have better names.
In logic, reductio ad absurdum (Latin for "reduction to absurdity"), also known as argumentum ad absurdum (Latin for "argument to absurdity") or the appeal to extremes, is a form of argument that attempts either to disprove a statement by showing it inevitably leads to a ridiculous, absurd, or impractical conclusion, or to prove one by showing that if it were not true, the result would be absurd or impossible. Traced back to classical Greek philosophy in Aristotle's Prior Analytics (Greek: ἡ εἰς τὸ ἀδύνατον ἀπόδειξις 'demonstration to the impossible', 62b), this technique has been used throughout...
And if it was shown a user had a pattern of it I'm sure the mods would take some action
(or in my case, took three years of Latin, but by the end of third year we had barely done half the first year's program)
12:49 PM
@TheLethalCarrot So where do we draw the line? What if I change 5 words? What if I change 20 words?
What iif it's written differently but it's clearly and obvioously the same question?
It's generally easy to tell if something is copy pasted even with a few words changed
@Alex well the downvote button hover text does read "this question doesn't show research"
If it's different but "obvious" it shouldn't be closed until accepted
Of course you need to use common sense in this case
Need to use what?
Is it edible?
@Jenayah Eh, all the Latin I know is from reading articles written by people who want to show off that they know Latin.
@TheLethalCarrot Well, different words, but same question.
12:53 PM
It's a common sense area, if it looks like the OP copied from an existing Q close it else leave it open
In the words of a different Alex
> If we’re wrong, we’ve just annoyed the OP.

> Even if we’re correct, we’re essentially accepting an answer for the OP.
@TheLethalCarrot What's that from?
The meta I linked
alexwlchan's answer
Oh. I got scared that there was actually another Alex.
In any case, why is this different then any other question?
We've got enough Kevins won't do any harm to have a few Alexs
@Alex Cos in the general case asking the same thing is closed, in the story id case asking the same thing is open until the answer is confirmed
@TheLethalCarrot I'm like Tom Riddle.
12:58 PM
@Alex sorry mate...
@TheLethalCarrot Isn't that the very issue? Why are questions treated differently in the first place?
@Jenayah Doesn't look like any of those are particularly active though.
@Alex sure, sure
Aug 17 at 19:31, by Alex
On another Stack Exchange site where I am active, the third highest user is also just "Alex". When I first started there, it probably looked like I was trying to "ride on his coattails".
@Alex The linked meta explains it better than I can and alexwlchan's quotes that I copied in are good reasons too
I'm not trying to cause problems (like I said, I don't actually care) but I don't see that any of the Meta answers explained why there should be a different policy.
1:03 PM
Because it's already kinda clear that there are two kinds of questions on SFF, identification and the rest
That was already the case before the "official" meta stating to treat them differently I think
@Jenayah But perhaps that is an arbitrary distinction. Maybe there are two types of questions: character motivation, and the rest.
Well sure you can tweak the binary all you want for the sake of it :P
Valorum's answer is just a yes answer... he also posted a no answer... it's just there to be voted on. alexwlchan's answer gives reasons to treat the dupe closure differently.
Seems like both of his reasons would apply to any case of duplicate closing.
To be fair, I believe it was a hot subject for a while so I imagine a lot of the reasons have been said in various different areas
They do but for different reasons and so apply differently, to be honest I think the reasoning behind it is clear once you've been active in the tag for a bit
1:09 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Ah, perhaps I will have to become active in the tag then.
Then you can work out why things are done how they are... I know I'm not the best at explaining things but this is a hard one to explain anyway
I actually have a story identification to ask.
Don't think it's science fiction or fantasy though.
If it's a book you're in luck else you are not
Yeah, I can always ask on Literature.
If you have some idea of what could make it SFF-nal you could ask it here but if not confident I'd ask over on Lit
1:12 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I'm pretty certain it's not.
Lit it is then
Eh, I would first have to finish my other question there.
1:33 PM
Q: Do Spider-Man's web shooters ever trigger accidentally?

PlutoThePlanetOne thing has always bothered me about Spider-Man. Most people, I think, are aware that Spider-Man's wrist-mounted web shooters are activated with a small lever that he presses with his middle two fingers. However, attaching an activator to your palm seems like a pretty terrible idea if you t...

2:03 PM
> We do actually see Spider-Man accidentally shoot his webs [...]
I've read the amusing hypothesis that he was a walking metaphor for puberty.
Oh you had to lower the tone didn't you
Good answer, by the way, @TheL.
Cheers, I'm sure there is an example of them being shot accidentally but I can't look right this second
Got to get a release out
@TheLethalCarrot Friday afternoon — commit, push, release, leave for a beer.
2:06 PM
That's the plan
@SQB Friday morning, was supposed to be at the company today, it was written in my schedule and nobody tilted last time when I sauid I'd be back on November 2nd, turned out nobody thought to tell me company took a bridge holiday today :/
@AnkitSharma It's an excellent name in line with the room's name and theme.
Not a fan
You're allowed to, but that doesn't make the name inappropriate. ;-) Instead you should complain that the room name is bleh.
Q: Do the Reavers have any sort of hierarchy?

TomAll descriptions of Reavers seem to be these monsters that have no regard for anything but themselves. However, in some episodes (and the movie Serenity) they hunt together and almost seem tribal (e.g. the first episode - "Serenity"). With this in mind are they respectful of each other and did t...

2:21 PM
Commenter "Zephalinda" is asking for sci-fi recommendations: slatestarcodex.com/2018/10/31/open-thread-113-75/…
“I’m looking for some punchy, just thoroughly engaging and expertly crafted science fiction or fantasy short stories with mainstream appeal– basically, the kind of thing that will make it into the student anthologies alongside Poe and O.Henry decades from now. / Shorter would be better. Ted Chiang is probably just a hair on the too-cerebral side. Can any SFF folks share recommendations?”
@Jenayah Do you have any emails about this? I specifically write emails to supervisors with dates of state holidays, especially after that stupid fiasco a few years ago when the government has announced next year's rearranged work days once and then announced an amended list in like November. I don't understand why they can't just make a law that gives the schedule for all future years, rather than giving a list for the next year every year.
Q: What is Harry and voldemort relation in Harry potter series? Why he tries to kill Harry in the end?

Shehnaz AmeerWhy did Harry and Voldemort's wands connect at the end of the Deathly Hallows when they weren't brothers?

@b_jonas I have a PDF schedule, but no email warning of today being a holiday
Other students who work in the same company told me they were warned in September during the welcoming meeting
@Jenayah Is the PDF schedule one a manager gave to you, and does it normally list holidays?
I'm always in the ONE meeting where they forget to tell this kind of thing :(
You need one that lists other holidays, not just differences in your schedule from normal holiday timing.
2:27 PM
@b_jonas nah it's basically days at school/days at company
For this job I also specifically asked about the schedule stuff in the interview.
but it was signed by company's HR soooo
well it's not a big deal and it will give the security guard something to laugh about for the rest of the day
I also specifically asked about dress code, because in my previous job, it was only months after I started working there that the company has a certain celebratory meeting about three times a year where people are expected to wear a suit and tie.
And also because for university I've been going to presentations in the building of a certain research institute where the dress code of no shorts applies even to visitors in the building.
So I specifically made it clear that it's OK for them if I go to work in shorts.
(The shorts at least wouldn't be deal-breaking, I can come in long trousers if that's what they want, but it's better to know in advance.)
(But I don't want to wear a suit and tie.)
(I can wear a suit and tie for a wedding or similar if that's what's requested, but that's not the same as for a job.)
Q: Did we ever see Droid Maintenance?

zabeusApparently, according to the Galaxy class deck blueprints, as shown on Memory Alpha, Deck 36 houses a "Droid Maintenance" room. A series of convention notes from Rick Sternbach's panel at AnimeCon '91 also mentions it: Going into the bowels of the ship, you will eventually find a door marked ...

@Jenayah Any day is a waste if you haven't given the security guard something to laugh at for the rest of the day.
2:33 PM
@b_jonas You wanna hear the funny story of that time i finally got around to buy a suit?
(I last wore a suit and tie in 2013, for my brother's wedding.)
@Jenayah Sure. It's not that fancy for me, it was somewhat natural for me to get one for the high school final exams, and it's easy because I have relatives working in fashion who at the time were specialized (among others) on making men's suits.
Well last December I finally got around to buy something relatively decent for the big day where a CEO becomes the year group's godfather of sorts
And I figured it'd be useful in job interviews and stuff
And there was no effing way I would wear a dress or a skirt
@NapoleonWilson beh can be a good bot name ;)
So after some time of searching I found one of these suits they already sell "as it"
(not tailor-made I mean)
@Jenayah I didn't wear a suit for job interview, because I already decided I wanted a job where I don't need to wear a suit, so if they wanted me to wear a suit, then there's no point for the interview. This will probably apply to future job interviews.
2:38 PM
Getting a woman's suit is a pain by the way
In any case year group "baptism" (for a lack of a better word) was like 5 months after so I put the suit in a slipcover and forgot about it
What do you know, I got interviews one month before that for my work/study program
One of them was organised as a speed-dating of sorts where you meet HR for various job offers during ~10 mn each
point being, you spend the whole day there
Wearing the suit
I wear suit and tie so rarely that I still have the same dress shoe as I wore that first time for the final exams after high school.
Now since December I had kept on doing boxing and running but I had also started some upper half bodybuilding (to try and even these puny arms with my rather powerful legs)
And it did work!
So, when I put the suit on... Guess whose shoulders had widened? :'D
So I spent the whole day with contracted shoulders, praying for the vest not to tear up :'D
@Jenayah Yeah. I'm the opposite: I've grown more fat during the years, so before the wedding I have specifically checked if the suit needs adjusting. (It didn't, but still.)
@b_jonas I may have done so but y'know... School officer forgot to put me in the mailing list so I discovered the thing was taking place like, one week ago ><
That's for waist and legs though. My shoulders haven't changed much, and suit jackets are always uncomfortable for the arms, in the sense that it's very much not practical to grab the railing above the top of my hand on a bus or tram with both hands while wearing one.
2:47 PM
Grab a seat's backrest :P
There are solutions too, but why is clothing designed to be like that in first place? No other kind of clothing I ever have to wear restricts me in that way.
@b_jonas why do you think I said there was absolutely no way I'd wear a skirt or a dress?
@Jenayah Yes, women's clothing is much worse. Especially shoes.
@b_jonas yep...
I'm just so used to comfy sports shoes
Mind you, to be fair, in men's clothing there are suits that are much more comfortable than what I have, and not expensive or hard to get either, so if I had to wear a suit more often, I'd buy one. But it would still not allow me to raise both my arms straight upwards simultanously without discomfort.
2:52 PM
putting anything else is quite a bother
3:02 PM
@b_jonas It's deliberate.
Formal clothing is designed to prevent ungentelmanlike and unladylike movements.
@Alex Well, there are a few upsides too. I can claim that my formal suit is difficult to clean, and that I'm not getting cigarette smoke anywhere near it on that account.
@b_jonas Not too long ago you would have had to put on your formal suit to smoke.
3:16 PM
@Alex ... a smoking?
@SQB No seriously, that's where the name comes from?!
I feel like I'm missing something here.
"smoking" is an alternate name for suit
Like, the ones James Bond wears
@Jenayah Cool.
Now you're teaching me English as well as French.
A tuxedo (American English), or dinner jacket (British English), is a semi-formal two or three piece suit for evening wear, distinguished primarily by satin or grosgrain jacket's lapels, and similar stripes along the outseam of the trousers. As traditionally prescribed ever since the 20th century by the informal Western dress code, also known as "black tie", the suit is typically black, midnight blue or white, worn with a white dress shirt with standing or turnover collar and link cuffs, black bowtie, black waist coat, black patent leather dress shoes, and other accessories. The correct hat would...
> The dinner jacket evolved in late 19th century out of the smoking jacket – originally 19th century informal evening wear without tails designated for more comfortable tobacco smoking – following the example of the then Prince, later King Edward VII (1841–1910). Thus in many non-English languages, it is known as a "smoking". In American English, its synonym "tuxedo" was derived from the town of Tuxedo Park in New York State, where it was first introduced following the example of Europeans.
3:22 PM
So non-English languages use an English word to refer to something, while English does not use that English word to refer to it? Interesting.
Eh, it's kind of like certain words where there is a technical term for it in Hebrew, but any real Hebrew-speaker just uses the English word (pronounced with a special Hebrew accent) while English-speakers who know Hebrew use the technical Hebrew word.
@Alex Happens.
@Jenayah Your talk about James Bond tricked me into thinking that picture showed Pierce Brosnan rather than Ronald Raegan. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson :P
3:46 PM
geez, found my next retagging occupation... Meet the [stargate-atlantis] -[stargate] query and its 45 resulting questions
Someone was cleaning them up at one point, must have given up
aaaaaaaargh [stargate-sg1] -[stargate] has NINETY-SEVEN of them...
Q: Radio Adaptation of Neuromancer

vallismortisIn summer 2003, I heard part of a radio adaptation of William Gibson's Neuromancer on XM Radio, shortly after I had finished reading the book for the first time. Unfortunately, I had a flight to catch and was only able to listen to a few minutes of it. Many details from the book were cut in the ...

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let's clean up the Stargates
3:49 PM
Though to be fair that's nothing I'm sure there were around 150 mistagged GRRM Qs when me and Ed decided to clean 'em up
And that was just one tag
That's the problem with author and franchise tags. You don't pay attention for a few months, you're dead.
I'm guessing was created after , etc
You inspired me. scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/… actually turns up one question missing a .
Wiki in 2011 so doubt it
3:51 PM
@TheLethalCarrot later by one month
So yeah the problem isn't the age
oh no wait it's the other way around
franchise tag was here first
I mean when I disappear for a few days there's always a few mistagged marvel or story id Qs
Even over night...
Tag wiki for SG1 is misleading, no? scifi.stackexchange.com/tags/stargate-sg1/info
> For questions that encompass the entire canon or multiple series, the stargate tag should be used.
Shouldn't all franchises be tagged with franchise tag?
@Alex eheh, one more in the fight retagging frenzy of madness
Ew that's a mess, the usage should be in the excerpt not buried in the wiki main
3:54 PM
well use your tag wiki edit privileges whatcha waitin' for :P
@Jenayah Unless that is a genuine question about non-Harry Potter fan-fiction for once.
@Jenayah You to do it for me so I can approve the edit :P
@NapoleonWilson I'm guessing it's scifi.stackexchange.com/q/183743/98028 so no
@TheLethalCarrot what happened to "lead by example"? :P
I see.
On the plus side, it has a tag.
@Jenayah Easy enough to guess when it's at the top of the homepage with a "modified by Alex 1 minute ago".
3:57 PM
@NapoleonWilson we have a bunch of those...
@Alex I saw that afterwards
@Jenayah Sure...
@NapoleonWilson It's hard for me to imagine a world where that is a plus.
@TheLethalCarrot in any case what about the above? Frnachise or no franchise?
4 mins ago, by Jenayah
Shouldn't all franchises be tagged with franchise tag?
Oi @Seth :)
@Alex Yeah, I was being a slight bit unserious. ;-)
@Jenayah I can do it but it's your "next retagging occupation"
@TheLethalCarrot Eh I'm happy to share, the more the merrier
3:59 PM
But if I get you right yeah Atlantis and SG-1 should be tagged with the franchise tag
Wow, I actually forgot to add the tag when I edited it.

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