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12:00 AM
@GraceNote Still very likely.
@GraceNote are you sure that every other word in autocorrect doesn't get corrected to "fuck"? I'd think that was an excellent design decision.
@agent86 Like I said, plight of the spelling-challenged
Depends on how often you use the word.
@GraceNote I don't have a problem with spelling, but I do have a problem with typing on an iPhone.
@GnomeSlice I don't have a problem typing on an iPhone. It's one of the perks of not using an iPhone.
Yeah. My parents made me stop using my android and use my mother's old iPhone.
12:06 AM
@GnomeSlice Why?
Because there were no good 'task list' apps for android or something.
@agent86 Fun Fact: The default autocorrect dictionary does not include a variety of profanity. You can get a metric for just how much an iPhone owner swears by attempting to type in various dirty words and seeing if they get corrected.
6 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
Depends on how often you use the word.
@LessPop_MoreFizz fcuk that.
Personally, my iphone has gotten to the point where it even knows how to handle various portmanteaus containing the word fuck. (i.e. infuckingcredible)
12:09 AM
OKAY, new day. I can participate in the site again, yay.
@agent86 up votes 20 of your answers so you cannot
@agent86 Best way to hit rep cap daily is to ignore rep cap and just answer questions that need answering. Long tail will handle the rest.
I don't think I've ever even approached the rep cap.
It must be a woman.
@ArdaXi Lol. Badp edited that.
@GnomeSlice oh my. The highest you ever hit was 45.
But... it's out of context now...
12:12 AM
@GnomeSlice quite a few people
@Wipqozn That's it?
@GnomeSlice Out of context stars are the best stars.
You of all people should know this.
Q: Will my follower use buff potions like Fortify Conjuration?

victoriahHe summons a wolf thing often and I have some spare potions I could give to him, but I'm not sure if it would be any use.

Q: What does the "A -15%" statistic mean when shopping for armor?

agent86I was shopping for some armor last night, and I noticed a statistic on the armor purchase screen that I hadn't seen in previous AC games. It looked like the "Assassin's Logo" (a stylized A of sorts) followed by "-15%". What is this for? I didn't notice it on the armor/inventory equip screens...

Q: If I quit during a mission, will I resume at the last checkpoint or before I started?

agent86At the end of my gaming session last night, I went to try and save and realized that there didn't appear to be an option. I'm assuming the game's autosave is all I get, like it or not. If I quit the game during a mission, will I start back up at the last checkpoint I passed, or do I have to s...

GET ME THOSE POINTS! thank you agent. :p
Is... a valid tag?
12:17 AM
Assassins-creed-revelations wont fit
We've discussed before that it should probably be either r or rev instead of revel.
Why not '3'? Or whatever number it is.
@GnomeSlice Actually, your high is on April 10th when you hit 150.
Or maybe we should bug Jeff about getting longer tags.
@Ullallulloo That's 2 days after my birthday. Interesting. What's the cap?
or ac-revelations
12:19 AM
@GnomeSlice Not happening
@GnomeSlice 200
@Fredy31 Also not happening.
@GraceNote That sounds depressingly convicted.
@GnomeSlice Because it's not happening. The 25 character limit is pretty entrenched into things, it ain't budging without waaaaay too much work.
Much like we're the only site who sees a need to remove the "single instance tag reaper" script, we're the only site who truly suffers from the tag limit. Oh, and we also suffer from the title thing... it's safe to say that really, Gaming is an absolute pain for the tagging system on all respects.
@GraceNote How so?
12:22 AM
@Wipqozn I don't know the exacts, I only know that it's been repeated about 4 times on Gaming alone from David and others
@GraceNote We could hold a strike, but I'm not sure there's much point since it's a community driven site.
@GnomeSlice A strike won't change anything
I was joking.
Except maybe cause the site to shutdown.
12:25 AM
Well, that's hardly 'nothing' now is it.
@GraceNote I see. Just find it curious. I wouldn't think the tag limit would matter to anything other than the tag limit, which I assume would just be a matter of changing a constant.
To everyone who didn't buy Bionic Commando Rearmed while it was on sale: you suck.
Also, just to be clear, everyone understand what I actually meant by that starred message 'it must be a woman' right?
@GnomeSlice Playing it right now. :P Thanks again
@GnomeSlice yes, you're a misogynist.
@Aeo :D Make sure you stop by the tutorial area and pick up the revolver upgrade.
@Wipqozn No, that's not what I meant at all.
I was making a joke about how I never approach women.
12:29 AM
@GnomeSlice too late now, the starred list has spoken.
@GnomeSlice Nope, sorry. The starred lists says it is because you are a misogynist.
It's not as funny if you star my explanation too.
I am a star god.
48 mins ago, by Arda Xi
@Wipqozn @badp edited that.
Nicely played @badp
@GnomeSlice I'm well aware.
I got a popup saying 'you got a reply from badp'.
12:35 AM
oh goodie, I can see when chat messages are flagged now.
@Wipqozn I could if I just went and signed up on all the beta sites. :x
Q: Can I become leader of the Thieves' Guild without finishing the main chain and is there any benefits from being the leader anyway?

victoriahI completed the quest where you get the Skeleton Key and I don't really want to continue the chain until I've done a lot of the other stuff in the game, since the key is so useful. Brynjolf said before that I would become leader of the guild after everything was over. Can I become the leader any...

@Lazers Come on , 2 more questions to overtake ...
The "advanced tutorial" is kicking my butt... lol
@Aeo Yeah, it's not really necessary.
Just continue in that area and one of the rooms has a weapon upgrade in it.
Anyway, dinner.
12:46 AM
@GnomeSlice Ahhh... Thanks.
Welcome to chat @Krazer
btw @RonanForman
btw "No player shall be permitted to cause any block of lava in the Pain Water course in his or her lane to turn into obsidian, either by placing/removing blocks in that area, or through any other means." Apparently we did that wrong?
1:06 AM
@Powerlord: I'm not certain what your religious views are, but something tells me this will turn you away from Christianity if you're a christian:
@Wipqozn TBQH, Christ has no problem with bacon. Now if it was Reject Allah, I'd believe it.
(I suppose rejecting Judaism would work as well, but it's harder to make that pithy because there's not a singular prophet figure that you can instruct people to reject.)
Having a gaming blog called "Save and Quit" constantly show up when you are looking up stuff about saving/quitting games is annoying.Just sayin'. :PJ
@AshleyNunn how 'bout save and load :P
@AshleyNunn it can get worse:
Q: Old pc game about now & then, it was educational and about the history of household items

JessI've tried looking everywhere on the internet, when I was little during the 90's I used to play a game (which I think was called) "Now & then". I vaguely remember the graphics, I believe it was more 3d than 2d though. It was a boy and his sister going around their attic/house/backyard/basemen...

@alexanderpas Oh, I tried to look for that one. Now and Then game gets you a lot of things that are not video games. XD
1:14 AM
now & then, try searching for that one...
a single blog is easy to filter with some google-fu
@AshleyNunn save and quit -site:saveandquitgaming.com
@alexanderpas Oh, yeah, I know how to do it. I just am annoyed that I have to. Same with filtering out reviews for games when you are searching for something like " GameXYZ guide"
@AshleyNunn gamefaqs... the thing they do good are the guides, their Q&A section is bad ;)
grins Not that we are biased or anything ;) but yeah, GameFAQs is good for most games - the more obscure stuff, not so much.
I feel very much like vandalizing this post to add more characters like it asks:
A: Capture the wool sign ups

WipqoznI will be playing as well. INSERT MORE CHARACTERS HERE

Only one more question until ties with for our most used tag.
Q: What's the easiest den defense level to get "Iron curtain"?

agent86For "Iron Curtain," I have to do a den defense "perfectly," and without using the cannon. What does perfectly mean? With my base having 100% health? I tried to do this on the tutorial mission for den defense, and the battering ram destroyed me. Should I replay the tutorial mission again later...

Q: Are there any tricks to help me find all the Animus Data Fragments?

agent86I've collected a few of the Animus Data Fragments, but they seem like the feathers in previous games - there are a ton of them, and they're hard to see. I find that without assistance, finding these objects is just too time consuming and irritating. Is there a map or some trick to finding all o...

Q: Where are the Energy Spheres in level 3-1?

Ashley NunnI went though the entire level, and I didn't see a single one. I destroyed everything I could using the Snow Bowl copy ability, and looked in all the "secret" places that I could find, and I still saw no Energy Spheres. Where are they hiding in this level?

1:23 AM
In a single month, defeated
@John go ahead
@alexanderpas well, with 2 more posts it will
I seem to have lost track of the main quest in Skyrim.
@alexanderpas We should put up a system banner. "Thank you guys, but we've stopped accepting Skyrim questions because we're running out of bits or something."
@stevether don't worry, just look in your journal, the main quest can be identified.
@badp we're not reddit ;)
1:38 AM
is now tied with
but exploring and random questing is more fun!
@Krazer This.
I barely touched the main quest in Oblivion
@Wipqozn It didn't help that if you didn't do the first few parts of the main quest basially right away in Oblivion they became nigh impossible.
Stupid broken scaling guards in Kvatch grumble bitch grumble
@alexanderpas Thanks, I'll try that
Q: How do I determine whether a quest belongs to the main story line?

Tom WijsmanI've heard that there is a main story line in Skyrim, and that you have the main quests and procedurally generated quests besides that. How can I identify whether a quest belongs to the main story line, or whether it is procedurally generated by someone. I would somehow like to focus on finishin...

1:47 AM
Q: How do I open these doors in the room with the dead king?

NickI've made it to this room with a statue of a dead king, six doors with weapon images on them which contain different weapons (i.e. not the ones that they're labeled with) and a path that leads out of the room. Presumably these weapon doors can be unlocked (and not with a small/medium/large key) ...

Q: Is it possible to get a pet in Skyrim?

ArasanI know that it is possible to get a horse, but I was wondering about a pet more on the lines of a dog. If it is possible, could you please provide an explanation on how to get a pet?

@alexanderpas Oh... I guess I already finished them all...
Guess I was expecting that to take longer.
duplicate? nope, more expanded! (I did it again...)
All you amateurs (e.g. @Wipqozn) needing to pad posts to meet minimum characters...
The zero-width space (ZWSP) is a non-printing character used in computerized typesetting to indicate word boundaries to text processing systems when using scripts that do not use explicit spacing, or after characters (such as the slash) that are not followed by a visible space but after which there may nevertheless be a line break. Normally it isn't a visible separation, but it may expand in passages that are fully justified. In HTML pages this space can be used as a potential line-break in long words as a replacement for the non-standard tag. However, the zero-width space is not supported...
1:54 AM
I just laugh so hard
yeah, it was a question.
has just surpassed
@alexanderpas thanks to you
@LessPopMoreFizz, I don't need any help hitting the cap, I was just happy that I could gain rep again. I'd been sitting on a few questions.
S kyrim S tar craft -2 mine craft LOL
1:58 AM
@alexanderpas keep trying...
on this browser his name just shows up as "alexan-derp"
@agent86 herp-derp...
Q: Is the audio essential to Limbo?

agent86I don't usually have speakers or a headset hooked up into my computer, so I can't hear any of the audio in Limbo. Is the sound an important part of the game? Is it essential to be able to hear it, or is it just there for atmosphere?

Q: How can I identify to which quest line a specific quest belongs

alexanderpasMy Journal is Full of Quests, And I would like to know if their is a way to determine if a quest belongs to the Main Quest line, or to one of the factions instead of the other questions Basically: how to determine if a single quest belongs to the: Main Quest Bards College College of Winterhol...

Q: Pick-pocketing someone who has caught you

Bravo840So I was simply taking some weight off an NPC when he caught me...helping lighten his load. The problem is, he still have some stuff that I am sure he would rather have me hold on to but he has "already caught me" and won't let me hold onto any more of his stuff. Is there a time after someone ha...

Q: Does a master assassin sent out on a Meditaranian defense mission leave their den vulnerable to Templar attack?

Doozer BlakeAs the question says, if I send a Master Assassin off on a Meditaranian defense mission, does it leave their assigned den vulnerable to a Templar attack? When I get my 7 dens all assigned master assassins, can I risk using them for Meditaranian defense missions and still be safe from Templar att...

2:16 AM
too localized?
A: Are there still servers up to play Battlefield 2142 online?

M3NTA7I only reqularly see between 2 and 8 servers online any more, but it is playable on good nights when there are enough people logged in.

@GraceNote You asked me this morning if I had gotten 30 Energy Spheres - managed to get to that point tonight, and unlocked the Scope Shot game. :)
This is at least the second time this guy has done this:
A: Who do I have to deliver the pumpkin soup to?

KezamiFlame123Can you still get pumpkin soup even though you knocked the chandelier down?

Goddamnit @alexanderpas, You're going to make me fire up an image editor aren't you.
2:25 AM
@alexanderpas Your question about identifying quests
the way to do it is the symbols next to the quest name in the quest log.
Q: Are there shopkeepers in DoomRL?

WipqoznI started playing DoomRL today, and have already maxed out my inventory with a bunch of duplicates of weapons I already have, mostly pistols. Is there any way for me sell these, or should I just use up what ammo they have in them and then drop them?

up for the grabs, who makes a question out of this: reddit.com/r/skyrim/comments/n1wle/…
2:43 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz You know Christ was Jewish, right?
@GnomeSlice Yes. But Christians eat bacon, even if Jesus wouldn't have.
So 'Christians' don't have an issue with bacon.
@GnomeSlice Something something Paul something something disregard old testament laws, except for the ones about gay people because we don't like them something something
Christ probably did.
A: How to say "She/He is my girlfriend/boyfriend" without the possessive "my"

MetaEdWhat you say is I am her boyfriend, which most of the time is more true.

This needs more upvotes.
@alexanderpas The answer is that you can abuse the negotiations to skip some of the more tedious parts of the civil war or make the civil war take longer to your preference depending on how the treaty negotiations shake out.
2:45 AM
Q: How is ignoring clear Biblical instructions in Leviticus justified?

fluteflute Leviticus 11:7-8 And the pig, though it has a split hood completely divided, does not chew the cud; it is unclean for you. You must not eat their meat or touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you. Leviticus 11:11-12 And since you are to detest them, you must not eat th...

@Ullallulloo Yeah, that's what I was alluding to.
Is that Tosh?
@alexanderpas BTW, you'd better accept this, I even made a goddamned freehand circle for you:
A: How can I identify to which quest line a specific quest belongs

LessPop_MoreFizzYou can tell by looking at the symbol next to the quests name when viewing it in your quest log. The Bards College does not have a symbol of it's own, but instead uses the generic Side Quest icon. Main Quest Side Quests College of Winterhold Thieves Guild Dark Brotherhood The Compan...

Jeez, I suck at Flotilla.
2:50 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz it will be accepted in a day or two, so it gets more upvotes.
Followers... not Companions
ok, skype has been doing nothing for the past 20 hours and it's using 221 MB memory
and Steam is at 124 MB
but when I open and close Steam, it drops immediately to 9 MB
@NickT No mocking my Trackpad circle!
3:18 AM
Q: Disable Radiant Quests in Skyrim

CoomieI'm a completist. I like to finish EVERYTHING. Skyrim creates a problem for me, it never ends. Is there a way to disable radiant quests, perhaps in the console? Is there a downside to disabling radiant quests? Do certain "real" quests require completion of a radiant quest?

Trolling Cristianity, let's see how many will answer this wrong ;)
Q: Which came first, Man or Animal?

alexanderpasGenesis 1:24-27 states that humans were created after the other animals, and the first man and woman were created simultaneously. 1:24 And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. ...

3:38 AM
what EUIII country to play as...decisions, decisions...
shared a link on reddit, let's see what happens ;)
animals, then man, man then was given to name them
at least that's version I'm most familiar with
also that's the whole basis to the Lilith thing
3:44 AM
the first set is the idea that there was Lilith and the second version was Eve
it's probably a bad sign that I always want to fully capitalize EVE
@WorldEngineer Yes, since verse nineteen talks about how He formed every fowl of the air too, while they were created day 5, a day before man according to chapter one, which clearly means there's a break between verses 18 and 19.
unsurprising by the 4 authors theory
@WorldEngineer No, because this is The Bridge.
4:04 AM
Hmm, well that turn didn't go very well. @Wipqozn you won. (In retrospect, I should have played more before I entered the tournament, heh.)
I just saw someone refer to the design patent fight between Apple and Samsung as "The War on Geometry"
Which made me lol
Geometry Wars: Yuppie Edition
4:20 AM
and in the end, all of those "design" patents will be declared invalid.
LOL: An actual shield of a given shape, for example, can be cited as prior art against a design patent on a computer icon with a shield shape.
In the United States, a design patent is a patent granted on the ornamental design of a functional item. Design patents are a type of industrial design right. Ornamental designs of jewelry, furniture, beverage containers (see Fig. 1) and computer icons are examples of objects that are covered by design patents. A similar concept, a registered design can be obtained in other countries. In Kenya, Japan, South Korea and Hungary, industrial designs are registered after performing an official novelty search. In the countries of the European Community, one needs to only pay an official fee an...
Q: Is it possible to take screenshots in Skyrim on the PS3?

McArtheySimply put, does Skyrim support the ability to take screenshots on the PS3? The game is beautiful at many times and I'd love to have a shot of the dragon and giant battle I witnessed today. Thanks!

another benefit of the PC version.
4:39 AM
Due to the consoles being based on mediocre technology from 6 years ago, the PC should have more advantages than just that, but companies designing the console versions first are making sure that doesn't happen for PC.
5:16 AM
Just encountered the wierdest skyrim bug I've seen yet
there are two of Louis Letrush standing outside the Whiterun stables.
@LessPop_MoreFizz backward flying dragons?
Problem is, I killed Louis Letrush a very very very long time ago
@alexanderpas Oh, forget backwards flying dragons, I've seen backwards flying mammoths
he's pretty buggy :D
1 hour later…
6:28 AM
(ad infiniitum)
> I used to know what love was until I took an arrow to the knee.
why is this sad excuse for humor so damn popular everywhere
Skyrim is popular.
Well I know but
it's just not creative
or anything. It just is.
6:43 AM
remember the cake, because that was a lie
@Mana Because meme.
it's the same type of thing.
@Mana I used to be a skater like you, then I took an arrow to the knee.
There, I did it.!
Go comment it on that video. See what happens.
He did.
Q: What's the difference between the two Animus Hack kill streaks?

Jeff MercadoSo there's two kill streaks, the Animus Hack and the Silent Animus Hack. Animus Hack: When the STREAK counter reaches 9, the ANIMUS HACK enables you to kill whomever you want from a distance. You earn +100 points when you kill a non-TARGET Templar. (80 Abstergo Credits) S...

7:06 AM
@alexanderpas damn that's awesome. I want to make 8-bit music now.
Q: What is the Megaman boss whose entry music sounds like doom?

Evan CarrollI can't think of it now.. What is the Megaman boss whose entry music sounds like doom? I want it for a ringtone.

7:35 AM
Q: What is the meaning of this Bastion level (spoilers)

ripper234The Sole Regret is the level where the boy finds his shield, and his first stone statue. One of the levels (inside Jawson Bog I believe) is a copy of that level, with a different narrative. Instead of the good guy, the kid is portrayed as a burglar and a thief. I don't remember the wording exact...

7:59 AM
Q: How the Graphic card is important for games?

Anant WalakeMay I know that NFS game can be played on pc without graphic card or not? My PC configuration is 3 GB RAM and 250 Hard disk, Dual Core, etc. Awaiting your response. Thanks,

Q: Gameloft Game Graphics problem

Harsha M VI installed a Gameloft game Brother in Arm.. But the graphics of the game is shown as below. Use 2.3.3 on Samsung S2 Any idea why its not being displayed ?

8:44 AM
Q: How do I take down fast driving cars in GTA 4?

Moe SweetThere are some fast driving cars I need to take down in GTA 4. For instance the first mission after Niko found out that Michelle is an undercover cop and took him to an office, and some most wanted list from police computer. The problem is those cars drives and turns so fast that I can barely ke...

9:08 AM
Q: Where can I find the full text for Bastion levels?

ripper234Specifically, I'd like to read the story of the Who Knows Where levels. I'm sure the full text is out there somewhere, but my Google-fu is not working.

9:34 AM
store.valvesoftware.com/product.php?i=PCGR201 You know, these are actually pretty cool
10:18 AM
Q: Best way to level destruction?

voxanimusI've seen effective methods for leveling Summoning, like spamming a Bound Sword on a crag in front of a giant; my question is whether or not something like this will work for Destruction spells. Does the Destruction spell have to actually hit the target or is it enough for it to be done in its vi...

10:42 AM
Q: Is there a portable container in Skyrim

KonerakI'm looking for a portable container, a carriable chest if you'd like. Something where I can put items in, but which I can put in my inventory itself. I don't need to be able to access items in the container while it is in my inventory (forcing a multi-level menu instead of the current two-level...

11:06 AM
Q: Why console version of multiplayer supports less players?

IAdaptersource http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111205162848AAb1sl9 64 Players on P.C ( 32vs32) & bigger maps with more vehicles & buildings. 24 on Consoles ( 12vs12) ( It was planned to have a 32 player limit, but was later reduced to 24). Why console have maximu...

1 hour later…
12:12 PM
Q: How can Community approve a suggested edit?

StrixVariaThis edit was approved by Community. I thought that edit suggestions required someone with high reputation to go in and manually either approve or reject in order to be resolved. How did this happen?

Q: Siege of the Wyrest boss priority?

Michael R. BaileyThe third boss on the first half of the dragon soul raid is the unsleeping. On the raid finder version purple is the priority, is this the case with the real raid? If not what is the new priority to kill the oozes he summons? Which color should never get to him?

12:43 PM
Hrm, for the second time Paypal tells me I haven't "claimed" the grant money still
I click on the link in the email and it always takes me to the login screen
oh. fuck. I see now why
@GraceNote You guys have sent the payment to the wrong email address :)
I imagine that if I don't make an account with that email address we'll both lose the money?
Oh, no, it'll get automatically canceled on Dec 29th and then you can try again. I wonder if they do keep the cut though.
1:00 PM
@badp Are you free right now?
Q: Can more playable characters be unlocked in Mario Kart 7?

DisgruntledGoatI've collected over 500 coins so far and the only things unlocked from those were new kart customizations. I have also beaten every Grand Prix in 50cc with 3 stars (first time, no less!) but nothing got unlocked there. There are some regular characters missing from the line-up (like my favourite...

@RonanForman Perhaps. I'm kind of starving really
Actually nevermind, all the scenes need 2 people.
1:24 PM
Q: How does one capture gameplay video on PC?

desaivvHow does one capture gameplay video on PC? I have a good setup. Quad-core Intel i7, 8GB RAM, NVDIA 9500 GTX. I am currently playing Skyrim, how can I capture the video of my character? My previous experience with RPGs was Diablo 2, with Simulations was NBA 2003-2008, NFL 2001-2007, with RTS ...

1:38 PM
@badp I used what you specified in the email
But apparently, I do see the error. Whoops
@GraceNote I doublechecked
Well, are you able to wait until the 29th, eheh?
You can cancel right now if you wanted to, but I'm afraid that might entitle Paypal to twice the cut
seriously, fuck that
Q: Is Bastion "inherently harder" the second time?

ripper234Well, the kid is more powerful because of all the upgrades, and has access to more shrines to empower his enemies ... Regardless of that - are the enemies in the second round harder, assuming all else is equal?

1:51 PM
@GraceNote Done
Do ! automatically get changed to ? in the question titles?
@RonanForman Yes
Thanks, fixed it, @Ronan
Fixed what?
An erroneous exclamation mark that was converted into a question mark
@badp Just to confirm - was that a test entry?
@GraceNote I thought you asked me, between the lines, to reenter my entry?
2:03 PM
@badp No, I asked you to confirm that the entry form for the newest round was working (which you did)
@GraceNote OH. Sorry
Haha, no worries. It confirmed it was working, which is all I needed. ♪
Besides, I've taken a cursory look to the upcoming releases and none of them strike my fancy
Surely that had no impact on why we expanded the breadth of the round this time
Q: Gaming Promotional Grant - Winter Holiday Season

Grace NoteWelcome to the WINTER HOLIDAY EDITION of the Gaming Promotional Grant! Users in good standing can receive one free game on behalf of Gaming Stack Exchange. What's the catch? Simple - ask questions and post answers to questions about your new game; have fun while helping us create a wonderful dat...

Q: We have a YouTube channel

Ronan FormanYou can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/user/GamingSE At the moment it's a bit sparse, but that will be changing soon. If you have any videos you would like to put on it talk to either Wipqozn, GnomeSlice or me. And don't forget to subscribe! Upload rules: It must be relevant to Gaming.S...

2:13 PM
...Awesome. Though I have no idea what I'd do with it.
Wonder if I could use a bunch of this stuff in other media.
...Hm... $20 is a lot (for me) to spend on something I may never use.
@GnomeSlice Then don't spend it?
I'm trying to decide.
Looks like some really good assets are in here.
Do you intend to do game development?
@GraceNote Well... at the moment, probably not.
But a lot of the assets look transferable.
For example, the textures, audio packs, and icon sets.
Which I could probably use in loads of other media.
Also, this.
2:34 PM
Q: Is there any way to reveal the entire minimap?

StrixVariaIf I remember correctly, Civilization 4 offered some technology that revealed the entire minimap. It didn't break fog of war, but at least it allowed you to see where all the cities were and what the terrain was like. So far in Civilization 5, I haven't seen any equivalent to that. I just decide...

Q: Help remembering a game where players throw things to each other

Ieyasu SawadaI played a PlayStation game sometime in year 2000 and I want to play it again. But I can't remember the name of the game. It's a game where you select a character and then you throw things like big rocks to the other players. There are also items which you can get in the game which changes the e...

@GraceNote Any suggestions?
I'm not an advent supporter of "This is a great deal so I'll blow my money even if I won't use any of it"
A better deal is not to spend the money at all, if you're not going to need or use it. Only spend the money if you know you'll be using it.
@GraceNote aka how steam gets most of us to buy cheap games >_>
@FallenAngelEyes A lot of people fall in that trap
@GraceNote That's the thing. I may use it
Dyargh. Probably best to not bother.
There are lots of other places to find media, I guess if I decide I need some.
2:38 PM
Don't settle for "may"
If you're already hesitant about the price as a whole, you can't let yourself be swayed by large uncertainties
Hm... you're probably right.
My dad has been making noises about ios development... he'd probably like the tutorial about ios publishing that comes in this...
@GnomeSlice Then tell him about the bundle?
Maybe you'll get lucky and he'll buy it for himself
It would make a good christmas gift, maybe.
in Game Development, 12 secs ago, by thedaian
wow, @GnomeSlice, that's awesome! i'll probably get it even though i don't do any 3d/unity stuff (yet)
@GraceNote Guess most people don't do that.
@GnomeSlice I mentioned that lots of people fall for that kind of trap.
Hm... looks like it's a tutorial for ios GAME developement, unsurprisingly.
@GraceNote I'm terrible for this kind of thing.
2:45 PM
It's the same reason why "Under $200!" actually works as a marketing strategy to sell something that is $199.99
Heh. I wouldn't fall for that one. I generally at least look at the list price first.
@GnomeSlice People still do, but the fact that the most significant digit is a "1" is what far too many people stick to.
I never really understood that.
If I ever own a business in retail, I'm setting all of my prices to nice round numbers.
$199.99 $200.00
Marketing preys on ignorance, which is widespread amongst the common human
2:47 PM
in Game Development, 22 secs ago, by thedaian
hmmm, it looks like you can't sell anything you make with those assets
Well, that made up my mind for me.
@GraceNote You're almost as cynical as my father.
@GnomeSlice That's not so much cynicism as realism
@FallenAngelEyes Exactly.
@GnomeSlice I don't have to be a cynic to pay attention and see these things happen.
Protip: Most people are stupid.
I don't like thinking that the average person is incredibly dense or unobservant, but fact is, if they weren't, these kinds of techniques wouldn't be as widespread as they are. Techniques are only as functional as they are successful.
so, how does new system work?
If I get a game for one round, I can't get it for the next?
It's been like that for a while
@badp: Any ideas on this question?
Q: Are there shopkeepers in DoomRL?

WipqoznI started playing DoomRL today, and have already maxed out my inventory with a bunch of duplicates of weapons I already have, mostly pistols. Is there any way for me sell these, or should I just use up what ammo they have in them and then drop them?

except this round, the rules have been reset
@Wipqozn Ugh, that's quite the troublemaker of a user. What's up with it?
I know you're a fan of roguelikes and what not
2:57 PM
@Wipqozn Yeah, I should probably suspend him. Good thinking
@badp yeah, I know. That wipqozn guy is a dick, but don't tell him I said so.
@badp He definitely deserves it.
Oh noes, not Doom Roguelike...
Can someone smart please interpret these licensing terms for me?
@GraceNote Not a fan?
Oh, I like it.
Also brings back fond memories of the Doom comic.

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