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2:00 PM
@tombull89 I dun get it
Somebody said their workplace had largequantities of beer bottles on desks. Is that you?
@pauska The picture was smaller than expected. I was showing the bit where Chopper said he had a butle-housemaid.
@ScottPack Not me, no. Not that they'd care, but no
@tombull89 ah
oompa loompas work for free.
2:04 PM
@BartSilverstrim So do enslaved children. Being British, I'm able to just bring them in from the workhouse.
I had to let Oliver go, though - that boy just didn't know when to stop eating.
2:18 PM
Chopper's back
Skeet never left :P
Quick! Everyone @'him!
actually...best not.
2:25 PM
Why? He's like Superman in the movie where he was turned mortal now.
@BartSilverstrim So we find an ugly woman for him to get beat up over at a bar?
@BartSilverstrim I think you forget. He still has the resources to crush us IRL
...that is a flaw in the plan, isn't it?
...what if he knows we're talking about him...?
@BartSilverstrim technically, he does
he can just sit here anonymously
2:33 PM
@BartSilverstrim it's easy to read the transcript
but he doesn't want to read the transcript now. This will all be buried for a future Internet Archeologist to unearth.
That's a job I'd love.
I'd totally wear a helmet while doing it.
With a little light on the front/
It would probably cause screen glare, but you can never be too careful.
you could wear a fedora and a leather jacket
and have a bullwhip
Quoth our developers:

In GCC/G++ 4.6+, library arguments specified with -l (-lm -lz
- -lsignal_sample) have to be at the END of the command line.

If I recall correctly, this exact behavior used to *break* GCC 4.1 or 4.2.

I'm gonna grab Stallman by the beard and pin him down for a full-body
waxing at a Flushing salon if I ever see him.
I just figured I'd share that visual with everyone...
Ok, chat sometimes pisses me off. I want to scroll up goddamnit!
2:36 PM
@ScottPack: Huh?
thats what transcripts are for.
You should be able to scroll up
@KyleBrandt The whole, "Stay On Bottom" thing kicks in every now and then.
@ScottPack If you're on mobile (which I assume you are) there's a link under "Send" that says Don't Stay on Bottom
It's against my religion to scroll up.
2:37 PM
@ScottPack: What browser?
"load old messages" and then scroll up
@Basil it's against my religion for things to be against my religion
@KyleBrandt Chrome
Shit, no, this one isn't.
It also happens on Chrome :)
@ScottPack: Version?
I've never had that issue
They need to make chrome for android
2:38 PM
@KyleBrandt Right now I'm on Firefox 7.1
And I'm using chrome on Linux, nothing is supposed to work
@KyleBrandt My work system is Chrome on Linux. If I notice the scroll issues there, I'll let you know with the version.
man I'm disappointed. nobody starred our dev's comments about having Stallman waxed by angry chinese ladies.
I know it has happened, but I can't remember how long ago.
@ScottPack: Maybe when you visit your family this holiday, you can have a relative that can update your browser help you?
2:39 PM
@KyleBrandt I will cut you!
I do need to remember to burn the MSE live cds.
@ScottPack now, now, ladies, play nice or we'll be flagged for some minor violation like hurting someones feelings.
@tombull89 we're sysadmins. we don't HAVE feelings.
@ScottPack: Our you could venture out and try it on your own: howtodothings.com/computers-internet/…
@voretaq7 nope, we're cold and dead inside. But there will be others not-quite-dead-yet in the room.
I wish we had a site that could you help, but that might be a bit basic for superuser.com
2:42 PM
I mean this in the most loving, respectful way possible, but @Kyle. You are a cunt.
@tombull89 Refer them to the SQL question from yesterday.
Someone sticky Kyle's complete destruction of Scott, please.
@MDMarra he needs a hat first. hattery
Oh yes, forogot
That gets a hat exemption.
2:45 PM
Wife just told me to contact the ACLU because there's CHRISTMAS MUSIC played on the intercoms at the school...after all, schools aren't allowed to have "christmas" stuff, right?
but...but...persecuted minority in america!
Okay, updated at gravatar.com
@KyleBrandt /clap
I'm compiling an exhaustive list of whitepapers on the tier one and two storage arrays for six vendors :|
@KyleBrandt Reboot the chat servers now
And your memcache servers
2:48 PM
@pauska I hear that can be a real downer.
This depends.
Silent Night? No.
Jingle Bells? Sure.
Grandma got run over by a reindeer? Maybe (depends on how many children are traumatized by the lyrics)
@KyleBrandt right, give it 6-to-8 wee-minutes.
<img class="user-gravatar32" width="32" height="32" src="http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/481707331ea4d07ae2490bb88ddfd7ca?s=32&amp;d=‌​identicon&amp;r=PG" alt="Scott Pack" title="Scott Pack">
I've just got ride of some hateful, hateful, Oki C110's.
2:48 PM
@KyleBrandt So, how's that working out for you?
but...but...persecuted! Ask that rick perry guy.
How is what working out?
I wanted to go and drop them on the rail line out the back to watch them be smashed apart by freight trains but that's bad for the trains.
@BartSilverstrim Why? He'll just forget what he's saying about 2/3 into his speech...
because he's PERSECUTED for his beliefs! Children can't even say Christmas in schools!
2:50 PM
I get a real kick out of his Brokeback Mountain jacket.
@KyleBrandt He was probably reffering to your faulty attempt of linking a gravatar
@BartSilverstrim they can't? Maybe we need to invest more money in speech/language/hearing services?
@tombull89 It's terrible for them, and risks lives to boot
You can accomplish a much more satisfying decom with a baseball bat, office-space style
That wasn't faulty, I put it in code tags, my point being that chat doesn't serve them, they are served from gravatar. But now that I think about it, maybe chat has to update the link?
Hey @ScottPack FF9 just launched. You're two major version back. Don't you work in InfoSec?
2:52 PM
@KyleBrandt Pasting the html for my gravatar
Follow up question: should you work in InfoSec?
@voretaq7 if you listen to the complaints that what they say.
@KyleBrandt we have to ctrl+f5 to get the update
@MDMarra Considering FireFox is set to autoupdate, and hasn't told me, and I rarely use this laptop anymore. I blame it.
Facebook already has the flow of "I've been taken out of schools" thing making the holiday rounds.
2:54 PM
@MDMarra At least I'm not using IE6 like some people I can point at.
"I love Google Chrome 37! It was released when I was installing Chrome 36."
@MDMarra btw chrome has sync across platforms. why u not use?
. . . I just use lynx.
I wonder if I can get a copy of OS/2 Warp to work in Virtualbox...
Well, it's coming up to 3:00. Which means I'll be finishing for Christmas soon...woo!
Benfit to working in a school, No. #1. Holidays.
2:55 PM
@voretaq7: why....would you use lynx....? Oh wait, is your nc broken?
@BartSilverstrim I'll see about writing an emulator in qbasic.
my Chrome doesnt show the infinite symbol..
@BartSilverstrim Apparently, it's listed as "working".
@KyleBrandt there, your gravatar updated
@KyleBrandt I'm too lazy to type out HTTP/1.1 headers and decode chunked content.
2:56 PM
@tombull89: now I just need to see if I can find disk images.
@voretaq7: Ah okay, I guess I can understand that. I no longer see chunked content, All I see is blonde, brunette, red-head...
Kyle fell into the matrix again.
@KyleBrandt um... you realize they're all really bald and those are wigs, right?
3:04 PM
@pauska ipad
@MDMarra so.. you run IE on your ipad then.. right....
@pauska Safari
iCloud can sync bookmarks on Windows with IE only
but safari is sux
On Windows it is
3:06 PM
It's pretty sweet on Lion
Swipe navigation and other multitouch gestures on Apple hardware make Safari > everything else on their own platform
Hooray! I get my copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic today!
Just as soon as I wake up from my drug addled sleep
@Holocryptic You haven't finished yet? Man. Talk about anticip.....
@ScottPack Quit breaking his rocks. He's paying the hospital good money to do that.
That's why I like you people. You do make me laugh so much.
3:19 PM
Since we're on the topic... Are any of you guys using the Careers.SO profiles? I'd manually go look, but damn, I'm lazy.
I have one
should probably update it
back in a bit
Santa hat Gravatars are awesome
3:22 PM
I have one @jscott
Am I wrong in assuming that the "Can You Help Me With My Licensing Question" canonical question is a valid close target for people asking about licensing in ANY fashion (including GPL, BSD, etc)?
A: Why was this question closed?

MDMarraIt lends itself to discussion, so that's one no-no. The other is that it probably should have been closed as a dupe of Can you help me with my software licensing question? We don't answer licensing questions in any capacity here.

@MDMarra I would have closed that one as a NARQ or maybe Not Constructive. Though I suppose duping it against Licensing might have been ok.
I'm not sure. If it's a question that can be answered by quoting part of the license, that can be a canonical question (gpl/etc.)
If it's a discussion, no.
@ScottPack I'd close it as "Ask a damn lawyer."
I think the Licensing question was more intended to cover things like, "Can I use MSE in my corporate environment?" Or "Does my Oracle site license cover Grid?"
3:25 PM
@BartSilverstrim Do I need to pay a subscription to browse profiles on Careers? I thought there were shortlinks like careers.stackoverflow.com username, but that's not working.
@ScottPack I agree, but I think it still covers the broader scope. GPL is still a license
It still restricts what you can and cant do with the software
There just isn't cash involved.
great, we found our new sysadmin today
same with BSD/Apache/That weird Sun license, etc
3:26 PM
I'm getting my own slave! MUAHAHAHA!
relief to get it all sorted before christmas
@pauska Your own PFY?
@jscott Looks like you need to have a subscription to see full profiles
@jscott To browse I think you need to be registered as a business.
@MDMarra I'll see your comment and raise you a hyperchicken!
3:28 PM
I think the way it works is you can list your career profile for free, but they make money by having businesses looking to recruit pay to get lists.
you can browse as a free user, but it's limited
@BartSilverstrim @KennyRasschaert Thanks, I was afraid that was the case.
you can't see the entire profile
What do you need to see?
@pauska: pimply faced youth
A padawan.
3:28 PM
@PeterGrace Oh, idk, just felt like browsing some other sysadmin profiles...
he's actually one year older than me, but a junior when it comes to operations
@BartSilverstrim SER*VING*WENCH!
See what everyone says they do when they're not wasting the day in SF.chat.
3:29 PM
@jscott ahh, that I can't help ya with. :)
@voretaq7 :D
Vistumbler pisses me off, hardcore.
I wish I could write my own export spec.
@#% Apple Mail.app sometimes stops working with Exchange. Stupid exchange.
@BartSilverstrim See, I'd naturally blame Apple Mail
3:32 PM
I have used Outlook and Exchange and other clients with Exchange. It's probably Exchange. @#$%
And Mail is still working fine with gmail.
@BartSilverstrim gmail doesn't use activesync
Stupid activesync.
It very well could be mail.app's active sync implementation that sucks balls
Stupid exchange with stupid activesync not following stupid standards in the first stupid place.
3:34 PM
Stupid Everyone
2 mins left on my auction. 10 watchers and one bid at the minimum. Come on snipers, do your work!
1 minute, I don't think they're coming sniff. Oh well, at least I started it a reasonable amount
stupid newegg sending my case for my new computer 2 days after the parts arrive ><
aw, dammit.
@TylerShads Assemble it on your desk naked like a real man.
open virtualbox. says there's an update. Download update. Mounted update. launched virtualbox. Ran installer for tools. Wondered why tools stayed at same version.
Realize I never ran installer for newest version of virtualbox.
3:42 PM
@ShaneMadden believe me, im tempted
2 blog updates in a week. I'm doing good.
@BartSilverstrim :(
Who knows where I can get some 3TB hard disks (or 2TB even) for my home media server? I refuse to pay "Oops, we put all of our eggs in flooded Thailand's basket" prices.
sigh re-run that later.
@ShaneMadden Nominee for best quote starred out of context.
3:44 PM
"That's not yer' screwdriver, is it?" poke poke
@MDMarra Then you're probably hosed. I bought a replacement 2T drive for a failed one in my home server a couple days back - paid double what I did when they were new.
@voretaq7 I approve.
@ShaneMadden "I'm Rick Perry, and I can't remember what this message is but I guess I approve it."
@voretaq7 Can't blame him, his talking point flash cards were supposed to remember it for him!
Q: Nobody can log into Outlook, Event 1022 error 1010

kezI have taken over a problem regarding Exchange 2007 following the restore of a server from a backup 2 years old. Nobody can log into Outlook and I can see a ton of errors in the event logs, event ID 1022 on the Exchange server itself. Any ideas how to fix this? Google doesn't bring up anything...

I have taken over a problem regarding Exchange 2007 following the restore of a server from a backup 2 years old.
following the restore of a server from a backup 2 years old.
2 years old
There's your problem
3:51 PM
The "Why did my Java license question get closed?" guy doesn't seem to like my and @voretaq7's answers
I'm thinking there's zero trust between said server and, well, anything else in the domain!
Q: Linux Stealth Process

Jesse BunchI have a process named "stealth" that has infected my server (slamming my CPU) and I can't figure out where it is to remove it for good. Everytime I kill the process it somehow starts itself again... ps -ef | grep stealth gives me this: But I have no idea where ./stealth would be since it's a...

@Dan You're probably right. Drop it as an answer
He'd have better luck building the exchange server from scratch and restoring the databases from there
quick question about key-based login vs passwords
@Holocryptic Hehe, just what I posted
@BartSilverstrim Yeah, I got the dupe-close started
does anyone have any links to technical/blog articles discussing this that are not SE-based?
@Dan great minds... :)
I see 8 of the top 10 results to that query being from non-SE sites.
thanks for the snark! I'll put that in my desk and leave it there
3:56 PM
@eykanal How does that not answer your question?
"This is NOT a place for 'Live Support', ask questions on the main site."
most of those links (at least the ones I found) were instructions on how to use SSH keygen tools
@TylerShads No, don't ask that on main
it's OT
@MDMarra Doesn't say which main site :)
if your question string works, than great
but the snark sure isn't appreciated
the macnugget one is good
and none of them are just guides but also explain why keypairs are a good thing
ok then, thanks
Nobody ever wants snark. It's a shame, really
We should change "live support" to read "search support"
4:05 PM
RFC smackdown quota for the day: reached
Q: Content-length does not appear with nginx and php files

ClabmanHy, I have a nginx server which serve a website. With my browser i can reach index.php, but when i look at the headers with firebug, i can't see the content-length on any php files, but for example i can see it on html files. With a apache server, i can see this content-length on every type o...

@MDMarra well if he buys me enough tequila I'll give him bad legal advice.
He seems reasonable now that I told him not to take it personally.
I've been trying to eat healthier lately, but the week after finals end means that all but one dining hall on campus is closed and it's shitty out today. That means that I will be buying a chicken finger hoagie from the little asian lady at the lunch cart outside of my building and I will hate myself for the rest of the day because of it.
@MDMarra I think he's come around
I posted the same thing you did with quoting his question lol
asynchronous web for the kitten
@voretaq7 I'm not 100% sure what that means, but I like cats.
Anyone use NexentaStor community? I'm considering installing it on an older box w/ a ton of disk space and moving some test VMs on to it
4:18 PM
@Holocryptic, in LOL form
user image
@BartSilverstrim It's not ActiveSync, it's Exchange EWS
@BartSilverstrim: And I've managed a enviroment before with Mail and Entourage/Outlook on Mac's - it's a complete hell and NOT a problem with Exchange 2010 fully patched up.
ONE more rep and I get another delete vote
no voip.. poop
Time to go edit someone's shitty post and rescind my downvote
@MDMarra U SURE?
4:27 PM
btw - don't complain.. I'm 5 votes away here and it stopped moving :(
A: Engineers are using explosives to remove hard rock outside our office building. What countermeasures should we take?

pauskaIf I were you, I'd call the company's insurance company, and have them place out a monitoring device (seismic monitor might not the be the correct term, but you get my point). This way - the insurance company will know that you're not the one shaking the disks, and the insurance company will kno...

time to delete more shiiiit
fair trade
4:39 PM
huh - only stack overflow has reputation recalc?
@KyleBrandt hmm?
@mdmarra I'm eating beef stew with carrots, shallots, mushrooms, parsnips, and potatoes. Hmmm...homemade food for lunch.
@ScottPack bastard. I'm hungry now.
@voretaq7 junk food is sure to follow
@TylerShads I have none.
if i had it i'd eat it. Eating it would be bad.
well then youre just a lazy bastard
4:46 PM
@vortaq I screwed up some biscuits, too much gluten. But they taste fantastic with a little butter and soaked in stew juice.
@voretaq7 Too shay
It's cool, @Holoceyptic. I'll bill you for that.
@ScottPack are you dripping stew on your keyboard? your typo rate seems to have gone up substantially...
His stew is made from tequila
Also, I'm hungry
but can't do anything about it
@Holocryptic beg for stew?
4:54 PM
No go. Fasting for a x-ray type scan later on
or CT scan. Not sure which it is
@Holocryptic swallow lots of bone fragments.
@Gigili Well played sir. Welcome to the club
@vortaq Typing on the phone. No built-in spell check. The autowreck doesn't quite count.
Right then. Lunch over. Nap time. Wash me luck.
@ScottPack I think you should wash yourself
@ScottPack now you're crashing cars. It's TERRIBLE!
4:56 PM
@Holocryptic Thank you thank you =)
(now is there not a picture of an upset cat with a caption saying "It's TERRIBLE!" ???)
Q: What is the largest hardware clock update the Linux kernel "11-minute mode" can make?

QuantumMechanicWhen certain time-related programs (like ntpd) are running on a Linux system, the kernel will switch into so-called "eleven minute mode" (see the hwclock man page) whereby it will automatically update the hardware clock from the system clock every eleven minutes. On SLES11 I have empirically det...

"eleven minute mode"? WHAT FUCKERY IS THIS?
why 11? Does it have to be a prime number? Why not 7. or 2?
<head kersplodes>
@voretaq7 finally, someone did it!

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