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1:26 AM
@KitZ.Fox Are you back?
5:01 AM
@KitZ.Fox I have been staring at that pic for a while now. I finally figured that the pink and red colours are those of the clothes and not the uncovered left breast.
Hey @Tonepoet are you here now?
@WillHunting Yeah, I'm trying to find a reliable citation for what hardware Bobby Prince used to compose the Doom soundtrack.
@Tonepoet How do you go to Hangouts without even logging into your gmail? Is that what you do?
Rumor has it that he used a Roland Sound Canvas SC-55.
@Tonepoet Also, I have no idea who Bobby Prince is and don't care.
5:04 AM
I just leave my email open. I don't know.
@Tonepoet OK. I thought you said you don't use email often. I guess that is different from leaving a tab open.
Well I usually don't but I've been chatting with you.
@Tonepoet By the way, I might get a copy of the Oxford Dictionary of English, the Oxford German Dictionary, the Oxford Hachette French Dictionary and the Oxford Spanish Dictionary. It costs a bit but I think they are good and the compact ones are really too small.
I am going to wait a while for the full sized Italian one to come out, but if it does not I will go with the Ragazzini published by Zanichelli.
They also have a Zingarelli which is monolingual.
5:10 AM
If having a matching bookshelf is of much importance.
@Tonepoet Hmm, I would rather get a new copy of the latest edition, but it costs too much.
@WillHunting Okay then. I deleted the message to reduce the likelihood of it being sold to somebody else if you change your mind =P
Another reason is that when you buy from Marketplace, chances are higher that you get a bad copy.
And some of these dealers are quite dishonest.
I once ordered a new hardback but instead an old paperback came.
5:13 AM
Not only that but it was severely damaged. I was like WTF.
That copy is fulfillment by amazon though and Amazon takes responsibility for those listings.
Hmm, OK. Anyway, neither Collins nor Oxford has replied.
Maybe their staff are meeting each other now and telling each other about this crazy guy emailing them from Antarctica.
@Tonepoet Interesting that the first is amazon and the second is Amazon. That must be Arctic grammar.
@Tonepoet Is that your pet?
5:18 AM
@WillHunting The first case is obviously a common noun suggesting that a female warrior will deliver it to your doorstep. =P
@WillHunting No, it's just a platypus I found on Google Images.
@Tonepoet Maybe you are that female warrior. =P
@WillHunting You don't even know if I'm female.
You are right. I don't know anything at all, not even my own sex.
OK, that last part was a joke.
@Tonepoet Maybe Amazon is the first name of a male warrior. =)
5:22 AM
I am going to bed. Good night @Tonepoet
@WillHunting G'night.
2 hours later…
7:46 AM
All the messages currently on the star wall are starred by me. I have star powers. Therefore, I am a powerful star.
I think I need to see a neurologist for my powerful refluxes and weak reflexes.
8:39 AM
@WillHunting Maybe you shouldn't star my own comments so often? I mean I've noticed that most of them just get removed anyway by somebody, probably because I hog the star-board whenever you're around, so it seems like a waste of a calorie to click.
9:15 AM
@Tonepoet I have lots of calories to spare.
Currently the cheapest new copy of OID I can find is 150 USD.
Yeah, that's silly. I wonder how these e-bay scalpers who overprice everything can afford to do so, since it seems like they never achieve any sales?
9:34 AM
@Tonepoet Maybe we are just poor and the others are rich folks who can afford them. =P
@WillHunting If they could afford them, why wouldn't they buy them?
@Tonepoet Maybe they buy them and then sell them at one dollar higher, =P
No, the prices remain much too static for that. =P
Still no replies from Oxford and Collins, LOLLOL
I think I will wait till tomorrow and then give up
9:39 AM
I am not going to wait a lifetime, unless it is for someone like Laura Ramsey =)
I just asked a native Italian and he recommended me something else, not the Ragazzini.
Anyway, Ragazzini 2017 is selling at a good price on Amazon Marketplace!
There are three versions: Book and DVD, Book, and DVD.
If you know me well, you would know that I go for the Book.
Interesting fact: Springer sells most math textbooks at the same price for hardcover and softcover.
9:47 AM
I get almost all my math textbooks from Springer and AMS.
10:07 AM
@WillHunting I'm glad to see you've met a time traveler who's willing to help you get a good deal.
2 hours later…
11:53 AM
@KitZ.Fox OIC. Are you doing programming now or just admin work?
12:31 PM
@Tonepoet Hehe, I just ordered ODE. So now I will have both ODE and NOAD. =)
I also changed my gmail theme to 'Ocean'.
You see the sea, the sky and some white clouds.
12:57 PM
Q: Is there a single word for people who inhabit rural areas?

Krish WadhwanaEven today, _____ have been living in the past ( ____ = habitants of rural areas) Note- The inhabitants can be sophisticated or unsophisticated, literate or illiterate. They should just live in a non-urban place.

I'm still waiting for someone to provide the etymologically obvious answer: rural > rustic.
Latin in original, rus, ruris is one of those super-common words that gave rise to make children and still more meanings. And like domus (home), it was one of the few Latin nouns with a locative case that was actually used.
I guess that "at home" and "in the country" were commonly used enough that it retained those.
1:17 PM
Oh renege. It's there. After reading the first 74 answers suggested, I lost track.
There's a biological difference; Ursid refers to any species (or individual of a species) that belongs to the Family Ursidae, which includes all bears. Ursine, on the other hand, refers to any species or individuals belonging to the Subfamily Ursinae of the Family Ursidae. The suffixes tell the taxonomic rank at a glance; there's regular morphology in biological taxonomics. — John Lawler Oct 11 '14 at 23:44
@terdon ^^^^^ :)
@MattE.Эллен can you undelete this deleted answer? There is nothing spammy or rude about it, or no more than the rest.
Who knew that Lawler was also an expert on bears? :)
@Mitch What is spannt?
@tchrist isn't the most common way to say it 'rural people'? Or just the adjective rural vs suburban vs urban?
@Mitch Yes, in all those cases.
1:27 PM
@tchrist fixed. I blame iphone
1 hour later…
2:33 PM
@tchrist Or possibly Latin. Although, at this point, if you were to tell me he's also an expert on Hilbert space, I wouldn't be surprised.
3:06 PM
@Mitch she is not technically still their stepfather. that is offensive.
I support the decision to delete it.
> Where's my shoes?
Is that alright, like There's my shoes?
@KitZ.Fox hi!
3:24 PM
@Færd Yeah.
@MattE.Эллен I added an answer that's a little more strongly worded than sumelic's.
How is whether their biological mother is alive or not remotely relevant?
@KitZ.Fox thanks!
Does pinging two people work in comments? I think somebody told me it doesn't once but I know it works in chat...
3:28 PM
@terdon I agree. That makes no sense whatsoever.
It is complicated if Caitlin is her "birth father" but not a whole lot. Otherwise, she's a stepmother. I don't understand the confusion.
@Tonepoet that's correct. you can ping more than one in chat, and only one in comments
Be she a stepmother or stepfather, the status of the biological parent is not relevant. My half sister's mother is alive and well and that doesn't make my mother any less her stepmother.
@MattE.Эллен I'm not reading so closely, but really, that answer is offensive? It's using all the same words as the other answers. Why isn't the question itself offensive then, how dare they question such a sensitive topic?
I believe the issue at hand may be that marriage is supposed to be until death do you part, so if you consider the subsequent marriage illegitimate on religious, rather than legal grounds, say perhaps if you are a practitioner of Catholicism, you might not be inclined to call somebody a step-parent because neither biological parent can actually be remarried until one of them dies.
(The answer seems obvious to me, she's now a stepmother. But I can understand confusion)
3:43 PM
@Mitch I gave an answer.
@Mitch the part that says "he's still technically their stepfather" is offensive. The question says seems very confused as to why you'd call someone a stepmother. I honestly hadn't even read the rest the question or other answers when I deleted the answer. I didn't know who it was about until the meta thread.
the questions admits it would be wrong to call Caitlin the stepfather. so it's clearly not the same thing
@Tonepoet There's no mention of any such thing anywhere in the question or answers, it seems to me.
@KitZ.Fox It's just a supposition.
@MattE.Эллен but how is it offensive? It may be factually naming things wrong, but it is confusing. If the answer is offensive, then questioning the situation is offensive.
It's like being offended for not knowing the difference between Latino and Hispanic. Not everybody is familiar with the rules, you can't blame them morally for using the wrong label
No, it's like being offended because in response to "what's the difference between Latino and Hispanic" someone wrote "Well, Hispanics don't eat as many beans as Latinos."
The offense may have been unintentional, but it is still offensive and not constructive.
3:53 PM
@Mitch they acknowledge that Caitlin is a woman and then go on to erase that very gender with a false technicality. Trans people will find that offensive.
And there's no good reason to restore it.
@KitZ.Fox Offensive and non-constructive are two entirely different things. We do have a pejorative language tag... What if that was the difference?
@Tonepoet Between Hispanics and Latinos? I don't understand what argument you are trying to make.
@KitZ.Fox Yes.
@MattE.Эллен @KitZ.Fox i see your points but I disagree that it is offensive. I thought it was level headed analysis (that was factually wrong).
3:59 PM
Better to keep it open than squelch it. Say explicitly this is factually inaccurate
@Tonepoet I still don't understand what you are trying to say. If the actual difference between Latinos and Hispanics were that Latinos didn't eat beans, then it would be a correct answer and no one that denied human rights out of ignorance or malice.
@Mitch No. I won't have it.
I'm trying to think of a better metaphor
No pejorative was used (I know, not sufficient)
It's one thing to be wrong about a comma. It's another to be wrong about recognizing a person's humanity.
I appreciate your point of view, but the answer frequently refers to a woman as he and it offers nothing but nonsense to back it up.
4:04 PM
I don't think the poster was malicious, but that doesn't mean it's OK to leave ignorance there to fester.
is it offensive or is it poor style to refer to Prince (or whatever his name is now) by one of his many names, different from what he has chosen?
Is that question offensive because he died recently?
Or because I can't remember?
Is it offensive to call you "she"?
It would be weird. Not offensive or rude. But it would be annoying because I'm not. If you kept doing it after I said I didn't like it, that might be rude.
Mitch is technically a woman. She's asked people to call her 'him' but that doesn't change her genetics, so she's a girl.
Not everybody is aware of the gender labeling issues.
4:14 PM
It is as offensive as saying "I'm colour blind" when referring to race, despite the fact that you know the your culture is biased against people of colour
Wait..color blind as in green-red color blind or skin color?
@MattE.Эллен that's bad taste or misguided, not offensive.
Semantics, Mitch.
There's no compelling reason to let it stand.
If it were prescriptive versus descriptive, that's another story. This is wrong about gender identity. It's a whole other kettle of fish.
Offensive and deletable are way to strong (in my opinion) . If this one goes I feel like a whole lot more should go then.
4:21 PM
OK. Line them up.
Delectable sounds just in time for lunch.
But since my name is being used, I sense exasperation with my direction so for the moment I will step back. Also lunch
@KitZ.Fox haha fixed.
mmm lunch
Lunch is delicious.
Unless you suffer from a nothungrius syndrome
a terrible syndrome. is there a cure?
Yes. Waiting
An easy cure is the only reason humankind has never thought of a cure.
But imagine what would've happened if waiting didn't fix it.
4:36 PM
@KitZ.Fox The idea that there should be a word for somebody who eats more beans than another is offensive when racially applied even if it's accurate. There is a slightly pejorative term, beaner to describe that distinction. If somebody came to the website and asked "What's a Beaner?", would an answer to the effect of "It's a word for a Mexican, based upon the fact that people think they eat way too many beans" because it's offensive?
Why are so many words marked offensive? I think people are too easily offended.
@Tonepoet Would it be deleted? No.
If the answer were "It's a word for a Mexican because Mexicans eat so many beans", that's different.
@KitZ.Fox Hello! What is your job now? Still business analyst?
If the answer were "Beaners are bean-eaters, they stuff their faces with beans. They aren't technically Mexicans, they are Mayans" now we're way out of the park.
@WillHunting Hi. Yes. I'm still a BA. I was promoted to level 2.
Good! Level 2 must be better than Level 1!
4:43 PM
About 8% better.
That is very objective, lol.
@Rubisco typical humans
Ground floor here means level 1, not the level below level 1, in shopping malls.
And anyway, that's about discussing a pejorative term, which is completely different from asking what the correct term for a familial relationship is. That has nothing to do with pejoratives.
Below level 1 here, it is basement 1.
4:46 PM
If someone asked "What's the word for the female parent?" and someone replied "Father" that's wrong. If someone else replies "Stupid cunt", well. Is there a reason to keep that answer, even if in my case it may be true?
I didn't know the ocean theme in my gmail changes over the day.
@KitZ.Fox No, that is a very offensive non-answer.
I think that 'fag' and 'faggot' mean 'cigarette' in BrE and is only offensive in AmE.
It's interesting that 'apparent' can mean that something is actually true or something is actually not true.
"faggot" does not mean cigarette. it means a meatball. "fag" meaning "cigarette" comes from the name for the end of a sheep's tail, which is not related to a bundle of twigs.
4:49 PM
@MattE.Эллен Ah yes, I forgot after checking the D that day. =)
@MattE.Эллен Yes, that's better.
however, people use both "fag" and "faggot" pejoratively in the UK
I wanted to post this as a question on ELU that day, but I got too lazy.
laziness is a great editor :D
I was intending to do a whole series of offensive words questions, lol.
4:51 PM
there's still time... to lose interest
@MattE.Эллен Are you a meatball? Are you a bundle of twigs? LOL
I am neither. I am a meat bag
Meat puppet
there ain't no strings on me!
I was looking at usage notes on 'apparent' and it seems acceptable to say things such as 'he had an apparent heart attack' when the apparent heart attack is not a heart attack at all because it is only apparent.
4:55 PM
Also, there is a very interesting bug which has not been fixed for at least 5 years in chat. Sometimes when we type exactly to the end of a line we cannot even type a space bar after it and so cannot type anymore and have to change our wording
Let me test the bug where we cannot type two identical lines.
Indeed, I could not type the above line again. =)
And just now I had to change my wording. =)
@WillHunting it's not a bug, that's by design
Also, I have a question on Buddhism SE that got 5 votes but dropped to 4 votes because a user was removed. But after a month it still says 5 votes on my network profile, certainly a bug because a month is too long.
4:59 PM
that does seem odd
It's not even good, so it is odd.
Even integers can never be odd, and odd integers can never be even.
And together, they make up all integers. That's called a 'partition', a disjoint set of things that together make up the whole.
@KitZ.Fox Well, most words aren't defined on a case by case basis, so if it's just your case it's highly doubtful. However I would note that no such pejorative language was used. We're discussing an offensive notion, and one of debatable truthfulness. Personally, I suggest the question should be closed as primarily opinion based.
Announcement, Book Depository just emailed me to say there is 50 per cent discount! I was so happy until I saw 'for selected titles' LOL
5:05 PM
Quick everyone, check out the 'selected titles' LOL
Buy the most expensive ones right now!
I am actually waiting for them to say 'all titles are free for the next 5 minutes'
And then suddenly the internet will crash
@Tonepoet It's not opinion-based. Caitlyn Jenner is a woman. We call step-parents who are women "step-mothers". End of story.
And perhaps you call them stepmothers too even if that woman in context is lesbian.
5:10 PM
Affectional orientation has nothing to do with the title.
I was thinking about gay marriage, hehe.
Then she's not a step.
She's just a mother. Unless she married a divorced woman with a child.
In the UK they have STEP exams. Sixth term examination papers.
I watched the movie Step Up and that was it. I did not watch Step Up 2,3,etc.
The actor and actress got married after acting in Step Up, so sweet
5:15 PM
It was definitely a step up from what they had in the film.
I was thinking maybe Donald should step down from the elections.
But it seems Hillary is very sick and needs to step down too.
And there's so much bad stuff being said about each of them on youtube I don't know what is factual anymore.
It's so dramatic, much more so than elections here in Antarctica.
5:22 PM
I just noticed something very interesting. All the continents end with 'a' except Europe. We should call it Europa.
@tchrist Interesting that the link address has 11 when it is only month 10. =)
@tchrist "...he appears not to read." That really ought to be sufficiently damning.
@Tonepoet It is true that the book is titled Ragazzini 2017. They publish Ragazzini X every year in mid-(X-1).
@KitZ.Fox But then again, who reads such stuff? =)
I mean the readers of the article.
5:28 PM
@KitZ.Fox It means we can write whatever we please about him and he won’t ever read it.
But Hillary likes to cry, which is good. I like crying folks
Also, I like crying, folks
The comma is very important. =)
I like crying folks
5:30 PM
Kill him not spare him
Now we have degenerated to the level of eats shoots and leaves
I am waiting for the word paraprosdokian to enter all major dictionaries. It seems it has entered none searchable for free and sufficiently authoritative.
Although m-w.com, ahdictionary.com and collinsdictionary.com have 'fustigate' but not oxforddictionaries.com, the latter has 'koinonia' but not the other three @Tonepoet
@KitZ.Fox 'bastard' can be pejorative
@Mitch It can also be a friendly address, like 'lucky bastard' or 'that son of a bitch'
5:36 PM
If we stopped labelling certain words as offensive maybe people will stop saying them after a while
If we stop suppressing sexuality so much maybe there will be less rape and unwanted pregnancies after a while.
@Mitch sure.
@WillHunting That isn't how this works.
I am still reading the transcript on how @Mitch is technically a woman
I thought I had been talking to a woman all this while, until I scrolled further up
5:44 PM
This chat is very interesting. You should come here when you can't fall asleep from counting sheep
not sure if I should say um or uh
@WillHunting falls asleep from counting women
Well played
5:45 PM
wakes up from women counting
Oh man
Yeah baby
Son of a bitch
Son of a Gun is a nice movie.
I like all movies starring Brenton Thwaites. He is so sexy.
His name is not sexy
5:47 PM
I think he is acting in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie coming up
I think we can make him grow long long hair and he will become a beautiful woman
He looks like a child.
I prefer my man to look menly.
I learnt about him from watching Blue Lagoon: The Awakening
It's a 2012 version of the original Blue Lagoon movies one of which stars my favourite Milla Jovovich who looks like @KitZ.Fox =)
I do not look like Milla.
5:51 PM
Yeah, you said you are not so glamorous before, in this chat, when I said it then
Brooke shields still looks pretty good
Even though she lost her arm in that surf board shark attack
With Tom Cruise
I am waiting to watch Resident Evil 6 in Jan 2017, starring Milla, of course
Do you know that one person died and another got severely injured and paralysed from RE 6?
I think the injured one is Milla's double
By having the tv they were watching it on fall on them?
5:53 PM
This is indeed an Evil movie
And why did accidents happen to all the Supermen in real life?
And I think people died acting in the Twilight Zone movie too, spooky huh.
All the supermen actors died?
The last one was dead behind the eyes
Do you know that the sequel to Da Vinci Code and Angels And Demons is showing like soon or something?
Tom Hanks plays Professor Langdon as usual
5:56 PM
I think he got 40 million bucks for playing Forrest Gump OMG
I wish Hollywood would get me to act in this kind of movie
He has this problem where he really wants people to like him
They got Crowe to act in 'A beautiful mind' so they need to get me to act in 'A dirty mind' LOL
That's what my friend said ^
6:01 PM
One of my favourite malls here has 8 levels. You would expect 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 but it is actually 4,3,2,1,B1,B2,B3,B4 LOL
It's upside
When you get to B4 you can't help but feel you are deep in Hell
down and half in the ground?
There is no other building with B4 that I know of in Antarctica
Any lower and all the polar bears will start coming
6:03 PM
Building is difficult in Antarctica
Yes, the ice keeps melting.
Especially with shifting snows
There are more and more LEGO shops here too
I just entered one that day, for fun
I feel like buying a set to build something
6:05 PM
Physical shops are so last century
And then they have all these ice cream stick sets to build like Eiffel Towers
And all these glow in the dark jigsaw puzzles
I feel like I am a kid again
When I was in high school, my friend gave me a glow in the dark condom as birthday present =)
6:58 PM
A: meaning of "mugging away ?"

ullu buddhuFew weeks back when i asked one of my UK friend 'how are you doing'? he replied " not much I am mugging around" i am still trolled what exactly she meant.

no idea
that's a first for me. never seen it mean "unsure" before
Oh good, I was afraid it was more secret yookie code.
7:19 PM
> Have you heard that the French Merchant Navy have changed their motto? It’s now “To the water: it is the hour!”
I'm trying to figure that out. A l'eau, c'est l'heure?
that was a joke quoted on Language Log, I think :D
I guess I'm too dense.
"hello sailor"
Oh, so it is translated to French.
And I did translate it correctly.
I just didn't hear the pun.
7:35 PM
7:49 PM
@Tonepoet I found a 'Used - Like New' copy of the Paravia for under 100 USD somewhere in the world. =) I might get it. I am keeping the location a secret in case another person gets it before me. =)
I talked so much in chat today. I think I have the most messages in this room on this day.
@WillHunting The day you buy it is the day Oxford comes out with the new Oxford Ragazzini =P
@Tonepoet By the way I think all those bilingual dictionaries published by non-English publishers are meant more for their people to learn English, so not very suitable actually, even though still usable. For example, I now think that the Ragazzini itself is meant for Italians learning English.
So it will have lots of information on English and very little on Italian, comparatively
7:56 PM
@KitZ.Fox It would be very nice if you did a video on you speaking French. In particular, I would like to hear how you pronounce words like 'rouge'. But only if you want to.
@WillHunting A French-speaking video is on my list.
I made a rambling video this afternoon, but I don't know if I'll bother to post it.
@KitZ.Fox Aha. I did see the one with the air con sound though, but that was just a few words and masked by the air con.
I deleted mine again, but maybe I will start a new channel again!
Then I can make one of me speaking Chinese, LOL
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