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7:00 PM
@aedia ok sent for realz now
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Thank you! Oh this is so perfect.
Somehow the weird thing is that I do in fact have a version of Winamp for my phone but it doesn't seem to have shuffle or repeat options. It must have them somewhere. I've settled for using my phone's default music player, which has an interface I normally like less, but where the repeat button was easy to find.
I shouldn't be fussing with it anyway. Work!
You should bowdlerize that word.
7:19 PM
@aediaλ you're welcome
The only reason I suggest Winamp is because I found that Windows Media Player's repeat mode isn't gapless, so the 35s loop breaks and it's really annoying.
Later, peeps!
@MrShinyandNew安宇 I have not used Windows for very long so cannot really recall, but perhaps they all have gaps. It's just how big the gap is and whether you feel it or not.
@JasperLoy No, some music players are gapless.
@MrShinyandNew安宇 I can't believe this got three stars!
7:30 PM
@JasperLoy :)
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Beautiful narration, but the song is nice too when sung.
@JasperLoy I think I like it better this way. David Attenborough can make anything interesting just by speaking it.
My phone's default media player wasn't gapless in repeat and winamp was, but I can't believe I had to ask the internet how to find the repeat button. I feel like such a n00b.
I should have tried hitting it harder. It probably would have showed the buttons then.
violence begets violence, and repeat buttons
7:45 PM
@Kitḫ I should have, but whoops. Back to $&#*!
@aediaλ Many GUI applications have configurable options you have to really hunt to know where to configure. Sometimes you have to use right-click in strange places.
Right-click? We're talking about a phone, here. Is there a way of clicking it I don't know about?
hits phone differently
@aediaλ with your mind
@aediaλ I was talking in general on computers.
@MattЭллен Now you are sounding mystic like JLO.
7:47 PM
Ah. Yes. I'm currently coping with a web app that abuses the right-click menu in ways noooooooone ever should have dreamed up.
@JasperLoy I was trying to sound ridiculous, but mystic will do :D
Must get back to it.
@MattЭллен You can also be cryptic which ends with the same three letters.
good luck!
See y'all!
7:47 PM
cya @aedia
@matt What did you have for dinner? My blog now has 12 posts and 113 non-self views. Whoo!
@JasperLoy (Or styptic! That's even more useful.)
(Okay, really going again now.)
@JasperLoy I had chicken flavoured noodles
@MattЭллен Same!
congrats on the views! I'm still averaging about 5 views a day
@JasperLoy did you add other flavourings? I added some ground ginger and mild chilli power
7:51 PM
@MattЭллен Some of the so-called referring URLs are actually ads when I clicked on them. I wonder why this happens?
@JasperLoy Yeah, I notice that sometimes. I'm not sure why
@MattЭллен Actually it was bought. It was really noodles with chicken and mushroom in vinegar sauce, only three dollars.
@MattЭллен Good to know I'm not being targeted uniquely as some scam operation.
I know blogspot has spam filtering enabled by default, so maybe they leave comments on blogs, but they never make it through the filter, and the hits are tracked anyway
I must say though that my ELU 14k views are mostly self-views!
7:53 PM
@JasperLoy oh nice! mine was just chicken flavouring, no meat or anything other than noodles. I had my main meal at work today
@MattЭллен Do you still read the transcript nowadays? I remember you said you liked being nosey.
I haven't gone back to catch up on anything I missed in October, but I've been reading the transcript since I've been back in the UK
I skip over some bits, though
I am still listening to this repeatedly!
7:56 PM
Aye. It's too good to be true!
I'll show you what I've been listening to, but you might not want to play it...
I might play that later, but it looks scary!
Haha! maybe :D
I was looking at the rankings - I'm the highest ranked Matt on EL&U :D
I've probably jinxed it now
@MattЭллен It sounds pretty good to me actually!
@JasperLoy cool :) I bought the EP with this on, it has some good tracks. I like the first one a lot too.
8:00 PM
The other nice version.
Q: How do you quote a passage that has used '[sic]' mistakenly?

MitchThe usage of '[sic]' is well defined for quoting a passage that you believe has an error in it: nearest to the mistake you place '[sic]' within the quotes. For example, suppose I write a letter from I to you. This last sentence of mine is counter to most norms of English writing (it's wrong), so ...

Another downvote 2 days ago.
Hello @daniel!
8:04 PM
@Danielδ You keep track of that?
@JasperLoy No, just every couple weeks I check the vote count
@Danielδ drive by downvotes! If we're not careful this'll become the crime captial of SE
@Danielδ You're nuts! Hehe.
And today, I noticed it had +218/-2
@JasperLoy But last I checked, it was something like 210, so 216 is pretty good.
Q: Can someone please explain this Dalai-Lama joke to me?

RoboShopI'm not sure if this question is on topic (maybe it just needs to be rephrased), but since this made global headlines due to the Dalai Lama not being able to understand it, I figure most non-native speakers would have trouble getting the joke too. This is the joke on YouTube. The Dalai Lama ...

That one has been getting a few upvotes as well.
@Danielδ This question is nuts too.
8:07 PM
@JasperLoy It has my downvote. :/
Anyway how did you create your avatar @daniel?
@JasperLoy Paint shop; took about fifteen minutes.
Yes, we have more advanced software, but I'm not a graphic designer, so GIMP looks rather formidable.
@Danielδ GIMP comes by default on my Debian Linux install, but I don't draw anything, though I do use it to turn my avatars into black and white using the colorify function.
I created my avatar with GIMP. I hear people say GIMP is less functionally rich than Photoshop, which is probably true, but I'm not a graphic designer
If you're using Windows, then Paint .NET is good for most simple uses
@MattЭллен functionally
8:12 PM
Just waiting to correct every typo!
@JasperLoy Ill giv yuo som emore work,then..
@Danielδ You're nuts!
@JasperLoy Yeah, don't you hate those double periods? I can never tell if it is supposed to be a period or an ellipsis.
@Danielδ Actually I am not sure if there should be a space before the ellipsis or not currently.
I have yet to read my grammar and punctuation books thoroughly!
8:16 PM
@JasperLoy Maybe ... maybe not...
@Danielδ So how do you find your school? I remember you stopped home schooling right?
Or maybe I got that wrong.
@JasperLoy You did.
But I still find it enjoyable ;)
@Danielδ OK but actually what do you mean by home schooling? You study on your own at home and then take the college entrance exams when they are due?
What exams and tests do you need to take then?
8:20 PM
@JasperLoy No; we study different subjects at home, and get our progress evaluated by a state evaluator every year.
@JasperLoy College isn't part of it yet.
@Danielδ So you read approximately 40 non-electronic pages a day eh? Hehe, I used a calculator to do a division!
@JasperLoy As of the end of last school year; I haven't counted this year's yet.
2 hours later…
10:19 PM
Nobody panic. I have run a rep recalc for the top 36 users.
Most people have lost around 100 rep.
I lost more than 400 myself.
@Cerberus lost the most, I think.
@Kit actually gained a point, as did a couple other people.
I might recalc more in the nearest future.
11:17 PM
Hi @mahnax!
@JasperLoy Hi!
I need about 500 rep to get to 3k :D
@RegDwightѬſ道 JLO doesn't panic. He does recalc regularly. And he has transcended reputation though he does not mind more.
@Mahnax Unfortunately all my presents have been distributed.
@JasperLoy Yeah, I know.
I just need to answer more questions. Unfortunately, I never seem to arrive at the right time to swoop in and answer some really good questions.
@Mahnax Timing is very important in life, be it answering questions, getting a girlfriend or recovering from various things.
11:21 PM
@JasperLoy Indeed.
Unfortunately, school.
@Mahnax Unfortunately life often plays games with us in cruel ways with timing.
@JasperLoy Like school!
@Mahnax You mean you don't like the school timetable?
@JasperLoy Nah, it just interferes with my EL&Uing.
Hi @waiwai933.
Be afraid, @JasperLoy.
@Mahnax How did you get that? It turned 676 a few hours ago already.
11:24 PM
@JasperLoy Screen shot a few hours ago.
@Mahnax Nuts! I saw the other 666 you took as well!
@JasperLoy Haha, I just notice these things.
@Mahnax From my little biblical knowledge I know 666 is the mark of the beast, the sign of the devil.
@JasperLoy Yes, it is.
@Mahnax Are most Canadians Christian?
11:27 PM
@JasperLoy No, I'd say most are just atheists. But Christianity is the most popular religion here.
@Mahnax My 12th post is up. Another rant.
@JasperLoy Ooh, rant.
@JasperLoy Interesting, thought-provoking post.
@Mahnax You read extremely fast. You should slow down.
@JasperLoy Nah. I compute things well at that speed.
@Mahnax Do you play any sports or games in school?
11:42 PM
@JasperLoy No, I do not enjoy most sports. I am physically fit though.
@Mahnax I changed into a lovely new JB avatar. Please refresh to appreciate.
@JasperLoy Yeccch.
gags, steadies self with railing
@Mahnax You have many funny sounds, like ack.
@JasperLoy Thank you.
11:58 PM
@Mahnax What are you doing now?
@JasperLoy Working on a little Science homework. Almost done!

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