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12:06 AM
@eimyr I have absolutely no idea what you're referring to me referring to...
12:34 AM
[ponders] Rune of the Lordrise(s?) and Lord of the Runerise haven't been invented yet.
Rune of the Lordrise is a campaign about a group of heroes questing to bring King Arthur back to Britain.
@doppelgreener Well, Rune of the Lordsrise is obviously a campaign about the rune that will allow a lord to ascend into greater political power.
(And/or a campaign about stopping a ritual to raise an ancient king as a lich.)
Lord of the Runerise is presumably about the guy who keeps making runes float for some weird reason.
@Miniman Or the Rune that Lords over the Rise of the Lordrunes?
Rise of the Lordrunes, featuring major boss NPC, the Lord of the Runerise
or Lord of the Runerises would be the Lord of all the individual occasions on which Runes have been involved in rises to power
12:44 AM
If you can write a campaign that includes every variation, you win 4 internets.
One Rune to raise them all!
12:56 AM
The Lord of the Runerises aspires to overthrow those who hold his beautiful Runes captive. He develops the Lordrunes: five runes to rule them all, five runes to find them, five rings to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. He then provides one to each of the great kings, and so begins the Rise of the Runelords.
A century later (time portals happen), the Runelords have become husks of themselves, broken and controlled by the Lordrunes, who begin their ascension into power under the guise of these kings (now revered as immortals) - thus begins the age of the Rise of the Lordrunes.
@doppelgreener Enjoy your 4 internets :P
@Miniman aw yesssss.
whoops, I said 'five rings' at some point. Oh well. xD
@doppelgreener Heh, I thought it was a deliberate mistake.
@doppelgreener It's almost as if you copied that verse from somewhere else, and just changed some of the words...
@Adeptus It's almost as though I wanted iron-clad parallels to some other prose...
1:03 AM
@doppelgreener Lord of the R-something...
@Adeptus .. R... Ri... Runes?
Remix, I think.
Lord of the Remix is about a demigod who's upset because his dad and his siblings won't listen to his cool dubstep albums.
1:37 AM
I like the idea of a demigod of music having some trouble because his family all have more established genres
There's probably a GOG-like campaign system that can be made for that.
GOG? I probably know what that is without recognizing it right now
@trogdor Great Ork Gods.
ah ok yes
"It's so hard being the muse of death metal twee pop electro fusion." "What does that even..." "Even I'm not really sure."
1:46 AM
@Pixie "I said it was hard."
"Nobody prays to me for inspiration, so..."
I want to hear acid classical, speed funk, and industrial soul
I suddenly have an intense desire for goth pop and emo bossa nova.
In the meantime, here's something calling itself acid jazz.
Acid jazz, also known as club jazz, is a musical genre that combines elements of jazz, soul, funk and disco. Acid jazz originated in the London club scene of the mid-1980s in the rare groove movement and spread to the US, Japan, Eastern Europe and Brazil. Major acts included Brand New Heavies, Incognito, Us3 and Jamiroquai from the UK and A Tribe Called Quest, Buckshot LeFonque and Digable Planets from the US. The rise of electronic club music in the mid to late 1990s led to a decline in interest, and in the twenty-first century, the movement became indistinct as a genre. Many acts that might have...
1:57 AM
You mean that it isn't just taking a hit of Acid while you're listening to Jazz? =\
Acid jazz is an established thing, yeah.
The most lethal everything is in Australia
[imports manchineel tree] There, fixed.
That tree was probably transplanted in Florida by Australia to convince people to visit Australia so they don't have to deal with deadly trees
2:04 AM
@BESW Not bad
Strikes me as a pretty viable style.
I'm kinda tempted to say Amy Lee is goth pop.
I dont understand how you can mix bubblegum pop and blues
I don't really think thats possible
...oh no. There's a song called "Bubble Gum Blues" and it's by Ab-Soul.
2:12 AM
@Sandwich That's kind of the joke of that picture. All of those styles are more or less incompatible fusions. Though, people have suggested bands that fit most of them...
...It is neither bubblegum nor blues.
Maybe a Bubblegum pop song thats so bad that it just makes you sad
It sounds upbeat and such but it really just lying to you
And that depresses you
@Sandwich ...Aqua. [rummages for specific song]
@BESW Amy Lee and Evanescence are more gothic metal, which is a different animal from goth music, as confusing as that may be.
2:15 AM
Not quite what I'm looking for, but--definitely bubblegum pop goodbye song.
...does Flowers on the Wall count?
@BESW Ichiban no Takaramono comes close to that idea.
@Sandwich Not bubblegum, but all Reel Big Fish songs are upbeat, even the ones about breaking up etc
As for gothic metal and rock that is more goth in image than sound, I love-love-love gothic metal/j-pop/j-rock with neoclassical tinges, of which there is a decent amount. (But not enough. Never enough.) Yousei Teikoku, for example.
...I just noticed that the newest version of iTunes is very slightly translucent. [goes mad with the revelation]
It's interesting to see how much that collection of supposedly contradictory musical genres/styles is based on the perceived class/race/culture divides between the genres' artists and audiences rather than anything inherent in the genres themselves.
2:26 AM
Instrumental hiphop confronts a generational gap; underground yodelling straddles a cultural/geographical gap; garage opera negotiates an economic gap; etc.
@BESW Instrumental hiphop being here... is a misunderstanding of what hiphop is, honestly. That exists.
Well, yes.
A LOT of that list exists.
Those mashups are just not conforming to our stereotypes about who listens to each genre, and the list conflates listeners with the genre to imply that if audience groups don't appear to overlap, the genres can't either.
This is true, but I don't spot any that are (to my knowledge) as common as instrumental hiphop. That's not even a blending thing; there's no overlap to be had because that's an integral part of the genre. The compiler of the list just erroneously conflated hiphop with rap. Still likely because of the reasons you mention, though.
2:57 AM
Meanwhile, I'm just aching to listen to death jazz.
Soil & "Pimp" Sessions (stylised as SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS) is a Japanese club jazz sextet who formed in Tokyo, Japan in 2001. They are known for their energetic live performances, having coined the term "death jazz" to describe their music. == Members == President a.k.a. Shacho (久嶋識史), born January 18, 1978 in Takefu, Fukui Prefecture - agitator Tabu Zombie (椨智紹), born April 13, 1977 in Kagoshima, Kagoshima Prefecture - trumpet Motoharu (深田元晴), born June 29, 1973 in Nayoro, Hokkaido) - saxophone Josei (佐藤丈青), born October 30, 1975 in the Saeki-ku Ward of Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture - pi...
@BESW !!! I knew I had heard "death jazz" in the context of someone I listen to before. It's Shiina Ringo, who did some stuff with them.
Wait... Death Jazz?
What madness is this?
I'll have to look this up on break.
One with Shiina Ringo. Not one I'd actually heard, but as usual, I am in love.
I'm majorly into this.
3:08 AM
THIS. This is what I remembered. Karisome Otome, DEATH JAZZ ver. Such a good song.
3:28 AM
hey @Nyoze and everyone lse
@Shal Holla
so...I'm working on a finesse Pally (will become Pally/Rogue) in NWN -- stats are 13/14/10/8/14/16, and the char's at Pal3 atm -- but I don't know where to put my stat increases. DEX? CHA? split them between the two? put the stat increases into one and then throw feats at the other?
@Shalvenay Do you want to dual-wield?
@Nyoze btw, it'll be this Fri night for me before we can playtest
@Miniman part of me was looking at that, but 3.0 dualwielding is annoyingly feat intensive
@Shal Just let me know. I might not be around your friday night, last week was a one-off for me with iPhone launch.
3:32 AM
@Shalvenay Ok, let me rephrase that. How are you planning on contributing in combat?
@Nyoze aaah, that falls into your weekend?
@Shalvenay I'm assuming so. It's monday night there at the moment?
@Miniman aaah. this is set to be more of a flanker pally -- smites being 1/rest (or 3/rest w/ the feet) really limits their combat utility anyway
@Nyoze yup
Yeah, it's tuesday here.
@Shalvenay So...you plan to contribute in combat by just standing there?
3:34 AM
@Miniman I was referring to Smites being not very useful due to their limited availability :P
also -- the vision for this char is a tactical fighter that can get behind lines, outflank people -- that's where the Rogue side comes from, w/ Sneak Attacks and all
(said char is a Paladin of the Red Knight)
Ah, right. So you plan to contribute via Sneak Attack?
yeah, sneak attack, casting, or falling back to ranged weaps if need be
Well, my advice boils down to - "Good luck with that. Sneak Attack is poorly implemented in NWN and very difficult to trigger reliably."
On the bright side, it means you can do pretty much whatever you want with your stats.
@Miniman well, it seems to work reasonably well for me -- on the server I'm on, it seems to trigger whenever you are attacking something that isn't attacking you xD
@Shalvenay Well, in that case, pump your Dex, cos your Cha is doing nothing for you.
3:39 AM
@Miniman I take it 3.x Pally casting isn't really worth pumping CHA for by itself then?
@Shalvenay If you're casting anything that involves a DC, you're probably wasting your time.
@Miniman aaah, I take it NWN save-or-sucks got nerfed badly compared to their tabletop counterparts?
@Shalvenay No, they're fine. But as a non-primary caster, everything is going to save, not suck, if you try to use that kind of spell.
Not that the Paladin has many (any?) in 3.0 in general and NWN in particular.
@Miniman aaah. how come?
@Miniman oh, that makes things mildly interesting
Because your casting stat is low, your caster level is low, and the spells you have access to are low.
3:42 AM
@Miniman well, the casting stat isn't that bad, but the CL/SL issues I think are far harder to surmount
If you try to be a caster, you're effectively playing a character less than half your actual level.
@Miniman yeah.
Probably less than a quarter if you're serious about multiclassing to Rogue.
Tbh, if you're planning to be a Sneak-Attacker, you should probably ditch Paladin completely and just be a Rogue.
@Miniman well, I was thinking about taking 3-4 levels of it, not exactly switching over to it altogether (3 levels is the minimum dip into a class on the server I'm on)
@Shalvenay At this point I think it's safe to say your character will be completely inconsequential.
2d6 sneak attack is just not going to keep you relevant.
3:47 AM
the other MC that's been thrown my way is Pally/Bard, keying off CHA
but I don't think it fits the character well -- the Red Knight is not known for musical talent :P
@Shalvenay It also has problems contributing anything in a fight. If you wanted to be a buffer, going straight Bard would serve you much better.
@Miniman so, I'm leaning towards a finesse pure Paladin build here, perhaps with TWF thrown on top, alongside the Cleave chain
TWF+GreatCleave sounds like a very interesting combo
@Shalvenay It's an extremely feat-intensive and MAD combo, but if you're fighting lots of weak enemies I guess it could work out. Still missing a damage source, though.
@Miniman it's not progressively MAD though, which I think is the bigger deal than being static MAD
(i.e. you don't have to split your ability score increases)
I think the problem you have here is that your vision of a tactical fighter is one that NWN just doesn't support.
3:54 AM
@Miniman yeah, I think it's something that I'd have a vastly easier time making work on a table
Well, they removed Trip, which was the whole point of most fighter builds that weren't about doing as much damage as possible.
I guess you could try some sort of Knockdown-based build, I don't know much about how that works.
@Miniman Knockdown tends to be nasty, yes, although I think that keys off STR
(Knockdown is being hit by a bear. Improved Knockdown is getting run over by a buffalo)
@Shalvenay Well, yeah. Dex-based builds revolve around getting some source of damage and doing as many attacks as possible with it.
@Miniman yeah...and if only Smite played along with that :P
I think the solution here is to become a zebra.
3:59 AM
@Shalvenay It's unfortunate that Smite is bad in so many different ways.
@Miniman no doubt. Smite would be brutal if it worked anywhere close to say, Sneak Attack :P
4:13 AM
@Shalvenay The thing is, Sneak Attack is conditionally limited. Smite is limited conditionally, by resource, AND by action.
@Miniman ya.
If it was limited on only 2 ways (maybe even only one), it would be a much more balanced ability.
Don't get me wrong, bonus damage that happened whenever you hit any evil creature would be overpowered. But bonus damage that requires a standard action, only works on evil creatures, and can only be used a limited number of times per day is underpowered.
@Miniman yeah. the other reason I'm being told to pump CHA is Divine Might/Divine Shield
@Shalvenay If you're happy to run the 1-fight workday, that can work.
@Miniman I'm used to having to metagame rest management anyway -- its what full-casters on the server I'm on kinda have to do to avoid being stuck out of spells with nothing they can do about it
4:20 AM
My favourite NWN Paladin-based build is Pal/Sor (aka "sorcadin"). Both use CHA for their main ability. I take enough Pal levels to get the disease immunity, CHA bonus to saves, and a few extra HP... then Sorc the rest of the way.
@Adeptus that's actually a really interesting stack
shakes fist at alignment-locked classes, again
@Shalvenay I actually saw it here, in an answer to a question on 3.x "gish" builds. After I'd been using it myself for some time in NWN.
@Miniman I have a question for you - being the 5e expert :P
(I was thinking of stacking Palemaster on top just for lulz, then remembered that you can't do that -- although I also have a Favoured Soul/Cleric/Palemaster stackbuild I want to try sometime)
@Ben Thanks! And, go ahead.
4:23 AM
The Hellish Rebuke is a reaction, yes?
@Shalvenay Pale Master requires arcane casting, doesn't it?
@Ben Yep.
@Ben pretty darn sure it is
@Miniman Favoured Souls on the server I'm on are implemented as a Bard variant, so they are treated as arcane casters for the purposes of Palemastery
@Shalvenay Ah, sneaky.
Ok, so if I cause enough damage to kill a NPC that has Hellish Rebuke, can they use it?
@Ben Nope.
4:24 AM
@Ben nope. dead things can't OA you either!
Hellish Rebuke specifically targets "the creature who damaged you". Damaged, past tense. So for them to be able to Hellish Rebuke, you have already damaged them. If that was enough damage to kill them, then they're already dead.
Dead men tell no tales. They make no opportunity attacks either.
Ok, so last game, I was dishing out the damage. I felled two orcs in a single turn, took on a Troll single-handedly (although an NPC did take the last 1 hp), and then I also dealt the killing blow to a caster of some form as well. Being a lvl 5 fighter that's not too shabby if I do say so myself. By the time I dealt the killing blow, I had 1 hp left myself.
Then he apparently used his last remaining Hellish Rebuke.
Yeah, that doesn't work.
4:28 AM
I knew it...
yeah, that works about as well as the troll OAing you in response to you felling it
Could you get me the excerpt for Hellish Rebuke outlining that?
I need to point it out with big red arrows lol
Or at least a link to where I could get it myself obviously haha
> You point your finger, and the creature that damaged you is momentarily surrounded by hellish flames.
...this is 5e, right? Because 4e don't give a rat's sneeze about flavour text.
I'd bold the "point your finger" bit, myself. Unless there's some post-mortem finger wagging going on. That's cool too.
4:34 AM
> Casting Time:
1 reaction, which you take in response to
being damaged by a creature within 60 feet of you that
you can see
Feb 25 at 0:01, by BESW
The second-best debuff is death. The best debuff is "He's on our side now."
@Ben Fair warning, though - it's perfectly possible that none of these arguments will work. Your DM might really like the idea of a dying man dramatically pointing at his murderer and screaming "I'll take you down with me!" It's dramatic, totally appropriate for the spell thematically, and just generally cool.
The GM's using it more like 4e's tiefling racial power infernal wrath.
(Free action triggered by being hit with an enemy power, deals fire damage to the triggering enemy.)
That works as a dying response because--free action.
There are abilities in 5e that trigger on being hit but before the damage kicks in, this just isn't one of them.
4:44 AM
Cthulhu Regio /ˈkᵊθuːluː ˈriːdʒi.oʊ/ is a prominent surface feature of the dwarf planet Pluto, that is reminiscent of a whale in shape. It is an elongated dark region along Pluto's equator, 2,990 km (1,860 mi) long and one of the darkest features on Pluto. It is west of the Sputnik Planum region of Tombaugh Regio, also known as Pluto's "heart", and to the east of Meng-P'o, the easternmost of Pluto's "Brass Knuckles". == Description == The dark color of the region is speculated to be the result of a "tar" made of complex hydrocarbons called tholins covering the surface, which form from methane and...
@BESW Well that's not worrying at all...
It's right between Pluto's heart and Pluto's brass knuckles!
It's the dark cratered bit in the bottom of this picture:
@BESW Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu Pluto wgah'nagl fhtagn
Please note that apparently Lovecraft himself has associated Pluto with Yuggoth.
@doppelgreener, @trogdor If we go into space again later in this campaign I know where we're going.
...If we don't go into space again, I know what's coming for us.
@BESW dibs that it happens as part of a long-distance teleport experiment gone awry
4:53 AM
@doppelgreener ....you mean something like the portals through time and space that we're poking with sticks as a subplot right now?
Those ones
Using poorly understood ancient technology jury-rigged with modern technology
Okay, so now I know exactly what Pluto looks like.
Remember, we've already learnt that the portals can take us to a place with giant mutant spider things?
Theoretically! That never became canon.
@BESW An ancient prison for a fragment of Cthulu's consciousness?
4:59 AM
Potentially. I'm gonna have trouble taking that thing seriously though.
@BESW theory: it's the result of someone's nightmares. someone on the team has stupid nightmares with super dumb animals. "it looked scarier when i was asleep! [hits it]"
Giant mutant spiders are actually super intelligent, created the timespace holes and are growing progressively annoyed at you people poking sticks into them.
Also, one way of doing it: while we're in space, all kinds of disasters may happen. Either while we're gone, or while we're back and there in the very same room, a particularly nasty solar flare hits the portal equipment at the right time and the portal turns into something worse. (possibly also the equipment sustaining it is immediately converted into something else, like rust and some kind of black crystal, just to drive the point home that someone gone done messed up.)
... I am formulating a lot of Ideas for this all of a sudden.
For a session that could be genuinely a bit horrifying, and in Fate.
5:11 AM
[claps hands happily]
@Emrakul or @waxeagle or @SevenSidedDie Could I have an unfreeze on my spoil-lair‌​?
Cinemibus compares Shrek to Watchmen. Thematically, in terms of revisionism.
@doppelgreener I should probably take that off my star list, eh.
@BESW Yesss... for this thing I guess so. 8)
I may plan this session with Daniel.
I'll keep you in the loop on inspiration stuff when I go digging it up again.
5:30 AM
@BESW Pluto?
@BESW @trogdor If I run this session it's not going to be Cthulhu & co, because you already know what those are and instead we can/should do our own thing.
Why insert well-known thoroughly loved and (at this point) only theoretically horrifying creatures if I can have your help in creating entirely new ones that are intimately connected to you (who made them) and unknown?
@Ashley Hello!
@doppelgreener anyway, I thought you didn't want much in the way of aliens in this campaign
@trogdor I didn't want aliens because it'd distract from our plot being about what's happening right here to us on this earth. We're the important ones, in this campaign, and our little blue dot is the most important little dot in existence. Series like Stargate make us feel small and like we're only one point in a cosmic web, and the planet is just one of dozens. That's fine, but this should be about us and Earth.
However, nightmare portals to ??????? (not necessarily pluto) are something else altogether.
Those are how I feel on the matter anyway.
5:52 AM
Parent of yours?
@trogdor Does that stuff about aliens make sense?
to me, if a nightmare portal opens up to somewhere - it's still about us, we're the most interesting thing to them, and so on, and it's another horror to face and make sure it doesn't spill out into Earth.
I'm reading Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold. Quite good fantasy novel, with less fantasy aspects. No wizards or weird races, but it does have a pantheon who make their effects felt in the world. One of the past kings is known as Fonsa the Fairly-Wise. He used to be known as Fonsa the Wise, before he brought a death-curse down on the conquering General, and ended up killing himself as well.
(so @trogdor @BESW the theme of this won't be "portal to pluto, aliens, cthulhu" but "portal to AAAAAAAaaaAAaAAAAaAAAAAAaAAaAAaaaAaAA". is this OK y/n?)
6:07 AM
@Adeptus Curse of Chalion would be one of my favourite fantasy novels ever... except I've read the sequel Paladin of Souls and it's even better.
as you can tell pluto itself is not a thing i'm latching onto
Let me know if you want to reserve the giant spider-things we've hinted at.
I do not need to reserve them.
[moves to Fate room]
@BESW Ooh, it has a sequel? I'm about 3/4 through this one, maybe I should start looking for it now...
@Adeptus Paladin of Souls, and then The Hallowed Hunt.
Paladin is best, hands-down.
6:16 AM
Hoo boy. This is another novel going on my priority list, isn't it.
I also recommend Bujold's first series, The Vorkosigan Saga, though it's very different.
(It's also one of those "why can't I hold all these sequels?" series.)
Mm. I need to clean off my priority list before I can start adding more things to it, sadly.
It currently has 27 items on it.
6:33 AM
Heh. I'm also halfway through Pratchett's Raising Steam, and have shelves full of books I haven't read yet.
I finished reading Questionable Content :(
@Sandwich Only took me a week :P
@Adeptus Not one of his better Discworlds, IMO.
@Nyoze Now read Dresden Codak.
6:46 AM
Start from the start. Duh.
@Adeptus That is a fantastic service
@doppelgreener Am I missing something, or is this supposed to make no sense to begin with? :\
7:07 AM
@Nyoze The very earliest comics are just jokes, and mostly silly ones.
The Hob and Dark Science storylines and some of the standalone comics before and between them are science fiction and philosophical.
@doppelgreener That describes most webcomics, I think.
7:35 AM
All right, I just got up to Hob before I went on break, so see what happens.
Ooh. Roll20 has a card deck manager. I did not know this.
It does? :o
It does! There's a Decks and Tables menu (you can add some basic rollable tables too).
Huh... I'll get around to exploring this... Eventually.
Playing with it now.
7:47 AM
Does it only support playing cards, or can you use it for other things, such as MtG or something?
@Nyoze You can make custom decks. I would not want to manually input an MtG deck, but it's possible. xD
@Miniman It probably does!
Oh man... That could be awesome, but so so time consuming lol.
@doppelgreener I gave up... It made my head hurt trying to understand what was happening. :(
@Nyoze Alright :'3
Sorry... I like the artwork, and the main chick seems cool, but I just don't think I can understand transhumanity at the moment. And there's a lot going on at once as well.
7:49 AM
@Nyoze You'd have to put each card in by hand, though you just need to type the name and upload the image.
I might look at that eventually. I'll stick with my RPOL MtG game for now.
@Nyoze Hm.... I guess I was already immersed in this stuff before I got into that comic, so if there's a reading barrier before it, it's not one I've yet been made aware of before now!
But it is definitely not everyone's comic for whatever reason. It is mine!! :D
It's not that there's a reading barrier, I love the whole AI side of things, but... I think there's just too much going on at once I'm trying to understand everything and it's all jumbled up lol
@Nyoze I was mainly curious to see if I could find a persistent playing card deck thing that other people could access since some games use playing cards for resolution. Had no idea that it was already implemented quite nicely in Roll20. xD
Well, there you have it :)
8:04 AM
I could use it for Primetime Adventures with an online group. Or Hot Guys Making Out. :P But there are a lot of neat potential applications.
All right... I feel like hunting for another webcomic now, that doesn't hurt my brain trying to read it :)
Happle Tea, for jokes about mythology and other things! Atomic Robo for action science!
I started Not Drunk Enough recently. It's an urban fantasy/horror comic by the creator of the sadly abandoned Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name. Not a ton of it out yet, but it is definitely my kind of thing.
Gunnerkrigg Court for a fantasy/science story about a young girl growing up through school. The art starts off weird - the author taught themselves to draw at all only a year or two prior to the comic, for the purpose of actually making it - and over time becomes amazingly beautiful.
@Nyoze Girl Genius? Freefall? Platinum Grit? (all of which I'm years behind on)
8:09 AM
@Nyoze Digger.
That is a lot of names to go through. Time to start a list!
Platinum Grit started as a print comic. I had the first few issues, but lent them to my then-GF. Never got them back :(
Seriously though, anyone who hasn't given Digger a shot really should.
(And it's complete!)
@Nyoze Atomic Robo is free online now.
Woo, finalised stories :)
Narbonic is finished, and its sequel Skin Horse is ongoing.
8:13 AM
What else do I read... ah! Templar, Arizona. I haven't read it in a long time and really must catch up. It's an "alternate history" comic "about a town that doesn’t exist, and the people who live there."
(Narbonic also has a massive art shift over time.)
Tonight I'm doing a kale experiment: instead of blanching or steaming the kale, I'm toasting some sunflower seeds and walnuts, then turning off the heat, putting the chopped kale on top in the pan, and putting on the lid until the rest of the dinner's done.
Atomic Robo is good, I like the look of Gunnerkrigg Court as well. I really need to make a list of this stuff lol
Ooh, yay, Oh My Gods! is online again (this one is quite NSFW at times). Humorous comic about Pagan and other New Age types. I am so happy it's back.
(To be served on a bed of lentils, split peas, and barley cooked with leeks.)
@Pixie That just reminds me of Oh! My Goddess lol
8:25 AM
I need to remember to get some leeks next time I'm able to get to the store... I have been craving leek soup lately.
@Nyoze Haha, yes. Similar name, very different kind of thing. Haven't seen it in years...
NSFW doesn't work while I'm at work... Funny that lol
Ah, right, you only access at work. Probably one to skip, then. It's no Oglaf (super super NSFW), but I wouldn't read it at work myself.
That reminds me, I recently stumbled onto a book about the history of webcomics categorized on our children's floor at the library. Bit of an oversight...
Yeah. Thanks for the through though :)
@Althis I doubt it XD
@doppelgreener yeah it does, I was just gone for a bit there
8:48 AM
@doppelgreener I like the idea that it isn't specifically Cuthulu
It is a nice idea to try to make up our own sort of eldritch horror thing
Cthulhu is a nice idea mind you, but that is basically all he is
an already established relatively immovable idea
rpg.stackexchange.com/a/68021/8248 <- not as familiar with RPG.SE customs, but nominally this seems very low quality
my first impulse is to flag it, but is that right on RPG?
It's... Not the best quality Answer, but does provide information which is helpful to the question, and does have positive votes.
Mm. It's not a great answer, but I don't know that I'd call it not an answer. It's just very sparse. Downvote, with optional comment, would be my first impulse.
yeah, this answer makes me kinda miss the "very low quality" flag
not really sure what I'd say without sounding harsh, so I'll just downvote
darn it darn it darn it darn it darn it. I put effort into an answer to a question....asked 5 months ago by a user who hasn't been here since they asked the question (or thereabouts). Here's hoping someone googles for it
9:01 AM
It's on the site for others to hit upon, so it's not wasted effort!
10:00 AM
Done for the day, see you all tomorrow :)
10:50 AM
...It should not be this hard to find a screencap of TMNT 2012 Donatello sciencing it up with a flask of ooze.
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What's new?
Not much.
I think this question is ready for re opening as a product identification.
Q: Is there a xianxia role playing game?

Atilla OzgurI am reading a lot of xianxia light novels nowadays. A description of xianxia can be found here. I am including relevant parts below also. As for Xianxia, the characters forming it are ‘Xian’ and ‘Xia’, which literally means ‘immortal hero’. Xianxia is a newer genre and is essentially a...

I'm not quite sure though.
I don't think anyone could answer "no" to that question without doubt.
So the only two outcomes are either "yes, it's called X" or bad answers.
Questions without an answer available can go unanswered until there is one.
@eimyr Unless there's only one X (which seems unlikely), it's still a bad question.
12:17 PM
Maybe I am misunderstanding something but he/she seems to be asking about a specific type of game. Is this not the same as someone asking "Is there a stargate tabletop game?" Which I think would be on topic. (Would probably be closed because a simple google search would answer the question but lets assume in this example it isn't closed)
This is not quite a product identification ("I know this thing, tell me its name") and it's not our usual form of recommendation when taken as "give me a game that is this, not something that can be taken as this, i want exactly this"
Also, game recommendation questions were decided as off topic, weren't they?
this is not our usual kinda thing, however...
It isn't a game rec. He wants to know if there is a table top version of the books he is reading.
Are Product Identification off topic as well now?
Not sure what all changed due to the game rec change.
@Aaron It's not, I think you're just the only one convinced it's a product id.
12:31 PM
I guess. Why isn't it a product ID? His final question in bold is "Is there a xianxia role playing game?" Xianxia is a very specific type of product right? Maybe I am misunderstanding that term. Is it not the same as asking "Is there a (the hobbit, stargate, league of legends) role playing game?"
Just to point out I am not trying to be belligerent just honestly not understanding.
@Miniman Ok. I did a bit more research. Xianxia is a genre not a specific series of books like he made it sound like. My misunderstanding.
@Aaron also, product identification is when you say "I know for a fact that there is a game that is A, B, and C and I need to know the name."
@Miniman you just killed me with your multilance rider.
Q: What if someone asked my question and it has been answered, but I don't understand the answer?

ElsiI have a question that has been asked before by another member (see here). There is an answer, which has been accepted as well and I think it would probably help me to solve my problem as well, but sadly I don't understand the answer completely. I commented the answer, but haven't got a reply on...

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@eimyr It's a bit of a "Well, duh" question. That said, one of the OP's comments suggests he has no clue how dual-wielding works, which explains why he asked something so obvious.
@Miniman I have no idea how dual-wielding (or anything) works in DnD5, but I find the idea of dual-wielding lances ridiculous.
@eimyr Oh, it's ridiculous. In terms of rules, though, it's super obvious.
ESPECIALLY on horseback.
I don't think I would think of having a dual-lancing character.
But now I really want to make a multi-limbed character that uses lances and lances only.
@eimyr Only possible on horseback. Cos that makes it easier for some reason...?
@eimyr It's not currently possible to make a multi-limed character, might have to go to 3.5 for that :)
@Miniman In a way it does make it easier. You don't need to make a stabbing motion and many armors had a lance holder called arret, which helped with the weight of particularly 5+ meter lances.
@Miniman In fact, some hussar saddles had a special strap with a bucket on its end, which helped hold the lance while striking (albeit with no arret), but it seems that the most difficult part of operating the lance on horseback is aiming.
1:27 PM
That all makes sense, but hitting with 2 lances at once would logically require crashing your horse into your target.
@miniman hitting with one lance implies the same. Cavalry lance charges were never carried out by sparsely arranged units. Just a single line of abreast horses, with maybe half a meter between them. Lots of the damage done was due to warhorses trampling the pikemen.
Only when jousting, which was more a sport than legitimate depiction of mounted combat, the lance would be shifted to one side in a ride-by fashion. Even lance charges against enemy cavalry were supposed to ride through the enemy formation.
1:47 PM
good morning
@JoshuaAslanSmith Hiya!
@Miniman In my first D&D 3.5e game (and my first D&D game at all!), I played a half-orc barbarian. In my second session I got a greataxe +1. My dream for this character was to obtain an extra pair of arms, and dual wield greataxes.
@doppelgreener It's one thing NWN2 actually did better than D&D 3.5 - they made Monkey Grip actually useful.
(It let you do that.)
@doppelgreener I wanted to have a juggler character, that could fight with three weapons at once, as long as he could pass a juggling check.
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