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12:03 AM
But but but
It’s an adverb.
You yourself called it an adverbial participle.
Therefore, it’s an adverb, right?
En el contexto particular de la gramática, el gerundio es una conjugación del verbo que demuestra una acción; pero no está definida ni por el tiempo, el modo, el número ni la persona. En castellano deriva del gerundium latino que, inicialmente, era el caso ablativo del gerundivum (participio de futuro pasivo). Junto con el participio y el infinitivo, el gerundio es una de las formas no personales del verbo o verboides. En general el gerundio puede adoptar dos formas, la simple —por ejemplo, comiendo— y la compuesta, construida mediante el uso del verbo auxiliar haber —habiendo comido—. Existen...
TIL that the the gerund is a verboid form. :)
shakes off dust
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Oh, were you reading my comments? And hi!
@tchrist Just coming to.
How goes it?
Ï’v̈ë b̈ëën̈ s̈p̈r̈ïn̈k̈l̈ïn̈g̈ ẗḧïn̈g̈s̈ ẅïẗḧ p̈ïẍïë d̈üs̈ẗ ḧïẗḧër̈ än̈d̈ ÿön̈.
12:11 AM
Shorts weather here today. But slushy.
> Molestando así a tus mayores, terminarás ganándote una galleta.
(~Over-)Literally: Bothering your elders like that, you’ll wind up winning yourself a cookie.
We've had shorts weather since Saturday.
No, I mean real shorts, not stud shorts. :)
I took off, running for my life. <---- adverb
@tchrist Pardon?
BRB heating food
Here's a thing:
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 I mean shorts that you wear to be comfortable, not to try to make people believe you’re so studly the cold doesn’t bother you.
@tchrist Ah!
Well, I don't wear shorts until around 85F.
12:16 AM
Oh, we were shy that by a score or so, but with sun, so you would never know.
@tchrist: Oh, my, you're quite the character. A combining one, I suspect. — Cerberus 1 min ago
@tchrist Only because I had added -ly to it, regrettingly.
Oh, I ran it through NFC first so that some of them weren’t combinatorial.
Near-Field Communication?
% echo They’re diæreses, and I can put them atop whatsoever letter I please, too. | perl -p -CS -E 's/\w\K/\N{COMBINING DIAERESIS}/g' | nfc
T̈ḧëÿ’r̈ë d̈ïæ̈r̈ës̈ës̈, än̈d̈ Ï c̈än̈ p̈üẗ ẗḧëm̈ äẗöp̈ ẅḧäẗs̈öëv̈ër̈ l̈ëẗẗër̈ Ï p̈l̈ëäs̈ë, ẗöö.
My lord, that was horrible.
@Cerberus Normalization Form C: Canonical Decomposition followed by Canonical Composition
I am not your lord: I am your dog.
12:19 AM
> Etymology: ME. curre corresponds to MDutch corre ‘canis villaticus, domesticus’ (Kilian), Sw. and Norw. (widely-spread) dial. kurre, korre ‘dog’, etc. The latter is generally associated with the onomatopœic verb ONor. kurra to murmur, grumble, Sw. kurra to grumble, rumble, snarl, Da. kurre to coo, Ger. obs. and dial. kurren to growl, grumble, murmur, coo, cf. gurren to coo, MHG. gürren to bray as an ass.
The primary sense appears thus to have been ‘growling or snarling beast’. But no corresponding verb appears in Eng., so that ME. kurre was prob. introduced from some continental source. T
I know what it means.
It is mostly pejorative.
I was cooing.
Wait, only my genes have any Danish.
It’s so hard to get all the ducks lined up when one lacks superpowers.
Q: Is there a distinction between "ceteris paribus" and "other things held constant"?

dimo414Wikipedia defines Ceteris paribus as: a Latin phrase meaning "with other things the same" or "other things being equal or held constant". It has always struck me as strange that we (primarily Economists, but it crops up elsewhere too, usually in academia) need a Latin phrase to stand in for...

beer!convert 85 F C
@crl 29.4444C
Hmm shorts can be used from 15/20°C
I'm wanting to use Imgur API to do something but I don't know what yet
12:32 AM
God, I keep answering Questions these days.
I already noticed, thanks.
@tchrist It may please you to hear that both our Minister of Justice and his State Secretary have resigned over a certain semi-scnadal: they were the main drive in the war on drugs.
Though it affect you not directly.
@Cerberus The secretary of state reports to the attorney general!?
No, to the Minister.
A secretary of state is basically a sub-minister.
Might be called a junior minister in some other countries.
@Cerberus How could you have resisted using mutatis mutandis in passing?
12:35 AM
Ah, I did feel something pressing on the back of my head!
1) We’ve been talking about gerundastuff 2) It’s the opposite of the titular phrase.
It was my lash you felt.
I cannot gainspeak it.
> The same applies mutatis mutandis to other academic terms, such as et alios, inter alios, a priori, and videlicet, not to mention longer more literary refrains like vini vidi vici, alea jacta est, and sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes. But no Caesar didn’t say Et tu, Brute?: that was Shakespeare. Caesar of course spoke Greek. :)
I was thinking of using it as part of the statement, not part of the example. :)
Which would have been wicked, I realize.
I did almost pick three Caesarian quotes, though.
12:51 AM
And where is timeo Danaos et dona ferentes?
@Cerberus I always write that. It is an annoyance.
It’s because it’s vine in Spanish and veni in Latin, and my brain and my fingers disagree.
Vine is I came?
@Cerberus In Troy?
@Cerberus Surely.
Beati Hispani quibus bibere vivere es. –Caesar
Only in Troy?
Divide et impera. –Caesar
Utinam populus Romanus unam cervicem haberet! –Caesar
> "Beati Hispani quibus bibere vivere est".
Traducción: Afortunados los hispanos para quienes beber es vivir.
Nota: Incluso en aquella época, los hispanos pronunciaba de manera muy similar la "b" y la "v", mientras que los romanos no, por lo que esto es un juego de palabras.
I would have translated that as Blessèd are the Spanish... The refrains of the Vulgate are too strong to avoid.
1:02 AM
Hah, I didn't even think of that.
Is it a real quotation?
Not proven.
Galia est pacata.
Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt.
@crl Divisa est in partes tres
1:05 AM
The Belgae, the Aquitani and the Celts
Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae.
That was sure a long time ago, now wasn’t it? :)
Do you imply it's no longer the case?
Far be it from me. . . .
> Esta página contiene citas de una persona fallecida hace 2059 años. Hay una gran probabilidad de que hayan entrado en el dominio público en la mayoría de los países.
Ya think? :)
Suetonio sure didn’t like the Caesars. Well ok, why should he have?
1 hour later…
2:26 AM
Does anyone know how to determine how many people bowled at least once in a given year using the Statistical Abstract of the United States?
I sure don't, sorry.
I knew I should have brought mine here.
I think I have 2010.
Anyway, time to play TF2.
3:08 AM
Why are laconic replies so undervalued?
2 hours later…
5:11 AM
@Cerberus A palaeosomethun for you:
Q: Explanation of a sentence in "Adam lay ybounden"

user3109672In the carol "Adam lay ybounden", there's a line that goes: As clerkes finden, written in their book Is "finden" the infinitive form of "find"? I thought it should be "found" or maybe "would finden". Also, why not "ywritten"? It seems the "y-" prefix appears exactly once in the title.

5:40 AM
Let it die, let it die, let it die, let it die: whisper words of darkness, let it die oh let it die:
Q: English translation for 'Har uljhan ko suljhae'

JustAskingPlease translate these hindi lyrics to English: Naino se ye mil kar naina Janay kyun phir jhuk jaatey hain Naino se ye mil kar naina Janay kyun phir jhuk jaatey hain Agay badte hi kadam yeh Janay kyun phir ruk jatay hain Dharkanoon se hai guzarish Dor main yeh bandh le jayen hame Har uljhan ko s...

The Japanese bow isn't nearly deep enough to induce the scraping. This is the kind of bow mediaeval aristocracy would prostrate themselves into before their Sun King: nose almost to the ground, one knee bent, the other leg scraping backwards for balance. We’re talking this low! — Janus Bahs Jacquet 5 hours ago
4 hours later…
9:51 AM
@crl I created a tumblr, and I posted limericks to it. some of them, like the last, didn't work too well. That's part of the reason I've stopped doing them daily, because I want to only post ones I really like. Also, two years of daily limericks is enough to sour anyone on the form.
10:32 AM
Matt E. Эллен has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
10:50 AM
I am crawling to the finish line.
11:07 AM
of duo lingo? I've been out of the race for a while. I should get back in.
@Robusto how many lessons left?
11:19 AM
Q: It's one of the best [plural noun] that + has (or) have

CentaurusIn the sentence It's one of the best films that has/have ever been made What should the verb agreement be?

Wow, the top upvoted answer is patently wrong. And the correct answer was sitting in the negative until I upvoted it.
11:30 AM
@RegDwigнt I disgaree. has is correct. I can't ngrams is, but google books has more hits for one of the best that has vs one of the best that have. The verb is agreeing with the one
Notional concord, eh?
Actually, no. It's the opposite of notional concord.
It does not even make sense.
Also, it's just a factor of five.
well, I should also say, have is correct, too.
At that point, both are correct.
so I only disagree a bit
more appropriately, I agree that have is correct, but also has is correct.
I wonder where people draw the line. Would you also say "He was one of those people who really sucks at writing"?
11:37 AM
I don't think anybody would, and yet it's the exact same construction.
@MattE.Эллен hah, really?
Those people who sucks?
yes, that seems fine to me.
Your language are so stupid, you has no idea.
one of those people who sucks
yeah, I can't account for it
That sucks
11:39 AM
"I am one of the children who gets bullied a lot"?
fine, too :D
Why even have number if you don't care for it.
but, as with the other two, get would also work
@RegDwigнt we care when we care and don't when we don't
I don't care.
(one )[of the group]( who is)
(one )[of the group who are]
11:42 AM
No wonder your politicians can't tell the difference between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, if you can't even tell the difference between "child is" and "children are".
both parses are valid
Yeah no. The first parse makes no sense.
At least in the film example it does not.
With the children example it could work.
it does if you ignore what the bit in square brackets means :D
But with the film example, as I wrote in my comment, you are saying that only this one best movie has been made, but all the other best movies have not been made.
At which point you can't say it's "one of". It is the only one.
one [of the best films] that has been made
11:44 AM
So the main clause of that sentence is, the film exists. What an insightful thing to say.
I don't know. English weirds English
The one best film that has been made. What a weird, pointless thing to say.
But whatever.
I'm taking my white russian and going home.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: What are the adjective counterparts for "sense" and "sensibility"? by johny on english.stackexchange.com
i think there is one best film.
11:50 AM
@MattE.Эллен I just have Abs. Obj. (3/11) and Cond Per. (0/2) remaining.
Wait... That's not true! There are so many that I think are equally the best.
@RegDwigнt You mean it should be the one bestest film that has been made?
@Robusto is it challenging?
@Mitch but how is it one of, then?
@MattE.Эллен It's challenging without coffee. I tried to do a "strengthening" exercise on Past Perfect before I'd had mine this morning and it took 39 tries to get through it.
11:53 AM
> more difficult steps involve multiple sequential spins and spins of up to at least 540 degrees
But what I'm crawling to the finish line on is reaching six digits rep score. 30 more votes and I can quit this rat race.
Up to at least.
Make your mind up, wiki.
@Robusto not if them 30 are downvotes.
@RegDwigнt So you didn't realize that I'd commented already about the aborted metric conversion in the '70s by the US?
@Robusto I don't think I did, no.
11:54 AM
@RegDwigнt You know, this one time I decided I was too lazy to call them up votes. And of course, who should be here to call me on it?
You comment on so many abortions on an average Monday, I can't keep track of them all.
@RegDwigнt Apparently not, since it's already Tuesday, even in your part of the world.
@Robusto Who? Don't leave us hanging like that.
Everybody knows it's Windy.
@Robusto My part of the world are one of the best parts of the world that has ever been maken.
Also, it was on Monday that I didn't realize it.
Learn to read or something.
Or think. Yeah, learn to think. That'd be totally good and stuff. Do it.
11:56 AM
Learning to read and learning to read your shit are two different things.
And I couldn't possibly think like you.
Excrementography is very popular with certain peoples.
19 hours ago, by Robusto
Jul 18 '14 at 19:35, by Robusto
We actually started to switch to the metric system under Jimmy Carter. Then Reagan got in and killed that whole thing.
@RegDwigнt I don't want to hear about your hobbies.
July 18 2014 was a Friday.
@Robusto well sucks for you then, because you just did.
I am ruining all days.
Give me a day any day, I'll ruin it.
Dec 18 '12 at 11:51, by Robusto
I was sleeping two hours ago. You think I read your shit in my sleep? Think again, jinx boy.
I think again that you read my shit in your sleep. But I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be accomplishing by that.
12:03 PM
@MattE.Эллен: BTW, one of the hazards of trying to do duolingo before coffee is typing tood for good &c. I should print out a sign to hang on my wall saying not to do that.
sounds like lack of coffee is hazardous to your health!
You're up to no tood.
what % are you at?
@MattE.Эллен Indeed.
@infinitesimal I should be at 100% EOD.
I am at work. Not sure how many % that translates to.
12:05 PM
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%‌​%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% There. 100%.
You have a typo between the twelveth and the twenty-fifteenth.
that's 10^{-100}
Either that, or Jon Bon Jovi.
12:07 PM
Who what?
Bonbon Trophy
Bonbon Trophy Whores
Bonbon Trophy Wars
Did you know that "bonbon" is "noob, noob" backwards?
12:09 PM
I have been suspecting as much this entire morning-.
Did you know that Boon was a TV show?
Bonbon is French for toodtood.
I thought you were up to no tood?
What ever happens to your plans dude.
@MattE.Эллен sounds like a Dutch show to me.
A double-Dutch buffoon show.
Wow, work must be really boring today. I feel for you.
Thank you, Mariah Carey.
12:13 PM
can you get over 100% in that program?
Easy. =+.
Or +=. I forget.
@RegDwigнt tht sounds like a show you should make with Ceberus and Janus
@MattE.Эллен: Just once I want to remember to type the ¿ before I get the end of a question.
@Robusto ha! yeah. I should create some sort of shortcut for it
I enjoy not working. I should do it more.
@MattE.Эллен I suppose I could write a greasemonkey script that would trigger preinsertion when I type a final ?.
But that would be like working. And I am not working till Monday.
12:15 PM
3 mins ago, by infinitesimal
can you get over 100% in that program?
I couldn't enjoy not working more even if I tried.
Huhuh, preinsertion. Just the tip!
From left to right: professional preinsersionists at work.
[1/2] Sigh. Two points: one, that last comment was not in contravention of my policy (but this one is, and I will delete it soon: I'm only posting it temporarily because I felt the need to clarify these two points). My intention with that last comment was to signal to you, in a diplomatic way, that that was the last comment you'd get from me in this thread: it was a polite way of disengaging (now you can see why this comment violates my general policy; and please do not dispute me on this point or malign my intentions: I know what my own policy is). — Dan Bron 1 min ago
Apparently Dan thinks someone is WRONG on the internet.
And that that someone is me.
Oh well . . .
That can't be. You are only ever wrong off the Internet. On the Internet, there is no words for what you are.
One word: Robusto.
That is three words and two punctuations.
12:20 PM
Roo bust
@Matt: Do you use a PC or a Mac to do the duolingo course?
Roo bust tea?
@Robusto mostly my android tablet, but otherwise linux PC
Ah. Well, on Windows the accents are really easy if you download the Spanish language kit.
12:22 PM
I sometimes use my Android tablet but typing is just too hard on that screen keyboard.
yeah, it is a pain.
it just saves me getting out of bed
[2/2] Two: I did not consider this conversation a "debate", a word I selected as a diplomatic euphemism for "argument", until you accused me of being "disingenuous", a word which you later changed to "silly" (note the specific antonyms sincere and rational in my prior comment). Up until that point, I considered this normal back-and-forth on the finer points of an answer. Mundane stuff. Please note that I'm still trying to keep this polite. I'll delete these last two comments soon, after I felt you've had time to read them. — Dan Bron 2 mins ago
Suggested reply . . . And I'll delete this one after you've had a chance to STICK IT UP YOUR ASS.
But I am practicing forbearance.
Using Android is just wrong. You should be using Adroid. We get questions about that every day. Check the "most frequently asked" tab.
this is not a droid you is looking for
@MattE.Эллен Ah, the biggest pain of the day, avoided. Why I no think of this?
12:24 PM
A Russian practicing forbearance.
clearly only one bear and no ants
practice harder
It's for as in fore.
He is clearly bearing fore and not back.
true. I can't see his back
This one is harder.
Pictured: Gandalf.
Gandalf has disappeared.
12:28 PM
Only after Chris de Burgh wouldn't stop singing about Balrog of Romance.
Hmm, I may not get to 100% till tomorrow. I am getting bored already.
@MattE.Эллен We see you have installed the Spanish kit, after all.
Today I am going to try riding my bike outdoors for the first time since January 22.
January 1922?????
12:29 PM
@RegDwigнt I extended the English one
Wow dude you're so out of shape.
@RegDwigнt An erroneous assumption. I have an indoor cycle.
No, I do not ride a velocipede
I would really advise against riding this thing today.
You could ride a velociraptor.
It's got less legs and more raptors.
@Robusto you call that an indoor cycle?
12:31 PM
@RegDwigнt No, that's my outdoor cycle.
Your indoors must be huge.
It would appear so to a European, no doubt.
@Robusto you are so... specialized.
Actually, I'm even more specialized than that. That is my "nice day" bike. I have another, less nice, for crappy conditions, like today.
Yeah I used to have two racing bikes, too. A nice shiny Bianchi, and a dirty crappy Bianchi.
But I sold off the dirty crappy one.
It served me well for many years, and at the end I sold it off at like twice the price I had paid for it.
12:34 PM
(Of course with all the spare parts and the tools and the repairs I still made a loss.)
It's not a bike, it's an avocation.
It's not an advocado if it's a pineapple.
Half the time I spend with my bike is in making tweaks.
@RegDwigнt No, no, a pineapple lawyer is an abogado.
Ah. Thank you. Obrigado.
12:36 PM
Feb 3 '11 at 20:07, by Robusto
See, that's why we go over this stuff.
I've heard good things about avogadro. It's pretty constant.
It's not just constant, it's a law.
You put the law in flaw.
I hate that attitude is actitud in Spanish. WTF, dude.
Actitud Andronicus?
The latest Google OS?
12:48 PM
Ooh, another Spanish word I like: bienestar (well-being). I put it up there with sonrisa.
@tchrist That's nice.
English is always more difficult.
Hiya doggy
Und diese Biene, die ich meine, nennt sich Star.
@RegDwigнt Und diese Bohnen, die ich meine, nennt sich Sitar.
Grüß Gott.
12:53 PM
Ja, grüß ihn mal.
Hab ihn schon lange nicht gesehen.
Would you hang around i f you were being grussed all the time?
Oh. That was easy.
@Mitch But would you grouse about it?
12:59 PM
I'd go grousing.
Or pheasanting.
tasty as pheasant, tender as quail
or the other way round
I bet the quail is jealous either way They're like that
Dan Quail?
There are some similarities, but I think the photo is of a stand-in.
@infinitesimal I think he spells it Quayle. But then, he never could spell worth a damn.
I think the mountains are just painted on
1:02 PM
Yeah, they re-used the set from Kubrick's moon landing.
Doug Quaid is an imposter
Saving taxpayers' money, one dollar at a time.
There is a painted desert. But no painted mountains, or at least they didn't get top billling.
Yeah Kubrick again.
so that's where they burn all the ochre
1:03 PM
Those white parts, that's murders of panthers with glowing eyes.
and sienna
The rubrik of Kubrick
Crossing the Kubrickon.
I'd cross that
1:06 PM
Well, a few of these packages, well they make me quite cross.
But the sun's quite kind.
Imagine if Kubrick had directed Cube
Imagine all the people.
@RegDwigнt that's not my song
I hope you don't mind.
> You can now read 78.7% of all real Spanish text
@Matt: Doesn't look like it's going to get to 79%. I'll let you know, though.
1:11 PM
I could always read 100% of all real Spanish text.
I just never quite understood anything.
Eventually I hope to be able to read Perez-Reverte in the original.
Un objetivo noble.
1:24 PM
> You can now read 79.2% of all real Spanish text
One more lesson, in two parts, to go.
Audiatur et altera pars.
@Robusto I wonder what the final percentage will be
OVER 9000.
@MattE.Эллен We could make a pool.
My money is on red.
1:49 PM
@Matt: The final number is 79.2%.
@Robusto Labor omnia vincit
@tchrist Trabajo conquista todo
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