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6:02 PM
CMC: given an n, output -1 if the sum of n's factors is smaller than n, 0 if it's equal and 1 if it's larger
n > 1?
Since 1*n work as factors, I guess I should output 1 for any positive number at least.
Woah, I see Dennis has a new face.
6:06 PM
Sorry, factors other than n
@DJMcMayhem do you mean divisors?
What are the factors of -10? [-5,-2,2,5], or something else? Should [1,-1] be included?
Done: lambda x:x==0?0:-1
@DJMcMayhem Does that mean prime factors, unique prime factos, divisors, something else?
6:08 PM
Wait... My code's wrong.
TFW pinning down the specific of the CMC is more engaging than doing the CMC
Pretend I never said anything. CMC: given an n greater than 1, output -1 if the sum of n's proper divisors is smaller than n, 0 if it's equal and 1 if it's larger
@DJMcMayhem Integer factors?
Other than itself
Do you mean proper divisors?
6:09 PM
Yes, thanks.
Is it clear now?
As in n=12, divisors are 1,2,3,4,6, sum of 16. Correct?
Yes, so output 1 because the sum is bigger than n
I don't wanna
No one's making you. :P
You told me to output 1 :/
6:12 PM
Well, I had assumed you are a rational being with a free will
That's what you get for assuming.
Mathematica, 23 bytes: Sign[Tr@Divisors@#-2#]&
Drat. Now I'll have to preface every challenge I ever make.
@DJMcMayhem No you won't: Just call it CMC(o)!
> If you're a rational being with free will and you choose to participate in this challenge, then write a program that...
6:15 PM
@DJMcMayhem Chat Mini Challenge (optional)
I'm not rational. I am decimal :)
@TuxCopter 3.21423 is both.
Nobody here is irrational, I'd think. We all terminate at some point.
@Geobits I am w(i(z(z(w(i(z(z(4)))))))).
Do I need anything special in terms of a GPU if I need a PC setup with 3 touchscreen monitors?
6:17 PM
@Yodle Something with three outputs, but I guess that's fairly obvious.
or two GPUs
@MartinEnder Is mbue your reddit name? reddit.com/r/codegolf/comments/539z06/…
I like the idea of a "langjam"
@DJMcMayhem Python 2, 53 Bytes: lambda k:sum(i*(k%i<1)for i in range(1,k)).__cmp__(k)
I'm waiting for xnor to jump in and halve my byte count
6:20 PM
I think most modern gpu's have 3 outputs, but the guy who was asking me about it mentioned usb connections and I was like wat
Well you can hook up displays through USB3
@Shebang XNOR is a simple boolean operation; I'm sure you can do that yourself! ;-p
@DJMcMayhem Thank you for posting this. Made me realize four atoms had a bug.
@Shebang Do GPU's have usb3 slots, or would you be hooking it up to the mobo at that point?
In my very limited experience (my work setup), it would be the USB3 port on your motherboard.
6:22 PM
@Yodle No, they don't afaik, so I assume the second one (whatever that means!)
Although maybe a few GPUs have Type-C outputs.
probably asked this before. anyone a saml guru?
whois saml guru
@mbomb007 I got the idea today after finding that Argentinian esolang design contest. I wonder how many participants one might be able to get for a weekend-long online langjam (like a ludum dare basically). I'm not really sure where and how to advertise is successfully
PC also needs to have an i7 in it, and the price limit for the awhole thing (monitors excluded) is $800. Luckily we get a company discount, but I'm hoping for a pretty large % since that i7 alone is probably gonna be 1/4-1/2 the budget.
6:24 PM
I did it again... :-(
@MartinEnder Sounds interesting.
@Dennis haha, np
Why do you need an i7?
why is an i5 not sufficient
@Yodle 1/4 - 1/2 is -1/4, so get as many i7s as you can! :-)
6:25 PM
It's some sort of simulator setup
the i7 alone is going to be like 300
and that's for an older model probably
the gpu is probably another 300
you still need ram
800 isn't enough for those reqs
Java, 73: int f(int n){int s=0,a=n;for(;--a>0;s+=n%a<1?a:0);return s<n?-1:s>n?1:0;}
For us no, but maybe with the discount it could be
He didn't mention anything about how much RAM
if you're rocking a top of the line cpu/gpu you better not skimp on ram
I'm not even sure I need a super gpu either, I think even the gtx 7xx series could handle 3 touchscreens
6:29 PM
sounds like a really pretty simulator /sarcasm
nah 7xx is probably fine
if they're going to cap you at 800, they should just tell you the computer components to get or provide it for you
Well I'm the one doing the research for them, they just know they want an i7 cause of the simulation aspect.
But my experience with that starts and ends on pcpartpicker :P
i feel like an i5 would be more than capable... but whatever. DCS runs fine for you, right?
Yeah, it's more of a flight training sim I think, but I really don't know any details.
6:34 PM
we can talk more about it later
o_O They want to run a three monitor flight trainer for under $800?
^ on an i7
monitors aren't included in the cost though
Well 800 is the budget for the PC itself, there's a second PC (not sure the purpose of) that's another $500, and the rest is for the monitors/stands/etc for a total budget of $2k
@Yodle I recommend XPlane. The demo gives you most of the decent features (I don't think it gives you joysticks though) and I've been told that the full version is great! The plugin API, while a little bloated from a golfing perspective, is great too.
> The plugin API, while a little bloated from a golfing perspective...
lol thank god
6:39 PM
@Geobits Would Jesus be transcendental?
I really dislike my C compiler right now:
@wizzwizz4 The simulator software itself is our product, this build is for demoing it I'm pretty sure.
@Yodle ... You have a flight simulator?!?
And you're demoing it on an $800 setup?
That is not the way to demo software imho.
Unless you're a startup.
Startups are cool.
@El'endiaStarman Jesus would be at least a complex number.
@El'endiaStarman I always thought of him as a number with an unknown period. As in you'll see him again, but nobody knows when.
6:41 PM
Q: N(e(s(t))) a string

DJMcMayhemTo "function nest" a string, you must: Treat the first character as a function, and the following characters as the arguments to that function. For example, if the input string was Hello, then the first step would be: H(ello) Then, repeat this same step for every substring. So we get: H(ello...

@NewMainPosts Am I having Deja Vu?
25 mins ago, by wizzwizz4
@Geobits I am w(i(z(z(w(i(z(z(4)))))))).
@wizzwizz4 I'm just doing what they tell me :P
Unrelated question: is the name TNB a reference to something? A fellow intern saw it and was asked and I was like huh, I don't actually know
> D(e(j(a( (V(u))))))
already answered it
Space as a function name. Ouch
6:46 PM
Does anyone here have experience with entity framework?
@Yodle here's where we named the chatroom: meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/1005/…
@PhiNotPi Ahhh, nice. Thanks!
@Geobits Ah-haha, I like that.
6:57 PM
Skype just sent me a notification:
> This account is not available is connected
Sometimes I hate my compiler. This code: return (availbytes > 0); caused this error:
> error #2168: Operands of '>' have incompatible types 'unsigned long int *' and 'int'
How to fix?
return ((int)availbytes > 0);
Or return (*availbytes > 0); if you wanted the value at the pointer
@TuxCopter I need the value of availbytes... So *availbytes. I think.
Firebug just appeared and deleted my input box.
@TuxCopter I had to refresh the page! :-O
7:11 PM
That's a GREAT challenge idea! :-)
Return true if the emoticon can be mirrored, false otherwise.
:-) can be mirrored: (-:
Python: lambda:1
:-S cannot: :-Z?
:-S => S-:
You'd have to specify the character set
7:13 PM
@TuxCopter Mouth doesn't mirror correctly.
Ah ok graphically mirrored
@trichoplax Plain ASCII only.
@Poke Is not in ASCII.
CMC: Cook things.
@TuxCopter That one is a rotation though. Could include that as a extra classification?
@trichoplax are you sure...
7:14 PM
@trichoplax How about we each post a challenge? You post rotation, I post mirror. The person with the most votes wins.
@MartinEnder Well, depends on the font - I guess most won't really...
S rotated is still S
Q: The world is like a Mirror: smile and it'll sɯıןǝ qɐɔʞ

Kevin CruijssenInput: A string only containing the following characters: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789.?! (space at the end) and two special characters (_ and |) Output: Mirror the text based on the position(s) of the _ and |. _ mirrors horizontally and | mirrors vertically. ...

Just realised the reflected S - I was referring to the original :-S
oh okay
7:16 PM
@TimmyD That's not a duplicate. This is truthy / falsy.
@MartinEnder Made my comment link to what I intended to reply to. Sorry for the confusion...
Fair enough
Subtask of
Q: Write A Program That Outputs Its Mirror Level

Helka HombaThere are 95 printable ASCII characters: !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~ In the Consolas font (the Stack Exchange code block default), some of the characters have mirrors around a vertical axis of symmetry: These pairs of charac...

@Geobits Aw... :-(
7:21 PM
@flawr There is something fundamentally wrong with that that I just can't place...
These emoticons are bugging my brain
@TuxCopter Your last post was an emoticon...
I mean the reversed emoticons
7:23 PM
Emoticons are weird for me. I used to use them all the time when talking to friends, who eventually told me I use them too much, so I tried not to use them as much. Then I started working, and people at work use them in e-mails and stuff, and I'm like pfffft.
Anyone here with some SQL experience?
You know, back in my day these things were still called smileys.
7:23 PM
@Yodle Solution: Use emojis
@Yodle Yeah, it's one of those super-rare occurrences where you should tailor your speech to the audience ;)
@wizzwizz4 Eh, what was wrong with those?
@flawr They took up an entire page. I left the interesting ones.
@wizzwizz4 Why don't you delete them than moving them to the sandbox??
@flawr Because then there would have been a page of deleted messages.
7:25 PM
@flawr He wanted to bury them under the weight of...sand?
They were just "testing the site's features" messages.
So what? Now that they are in the sandbox we can't delete them anymore ourself.
@wizzwizz4 I would've just moved all of them.
@Shebang I've used SQL before
@El'endiaStarman That makes people cross(er).
7:26 PM
@wizzwizz4 Been there, done that. Several times. :P
Next time just ask people to stop, instead of modhammering them out.
I would've done that had I been here at the time.
@flawr I didn't - well, I suppose I did... :-( Sorry.
@Yodle Any clue why an SQL statement would work fine, but when created as a view would create exceptions?
And had wizzwizz4 not moved them before I looked, I would've moved them. :P
7:28 PM
That's not a modhammering, that's a sandhammering
No, I'm pretty sure sandbanging is something else :/
Room owners can still bash people with sandbags.
You mean sandbagging?
@flawr I don't know, you said it :P
@flawr That's putting people into sandbags. Completely different.
7:29 PM
> I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.
I hope it was not too in appropriate.
@TimmyD Why not use Soft Sand(tm)?
That is the problem when you're nonnative.
Nah, just an amusing typo imo.
@wizzwizz4 ™
7:31 PM
Speaking of sand: Do you know the Sandman comic series? They are epic, I do highly recommend those!
@flawr ... That violates the law of con- *cough* *splutter* help i'm drowning in s- blub pfoot *thud*
Can you drown in sand?
The Law of Conservation of Energy doesn't apply to magic.
@flawr ...sorta? Depends on what you mean by "drown", but I think it's most accurate to say that you suffocate.
@flawr Of course you can; how else could I have done so?
7:36 PM
Minecraft players know that you can suffocate in sand...
Same deal with snow. You suffocate, not drown.
@El'endiaStarman Drowning is suffocation via fluids displacing air.
if drowning is restricted to liquids, then couldn't you drown in liquid sand?
@NathanMerrill You would probably melt, because liquid sand is lava.
You'd probably burn in liquid sand
7:37 PM
assuming you magically didn't burn to death :)
@El'endiaStarman But sand is way denser.
When I was a kid, watching television, I thought that quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem in day-to-day life than it actually is.
@Geobits You can't burn if fully submerged, because you'll have no oxygen. It'll be in your lungs too, remember!
@Geobits Liquid sand, isn't that somewhat contradictory?
@TimmyD I think I've seen that exact phrase before.
7:38 PM
Yep. Like 90%+ of what I type is just quotes from elsewhere.
@flawr Still isn't a fluid.
@TimmyD You must live in a nice place. I have to dodge quicksand puddles almost every day, and I never go anywhere without a rope and towel.
Well, you never go anywhere without your towel. That's just common sense.
@TimmyD *starts googling everything you say*
I actually recently listened to an interesting podcast about the rise and decline of quicksand in media
7:39 PM
@El'endiaStarman Don't start with that last thing :P
I did go to lot's of places without any towels, and I didn't die so far.
I love Radiolab.
@DJMcMayhem This Hot Network Question of yours doesn't have anything to do with my chat post, does it?
@El'endiaStarman Is there a difference between Pagan and Heathen?
7:40 PM
@Yodle That's all you would ever respond with..
Heathen generally means not following that particular religion (in the speaker's eyes). Pagan usually means it's some other religion, usually some "non-established" one.
@flawr They're usually synonymous for most people. I think "pagan" refers to a family (so to speak) of religions and "heathen" is more like "heretic".
A Catholic might call an Atheist a heathen, but it wouldn't make sense to call them pagan.
Actually, what Geobits said regarding "heathen" makes more sense.
Oh ok, that makes sense, thank you both very much.
7:42 PM
@Shebang Permissions maybe? Not sure, never worked with views before.
All my friends are heathens :P
@Poke Exactly ;)
@Geobits You mean the Church of Geobits has exactly one member?
And even that one isn't particularly devout.
7:43 PM
@Geobits But you should believe in yourself!
There's a difference between belief and devotion :P
For anyone considering to participate in the CALESYTA esolang design contest:
> There is no official starting date for the contest, and there are no requirements that the language is new or unpublished, as long as you are the original author.
@Zgarb ^ :)
@Geobits hm looking it up
What's a good nature for a Volcanion? I'm leaning toward Modest just because, but is there some nice moveset I'm overlooking that would be interesting to try out?
What's a volcanion?
7:46 PM
Yeah, there's an event going on for one now (in NA at least).
@MartinEnder Cool!
@flawr Interesting. The sign she uses for "heathen" is the same as what's used for "letting go", "unrelated" (in the sense that there was once a relation), and similar concepts.
@Zgarb I expect you to submit Jellyfish :P
Incidentally, how'd you end up watching a sign language video? :P
7:49 PM
I'll have to make some ungolfed example programs.
@El'endiaStarman Well I think she's self taught, and has been learning for about 2 years so far. But as I do not understand any of it, she could say whatever she wants^^ But for real: I think she's had an awesome idea with almost choreographing those songs via sign language.
And this particular soundtrack is just great
@El'endiaStarman ps: do you actually know a sign language?
Fun fact: Twenty-one Pilots is the only the third music act to have two Top 5 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 charts at the same time -- the other two acts were the Beatles and Elvis Presley.
does anybody know how php's lists work behind the scenes? They are really dictionaries, but they can be sorted (which doesn't change the keys, only the order of the keys)
Billboard Hod 100 charts = american music charts?
@NathanMerrill LOL
8:00 PM
American singles charts, yes.
@TimmyD They're also the only ones to simultaneously hold the #1 spot on both Pop and Alternative charts with different songs.
Five others have held both spots, but with a single song on both.
Oh, that's neat, too.
8:14 PM
ERROR:  Could not find a valid gem 'colorize' (>= 0), here is why:
          Unable to download data from rubygems.org - SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed (api.rubygems.org/specs.4.8.gz)
I reiterated it louder, because you said "What?" as if you didn't hear it the first time. :p
8:27 PM
@flawr I know/use what I and others call PSE - Pidgin Signed English. Basically, I mix ASL and English.
@MartinEnder You created an esolang design contest?
Any fans of Exploding Kittens here? The Oatmeal just started a kickstarter for his next card game and it looks just as amazing: kickstarter.com/projects/elanlee/…
@TuxCopter no
8:33 PM
Exploding Kittens is fun for maybe one or two rounds, like an appetizer for a game night. It's not something I could sit and play for hours.
@El'endiaStarman I guess this is more or less what the woman in the video was using too, right? How long have you been using it for?
@flawr She was almost certainly signing true ASL (or at least, something closer to it). I tend to sign many/most words in songs.
@TimmyD Unless you start drinking and take out the NSFW version.
I learned about 600 vocabulary words (err, signs) in junior and senior years of high school, but didn't have anyone to practice with until the following summer (between high school and college), where I went to a summer program for deaf and hard of hearing students, and had a deaf roommate that preferred to sign. That's where I actually got decent at it, then I went to RIT, which has the second largest deaf population of any college...
I graduated last year, so about five years, more or less.
Unless you want to include the small amount of sign language I had as a young child.
@MartinEnder It's slightly more fun with the NSFW version, but it feels very ... non-strategy-oriented. Not quite as pre-determined as say WAR, but roughly on par with like Uno or Mille Bornes.
8:39 PM
Wow, that is really cool! How compatible is ASL with sign languages from other places?
yeah on par with Uno sounds about right
For big game nights, we'll tend to play Catan, Carscasonne, Firefly, Castles of Burgundy. And Exploding kittens is definitely a step down in depth from those.
or Mau Mau (which is popular in Germany): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mau_mau_(card_game)
I don't know Firefly and Castles of Burgundy but Catan and Carcassonne are nice
@flawr About as compatible as English is with languages from other countries. :P
Although sign languages are typically iconic, so I would bet that the average pair of deaf strangers would have a slightly easier time understanding each other than the average pair of hearing strangers.
@El'endiaStarman You mean since everyone else knows english?^^
@El'endiaStarman Oh ok
8:42 PM
ASL and BSL (British Sign Language) are totally different languages, incidentally. The latter has two-handed finger-spelling, for instance.
Woah, in the german WP it says on the one hand, the languages have many similarities that allow for a relatively good understanding. But on the other hand it already lists 12 dialects just within switzerland.
Yeah, sign languages are far less standardized than (the most-used) spoken languages.
@MartinEnder Oh yeah. I've played Mau Mau a couple times. It's horrible for someone like me, who wants to know all the rules ahead of time. Firefly is almost like a roleplaying game board game. There's an overall game victory objective, but you essentially fly around the Firefly universe, picking up missions and completing them, and upgrading your ship and crew along the way.
Castles of Burgundy has enough strategic depth to make Catan look like tic-tac-toe.
I've played Mau quite a few times at my house
I've actually made a bunch of custom decks/elements so that I could add them in to the rules at any time
One of my favorites was adding letters to each of the cards. It opens up so many possibilities :)
My challenge has 307 arbitrary hotness points. o_O
8:46 PM
Without full context it looks like some people are listing tabletop games. I've played a few that are enjoyable albeit LONG in some cases. Imperial Assault, Rebellion, X-Wing, Arkham Horror, Star Wars: Armada
Shadows Over Camelot
@MartinEnder Castles of Burgundy was designed by the same person that created Trajan or Strasbourg. I think it's more popular in the US than in Europe, but it's a "Eurogame" style.
Hansa Teutonica
my all-time favorite is Pandemic Legacy\
seriously. If you can get a group to commit to around 15 games
so much fun
I quite liked Pandemic the two times I played it.
A nice card game that's a bit shorter: Munchkin
Also Fluxx
8:50 PM
Ick, I hate Fluxx. Same reason as above - I like to know the rules beforehand.
@El'endiaStarman the thing about Pandemic Legacy, is that the situation is always changing, so you have to learn how to evolve as well as trying to predict what moves will help the future
and death. We had some characters that we were really attached to...and they died
@DJMcMayhem Where did you get the idea?
Dominion is a very neat deck building game
oh, I do like Dominion :) It's too bad the official ports are horrible
@Poke I just received Eldritch Horror yesterday. It's along the same lines as Arkham Horror (which I've played and liked), but supposedly more streamlined and a better experience.
8:53 PM
Not sure if it has been mentioned already: Cards Against Humanity
I don't know. I played that once, and it was quite funny, but I've never had the desire to play it again.
(Although "What does Vin Diesel eat for breakfast?" --> "Tom Cruise." was hilarious :D)
My favorite grand strategy game, though, is Twilight Imperium. I've heard it best described as "The best strategy game you'll never play."
Oh, I'm big into Cards Against Humanity. It's like an addiction for me.
I think Eldritch Horror is a slimmed down version of Arkham but Arkham has quite a few expansions which I think makes it better. It's a tough game to play and some of it is luck based which can make it frustrating. You really need a dedicated group of people to play it, haha
that being said I haven't personally played Eldritch
I have sleeved all of my CaH cards, bought all of the official expansions and packs, and somewhere around a dozen of the unofficial expansions.
I have three Bigger Blacker Boxes stuffed to bursting with cards, and they're quickly overflowing into needing a fourth.
have people heard of Mystic Vale?
it's fairly new and it takes deck building games one step further by letting you construct the individual cards (from various components) during play
(haven't played it myself yet, but it looks interesting)
8:57 PM
I'll have to check it out.
Q: C# console program without main method

atp9Is that possible to write c# console application without main method and still printing the output on the console. Goal is to have "c# without main" printed on console without main method in a program. Ideal way is to do this: class A { public static void main()(string[] args) { C...

@NewMainPosts No
@MartinEnder I was literally trying to make a game with this exact idea
that said, how do they allow you to construct a card, mechanically?
I was debating between allowing writing on cards
vs having a reference sheet you can attach stuff to
@NewMainPosts hammered
@NathanMerrill sleeves and largely transparent cards
9:03 PM
@wizzwizz4 You know exactly where. ;)
is it allowed in a codegolf to post two answers with different approaches in the same language?
@MartinEnder cool
the website has a pretty person explaining how to play
another plus
ok bye
CMC: generate a V with side-length N, using any non-space character for the solid part. E.g., for 5:
#       #
 #     #
  #   #
   # #
9:25 PM
@ConorO'Brien This could be much shorter, but 20 bytes: v.tryitonline.net/…
9:40 PM
Q: Tips for golfing in starry

Wheat WizardDoes anyone have any tips for golfing in Starry? Any golfing tips that are specific to Starry are welcome.

Holy crap, 400 hotness points. :O
Woah...I just did a Google image search for "triheptagonal tiling" and two of the pictures from my blog series on hyperbolic geometry are there!
@ConorO'Brien Charcoal, 5 bytes (doesn't work yet): GH↘↗N
*6 bytes: GH↘↗N#

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