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4:02 PM
@JakeSymons Yo!
I can't answer the Jekyll question for sure, but with my person site I keep the theme and the content separate because of how GitHub hosted sites work. You need to build the site as it displays and store it in its own repo. The theme that builds the site has to be separated or the page won't load correctly
Why do we need to clean old repositories? What's wrong with keeping them?
!!/test-a 7-pdf.de
> Would not be caught as an answer.
what can you put on the !!/test
I donno, I'm just screwing around with it. I don't have permissions.
4:07 PM
!!/test www.google.com
> Would not be caught for title, body, and username.
@EricLeschinski how does testing work??
!!/watch 7-pdf.de
@EricLeschinski You don't have code privileges, but I've created PR#1225 for you.
Can I test anything?? How do I get things to test??
4:10 PM
You would need to probably first get a little bit of reputation then learn more about the software and the people who run it.
@quartata Because I thought it was a good idea at the time and I’m too lazy to merge the two repos again.
@JakeSymons You can test whatever you want. !!/test is useful for seeing if something would be caught by a rule or if it’s already been watched or blacklisted.
!!/test www.stackoverflow.com
> Would not be caught for title, body, and username.
why do all commands have two !!
!!/test meme
> Would not be caught for title, body, and username.
4:20 PM
@JakeSymons so the bot knows what it needs to act on
@JakeSymons Ask good questions and write good answers.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body: MIME type ('image/gif') is not executable by Mahen C on stackoverflow.com
fp- by DavidPostill
Its says 27 users here but there are only 6 pictures highlighted
@SmokeDetector why
4:35 PM
@JakeSymons That's not a report.
@Andy I don't know, just feels like they're cluttering up the repo page especially considering most of them were just ideas that were neer implemented. Maybe they could be merged into one repo
whar you said about Jekyll makes sense -- I figured it was part of the build process
@quartata As I’ve said [before](too lazy to find the link) I think we should move them to a Charcoal-archive org.
Apr 30 at 23:45, by J F
Apr 18 at 17:05, by J F
Mar 18 at 14:23, by J F
Big picture idea: What about moving dead Charcoal repos to a charcoal-archive org?
@JF sounds like a good diea
How does everyone get the cool snipits like quotes and wiki articles in their comment?
@JakeSymons Just post the link in a chat message all by itself.
Stack Exchange is a network of question-and-answer websites on topics in varied fields, each site covering a specific topic, where questions, answers, and users are subject to a reputation award process. The sites are modelled after Stack Overflow, a Q&A site for computer programming questions that was the original site in this network. The reputation system allows the sites to be self-moderating. As of April 2017, the three most actively-viewed sites in the network are: Stack Overflow, Super User and Ask Ubuntu. User contributions are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0...
it works!
4:45 PM
Merged SmokeDetector #1225.
CI on 231dc7a succeeded. Message contains 'autopull', pulling...
are GitHub accounts free??
if I made one could I access the stuff on github
Restart: API quota is 16132.
@JakeSymons Yes
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) is not blocking anything when using Docker by mkubaczyk on askubuntu.com (@HenryWHHackv2.1)
@SmokeDetector WHY
4:48 PM
@JakeSymons Post - Username similar to website
What username??
stats.stackexchange.com: 4
buddhism.stackexchange.com: 1
bicycles.stackexchange.com: 1
stackoverflow.com: 2
webmasters.stackexchange.com: 1
retrocomputing.stackexchange.com: 1
sitecore.stackexchange.com: 1
cstheory.stackexchange.com: 1
philosophy.stackexchange.com: 1
video.stackexchange.com: 1
russian.stackexchange.com: 1
dba.stackexchange.com: 1
languagelearning.stackexchange.com: 1
gis.stackexchange.com: 2
opensource.stackexchange.com: 1
literature.stackexchange.com: 1
rus.stackexchange.com: 1
!!/notify <chatroom_ID_number> <site_domain>
@JakeSymons Room ID is invalid.
@JakeSymons The user’s display name (mkubaczyk) matched the website in the answer (mkubaczyk.com)
4:52 PM
!!/notify <11540> <www.stackoverflow.com>
@JakeSymons Room ID is invalid.
@JF What does that usally indicate??
!!/notify 11540 stackoverflow.com
@HenryWHHackv2.1 The given SE site does not exist.
@HenryWHHackv2.1 You'll now get pings from me if I report a post on stackoverflow.com, in room 11540 on chat.stackexchange.com
no www.* and <>
!!/notify 11540 *.stackexchange.com
4:54 PM
@HenryWHHackv2.1 The given SE site does not exist.
bare with me here.
!!/notify 11540 *.stackexchange.com
@JakeSymons The given SE site does not exist.
!!/notify 11540 *.stackoveflow.com
@JakeSymons The given SE site does not exist.
4:54 PM
but it does??
!!/notify 11540 stackoverflow.com
@JakeSymons You'll now get pings from me if I report a post on stackoverflow.com, in room 11540 on chat.stackexchange.com
!!/notify 11540 superuser.com
@JakeSymons You'll now get pings from me if I report a post on superuser.com, in room 11540 on chat.stackexchange.com
You can add a - after notify to make it more silent.
@HenryWHHackv2.1 thanks
4:56 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in link text in body: How is data exposed to other systems from Microsoft Master Data Services by a deleted user on stackoverflow.com (@HenryWHHackv2.1 @JakeSymons)
You're Welcome! :)
@SmokeDetector why
@JakeSymons Post - Bad keyword Data Service in link text
why is data service a bad word
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive body detected: Shikhvat-zera and baal keri by AdM on judaism.SE
4:57 PM
@SmokeDetector why
@JakeSymons Post - Offensive keywords: ejaculate, ejaculates, ejaculate
In the conext is it acceptable in the question??
@JakeSymons yes
@SmokeDetector f
@SmokeDetecotr f
That won't work.
5:06 PM
@SmokeDetector @f
You have to reply to the message, and no @.
Also you need privileges.
oh. I still need to get those :(
Anyway, that question is asking about the reproductive system in an acceptable way, so not red flaggable.
@JakeSymons lots of spam for it
@SmokeDetector why
5:09 PM
@JakeSymons Post - Post contains 28 dots out of 47 characters
This ones Spam isn't it
SD - n
@JakeSymons no
Simply not an answer.
@Mithrandir oh, right, not spam just doesn't answer question. Got it
@Mithrandir angussidney/EC2
5:10 PM
What do we do if someone doesn't answer the question.
!!/allnotificationsites 11540
You will get notified for these sites:
scifi.stackexchange.com, puzzling.stackexchange.com, literature.stackexchange.com
@JakeSymons flag it as not an answer
!!/allnotificationsites 11540
You will get notified for these sites:
stackoverflow.com, superuser.com
5:11 PM
!!/notify- 11540 ai
@SmokeDetector agreed
!!/watch twotreview\.com
@Mithrandir Added twotreview\.com to watchlist
!!/test twotreview.com
5:14 PM
> Would not be caught for title, body, and username.
It hasn't rebooted yet.
CI on de792b4 succeeded. Message contains 'autopull', pulling...
Restart: API quota is 15867.
I spy a wild Jeremy in the room
@JakeSymons Why do you want to be pinged in this room? Smokey notifies here by default. !!/notify is usually used to get reports in some other room where you hang out ... with the permisson of the rooms regulars ...
oh I didn't know what it did
5:18 PM
@DavidPostill setting up Smokey in a new room takes a lot of work
@Mithrandir I know. But what is the point of being pinged in here?
!!/notify is just for when you want to keep track of any reports from that site.
Like, I get pinged when a post on Literature.SE gets detected.
ah. I just watch for flags ;)
It just adds the @username to any new reports from the site that you specified, in the room that you specified if it already reports there
Here is the most convenient place to do it.
@DavidPostill I was looking at the unawnsered questions on superuser to get reputation. Any tips on where to start??
5:28 PM
@JakeSymons The ones you have the knowledge to answer would seem to be a good starting point ...
@quartata why?
@JakeSymons I suggest you read the documentation then before you issue more commands
5:44 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in title: Java [Spring\\$1 | WARN o.s.w.c.s.XmlWebApplicationContext#544 by Eugene Kane on stackoverflow.com (@HenryWHHackv2.1 @JakeSymons)
@SmokeDetector why
@JakeSymons Title - Position 22-31: o.s.w.c.s
@SmokeDetector is this an fp
fp by Mithrandir
room topic changed to Charcoal HQ: Where diamonds are made, smoke is detected, and we break things by developing on production. 75,000 true positives and counting. [Recursive] oneboxes are awesome. Handy links: charcoal-se.org, github.com/Charcoal-SE, charcoal-se.org/blaze [best-bad-practices] [dev-on-prod] [panic-driven-development] [plastic-knives]
5:49 PM
@Mithrandir whats that for?
I edited the room description, so chat sent an automatic message
In this case I edited it because we passed another milestone - we've now detected over 75,000 true positives!
Wow that's a lot. Next Milestone 100,000
@Mithrandir Yaaaa! Is it a good time?
@JakeSymons we update it at every 1k
@HenryWHHackv2.1 huh?
@Mithrandir how long does that take to get each K
5:54 PM
@Mithrandir Nothing: Please continue with your scheduled existence.
@JakeSymons well, we hit 74k ~November 4
Apparently we missed 73k
72k was October 17
I'm too lazy to look back farther than that
It's been getting faster as we improve our spam checks and catch more spam :]
so start of December 75K?
No, November 12 75k.
I thought we had 74K?
No, we just hit 75k today.
That's why I edited the room description.
So that it said 75,000 instead of 74,000
5:59 PM
mine was still saying 74K, that's why I was confused
So 76K start of December??
We'll see.
@Mithrandir On English Lit do they do homework questions on poems
@JakeSymons what do you mean?
You should do your own homework.
I know but if I'm stuck on it can I ask
shrugs depends on specifically the question
Also don't expect a quick answer at all
6:03 PM
Its about the meanings of certain words in a poem and the effect on the reader
If I have just put a flag on something does anyone here get notified
Or do flags from SmokeDector only come through here??
@everyone Hi There
Quiet Now
6:22 PM
@JakeSymons Neither.
@JakeSymons SmokeDetector has many individual algorithms stored in it for post analysis
so where do my flags go?
it only alerts here when any post it observes from the feed of questions and answers match a given algorithm
@JakeSymons to the flags queue for a given site's moderators to look at
oh, so we only get the stuff that is passed through an algorithm here
we only see what Smokey sees when it has a match against a certain set of detections.
so those detection patterns have to match for us to see a flag.
we don't see all the "Not an Answer" flags for example
even thoug those are filed.
@ThomasWard I get it now thanks
6:24 PM
keep in mind Smokey doens't have moderator diamond anywhere - it wouldn't be able to see your flags :P
Can I see a list of like the bad words or the other things that it picks up. Is that on the GitHub
a large number of the filtered items are here, in regexes: github.com/Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector/blob/master/findspam.py
but a large number exist elsewhere in the blacklists and watchlists
there are some restrictions as in some sites don't match for certain things, but I forget how extensive that is
That's a lot of code
@JakeSymons welcome to Smokey, one of the most complex pieces of lawful evil black magic in the universe.
@ThomasWard wow
6:28 PM
the only thing more evil is processing emails :P
@JakeSymons the majority of the code there are regex-encoded things for detections
and that's a huge list hence why it's so large a list.
@ArtOfCode Eliminate merge commits (especially considering it's usually only merging one commit and it should be a fast forward)
Let me know if you need help setting up the blacklist demo
@quartata define what's objectively wrong with merge commits?
@ThomasWard Trumped by processing [x]html with regular expressions :)
one commit is better than two
A: RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags

bobinceYou can't parse [X]HTML with regex. Because HTML can't be parsed by regex. Regex is not a tool that can be used to correctly parse HTML. As I have answered in HTML-and-regex questions here so many times before, the use of regex will not allow you to consume HTML. Regular expressions are a tool th...

6:32 PM
@quartata it's easier to revert individual bits
omg the zalgo post.
This is for automatic blacklist PRs, there should only be one commit
That guy has so many votes up
I only get 3 max
that's one of the oldest posts around lol
If I had the rep I'd vote it up to
@JakeSymons You can’t — it’s been locked.
6:34 PM
:( I'll find another one
@JakeSymons It's a community wiki so nobody benefits from the voting ...
Why does the font go messed up at the end??
@JakeSymons because Unicode embedded things
Jon Skeet has an answer with 8843 votes
6:37 PM
^ this
but Jon Skeet is almost immortal here
though, he can't parse [X]HTML with regex either.


SmokeDetector will require a full restart to pull changes: True
@tripleee pretty sure the full restart thing is broken
taking a peek right now
6:40 PM
I'll try that out later.
Why has my text bar frozen. I can't click to highlight things I have to use the arrow keys.
@JakeSymons I̶̢͉͍͇̟̼̝̥̙'̕͏̞̺̗̠̠̣̝̻̦̜̹̺ļ͚̼͉̰̀l̵̨̞̩̮̟̣̟͍̕̕͟ ̴̡̻͔͇̩̠̠͞ţ̬̯̱̯͙̮̰r̶̡̧̧͙̻̝̳̘̗͇͈̙̜͇̩̟͠y͜҉̧̤̗͈̱̦͇̦̹̣ ̞̖̬͎̬̞͔̣́͠͡t̴̛̛͎̳͓̰̫̠͓̘̱͘ͅh̳̣̜̹͔̺̮̤̕̕a̛͈̻̬̹̬̺̱͔̩͚̲̞̣͡ͅt͏̕̕͢͏̪͈̮̖̗͈̩͚̝̠̪̹̣̺͈̪ ̶̷̗͎̲͖̱̝̜̜͖̻̠̭̥̟̺͈ͅo̢̲͎̻͎̺̕u͡҉͚͕͍̩̭̳̝̣͓̜̣̳̱͖́ͅt̛͕͔͕̝͈̪̥̥͢ ̛̛̳͔̟̹̻͉̕͠͞l͔̗̮̮̤͠ą̷͔͈̞͍̻̩̠͉̯ͅt̛̀͡͏̩͕̳̯͙̫͙̞̭͓͙͈̯e͕̰͍̜̗̯̪̫͍̠͎͙̹͜͡r̷̶̵͖̦͍̤͍̯͉̩͡͠ͅ‌​̪͕̟̺̟͉̪͉
Is it normal not to be able to highlight things or is it a bug??
Before I spent the time looking, maybe someone here knows, do we have the same pattern blacklisted across the different blacklists? Ie. a site, a username, and a keyword or any combination of those?
There won't be any in both the blacklist and watchlist
No, not talking about blacklist/watch list overlap. I'm talking about keyword/username or username/site or keyword/site
6:45 PM
@SmokeDetector why
Oh. keyword/username would be the most likely
@JakeSymons That's not a report.
@JakeSymons why only works on post reports
If smokey restarts does that sean spam reporting goes off
6:46 PM
no it means either there was a merge or it's part of its autorestart function
or in some cases we have to manually restart Smokey for things
especially code changes to nocrash.py because that's a 'master' process.
it will still scan any posts that were added to the queue before the restart
I think is what they're asking
6:55 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in body: Huge Space Under the WordPress Blog by David Ritma on stackoverflow.com (@HenryWHHackv2.1 @JakeSymons)
Are there any really silly questions on here like other sites like yahoo anwsers
@SmokeDetector why
@JakeSymons Body - Position 274-293: bestfoldingwagon.co
@JakeSymons usually they get closed or erased or squsihed.
i haven't seen any totally silly things :P
unlike Yahoo Answers, moderating things here is much easier because of the amount of community involvement in helping keep things cleaned up :p
yeah yahoo answers gets a lot of spam
and random stuff
6:56 PM
@ThomasWard sorry to keep hounding you about this but have you reviewed my gitmanager comments
I think the consensus was that you wanted to be able to test it so I've provided an environment for that
@quartata been a bit too busy with the universe right now
too many other tasks
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Sunrise Alarm Clock - Website by Piotr Irving on stackoverflow.com (@HenryWHHackv2.1 @JakeSymons)
Last SmokeDetector post is that FP- bestfoldingwagon one
@SmokeDetector Why
@JakeSymons Post - Username similar to website
If the website is included to show the website that the code is on is that okay
6:59 PM
@JakeSymons There is stackoverflow.com/q/1/5244995, but it’s been deleted.
@ThomasWard like destroying it?
@JF could I get it cached
@JakeSymons It’s been gone for a while.
You can probably find screenshots of it somewhere.
I take screenshots of reported post.
Not all.
Q: What was "the Joel Data"?

Matt JohnsonAs mentioned in the answer to What was the first question asked that still exists on Stack Overflow?, the first (now deleted) question is "Where, oh where, did the Joel Data go?" I'm sure that Joel refers to Joel Spolsky, but what was "the Joel Data"? I'm surprised this question hasn't been ask...

A: What was the first question asked that still exists on Stack Overflow?

Martijn PietersSince all posts are numbered sequentially, you just go to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1; that post was a test question and has been deleted. It had 2 answers (post ids #2 and #3) so the first one still visible is: While applying opacity to a form should we use a decimal or double value? ...

7:02 PM
because reasons. (Not always the most SFW, but it's mostly just SE post contents and stuff - the gems of StackExchange as seen by users)
started as intresting
rip starboard
@ThomasWard still waiting for an answer on the neil degrasse tyson question
@quartata Related
in The Nineteenth Byte, Oct 27 '15 at 2:51, by Alex A.
@Seadrus Welcome to hell.
I was asleep or I would have made it into the screenshot :(
7:20 PM
how many people in this room right now
The two links here. Are they considered advertising or helpful links?
which one?
tpu- by teward
7:26 PM
^ does that answer?
Both in the post smokey has flaged
@JakeSymons does the fact I marked it as a true positive answer that?
@ThomasWard Yes
@ThomasWard are you allowed to show products links, if you are explaining what they are rather than telling the person to buy them
7:41 PM
i usually only do it if the question needs it, and it's usually only for specific cases.
how to get italics in a post
Put asterisks (or underscores) on both sides of what you want to italicize: stackoverflow.com/editing-help#italics-bold
@EliahKagan thanks
7:57 PM
@JakeSymons angussidney/EC2
!!/isblu 811318
@JakeSymons Invalid format. Valid format: !!/isblu profileurl or !!/isblu userid sitename.
!!/isblu 811318 stackexchange
@JakeSymons Error: Could not find the given site.
@JakeSymons Invalid format. Valid format: !!/isblu profileurl or !!/isblu userid sitename.
@JakeSymons Invalid format. Valid format: !!/isblu profileurl or !!/isblu userid sitename.
@JakeSymons Invalid format. Valid format: !!/isblu profileurl or !!/isblu userid sitename.
@JakeSymons User is not blacklisted (811318 on meta.stackexchange.com).
@JakeSymons User is not blacklisted (811318 on superuser.com).
8:11 PM
rip transcript
@SmokeDetector why
@JakeSymons Body - Position 1050-1068: recoverytoolbox.co
Is that bad
Link I mean or is it to a webstie that's okay
Anyone there??
I’ve just arrived, but I’m on mobile so I can’t do much
8:20 PM
@angussidney hi
What’s the translation?
@angussidney copying it over now
Doesn't work through bing or google translate
And browser translator doesn't pick it up either
google translate works no w with a little tweeking
@angussidney sorry about the highlighting
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in body: I have a string and I have to create a function which return True or False if it's alternating or not by ninni89 on stackoverflow.com (@HenryWHHackv2.1 @JakeSymons)
@SmokeDetector why
@JakeSymons Post - Contains 1 unique characters
8:27 PM
They have deleted a valid post and changed it
@SmokeDetector v
@Mithrandir what does that do?
@JakeSymons that's what we call 'vandalism'
What happens to the vandaliser
'v' gives the feedback 'tp-'
8:32 PM
@Mithrandir You have to privalages to use it right?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Adding google place picker in tab fragment android by Игор Скирський on stackoverflow.com (@HenryWHHackv2.1 @JakeSymons)
@JakeSymons their post gets rolled back, and if they keep it up they'll get temporarily suspended
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Repeating characters in title: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzzz by ninni89 on stackoverflow.com (@HenryWHHackv2.1 @JakeSymons)
@SmokeDetector why
@JakeSymons Post - Contains 1 unique characters
8:32 PM
@SmokeDetector why
@JakeSymons privileges, yes. Admin is quite a high privilege level ;)
@JakeSymons Body - Position 1-104: <p>You should enable "Google Places API for Android" for your app in console.developers.google.com</p>
The user then did it again
Now what do we do
@SmokeDetector v
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in body, mostly dots in body, repeating characters in title, title has only one unique char: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz by ninni89 on stackoverflow.com (@HenryWHHackv2.1 @JakeSymons)
8:33 PM
Time to raise a custom flag
Lets raise it
@SmokeDetector v
@JakeSymons I already did ;)
@Mithrandir then what happens?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer: Spelling of surname Kowesnki/Kowenski by hal Kowenski on genealogy.SE
@SmokeDetector why
8:37 PM
Body - Position 39-48: Holocaust
Post - Keyword *contact me* with email hkowenski@aol.com
Is this particular word and email okay on this site?? I've never used it before
@SmokeDetector fp or tp
@JakeSymons You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: Is there an easy way to calculate how much you can contribute to an RRSP if you never have before? by luis on money.SE
fp- by DavidPostill on Huge Space Under the WordPress Blog [MS]
8:55 PM
@ThomasWard lol

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