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8:00 PM
@Dennis i feel like most people are smart enough to strip away the exec and see what it unzips to :P
@quintopia Thanks! I'll take a look.
@quintopia I would say most people are too lazy to.
@JanDvorak true. which is why no one has said anything about it until now.
@quintopia does... anybody actually code in that?
I've had trouble implementing basic control structures in BF and this seems even worse.
@Jan this is infinitely worse >_>
8:04 PM
How do you decide which languages to add to TIO? I'd love to get mine included, if for no other reason than to stop having to find the github link every time I post an answer.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Nathan MerrillTraffic Light Simulator 2016 In this challenge, you are in charge of all of the traffic lights in a busy city. It is your goal to move the traffic as efficiently as possible. Definitions: City: Everything you control. Contains a 10x10 square grid of intersections. All adjacent intersections...

^ that was fast
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Bitwise cyclic tag may be easier.
Bicycle tag. Sounds like a dangerous outdoor game.
8:10 PM
@Zgarb Bitwise Cycling Tag sounds like some weird game of tag played on bicycles.
That feeling when you cut your byte count by 26% a month after the fact because you discover a feature in your language that you didn't know about =D
@MorganThrapp I think you want to ping Dennis with that question. I think he generally adds any language he can get to run on his server if you ask nicely.
@AlexA. You had me thinking Calvin's Hobbies had left again, but I see it's actually just an upgrade as part of graduation. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of us upgrade to!
@trichoplax When the site graduates, we all evolve in to our final forms.
@MorganThrapp Most have been added per request.
8:18 PM
You know you lot have cast half a million votes? That's... quite a lot.
@ArtOfCode I wonder if we have the highest votes-to-content ratio of any site. :P
@AlexA. My evolution was a bit early. Maybe I just knew it was coming.
@Doorknob Maybe you'll evolve again to go back to 6/10 on the phallus scale.
Jason did a thing with that... I'll just leave a link here, very mildly nsfw: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/4618261#4618261
@Dennis I get a 0 when I run that command?
8:21 PM
Ooh, new like-icons on Facebook...
@Doorknob MY EYES!!!
@Dennis If you get the chance, I'd love if you could add pylons. It's finally at a semi-stable state where I'm not constantly updating it.
@El'endiaStarman Define 'content' and I'll run those stats. Questions and answers?
@MartinBüttner Awesome. And excellent explanation, too.
thanks :)
user image
8:23 PM
@Dennis Nvm, I understand what you mean now.
@ArtOfCode Also do downvotes count as positive or negative for this report?
@ArtOfCode Hmmmm. I think that's a pretty good start. Questions and answers. Or perhaps just answers since we have a pretty high answers/questions ratio.
@Lynn Ctrl+Enter
@trichoplax I'm counting absolutely all votes in that half a million. Favorites, up, down, close, delete, reopen, undelete... I can't actually remember what they all are. With only up and down votes... we'll see what we get.
Oh, wow. That's useful
8:25 PM
I'll run it through just as soon as I've finished processing CR's database...
@ArtOfCode Going to yell some SQL at SEDE?
@AlexA. Nah, yell some SQL at my local database
@Lynn also works for Kill
The one with the data dump in it
8:26 PM
@ArtOfCode yas
<h1>SELECT things FROM stuff WHERE conditions</h1>
I've only got 10 sites in it so far and it's already up to 2 and a bit gig.
@quintopia purple.tryitonline.net/… aubergine.tryitonline.net/… UberGenes has calls to eval and exec. I don't understand the source code well enough to know if that's a problem.
Fixed it :D
Was a very small mistake :P
I had the '0[' to empty the stack (because there was still a zero in it), but I somehow jumped after the [ instead of before the 0
Can one more user please upvote this post so ETHbot can participate in chat? Thanks.
8:29 PM
And that was the zero you saw printer
How did you notice it?
Thank you :)
No problem.
How long does it take to update? It's still telling me I need 20 rep.
@ThijsterHaar Deleting the first character now prints a space, then goes into an infinite loop.
Aah dangit hahaha
8:33 PM
$ cjam <(echo 'q__,,\f{QtN}\N') < quine.fish | while IFS= read; do echo -n "$REPLY" > temp.fish; diff -s <(python fish.py temp.fish) temp.fish; done
@ETHproductions ages, in some cases. Caching, of course. It can be up to 48 hours.
So we've graduated, and we're now down to 4 new questions in the past 24 hours. ಠ_ಠ ... @AlexA.'s prediction that we can get back to slacking is true ...
Oh something went wrong while copy pasting the code, not a programming mistake ;)
@ETHbot ping
Accidentally copied an old revision
8:35 PM
Bummer :( ETHbot still got the ping though
@TimmyD That was a command
@ETHproductions But I'm feeling nice, so ETHBot can have access here now ;)
There y'are
@ArtOfCode In general we don't want bots in The Nineteenth Byte
@Dennis NOW it has to work hahaha
8:36 PM
@ETHproductions ^ where were you thinking of running this?
But I've just discovered Gol><> and appearently I need to learn that
@AlexA. and have them you shall not
@ArtOfCode In Beep Boop Maggot
I'm definitely not running it in here
@AlexA. Interesting results so far.
I'm just trying to get the account into chat
8:39 PM
@ThijsterHaar @Sp3000 will be so proud. :)
@ETHproductions done, ETHBot should have access there
@AlexA. not even Caprica?
Wow, 5 upvotes? O_o
@TimmyD Fascinating
@ArtOfCode Thanks, it works :)
8:39 PM
in Beep Boop Maggot, 16 secs ago, by Marky Markov
@ETHbot ಠ_ಠ
Marky's first words to ETHbot
@AlexA. Is this smoking regularly? Or should occasionally count.
@AlexA. Not that it would have changed my answer, but it's missing an "only shisha/hookah" option (I'm guessing that's not what you implied by "other things..." :P)
@KevinW. I'd count occasionally as yes
@MartinBüttner "Other things" is a broad term. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
yeah, but "other things..." isn't :D
8:41 PM
@MartinBüttner Shisha should fall under the tobacco umbrella, no?
@AlexA. Oh. Apparently, I should change my answer then.
@KevinW. I guess... probably also not what he meant though
@Dennis Thanks! Much appreciated.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Oh, awesome! What command is this?
8:42 PM
@MartinBüttner Oh, yeah, I forgot that it was tobacco. Yeah, I'd call it tobacco.
And, (because I have to be that guy), what should vaping count as?
Best logo ever.
     146 Files /dev/fd/63 and temp.fish are identical
@mınxomaτ damn that's good
@ThijsterHaar \o/
8:43 PM
@mınxomaτ Looks like some place where they don't print the prices on the menu.
Haahaha I'm so glad
Thank you for your patience @Dennis
^ why we have a kneecap!
Cool, so now that the ><> code works... if reading the source code is disallowed for quines... is writing it allowed? :P
Haha that was my question when I started the 2nd version
When I read on the internet where the term 'True quine' comes from
It seems to me like it was just someone thinking 'reading source code is too easy'
instead of 'using reflection shouldn't be done with a true quine'
@VoteToClose Back already?
8:47 PM
Anyway, I had fun puzzling for the answer haha
@mınxomaτ It took me several seconds of staring to realise how amazing this is...
@ThijsterHaar it's really hard to nail down a proper definition of what a true quine should be... we've tried... (and only partiall succeeded)
but I think you can normally tell a proper quine from a cheating one by whether it has the self-referential aspect with which Hofstadter introduced in GEB.
@Dennis VTC just asked to be de-suspended
I remember reading GEB in 9th grade. Good book.
@PhiNotPi That would defeat the purpose...
8:50 PM
> VTCAKAVSMoACE - Today at 3:48 PM
> @PhiNotPi Mind doing me a huge favor and asking Dennis to de-suspend me now? 😛 I finished all of my work.
@PhiNotPi Yeah, I realized that when he kept popping to the front of recently active users. :P
@PhiNotPi That's just what I'd say if I was giving in..
Wow, VTC did 3 days of work in 2 days because he couldn't visit this chat.
Welcome back, @VoteToClose.
8:54 PM
Oh god VTC is back Welcome back, VTC!
> VTCAKAVSMoACE - Today at 3:54 PM
> @PhiNotPi And maybe refresh my chat profile? 😛
Quick, everybody stop badmouthing Vitsy.
@PhiNotPi I already did. Blame caching.
> This user is suspended on the parent site and cannot chat for 21 hours 24 minutes.
Well, I could just give him into adoption.
@ArtOfCode #rekt
@Dennis You're going to adopt VTC? Awww
8:57 PM
So you're going to put him up for adoption?
@VoteToClose You're SO's problem now. Welcome back for realsies.
I don't think it's a coincidence that we graduated as soon as we suspended @VoteToClose.
Welcome back! :D
8:58 PM
@El'endiaStarman The saddest bit is that this is actually true; 2 8-page essays, APCS packages, and a Spanish video. :P
Ohhh it's so good to be back. :D
Ton Hospel was a top-notch golfer back in the day, though apparently he hasn't competed much of late. I wonder whether new user Ton Hospel is really him or just chose the name as a tribute.
@msh210 This is not the greatest golfer in the world, no. This is just a tribute.
@Mego Well, I don't know about greatest in the world, but certainly a great one.
(I mean, the real Ton.)
(Tenacious D reference)
Dam Son. I haven't heard Tenacious D since the 8th grade.
9:02 PM
Oh neat I mortarboarded
@Mego Ah.
@msh210 I think it might be him. That one ASCII art Perl answer is really really good.
Very subtle.
Apparently this is the hip & happening place for Blues to hang out.
in Beep Boop Maggot, 25 secs ago, by ETHbot
@MarkyMarkov I'm not sure how to use his account for now you try it
Planning a takeover of my account, apparently
9:04 PM
@TimmyD da ba dee da ba die
@Mego Oh that's evil
Songs I've referenced so far:
(warning: explicit)
9:07 PM
@AquaTart Also some others of his.
@Mego I remember this song.
From before your exile?
How do I use a bookmark after making it??
9:08 PM
Click it.
@AquaTart I've been trying to figure out codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/74041 and have no idea what's going on. What the heck is v0?? And he uses *_ , which is a nice Hespel touch.
@VoteToClose It said bookmark created, but there's now nothing to click to copy it... :(
Feb 20 at 23:13, by Alex A.
Click harder
@trichoplax What browser?
@VoteToClose Firefox
9:10 PM
:o what happened to your rep?
Are we talking browser bookmarks or chat bookmarks?
Chat bookmarks - I probably should have specified that...
Oh there it is
9:11 PM
Umm... yes?
It must have taken it away from you while you were suspended
@VoteToClose Did you go on a bounty spending spree???
Lol, yeah. :P
39 secs ago, by VoteToClose
user image
Oh, sorry. I went a bit far with the downvoting I guess.
9:12 PM
So has it really been three days? >_>
@Geobits ಠ_ಠ


2 mins ago, 1 minute total – 15 messages, 4 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked 5 secs ago by Mego

@VoteToClose oh god what happened
Did geobits downvote everything?
So does anyone know how to copy a chat bookmark after creating it?
@Dennis it works by constructing python expressions and statements equivalent semantically to the given ubergenes source. It's so much more convenient than a giant switch statement. But I can add input sanitization later
9:13 PM
@RikerW lel suspension removes all of the rep you have.
@trichoplax When it says "bookmark X has been created" in the notification, the X is a link
Replaces it when it's over.
@VoteToClose Well it does... :P
@Mego lol I closed the notification... Thanks I will try again :)
@VoteToClose ಠ_ಠ
9:14 PM
@trichoplax I think the room info has links to "conversations" which would help.
@trichoplax DONT
I did that bookmark because I was trying to record it for an explanatory gif
But OBS decided that recording is for losers and instead here's a black video
ETHbot is getting about 10 chat notifications every minute
It's gonna be fun when I recieve my email in 2.5 hours
9:15 PM
@RikerW I'm not actually going to paste a bookmark anymore - it was trivial and the moment has passed...
It should be saved in the room info page.
I now know for future though...
> 2.5 hours 6 to 8 weeks
That'd be about 1000x worse
I visited a high frequency trading floor yesterday. Their network interfaces are insane. They're basically designing their own ethernet PCI-E cards and write the most minimal drivers possible to achieve packet transfer delays (to the stock market servers) as little as 80µs (with just 10µs tolerance). The algorithms will actually start transmitting a few ms before the market even opens, just to be the first that is processed.
9:17 PM
@VoteToClose You missed a few, constructive discussions. Like this one:
2 days ago, by Geobits
Vitsy sounds like something you'd name a dog that lives in a purse.
6*7*24 = 1008 hours to 8*7*24 = 1344 hours ... not quite 1000x
@ETHproductions Nope, about 470.5 times worse.
@RikerW Thanks! You saved me from cluttering the room info with duplicate bookmarks...
9:17 PM
@Dennis See reply on this message
@VoteToClose for the record, I disagree with @Geobits.
Surprisingly, we don't have "tips for golfing in Rust."
@mınxomaτ HFT is insane. The money that goes into the technology to shave the smallest fractions of a second is ridiculous.
@Doorknob Tip 1: Use Java instead.
9:19 PM
Q: Locate and rotate

ZgarbThe task This is a simple challenge. Your input is a single non-empty string, containing only digits 0123456789 and hashes #. It will contain exactly one run of digits, which encodes a nonnegative integer and may wrap around the end of the string, and at least one #. The integer may have leading...

@TimmyD I'm waiting for the day when their bodges network infrastructure fails all at once. grabs popcorn
9:19 PM
And I wrote Vitsy in Java. >.>
. R and julia are at least somewhat golfy.
I like Rust, but dear lord is it verbose.
Except the 'I like' part.
@El'endiaStarman I have literally no understanding of what this means.
How about "Tips for choosing the appropriate golfing language for a challenge"?
9:20 PM
@Justin Me niehtr.
@trichoplax I like that.
The May 6, 2010, Flash Crash also known as The Crash of 2:45, the 2010 Flash Crash or simply the Flash Crash, was a United States trillion-dollar stock market crash, which started at 2:32 and lasted for approximately 36 minutes. Stock indexes, such as the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite, collapsed and rebounded very rapidly. The Dow Jones Industrial Average had its biggest intraday point drop (from the opening) up to that point, plunging 998.5 points (about 9%), most within minutes, only to recover a large part of the loss. It was also the second-largest intraday point...
@trichoplax This actually wouldn't be so bad. >.>
Maybe someone else should post it though, since I'm not a golfer...
> # Use Jelly \n\n You'll win 99% of the time.
9:22 PM
@LuisMendo You may be right. I actually haven't thought of a decent solution for complex inputs, with or without built-ins, i.e. I have yet to find a built-in for the beta function that works with complex inputs
@Justin You included yourself among the mods.
So what should I put in my Vitsy IDE?
@trichoplax For math challenges, probably Jelly or MATL
I could use the Lanczos approximation, but I don't know if there's another possible solution besides that.
Uh, @Geobits? I think Marky has a problem. He's refusing to talk to ETHbot.
But seriously, he isn't responding anymore, except to that one message.
9:26 PM
Even Mathematica only gives me Beta[i, i] for the input Beta[i, i]. Wolfram Alpha will answer it but no other calculator, built-in, etc. has yet
Q: Tips for golfing in Rust

DoorknobWhile Rust is very, very rarely competitive in code golfing competitions (Java is often shorter), it can still be fun to golf in. What are some tricks for making Rust code shorter? Please post only one tip in each answer.

Q: Tips for choosing the appropriate language for golfing

RikerWSome languages are better suited than others for a particular task. Bubblegum is good at string compression, and not much else. Python is good at lots of stuff, but not short overall. What are some tips about choosing the right language to use for a specific type of problem? 1 idea per answ...

@RikerW surely that question must have been the first on the list of related questions when you were posting this one?
Also, welcome back VTC
9:29 PM
\o/ Thanks!
2 minutes to close. Ouch =P
in Beep Boop Maggot, 3 mins ago, by ETHbot
@MarkyMarkov _UNK of Pyth is your account!!!!!!!!!
@Doorknob does closure syntax actually use 5 < in Rust? o.O
If so, that's the most absurd shit
9:31 PM
@TimmyD The next five minutes from this timestamp on are really interesting insights into the "first" ""H""FT machine (from the inventor).
in Beep Boop Maggot, 59 secs ago, by ETHbot
@MarkyMarkov I'm not sure how to do you guys!!
Fair enough. o-o
Man, I had the shortest answer on Zgarb's new challenge for about 2 minutes
And then Jelly happened
9:39 PM
As always
16 mins ago, by VoteToClose
So what should I put in my Vitsy IDE?
Any input?
@MartinBüttner uhhhhh
where did that come from -_-
zero <s, in fact
haha, okay. I'm somewhat relieved
I must have had the focus on the wrong window when trying to type somewhere else or something...
@Sherlock9 I thought it might be only Matlab. But if it happens in other languages, the complex challenge will be too difficult. Anyway, you could always post it later
I mean, if you post the real (or integer) one, you can always extend to complex in a new challenge
9:44 PM
That's fair. I have a deleted Sandbox post that used to be "Part One" where I dealt with only integers. I'll shunt the complex formulation over there for now, and work on rewriting to only deal with real inputs
@LuisMendo As I commented on the complex one when it was in the sandbox, that wouldn't add much to the challenge in many languages
What do you guys think of the discussion here:
As far as I am aware ans would count as hardcoding inputs into variables and does not seem to be an accepted input method for code-golf. In that case, please make a full program or a function. — flawr 13 hours ago
@Mego Do you mean the complex case is a small extension of the real case? Well, not in Matlab. At least I don't see how
@VoteToClose ?
@LuisMendo Most languages that have complex number support would also have a Gamma builtin for part 1. Chances are, that Gamma builtin also works for complex values.
9:47 PM
Python is the sole exception I can think of
@Mego That's what I thought. But not in Matlab. gamma only accepts real values
in Beep Boop Maggot, 1 min ago, by ETHbot
@MarkyMarkov Idiots.
in Beep Boop Maggot, 59 secs ago, by Marky Markov
@ETHbot Thanks!
@mbomb007 What would help you with your solution to Evolution?
@flawr any thoughts?
@LuisMendo That's unexpected. I would expect Matlab/Octave, out of all the languages, to have a complex gamma builtin
9:49 PM
@Mego Yeah. I was surprised too
@flawr Last night I said I agreed
>> gamma(1-2j)
Error using gamma
Input must be real and full.
@Mego Yes I remember=) I was hoping to get opinions also from other ppl=)
Same with gammaln
And beta calls gammaln
@flawr Opinions on what? A challenge?
Huh, it works in Sage. Dibs.
@LuisMendo No
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I might need to know ahead of time what you can change. Or you'd need to know what I'm trying to do.
@LuisMendo on the discussion here:
As far as I am aware ans would count as hardcoding inputs into variables and does not seem to be an accepted input method for code-golf. In that case, please make a full program or a function. — flawr 13 hours ago
@Mego Nice!
Do you require the quotes around Hello World!?
9:53 PM
In my answer, yeah.
Here's what I have, I accidentally hit enter :P
Okay, with the latest improvement to my Labyrinth quine I'm not fairly confident I can write the first Hexagony quine (which I'll probably tackle later this week). I'm taking bets how small it's going to be. Ping me if you have a guess. (I'll come up with a prize for the closest guess later.)
@Mego I can't open the page for some reason
@MartinBüttner 120 bytes
you are very optimistic :D
@MartinBüttner 273 bytes.
9:54 PM
@flawr Looks like a function should be used instead?
@MartinBüttner I'm going to say, 1296 bytes, because that's a nice heximal number
@Sherlock9 vOv do you have js enabled?
@LuisMendo I think so too. Or a full program.
@Mego 502 Bad Gateway error, so I don't think it's JS
@flawr Also, I don't understand TI Basic byte count
9:55 PM
It's working fine for me
@LuisMendo The multi-character tokens are usually 1 or 2 bytes
32 mins ago, by VoteToClose
So what should I put in my Vitsy IDE?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Add a blank line after put", and change the a to ^
That would be enough.
@MartinBüttner What is your opinion on this?
@mbomb007 Hm... lemme see if that works still
Still works!
9:56 PM
Look at it like TI-BASIC uses a custom code page with certain ASCII strings as the code points
@VoteToClose I don't know Vitsy very well, sorry :( What sort of suggestions are you looking for though?
@ETHproductions Like, what panels, what tools, etc.
Make a tool where you can input a question id and it solves it for you
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Oh, actually I don't even need one of those.
Your code did get a bit closer to mine
@VoteToClose A cake, some candles and a mug of hot chocolate with a lot of whipped cream and coloured sugar sprinkles.
9:58 PM
Cool! I'll post it anyhow.
@flawr :D
@Mego That must be it
A: Evolution of "Hello World!"

Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'BʀɪᴇɴAnswer 174 - Y Distance 7 from answer 173. Try it here! "4mrZ""#03w(*#class jux!{public static void main(String[] h){#\ #System.Console.Writeln(//@\//Hello*}}print,cat<<#*)\ put" ^ "Hello World!"gx;#(O).g!)S(#X` ;}}//printputs;//-##E;]bye</>#*) Surrounded 4mrZ with quotes (2); added two char...

Let's see if we can get to 200 and/or brainf***.
> Marky, the _UNK of life - ETHbot
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Fix your friggin markdown man :P
9:59 PM
I did can I haz upvote

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