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10:00 PM
@JorgeCastro ah, thanks
could stand being linked from wiki.ubuntu.com/Brand
I just needed to use it yesterday
oh good idea, I'll fix that
ah nuts, the page has been locked by IS, I'll file a ticket on it
Er, does AU use the official Ubuntu colors, or yet another set of shades?
they're official
the design guy from Canonical at the time worked on it and worked with Jin on it
#dd4814 it is then
two more questions to weed from the unanswered: meta.askubuntu.com/questions/459/… meta.askubuntu.com/questions/846/…
10:18 PM
good to know our answer rate on Meta is handled!
ugh, looks like I picked the wrong box to mess with without versioning /etc
@MarcoCeppi the S3 mirror stuff is done and tested, off to IS now to move the DNS. It's going to be awesome
@JorgeCastro Fo your blog?
no, for the ubuntu mirrors
my blog is done, I just need to get a domain and cloudfront it
From 69 unanswered to 60 unanswered on meta in less than an hour
@MarcoCeppi it was kind of stupidly easy to set up the blog.
It is sad that I was responsible for getting from a nice number to a worse
10:20 PM
@MarcoCeppi I think I might just start shoving all sorts of things in s3 buckets
at least the latter is a smaller number
Out of votes. :(
Right, @NN Use Trogdor for completed tag burninations.
10:23 PM
I really suck at graphic stuff. Feel free to replace with a better-colored image.
Q: I made us some Trogdor graphics!

iglvzxWe seem to have a tradition of using the Homestar Runner character 'Trogdor the Burninator' to request tag deletion. I thought we could use crisper images, so I made my own. >:)

it would suck if it was better.
the crazy half drawn nature is the best part
@Gilles You beat me. You even wrote a nice alt text for it!
10:24 PM
@OctavianDamiean aye, the batman light look alike is nice
@OctavianDamiean I took iglvzx's version and replaced the colors by Ubuntu ones
I see, Trugdur, Trogdor's Ubuntu twin.
@OctavianDamiean You mentioned Trugdur now you have to draw Trugdur for us to see!
I'm really not good at hand-drawing. :P
no excuses
10:30 PM
I'm not bad at drawing free-hand circles though. :D
maybe Trugdur's body is a red free-hand circle with two legs?
epic. :D
linux has 19% of the SO market!!! :P
This looks like a good question in my opinion.
10:39 PM
I second @OctavianDamiean's sentiment.
it's all yours
gah ... I can't vote.
I should spend more time on AU so I could vote in your election
One more question to clean out from the unanswered: meta.askubuntu.com/questions/225/moderator-pro-tem-announcement
@Iain Well you can still make it. 24 rep is not much. :)
10:44 PM
@NN thats not really an answer...
besides, whats up with your uh, obsession with the meta answer rate? :P
@jrg IMO it is still better than it living forever among the unanswered at meta
shrug ok
@jrg It makes sense to clean out the unanswered so that unanswered question that deserves attention are easier to find and to stop it from getting hogged in the future.
It is also nice to read the old questions. :)
@jrg I even heard that SX mods have been encouraged to attend to answer rate at metas
10:48 PM
@jrg mods were recently asked to pay particular attention to answering questions on site metas - they are our townhalls
@NN I see.
@Iain Oh, that makes sense.
In other words, my obsession makes sense!
unanswered questions are sad
I mean, I'm active on meta, but I was just trying to figure out why NN was going all OCD on the meta answer rate in the same way htorque goes OCD over mispelled ubonuts. :P
which is the one that isn't source in an ssh login, .bashrc right?
10:49 PM
its .profile iirc
In the future AU meta might not bee as easy to navigate as it is now because it will contains much more questions and then it is good to straighten it now.
@jrg All sad bastards needs to focus their OCD on something. Currently I focus on meta answer rate.
@jrg man I can't stop messing with octopress
@NN :D
even when I save the built in webserver detects and I just refresh my browser
@JorgeCastro :D
10:52 PM
it's totally awesome
its slick isn't it?
What the heck is Octopress ... now you got me interested. :P
@OctavianDamiean octopress.org
static blogging for nerds.
and you write your posts in markdown!!
Q: Voice Search - Search Stack Exchange sites with your voice.

George Edison Screenshot About Does text-based searching frustrate you? Does the idea of commanding your browser to search for a phrase sound like fun? If so, this script may be for you. Just install it, click the little microphone icon in the search box, and start speaking! License MIT License Down...

@GeorgeEdison Computer! How do I add a PPA?
10:53 PM
It only works on Chrome, though.
yeah, i noticed. Y U H8 FIREFOX? :( (and yes I know why you can't do it in firefox)
@GeorgeEdison That's kinda sick!
It's not really that much :P
It just appends x-webkit-speech to the search box.
That's it.
I didn't even know that Chromium supports voice-recognition.
Oh crud, this is why I don't like rolling my own auth stuff.
just found a security hole - if you craft a cookie with userid=1, you can get in. :S
10:57 PM
Wait, rake?
@OctavianDamiean yes, octopress is ruby.
Right, it ... uh ... looks interesting but not that interesting.
@OctavianDamiean I didn't either until yesterday.
@OctavianDamiean yeah so that's why I was up until 3 in the morning
10:59 PM
"oh maybe I can get by with enough ruby to not waste my .... OH NO... TOO LATE."
So, i'm not walking you through ruby install like I did jorge, so just look at my answer here bro. narrows eyes - askubuntu.com/questions/31922/problem-installing-ruby-and-gems/…
it is quite cool though
my octopress blog is almost stuff OP, but i'm working on some tweaks.
Oh no thanks. Don't worry. Not even a wild herd of Unicorns in glitterlust would ever get me to learn anything Ruby related. :)
11:00 PM
@jrg Is there some special reason you use inline markup for one-line commands in that answer?
@NN Other than thats the code thing?
I use backticks for commands, greater than for quotes from blog posts, huge code snippets or something like that.
personal style I guess. shrug
@jrg well most people use code block for commands on their own line
IMO it is easier to read that way
Ruby is so easy on the eyes that I can get away with it. ;)
Oh my, this is just too funny. - github.com/AndrewVos/this_will_rm_rf_your_shit
@jrg I added some stuff on the top right of mine
gotta have my flair
oh dude, stackads, I need that!
I need to add flair, the countdown for 12.04 and i also need to do stackads/
11:15 PM
Ads done
that was easy
@GeorgeEdison you wrote me a charm?
^--- Live as of like 5 minutes ago :)
dude, NICE!
let me blog that bad boy.
hmm, actually, @MarcoCeppi can you blog it? Mine is in a state of transition
@JorgeCastro Yeah, when I get home tonight
Valentine dinners for the misses and the misses mother
11:16 PM
ah, I just ordered her 2 gifts
almost missed the cutoff, <3 amazon
Hey George, does this have the most recent up-to-date stuff? - stackapps.com/questions/741/…
@JorgeCastro oh, and you can do <!--more--> in octopress as well
it appears to, I just tried it
yeah, I don't have anything long to try it on yet.
so that way you don't have one MASSIVE blog post taking up the whole page
@jrg The little banner at the top has the most up-to-date stuff.
they seem to work fine on my blog @jrg
@jrg I'm going to delete all these when I have exports of my tumblr stuff
11:21 PM
I can't figure out that openURI thing, i'll ask someone on IRC later
because now i'm curious.
ooh, I like your censored banner thing
thats via cloudflare, not me.
There, 2buntu is using the plugin now.
@GeorgeEdison have you ever added up how many generic SE scripts/tools you've made?
you have to be like #1
@JorgeCastro Not really... I think it's over 2 dozen by now... :)
11:27 PM
Alright, I finally gave in & bought an SSD for my laptop, now I just have to wait for it to arrive & then have the fun of migrating data
Why is my Ubuntu system not using the correct kernel? http://askubuntu.com/questions/103197/why-is-my-ubuntu-system-not-using-the-correct-kernel #kernel
@ajmitch and once you do you'll never buy a normal disk again
@JorgeCastro sure I will, but only for storing larger files like from DVDs :)
it's why I have a 1.5TB external drive for my laptop
This may put me off buying a new laptop for another year or two, now that I also found why suspend/resume was breaking
Q: StackAd Wordpress Plugin - Display Community Ads on Your WordPress Blog with Minimal Effort.

George Edison Screenshot About Now you can easily display community based advertisements (like these) on your WordPress blog with almost no effort. The plugin ships with a widget you can add to the sidebar - in fact, you can even run multiple instances of the plugin if you want. All Stack Exchange sites...

There we go.
Jorge, did you use the __config.yml stuff for G+ or did you just do a custom aside?
11:35 PM
just the confi.yml stuff
I pasted in that ridiculous 348753 digit ID G+ uses
I don't get why they don't do plus.google.com/jorge.castro
Google Apps users.
Or the Unix equivalent: plus.google.com/~jorge-castro
thats why
@jrg surely you could do plus.google.com/ondina/marco.ceppi
exposes email addresses to spammers? (at least the smart ones haha)
11:40 PM
ah, true
I suppose google have thought about all of that, heh
ok off to see Episode I in 3d. If i don't return it means I didn't make it past the gungans before ending my own life. Cheers!
Oh dear... let me know how it goes, I can't imagine Gungans in 3D.
@jrg If you can view the 2buntu homepage and see StackAd, could you please visit this page and vote that "it works" (the plugin)?
oh dear...
i don't remember my WP.org account
and if i did... it'd be so old that i'd be ashamed to mention its username here. :P
Oh, that's okay.
no, i'll get in.
might take me awhile though...
11:53 PM
Maybe @RolandTaylor can do it.
Anyone have an iPhone or Android device?
A couple of Android devices.
Would anyone like to try stackmobile.com and see if it displays alright?
I just made some changes (like in the last week).

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