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2:27 PM
Made in response to a meta question wondering why we don't have chat rooms:
Q: So why don't we get chat rooms?

StefanNot pushing for chat rooms, just inquisitive why Ubuntu SE gets to chat and we don't? In a way, this will solve my previous question

aaah this works :-)
:224132 Hello!
:224134 test reply,hi michael
ah ok :-)
You can just type it too (@echox), but reply makes the little arrow that points to the post you're replying to; @echox just pings
@MichaelMrozek pong
wow, that is the best web chat interface I have seen for some time
It would be interesting to know what they use behind this.
2:43 PM
They (balpha and marc, two SO employees) wrote it themselves, if that's what you mean
I'm a big fan. Particularly the one-boxing, like the question above. There's a bunch of links it will recognize and convert automatically
E.g. xkcd:
A: What links and sites are handled specially in chat?

Juha SyrjäläThe current list of integrated (we call this onebox, or oneboxing, ala search engines) sites is: Stack Exchange Questions Stack Exchange Answers Stack Exchange Users Stack Exchange Chat Messages Stack Exchange Chat Rooms (though not really pretty yet) Amazon Twitter Wikipedia XKCD YouTube Githu...

ok, now I'm really impressed :-) thats great
:224156 not exactly, I would be interested which kind of architecture is behind this.
ah ok, thx
I don't know what it runs on, probably some sort of .NET thing like the rest of the network. Either balpha or marc would know, or you could ask in:
3:04 PM
ok, just understood that the transparency indicates the activity in the chat :-)
Oh, in the user list? Yeah, it somehow sorts by activity too, but I don't really understand how
It seems like it's just most recent speaker on the left, but then I see times where it's not that
seem it depends also on a channel join
(I added a new questions feed, that's why it suddenly dumped 5 questions in here. In the future it should only post questions as they're asked)
nice, so I can kill my irc bot :-)
oh, full transcript for the rooms
/me discovering every day another SE feature...
got to go, enough work for today, I'm the last one in the office anyway
I think I will get used to thing here :-)
3:22 PM
It's 11am here -_-. See you later
5.23 pm :-)
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8:41 PM
good evening/morning/whatever :-)

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