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12:40 PM
I think this one is a VTC:
Q: Messages appears when installing orange

MrJonasWhen I try to install Orange (http://orange.biolab.si/download/) on ubuntu, I get these messages: gcc -fno-strict-aliasing -DNDEBUG -g -fwrapv -O2 -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -fPIC -I/usr/include/python2.7 -I/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/numpy/core/include -Isource/include -Isource/orange/libli...

It's a warning not an error. If your building fails is for another reason. — Braiam 17 secs ago
@Braiam downvoting (I assume that was you) seems harsh. And he didn't say it was an error.
Perfectly reasonable question in context. In the wrong place, of course.
> This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful
pick your venom
Agree to disagree, I guess.
the problem with your statement is that you think is personal, is just not, there's nothing harsh in downvoting someone question if they didn't even bothered to say what they gathered from searches
12:56 PM
Granted, it isn't the best written or researched question, but we get worse questions through here all the time. My computer broke when I did <insert something silly>. At least he's actually asking about something.
1:42 PM
yeah, well, I don't want anyone else to read it
2:33 PM
Why is it off topic? It is not a programming question.
Anthon's answer seems sufficient.
@terdon The gcc one? Isn't it?
@FaheemMitha I don't see why. It is about compiling/installing someone else's program, it's not about writing your own.
Am I missing something?
@terdon A question about a gcc compiler warning seems programming related to me. At least, I don't see how it is U&L related in any way. The question has nothing to do with the nix platform. Nor was it related to the package he was trying to build.
But if you think it is on topic, I'm not inclined to argue the point.
@FaheemMitha Hmm. Yes. My thinking is that installing stuff on *nix is on topic and since that is what is being attempted, I would consider it on topic.
@terdon Well, he has no problem with the actual installation. He had a question about a warning he saw during the installation.
2:37 PM
And it was related to the package, that's what's throwing the error.
Sure, installation problems are on topic here.
@FaheemMitha That is an answer. The OP is not aware that it was just a warning and thinks the software was not actually installed.
@terdon Well, it arose in that context, but it doesn't really have anything to do with the intsallation, imo.
@FaheemMitha Would you be able to help me with that other question?
@crossboy007 hi. sure.
2:38 PM
Thank you
@FaheemMitha I read that as "I got this weird message when installing. What does it mean and do I need to do anything?" which seems very much on topic here.
@FaheemMitha I'm not too sure if you saw the comment I lef ton the answer by @Braiam?
@terdon well, if @Anthon's answer helped the OP that is fine. I thought the provided link by @Celada was sufficient though.
@terdon ok
@crossboy007 i have
@crossboy007 i'm unclear what your problem is. your input puzzled me.
2:39 PM
@FaheemMitha The link is only useful if you know how to program. It will be gibberish to a regular user.
@FaheemMitha What do you mean?
initially you could not import wx into the python interpreter. then later you can, at least in ipython
@terdon Yes, that is probably true. I forgot not everyone is a C++ user.
Fair enough.
I can import it in Idle and also ipython, but if I run python in terminal, or run my python scruipt in the terminal I get the error
@crossboy007 in the initial case, what did you use, and is it still giving you problems?
So, ipython works, but not python?
ipython and idle works, but not python in the terminal
2:41 PM
@crossboy007 that's weird. let me try. one sec.
and a script doesn't work either?
So, if you do:
and then:
import wx
it errors out?
but I think I know why actuallyt
Try it again, just to check
@FaheemMitha Hell, it's close to gibberish for me and I have a basic understanding of C.
2:43 PM
@terdon Well, C++ is nobody's favorite language.
when I run python in terminal, it runs version 2.7.5
in idle it runs python 2.7.6
I've been using it on and off (mostly off) for 15 years, and I still hate it.
It also doesn't work in 3.4.0
so maybe it only works in pyhton 2.7.6?
@crossboy007 ok, that points to a configuration issue. you shouldn't have both 2.7.5 and 2.7.6 both installed
my guess is you have a local installation of one or the other.
Ok, how can I uninstall 2.7.5 and also 3.4?
I only want 2.7.6 on my system :)
2:45 PM
Output of dpkg -l | grep python2., please.
What version is ipython using?
kiancross@whb:~$ dpkg -l | grep python2.
ii idle-python2.7 2.7.6-8 all IDE for Python (v2.7) using Tkinter
ii libpython2.7:amd64 2.7.6-8 amd64 Shared Python runtime library (version 2.7)
ii libpython2.7-dev:amd64 2.7.6-8 amd64 Header files and a static library for Python (v2.7)
And how do I find out version of ipython?
ipython is 2.7.6
@crossboy007 Ok, so 2.7.5 is probably a local installation. Paste the output of the dpkg -l for me please.
dpkg -l | grep python2.
Including the period.
kiancross@whb:~$ dpkg -l | grep python2.
ii idle-python2.7 2.7.6-8 all IDE for Python (v2.7) using Tkinter
ii libpython2.7:amd64 2.7.6-8 amd64 Shared Python runtime library (version 2.7)
ii libpython2.7-dev:amd64 2.7.6-8 amd64 Header files and a static library for Python (v2.7)
Yes, I'd say that settles the matter. Do you have any recollection of doing a local install of python 2.7?
What you need to do is delete your local install of 2.7.
Could I have installed it from the sofware manager? if so then yes, I may have installed it.
How can I do that?
2:53 PM
@crossboy007 What software manager is that? The answer is probably no.
Ubuntu Software Center
I imagine the sw manager (whatever that is) is most likely a front for the package system
@crossboy007 Ok, then definitely no.
It is most likely in /usr/local somewhere. One sec.
Ok, type which python.
I mean, give the output
2:55 PM
@crossboy007 Ok, there you go.
I mean:
No system package would install in /usr/local.
2to3 pip pip2.7 python python2.7 python2-config smtpd.py
idle pip2 pydoc python2 python2.7-config python-config
Should I delete all the 2.7?
@crossboy007 what is that? note, pip is a separate system from Debian/Ubuntu's package manager. You don't want to use that for things that are available for Ubuntu.
@crossboy007 I'm not sure what you are asking.
Well I have CD into bin
2:57 PM
Just remove your locally installed stuff. Do you know how you installed it?
Maybe you used pip?
@crossboy007 are all of these in /usr/local/bin?
that is the content of /usr/local/bin
Try pip list. See
Q: Find all packages installed with easy_install/pip?

Jürgen A. ErhardIs there a way to find all Python PyPI packages that were installed with easy_install or pip? I mean, excluding everything that was/is installed with the distributions tools (in this case apt-get on Debian).

kiancross@whb:/usr/local/bin$ pip list
adium-theme-ubuntu (0.3.4)
apt-xapian-index (0.45)
chardet (2.0.1)
command-not-found (0.3)
debtagshw (0.1)
decorator (3.4.0)
defer (1.0.6)
dirspec (13.10)
httplib2 (0.8)
ipython (1.2.1)
lxml (3.3.3)
oauthlib (0.6.1)
oneconf (0.3.7)
PAM (0.4.2)
pexpect (3.1)
Pillow (2.3.0)
pip (6.0.8)
piston-mini-client (0.7.5)
Pmw (1.3.2)
pycrypto (2.6.1)
pycups (1.9.66)
pygobject (3.12.0)
pyOpenSSL (0.13)
pyserial (2.6)
pysmbc (
python-apt (
python-debian (0.1.21-nmu2ubuntu2)
No, that won't work.
@crossboy007 That seems to list everything installed, not just stuff installed by pip.
3:00 PM
This might be better in a python room. One sec.
I don't use pip, and it gives me a bunch of stuff on my system
@crossboy007 i'm afk for a bit. Try asking on chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/6/python (if you want) how to remove locally installed packages. In any case, I'll fix up my answer when I get back.
Ok thanks for ur help
3:20 PM
@crossboy007 ok, back now
Python people said I should ask here, ut they are helping me anyway :)
@FaheemMitha He recomended not uninstalling it because other packages and scripts may rely up on that version of python
@crossboy007 It might. I don't know what you have set up.
@crossboy007 what you do with your system is up to you. You don't have to listen to me or anyone else.
3:37 PM
@crossboy007 the python room isn't being particularly helpful, but it depends on who is there.
@FaheemMitha No, it isn't.
@crossboy007 there is no urgency to do anything about this. but for future reference, be aware that you should not install system stuff locally.
Well in that case, do you know how it is possible install wxPython to the 1.7.5 verison of my python
This includes things like perl, python, C/C++ compilers, window managers, desktop environments etc.
@crossboy007 I'd use the 2.7.6 version for everything as far as possible.
In that case, I just need to know how to run a python script in terminal as 1.7.6 instead of .5 without changing the defailt number
3:44 PM
I still think removing the 2.7.5 stuff would be the right thing to do, provided
(a) you can figure out the right way to do it.
(b) you don't have important stuff that depends on it
@crossboy007 Hmm, not sure.
Sorry, I was offline for a bit there. Internet wackiness. I'm in India, my connection is kinda sucky.
Problem is I don't know the answer to either of those questins, so I should probably leave it be
oh right :)
@crossboy007 I'd definitely lean towards removing it, and fixing stuff up
Only issue is I don't know how to remove it.....
3:46 PM
@crossboy007 usually people do local installs of packages not available for Debian/Ubuntu. My guess it this does not apply to you.
tbh, thinking of just fresh install of ubuntu. I have messed stuff up tbh
@crossboy007 You could make that a separate question. There are plenty of people who know more about Python than I do. Some of them are on this site.
@crossboy007 That's also an option
Just be careful about local installs
All important files are on another hdd, so it should't be too difficult
They don't play nice with the Debian/Ubuntu package system.
Also, this is a noob questin, but what is a local install
3:49 PM
@crossboy007 After reading your Q and the chat here and in the SO Python room, I think this might well be your best bet.
@crossboy007 I've updated/fixed my question.
hi @ZeroPiraeus
If you don't know how you ended up with a parallel install of 2.7.5, it's going to be very difficult for anyone to walk you through undoing that.
Hi @Faheem :-)
@crossboy007 On a system like Debian/Ubuntu which has package management, the system mostly uses packages which are tracked by the package manager.
Anything that the package manager doesn't know about is a local install, by definition.
Right, well a fresh install looks like the way forward
@crossboy007 ok
Feel free to stop by if you have questions.
3:51 PM
when I fresh install, how can I check the versions of python that are currently on the system?
@crossboy007 dpkg -l | grep python is a start.
You might want to read some Python docs, also check out some Debian/Ubuntu documentation.
Ok, well i will come back here once I have done the fresh install...
thanks for your help everyone :)
On a clean install, there will only be one Python 2 and one Python 3 -
python -V
python3 -V
will give you the version numbers.
@ZeroPiraeus true
I think Debian even patches the version numbers
@ZeroPiraeus does your room get a lot of people wandering through asking for help?
The shortest clearest answer going forward is: don't play around with the system Python packages. Install any other versions of Python you want to $HOME. Anything else gets you into a terrible mess as things interact in odd ways.
@FaheemMitha Rarely installation issues - we get a lot of people asking for programming help.
3:57 PM
@ZeroPiraeus Yes, I guess that figures.
Possibly that room was the wrong place to send him, but I didn't have a better idea.
No worries :-) But yeah, it's really more a sysadmin issue than a programming one.
Hmm, you're from Chile. Interesting. I think we might have talked before...
Probably in the Python room.
Not a lot of Chileans around here.
I'm in Chile, and from the UK.
@ZeroPiraeus Unfortunately, we get a large number of totally clueless people here.
If it wasn't for the existence of AU, it would probably be much worse.
They are our lightning rod.
@ZeroPiraeus Ok, then I definitely remember you.
British expat, eh?
Not many Chileans on SE, I imagine.
Heh. Everyone starts clueless I guess ... and frankly getting multiple Python versions to coexist peacefully, and preventing pip and apt messing each other up, can be a nightmare if you don't know the "right" way.
Not too many, but a few ...
Ok, gotta go ...
4:06 PM
@ZeroPiraeus Take care. Thanks for stopping by.
@ZeroPiraeus there's a subtle difference between "I don't know" to "I don't know and I don't try to learn"
@Braiam not that subtle.
Hi @Seth. How's the VIM Experience going?
@FaheemMitha from 3rd party point of view, it can be difficult to distinguish
@Braiam initially true, but it becomes apparent quite quickly
4:55 PM
@FaheemMitha Not sure, I've been too busy to really hang out much :/
@Seth ok
I thought you were excited about the Vim thing.
I am!
But life sometimes intervenes when least wanted ;)
(I'm not really a vim expert either, I'm excited more to learn than teach). I've already learned more in the few days the beta has been open than I've learned in the last 3 years of being on SE and using vim off and on :P
@Seth Yes, these sites are good for learning stuff.
Yes indeed :)
5:26 PM
@Seth I forget what it is you do. Computer related, I assume.
@FaheemMitha I'm still a student, actually :)
@Seth Oh. Student of what?
3 hours later…
8:09 PM
@jimmij he said "it is not working". He didn't provide any details. I think it was closed in a bit of a hurry, since clearly info could be provided (though that does not appear to have happened yet).
I wonder if people are perhaps not a bit quick draw around here. If a poster is not paying attention, he could easily think that the Hold meant to go away.
Yes, I know the notice talks about rewording and stuff, but people often don't read things.
@FaheemMitha he asked 3 hours ago, I know that without OP info this cannot be solved, but not everybody spend 24h/day on this site, I think we should give people some time to respond to comments before just closing their questions.
@mikeserv In the trap $? is the exit status of the last waited-for command. So it will only reflect the received signal if the signal was also delivered to the currently running command and that command doesn't handle or ignore it, so it doesn't really answer the question except for the case where the whole script is killed (signal delivered to the whole process group for instance as part of job control)
8:43 PM
@StéphaneChazelas - thank you. I think I get it.
@jimmij Agreed. but it has not been closed, it has been put on hold.
But yes, see above. I think you have a point. If the question is gibberish or obviously very low quality (and we get a lot of those), I usually just go ahead to VTC. But with missing information I think going a little slower might be reasonable.
I think one concern is that if they aren't closed the site will fill up with unanswered and unanswerable crap.
Which is a perfectly real possibility. Look at the rest of the Net. SE, imperfect though it is, is a haven of order in comparison.
@jimmij not we should be, if OP has no interest in providing the "extra" information, why should we care to leave it opened?
remember, closing a question is not the end of the world, if the OP edits it, it enters the reopen queue for a re-evaluation
9:52 PM
@Braiam well, there are two sides to this issue.
On the one hand, we don't want the site trashed. On the other hand, we don't want to drive people away.
10:10 PM
@FaheemMitha you are not driving people away. Would you accept someone coming to your house, opening the fridge and eating the strawberry cake? I guess you don't, that's what we are doing. We ain't allowing people to get to the fridge.
@Braiam I don't have any strawberry cake.
I wish you hadn't mentioned cake. Now I'm feeling hungry...
And I didn't say we were driving people. I said, we don't want to.
well, I'm saying that none of the moderating actions users can do (voting, closing, deleting), drive users away, what drives users away is crappy content which is what we should strive to keep out
10:27 PM
@Braiam Hmm. Hard to know what drives people away, but certainly we don't want tons of junk. Or, I should say, more junk. The quality of stuff that comes through here is hardly stellar.

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