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8:00 PM
I love how the appointment of the ROs kicked off a whole new wave of noise
@ColdGolf It's not that bad is it?
Well, we were saying possible ideas. I said "somebody mentioned Arnold's cat map" and I said who
Still definitely a good thing, thank you @Dennis
8:00 PM
@muddyfish Multiple edits it becomes bad.
@Sherlock9 I mentioned the decision trees, and thought people were saying that was a dupe.
bye! (to muddyfish)
Bye MuddyFish!
kk, i gtg back to eating. bai!
i'll be back in a bit
8:02 PM
Enjoy your tamale.
Whatever tamale is.
It seems to me like your specialty is disagreeing with people about all manner of things. In fact, I'll also point out that you seem to be rather antagonistic towards everyone. You like to challenge decisions made and opinions expressed by others, or you like to tell others what they should or must do.

In almost all of this, you do so with language that is neutral at best and hostile at worst. This community is by and large based around positive sentiments, which you are not contributing towards. Thus far, we have tolerated you, to put it mildly. I think that the tolerance of most people h
@ColdGolf a really good food
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ It's not better than my pizza, or is it?
I just googled it, this tamale looks cool...
i eat both, but pizza is generally better
there are leftover tamales right now though, eating those
ColdGolf's hostility is bad, but other people's hostility toward him is ok
8:05 PM
@MitchSchwartz It is not either
@Sherlock9 Hey, "tamale" is right too.
We need to work on positivity all around here
Yeah, but I just wanted to mention that tamal is the original word
@MitchSchwartz Yeah, it's not great that people have responded in hostility, but it probably is worthwhile to note that it's in response. It's natural to react to hostility with hostility.
8:07 PM
@El'endiaStarman It's natural, but it's bad. Does anybody care, though?
Yes, I do
Turns out "tamale" is also called "humita", TIL.
I actually do care, thank you very much
I changed my mind. I think I'm going to come back tomorrow, rather than in an hour.
@DJMcMayhem What ya gonna do tomorrow?
8:09 PM
@DJMcMayhem ....that may be a good idea. Of course, you can always watch the transcript.
@DJMcMayhem Anything we can change to change your mind...?
On an unrelated note, more people voted for Alliance than Horde! YAAAS!
If you're not playing the game, you're missing out.
8:12 PM
@ColdGolf which game?
@El'endiaStarman There's nothing worth watching in transcript. It's a minor tiny little bit of antagonizing users, and a whole crapton of complaining. Not that I haven't been complaining also, it's just that there's no longer any discussion in here. We've shifted to a one track mind, where no matter where the topic goes, it always comes back full circle to talking about the state of the room and whatever cold golf is or isn't doing
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ WoW
I have neither the money nor the time, unfortunately
@Sherlock9 Then get the money from CS:GO trading.
Ironically, that message is contributing to the same thing I'm complaining about
8:13 PM
Ditto, unfortunately
@DJMcMayhem That's certainly how it seems at the moment. It'll quiet down sooner or later.
I'm working towards sooner :)
@ColdGolf Could you at least try to say anything on topic and constructive once in a while?
It's uphill
@Sherlock9 Yeah, WoW > LoL
8:14 PM
:31933070 That's one of the rudest things I've ever read from you.
Don't play LoL either
@DJMcMayhem new topic: prefix vs infix for golfing?
@Sherlock9 Either of them is good.
@ColdGolf Jesus christ man
And yet if I flag it, it will be declined because it's not vulgar or spam
8:15 PM
They are, but they aren't what I'm looking for in gaming
I'm looking for story usually
More puzzling?
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ do you mean prefix vs postfix?
@Sherlock9 Story is Zelda.
+35 or 53+
Story is everywhere
8:16 PM
Isn't Jelly (and J, APL, etc) basically infix?
@Sherlock9 Yes, but Zelda has the best stories.
@ColdGolf I play LoL
Im so happy for the new room owners
8:16 PM
@mbomb007 WoW > LoL, and I don't even have time to say why.
@ColdGolf cough chronotrigger cough
Inside has a good story, Cave Story has a good story
Alright, I think you need a break.
I can't star anything
I need to stop wasting my star votes
8:17 PM
Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound and Undertale have good stories
@El'endiaStarman Jelly is infix for execution, but has a postfix parser. It's a rather weird feature of an otherwise normal language.
@Sherlock9 I love undertale
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ I'm partial to infix--it's how I think, and (though I do like Lisp) prefix is usually too much mental contortionism. Thus why Pip is infix.
8:18 PM
Me too. I kept putting off finishing it though
I think it's the only game I've beaten 3+ times
@DLosc oh, cool
Still technically haven't haha
@Sherlock9 where are you in the story?
8:18 PM
@DJMcMayhem Between the very last fight and leaving
@mbomb007 Riot Games is a money grabbing studio. Nuff' said.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Not that it usually wins any challenges these days, but I still enjoy it.
Oh cool I got to see a deleted message before it got deleted
@ColdGolf LoL is the free game. Nice joke.
8:19 PM
Yeah, I like infix a bit better also.
@Sherlock9 the last fight with whom? There's like 4 final bosses haha
I want to set aside block of several hours go explore the underground before I leave
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ I prefer postfix.
In True Pacifist
Oh, OK
8:20 PM
@mbomb007 LoL has useless cosmetic items.
@DJMcMayhem Very true haha
WoW is paid because is deserves to be.
Genocide is really fun but insanely hard
And depressing. Not even going to try it myself
@ColdGolf Like what? If you can see it, and other players see it, then it's not useless. It's cosmetic.
8:22 PM
I actually need to go for real (not rage-quitting chat)
I am planning to watch the Grumps play Pacifist and Genocide because I have seen clips and they're great
@DJMcMayhem Alright, see you later
@mbomb007 Cosmetic = Money grab
Cosmetic items are good because the actual game can be played to the highest levels without paying a cent, but they are useless money grabs.
cough tf2 cough
@ColdGolf If you actually played LoL, maybe you'd know how much easier it is to get skins for free.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ tf2 is the same thing. I don't play tf2.
8:24 PM
They changed it recently.
@mbomb007 Legally?
exactly, it's cosmetic land
Well, it's a design philosophy. Let the whole game be free, but add some items so we can actually make money haha
@Sherlock9 Yes, it works for apps, not games.
Example: Discord.
@ColdGolf why do you continue on, after you know of all the disagreements. REally, we have high quality discussion here about interesting things, and you come in, and managed to disrupt the flow so much that we had to appoint 5 additional room owners. Your disruption was so great, it managed to spur on additional and prompt change to tnb. THis change was hardly needed.
8:25 PM
@ColdGolf Yeah... they added a crafting center where you craft them with materials gained by doing well in-game.
@RohanJhunjhunwala Can we stop meta arguing about TNB and actually post useful things in it?
I respect that idea though. No ridiculous half-finished games with DLC fixing stuff
@ColdGolf Well that's ironic, coming from you, lol.
@ColdGolf Yes, we can, and I'd love to! Please, lead the way!
@mbomb007 Yeah, work real hard just to not spend a dollar on a fancy in-game shirt.
8:26 PM
@ColdGolf League doesn't have in-game shirts.
WoW is paid because the developers need to get paid too, not because Bllizard just wants lots of money.
Then why is it a subscription
@ColdGolf Okay, now I know you're just full of BS. Riot devs need to be paid, too.
And League has another way to do that, because they can't make new content as easily.
Go spend some time code-golfing, like your name says. Get some rep.
8:27 PM
Dota 2 is fully funded by cosmetics
Also, some people like cosmetics and are willing to pay for them. I see nothing wrong with offering them
@mbomb007 I would star your witty remark, but I cant why is there a star limit???!!
Besides, just be happy somebody buys the cosmetics, cuz it means you don't have to pay to play
@RohanJhunjhunwala To prevent a Star Bomba
@ColdGolf If you call them money-grabbers, then why are they optional and also available for free by working hard? If you say that, it means you really really want them. As in, they are awesome.
8:29 PM
This “ignore” thing is working out well.
@LeakyNun @anyone-who-cares I found an interesting approach to a quine. (Although it does not seem to shorten the quine perhaps you can perform some wizardry to imrpve my approach). (I tried to get a define to remove all of the set commands)
A: Golf you a quine for great good!

Rohan JhunjhunwalaS.I.L.O.S, 3057 bytes A = 99 def S set S A 112 A + 1 S A 114 A + 1 S A 105 A + 1 S A 110 A + 1 S A 116 A + 1 S A 76 A + 1 S A 105 A + 1 S A 110 A + 1 S A 101 A + 1 S A 32 A + 1 S A 65 A + 1 S A 32 A + 1 S A 61 A + 1 S A 32 A + 1 S A 57 A + 1 S A 57 A + 1 S A 10 A + 1 S A 72 A + 1 S A 32 A + 1 S...

@xnor oh man, the latest one is hilarious
8:30 PM
@xnor :D yes, exactly!!
I fuckin love Garfield Minus Garfield
@xnor I like these.
Even though I hate the actual comic. Funny how that works
@ColdGolf you give the impression of wanting an argument, and escalating disagreements by giving non-answers that cumulatively annoy people. Even if this impression is inaccurate, you will still get kicked out of the room for it, so I recommend making an effort to avoid giving this impression.
Please I ask in the most heartfelt way, Leave tnb.
8:32 PM
@Dennis I'm curious of the process you did to select/communicate with the 5 new owners
I'm not suggesting leaving, I'm just suggesting being nicer
@RohanJhunjhunwala Or he can ++maturity.
@mbomb007 more like
@ColdGolf Any other games? Books?
Well Sp and tricho were most likely selected for covering other timezones
8:33 PM
@RohanJhunjhunwala for(;;)maturity**=maturity;
Elendia has already had a significant hand in moderating here
@quartata I should have been clearer. I'm interested in the election process, not the reasons he selected a particular room owner
@mbomb007 you have two stars
@RohanJhunjhunwala Yeah. It's called exponentiation.
I don't actually have any problems with the people that were selected :)
8:34 PM
@mbomb007 that implies he has a greater than zero a mount of maturity
@mbomb007 for(;;)maturity=A(maturity,maturity) where A is the Ackermann function. Just wanted to bring a quick end to the escalation. :P
@NathanMerrill Oh. I don't think there was a real elction per se
I, for one, welcome our new room owner overlords
@El'endiaStarman busy beaver function perhaps
8:38 PM
In all seriousness can we have a way to vote-kick users?
Phew, working out determinants of submatrices by hand is hard.
@TimmyD Matlab!
@TimmyD use mathematica
What in the world happened while I was out? It was only an hour or so, people.
or Matlab
8:38 PM
Yes, I have neither of those things.
wolfram alpha!
@Geobits look at the starboard -> nudge nudge
@Geobita dont even know anymore
@Geobits You got promoted. There's additional responsibility, but no increase in pay. Kinda like a real promotion.
8:39 PM
@TimmyD Also are you aware of the adjugate matrix? Makes things a lot easier sometiems.
@RohanJhunjhunwala let me get my laptop. Everything is terrible on mobile
He probably knows already though @TimmyD
@Geobits ok thanks!
@NathanMerrill We (the mods) threw a few names in the hat, discussed them briefly in private, and created another private chat room to ask them if they were interested. Since the number of RO is unbounded for practical purposes and it seemed rather urgent to get the current situation under control, we deemed a formal election process counterproductive.
@TimmyD Use Jelly.
@Dennis I wasn't expecting a formal election :)
I know. Just explaining how we got here. :)
8:41 PM
I feel bad that Alex got so downvoted on meta
Even though I disagreed
Downvotes on meta aren't a bad thing. If you fear meta downvotes, you're never going to post your opinion.
@TimmyD Or what kind of determinants are you trying to find?
It indicates disagreement with that particular statement. It was useful to have the statement so that we could see how the community felt about it. It doesn't reflect how we feel about Alex
I think its a rather good thing that we are able to downvote him
there's a lot of "people vote up because he's a mod"
Yeah, I suppose. I walked away from the whole thing with mortarboard, which I didn't think was possible on meta.
8:43 PM
@NathanMerrill Yes this shows that is just sour grapes
nah, I still think it occurs
aka, people are more likely to agree with mods because they respect them
@flawr For my challenge in the Sandbox
(I'm pretty sure I do it too)
I'm sure there's an element of that (also with other respected users), but I think it's less than people think
@NathanMerrill there's also, "users are more likely to become mods when they have opinions other people agree with"
8:45 PM
@TimmyD Just let me know if I (or my matlab) can do anything for you=)
@Dennis Haha. I can barely follow along with your explanations. My brain just doesn't want to process "links" right.
@DJMcMayhem Well, that and people who are fit for modship are also the kind to think things through and support their opinions with facts and such.
anyways, my point is, I'm glad that we have a good solid counter-example that people don't just upvote mods
@TimmyD Lynn's new shiny tutorial is a great primer
It's on the wiki
Ok, now that I have a semi-real keyboard, thanks for the promotion and all. I'll try not to nuke people just for liking spaces over tabs.
8:47 PM
@El'endiaStarman exactly. That's a better way of putting it.
@Geobits This makes me slightly nervous
@Geobits Thank you for allowing me to stay. :P
@Geobits Not to worry, I've suddenly changed my opinion on that
@quartata Oh, neat. I hadn't seen that. I'll have to take a look.
@Geobits can I "borrow" your idea of identing with comment blocks? It could make an interesting challenge on main?
8:48 PM
@RohanJhunjhunwala On Sandbox.
Borrow? You can have it. It sounds like a terrible idea for anything but a challenge :P
Not really.
It has potential.
@Geobits thanks, I do like to ensure that I don't take something without permission (even though there is CC-SA)
@flawr Will do. I think it also doesn't help that I last really dealt with linear algebra like 15 years ago and haven't really touched many matrix operations since.
@TimmyD All you really have to remember is that there is no spoon. The rest follows from that.
8:50 PM
@TimmyD Have you seen 3Blue1Brown's recent videos on Linear Algebra? They're amazing.
@Dennis Hahahahaha
That was fast
@Geobits Yeah, I'm pretty sure Galois said something along those lines ;-)
@El'endiaStarman Never heard of 'em.
@TimmyD Right then, you're in for an educayshun!
@El'endiaStarman Just emailed myself a link to their YouTube channel to check out later
@RohanJhunjhunwala Do they enforce the CC-SA, though?
Also, wasn't it recently changed to all MIT, not CC-SA?
Before, normal text was CC-SA. Code was MIT. Now, it's all MIT.
8:53 PM
@ColdGolf The CC BY-SA is there to allow you to reuse things, not to prevent you. Rohan is just being polite
@ColdGolf SE tried to do that in January, IIRC, but there was a huge backlash. I don't think they've moved forward with it since then.
@El'endiaStarman Why the backlash? It was a good idea.
You can read all of the reasons for the backlash on meta SE
Q: The MIT License – Clarity on Using Code on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange

samthebrand Update (Dec. 22): Thanks, everyone, for your feedback to this proposal. We're going to digest this one over the holidays and should have a follow-up announcement answering your questions and addressing your concerns after the new year. We won't be making any hurried decisions on this topic, an...

@trichoplax I've read them before, but I mean like, SE's policy already gives them a complete license over your work on the site. So ideally, a license change shouldn't bother the users.
Pretty much every site does it to protect the site from lawsuits.
The only license SO as a company has over your works is the CC BY-SA license, as far as I am aware
8:55 PM
It's not about that. It's about usage of the snippets by SO's end users
If you really want the backlash, that's all here:
Q: A New Code License: The MIT, this time with Attribution Required

samthebrandUpdate: January 15, 2016 Thank you for your patience and feedback. We're going to delay the implementation for now - we'll be back soon to open some more discussions. Important context for those arriving from reddit and slashdot links: The status quo is not "public domain"; attribution i...

The difference between votes on those two cracks me up
> Attribution Required
I remember that, after upvotes on the first one were interpreted as support rather than "yes, this needs lots of discussion and attention"
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei Not if you're on Windows
Interesting that the second one got right down to absolute zero...
8:57 PM
@trichoplax Such a bummer we don't have the capability to give 0.15 downvotes...
Such a purist :P
@trichoplax -273?
Absolute zero is -273.15

El'endiaStarman beat you to spoiling my bad joke ;)
trichoplax makes many puns
Kind of you to leave out the "bad" in front of "puns" :)

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