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9:00 PM
@totallyhuman answer GoL Tetris and repcap forever
@MDXF stalker ;P
hah I wish
@HyperNeutrino Forgot to close this tab from when we were talking about your monthly rep :P
CMC: Given an input string containing alphanumeric characters, replace the runs of digits by the equivalent ASCII character.
For instance auidt71wbdu98 -> auidtGwbdub
9:01 PM
lol 5/6 deleted ;P :P
Hmm.... in postfix, why can't x 0 > be written as 0 x <?
The runs are guaranteed to represent a valid printable ASCII character
CMC: Prime factors of the number in that Fibonacci challenge
could be
@StepHen >.>
@HyperNeutrino None of the ones I found online actually work with large numbers like they say they do
9:03 PM
that's a bit too large
screw it i'm posting my question
I literally copied the question from fibtraction
and nobody had problems with the specification :P
good luck
they were all focused on something else...
speaking of which, I haven't checked the votes in a while
welp still doing horrible
question's practically screwed
Votes of what?
9:06 PM
Q: Is fibtraction a dupe?

Wheat WizardRecently this question caused a bit of a stir. The admitted goal of the challenge was to replace our old fibonacci question which the op felt was outdated. The question was closed twice by high rep users holding code-golf badges, and reopened twice by regular users. It currently has two additi...

ocrap i capped with 3 hours left in the day :o
@HyperNeutrino I capped in five hours once >.<
it was so annoying 'cause it happened overnight
(cue harsh comments about segfaults)
stop complaining about capping over throwing random segfaults :P ;)
but yeah it's annoying because then you're like "oh no I can't do anything anymore or I'll lose rep"
D: where'd my question go
@HyperNeutrino That's one SE bug. If you repcap, and get 1 vote over the repcap, but then get downvoted, you lose 2 rep (ノ°Д°)ノ︵ ┻━┻
9:09 PM
@MDXF Why is that bad, then you distribute it over several days, I posted my capper right in morning (UTC)
guys halp
@StepHen Because then you can't do anything else during the day
my question isn't showing up
It kills your motivation to post more stuff
well I went ahead and posted another answer anyway lol
9:10 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I can't figure out for the life of me what your sign-printing Triangular program does
oshit those votes were fast
@HyperNeutrino 0/10 cussing on stackexchange >.<
@totallyhuman sandbox was very useful lol
Q: Compare char to other chars in javascript

ABotIn my answer, I have this code: s.match(/[AEIOU]/) This seems too verbose to check if a string is one of A, E, I, O, or U. Can I do this in a shorter way?

Q: How many ways can a river cross a road?

totallyhumanA (closed) meander is a closed curve, that does not intersect itself, which intersects a line a number of times. A meander can be analogized as a road crossing a river through a number of bridges. The number of distinct meanders of order n is the nth meandric number. The first few numbers of th...

9:13 PM
Jeez ok fine
I guess none of y'all can take a joke
How harmful is the phrase "plz send teh codez"
Like c'mon
@totallyhuman Yes
@StepHen "how harmful is this phrase?" - "yes" ಠ_ಠ
@Zacharý hehe sorry to compensate for my tormenting I'll remember to get your name right in the future
at least upvotes don't stop progress towards tag badges after capping
@HyperNeutrino I think they do actually, at least they did back in April
really >.<
9:17 PM
yesterday, by Step Hen
@WheatWizard It's nice that there's no tag score cap like there is a rep cap :P
Hmm... in a postfix-based esolang, should 3 2 > pop 3 and 2 and push 2>3?
I've lost around 55 rep to the cap already ಠ_ಠ
@MDXF postfix notation is stack based
so no, it's 2>3
Oops.... not what I mean though. Basically, 3 2 * would pop 2 and 3 and push 6 (2*3). Would 3 2 > pop 2 and 3 before pushing 0 (2>3), or save the values?
pop first.
9:23 PM
How come, though?
because 3 pushes the value, then 2 pushes the value, then * pops both.
Yeah but when you're comparing two numbers you're probably going to want the original values
Like =. Should 3 2 = get rid of 3 and 2?
3 2 * in postfix esolang is basically like 3 *= 2 in C
except without causing errors
9:25 PM
ಠ_ಠ pretend they're variables
you can also make a quick-like thing that makes operators not pop
One thing is postfix, another thing is stack-based. With a stack-based language you usually consume (pop) the inputs and push the output
(or outputs)
Ugh, this might invalidate a bunch of Triangular programs...
One exception is 05AB1E's "head" / "tail" functions (¬ / ¤), which don't consume the input
@HyperNeutrino It could be worse - I've never had more rep on SO than PPCG
9:29 PM
Well guess I better make Triangular "standards"-compliant. I don't want to be the IE of the esolang world
There needs to be some way to tag answers. So that you can easily find all the answers in a language
Esolangs are a lot about being weird
Don't worry about making it different
But ask yourself how useful that is
Imagine trying to find all answers in the C language >.<
@LuisMendo how useful what is? saving the values or discarding them?
In stack-based languages, I almost always find it useful for inputs to be consumed
I can't imagine C discarding variables after an == statement. But esolangs are not C
C is not stack-based
9:31 PM
That too
The concept of discarding applies to stack-based languages
Yeah guess so.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I've got the register commands for saving values
C has memory management, though
You should use ptrcmp or isnull to avoid accidentally deleting pointer when comparing them.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

programmer5000code-golf cops-and-robbers Will it halt? Cops: This is the cops' thread. The robbers' thread is here. Your challenge is to make a program that runs forever without halting1, unless it gets a particular input2. If it receives that input, it must terminate in a finite amount of time3. This is c...

Time from post: 1m, 38s. Pretty fast.
9:36 PM
Time from dv: 1m, 55 seconds. I read fast.
@MDXF the triangular answer computes (n>0)-(n<0)
Just kidding :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yeah never mind. I had an interpreter bug
It's gonna be invalid :I
@MDXF what was the bug?
@cairdcoinheringaahing l, g, = did not discard the values used
I was under the impression l and g did. I'm reluctant to make = so
@MDXF Good. Is it upvote worthy?
9:38 PM
Why not? If the values are needed, uses :": beforehabd
@programmer5000 Didn't actually read it, I'm pretending to focus on Triangular while checking TNB every time I'm pinged
oh noes
not an edit war
pls no
@MDXF "I'm pretending to focus on ______ while checking TNB every time I'm pinged" - I think that describes a lot of us...
Hah. _______ was work for me until a couple months ago
At the moment ______ is a KotH for me, which you'd think would be immune from TNB distraction, but no
9:42 PM
can someone explain this
Even PPGC is not immune from PPCG distractions
ok to be fair, this is way more impressive than my answer
I haven't looked at TIO for a while. I love the turning gear around the play icon while processing
@HyperNeutrino byte counter says it's 138 bytes and 134 chars
@trichoplax I hate it because it means I did something wrong
9:44 PM
@totallyhuman :o I think zachary's trolling me with unicode
When it just happens for a second and then smoothly fades back into a play symbol it's satisfyingly subtle
that one line to be exact
@trichoplax Yeah, that always gives me a smug look
Until I look at the output
zwsps :/
Let's ban Unicode
yay +215 rep today :D
@totallyhuman thanks but I did too lol :P
anyway gtg now o/
Q: Making Squared Words

SpookyGengarThe Challenge Your task is to create a program that takes any given string input, and outputs the input in a squared format. Empty strings should return an empty string. Examples Given the input: golf Your program should output: golf o l l o flog Input: 123 Output: 123 2 2 321 In...

10:07 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

James BoweryThe Laboratory of the Counties Social Causality Contest The objective is to maximally compress the ecological social data at the OckhamsGuillotine github repository, as described presently. Motivation To create the best unified model of society by compressing a wide range of social data. Comp...

10:24 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

geokavelWord Problem Generator popularity-contest Word problems can be a great way to test comprehension of concepts, but they are pain to write. That's why you need to make a program that takes an equation (or set of equations), and makes a word problem out of them. For example, if the input is x+3=8, ...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Luis MendoFloat 754 to Hamming code-golf integer floating-point You will be given as input an integer k in the range from -4503599627370496 (-2^52) to 4503599627370496 (2^52). As is well known, integers in this range can be represented exactly as double-precision floating-point values. You should output...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ZacharýTHIS IS FORTRESS! (tentative title) code-golf Fortress was a language being developed by the Sun Programming Language Research Group (R.I.P. Fortress) that had a unique property to it, it was possible to render ("Fortify") programs in different font-styles (i.e. blackboard bold, bold, italics, ...

(when the last 5 chat posts are by bots)
bots != feeds
hey how do i take input with spaces in them in charcoal o0
May 15 at 15:59, by New Sandboxed Posts
about the ant koth, and the 16 bot limit
10:30 PM
ok fine maybe i lied lol
what happens to the other bots? do you run with every possible set of 16?
if you do the latter, you get probably too many matches
;-; can't figure out charcoal
wanna wreck everybody on the challenge
@HyperNeutrino rip the question too
might get tumblweed off of it o0
there is a comment so nope
10:35 PM
oh comments
and besides, I'm going to upvote it later once I get votes lol
Oh, I didn't see it had been rolled back when I first edited it
I mean, it is just a joke but you shouldn't roll back the edit made by an experienced high-rep user lol
i stopped after the first one
dunno why caird walked in
although i still don't see why it's being removed :P
only got +30 today
10:41 PM
Seriously though somebody tell me
Why is it being removed
This is just like the memes page except nobody's giving a reason
then post to meta, i don't know
All I do is get downvoted on meta
at least you don't lose rep :P
also idk why I said i don't know
I rolled it back to not have it lol
I removed it because it doesn't add to the challenge and it decreases the overall quality of the challenge in my opinion, and because DJMcMayhem removed it lol
besides now it's pretty much 3 higher rep users vs 2 lower rep users for opinion and i'd keep it off unless you want your post to get autoflagged for edit-wars lol
I forget the rules about it getting triggered but I think a few consecutive rollbacks will do the job
I'm keeping it off
But I still don't see how it decreases the quality
^^ I'm not that stupid
11:01 PM
@Downgoat I just thought I'd remind you that the bounty grace period ends in 2 hrs.
11:13 PM
I should probably write up some Documentation for RProgN2.
Probably, yeah.
BTW, @ATaco does the steam sign in do anything?
@Phoenix Not anything that the average person can see.
Consolidates Sessions, and also gives me access to the web console.
I really like how @ArnoldPalmer cracked my RProgN2 solution, although it's no-where near as short as the intended solution, it actually shows some understanding of the language.
wtf I can't view the First Posts and Late Answers queues without having votes?
@HyperNeutrino ostensibly because you can't vote to delete
But idk why you would be able to view reopen/close vote queues if that was the case
I can vote to delete and vote to close/reopen
I meant up/down votes
11:27 PM
@HyperNeutrino I didn't know the two were separate. I guess they want you to be able to vote on answers
is late answers open for you?
Q: Cannot view certain review queues without having up/down votes

HyperNeutrinoApparently, when a user has reached their daily up/down vote limit of 40, they are unable to access the First Posts and Late Answers review queues. Why is this? When I go into the FP/LA queues, it's not like I only up/down vote, I also sometimes vote to delete or add comments, and I personally th...

Wait you can view low quality though?
Q: Don't cap reviews based on vote limits

JamesAs noted in the original announcement for the First Posts review queue: The only requirement to participate is the ability to cast both up and down-votes on the site, making this the most inclusive queue to date. It seems wrong to block a user's ability to review First Posts and Late Answer...

wait they complained because someone explained why they disagreed?
11:35 PM
No way
hm i see
Man I'm never going to vote again out of fear of not being able to access the queues
lol I hope meta doesn't hate me for asking two questions in quick succession
anyway gtg now, I expect to come back and have 1 rep on meta lol o/
11:36 PM
I actually only vote about three times a day anyway. I've never come close to the cap
@ATaco I'm not doing much
You can press E to open up a little map editor thing, where you can click to place walls, right click to remove them.
The slowness of the web version seems to let you move through walls but w/e
um, I escaped through a wall
oh ninja'd ecks dee
pretty cool
The web version is emulating Lua, so it's pretty inefficient. I can't use my bitwise operators either.
ecks dee
11:41 PM
And I can't load textures either, it's just really sad all together.
@totallyhuman 0/10 use my meme pls
@MDXF and what would that be
@totallyhuman (lambda x:''.join(x.split())[2:0:-1])('MD XF')
@HyperNeutrino You came up with that ಠ_ಠ
11:49 PM
true (lambda x:''.join(x.split())[2:0:-1])('MD XF')
but then why did you say "use my meme" ಠ_ಠ
'cause you made it but it's my name
[totallyhuman] !covfefe 42
  [covfefe] covfefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefe
This is an example of a great bot
is that 'cov'+'fe'*n
11:52 PM
It's 'covfefe' + 'fe' * n
Because covfefe must always be complete
but how do you do covfe then
sure xD
@DestructibleLemon !covfefe -1
Let loose your vote clickers
Q: Is fibtraction a dupe?

Wheat WizardRecently this question caused a bit of a stir. The admitted goal of the challenge was to replace our old fibonacci question which the op felt was outdated. The question was closed twice by high rep users holding code-golf badges, and reopened twice by regular users. It currently has two additi...

11:55 PM
@totallyhuman hey... but then it that would do covfefe because "fe" * -1 = ""
A: Output the sign

MD XFTriangular, 26 15 bytes $\:-%0U..g/l0P< Try it online! Currently nonworking until Dennis pulls; found some interpreter bugs. Formats into this triangle: $ \ : - % 0 U . . g / l 0 P < How it works: The code, without directionals, is read as $:0gP0lU-%. $ reads an integer from st...

@DestructibleLemon exactly why it's a special case
Hang on
@DestructibleLemon You can try out the better executable version Here
You can also place portals and things.
!createbot @covfefe
^!covfefe$ -> covfefe;
^!covfefe\s+([\d\.]+) -> {${'covfefe' + 'fe' * int(groups[1].split('.')[0]) + 'f'}, !break};
^!covfefe\s+-1 -> {covfe, !break};
^!covfefe\s+-2 -> {cov, !break};
^!covfefe\s+(.*) -> ${groups[1] + ' covfefe'};
could be simpler
11:57 PM
do "cov"+ "fe"* (n+2)

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