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10:13 AM
How serious is this warning (from my external USB drive, currently being used for backups).
> Device: /dev/sdg [SAT], 1 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors
Should I purchase a new USB drive?
1 hour later…
11:42 AM
Sigh. Neither this nor the second duplicate are duplicates of the "Why is Kali so hard" question: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/508276/…
I've also looked at user's reviews of other questions, and it appears that some users seems to just click a single button in the reviews, for example "Leave Open".
It would be good to have sanity check questions in the review queues, as is done on StackOverflow.
12:33 PM
@Kusalananda Yes, this is ridiculous.
He doesn't have enough space in his root partition, by the looks of it.
I cast the last reopen vote, so it's open now.
@FaheemMitha Good. It's a pity I can't answer it (never done that on Linux myself).
12:54 PM
@Kusalananda You could just say that there is not enough space.
@FaheemMitha Well, my comment on the question amounts to that, more or less.
@Kusalananda Sure, I just meant someone could write an answer along those lines.
@FaheemMitha Q: "I don't have enough space" A: "You don't have enough space"
@Kusalananda Fair enough, but someone could point out where he doesn't have enough space. I guess I could write an answer, but it wouldn't be much of one.
I'm kind of curious what he's done to use up 11 Gb!
1:09 PM
I see Rui voted to quote as a dupe of the infamous "why won't people help me" question. I wonder what he was thinking.
I think a lot of people see the kali tag and short-cut their voting on poorly-asked questions.
Fine, I'm answering it.
@JeffSchaller We just had a discussion about that. I thought Michael covered it pretty well.
If my answer if off-target, please let me know. But I don't think there is much going on here.
@FaheemMitha well, we've had several, with Gilles' followed by karel's, with terdon's response:
> So, I have reopened the question and would like to take this opportunity to ask the community not to automatically close in favor of the "Kali is hard" question. We should only use that as a dupe target when the issue is obviously that the OP is new to Linux and really shouldn't be using Kali because they are new to Linux.
@JeffSchaller Apparently Rui didn't get the memo.
Wow, that was a fast accept.
well, people are free to vote their conscience; it's obvious (to me) that there's some amount of disagreement or confusion about what to do with these questions
just off the top of my head, I think I'd prefer (in general, for the poorly asked happens-to-use-Kali questions), to VTC unclear -- as normal for every other question on the site -- with a link to the Gilles answer
1:19 PM
@JeffSchaller That question was anything but unclear.
Granted, the answer was very simple. But we all have to start somewhere. And maybe he was confused.
@FaheemMitha well, certainly that'd be a worse variation of what I'm concerned about; if the question's not even unclear, we should answer it
@JeffSchaller Of course. Well, someone should.
(as opposed to closing it as unclear or a duplicate)
2 hours later…
2:55 PM
Hi. I have problem,when I run this from Kali terminal
root@kali:~# /dev/mapper/kali--vg-root +10G /dev/mapper/kali--vg-root
bash: /dev/mapper/kali--vg-root: Permission denied
@MikiBelavista What you wrote is not a command. What are you trying to do?
Wait please!
Based on the permission denied error it seems like that file does exist but you just don't have the proper access
doh nvm you are root so yeah it's probably not a regular file or something
@Jesse_b >:-)
@MikiBelavista No waiting: What are you trying to accomplish?
root@kali:~# lvextend -L +12G /dev/mapper/kali--vg-root
Insufficient free space: 3072 extents needed, but only 5 available
I am trying to extend 12G,as it was suggested.
3:01 PM
@MikiBelavista You don't have enough space: buy an additional HDD/SSD
No,that is not true.
I am running this command from Kali Linux is that ok?
@MikiBelavista Oh, OK. What's the link to your question on-site that gives more information?
@MikiBelavista (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
well, at least the volume group is full, that's what it's trying to say.
A: Can not upgrade Kali,not enough space in /var/cache/apt/archives

GAD3RBackup the virual machine ( clone it) then resize the virtual hard drive: To incrase the kali.vdi from ~10 G to ~20 G use the following command (from Ubuntu): VBoxManage modifyhd /Path/to/kali.vdi --resize 20000 Then download Gparted or use a linux live USB. From Virtualbox, navigate to Sett...

3:03 PM
It might not be backed by the whole disk, but I don't know if that's often useful..
@MikiBelavista Ah, Virtual machine: yup: extend the virtual disk then trry again.
Fabby,ok,I will
extend the virtual disk, then the partition, then the LVM physical volume...
Could anyone comment on my USB drive error message? I'll probably buy another one soon, but (a) I kind of hate shopping (b) have other things to do.
@MikiBelavista ----^
@FaheemMitha link?
3:11 PM
@Jesse_b He's trying to execute a logical volume. That's unlikely to succeed.
5 hours ago, by Faheem Mitha
> Device: /dev/sdg [SAT], 1 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors
@MikiBelavista You're trying to increase it by 12G, I think. You don't need to increase it by that much.
@FaheemMitha what's the output of smartctl --all /dev/sdg ?
@MikiBelavista Output of vgs, please. As root.
This drive was purchased July 2014, so it's getting a bit long in the tooth.
@FaheemMitha But it's still in good health.
@FaheemMitha 197 Current_Pending_Sector 0x0032 200 200 000 Old_age Always - 1
@Fabby I checked around online, and the consensus was that is was probably a sign of bad blocks. And thus not a good sign.
Have your tried fully shutting down the machine it's connected to?
3:20 PM
@Fabby What does that mean?
@Fabby No. You mean my workstation?
@FaheemMitha It's a hardware error indeed.
@FaheemMitha Yup.
shut down. Not reboot.
@Fabby The computer? Just to be clear, we're talking about an external USB drive.
Then the drive should be able to mark that block as a bad block and swap it out.
@FaheemMitha Yup.
What purpose would shutting down the computer serve?
@FaheemMitha The block might be in use for something that is not critical.
3:22 PM
@Fabby I don't follow. Why would I need to shut down the computer to do that?
@Fabby I see. That's kind of a pain, but I'll try to remember to do that later tonight.
if it is critical, you'll lose 4KB of data if the sector cannot be swapped out, but the error will be cleared and the block will be marked bad.
I see this machine has been up 28 days.
@Fabby It's used for backup.
The external drive, I mean.
I wonder if I should just go ahead and buy another one. What do you think?
@FaheemMitha :-) I understood from the first statement...
@FaheemMitha Nah! It's still in good condition.
@FaheemMitha 5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct 0x0033 200 200 140 Pre-fail Always - 0
@Fabby Ok. But isn't bad blocks a sign of failing health?
@Fabby Damn?
@FaheemMitha Copy paste error.
3:25 PM
You still have 60 blocks spare.
@Fabby So the drive should mark the bad block as not to be used, and carry on?
@FaheemMitha Yup.
@Fabby Does that mean there have never been any reallocation?
If you're lucky, the bad block just contains data that was read.
3:26 PM
@Fabby Hmm. That's impressive if true.
@Fabby You mean backup stuff?
@FaheemMitha You've had 140 re-allocations already.
@Fabby Oh?
@FaheemMitha As it is your backup drive: Yes.
Oh, that's what that 140 means?
@FaheemMitha Obviously...
3:27 PM
Not that obvious to me.
@FaheemMitha Now it is...
@FaheemMitha Oops! My mistake!!!
I see Tim is on the warpath.
You've had 0!
  1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate     0x002f   200   200   051    Pre-fail  Always       -       1
  3 Spin_Up_Time            0x0027   166   125   021    Pre-fail  Always       -       2666
  4 Start_Stop_Count        0x0032   100   100   000    Old_age   Always       -       447
  5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct 0x0033 200 200 140 Pre-fail Always - 0
I really think he's in the wrong profession (though we don't actually know what profession his is).
@FaheemMitha Huh? Anothe meta?
3:29 PM
He should be a fiery muckraking political journalist taking on corrupt City Hall. I think they could make a TV series out of it. Or a musical.
@Fabby Check the election chat room.
Or another question?
@Fabby No, just a comment. Election chat room. Link on right.
I'm tempted to star it, but that might send the wrong message.
@FaheemMitha Uhuh.
I've voted already and my most important criterium for a mod is: Have a great sense of humour!
@Fabby Hmm. How can you tell?
(Though many people here disagree with my stance)
3:32 PM
@Fabby What stance is that?
@FaheemMitha lemme find my answer (if it's not deleted in the meantime)
@FaheemMitha Because my definition of a sense of humour is: Be able to laugh with yourself and @JeffSchaller can...
@Fabby Jeff seems like a cool dude. Though he might just be lulling us into a false sense of security, like Tim warns us.
A: 2019 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

FabbyOn a scale of 0-10, where: 0 = "none" 10 = "I could be a professional!" What is your sense of humour? :-)

Maybe he's plotting to dissolve parliament and establish a dictatorship.
@Fabby Yes, I remember that one. It didn't seem to be a hit with the site.
You got +4 - 11, so some people did like it.
@FaheemMitha Oh yes!!! Jeff is an actor and projects a false sense of goodness, but once he gets elected to be a mod he'll turn into a mad scientist!
and then smite us all going "mooahahahahaaah!"
:D :-) ;-)
3:36 PM
@Fabby Yes, he's plotting to attack Nicaragua.
:D :D :D
@FaheemMitha He's beyond the plotting stage: he's actually assembling the funds to be able to do it!
:D ;-) :D
@FaheemMitha Too few people have a sense of humour.
@Fabby There are definitely worse things to have.
And in the US, lots of people think they have a sense of humour, but they don't according to my definition...
@FaheemMitha Yes??? Like what?
If you look at what is considered funny in US and British popular culture, there's kind of a wide gap.
@Fabby A strong urge to invade Russia, for example.
@FaheemMitha That falls under "No sense of humour"
3:41 PM
@Fabby Probably.
@FaheemMitha 2 words:
>:-) ;-)
In general UK comedies are at least occasionally funny, whereas many American things are best described as unfunny.
@Fabby Your two words don't mean much to me.
A good example of a show that actually is funny is the IT Crowd. But it's also quite English.
@FaheemMitha Just noticed it got more downvotes than one of Tim's questions...
@FaheemMitha The problem is, I find most things funny...
E.G. Any funeral is funny after you've seen "Solyent Green"
3:46 PM
@Fabby That's fairly dire. Some low-brow British stuff, I take it.
@FaheemMitha Yup... 80s stuff. Like Monty Python.
Well, that's the same nation that bought you "Keeping Up Appearances". Also "The British Empire". Neither of those were really funny.
@Fabby Well, Monty Python is funny some of the time.
Though too much falsetto.
But Monty Python is absurd humour. This one is misogynistic...
E.g. Life Of Brian, which is quite good, at least in parts.
@FaheemMitha Yup...
3:48 PM
@Fabby This Benny Hill thing?
@FaheemMitha Yup.
A once friend of mine once remarked something like - those Brits really know how to make movies.
The series ever were "Not the 9 O'Clock news" and the Blackadder series IMHO.
Though he wasn't specifically talking about comedy.
@Fabby I have mixed feelings about Blackadder. It depends too much on Atkinson insulting everyone in sight.
He's good at it, I'll give him that.
@FaheemMitha "I've lost better friends last time I was deloused"
3:50 PM
If I wanted to hire someone to insult me, I'd definitely go with Rowan Atkinson.
@Fabby For example.
But some of the stuff is effective. I don't remember much about it though. I haven't watched it in a very long time.
That plan is as cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University.
@Fabby That one, not so much.
@Fabby You cannot omit Fawlty Towers and Yes (prime)Minister.
@terdon Yes to the former, of course. Never really been a fan of the latter. But I've got a feeling we've discussed it.
@terdon I just told someone last week:
My name is Manuel, I'm from Barcelona, and I need nooothing!
3:57 PM
heh :)
Looking forward to the new mods taking some of the work off your collective back???
4:09 PM
@Fabby Yes, someone else to argue with Tim.

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