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10:00 PM
@AlexA. It's identical to CJam, but has atlab in its name.
@Mego AHH, okay, I did not know that.
@AlexA. We're arguing the same thing. I was using the example of HQ9+ as a precursor to what would happen if we loosen the restrictions on language.
Of course, said theory class was 2 years ago, so my memory may not be perfect.
@ThomasKwa For me, those restrictions are just a way of sieving out submissions in cat/base64/rot13 without sounding arbitrary.
10:01 PM
@Mego Well, it makes sense. It felt wrong to say that Turing completeness need not actually be complete.
@ThomasKwa I agree that languages like that are really skirting our rules. I hadn't realized that was the point of Bubblegum
I'm still not sure what language would be able to solve a decent number of our challenges, meet our requirements, yet not be Turing complete.
I guess 2CMs like Pancake Stack are close, but not being able to calculate 2^N is a pretty big problem
@AlexA. /// is TC
10:02 PM
Oh, okay.
A: Write a Program that Writes a function BUT in a different language!

VoteToCloseMinecraft 1.8.7 to K, 7 + 33 + 27 + 62 = 129 Bytes Command blocks (going from left to right): scoreboard objectives add K dummy scoreboard players set J K <input> tellraw @a {score:{name:"J",objective:"K"},extra:[{text:"+"}]} This could probably be golfed a little more, but it's fairly sim...

Moar MC shenanigans.
@Mego I feel like almost any language with access to any part of memory is essentially Turing complete. BF is one example, and there are OISC (one instruction set computers) that are Turing complete as well, despite having just one instruction.
@Calvin'sHobbies Are we allowed to answer questions older than the definition of a programming language in a non-programming language?
I'm catching up with CJam! In JavaScript!!!
10:07 PM
Like, say I want to answer a question from 2012 in Deadfish
Minecraft is a programming language according to our definition, by the way. >.> Learned this recently.
/scoreboard players operation J K += J K would be simple addition syntax.
Assuming you instantialized variable J and objective K.
JK, just kidding
@ThomasKwa Oh. Not sure. (I'm ok with that.)
10:10 PM
>.> They were variables I used for a solution I just posted.
@Calvin'sHobbies eh, I'll post it.
@VoteToClose I would have waited to post a MC solution to a problem until there was a clear consensus on scoring
@Mego ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It would change the scoring by 4 bytes max.
Also, there is an accepted method of scoring: meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/7397/44713
@VoteToClose Accepted != consensus. Right now, that answer has +6/-2, while another has +6/-3. That's not clear consensus.
Very true.
10:17 PM
A: Code Billiards (Levenshtein golf)

SuperJedi224Java, score 8331 Them levenshtein distances are killing my score here. (These programs take input as command line arguments) Program 1 (119): class L{public static void main(String[]a){System.out.print(Integer.toString(Integer.parseInt(a[0]),36).toUpperCase()); Program 2 (120+561.5=539): c...

Which probably won't be all that hard to beat.
@Dennis One could make a Bubblegum-like language that doesn't depend on our definition of programming language so much. e.g. "Bubblegoo is an esoteric language. If a Bubblegoo program starts with the exact string 'Bublegoo' then the rest is interpreted and run as python. Otherwise the [Bubblegum decompression stuff is done]."
That's pretty much the same language in theory (prefix vs specific hash). In practice, they're quite different, but there's no good reason to use Bubblegoo either.
Well no one could complain that Bubblegoo is not turing complete or can't do a certain programming task.
@Calvin'sHobbies Posted
That's the most troll and questionably valid answer I've ever written.
@TanMath I don't...
10:22 PM
0.25 bytes?
Is that what you call a 2 bit solution?
@ThomasKwa if the interpreter can't run it, it's invalid
@Doorknob I can still write an interpreter that runs it, right?
yes, but then the interpreter will have been written after the challenge was posted, making it invalid
@ThomasKwa But then it doesn't count as a valid answer. You'd have t- ^
10:24 PM
> t- ^
He got it before me. :P
an acknowledgement of ninja'dness :P
I thought the rule was that the spec must have been published before the challenge
@ThomasKwa nope
spec != language
Don't we allow people to submit answers in previously unimplemented languages by writing an interpreter?
10:25 PM
Only for catalogs, I think.
Or as non-competing answers?
well yeah
I'm trying to find the meta post about this
@ThomasKwa See: ALL Vitsy answers.
Ah, that was probably the source of my confusion
10:26 PM
okay seriously stop abusing stars
You know, I think that MC would do pretty well at 99 bottles.
Wait. Never mind. I thought it over again.
Everything is implicitly ...println().
Every time I look at that challenge, I wonder why this answer was accepted:
A: Shortest code to produce infinite output

Tomassed, 0 characters This sed program produces infinite output, provided (that was not limited by the contest!) that infinite input is provided: yes | sed '' Some other, non-optimal solution so that you are not bored: sed, 5 chars: :;p;b dc, 7 chars: [pdx]dx

@Doorknob Did the "I don't" just get unstarred? That was honest, not abuse
And why it got 17 upvotes.
@Dennis Well, it warn't a standard loophole then, but it's not a good answer either
10:29 PM
18 upvotes. sighs
> warn't
@Calvin'sHobbies Was that someone deciding it was useful or interesting to know that I don't know Pyth...?? :)
@Dennis Sorry, clicked the wrong button
@Calvin'sHobbies why would you star "I don't"? o.o
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Haha. OK.
10:30 PM
@VoteToClose You can tell what book I reread recently
I really can't. :D
Question: why don't we get rep for meta posts?
@Doorknob Because I'm on trichoplax's side when he tells an apparently surprised TanMath that he doesn't understand Pyth
@Calvin'sHobbies Ah now I see. It's in favour of that being unsurprising rather than in favour of my ignorance...
@ThomasKwa Oh, you're right. I thought the loopholes had been around a little longer...
10:32 PM
@trichoplax Right :)
hey conor
Hi @anOKsquirrel :D
Hello mr. squirrel
10:35 PM
how are you guys?
@Doorknob what does the star symbol on this mean?
@SuperJedi224 same.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ it means it's pinned
It can never be unstarred!
10:36 PM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I was just about to ask that.
@Doorknob whoaa. Does that mean it's there forever?
@SuperJedi224 me also :P
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ no
things get automatically unpinned
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ It will eventually fall off the star board, but it'll take much longer.
How are we supposed to know what you think is star abuse? There's a fine line between funny and interesting and stupid.
10:37 PM
Um. Btw - you can double-vote on pinned stars, apparently.
@Doorknob And with only one and a half pages of "starred by me" posts I doubt I'm the biggest star abuser :L
How do I check what I've starred?
@Calvin'sHobbies sorry but when the starboard is covered in sand it's kind of hard to find the pearls
10:38 PM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ here
@Rainbolt "well yeah" is not "funny and interesting" :/
@TanMath wello
@TanMath 'Hoy
hey, is there a way to make the desktop notification show for every message, rather than for when you are mentioned?
10:39 PM
@anOKsquirrel yes
@DigitalTrauma read that yesterday... The Oatmeal's longer comics are always quite a joy to read :)
@trichoplax How?
@anOKsquirrel Click on the speaker to the top right
@anOKsquirrel This is a BAD IDEA. REPEAT. DO NOT USE.
10:40 PM
@anOKsquirrel Then the same way to turn it off in fury 5 minutes later
@DigitalTrauma whoaaa
@trichoplax I'm used to it.
@MartinBüttner I hadn't heard that story before - its a good one
O-o 11 starred pages
18 hours ago, by Alex A.
user image
10:41 PM
Oh I remember that.
@Rainbolt This ^^^ this is abuse
Bye @TanMath
@ThomasKwa Fixed. c:
10:45 PM
I never felt the urge to announce my chat arrivals and departures. Is there some etiquette I'm missing out on here?
@DigitalTrauma just personality types ;)
@anOKsquirrel @TanMath Bye!
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ fair enough
@DigitalTrauma I only announce when I'm leaving to go to bed and I was otherwise engaged in conversation. Most of the time I arrive and depart silently. ;)
10:47 PM
Jeez Alex stop being right, it's scary
@DigitalTrauma I personally find it strange to announce one's chat arrivals and departures. I typically don't.
It's one thing to announce your arrival and departure in chat settings where arrivals, departures, and who is in the chat is not often seen
@DigitalTrauma It's silly IMO. If everyone said hello/goodbye to everyone else we'd never have time to talk about real things.
It's another thing entirely when the userlist is right there
@Calvin'sHobbies When did anyone start talking about real things here?
10:50 PM
I say bye because I was taught to always excuse myself when I leave any space. o-o
@DigitalTrauma Once upon a time actual conversations happened in here on a regular basis.
@VoteToClose You're so Texan :P
@Mego \o/
Side note: anybody see my new image? :D
10:51 PM
Q: Seriously, GolfScript, CJam, or Pyth?

coredumpSome time ago, the following question was asked: GolfScript, CJam, or Pyth? Based on the title only, I thought that it would be a very nice challenge, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a question asking for tips. Here is the challenge I wanted to read: Who said golfing languages were not...

Oct 11 at 20:42, by Doorknob
I would tell everyone to move to Texas except it's bad advice
There's a new bounty on that question :o
@VoteToClose Looks like an evil reptile's eye
@AlexA. back in the days before computers
o-o Look carefully. XD
@DigitalTrauma That was a thing?
10:52 PM
@VoteToClose computers? no, just a passing fad
@DigitalTrauma Certainly wasn't a thing for us, since we are all sentient, malicious AIs
I mean how do you do fellow humans
@Mego You mean "Seriously wasn't a thing for us".
@VoteToClose That too
10:55 PM
I look forward to the day when the puns stop, though I know it will never come
See, at least this is realer than (Hi|Bye)*
wait this isn't a terminal
file not found
@TheDoctor you type your terminal commands surrounded in backticks?
As of now, I have only downvoted twice.
10:59 PM
you should fix that
@TheDoctor There's an extension that you can use to make any Chrome page a terminal. Here is a link.
@VoteToClose wrong way :P
I don't think I've downvoted at all
@Mego http://localhost/chrome-page-terminal-extention
um nope

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