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6:00 PM
I VTC'd as opinion, but it's also not a specific (real) problem the OP faced with a small set of possible answers. And at least a couple of the answers no longer try to be realistic.
I want to delete the entire post now.
Yeah, me too. But I don't want to mod hammer it.
clearly a divisive question
I would expect you to like it @edwinksl because I've never met a chemistry person who wasn't a pyromaniac ;)
6:05 PM
i am an engineering person, not chemistry ;P
the question did already go through one round of reopening
looks like it is headed towards another
forgive my ignorance :)
Sorry, I used my card.
@jokerdino Yay! Now all the slings and arrows of outrageous users shall rain down on you and not me.
woah, gone!
6:08 PM
I am ready to face whatever sticks and stones that are thrown my way.
I am glad it is gone
I didn't see it much earlier. Would have killed it faster.
it is still on-topic though, right?
@edwinksl Well, strictly speaking, no. If it were a real situation, it would have been but hypotheticals are off topic.
6:10 PM
i am curious what the reason for deleting it is? (it was originally closed as dupe, then reopened)
> you are asking an open-ended, hypothetical question: “What if ______ happened?”
:( just lost 190 rep
> Focus on questions about an actual problem you have faced. Include details about what you have tried and exactly what you are trying to do.
I did have an employer that needed Windows for auditing/"security" reasons.
Then, @jokerdino, posts like my theoretical deleting of init (so everything in that tag) should also be nuked, no?
6:13 PM
@KazWolfe OK, but then you went off on a whole shpeel about evil IT etc. I honestly couldn't understand if you wanted to get rid of your Ubuntu (which is what the story seemed to be suggesting) or Vista (which is what your last sentence was implying: "I wil not go back to Vista")
The MSE post, btw, was an unrelated effort to rep-farm.
The seems completely useless to me. That said, there are perfectly valid theoretical questions but they need to be expressed carefully.
The answer in most cases is "well, try it and let us know" :)
Noted. I'll let it stay deleted because mods decided rightly, imo.
@luchonacho I liked your answer because it was clever and not dangerous. I hope you will find another use for it :)
I honestly see no practical use for "destroy something exceedingly quickly"
6:15 PM
@Zanna thanks. it was a midnight summer dream, kind of hehe
@luchonacho how do you mean?
@Zanna midsummer night's dream I meant.... 190 rep in one go
@KazWolfe Destroy data, perhaps, but rendering the system useless without destroying data seems pointless.
Which is a completely different question so...
@luchonacho oh I see... don't worry, that will happen again some day I'm sure :)
6:18 PM
@Zanna :)
I'd say close, but not delete... Maybe a lock as well? I mean, relatively popular (but useless) question...
Was deleting necessary ? Protecting would have done the job.... this is all sad :(
I will ask a serious one about actual data destruction though.
I mean locking
Isn't there a "historical reasons... But not a good question" tag for locks?
6:23 PM
These kind of incidents makes people lose their interest. ( Especially new users who tried to answer that question, there were many )
Yeah. This one's on me. It wasn't a good question to ask
Learning, I guess?
@SeverusTux If people are only interested in destroying Ubuntu I'm not sure we should be sad if they leave ;)
I liked the Win 10 theme answer.
And I had a slight smile on some others... :)
Viewing deleted questions is awesome
Q: NVIDIA problems after installing 16.04 with GeForce GT 640 OEM

T.MartinAfter upgrading to 16.04 I always got the login screen back. No login possible. After removing the NVIDIA dirver and installing the nouveau driver a login was possible. I used the hints from this thread Graphics issues after installing Ubuntu 16.04 with NVIDIA graphics. Here is the actual situat...

if it worked before in 14.04, it can't be an issue with the monitor settings, right?
@SeverusTux Which, really, is a good reason to not post such questions in the first place.
6:28 PM
Yes, but... hm... okay
So... Kaz overnight indirectly gave out probably over 500 rep, and directly took it all away. Neat.
Just when I started to be liked. :(
Bye all.
later :)
is this not Ubuntu or too broad, or a dupe of something? askubuntu.com/questions/823008/…
6:35 PM
@Zanna how are you coping with your superpowers?
it's not ubuntu and a matter of opinion.
@edwinksl while I was on mobile I tried to flag some deleted answers >_<
@Zanna I've used "Ubuntu" on a 8GB website
I mean a 8GB EC2 instance
This entirely depends on what else you plan to install. For example, if you install games, then you need more space than someone who doesn't install games. — edwinksl 47 secs ago
excellent point ^
@Zanna fat fingers, i understand
6:38 PM
my brother recently "cleaned up" 250 GB games from his system
@Zanna yeah games are at least couple of GBs up to tens of GBs nowadays
@Zanna yes exactly. It is a very tight fit :P
I was like... your deleted games took up my entire SSD 8 times
Q: running selenium tests using marionnette driver

JasmineI have selenium 2.53 running on an ubuntu box and firefox marionette driver 0.9.0. When I run the selenium tests, I get the error: (firefox:13633): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_type_add_interface_static: assertion 'g_type_parent (interface_type) == G_TYPE_INTERFACE' failed How do I run selenium...

@Zanna your toaster has a SSD? not that bad of a toaster then
6:39 PM
@Zanna my ubuntu partition on this computer is 200 GB. I am counting down the days until the hard disk on this y510p dies and then I'll probably get a SSD. Maybe 512 GB I hope
@edwinksl It's a pretty good toaster, I gotta say :)
nice answer, david
Is there an SE site for google/google products? and thanks :D
$ df -h .
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mmcblk0p2   27G   17G  8.0G  68% /
^ : /
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice maybe this? webapps.stackexchange.com
6:42 PM
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice webapps probably
I've seen so many google chrome problems in the past week or so
But they're always specific to Ubuntu
So I wouldn't have exported em
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice huh, like what? i use chrome myself and it works well
So do I, and one sec I'll find one
Q: [Close]After rebooting need to log in each time

NovahIf I reboot Ubuntu, then I need to log on each site and in Google Chrome account. What is the reason?

Q: Ubuntu 16.04 laggy UI using Google Chrome

FlatronOkay, so this really bothers me now for a really long time. I am Using Ubuntu 16.04.1 64 bit with all latest updates installed. Unfortunately every day after using Google Chrome (and also maybe other apps) for a few minutes the whole UI becomes really laggy and unresponsive in a strange way: Yo...

Q: Google Chrome settings not persisting

Lerer FerlerDespite having the cookies setting set to allow all cookies, and the clear cookies on shutdown option unchecked, every time I shutdown the computer Google Chromes settings are wiped. I'm not logged in to my google account anymore. Cookie settings aren't remembered. I'm not logged into any website...

To top that all off, 1 and 3 are dupes XD
or atleast 1 is a dupe of 3
@AndroidDev Stop stealing my rep D:<
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice i would say the first thing to try is to disable hardware acceleration and see if anything happens
that solves a lot of "lag" problems in chrome
Not sure if it would be as "fast and snappy" as for example my 3 TB drive ;) but it'll get the job done! — David Cole - Grammar Police 12 secs ago
6:55 PM
"light programming" still doesn't tell me how much space his data take
@karel I used more than 64GB my first day using Ubuntu O_O
yeah i have zero games but i already use 100 GB
I have so many damn games lmao
I also have a bunch of movies
And a few Windows ISO files
zero movies, zero music, zero games
still 100 GB :P
6:57 PM
work stuff
data takes a huge amount of space
I have 1 single game of 180GB already. That's larger than my SSD.
I've used like 600 GB
@ByteCommander must be world of tanks
6:58 PM
It is ^_^
GRRRRR "starting version 219"
Guess I'm in the right place at least
Oh, stupid me.
I missed a comma! It's only 18 GB :P
an order of magnitude difference...
Q: I'd like to destroy some data quickly, and irreversably. How?

Kaz WolfeSo, long story short, I have some, er, sensitive data that I'd like to protect from people trying to snoop around. Let's say it's in a folder on my desktop called My Secrets. However, I'd like to retain some sort of method to destroy this data to make it unrecoverable, in such a way that it is i...

Better, @mods?
Why can't they make those commas larger?
7:01 PM
@KazWolfe Im laughing so hard XD
hey guys
@KazWolfe Quick and irreversibly contradicts each other...
@ByteCommander but we use periods in the land of the free
@KazWolfe use DBAN
7:01 PM
your commas confuse me when i read german things
Oh, right. Well, commas are still bigger than points, so that's a good thing.
is true
@KazWolfe And if you're storing your secrets on an SSD, you're screwed anyway.
wouldn't encryption do it? they can take your data but they can't do jack with it
7:03 PM
Yeah they can
Ubuntu encryptions suck ASS
cough cough!
Just sayin, Ubuntu encryptions work for Ubuntu, other operating systems can undo encryptions made on Linux based systems
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice that makes no sense
Does it not?
Multiple ways of encrypting files I've used from Ubuntu do not hold over when I go to my Windows installation
I just dont like encryption :o
7:08 PM
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice that is not encryption then.
@JamesTobin Me either
@KazWolfe It is, just very crappy
my favorite GUI of all time! wish that thing would have a linux kernel and ubuntu base and apt package manager!
I'm so mean, I'm getting genuinely pissed at someone for not speaking english XD
that is why you don't use weak encryption
7:10 PM
Most strong ones are too much work ;)
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice seems unreasonable
Q: new install of 16.04 boots 3.13.0-96 despite the fact it isn't even present on any mounted filesystem

user3363292A fresh installation of 16.04 from the mini.iso. After the basic installation I used apt-get to install xorg, openbox, thunar and so on, set some groups, and reset the tty font. No DM. No DE other than Openbox itself. I'm using LILO because the OS-prober bugs that affect grub2 were such a nightma...

help us all
that's so much damn text
yay i broke my apt-get habit!
good! apt apt apt apt apt apt apt apt apt apt apt apt
AU post 420 was deleted
7:20 PM
@KazWolfe get out!
@Rinzwind what? why?
apt-get versus apt :=D
too difficult this form of humor?
yeah. i think apt is nicer
apt is definitely nicer
@terdon I see the problem this way, If one person asks How can I achieve this within a 200 byte code, and another asks same thing within 50 bytes codes, I'd support making the former as a dupe to the latter one. Because every valid answer (weren't counting invalid answers) for 50 bytes is also valid for 200 bytes, but it's not the other way around. though there can be other opinion too.
Again, duplicate means same question. So, the target questions accepted answer should be an answer to the question we're closing too. But this is not happening here. If we close 50 bytes question as a dupe, the accepted answer might not answer the question
7:28 PM
hmmm there is a tag which clearly needs to be destroyed, but the (one) question it is linked to was migrated, so I can't untag it...
@Zanna :D
a mod probably can
most useless tag ever! hahaha
who shall we burden with this mission? >:-D
@terdon how do we kill this tag: askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/ask-ubuntu ?
lets bug Terdon >:-D
Don't bug the AskUbuntu gods.
You will regret it
I did not.he aint a AU god >:)
7:32 PM
hahaha thanks for picking, I didn't wanna show mod-favouritism or anything
oh no. zanna is also nuking tags?
yeah I just killed
I think the tag would have got auto-nuked by the system once the migration stub got removed.
@ByteCommander nooooooo we burden terdon with it >:)
How can I object to this evil smirk ;)
7:37 PM
easy, watch:
I object to that evil smirk!
Bothering Seth is more interesting
then you pm seth :=)
wait, there's no way for non-mods to access migrated questions?
that seems weird
back later :-)
oh, i see. it's locked.
@KazWolfe What do you want?
7:43 PM
to nuke tag:ask-ubuntu
but to do that, one needs to edit it, and you can't edit locked posts
8:00 PM
@Zanna jesus christ
it seems like all I have to do to get rep on AU this week is breathe on it... crazy luck
So, I am now a full Linux Foundation Member! Yay!
that's totally awesome @KazWolfe congrats!!
@Zanna it's free for students :P
now, employee discounts on hardware
and a linux.com address
8:04 PM
@edwinksl but free stuff can still be cool as we know hahaha
@KazWolfe you're gonna give me those discounts right?
i thought you were a student
hey @chili555 how you doing?
Doing very well, thanks @Zanna. How about you?
Doing great thanks :D
8:10 PM
mmm, break-fast
@KazWolfe I get discounts?
@KazWolfe congrats!
What did you have to do?
@Zacharee1 just go here and submit identity.linuxfoundation.org/eform/submit/…
how are you @NathanOsman
Guess who's back
back again
8:19 PM
Since when do highschools have majors?
The Linux attitude: YOU, ME, US!
you ever watch that?
the whole way through :)
I love that one
@edwinksl idk what to do. I don't have a high school major
@Zacharee1 i can't find anything that says you must be in college to apply for student membership. so maybe just write "N/A" or "High school, no major huehuehue"?
folks, this person solved their problem - do we close as no repro or is it worth telling them to post an answer? askubuntu.com/questions/822867/…
8:25 PM
personally, i choose the latter and wait for a couple of days
8:40 PM
Hey guys..
I'm upgrading from 15.04 to 16.04 but when I restart, it boots into RO mode, and when I sudo mount -o remount rw / to fix it it boots me into 15.04 :/
am I doing something wrong here
who the hell types like that askubuntu.com/questions/822868/…
@edwinksl someone whose question just got closed...
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice can't tell if we don't know what you did ;)
I just told you what I did
look up
"I'm upgrading.... but when I restart [there is a problem]" so how are you upgrading?
8:46 PM
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice How did I steal your rep?
With edits XDDD @AndroidDev
@edwinksl What. You Do Not Type. Like This?
@Zacharee1 oH lORD pLEASE sPARE mE fROM tHIS
@edwinksl But It Is. Very Sensible To. Type Like This. Because Everyone Knows. That Every Word Is. Important.
That was fast
8:48 PM
what major did you put
legit major
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice Ummm... you know I don't get any rep for edits, right?
Ah yes, when I was a yungin', I majored in one of the most academically intense subjects, "N/A."
that was supafast
8:49 PM
liek srsly
@AndroidDev Yea but like it's potential for me
yay, now I have a 10th email
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice that's not gonna upgrade you to a new release
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice "Like" it's potential, or it is potential?
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice - Mr. Grammar Police :)
@Zanna what will
@AndroidDev BITE ME
8:50 PM
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice sudo do-release-upgrade
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice Just say'n
I will be back, installing 16.04 XD
@Zacharee1 - What does he want? askubuntu.com/questions/823057/…
8:51 PM
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice ur such a n00b
@AndroidDev give 'em a cookie. Maybe they'll leave :p
Is 16.10 out?
@Zacharee1 Nah, giving cookies is for @Rinzwind
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice A person who posted earlier today said they were running it...
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice October
8:53 PM
@Zanna's words of wisdom
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice out in October
use.... the space bar? — Zanna 35 secs ago
16.10 is in beta afaik
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice the beta's been out forever
But the numbers mean something in Ubuntu
8:54 PM
@Zacharee1 Oh rly?
@Zacharee1 's words of wisdom also:
Input the command as ls ~ /usr? — Zacharee1 1 min ago
@Zanna yours is funnier :p
@Zanna I don't understand what the OP wants to do.
8:54 PM
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice The versioning for Ubuntu is YY.MM
I feel like instead of flagging questions we just troll now XD
16.10 is coming October 13th, everybody!
I NEVER REALIZED THAT @Zacharee1 !!!!!
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice lol, yeah.
@AndroidDev it's inscrutable afaik, just VTC as unclear
8:55 PM
I wonder what 17 is gonna bring :D
16.04 is really the 23rd version I believe
because 2 versions a year, we started with 4.04 (really 4.06 since it came out late), 15.10 would be the 22nd version if I'm mathing right
Whenever someone puts "plz," "pls," "u" or numbers instead of words in their question, I tend to automatically ignore it
8:58 PM
Because if you can't even take the effort for those THREE EXTRA FRICKING LETTERS then why should I think you'll take any effort in getting it resolved?
@Zanna you should gift me 100 rep :p
hmrph. i am gonna use windows then
What is my computer doing
LOL @edwinksl
8:59 PM
@edwinksl I love the wording of Jacob V's meta post "be sure to invigorate your question by threatening to return to Windows"
i h8 ubnutu! if u dotn fix thsi i WLIL go back 2 Windows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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