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2:07 PM
@Robusto Don’t double the accusative unless it comes first. And put the pronoun at the end of the infinitive: Voy a empezar a llamarla Hermosa. Otherwise drag the pronoun all the way to the wrong: La voy a empezar a llamar Hermosa. Don't put it in the middle. Double only for Hermosa la voy a empezar a llamar, although I don't know that that one works so well there.
And it's an adjective, so I dunno.
@Jez Sounds kinda weird.
People say it.
guess it must be British. doesn't sound at all weird over here.
I'm finding a lot of British references on the web :)
You’re more worried about those things.
English people worried about whether something is expected of them socially.
2:11 PM
It's just not the done thing in these parts.
Kinda la-di-da stuffy, eh?
sounds kinda southern US
Ah, is that it?
I could buy that for a Confederate dollar.
@Robusto Mid to upper 70s here. That’s temperature, not inches. :)
2:21 PM
I've decided on a name for my main protagonist at last: Vivienne
not too cliché, doesn't really sound like a young or old person's name
works well
it's clearly a women's name
oh, sorry
I was going to say it's not the done thing to call a man Vivienne :-)
ah, good. the name is unambiguously female then :-)
now, read this:
The guard eyed the attendant so as to leave no doubt. The attendant tried again, as Vivienne had in the meantime fallen back into a state of semi-consciousness:
“Vivienne. Vi–” The attendant stopped himself with a brief sigh. “Please wake up. Yes, that's right. Now, your name is '1466'.”
“That's right. It's a number, and it's your name. You lost a lot of your memory when that rock hit your head.”
tell me when you've read it
Vivian is a man’s name.
2:34 PM
well Vivienne isn't
@infinitesimalsimplicio @tchrist have you read the passage?
bloody hell you people are useless
might was well visit the Western wall, i'd get more of a response
Beggars can’t be choosers. Nor pushers.
i really miss kit
3:03 PM
nope, screw it. I'm calling the main character Rebecca now.
that fits better, and her friends can call her Becky or Becks or something
i'm not into fiction
i have enough trouble with nonfiction
3:20 PM
@Robusto I agree, but Ashworth said this when sounded OK to him.
Which surprised me.
3:31 PM
@tchrist Interesting. I was going to ask you how to understand when to put the preposition into post-position.
Prepositions never go after. :)
I mean pronouns. Sorry.
BTW, Just as I exactly reached 250, I’ve hit the 30k limit on the list of shitass questions:
A: "Are these sentences correct?"—Is a title like this enough reason to close a question?

tchristSummary After looking into this in some detail, I now strongly believe in the following proposition Resolved: The words “correct” and “grammatical” should both be forbidden in question titles. Actually, just the strings correct and gramma would be better, not full words. They are almost a...

Brain cramp.
All it takes is watching the nightly deletions.
3:33 PM
I've had it up to here with shitass questions. Seriously.
@Robusto what do you think of the phrase "the done thing"?
is it common round your way?
@Jez Sounds kinda British to me.
it probably is
I don't hear it at all here.
does it make sense to you?
3:35 PM
You hear "it isn't done," but that's not the same thing.
Oh, I know what it means.
how come?
It's just obvious.
well it's perfectly normal in British english
I would not use it myself unless I were deliberately affecting a British voice.
you guys should borrow the phrase. i don't see a US equivalent
3:39 PM
We aren’t so worried about our panties.
@tchrist Speak for yourself. I can hardly sleep at night for worry.
@terdon That’s because you can never recall where you left them and are worried that you may be discovered.
True, true.
4:00 PM
Tom is your ocd broken?
@JohanLarsson Ipso facto, or momentarily?
one of them
I posted a thing with glyphs, expected a list of errors :)
list of | with?
I think I didn’t see that happen.
4 hours ago, by Johan Larsson
user image
was playing with a logo
Oh that. Rob is right.
4:06 PM
the shear thing?
4:17 PM
Hello, all.
I have bought cheese.
How about you?
4:54 PM
Boughten cheese is certainly more expeditious than homemade.
2 hours later…
6:54 PM
@tchrist And more palatable, probably.
2 hours later…
8:25 PM
In English, do we consider contractions one word or two? Do we have any questions on ELU about this?
It's not whether I didn't do it, but whether I would've done it.
@Robusto We consider them one word.
Sorry, you had two contractions. :)
@Robusto I'd say one, for most purposes. Considering people sometimes even call a short phrase a "word".
A contraction is a word.
8:27 PM
That was my feeling, but the more I thought about it the more my analytical side tried to destroy the feeling.
I’d’ve told you if it weren’t that way now-a-days — which is also one word.
Yeah, the I'd've example featured in my inner debate.
However, you do have to lex and tag them differently for purposes of computational linguistics.
Remember that orthography is artificial.
> I can’t go.
Can’t I go?
Yes, but so, to some degree, are word boundaries themselves.
Notice that it moves as one.
And in fact, is ungrammatical if you expand it.
> *Cannot I go?
Can I not go?
8:29 PM
There are cases, though I can't think of one just off the top of my head, where you have to unpack a contraction to move it to a different syntactic function.
I’ll wait. :)
Answer: contracted auxiliary verbs in sentence-final position.
You will or you won't?
Not a contracted auxiliary verb.
A contracted negation.
OK, how is won't not a negation?
No, it is. But it is not a contracted auxiliary.
8:31 PM
OK, give me an example.
I’m ready. Is he?
Yes, *he’s.
Yes, he is.
Yes, there it is.
Oh, before I forget: I got the 100K swag today. It comprises another ELU tee shirt, a large StackExchange coffee cup, and assorted SE-branded stickers.
No keys to a Lamborghini, sadly.
¿De cuántas onzas será la taza?
Tal vez 16 onzas.
That’ll do.
> You think *that’ll?
8:36 PM
I believe Ogden Nash used sentence final contractions of auxiliary verbs to good effect.
One thing that’s slow in coming is unflinchingly reading figures that occur in sentences in the language they’re found in.
One kind of sin is called a sin of commission, and that is very important,
And it is what you are doing when you are doing something you ortant,
And the other kind of sin is just the opposite and is called a sin of omission and is equally bad in the eyes of all right-thinking people, from Billy Sunday to Buddha,
And it consists of not having done something you shuddha.
77,515 = setecientos mil, quinientos quince.
And now we are become marriage counsellors:
Your wife is right. You probably should consider adopting that viewpoint as a general policy towards furthering domestic tranquility. :) — tchrist 16 mins ago
Llevamos muchos sombreros aquí.
damnit, dialogue in English is ridiculously hard to punctuate right
which of these is correct:
Rebecca looked up again. “I didn't do it. They must be lying.”
8:43 PM
¿A causa del sol brillante que os quema hoy?
Rebecca looked up again.
“I didn't do it. They must be lying.”
they are identical?
new paragraph, or just a new sentence?
usually you start speech with a new para
but here i'm describing her action and then immediately quoting her
so maybe it can go in the same para? I don't know.
ok a Tom level question then.
8:46 PM
<- have no idea
No le pidas peras al olmo.
9:11 PM
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