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5:01 AM
Most Afro-Americans, who were born in Africa and migrated to USA in some point of their life, are also non-native speakers. It is not strictly considered as an error if they say "Money don't grow on trees" but react to it as "Cool, bro", innit?
@JasonMarsh Most African-Americans were born in the US. A relatively tiny number of Africans immigrate to the US. Those that do are culturally very different from the ones that have been there for centuries. They speak differently.
In my experience (in Canada) most immigrants from Africa strive to speak standard English, just like most immigrants from anywhere else.
(inasmuch as they make choices about how they speak English. Many people learn enough to be understood and leave it at that, so their speech is accented and full of errors or short-cuts that don't really affect comprehension, but are not at all standard)
Spot on mate. I guess I was just speaking in AAVE, which isn't a standard English but widely used.
mm-hm. That's all it really takes to be speaking AAVE, just say "don't" where white folk say "doesn't".
It's more than just "just say 'don't' where white folk say 'doesn't'".
For example, a lot of extensive AAVE speakers tend to use "ain't" in place of "don't".
You don't need to explain it to me, I'm familiar with it ;)
I was being sarcastic
5:16 AM
Speaking of "I'm familiar with it ;)", are you in the hood, mate?
No, I wouldn't characterize myself as being in any sort of "hood"
This video is heaps interesting though. #side_note
hasn't that been posted already?
I know
I wanted to make use of latest AAVE, which is influenced by Twitter. You say #someting_something.
Are you claiming that hashtags are a feature of AAVE?
5:25 AM
it's not
nothing to do with AAVE
What do you mean?
hashtags are a feature of twitter, and other social networks
their online use has spread into meatspace
But their use is in no way correlated with AAVE or standard english
I see.
Quick question: How frequently do you receive contacts, through any form of communication medium, from other humans (excluding mum and dad)?
Well, I spend a lot of time in this chat
5:34 AM
And I am in online chat with my coworkers all day
And I have a wife and kids who live with me
They are asleep now, as any sane person in my timezone would be
Plus I see other people when I go out of the house: neighbours, etc.
Weekly team meetings with coworkers
Facebook and G+ friends
stuff like that
I was just curious about how other humans around the world are like.
I'm probably not going to get married though. I purposefully have put myself on the lowest marriage scale because of that.
Smart move, huh?
I'm not sure what you mean by that.
"marriage scale"?
5:44 AM
I learnt it from a gentleman who I met on TeamSpeak last time. He said it means you are the last one to be considered to get married with.
I don't find the expression very idiomatic.
a scale measures things
You don't put something on a low scale
you might get a low measurement from a scale
You might say "I purposefully rank myself low on the marriage scale", but even then, a "marriage scale" is not a thing I'm familiar with.
Perhaps we can add this exciting new feature into English used in ELU or even in AAVE.
Just keep saying it. If it catches on, it becomes part of the language. Until it catches on, it's just wrong. :)
anyway I have to get up for work in 5 hours so I'm going to sign off.
2 hours later…
8:03 AM
Ooh. Don't usually get that response. Good afternoon.
3pm here
i assume you are from europe
UTC or UTC+1
UK. Currently at UTC+1.
8:10 AM
acursèd BST
GMT 5ever
wut da fuk
British Summer Time.
=Daylight Saving Time. Clocks go forward an hour.
I used to work with UK clients, 3pm is when they start sending mails :3
:D by this time we've had our first coffee and are beginning to wake up
8:12 AM
!!urban 5ever
@MattЭллен 5ever 4ever means forever...so 5ever is longer than 4ever.
can I haz 9ever?
you can try!
sounds like 9tail fox
interestnig. I hadn't heard of that before
8:19 AM
I've defined a word on urbandictionary
I approve your definition :3
the definition of "Marriage Elbow" is hilarious
9:12 AM
Guys I've defined 2 more terms
regular girlfriend and girltardation
but they are not approved yet
9:23 AM
do you even need to define regular girlfriend?
Additionally, "So Asian"
hahahaha so asian may mean a lot of thing
can be gosu if the target is a gamer
or can be something else all together
9:48 AM
British way of saying a popular Online retrailer of books, Amazon(.com). English was first invented in United States of America but when it arrived in Britain, they Britainized most of standard American vocabularies such as Amazon.com. And as a result they've decided to call it Amason.com instead of Amazon.com.
10:05 AM
!!define mason
@MattЭллен mason One whose occupation is to build with stone or brick; also, one who prepares stone for building purposes.
a mason is not an Amazon
unless the mason happens to be an Amazon
Wouldn't that be an Amazonian?
@skullpatrol no
unless you meant something other than what I meant :D
10:22 AM
I posted an answer!!! But then I had to migrate the question¡¡¡
Seriously, there should be a :-( equivalent of an exclamation mark.
I'm sure @tchrist can think of one!
Informal sequel of popular annual rock festival "Rocktober".
10:36 AM
are you quoting from urban dictionary?
Those are terms I created just now
but not yet approved by moderators.
Wears mod hat Your example is not good.
@JasonMarsh Can I recommend that you don't treat rape in such a light manner? It's a very serious thing.
I guess you're out of time to edit it. Fixed for you.
10:51 AM
!!urban sex swap
@RegDwigнt So did all of Deutschland get shitfaced last night? Or were they about as stunned as Brazil?
@Robusto I still have trouble believing what I saw.
If you have trouble, think how the Brazilians must feel.
The team must have fled for the airport directly from the stadium.
I literally pinched myself a couple times. I can't remember ever doing that.
The Germans were in just as big a shock as Brazil.
Now I think Team USA's 1-0 loss to Germany is almost a victory.
10:53 AM
Yeah no shit.
Almost lost to Algeria and Ghana, too.
Grading on a curve, it was a blowout for the US.
But 4:0 against Portugal, and then this.
@JasonMarsh We don't need this. Please stop doing it.
Ok sorry
10:55 AM
But back to the original question, in rained rather heavily last night, so quite a few "Public Viewings" as they are called in Germany were called off.
Also, it was a late game.
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Had it been at 6 and not 10, and no rain, I think the streets would be littered with drunk and happy people now.
@RegDwigнt Also, by "shitfaced" I mean more than usual.
That's another important factor.
For a game, that is.
10:57 AM
I actually stopped drinking, that's how dumbfounded I was.
I sat there in utter disbelief. I couldn't applaud or cheer. It was surreal.
I guess statistically you're going to have outliers like that one every now and then.
I would have celebrated like hell had it been a 2:1.
@Robusto yeah, and more importantly, it can go either way.
I mean, what do we think would have happened had Brazil scored two goals in the first 20 minutes.
People would have written the game off for Germany.
10:59 AM
As you said after the very first goal, "it's over".
Well, if Team Germany gets up 1-0 on you that early, the way they've been playing, it is pretty much over.
I really want them to meet Ned in the final.
In no small part because then Bra will meet Arg.
So two duels between hating neighbors.
As I've said before, I know only the basics of the game, but the German team just looks better at positioning themselves. Their movement away from the ball always sets them up for a pass or a block, and they move as a team.
11:01 AM
And just imagine Bra losing to Arg. At home.
they should change their abbreviation to Arq
This would be the final nail in the coffin.
They would literally stop playing football forever.
No joy in Mudville, as the saying goes.
"Casey at the Bat: A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year 1888" is a baseball poem written in 1888 by Ernest Thayer. First published in The San Francisco Examiner on June 3, 1888, it was later popularized by DeWolf Hopper in many vaudeville performances. It has become one of the best-known poems in American literature. The poem was originally published anonymously (under the pen name "Phin", based on Thayer's college nickname, "Phineas"). Synopsis A baseball team from the fictional town of Mudville (implied to be the home team) is losing by two runs with two out in their last inning....
    Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
    The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
    And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
    But there is no joy in Mudville — mighty Casey has struck out.
That is one long poem.
I quoted the important part.
The rest is included for background.
What would happen if Ned beat Deu in the final?
11:05 AM
Nothing much.
Been there, done that.
Remember that this is Germany's fourth semifinal in a row. (Another historical record, btw.)
While the Brazil game was a goalfest, you have to think the German team was wishing they could bank some of those goals for use later.
Yeah first thing I said after 3:0.
Why the fuck is this not the final.
Would be worthy of a final, too.
Bra vs. Ger, I mean come on.
But now it will be a coin flip, against whichever opponent.
Ned are on fire, and while Arg's asses were kicked real good by Ger the last two times around, their defense just sucks every last nerve out of you. Annoying to play against.
Who did Germany beat to get into the semis? I can't remember.
This time? France, yes.
11:10 AM
Oh. That was the one with the backwards glancing header by Klose, right?
Which looked either like a) an accident, or b) the work of a supernatural scorer.
Another close game. Almost a 1:1 in the very last seconds.
@Robusto no wait, against France it was Hummels.
I can't recall. Statistically the probability was that it was Klose.
See, I stopped drinking last night and already my memory is not working properly.
@Robusto that much is true.
11:12 AM
What, has he scored like 80% of their goals?
Well, in case you missed it, he now holds the record for the most goals in World Cup history.
feints from lack of surprise
He actually got an insert saying that when he was substituted.
16 goals in 23 games.
Previously, the record was 15, held by Ronaldo.
I didn't watch after the first four or five goals. It was like watching a pro boxer beating up a high-school kid.
So he pulverized the record of a Brazilian player, in Brazil, against Brazil.
11:14 AM
How much of Germany's success is coaching and how much player talent?
So anyway. Like 99% of his goals are headers.
So statistically, yes, if we are talking about a German header, it's likely Klose.
@Robusto there is a lot of talent in pretty much every team at this level. But not every team plays like a team.
Look no further than Brazil. They have the most expensive defender in the world, they have Tiago Silva dispatching the balls, and they had Neymar. But they didn't impress as a whole.
Same for Argentina.
Or Portugal.
Or even France.
The whole must be more than the sum of its parts. For most teams it isn't, for Germany it is. That can only be attributed to the coach.
@RegDwigнt As I say, that comes across even to an ignoramus like me.
And in no small part should it be attributed to the previous coach who started it all. Klinsmann. He will do wonders to the US team, too, mark my words.
He already has.
They play well, and they work as a team.
11:18 AM
@RegDwigнt He got a lot of bad press for stating the truth early on: that this US team wasn't going to win the Cup.
@Robusto someone should finally point out how the only Unamerican thing is the very word Unamerican.
The American idea is, everything is possible, nothing is excluded. Unamerican is specifically designed to exclude things and make them taboo.
yesterday, by Robusto
@terdon You're just jealous of our Freedom™.
Oh, for @Matt: *Freedoum™
thanks! I did wonder what you were talking about
11:21 AM
Or for @Cerberus: Vreeeeedom.
What was that word again, with OVER 9000 Es in a row?
Dutch is insane.
Jul 4 at 23:08, by Cerberus
I mean come on.
The thing is, he "explained" it to me.
Jun 24 '11 at 15:39, by Kosmonaut
@Robusto Dutch isn't even a convincing forgery.
11:22 AM
You see, one of the Es is linking.
In Dutch, they have to link an E to an E, using an E.
A linking E. How handy.
Do they have a blinking E as well?
With lights on it.
Oh well, I guess I must do some work now.
Yeah, me too. Sucks.
They built a new build, now I have to shoot new shots.
I just made new ones the other day. But it's back to square one now.
I'm nursing the last bits of a big project, fending off the part where I have to document everything I did.
11:24 AM
Solution: do not ever do anything.
I always forget that part.
See, forgetting is already doing too much.
Less. Less!
Tahiti beckons.
While I am coding I feel godlike. While I am documenting I feel more like a mole.
Project Documentation
Chapter One
I am God.
The End
@Robusto self-documenting code?
11:29 AM
@JohanLarsson Well, my code is pretty readable. But I still have to go through and explain everything to those who will work on it in the future.
@RegDwigнt Chapter Two: Wherein our Hero Falls From Grace. The End.
> It easier to write code than it is to read code.
Oh, BTW, chat was dead last night, so repost.
13 hours ago, by RegDwigнt
13 hours ago, by RegDwigнt
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11:46 AM
Why do any people bother watching once your own country has been eliminated?
A good game is > bearable imo
12:03 PM
@Mitch Now, now, let's not be churlish.
!!define churlish
@JohanLarsson churlish of or pertaining to a serf, peasant, or rustic
@Mitch to see who wins
who will win arghol? I think arg but it is another flip.
An all Eurpoean final would be a bit rubbing their noses in it
12:06 PM
Maybe arg copes with the heat better, I say arg 2 hol 0, defensive game
Ned has higher goal difference, but maybe the other teams were particularly rubbish
we must ask Cerb
yes... he's sure to know :D
Guys, I realised definition of TA can defer depending on your situation.
@MattЭллен not to mention having to play against Arg.
12:16 PM
If your opponent showed you hospitality then it means "Thanks always" but if he/she threatened you then "Thanks asshole".
12:17 PM
TA -> Territorial Army
TA -> Teaching Assistant
Next up, you will realize that TA stands for Trans Am.
Then Technology Assessment.
Then Turn Around.
Then Target Audience.
@Cerberus nervous?
Good luck realizing.
everytime I read TA, I assume you're shouting ta.
12:18 PM
BTW, no one, ever, says "he/she".
@MattЭллен better than shouting TAURE EN'ARVANDOR. Faster, too.
Hey, I invented a new game.
It's called "Guess the score".
@JohanLarsson Haha is this about football?
You can guess the answer!
12:22 PM
you are but too shy to tell us
@RegDwigнt hmmm. pretty even stats. looks like Brazil did better, so I'd guess 1-7
Go back to your cave, troll!
7 is not even a number in football.
goes back to cave
Brazil's strategy was to get i the box and dive.
cool cool cool

A quote used to tell how cool story you just heard from the other. However you don't give too much *i*shit*i* about his story.

James: "I woke up today and realised TA mean 'Thanks Asshole' in long word"
You: "Cool cool cool" (then immediately forget what he just said and go back to you life)
12:24 PM
@JohanLarsson yeah, they watched too many Robben videos.
Do you like the term?
@RegDwigнt they have always been like that ime
@RegDwigнt maybe I mis-did my calculations...
but usually they have some extreme superstars who can win the games with individual moves.
12:26 PM
@JohanLarsson have you seen Ronaldo yesterday?
yeah he was on tv for a couple of seconds
I didn't recognize him even after the commentator said his name.
I mean, I remember how he got twice his size. But yesterday he got twice that size all over again, just for the occasion.
I really did not recognize his face.
They should have substituted him for César.
@JohanLarsson ha ha. that's not what it means. It means 'mean'. or 'rude' or .. the rest of the wiktionary suggestions: surly, ungracious, stingy, grudging, (of soil) difficult to till, lacking pliancy, unmanageable.
I vote for '(of soil)', a man of the earth.
12:32 PM
like one of the villains in spiderman 3?
@Mitch thanks, I did not understand jarvis riddle :)
outfoxed by kitfox's sox
Guys how many pull ups can you do?
OVER 9000
By the way: elephant.
heel pant
12:38 PM
room topic changed to English Language & Usage: Dominant in word (no tags)
Do you really believe that^?
You can believe anything at all. You just have to believe it.
A: Is "dominant in microsoft office" correct?

MonicaThe both sentences making sense that you are commanding/ruling the application of MS office so better you can prefer "I'm quite capable of using MS office".

The answers are even better!
thanks for the context pal :D
That user is on fire anyway.
Q: cross between across

Monicawhich is the correct sentence? I can cross the road or I can across the road Also, please explain why! Because I'm trying to improve my English usage of words in everyday English

12:43 PM

Push ups per minute
Pull ups per minute

James: I've finally scored 20 PUPM.
Alex: That's cute
Q: Why did the chicken across the road? A: Unjust because.
And I even accidentally whole article.
I'm so excited, I just can't hide it.
And you a verb or too.
A: cross between across

Kevin WorkmanThe first sentence. Your second sentence doesn't contain a verb. "Cross" is a verb, at least in this instance. "Across" is either an adverb ("I ran across to meet you") or a preposition ("I ran across the street").

I'm about to lose control...
@685-252 So Asian
12:46 PM
The main site makes me go Brazilian right now.
@JasonMarsh in what way?
I was on a video chat with a guy and he told me "So Asian"
Jason has been practicing incomprehensibility.
toulouse lautrec
"So what was his problem with Asians?"
12:49 PM
@MattЭллен Your Lautrec or Lautrec's Lautrec?
@RegDwigнt Henri's Lautrec
@685-252 I wanted to make use of this new feature of English just to amuse you.
Sorry if it threatened you.
racism is not amusing
Putting two words together is not a new feature of English or any language.
@685-252 to his defense, calling Asians a single race is racism.
word for putting words together in English
12:51 PM
those that laugh show how little character they actually have
Let's not blow it out of proportion.
There was no racism or laughs, only a random sequence of random words with complete disregard for any context past present or future.
@RegDwigнt It is not a proportion when you divide by zero.
He might as well have said "blue shatters" instead.
@Robusto actually no. or maybe yes. Is it it churlish to wonder why other people aren't churlish?
Churley MacLaine is pretty churlish.
@685-252 save that talk for the Math room.
12:55 PM
See, you are subtracting a letter from a punctuation mark.
Anything goes.
@RegDwigнt did you see my latest question?
Alas I did no such thing.
@RegDwigнt How dare you!
@Mitch shatters. Not shitters or shutters.
12:57 PM
@RegDwigнt wanna see?
Such language! flugged
Q: How exactly does the response "infintely many" answer the question of "how many"?

685-252I admit that the level of this question is roughly about middle school, but this is what the question asks: The ratio of nickels to dimes to quarters is 3:8:1. If all the coins were dimes, the amount of money would be the same. Show that there are infinitely many solutions to this problem.

Much question, very words.
nah, not there; on this site
I can navigate this site, too.
I took a 101 once.
A: How is the sentence "The symbol % is used to represent percent." read?

imsotiredicantsleepIn all likelihood, the meaning as intended by the original author cannot be expressed exactly in speech. As it appears on the page, '%' is one of several possible glyphs that represent the same grapheme - a semantically meaningful unit of a written language. The equivalent unit in spoken languag...


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