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1:12 PM
I don't get the system. There are people with some score, e.g. 36/40, so what? Does it mean that 200_success is 4 short of being successfully nominated? :D:D:D

What's the page good for? There's a link-to-self at the bottom and I can nominate myself. No thanks. :D
@rolfl I see, you're posting it because you've changed your mind! I'm glad, too!
@maaartinus It's just a suitability figure
If you have 40/40 you aren't automatically a mod
you get a point for each k rep until 20, and one for each badge you have in a set of certain badges
I see... I was confused by the link... why does he post it here, what should I do... but the I recalled he didn't want to candidate.
@Vogel612 Could I see my score without candidating?
What I really dislike here is getting most points for trivialities like
A: Is the a shorter way of sorting an Integer array?

maaartinusAs you say, this is wrong. This Integer[] random = {6, -4, 12, 0, -10}; List<Integer> list = new ArrayList<Integer>(Arrays.asList(random)); Collections.sort(list); Integer[] array = list.toArray(new Integer[list.size()]); could be replaced by Integer[] random = {6, -4, 12, 0, -10}; List<Integer>

First, I actually wanted to vote to close.
yeah, pretty much hypothetical code
@maaartinus agreed
1:20 PM
I think @Mast made a query to see the candidate score
If it's not that great of a question, how come it has two upvotes and mine is the only downvote?
1:55 PM
Disclaimer: I wrote this answer knowing absolutely nothing about Go. None of what I talked about has to deal with Go specifics really though, so the answer should be fine in terms of the general concept. — nhgrif 23 secs ago
@janos sure, whats up?
Q: JavaFX Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Hassan AlthafI programmed a Tic Tac Toe game using JavaFX, and I'm looking for a code review of it to improve my skills and practices in Java. It would highly be appreciated if you reviewers emphasize on these points specificially: Bad practices which I am following Inefficiencies and how would I rectify th...

Not on my bike, yet....lol
2:11 PM
@CaptainObvious Looking at this, I wonder what's the proper declarative way to implement a 19x19 go game. I guess, 361 listeners and XML lines. :D
@maaartinus hehe :)
That's why I hate all this stuff. The guys are practically un-inventing loops.
Unless they allow you to make a loop in XML. Funny, funny, funny.
you talking about java-fx or the guy who posted the question?
@200_success Nice to see that you're running. FYI "the idea" and "follow-up question policy" is the same link in your nomination post
@bazola JavaFx. And Android. It's not the posters fault that such damn things exist.
2:23 PM
you can create UI elements programmatically in JavaFX
I know, another guy whom I reviewed did
A: Tic Tac Towards FX

maaartinusMy main concern is missing separation of model and view. Using enum Player {X, O} the model could be something like class Model { private final Player[] board = new Player[9]; private int boardTracker; public Player playerOnTurn() { return boardTracker % 2 == 0 ? Player.X...

@maaartinus you bind the listeners in a loop please...
I mean I don't care when you actually want to type them out, but...
2:39 PM
I don't bind them in a loop. I create just one listener. Not ready for review yet:
Q: CUDA Kernel - Neural Net

HyllisI'm building a spiking neural net (recurrent, integrate & fire), and I'm curious about how to reduce the warp divergence (and other problems) I may have. Here's a example with a few hand-placed neurons & synapses for a better apprehension. My code is splitted into three files, whose name are pre...

Was gibberish, but now it has been edited.
It most certainly doesn't look like Python...
definitely not... also it sounds like a bad idea to input MAC to get IP...
Should it be undeleted, though?
I'd say yes..
2:43 PM
We need a mod to do it.
Now, the policy for updates as answers is they have to be CW, right?
Like, OP posts update in response to answer, it's fine, but should be CW?
it's better taste to CW them..
It's still gibberish. And there's no code, just a dump of whatever!
I personally didn't.
Flagged for mod to CW it.
Church time, BBL.
2:48 PM
@maaartinus Yeah, was me. Frustrates me that you don't have more up-votes though.
Haven't used XML at all really, no idea if it's something I should be doing more. Don't think I've been following MVC.
hey @bazola, I have 2 bounties expiring today (this and this) with no answers, and some folks think you might be interested in a giving a review
@CaptainObvious I'd expect Hassan to know better than that by now.
I'm clueless, what's wrong with it?
@Legato with the question? He should know about arrays by now...
Oh, I thought it was something else about the XML.
3:01 PM
@janos cool, i will take a look and see if i can answer
@Legato Me too. I don't really care, but compared to the this triviality, it's a shame.
@bazola awesome!
@Legato MVC is one of the most confusing things ever. Especially when the framework itself uses it. But separating model and view is usually rather simple and you should always do.
It really is.

Thank you for the advice, I'll make it a point to take it.
Your question inspired me to github.com/Maaartinus/ultimatoe . Not ready for review yet.
3:12 PM
Ah. I'm glad. :D
I clicked on that when you posted it earlier, I didn't know it was a new project though.

Q: Simple Tic Tac Toe code

Mr.ScratchI'm just starting to learn Java and I have written this simple tic tac toe game. Maybe you guys can review it and give me some feedback, advices, guidance etc. Thanks! Main Method: import java.util.Scanner; public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { char playe...

TicTacToe suddenly seems insanely popular...
maaartinus will love this new question
@Legato Does it run for your? It should, just type gradle game.
@maaartinus I was trying not to look at it until after I completed my own. :)
3:18 PM
@Legato This makes sense. I did the same with Simon's game - didn't look at it before I completed the basic stuff at least.
@CaptainObvious needs linting...
OMG, I've just hit the limit. +65 in the last few minutes. ;)
@Chrillewoodz Anyway, I just wanted to tell you to please be more careful when tagging a question. For instance, you once created a tag, when there was already . You also don't need to create new tags so often as we have most of the ones we would already need.
Congrats. :D
not sure this is the best answer, but i will let you decide
A: Lua OOP and classically-styled prototypal inheritance

bazolaExample Usage The example that you provide does not really help to explain how the code should work. I trust that it does work, but the variables don't exactly match up. For example, this code here: B.request_handlers = { GetHandler:new(), URLEncodedPostHandler:new(), MultipartPostHandl...

3:33 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Fixed, thanks.
@janos as far as the haskell question, i have never used that language, so that one I probably cannot answer
thanks @bazola!
Q: HTML Form validation with PHP

Dan CostinelI'm kinda new to PHP and I'm trying to make a script to validate a HTML form only with PHP (I know there are options to do so with js, but I guess it's a better thing to have a "cover" with a server-side script). So: Project folder structure: project/ classes/ #contains classes to validate ...

3:51 PM
@Jamal Yea sorry, I was in a rush so the date tag was a mistake. Also I haven't created any new tags as far as I'm aware, since I'm not 1500 rep. Not sure what you're on about there?
You were creating some, and tag creation privileges are still at 150 rep.
if you're up to a little challenge:
Google: 90% of our engineers use the software you wrote (Homebrew), but you can’t invert a binary tree on a whiteboard so fuck off.
@janos is it really the five-liner I make it out to be?
Depends on language I guess.
if it got accepted, then yes ;-) (and congrats)
4:04 PM
I feel like 14-20. But I'm the noob in here. :D
I'm not really in the mood to sign up to yet another account...
@Legato java...
Do it yourself and post it here. :D
in C++ it should be rather less...
you can sign in with Google
but my default username is already taken..
4:07 PM
@Jamal Really? I thought it was the same as the regular stackoverflow. I'll keep that in mind then. Thanks
@Legato it's basically switching two pointer values and recursively traversing the tree with that...
@janos also that thing is basically broken for java...
I took my first data structures course last semester, and trees were near the last thing so maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about, but wouldn't you have to set children of original roots to null?
Maybe I just don't see why 5 lines...
or at least the shown TreeNode class is bollocks
@Legato eh no, why?
good class design is clearly not the focus of these tests
Because they would then have no children? You're inverting the tree
4:10 PM
@janos sure it isn't but if they go encapsulate the members they better tell me beforehand
I should just study this more. :D
A: "The Ministry Of Truth" challenge at CodeEval.com

QuillYour code is nice, but could use a few improvements: [array objectAtIndex:pos] From what I can see, array[pos] is valid syntax for Objective-C, and is much better. You're missing, in more than a few places, whitespace. For example: }else{ should be } else {, @"resultArray %@",result...

You can do it in-place. Just swap(left, right); if (left!=null) left->invertTree; if (right!=null) right->invertTree();. Or am I missing something?
@maaartinus 15 would be your score: data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/329991/…
4:18 PM
@maaartinus even better. since you're supposed to return a TreeNode anyways, you can:
left -> temp; left <- invert(right); right <- invert(temp);
get in a nullcheck to return early, and you're good to go..
then again that site makes it unnecessarily complicated by not showing the actual TreeNode code...
@rolfl Nice, thanks. Tomorrow maybe 16 as I've just reached 10k.
4:40 PM
Hey guys, guess what? Another question may be coming your way!
Congrats @maaartinus
What for?
Reaching 10k.
I see. Thank you!
@janos your answer makes me want to use an IDE.
auto-formatting must make reviewing much easier.
4:51 PM
sometimes it does the review for you all by itself
Next Terminator Movie: Rise of the IDEs
it can tell you for example member variables that can be converted to local, boolean expressions that are unnecessary or can be simplified, unused variables and parameters, to name just a few
time to cook dinner
btw thanks Legato @Santa, I knew it was you ;-)
5:04 PM
Q: Removing duplicates from an unsorted Array

here4learnI have written this program to remove the duplicates from an unsorted array. Please review and give me your input on how I can improve it a little more. public static void main(String[] args) { int[] arr = {4, 3, 4, 2, 6, 1, 1, 7, 6, 8, 9, 9, 1, 1}; // perform quick sort for o(n log n)...

Q: C# I want to move to another switch (previous in this case)

Shot846I want to get back to the previous switch when I press [1] - Move Back Also in another project I want to move from a switch to another. Is this possible? I'm totally new to this. Here is my code: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using Syste...

@CaptainObvious VTC
@CaptainObvious return Ints.toArray(Sets.newHashSet(Ints.asList(arr));
Q: Charting daily balance

rhysowenI have been trying my hand at python lately, I have been able to look at code examples and create a custom application that queries a Microsoft SQL Server, pulls out two columns (date, balance) and charts them using pyplot embedded in tkinter for future development. Because of the "chop and chan...

Q: Rust language tag implementation

Pyfischlanguage-tags is my first crate, it is hosted on GitHub and I uploaded it to Crates.io. It parses language tags like en-US into useful parts, like language and region for example. These tags then can be compared or printed out again. To create language tags it provides the langtag! macro. Is it ...

5:21 PM
@janos Technically rolfl completely rewrote it (or made his own), which is the one often linked here.
To see per user:
(Fill in userid)
Top 100:
@maaartinus See above
5:40 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg you are the Duga master, right?
could we have Duga let us know here in chat when someone invites a user to chat?
@Malachi Are there any keywords taht we could use?
@Malachi that's a quite good idea...
@skiwi "chat"
we could have it scan for 'The 2nd Monitor' / 'rooms/8595'
That would probably do the trick.
5:43 PM
I will be back in a little bit
@SimonAndréForsberg That sounds like... perfect ;)
@SimonAndréForsberg i will look into that when I get back from my grocery run
@Malachi not much too look at, just wanted you to know that I added it as an issue on Github, which is the official "TODO-list" for @Duga
@Mast Thank you!
5:57 PM
OH HAI @Phrancis
Monking, @Phrancis.
pulp function http://t.co/bnAtTi0xx6
6:10 PM
Congrats @bazola, you deserved it
@janos That's one zombie down with a terrific answer. Nice work!
@Mast and now I can start another bounty
which question to pick...
@janos What are your requirements?
@janos have you received my ping in the TCG Creation room?
question with 0 answers, and not too new
6:21 PM
Define 'not too new'
@skiwi I haven't
Edward has a very good question open which is above my skill level to even attempt an answer. May 21.
Q: A Smarter random bomber for Battleship

EdwardIn a further exercise of my original Battleship test framework, I have enhanced and refactored the SmartRandom class from an earlier question and have updated GitHub project to incorporate most of the suggestions I received for the previous questions. This is the second non-trivial bombing strat...

That's 1,5 month ago.
@janos Aw okay, I was just wondering if you might have any interest in joining there casually, and maybe helping out on the project?
it has an answer
Ah, yes, just not an accepted answer.
Technically not meeting the requirements, I'll find another.
6:23 PM
@Mast I'd like to get some eyeballs on long-standing unanswered questions
@skiwi I'd love to, but I'm really swamped for the moment
@janos are you ever not? ;)
Q: Arena memory allocator

chbaker0I'm not exactly sure if this is technically an "arena allocator" but it serves a similar purpose: providing a fast way to allocate a lot of objects that can all be freed at once. #include <type_traits> #include <utility> #include <new> template <std::size_t BlockSizeIn = 1024> struct BlockProvi...

Q: A Cross-Platform Message Box Library

Samusaaron3I recently started work on a game project, and decided to use GLFW for windowing / OpenGL context handling. GLFW doesn't have support for creating message boxes / dialogs, and I was unable to find anything simple online to do the job, so I decided to take a shot at creating a library to do so. I...

@skiwi I'm working on that (trying to manage my time better)
@Mast thanks, these look good, I'll read a bit and pick one
Well, I probably also manage my time poorly, I just don't have that many responsibilities yet :P
new bounty, thanks @Mast for helping to pick!
6:32 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg cool cool. I think I am going to work on some of my websites and try to sell some more.
Are you feeling like Santa today?
@janos If you want a really niche one for the next:
Q: Utility that decodes and logs UDP packets

Mike Hamer I have written the following utility, as my first non-tutorial program in Go. The purpose of the utility is to connect to a torque/force sensor (aka load-cell) via UDP; to send an initialization command; and to record the resulting stream of measurements. Since I am planning further functio...

And no problem, killing zombies is everyone's duty.
If you're willing to put the bounty forward, I'm more than willing to seek out targets.
@skiwi last Sunday I picked the top 3 off the unanswered tab and started a bounty for 100 each
Ah okay, nice ^^
I still 2 other ending today
@Mast cool, I'll come back to you when the other spots free up
6:42 PM
@EthanBierlein Speaking of interfaces:
Q: What is the point of an interface?

hakish Possible Duplicate: When to use abstract classes instead of interfaces and extension methods in C#? What other reasons are there to write interfaces rather than abstract classes? This question sounded a bit trivial to me as well, till I gave a it serious thought myself. What is the ...

Monking, @Mat'sMug.
6:51 PM
5000th chat message.
@EthanBierlein How do you know?
I just hover my mouse over my profile picture icon and it tells me how many messages I've posted.
this is my 41,632nd post in this chatroom
And this is my 5002nd
7:02 PM
19807 <--
and I'm responsible for 156 of the 777 messages that contain the letters W, T and F stuck together
on that note, I was - later CRitters!
how many with L, O, L?
@Malachi I don't wanna know
7:06 PM
(156/ 7,125 7,126)
Do you have an actual problem/question? If you just want your code to be reviewed, then Code Review is more appropriate. — James Thorpe 36 secs ago
Well the code needs to work as intended - if you're not meeting your requirements, then it's not working as intended and would get closed on Code Review. OTOH you could always post your JavaScript over there and get a peer review (I'd suggest embedding a Stack Snippet (Ctrl+M) to have it executable on-site). — Mat's Mug 50 secs ago
@SirPython Yay I win!
7:29 PM
Props for trying multiple solutions and posting minimal code. Do they both work? Are you just asking which method is a better practice? If so, then this might be a better fit for codereviewDan Ross 51 secs ago
This sounds like a question that should be on codereview.stackexchange.com. — chris85 26 secs ago
@DanRoss This seems to be example code which is off-topic for Code Review — Simon André Forsberg 28 secs ago
@Mat'sMug I'm blind, where do I see it that accurately?
@chris85 This seems to be example code and not real code, which makes it off-topic for Code Review. — Simon André Forsberg 56 secs ago
Q: make this code more quickly and take

misakieHow to make this code more quickly and take? private function splitUrl() { if (isset($_GET['url'])) { $url = trim($_GET['url'], '/'); $url = filter_var($url, FILTER_SANITIZE_URL); $url = explode('/', $url); $this->url_controller = isset($url[0]) ? $url[0] : n...

7:50 PM
Thanks. How do I move this to codereview? Or should this be closed and I should create a new one in codereview? — Pavel Chernikov 9 secs ago
Thanks. How do I move this to codereview? or close and create new one there? — Pavel Chernikov 8 secs ago
@Duga Both comments are gone.
8:08 PM
If this is working code put it on codereview and ask a specific question . codereview.stackexchange.comMarged 42 secs ago
8:21 PM
Q: Word Morph (changing one letter at a time) in Python

Yulia VBelow is my implementation of Word Morph solver in Python. Comments on algorithm (I only compare the leaves of the trees because it is more efficient) and general comments would be much appreciated. Test cases have not been implemented properly, but they are not my primary concern for this code...

8:45 PM
Yikes. Building a Polish Notation lexer is harder than I thought it would be.
try a Reverse Polish one
I think I can do it though. I think I have a fairly decent bracket matching method.
What is the question? If you don't have a specific problem, this is off-topic. You may want to get your question moved to codereview? Don't repost though, ask an admin to do that — WorldSEnder 41 secs ago
Does this code work as you want it to or not? If it does, I can recommend Code Review. If it does not, you should ask about a specific problem and keep it on Stack Overflow. If you are unsure, then you should test the code before you post it anywhere. — Simon André Forsberg 51 secs ago
@SimonAndréForsberg Duga is Java, right? what kind of IDE can I use to debug on my machine?
eclipse, Netbeans, intelliJ
8:59 PM
which one is going to work better on Windows 8.1?
@Malachi It's Groovy now ;)
IntelliJ > all (absolutely no personal opinion attached)
groovy is Java isn't it?
@Malachi Nope
Groovy runs on the JVM, uses the JDK and is very similar to Java
@Malachi @Duga has more been converted to Grails (Groovy) recently. However, I am strongly considering getting rid of Grails and making her more independent. She will remain Groovy though.
It can also use pre-compiled Java files (as they are JVM bytecode)
9:00 PM
this stuff might be over my head a little bit, I don't know much about Java Stuff.
Grails is a Ruby derivative, isn't it? Groovy, ruby, java mix?
All you need to remember is that Groovy is awesome
@Malachi then leave it up to the Java folks
@Malachi Grails is to Ruby as a truck is to a car
(No clue if that made any sense, but it does)
@Malachi Grails was previously called Groovy on Rails, so it is inspired by Ruby on Rails, but the language is not Ruby, it's Groovy.
@skiwi s/awesome/*Groovy*/
9:02 PM
Ruby and Groovy are unrelated, Ruby has a web framework called Rails (Ruby on Rails), and Groovy has a web framework called Grails (Groovy on rails), Grails is (obviously) inspired by Rails
okay. I will stick to my C#...lol
You seem to have three separate questions: 1) is a code review, which is off-topic on Stack Overflow (you could ask on Code Review), 2) and the side question are about Google’s behaviour / SEO, which is typically off-topic on Stack Overflow (you could ask on Webmasters). — unor 26 secs ago
what did you want to do with @Duga, @Malachi?
@Malachi Join the groovy side
obtw @skiwi Grovvy is IMO quite very different from java
IIRC it mostly relies on invokeindy
9:03 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg I wanted to fork it and look through it, and see if can help in some way
and not much else
I want to learn Java so that I have more options programming, but I think I need to really nail the basics of Programming as a whole with C# so that I can grasp things better
bbl, time to race with my son
@Vogel612 Well, yes regarding the technical details, but it programs mostly like Java
(until you discover it's way more awesome, but that's not required from the beginning)
@skiwi also definitely not true
Java needs moar boilerplate, but is resultingly easier to grasp at first sight
@Vogel612 I can program as if I was programming Java with Groovy
9:05 PM
groovy is incredibly dense
which makes it a difficult to grasp language
I tend to disagree there with what I've written so far
If you take github.com/skiwi2/BusinessSoftware/blob/develop/grails-app/…, I could argue it looks exactly like Java and could map all differences 1:1
@Vogel612 s/is/can be/
right... sure you can write as bloaty and "simplistic" stuff in groovy as it's in java
most pre-Java8 Java code is also completely compilable in Groovy. Groovy can be written more dense though.
but java has a density limit that's much lower than groovy's
9:08 PM
(Haskell would like to have a word with you)
But I'm here also approaching Groovy from a Java perspective, and then trying to groovify my code more and more
okay I am back, what did I miss?
that's probably easier, yes
@SimonAndréForsberg: Yeah, might be the case (however, the few Microdata + Schema.org questions on Code Review seem to be fine). — unor 28 secs ago
@Malachi a violent agreement about how groovy is better than java.. or something
I personally like java more
then again I didn't ever read much groovy
let alone write.
@Duga what does that have to do with anything?
9:10 PM
Rubberduck is the C# Project spawned by CR right?
oh but I don't have office....
both Java and Groovy have their usages. I will certainly not abandon Java, but these days I do tend to lean towards Groovy quite a bit.
On another related note, it would be "cool" if one day there would be a language that's both compatible with Java and C# so we could end the holy Java vs C# war ;)
@skiwi well go ahead and make roslyn compile to JVM bytecode
@Malachi spawned by @Mat'sMug and @RubberDuck, yes. And then there's also Cardshifter, which is another project
then you can run C# on the JVM;
9:11 PM
@Vogel612 But isn't Roslyn the C# compiler?
^^ cough...
@skiwi that would make it a Java-C#-thirdlanguage war. Don't see how that would help.
unify it
since JIT is awesome, use the JVM as base
9:12 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg where is the Master for CardShifter? is that a game?
oh malachi you did miss a lot
Why doesn't XKCD abuto-box? :(
https ...
cuz probably someone messed with regex again...
Hehe ok, thanks
obtw. @SimonAndréForsberg do you still intend to maybe use the TranslationHelper?
9:13 PM
@rolfl /me confused
@Vogel612 he fixed the XKCD, so that it's oneboxed
THat's OK,@Vogel612 ;-)
that explains..
I should stop mixing IRC, HTML and about half a dozen other things
9:15 PM
/me too
@Vogel612 if the ducks add a whole lot more of strings and I need to translate them, I probably will use one translator, not sure if I'll end up using yours or the one @Hosch250 wrote, as I have tested neither.
@SimonAndréForsberg Hold on: does TCG = Trading Card Game?
@rolfl shuldn't that be <body>/me too</body> ?
no not in IRC.
9:16 PM
yea I'm about to setup a new milestone and would appreciate input on features you'd want to use :)
@SirPython yes, that's exactly what it means. Cardshifter is aimed at being a very moddable TCG game.
Right, my hands are sore, and I have a bandaid on my left middle finger... typing is a pain... spent the day climbing trees.....
@Vogel612 I don't think I need much. Support for 2+ side-by-side translations seems quite enough for me. Please don't do my mistake of over-complicating things.
That looks cool.
Seems like something I'd want in one of my trees.
9:20 PM
Well, the bottom is 10 ft off the ground... my kids will fall, one day, and then what....
Safety net?
Nope... rope ladder....
anyway, that was all just a long way to ask forgiveness for typos.
How many other flaggers are active? Jamal has been busy today again ;l-)
> Past 7 days -> 554 flags, average handling time 0 days 0 hours 15 minutes 0 seconds
20 hours ago, by rolfl
Past 7 days -> 488 flags, average handling time 0 days 0 hours 15 minutes 0 seconds
Q: Splitting string by words to new strings

Edeniachar **strsplit (char source[]) { char **strings = calloc(1, sizeof(char *)); int nStrings = 0, nChars = 0; strings[0] = calloc(2, sizeof(char)); while('\0' != *source) { if(*source == ' ') { nStrings++; nChars = 0; strings...

Aaand my polish notation calculator is completely broken and I have no idea why.
Post it for a review -- what could go wrong?
9:27 PM
Everything. :D
Time to print all the variables!
Hmm. It may be an issue with the bracket matching...
@rolfl suggesting him to post off-topic questions? What is this!?
@SimonAndréForsberg Sarcasm not obvious?
Yay! I found the issue!
hmm.. that seems to have been rather simple...
It was simple. I realized that a list I used to store the data just needed to be reversed, and I wasn't doing that.
9:32 PM
@rolfl for a second there I thought you stepping down as a moderator had made you gone mad.
22 hours until primaries start everyone!
@EthanBierlein RPN should typically use a stack, not a list.
which would then also most likely fix the reversal problem
@rolfl I'm doing Polish Notation, not RPN. Polish Notation looks like this: (+ 1 2), while RPN looks like this: (1 2 +)
Hmm. I'm gonna go look at the Wikipedia page for Polish Notation one more time...
in both cases a Stack should be the DataStructure of choice...
rpn makes the processing simpler though, because you don't have to remember the operands until you know the operator
9:50 PM
I prefer PN, simply because it looks clearer than RPN
I prefer standard mathematical notation because it makes sense.
Hmm yeah. I tried to implement a parser for standard mathematical notation, and I failed miserably. That's why I'm trying my hand at PN first.
Using Python?
There's always eval
Yes, with both.
@Hosch250 eval is the root of all eval evil.
Just realized that wasn't serious.
Well, it is too, if you get what I mean.
9:58 PM
@janos, I ticked that bounty too for the oop file upload handler, good work there

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