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1:55 AM
Q: Is there a verb form of the word "agenda", as in, to create a political agenda for or against something?

The DudeIt doesn't have to contain the root word, but I would like at least a synonym.

2:09 AM
Q: Single word for " adding too many things and caused confusion"

MFRLet's imaging this scenario: I added some texts to a document and deteriorated its cohesion and caused some confusion. Can I say? I messed up the document

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7:38 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in answer: Is there a slang word for "electronic cigarettes" (e-cigarettes)? by funnywhite on english.SE
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11:17 AM
@Tonepoet Did the asker mention that context in the comments?
@Tonepoet Did the asker mention the sentence in the comments?
11:57 AM
Q: Origin of 'wee hours'

UnrelatedWhat is the origin of the term wee hours? (Also small hours) Wee hours the early hours of the morning after midnight. (Oxford Dictionary of English) I also looked at Merriam, the Free Dictionary and Wiktionary. None offer a etymology of the phrase. The Times of India claim to, but don't : ...

Pretty sure that's right after the pub closes and drinkers line up in the alleyways.
Wee hours is when these drinkers come out to pee after drinking.
Q: A word for a weather that is not suitable for travel?

SasanSometimes weather is not good for hitting the road. Is there a word for such kind of weather? Example: Susan: I am about to hit the road? Jack: But I just checked and the weather is ... I am looking for a word to put in the blank above.

12:15 PM
@JasperLoy And the sign said the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls.
12:34 PM
Q: Is there a word in english that decribes a relief and rupture at the same time?

PedramIn Persian language we have a word (گشایش)(goshayesh) that means both a rupture and a relief. we use it when we want to say that from breach in something , a new thing emerged , that is better than the first situation . clearly speaking , some intellectuals use this word to describe a revolut...

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2:01 PM
@JasperLoy Yes Jasper, but the sentence seemed like it wanted a different word from the question, and it was one of those brief S.W.Rs. It's so much better if you can at least write a proper paragraph or two.
Just because a question meets the requisites doesn't mean it's good. As a matter of fact, I think some of the requirements we have for Single Word Requests are counterproductive.
For example I know people hate it when English Language & Usage is used as a thesaurus, but since the rule rightfully grants people who do not propose any considerations impunity from the research requirement, because it's not entirely clear that those questions can be answered by a gen. ref. resource, what ends up happening is that we favor questions that have been given less consideration and effort into describing the desired concept, over those which have been given more consideration.
We need to figure out some other method of determining if an S.W.R. is too simple or not. Personally, I prefer checking the Oxford 3000, or some other similar "most frequently used words" list. The reason I suggest this is that it prevents answers which are quite likely to come up off the top of the head, and should be relatively well known to all of us.
Now, checking the Oxford 3,000 is also highly problematic in some ways, but what I prefer about it is that you do not need to know of a synonym to find entries.
3:01 PM
Q: Term for 'Action' that evokes idea of robots

bendlI'm looking for a word for action that would be associated with a robot. For example in context: The robot should perform a(n) _________ if circumstances allow. This word will be used alone, out of context of robotics and hopefully will remind the reader of robots. I am willing to accept there is...

3:37 PM
Remarkable. I just upvoted an SWR.
Who are you?
@Cerberus That's what I'm wondering too.
No, seriously though, I've said numerous times that SWRs are not inherently bad questions, it's just that in practice most of them turn out to be.
So much so that the good SWRs are remarkable.
4:00 PM
@MetaEd Perhaps a journey to some holy tree in India is in order.
@Cerberus Budu saranai.
Quite so.
4:22 PM
Q: Term for an event where you present on a topic/research for general knowledge sharing

MichaelMy synapses are failing to fire, but I need help finding a word for an event/gathering where a topic or research is presented, usually to peers for general knowledge sharing and/or discussion. We used to do them in college, for example about interesting ways to use analytical geometry in everyd...

4:44 PM
@MetaEd Doubt is fine, as long as you know you're not someone else.
Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation #OscarWilde
Q: A noun for "the ability to work together"

EduardHow would you call a skill that signifies one's ability to work well in a team?

@Mitch Oscar Wilde quoted Oscar Wilde
I like the sound of that
5:00 PM
@Mitch The other day I … uh, no, that wasn't me. —Steven Wright
Can I have a dollar? -- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Though I can't be sure
It was probably Beethoven
@M.A.R. Well, I suppose you can, but I'm probably not going to be the one to give it to you. =P
5:16 PM
@Tonepoet what do you have against dead musicians?
5:28 PM
@M.A.R. They decompose.
@MetaEd hey, they're not given other choices
@M.A.R. Perhaps it's my unconscious bias.
@Tonepoet That is such a huge rectangle you made that my head hurts.
6:00 PM
@M.A.R. Well for one thing, just burying them with their money is a waste of resources for everybody involved. XP
Burying them? Stereotypes
Q: The word for "a word that you forgot"

EduardIs there a word for "a word that you forgot"? In the situation before you found out or remembered the meaning of the word, how could this word be described? Not "the unknown" or "the forgotten".

@M.A.R. Burning is even worse! =P
6:15 PM
Q: Is there a "cide" word for murdering a child who is older than one and unrelated to the murderer?

sandwich_messiahTerribly morbid but I am looking for a "cide" word to describe murdering a child who is older than 1 year old (which is, as I understand it, outside the realm of infanticide) but unrelated to the murderer (ruling out filacide)? I basically want to replace "child homicide" in the following sente...

anything good happening?
6:35 PM
@Tonepoet I see you created a room for EA and L to debate, lol. Well, I don't value anything EA says actually, lol. Most of the stuff he says are right on the surface but wrong beneath the surface, and I'm just trying to completely ignore him whenever I bump into him on main, lol. He has been sarcastic to me so many times with his snarky comments that I am so sick and tired of him.
6:59 PM
@JasperLoy I was flagging a comment debate and didn't want to disrupt their conversation with flags, but felt it was disorderly on the main website.
@Tonepoet I have run into him via comments so many times, I don't want to talk to him anymore, lol.
7:12 PM
@Tonepoet Like that day he said my edit is totally incorrect, but it is totally correct, lol.
@JasperLoy Oh, that guy? I know exactly what you mean.
But now that you realize what he does, it's him, not you.
He does that to everybody.
It doesn't matter much but it matters enough for me to just mention it in this room.
Sometimes... gotta be honest.
Well, maybe not too honest.
"hey that shirt is ..."
"... not exactly ugly"
7:14 PM
@Mitch My instagram has 3 pics now, one blue, one grey, one beige...
"but I I have to look this other way while I talking to you"
@JasperLoy but your avatar is back to Santorini Blue and White
@Ghalib Hey you! Say something brave.
Like ...
(I'm thinking)
@Mitch Erase that man. :)
"Pepsi and Coke taste identical"
Thanks. :)
@Ghalib I just wanted you to know that moderators and room owners can see all deleted messages.
7:17 PM
It's brave because it's actually not true. Most people think they like coke better, but when they taste them (not knowing what they are) they tend to prefer Pepsi.
This is important research
@JasperLoy I saw that
@JasperLoy I know. So do you want to advertise the fact? I don't know what you are getting at Jasper Loy.
You statement about deleted messages that is
@Ghalib I think that's his point, to advertise the fact
I want to advertise the fact that I think it's weird that 'advertise' isn't spelled with a 'z'
So there isn't a point in saying a secret and then deleting it, if it really is a secret.
@Ghalib but you can edit it away. I don't think mods an see prior edits.
@Mitch Everyone can see edits.
7:19 PM
@JasperLoy It makes it harder, so a secret to most people
You guys made me commit suicide of sort. It is fine. I'll live.
@JasperLoy Wha?
I don't even know who Arrowfar is.
Anyone can be called Arrowfar.
7:20 PM
Not chat edits, can you?
@Mitch It is in the message history which you can see if you right click somewhere. Everyone can see.
Maybe I was called Arrowfar too.
@JasperLoy HOLY CRAP! I had no idea! I just checked and it's there.
It's fine. I am on other chats too. If they ban me I'll leave.
And come back with another identity. Like a guy from Sweden or Bulgaria?
7:21 PM
@Mitch JLo never lies...
but it's not so easy to search for things deleted or edited out
@JasperLoy JLaw never leaves.
She's the last one to leave the party
doesn't even offer to clean up
So what you always do @Mitch say weird things and edit them, is not a good idea. So I never say something I need to delete or edit.
This is me Arrowfar.
Star that please ^
@JasperLoy I don't edit for content often. I edit all the time to fix typos.
7:23 PM
Just trying to be sassy. And bold.
but sometimes (I would say rarely) I'll say something that might be taken weird (rather that I'm aware that they might be taken weird, the ones I'm unaware of I leave) and realize I might need to edit
Mar 22 '13 at 13:08, by Mitch
@tchrist I know! Sassy!
Mar 23 '11 at 23:03, by JSBangs
isn't this bold ?
Aug 2 at 22:51, by Mitch
Everything I say is a copy of something else somewhere so...
@Mitch Can you say that Arrowfar could chat here? I mean you are a well rep user and all that. I would appreciate that. :-)
Is this a question about English language and usage, or is it a question fit for a mod, or is it an existential question because if in fact you have previously called yourself arrowfar, you are already chatting here?
oops I should edit that
OK. indignant rant...
Who turned on @Feeds to show SWRs?
I have been chatting here for five months now. =)
@Ghalib This is me, Arrowfar.
7:31 PM
We know there are too many. Do we really need to be reminded of each and everyone?
Thanks. LOL.
@Ghalib I suspected as much!
See, there are so many Arrowfars. Who is Arrowfar? Nobody knows, LOL.
We all know who.
He's that guy
Yeah, that's me, LOL.
7:32 PM
@Cerberus Thanks :) Just please say he is allowed to chat here. Pretty please.
My anxiety is kicking in folks.
What would that do?
Good for my anxiety?
@Ghalib There is no need to be anxious, it's really a small thing.
7:33 PM
Or you could stab me in the back. =)
Does this Arrowfar character just want to chat with that particular label?
@JasperLoy Okay, cool.
labels are so ... derivative, and essentialist. Don't let the nominarians cramp your style.
@Mitch haha
Wait...names do help.
7:34 PM
@Ghalib I don't know what "allowed" means, but you've been quite mature, and I certainly won't stop you!
Criminy, when @M.A.R. used to change his name like a dude changes underwear... once a week. Man that stunk.
@Cerberus Okay, thanks Cerbs.
@Cerberus Arrowfar is banned for 10 years network wide. That's why.
I mean technically I shouldn't be here.
But I like to be.
7:35 PM
I am being nice and all.
@Ghalib Try to avoid activities that originally led to that ban
@Mitch Yeah, I know.
Have y'all followed the whole Google-manifesto-gate scandal?
7:37 PM
@Cerberus thanks
I know, you're a different user now.
I am trying to be.
Thanks for the kind words.
Kit is cool with me being here as well. I talked to her.
"...cannot chat for 3458 days" I hope they took into account leap years. I would be nerdly disappointed just for that.
7:38 PM
Yeah, I mean 10 years is a long time. I can't wait that long.
Perhaps that's grounds for rescission.
Yeah. Kind of a weird tie span
I was just angry when that happened. I mean a few months back.
I once got rescission. very embarrassing. trip to the emergency room. had to walk funny for a week
@Cerberus Can you find out? If you want I mean.
7:40 PM
But I can't access that account even if they rescinded. I deleted the email address associated with that account.
Which doesn't make sense, just saying.
@Cerberus I had to look up that word. I am not a lawyer
All this crazy US poitics has taught me...
not all about the intricacies of the US government...
but about how much I have no clue about the US government...
but I do realize now that all those people in the WH...
no less about it than I do.
@Ghalib Why do you care?
You're back. You've cut ties already. It's done.
@Ghalib That was a joke.
@Mitch Because I don't want to wake up tomorrow and see I can't chat here with this account. It would be devastating for me.
Just be yourself and forget about the past.
7:43 PM
@Mitch Okay, cool. Lol.
I will.
@Mitch It wasn't about the American government...I just made that word up.
I mean 10-4.
7:44 PM
Yeah. Forget about it. Or rather remember exactly why the past happened and don't do it again (I have absolutely no idea why)
@Cerberus It's a legal word. I think.
like recidivism. that's a good one
or socle
It's just the noun form of rescind.
I forgot what that one means (it means 'base' like the base of a pedestal or column in architecture)
but it means something special in law.
which I don't know
Sokkel in Dutch!
unless they mean it in math.
Gosh, I never knew English had socle.
7:45 PM
That I used to know but forgot
something to do with computations in group theory
In the context of a statue I would understand.
I would expect a socle to be tall.
every word in math was stolen from the real world and means something different.
@Cerberus It's pretty obscure
It's theft! Like quoting someone (copyright).
or rather it sounds like an obscure word, but may be very common in real estate jurisprudence (I think that's where it comes up)
Will talk if gods allow. :)
7:47 PM
Okay, I have to go. Good night.
@Cerberus worse thing is, they change the meaning. so it sounds like one thing but then means something entirely different.
not opposite, just different. barely overlapping.
like the word 'orthogonal'
has a real world meaning, then used for a technical meaning, but then borrowed back into the language to mean something else.
Is it like the notion of orthogonality, or is it like the nature of the word 'orthogonal'?
@Mitch What's the difference between real and technical?
It just means a straight angle.
Which can be used metaphorically.
7:52 PM
@Cerberus technical terms are stipulated, that is, defined by definition, rather than the definition discovered by usage (which is what I am using 'real' for).
But what is the difference in this case?
@Cerberus yes. maybe it was first used technically.
@Cerberus orthogonal technically means: perpendicular, at right angle to, dot product = 0. metaphorically means 'not the opposite direction, but independent and unrelated.
Yes, I know that, but the difference between "real" and "technical".
technical = stipulated = concept defined first, then label chosen (usually arbitrarily but sometimes by metaphorical similarity)
real = usage comes first, then definition comes later on examination of usage.
I'm using 'real' in an informal sense.
Sure, but I don't understand how the real meaning and the technical meaning of orthogonal are substantially different, as distinguished again from its third, metaphorical meaning.
8:06 PM
Anxiety won't let me sleep now :/
Not a good position to be in.
I'm not going to check my account every other hour now. It is no fun.
Well, such is life.
@Cerberus I was confused. Only two distinct meanings, the math one and the metaphorical one.
Oh but you don't get the difference between the math one and the metaphorical one?
@KitZ.Fox I asked you something at the inverse of fire fox. Trying to be cryptic. Feel free to reject my request if you want.
8:12 PM
23 mins ago, by Mitch
has a real world meaning, then used for a technical meaning, but then borrowed back into the language to mean something else.
Sure, if you don't want to distinguish them, then fine.
Real and technical were distinguished.
@Cerberus yes, I specified three. I'm retracting and saying only the two (broadly)
The "borrowed back" meaning I took to be the metaphorical one, with which I am familiar.
@Mitch Oh, OK.
9:07 PM
@Mitch I will keep at least one SE account to chat, but this time I come back to ELU, I don't really enjoy myself, I dunno, maybe I will delete the ELU account soon...
Aug 2 at 21:16, by Jasper Loy
I just created a new email, new SE, new blog and new youtube channel, and I will try not to delete any of them this time.
Try harder ))
@MetaEd Thanks, LOL.
@MetaEd That's a Russian emoticon, you know! I am so surprised you use it
Yeah, for those who don't know, the Russians use ) and )) and )))
My first time to use it.
I think.
I think maybe they use ( and (( and ((( as well, for sad.
Russia is a very interesting country, with 11 time zones and Putin and all.
And Russian is one of the big four mathematical languages, together with English, French, and German.
We have pootin' here also.
... and LISP.
9:28 PM
@JasperLoy America has ten.
9:51 PM
Q: Word that means "spoken so as to make clear there is no arguing"

Nero grisI've tried "asking" Google this question in multiple ways, as well as using a reverse dictionary, but niether of those came close to being useful. I've seen this word several times, particularly In Ann McCaffrey's Parn novels, and believe it starts with a "C". It essentially means that something ...

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11:28 PM

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