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2:00 AM
@Downgoat kk I signed in
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ where?
give @Downgoat ya email
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ that is an awesome email
how did you get it
and asking user46049
Gee, I feel like this CR post is too short but honestly the comments pretty much explain everything about the code
@quartata comments are temporary. move whatever the comments say to the post then
@zyabin101 Hello!
2:07 AM
FML I have no idea why the jolf interpreter isn't working
dinner time calls to me!
Well , I do, but I don't know how to fix it
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ bai!
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ what is the problem?
2:08 AM
I have setTimeout(loadWordList, 2000); before loadWordList is defined. I'm going to try and move it into the dynamic loading js
you should use babel
@quartata post teh question so i cans upvotes
then you can use await and async
those do what?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/
2:11 AM
I thought you were eating >_>
oops shit gtg bai
@Downgoat how goes fixing the arrow problems?
what arrow problems?
2:13 AM
2 hours ago, by Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'Bʀɪᴇɴ
@Downgoat Your use of arrows is a tad extravagant.
@Phrancis challenge accepted
I just had an idea
Q: Steam Community Market Strange Part Scraper

quartataA while back I wrote a simple little PHP script that searches the Steam community market for any TF2 strange weapons with strange parts on the first page of results for that weapon type. It works by retrieving the listings for each weapon using curl, runs a regex to retrieve the internal JS varia...

You guys know how Piet has 20 characters for its code?
2 hours ago, by Mars Ultor
~> for operators
@MarsUltor what do you mean by this?
And there are, according to Google, 216 websafe colors
@Sherlock9 interpreter?
or thing
@Downgoat Use ~> to define operators
-> to define all functions
2:16 AM
@MarsUltor can you show some example syntax?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ 20 colors that are always counted no matter what and then the differences between colors are interpreted to code
@Sherlock9 oic
I can't ping ETH in chat anymore :(
unless he changed his name
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I don't think he has been active for a while
Huh. He's pretty active on github
plus ~> (Number: l, Number: r) l + r then l plus r, and maybe neg ~> (null, Number: r) -r
2:18 AM
> Currently taking a break for personal reasons.
So between 216 colors, we can have ASCII and then some, meaning we can make an extension of Piet that transpiles to a character encoding and then to [given language]
@MarsUltor ah, ok
@Downgoat oh, I see :(
Hello @Quill!
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ :p If I was a mod I would have a blue name on chat. I'm not a mod, just an enthusiast ;p
2:19 AM
We could make JPiet and PythPiet and JellyPiet and SeriouslyPiet
@Downgoat yo, wassup goat man
The possibilities are quite fantastic, if not endless
@Quill ಠ_ಠ
I am not a goatman
I am just a goat
And that's just the RGB color space!
@Sherlock9 They'd all be alternate representations of those languages, though.
It could be cool to see what programs look like graphically, but beyond that, it's more like an alphabet substitution than it is a new language.
2:21 AM
Yeah, I know, but I'm frustrated by the trouble I'm having with just coding in Piet so I want to make the cool pictures with a different language
@El'endiaStarman Yeah, that. Well, it'll still be a fun thing to do this week
Oh yeah, sure.
Someone give me a somewhat simple relationship amongst pairs of integers
Uhhhhhhh (a,b) -> (a+1,b-1)?
That are interesting. I'm using it for a jolf snippet
oh hey it's an @El'endia Starman. Hey there
2:23 AM
So how is everyone
Q: hackertyper.net

Majora320Introduction hackertyper.net is a website that simulates "hacking" (as the media portrays it) by outputting complicated code from the crypto section of the Linux kernel onto the screen as you type at a rate of 3 characters per one inputted. Challenge Your program/function should either accept ...

My morning class is quite... an unintentional cure for insomnia, through no fault of the lecturer
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Well, I gotta have more information to go off of...
2:26 AM
His stories are interesting but the darn material is the number of wonderful tests we can do when running Software QA
Maybe (a,b) -> (a+b,a-b)?
@El'endiaStarman Okay. Sorry, I forgot to. I'm generating all pairs of integers that satisfy condition P below 100 (can be changed), and am looking for a short interesting condition
(a, b) -> (gcd(a, b), lcm(a, b))
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ P: a^2 - b^2 < 10?
2:28 AM
Oops misread
Imma check it out
Cubed might be better. a^3 - b^3 < 100 or something.
lcm(a, b) < 100
Dammit, I wanted to do something productive today...
no you didnt
2:30 AM
Productivity is like the spoon in The Matrix.
If A,B, and C all extend D, and I want to make different "view" classes, where I display a view based on the subclass of D, what's the design pattern for that?
I wonder how you'd do this checking in Haskell? Take the infinite list of every b and a single a until it hits the condition, then move to the next infinite list with the next a?
@NathanMerrill Give them each an attribute with their name and check that?
no, I don't want any of them to know about the view
@NathanMerrill Can't you just implement them in A, B and C?
2:32 AM
@Quill I posted something on CR; when do you come to collect my soul
@quartata I read your code; looks good
I'm planning on reviewing it once I finish this PPCG answer ;p
@quartata You didn't deposit your soul during SE registration? Man, you need to get your paperwork in order
@MarsUltor I'm trying to separate the view from the data.
@Quill yeah, i know that now
@NathanMerrill Then probably use El'endia's suggestion
2:36 AM
@Sherlock9 I thought I filled out all the forms... hmm one second
but once again, putting an attribute in A, B, or C isn't separating the view from the data
the data (D) should know nothing of the view
Redefine the view function(s) in A, B, and C?
I don't want to touch A, B, or C
Basically, I want to make classes V, W, and X that pair up with A, B, and C
I mean, A, B, C are all subclasses of D, right?
2:38 AM
Alright, I ended up settling with collatz length equality of pairs of integers
but for modularity, only V should have a dependency on A, not the other way around
Can you give a code example of A, B, C and View?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ That doesn't really seem simple, but link?
I just ragequit Day of Defeat
2:40 AM
Wait, can you make a generic View class?
@MarsUltor sure, yes.
i.e. View<A>, View<B>
> where I display a view based on the subclass of D
I have no idea how to do that unless View knows about all subclasses of D though
The only way a function in D can do something different in A, B, and C is if it knows which subclass its in. How can you completely avoid some data if you have to label A, B, and C?
And I don't think that's a good idea
@El'endiaStarman I'm not making this function in D
but I think Mars has the answer
each view has a generic that accepts a subclass of D
2:42 AM
@Phrancis Hehe, yeah... I myself replayed DoD recently and found I had lost most of my game sense. Luckily having played CSGO helped a little
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Is it not possible to run programs twice?
@El'endiaStarman Yes. You have to re-input.
@NathanMerrill Make sure it's View<T extends D>
I'm working on a new interpreter that doesn't consume input
Oh wait, my problem was that I was putting the input into the wrong box.
2:44 AM
@MarsUltor of course
did you put in the left box?
What's the precompile box for anyway?
@quartata So many deathtraps, it feels like there are campers everywhere. Almost every time I die I'm like "huh? where did this shot come from?"
I literally have no idea
I think I did some dev when I was tired one night and that happened
2:45 AM
it took a nightmare of css to do it
some please fix the monster that is css
@Phrancis The grenades out of nowhere are the most annoying. Esecially when they've been dropped by your teammates on accident...
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ That phrase is more common with s/dev/stuff/.... P
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ o_o
BAI for other reasons
Anyway, I always get 0,0,1,1,2,2,...,n-1,n-1, where n is my input. Hmm. Maybe I haven't tried large-enough numbers yet.
scorpion pilot episode rewatch
@El'endiaStarman try 16
I put in 100... :P
2:56 AM
jolf isn't fast y'know
Oh, it finished immediately.
with input 100?
Anyway, put in a little more code to take out pairs where both a and b are the same, and that would help.
it's too long, but its in the post
Input 200 took less than a second.
2:57 AM
A: Showcase your language one vote at a time

Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'BʀɪᴇɴJolf 0-vote Factoid: Jolf is my personal utility language, and is sometimes suited for golfing; it was created mainly out of frustration trying to learn Pyth. 1-vote τ Jolf is encoded in ISO-8859-7, the Greek encoding. Not only is this one character, but it is also one byte. This stands for...

Oh, I see.
Input 300 takes about a second
Hi @NewMain- you know I think me doing this is getting old now
Oh, also, it should be fairly trivial to make the Run button also clear the output.
3:01 AM
How would you modify the larger program to only consider pairs where a < b?
replace = with <
what's the fastest exponentiaiation algorithm?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Neither < nor > worked properly. What's the equivalent of <=?
3:07 AM
Remove the ~!?
~! is negation
Yes, that works.
@Downgoat Why do you need one?
for bignums
though now I'm planning on using a library
Does anyone want to implement trig functions for bignums for cheddar?
Only ones you really need to worry about are the nonperiodic ones.
3:24 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DennisCompute the Adler-32 checksum Background Adler-32 is a 32-bit checksum invented by Mark Adler in 1995 which is part of the widely used zlib library (also developed by Adler). Adler-32 is not as reliable as a 32-bit cyclic redundancy check, but – at least in software – it is much faster and eas...

Dear Texas: yes, we all knew
3:48 AM
@Downgoat sure but not tonight
A: python convert list to tuple

rootIt should work fine, don't use tuple, list or other special names as a variable name. It's probably whats causing your problem. >>> l = [4,5,6] >>> tuple(l) (4, 5, 6)

TIL compiz plugins are weird
4:05 AM
@MarsUltor compiz?
@QPaysTaxes okay
Should I allow empty parts in arrays? e.g. [1,,2]
4:19 AM
:D I'm finally on Remix
@Downgoat Ubuntu compositor/window effects thing
Hi, in C, is the declaration "int **p" a pointer to another pointer?
So what information does **p have?
Basically points to an array of arrays
or a string array
@QPaysTaxes I get this. How about freeing this pointer to a pointer?
2D array? Is a pointer is a variable which stores the memory address of another variable
@QPaysTaxes The outermost pointer has the location of a pointer, which is what?
@QPaysTaxes So the outermost pointer has the location of the inner pointer which is what the inner pointer is pointing to?
@QPaysTaxes but what is the location of a pointer?
@QPaysTaxes lol, I thought it was a finger
@QPaysTaxes thanks, I don't know how to activate my common sense
it's on when I'm not studying and off when I am studying
So if we free a pointer to a pointer, isn't the inner pointer still alive?
int a = 5; int *p = &a;

if we free(p), is pointer p now a dangling pointer?
5:05 AM
Hi Q! Hi Jester!
Just kidding.
It takes a lot more than that to scare me out of TNB.
@DrGreenEggsandHamDJ If I post a picture of a spider, will that scare you out of TNB?
@DrGreenEggsandHamDJ hello
@Downgoat I suppose there's only one way to find out.
there is no way I'm googling pictures of spiders
Well drat, there goes my evil plan
5:24 AM
hey, if my answer is a function that uses some imports, do I need to count the imports too?
@aditsu yeah
Q: Compute the Adler-32 checksum

DennisBackground Adler-32 is a 32-bit checksum invented by Mark Adler in 1995 which is part of the widely used zlib library (also developed by Adler). Adler-32 is not as reliable as a 32-bit cyclic redundancy check, but – at least in software – it is much faster and easier to implement. Definition ...

@Agawa001 No, it was a joke. :P
5:26 AM
Hey, Dennis just used a tag that I made. =D
translate: ci
(from Italian) There
I meant to say There is no way I'm telling you.
You know, it's really easy for me to just look :P
5:27 AM
Also, since a mod is in here now, I just noticed that sandbox isn't featured anymore.
Which is probably one of the more obnoxious mod tasks.
Ah, thanks
Dennis beat me to it... almost an hour ago
I guess it just hasn't shown up yet
Huh. OK
It sure would be nice if that could be a permanent thing.
It really would
Then again, I also don't have to put up with it ever. From my perspective it is a permanent thing.
Until I click on "revision history", that is.
Should we add some info to the , that most restricted-source questions such as do X without Y, are not well received anymore?
@QPaysTaxes that was my way of saying we should but I'm too busy to :P
5:39 AM
I just broke something.
A: Things to avoid when writing challenges

xnorDo X without Y This isn't always bad, but it's been a particular trap for beginners, so be careful. In the past, there were popular questions about doing a simple task but with the obvious method banned: Produce the number 2014 without any numbers in your source code How to write a C program ...

.xcf files dont open anymore!
@AshwinGupta every programmer every 5 minutes
what the hell did I do...
@Downgoat =/
shoot, I literally just broke it...
I'm still stuck on a stupid bug too...
5:40 AM
brb I'm gonna hard shut down.
oh crap.
If I run my code from one directory it works, if I run it from another it doesn't
I think I need one more node process
now I've really done it...
what the crap am I supposed to do??!!
what happens when a file extension breaks?
shuld I re-install gimp? Will that remove the xcf extension from my registry then put it back?
I guess that's worth a try?
@QPaysTaxes kk ty
no no =/
I already have gimp as default
thats not issue.
XCF files don't open,
at all.
even when I do open w/ gimp
Then it's not an extension issue
it's a GIMP issue then
@AshwinGupta you know you
5:46 AM
can edit
your messages
so you don't have
where your message
@Downgoat I'm too damn lazy.
is across 10 lines
I was doing something in the registry for xcf though
@AshwinGupta btw, I made a PR for spacewar
which is why I think I broke xcf...
5:46 AM
@AshwinGupta 10 lines is way too many
@AshwinGupta pull request, see GH
@Downgoat ok I'll look
@MarsUltor I have a weird bug with Cheddar, the import works from one directory but not from another :| do you have any idea why this might be happening?
k merged, TY downgoat :D! Also, now I gotta figure out how to update my local repo, I think I'll just do a checkout though xD
maybe relative paths are wrong?
5:49 AM
@MarsUltor the imports themselves are relative
     |- primitives
         |- cast
         |    |- ar.es6 // imports ../ar.es6
         |- ar.es6
@Downgoat do I want to be on a local branch or tracking branch in general?
@AshwinGupta You should have a local branch on your computer which is tracking the remote branch. What do you mean?
>What do you mean?
I honestly have no idea :P, trying to learn git <
@QPaysTaxes wow, that's my motto word for word. :D
jk xD, but yeah I need a tutorial. I think codeacademy has one, I'm going to try that tomorrow.
5:53 AM
@AshwinGupta this might help -> guides.github.com/introduction/flow
oh ty =D

Now that your changes have been verified in production, it is time to merge your code into the master branch.
that would have been useful info a few days ago LOL^

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